Toulouse – Books on the Shoah – February 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It is now seventy five years since the “liberation” of Auschwitz. And the catastrophe, the destruction of European Jewry. Sorrow and remembrance are pervasive.

The parading of the diplomats at Yad Vashem with promises of “Never Again” tears at the heart since we find ourselves in a world filled with genocide. Those pledging vigilance are at times themselves complicit by their actions, or inactions.

In Poland the remembrance was centered on the few remaining survivors and their stories–and a recognition that Anti-Semitism is very present in the world.

What was necessary also was a profound silence and words of prayer.

Better still to present the thriving Jewish communities around the world that persevere with images of the families of survivors; the children, and grandchildren.

May we go from strength to strength in our commitments.

Hazak ve shalom,

Ken Schoen

1. Alpert, Nachum. The Destruction of Slonim Jewry: The Story of the Jews of Slonim During the Holocaust. NY: Holocaust Library, 1989. 377 pp. Very Good-. Paperback.  (274149)            $16.00

2. Arad, Yitzhak. Ghetto in Flames; The Struggle and Destruction of the Jews in Vilna in the Holocaust. Holocaust Library, 1982. 500 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (274208)  $34.00

3. Aster, Howard. Jewish Ukranian Relations: Two Solitudes; New Revised Edition. Oakville: Mosaic Press, 1987. Revised Edition. 92 pp. Very Good +. Paperback.
Historical study  (275132)              $10.00

4. Avigdor Isaac. From Prison to Pulpit Sermons for All Holidays of the Year and Stories from the Holocaust. Horv, 1979. Trained in Poland yeshivot, survived five years in Mauthausen, Sermons relate to his experiences of suffering during the War and the maintenance of his faith. Became important Rabbi in the USA. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274226)               $15.00

5. Baldwin, Peter (editor). Reworking the Past: Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Historians’ Debate. Boston: Beacon Press, 1990. 308 torn . good. Hardback & DJ.  (274192)         $16.00

6. Banasiewicz, Czeslaw (compiler and editor). The Warsaw Ghetto: Drawings by Josef Kaliszan. NY: Yoseloff, 1968. large 8vo 110 pp. sfep, dj torn. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
includes 40 drawings.Divided into four sections of ten paintings: The Exodus, The Ghetto, Ghetto Fighting, Massacre.  (275149)               $25.00

7. Bartoszewski, Wladyslaw. The Warsaw Ghetto: A Christian’s Testimony. Boston: Beacon Press, 1987. 12mo 117 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (274218)       $12.00

8. Bauer Yehuda. The Jewish Emergence from Powerlessness. Univ of Toronto, 1979. 89 pp, Includes chapter on Rescue attempts in negotiating with the Nazis, the emergence of Zionism and State of Israel. Very Good. Paperback.  (275944)               $15.00

9. Baumel, Judith. Unfulfilled Promise: Rescue and Resettlement of Jewish Refugee Children in the United States, 1934-1945. Denali, 1990. 228 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (274202)            $22.00

10. Beckman, Morris. The Jewish Brigade: An Army with Two Masters 1944-45. NY: Sarpedon, 1998. 159 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Palestinian soldiers fighting with the British during the War.  (274296)      $10.00

11. Berenbaum, Michael. The Holocaust and History: The Known, The Unknown, the Disputed and the Reexamined. Bloomington: USHMM/Indiana UP, 1998. Fifty four scholarly essays. 8vo 836 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (274164)       $20.00

12. Berger, Alan. Children of Job: American Second Generation Witnesses to the Holocaust. Albany: SUNY, 1997. 241 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Two trends exploring the particularist and the universalist, also studies the theological and literary legacy.  (274195)                $12.00

13. Bernbaum, Israel. My Brother’s Keeper: The Holocaust Through the Eyes of an Artist. Putnam, 1985. 64 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Drawings of the Warsaw Ghetto.  (274316)           $20.00

14. Biale, David. Power and Powerlessness in Jewish History. NY: Schocken Books, 1988. 12mo 244 pp. Slight tears to dj. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Radical reinterpretation of Jewish history, attacks the myth of Jewish passivity  (275131)    $12.00

15. Blatter, Janet and Sybil Milton. Art of the Holocaust. NY: Rutledge Press, 1981. 272 pp.small book plate. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Over 350 artworks created in ghettos, concentration camps, and in hiding by victims of the Nazis.Important reference work  (274450)  $25.00

16. Bloch Joshua. Nazi Germany and the Jews; An annotated bibliography. AJC, 1936. 41 pp bookplate ex library with markings. Good. Wrapper.Reprinted from AJYB 5697  (275320)        $12.00

17. Blum, Howard. Wanted! The Search for Nazis in America. NY: Quadrangle, 1977. 8vo 254 chipped. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275185)      $9.00

18. Bor, Josef. The Terezin Requiem. London: Heinemann, 1963. 112 torn owner stamp . Good. Hardback & DJ.
Homage to the memory of the conductor Raphael Schachter and the 500 artists who performed Verdi’s Requiem at Terezin.  (274194)             $15.00

19. Breitman. Richard. FDR and the Jews. Harvard University Press, 2013. 433 pp. Very Good in very good dust-jacket. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274198)            $18.00

20. Bryks, Rachmil (inscribed by). Al Kiddush Hashem Sippurim (Sanctification of Gods Name Novel). HaDoar, 1970. 176 pp. in Hebrew, seems to be expanded edition in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .
Memoir of the Lodz Ghetto and Auchwitz death camp.  (261471)                $65.00

21. Bryks, Rachmil. Kiddush Hashem. Behrman, 1977. 113 pp contains Cat in the Ghetto. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Memoir of the Lodz Ghetto and Auchwitz death camp.  (275115)                $15.00

22. Bukiet, Melvin Jules. After: A Novel. NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1996. 8vo 384 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Novel of survivors after the War and their schemes with the black market. By author of While Messiah Tarries.  (274213)               $15.00

23. Burstin, Barbara. After the Holocaust: The Migration of Polish Jews and Christians to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, 1989. 219 pp. tape on spine . Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275113)  $10.00

24. Cargas, Harry. When God and Man Failed: Non Jewish Views of the Holocaust. Macmillan, 1981. 238 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276252)             $20.00

25. Cargas, Harry James (editor). Voices from the Holocaust. Denver: Stonehenge, 1981. 12mo 203 pp.slight library mark and number on spine. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
collection of essays  (275098)      $10.00

26.  Cesarani, David. Arthur Koestler: The Homeless Mind. NY: Free Press, 1998. 8vo 646 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Controversial biography of author of Darkness at Noon. Explores the meaning of his Jewishness and his anti fascist work.  (262559)               $10.00

27. Cohen, Elie. The Abyss: A Confession. NY: Norton, 1973. 111 pp . Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
By the author of Human Behavior in the Concentration Camp. Personal account of his survival in the camp and reasons.  (274157)            $12.00

28. Curiel, Roberta. The Ghetto of Venice. NY: Tauris Parke, 1990. 176 pp. beautifully illustrated large work. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275126)             $18.00

29. Davidson, Eugene. The Nuremberg Fallacy: Wars and War Crimes Since World War II Why the UN and the Nuremberg Doctrines do not keep the peace. NY: Macmillan, 1973. 5th. 330 pp.owner stamp on free end papers and discard written in pen on paste down. Good. Hardback & DJ.  (274196)    $12.00

30. Davis, Mike. Late Victorian Holocausts; El Nino Famines and the Making of the Third World. Verso, 2001. 464 pp. Very Good +. Hardback & DJ.  (275120)            $12.00

31. Dicker, Herman. Piety and Perseverance: Jews from the Carpathian Mountains. NY: Sepher Hermon, 1981. 225 pp. Good. Paperback.
Includes chapters on the Holocaust and the aftermath  (275207) $15.00

32. Dicks, Henry. Licensed Mass Murder: A Socio-Political Study of Some S.S. Killers. Sussex University, 1972. 283 pp. dj worn and slightly chipped. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275760)        $23.00

33. Dobroszycki, Lucjan, (editor). The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto 1941-44. New Haven: Yale, 1984. Day by day reports of life in the Ghetto. Documents. 8vo 551 pp. dj torn. Good. Hardback & DJ.  (275687)       $10.00

34. Dorian, Emil. The Quality of Witness: A Romanian Diary: 1937-1944. Phil: JPS, 1982. Roumanian Jewish Doctor’s diary. 8vo 350 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (265947)                $9.00

35. Eisner, Will. The Plot; The secret story of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Norton, 2005. introduction by Umberto Eco 148 pages . Very good condition. Hardback & DJ.
told in the form of a graphic novel  (275964)         $17.00

36. Elon, Amos. Journey through a Haunted Land: The New Germany. Holt, 1967. 259 pp. Good. Hardcover .  (274159)               $10.00

37. Epstein, Benjamin, translator. Thomas Masaryk and the Jews: A Collection of Essays. NY: Pollak, 1941. 283 pp. number 31/100 patron edition spine torn and along sides of spine endpaper stained. good. cloth.
Masayryk was ,founder of the Czech Republic and a defender of the rights of his Jewish citizens.  (275199)                $18.00

38. Epstein, Leslie. King of the Jews. N.Y.: Coward, McCann and Geoghegan, 1979. 8vo 350 pp. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.novel of IC Trumpelman head of the Judenrat and tragic decisions  (274178)          $5.0

 39. Ericksen, Robert (editor). Betrayal: German Churches and the Holocaust. Fortress Press, 1999. 224 pp. slight library marks. Very Good. Paperback.  (275104)  $10.00

40. Etty, Hillesum. An Interrupted Life; The Diaries of Etty Hillesum. New York: Pantheon, 1983. Introduction by J. G. Gaarlandt, translation by Arno Pomerans. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275121)      $15.00

41. Evans, Richard. In Hitler’s Shadow : West German Historians and the Attempt to Escape from the Nazi Past. Pantheon, 1989. 195 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274156) $12.00

 42. Evans, Richard. Lying about Hitler: History Holocaust and the David Irving Trial. NY: Basic Books, 2001. 318 pp. Ex-library with bookplate. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (274250)  $10.00

 43. Faching, Darrell. Narrative Theology after Auschwitz : From Alienation to Ethics. Fortress, 1992. 198 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (274158)         $12.00

44. Farmer, Sarah. Martyred Village: Commemorating the 194 Massacre at Oradour sur Glane. Berkeley: Univ. of Cali, 1999. 300 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Site of Nazi massacre of 642 men women and children. Today set up as a monument to French suffering under the Nazis.  (275168) $10.00

45. Feldman, Egal. The Dreyfus Affair and the American Conscience 1895-1905. Wayne State, 1981. 187 pp. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.  (275173)                $12.00

46. Fink, Ida. A Scrap of Time. Pantheon, 1987. 166 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.A collection of stories of Poland during the Holocaust.Fink, was hidden in Poland during the War,emigrated to Israel in’67.  (274397) $12.00

47. Fleming, Gerald. Hitler and the Final Solution. Berkeley: Univ. of California, 1984. 219 pp. dj chipped. Very Good in Good DJ. Hardback & DJ.
Study that proves that the Final Solution was deliberately designed and personally willed and ordered by Hitler  (274248)               $10.00

48. (French Jewry) Bredin, Jean Denis. The Affair: The Case of Alfred Dreyfus. NY: Braziller, 1986. 628 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Comprehensive, sensitive and balanced account of the Dreyfus Affair.  (275301)  $15.00

49. (French Jewry) Adler, Jacques. The Jews of Paris and the Final Solution; Communal response and internal conflicts, 1940-1944. N.Y.: Oxford University Press, 1987. 310 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275156)                $10.00

50. (French Jewry) Burns, Michael. Dreyfus: A Family Affair: 1789-1945. NY: Harper, 1991. 8vo 576 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
History of the family spanning six generations, from the French Revolution to the Vichy regime.  (275195)               $9.00

51. (French Jewry) Chapman, Guy . The Dreyfus Case; A Reassessment. London: Rupert Hart Davis, 1955. 399 pp. library stamp fep and pen writing. good. Hardback & DJ.  (275194)             $12.00

52. (French Jewry) Chapman, Guy. The Dreyfus Trials. NY: Stein and Day, 1972. 1st. 282 pp. scholalry work. Good +. Hardback & DJ.  (275172)              $9.00

53. (French Jewry) Cobb, Richard. French and Germans: Germans and French: A Personal Interpretation of France under Two Occupations 1914-1918/ 1940-1944. Hanover: UPNE, 1983. 188 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.  (275174)                $18.00

54. (French Jewry) Cohen, Richard. The Burden of Conscience: French Jewry’s Response to the Holocaust. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1987. 237 tears. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.  (275176)     $10.00

55. (French Jewry) Curtis, Michael. Verdict on Vichy: Power and Prejudice in the Vichy Regime. Arcade, 2002. Octavo in dust jacket, xx, 419 pp., maps, b/w illustrations, fate of some of the collaborators, select bibliography, notes, index . Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275157)     $10.00

56. (French Jewry) Friedman, Lee. Zola and The Dreyfus Case: His Defense of Liberty and Its Enduring Significance. Beacon, 1937. 61 pp.+ appendix dj torn and worn beautifully produced work. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275180)               $23.00

57. (French Jewry) Goldman, Pierre. Dim Memories of a Polish Jew born in France. NY: Viking, 1975. 230 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.
son of Resistance fighters during the War, he took on a life of crime in the 1970s-his story  (275165)            $15.00

58. (French Jewry) Gordon, Bertram. Collaborationism in France During the Second World War. Cornell, 1980. 393 pp. dj creased. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
The acceptance of fascism as an ideology and the pro Axis groups working in France  (275167)       $16.00

59. (French Jewry) Halasz, Nicholas . Captain Dreyfus: The story of a mass hysteria. NY: Simon & Schuster, 1955. 275 pp. dj very torn. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275201)    $10.00

60.          (French Jewry) Hoffman Robert. More Than a Trial: The Struggle over Captain Dreyfus. Free Press, 1980. 247 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275161)   $10.00

61.          (French Jewry) Hyman, Paula. From Dreyfus to Vichy: The Remaking of French Jewry: 1906-1939. NY: Columbia, 1989. 338 pp. dj chipped. Good +. Hardback & DJ.  (275160)     $12.00

62. (French Jewry) Josephs, Jeremy. Swastika Over Paris–The Fate of the Jews in France. New York: Arcade Publishing, 1989. 192 pp.well researched. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (272441)

63. (French Jewry) Levy, Claude. Betrayal at the Vel d’Hiv. NY: Hill and Wang, 1969. 12mo 283 pp. , dj chipped. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.The roundup of the non French Jews during the German occupation.Important work.  (275166)   $22.00

64. (French Jewry) Lewis, David. Prisoners of Honor: The Dreyfus Affair. Morrow, 1973. 345 pp. scholarly work. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275181)             $10.00

65. (French Jewry) Lindemann, Albert. The Jew Accused: Three Anti-Semitic Affairs: Dreyfus, Beilis, Frank: 1894-1915. NY: Cambridge, 1993. 301 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275171)          $15.00

66. (French Jewry) Lottmann, Herbert. The People’s Anger: Justice and Revenge in Post Liberation France. NY: Hutchinson, 1986. 329 pp. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.  (275158)                $15.00

67. (French Jewry) Malino Frances and Wasserstein Bernard (editors). The Jews in Modern France. Brandeis, 1985. 348 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275179)   $20.00

68. (French Jewry) Marrus, Michael & Paxton, Robert. Vichy France and the Jews. NY: Basic Books, 1981. 8vo 432 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (275483)               $10.00

69. (French Jewry) McKay Donald (editor). The Dreyfus Case by the Man Alfred Dreyfus and his son: Pierre Dreyfus. New Haven: Yale UP, 1937. 8vo 300 pp. Good. Hardcover .  (275177)       $15.00

70. (French Jewry) Miller Arthur. Incident at Vichy. Penguin, 1985. 70 pp. Roundup of Jews in Vichy France and the response lives of the arrested. Very Good. Paperback.
Howard Taubman called it the most important play of its time  (275163) $7.00

71. (French Jewry) Paleologue, Maurice. An Intimate Journal of the Dreyfus Case. Criterion Books, 1957. 317 pp. dj torn bookplate. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Liaison between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Army during the Dreyfus Affair  (275196)   $10.00

72. (French Jewry) Pryce-Jones, David. Betrayal: France, The Arabs and the Jews. NY: Encounter, 2006. 169 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (275162)       $12.00

73. (French Jewry) Schechter, Betty. The Dreyfus Affair: A National Scandal. Houghton, 1965. 257 pp. covers worn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275178)          $10.00

74. (French Jewry) Szajkowski, Zosa. Jewish Education in France: 1789-1939. NY: Columbia, 1980. 8vo 66 pp. Very Good. Hardcover.
Jewish Social Studies Monograph Series: Number 2  (275170)        $15.00

75. Friedenson, Joseph. Heroine of Rescue: The incredible story of Recha Sternbuch who saved thousands from the Holocaust. Brooklyn: Mesorah, 1984. 320 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Working from Switzerland, this observant Jewish woman worked against the authorities to rescue Polish Jewry .  (276186)               $15.00

76. Friedlander, Judith. Vilna on the Seine; Jewish Intellectuals in France Since 1968. New Haven: Yale, 1990. 249 pp. Very Good +. Hardback & DJ.
“A daring and original way of bringing together two disparate worlds of modern Jewish history.” –Benjamin Harshav  (275492)               $7.00

77. Furet, Francois. Unanswered Questions -Nazi Germany and the Genocide of the Jews. NY: Schocken, 1989. 392 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (266252)       $8.00

78. Gelman, Charles (inscribed by). Do Not Go Gentle; A Memior of Jewish Resistance in Poland, 1941-1945. Archon, 1989. 226 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275123)      $15.00

79. Gerhart, Eugene. America’s Advocate: Robert H. Jackson. Bobbs Merill, 1958. 544 pp. dj torn 140 pp. dealing with Nuremberg and War and the Rule of Law. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
New Deal Advocate, Supreme Court Justice, Nuremberg prosecutor  (272964)            $23.00

80. Goldberg, Izaak. The Miracles versus Tyranny, The Fight for Life and Death between the Jewish People and the Nazis. Philosophical Library, 1978. 590 pp. dj worn and torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274148) $17.00

81. Grossman, Mendel. With a Camera in the Ghetto. Tel Aviv: Ghetto Fighter’s House, 1970. unpaginated, about 30 pp. extraordinary photos, in Hebrew, interesting to compare translation to English edition, small bookplate on fep. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Photos taken in the Lodz Ghetto.  (275671)           $15.00

82. Gruber, Ruth. Haven; The Unknown Story of 1000 World War II Refugees. Coward, 1983. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275777)          $15.00

83. Grusa, Jiri. Franz Kafka of Prague. Schocken, 1983. 125 pp. filled with illustrations, ex library with pocket, back cover creased. Good +. Paperback.  (275673)        $15.00

84. Hass, Aaron. In the Shadow of the Holocaust: The Second Generation. Ithaca: Cornell, 1990. 12mo 180 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Psychological study of the children of Holocaust survivors.  (274190)         $15.00

85. Henderson, Neville. Failure of a Mission Final Exposure of Hitler. Hodder, 1940. 318 pp..fore edge foxed some staining. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Henderson was British Ambassador to Nazi Germany from 1937-1939  (275022)  $20.00

86. (Herman) Noren, Catherine Hanf. The Camera of My Family: The 100 year album of a German Jewish Family. NY: Knopf, 1976. Oblong 8vo 240 pp. dj torn and worn, wear along edges of cover. good. Hardback & DJ.
Photos and momentos of five generations from their lives in Germany before the turn of the century to the American presence.  (275674)         $15.00

87. Hilberg, Raul. The Destruction of the European Jews. Quadrangle, 1961. Fourth Printing. 790 pp. Good-. Hardcover .  (274339)     $45.00

88. Hirshaut, Julien. Jewish Martyrs of Pawiak. NY: Holocaust Library, 1982. 252 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Prison used by the Nazis to torture and kill Polish underground workers and Jews hiding on the Aryan side.  (274209)                $10.00

89. Hitler, Adolf. My Battle. Houghton Mifflon, 1933. Previous owner’s name in pen on fep. Cover and title worn, still legible. Good. Hardcover .  (275796) $60.00

90. Hoffman, Eva. Shtetl: The Life and Death of a Small Town and the World of Polish Jews. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997. 267 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Study of Bransk in Eastern Poland, based on the documentary Shtetl  (274451)     $7.00

91. Kahane, David. Lvov Ghetto Diary. Massachusetts, 1990. 160 pp. Slight wear to corners of dj. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274298)          $15.00

92. Kaplan, Alice. The Collaborator: The Trial and Execution of Robert Brasillach. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago, 2000.  8vo 308 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
French writer who collaborated with the Nazis: his trial, execution and afterlife as a martyr for French rightists.  (248939)               $10.00

93. Kaplan, Alice. The French Lessons: A Memoir. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago, 1993. 216 pp. her autobiographical journey to discover her roots and as a Jew and grapple with De Man as collaborator and the meanings of fascism bildungsroman. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.  (275981)     $10.00

94. Kaplan, Harold. Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago, 1994. 213 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.  (274189)     $6.00

95. Karski, Jan. Story of a Secret State. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1944. 391 pp. dj torn and worn. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
By the man who was courier between secret state in Poland and exile Polish government in London. Details existence of concentration camps and destruction of Jewry.  (275807)          $10.00

96. Katz, Robert. Black Sabbath; A Journey Through A Crime Against Humanity. Macmillan, 1969. 396 pp. dj creased. Concerns the RAZZIA. The roundup of the Jews of Rome by the Nazis in 1943. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274334)               $15.00

97. Katz, Robert. Death in Rome. NY: Macmillan, 1967. 334 pp. The Nazi reprisal murder of hundreds in the Ardennes caves for a partisan attack in Rome. Pope Pius it is claimed did not act to intervene 12mo . Good +. Hardback & DJ.  (275306)  $15.00

98. Keller, Ulrich (editor). The Warsaw Ghetto In Photographs 206 Views Made in 1941. Dover, 1984. 130 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (274731)         $15.00

99. Kirschner, Robert, (translator and notes by). Rabbinic Responsa of the Holocaust Era. NY: Schocken Books, 1985. 192 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274160)       $12.00

100. Kovaly, Heda. The Victors and the Vanquished. NY: Horizon Press, 1973. 275 pp. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Details her survival of Auschwitz and the Communist rule of Czechoslovakia , the Slansky Trial and execution of husband R. Margolius.  (276174)                $10.00

101. Laqueur, Walter. Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go: A Memoir of the Journeying Years. NY: Scribner, 1992. 8vo 418 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Scholar’s journey from Breslau to Palestine to Wiener Library. Portrait of Jewish life in 20th century.  (275198)                $15.00

102. Lawler, Justice (editor). Anti-Semitism / Middle East / Feminism. Continuum, 1990. 210 pp. Many articles concerning the Holocaust. Very Good. Paperback/Periodical.  (274234)    $12.00

103. Lesser, Jeffrey. Welcoming the Undesirables Brazil and the Jewish Question. Californi, 1995. 280 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (275208)         $15.00

104. Liptzin, Solomon. Germany’s Stepchildren. Phil.: JPS, 1944. 2nd. 298 pp. dj torn. Good +. cloth.Chapters on Schnitzler, Rathenau, Lessing, Wassermann, Zweig, etc.  (274976)     $7.00

105. Mackness, Robin. Massacre at Oradour. Random House, 1988. 165 pp. Nazi massacre of most of the villagers of this remote village in sw France. Mackness was compelled to determine the reasons for the massacre. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275169)          $15.00

106. Malle, Louis. Au revior les enfants & Lacombe, Lucien. faber and faber, 1989. 159 pp. About children being hidden during the Holocaust. Very Good. Paperback.  (274240)    $10.00

107. Mazor, Michel. The Vanished City: Everyday Life in the Warsaw Ghetto. NY: Marsilio, 1993. 12mo 188 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (274207) $7.00

108. Metzger, Therese. Jewish Life In The Middle Ages. Alpine, 1982. 315 pp. Filled with color illustrations. Coffee table-type book. In a box. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275672)               $20.00

109. Minear, Richard . Dr. Seuss Goes to War: The World War II Editorial Cartoons of Theodor Seuss Geisel. New Press, 1999. 272 pp. sfep. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275965)               $18.00

110. Morgenstern, Soma. The Third Pillar. Philadelphia: JPS, 1955. 151 pp.torn dj bookplate. good. Hardback & DJ.
Refugee author. Important allegory of the Holocaust. Under appreciated work  (258313) $10.00

111. Naumann, Bernd. Auschwitz: Bericht uber die Strafsache gegen Mulka u.a. vor dem Schwurgericht Frankfurt. Frankfurt: Athanaeum, 1965. 552 pp. slight library mark on fep and spine. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276131)                $15.00

112. Nelson, Christine. Drawing Babar: Early Drafts and Watercolors. Morgan Library, 2008. 164 pages. A comprehensive study of the composition of the first book by each of Babar’s two authors father and son Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff complete with over two hundred color photographs of manuscript drafts and drawings, transcriptions of all preliminary and final French text along with English translations, and two illustrated essays that provide the cultural context of one of the most successful children’s series of all time. Very Good. Paperback.  (257098)               $25.00

113. Newman, Louis. A “Chief Rabbi” of Rome Becomes a Catholic; A Study in Fright and Spite. Renascence, 1945. 253 pp. Dj torn, repaired with scotch tape. Story of Israel Zolli and his role during the Nazi occupation of Rome, his hiding with a Catholic family, descension by the Rome Jewish Community over his conduct and his apostasy to Catholicism. Issues of his relationship with the Gestapo discussed. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274065)                $18.00

114. Nicosia, Frank. The Third Reich and the Palestine Question. NJ: Tauris, 2000. 319 pp. Lacks free end paper. Very Good. Hardcover .  (274246)        $15.00

115. Niger, S. Kidush ha-Shem: a zamlung geklibene, oft gekirtste barikhtn, briv, khronikes, tsavoes, oyfshriftn, legendes, lider, dertseylungen, dramatishe, stsenes, eseyen, vosmoln. oys mesires-nefesh in undzere un oykh in frierdike tsaytn/ Kiddush Hashem (Martyrdom): A Selection of testimonies, chronicles, letters, wills, inscriptions, poems, legends, stories, dramatic sketches and essays pertaining to Jewish martyrdom in our and bygone days. CYCO, 1948. 1102 pp. spine worn. Good. Hardcover .  (275027) $12.00

116. Patai, Raphael. Apprentice in Budapest: Memories of a World that is No more. Salt Lake City: Univ of Utah, 1988. 8vo 526 pp. dj chipped. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Growing up Jewish in Hungary in the 20th century and leaving in late 1930s. Moving work.  (275217)         $12.00

117. Payney, Robert. The Life and Death of Trotsky. McGraw, 1977. 498 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274200)               $15.00

118. Pell, Jospeh. Taking Risks: A Jewish Youth in the Soviet Partisans and His Unlikely Life in California. Magnes, 2004. 228 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (274263)  $15.00

119. Potter, Lou (inscribed by). Liberators Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II. HBJ, 1992. 304 pp. African-Americans fighting in the war. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274733)      $15.00

120. Ramati, Alexander. The Assisi Underground: The Priests who Rescued Jews. NY: Stein and Day, 1978. 8vo 181 chipped. Good. Hardback & DJ.  (276332)   $15.00

121. Roiphe, Anne. A Season for Healing: Reflections on the Holocaust. NY: Summit, 1988. Examines the impact of the Holocaust on Jews and their relationship to their faith and to the Christian world. 12mo 220 pp. Very Good in Good DJ. Hardback & DJ.  (274245)           $10.00

122. Rothkirchen Livia (editor). Yad Vashem Studies, Volume VIII. Yad Vashem, 1970. 231 pp dj torn. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274204)          $12.00

123. Rurup, Reinhard (editor). Topography of Terror: Gestapo, SS and Reichssicherhitshauptamt on the ‘Prinz Albrecht Terrain’ A Documentation. Berlin: Arenhovel, 1995.  236 pp. top corners bumped . Good +. wrapper.  (274252)               $15.00

124. Saidel, Rochelle. The Outraged Conscience: Seekers of Justice for Nazi War Criminals in America. Albany: SUNY, 1984. 246 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (274249)     $10.00

125. Scholder, Klaus. A Requiem for Hitler: and other new perspectives on the German church struggle. Phil: Trinity Presss, 1989. 203 pp. good. Paperback.  (274162)               $10.00

126. Shawcross, William. The Quality of Mercy; Cambodia, Holocaust and Modern Conscience. Simon & Schuster, 1984. 462 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274243)       $12.00

127. Shermer, Michael and Grobman, Alex. Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why do they say it? Berkeley: Univ of Calif, 2000. 312 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
A study of the Holocaust denial movement. Trying to understand their motives and refuting their arguments  (274191)                $10.00

128. Shifrin, Avraham. The First Guidebook to Prisons and Concentration Camps of the Soviet Union. Bantam, 1980. 391 pp. Good. Paperback.  (274168)         $15.00

129. Singer, P.E. They Did Not Fear. NY: Beechhurst Press, 1952. 250 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.
Documentary novel of Viennese Jewish partisan fighter during the Shoah.  (275798)          $10.00

130. Sokolsky, George. We Jews. NY: Doubleday,Doran and Co, 1935. 304 pp. Covers worn. Good. Cloth.
Explains Judaism and different attitudes and policies towards the Jews throughout the world  (275769)    $10.00

131. Solomon, K. (assistant director) reprint. KZ Bildbeicht aus funf Konzentrationslagern. American Office of War Information/Crawford Witness, 1945/1983. Reprint. Reprint of the original Governement Document. 47 pp. 27 pages in German 10 pages in English 10 pages in Spanish (translations) Photographs of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. Horrific images and explanatory text. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Witness to the Holocaust Project series #5 reprint  (274315)         $47.00

132. Spalek, John (editor). Lion Feuchtwanger: The Man His Ideas His Work; A collection of critical essays. Hennessey, 1972. 328 pp. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Constituting the first attempt in any language to present a comprehensive view of the achievement of Lion Feuchtwanger, a man frequently described as the most important German historical novelist of the 20th century. The 18 contributors to this work, all specialists in this area of German literature, deal with the important aspects of the man and his literary output, including the theoretical writings as well as the novels and dramas. (from the blurb)  (276173)               $10.00

133. Survivors Speak Out. Gefen, 1989. 96 pp. about t 40 presentations, inscribed by Hana Greenfield one of the survivors. Good +. Hardcover .  (274165)                $15.00

134. Sweets, John. Choices in Vichy France: The French Under Nazi Occupation. NY: Oxford UP, 1986.  306 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (275484) $10.00

135. Syrkin, Marie. The State of the Jews; An Evolving Account of the Jewish Experience Since the Holocaust. New Republic, 1980. 368 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274229)   $15.00

136. Szaluta, Jacques (inscribed by). Petain For and Against. Vantage, 1973. 62 pp. dj creased. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275164)     $18.00

137. Szpilman, Wladyslaw. The Pianist. Picador, 1999. 212 pp. A memoir of someone who survived the Shoah playing piano for a nazi officer. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274215)     $12.00

138. Trepman, Paul. Among Men and Beasts. NY: Yoseloff, 1978. 230 pp., Dj creases slightly. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Describes the start of the War, life in Warsaw, the Warsaw Ghetto and survival through internment in six camps.  (274217)               $12.00

139. Troper, Harold. Old Wounds; Jews Ukranians, and the Hunt for Nazi War Criminals in Canada. UNC, 1989. 433 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274267)            $15.00

140. Tushnet, Leonard. The Uses of Adversity: Studies of Starvation in the Warsaw Ghetto. NY: Thomas Yoseloff, 1966. 1st. 108 pp. Very Good in good dust-jacket. Hardback & DJ.  (274211)           $18.00

141. Vaksberg, Arkady. Stalin Against the Jews. NY: Knopf, 1994. 308 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Includes material on the Jewish Anti fascist Committee and the Holocaust.  (274201)         $10.00

142. Webster, Paul. Petain’s Crime: The Full Story of French Collaboration in the Holocaust. Chicago: Ivan Dee, 1990. 225 pp. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.  (275491)         $8.00

143. Weinberg, Jeshajahu. The Holocaust Museum in Washington. NY: Rizzoli, 1995. 200 pp. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275659)          $20.00

144. Whiteman Dorit bader. Escape via Siberia: A Jewish Child’s Odyssey of Survival. NY: Holmes and Meier, 1999. 219 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
From Poland to Siberia to Tashkent to Persia to Pakistan and finally to Palestine with 900 Jewish children during WW2  (275740)               $30.00

145. Wiesenthal, Simon. Justice Not Vengeance. Grove Weidenfeld, 1989. 371 pp. Describes the life of Simon Wiesenthal and how he brought so many Nazi war criminals to justice. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274242)                $10.00

146. Wise, James and Lee Levinger. Mr. Smith, Meet Mr. Cohen… Reynal, 1940. 180 pp. Explaining what Judaism is to a Christian in light of world events. Good. Hardcover .  (274227)             $15.00

147. Witlock, Flint. Given Up For Dead; American GI’s in the Nazi Concentration Camp at Berga. Westview, 2003. 283 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274223)   $10.00

148. Wortsman, Peter (inscribed by). A Modern Way to Die; Small Stories & Microtales. Fromm, 1991. 220 pp. Inscribed. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275122)              $15.00

149. Wykert, John (preface). The Book of Alfred Kantor. NY: McGraw Hill, 1971. 20+128 plates dj torn writing on fep internally clean. good. Hardback & DJ.
Drawings of the camps by a survivor of Terezin, Auschwitz and Schwarzheide. In color  (253565)   $15.00

150. Zayas, Alfred De. The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau, 1939-1945. Nebraska, 1989. 363 pp. Cover creased. Good +. Paperback.  (274286)      $10.00

151. Zeldis-Mcdonough, Yona; Zeldis, Malcah. Anne Frank. Friedman, 1996. 91 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275802)               $25.00

Reprints of Scarce Works – February 2020

1. Abraham, Max . Juda verrecke Ein Rabbiner im Konzentrationslager. Druck und Verlagsanstalt/Schoen Reprint, 1934/ 2013. 38 pp.slight library marks, Schoen Reprint. Very Good. perfect bound.
Rabbi and fighter against anti-Semitism Max Abraham was attacked in June 1933 in the small town of Rathenow an SA man. Because he put up a fight, he was taken to the concentration camp at Oranienburg, Papenburg and Lichtenburg. In 1934, he managed to escape with his wife to Czechoslovakia. He published an account of his experiences in the concentration camp. In 1939, he fled again from the Nazis to England, where he lived until his death in 1977.(Oranienburg web site) (277729) $25.00

2. (Aden) Chajes, H.P. Judische und Judisch-Indische Grabinschriften aus Aden; mit einer Besprechung der indischen Texte von J. Kirste. Wien: Gerold’s Sohn?Schoen Books, 1903. Schoen Books Reprint (2006). Sitzungsberichte Kais. Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien. Philosophisch-historische Klasse. Band CXLVII. Mit 1 Tafel und 8 Abbildungen im Texte. New. Perfect-bound . (277732) $20.00

3. Amalgamated Relief Committee. Poland Fights On: The Polish and Jewish Underground Movement in Nazi Occupied Poland. NYC: Relief Comm for Labor/Schoen Books, 1942/2013. Reprint (Schoen Books). 12mo 58 pp.9 essay sThe People Resist Nazi Program of Oppression, The Underground Anti Nazi Movement in Poland, Unity of Struggle and Aim of Jews and Poles in Underground Movementa by Samuel Zygielbojm , Henry Ehrlich and Victor Alter Their Freedom Wanted! (from Soviet Imprisonment) Perfect-bound. (277725) $18.00

4. American Joint Distribution Committee European Executive Offices. World Refugee Organizations A Guide to Relief and Reconstruction Activities for Refugees fron Germany. Paris: American Joint Distribution /Schoen Reprint, July 1937/ 2013. 122 pp. Amazing document with offices throughout the world especially Europe to receive the refugees, with addresses and names of officials, activities, charts of the Emigration of German Jews . Very Good. Perfect-bound. (276957) $20.00

5. Bloom, Sol – Chairman: Committee on Foreign Affairs. Rescue of the Jewish and Other Peoples in Nazi-Occupied Territory [Confidential Print]; Extract from Hearings before the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives. Seventy-Eighth Congress: First Session on H. Res. 350 and H. Res. 352 Resolutions Providing for the Establishment by the Executive of a Commission to Effectuate the Rescue of the Jewish People of Europe. November 26, 1943. Washington DC: USGPO, November 26, 1943. Schoen Books Reprint. Important document establishing means to rescue Jews. 72 pp. reprint. New. Perfect-bound . (277742) $10.00

6. (China) Katz, Albert. Die Juden in China. Berlin: Katz/Schoen Books, 1900/2005. Schoen Books Reprint (2005). 31pp. New. Perfect-bound . (277733) $17.00

7. Cohen, Boaz. Une legende juive de Mahomet. Elias/Schoen Books, 1929/2005. reprint. 18 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (277721) $15.00

8. Consistoire central des Israelites de France et d’Algerie (Schwartz I preface). Memorial… : en souvenir de nos rabbins et ministres officiants, victimes de la barbarie nazie Reprint). Paris: Jacobs/Schoen Books, 1947/2013. 52 pp. with pictures , short biographies and their deaths (this is a reprint of the original) Very Good. Wrapper.
Preface by Grand Rabbin Isaie Schwartz and Introduction by Leon Meiss, President of the Consistoire Central of the Jews of France. (277734) $18.00

9. Endewelt, H und Weissblatt, S. Das erste judische Schachlehrbuch. Warschau: Lewin Epstein, 1917. Schoen Books Reprint (2007). Seems to be the earliest (Mendele Vol. 3.200) Yiddish chess book. Includes instructions, various openings, sample games, and problems (with solutions). New. Perfect-bound .
In Yiddish (277727) $25.00

10. Goulven, J. Les Mellahs de Rabat Sale. Paris: Paul Guethner (Schoen Reprint), 1927 (2006). Schoen Books Reprint. A study of the Jewish community in Rabat Morocco, with 163 pages, and 32 plates ( two in color) of drawings and photos of Jewish life. new . Paperback. (277739) $36.00

11. (India) Simon A I . The Songs of the Jews of Cochin and their Historical Signifigance (reprint); A standing monument to Indian Tolerance. Cochin: Pangal Press, 1947/2014. reprint. 48 pp. This is a reprint of the original. Very Good. Wrapper.
Paper read at the meeting of the members of the Cochin Branch of the Archaeological Society of South India (277731) $18.00

12. Jewish Frontier Association. The Massacre of a People; What the Democracies Can Do. NY: Jewish Frontier/Schoen Boos, 1943/2005. deals with the murder of Jews in Europe and what needs to be done to save them. Country by country report. 98 pp. covers worn small number on cover. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (277749) $23.00

13. Joint Foreign Committee of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. The Persecution of the Jews in Germany and Supplementary Bulletin No, 1 Edited by Leonard Stein. Board of Deputies and Anglo Jewish Assn/Schoen Reprint, April and May 1933/ 2007. Schoen Books Reprint. 50+43 pages, details the horrid circumstances of the Jews with comments and declarations by various officials in UK; discusses the boycott, the Nazi terror and the plight of various professions under the Nazis: reprint . Very good+ condition. Wrapper. (277744) $18.00

14. Kohler, Max. The United States and German Jewish Persecutions; Precedents for Popular and Governmental Action. NY: Jewish Academy of Arts and Science, 1933. Schoen Books Reprint (2005). Reproduced with original library markings to title page. 77pp. New. Perfect-bound .
Table of contents : Precendents for Popular Protests; American Governmental Intercession on Behalf of the Jews; The Bernheim Upper Silesian Petition before the Council of the League of Nations
(277747) $25.00

15. Levy, Dr. Moritz. Die Sephardim in Bosnien; Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Juden auf der Balkan Halbinsel. Sarajevo: Kajon, 1911. Schoen Books Reprint (2006). Mit 29 Illustrationen im Texte: photos of women in their local costumes, village elders and merchants, cemetariesetc. Includes six pages of folk medicine. 127pp. New. Bound wrapper. (277746) $23.00

16. (North Africa) Eisenbeth, Maurice . Les Juifs de L’Afrique du Nord; Demographie & Onomastique. Alger: Imprimerie du Lycee, 1936. Schoen Books Reprint (2006). Massive geographical and genealogical with an extraordinary, detailed account of Jewish communities in North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) with many maps, including two detachable fold-outs (11″ by 17″): Repartition / Densite de population israelite. Author was Grand Rabbin d’Alger. 189pp. + 12pp. Extrait de Comptes redus bibliographiques (addendum of contemporary reviews) in six languages! New. Perfect-bound . (277737) $54.00

17. Ontario Refugee Shelter. Investigation of problems presented by refugees at Fort Ontario Refugee Shelter : hearings before Subcommittee VI of the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, House of Representatives, Seventy-ninth Congress, first session, pursuant to H. Res. 52, resolution authorizing study of immigration and naturalization laws, June 25 and 26, 1945. USGPO/Schoen Books, 1946/2013. Reprint. 183 pp. this is a reprint. Very Good. Perfect Bound.
Includes testimony by the refugees of what they experienced in Nazi Germany (277741) $18.00

18. Organization of Jewish Refugees. We Jewish Refugees in Italy…. The results of an inquiry February 1946. Organization of Jewish Refugees in Italy, 1946’2015. Reprint. 103 pp. Includes questionnaire in English and interviews with survivors and their past and plans, with three tables, the Yiddish pull out questionnaire was not able to be copied. Very Good. Perfect-bound. (277723) $20.00

19. Solowiejczyk, Josef; Soloveitchik, Joseph . Das reine Denken und die Seinskonstituierung bei Hermann Cohen; Inaugural Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwurde. Berlin: 1932/2006. Schoen Books Reprint. 107 pp.At the time an unknown young scholar from Pruzana, Poland. Rabbi Joseph Ber Soloveitchik settled in Boston in the 1930s and became Rosh haYeshiva at Yeshiva University. Prufung: 24 Juli 1930. Promotion: 10 Dezember 1932. Referat: Dr Heinrich Maier. Geheimrat: Dr Max Dessoir. Friderich Wilhelms Universitat. New. Perfect-bound .
This is a reprint and not the original. (277722) $25.00

20. World Alliance for Combating Anti-Semitism (Salomon S M ). J’Accuse! London: WACAS/Schoen Books, 1933/2012. reprint. 55 pp. filled with data of murders and concentration camps and pictures of Nazi brutality and camps This is a reprint. Very Good. Wrapper.
“Sentence of death has been passed on the Jews of Germany-over half a million men,women and children-by Hitler and his henchmen. The entire Jewish population of Germany is face to face with starvation…and the world is yet fully awakened to the recognition of the tragedy….The Nazi policy of hypocricy and bigotry must be exposed….It is a struggle from which no man with a heart to feel or a mind to think dare withdraw.” (277720) $17.00

“Mezuzah” – Judaica – January 2020


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I appreciate your taking the time and commitment reviewing this list of recent acquisitions. Our goal has always been to fulfill and nourish the scholar and librarian’s quest for unusual and hard-to-find Judaica and books on the Shoah. This is a dance we do together. It also involves your choosing to waltz along with us.

Above is an illustration made by my late wife, Jane Trigère, based on a story called The Scribe’s Tale by S.Y. Agnon. More such illustrations and their significance can be seen by going to Jane’s website at and going to “Artwork > Women and Their Stories“. For the last few weeks we have been reading about Joseph in the Torah, and I thought it would be inspiring to share some of Jane’s writing about the parshiot.

Ken aka Yekutiel

1. Adler Cyrus and Margalith Aaron. American Intercession on Behalf of Jews in the Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States 1840-1938. AJHS, 1943. 419 pages ,Publications No. 36 Good. Cloth.
Includes Near East and Morocco Rumania and Poland Russia Central Europe (265867) $18.00

2. Alperson Mordche. In Argentina 30 Anos de la Colonizacion Judia en la Argentina (Memorias); Kolonye Mauritsyo : draysig-yehrige Y.K.O. kolonizatsye in Argentina : a historishe shilderung. Ateneo Literario en el IWO, 1967. 314 pp. In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .
Masterpieces of Yiddish Literature Number 31 (239567) $30.00

3. Amram David. The Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy. Philadelphia: Julius H. Greenstone, 1909. 417 pp. New covers. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (277088) $30.00

4. Angel, Rabbi Marc. Remnant of Israel a Portrait of Americas First Jewish Congregation. Riverside Book Company, 2004. 189 pp. Large book. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275056) $28.00

5. Ashkenazi, Michael editor. Ethiopian Jews and Israel. Transaction, 1987. 159 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275213) $20.00

6. Assaf s. Teshuvot ha-Ge’onim: mi-tokh ha-Genizah/ Responsa Geonica, ex fragmentis cantabrigiensibus collegit editit annotavit. Mekize Nirdamim, 1942. 239 pp. In Hebrew former owner name on tp. Good. Hardcover . (276615) $25.00

7. Balin, Carole B. and Zierler, Wendy I. (editors). “To Tread On New Ground”; Selected Hebrew Writings of Hava Shapiro. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2014. 463 pp. Very Good +. Perfect-bound. (275124) $25.00

8. Benyahu Meir (editor). Sefunot: Annual for Research on the Jewish Communities in the East. Volume Eleven (The Book of Greek Jewry -I). Ben Zvi Institute, 1978. 24+ 351 pp dj torn eleven essays In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (261148) $25.00

9. Benyahu Meir (editor). Sefunot: Annual for Research on the Jewish Communities in the East. Volume Fifteen (The Book of Greek Jewry -V). Ben Zvi Institute, 1978. 385 pp dj torn nine essays In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (255747) $20.00

10. Benyahu Meir (editor). Sefunot: Annual for Research on the Jewish Communities in the East. Volume Thirteen (The Book of Greek Jewry -III). Ben Zvi Institute, 1978. 300 pp dj torn six essays In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (254522) $25.00

11. Benyahu Meir (editor). Sefunot: Annual for Research on the Jewish Communities in the East. Volume Twelve (The Book of Greek Jewry -II). Ben Zvi Institute, 1978. 20 + 270 pp dj torn six essays In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (261118) $25.00

12. Bergner Yosl. Drawings to Franz Kafka. Jerusalem: Tarshish, 1959. 91 pp. inscription on fep, whimsical drawings, spine repaired. Good. Hardcover .
Artist born in Warsaw,emigrated to Australia (1937) and then Israel in 1948. (276910) $65.00

13. Bernheimer, Charles (editor). The Russian Jew in the United States; Studies of Social Conditions in new York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, with a Description of Rural Settlements. Winston/Ozer, 1905/1971. Reprint. 426 pp. Ex-library with markings. Good. Hardcover .
The American Immigration Library. A facsimile reprint. (277093) $18.00

14. Berthold, H (Tscherkassky Joseph geleit). H Berthold Schriftgiessereien und Messinglinien Fabriken; Aktien-Gesellschaft. Berlin: Berthold, 1924. 82 pages,, decorative paper-covered boards with black, gilt and red framed cover plate design in gold with blue and red lettering,new cloth spine, some wear to covers,corners slightly bumped and lacking pieces, boards have gilt ornamental vignettes. Good +. cloth backed boards.
From the preface Tscherkassky Manager of the Oriental Department writes: “This catalogue of Hebrew and Jewish types the first of its kind should redress agreat deficiency hitherto existing in Hebrew printing matters. This catalogue contains not only the types but also numerous specimens such as might be employed for books and fine printing. It is a collection of specimens for the Hebrew typographer intended for facilitating to him the connection with the western art of printing.” Considered one of the finest Hebrew typeface catalog ever produced. (277231) $375.00

15. Biale David. Judah L.Magnes Pioneer & Prophet On Two Continents. Magnes, 1977. 56 pp. Important Zionist leader. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (276269) $18.00

16. Blumenkranz Bernhard. Juifs et Chretiens Dans Le Monde Occidental 430-1096. Mouton, 1960. 440 pp.ex library with markings and pocket . Good. library binding. (272422) $30.00

17. Boteach, Shmuel. Moses of Oxford (2 Volumes); A Jewish Vision of a University and Its Life. Andre Deutsch, 1994. 922 pp. 2 Volume set. Crown and base slightly bumped. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275645) $26.00

18. Brin, Ruth. Harvest: Collected Poems and Prayers. Reconstructionist Press, 1986. 246 pp. Pen writing on fep. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275139) $15.00

19. The Bulletin of the Joint Distribution Committee of the American Funds for Jewish War Sufferers Vol II September 1917-August 1918. Joint Distribution, 1917-1918. 150 pp. Vol 2 No. 1-No. 10. In English and Yiddish, hinge starting, crown and base of spine torn, slight library mark, first few pages creased. Good. Hardcover .
reports from the field, fund raising and activities in the States also, extensively in Yiddish (276909) $30.00

20. Carmilly-Weinberger, Moshe (editor). The Rabbinical Seminary of Budapest:1877-1977: A Centennial Volume. NY: Sepher Hermon, 1986. 34 pp.+ 54 pp In English and Hebrew, includes the period of the Shoah. Good +. Hardcover . (276960) $25.00

21. Coldoff, Harry. A Yiddish Dicitonary in Transliteration. Proclaim, 1988. 223 pp. Inscribed by the editor. Very Good. Paperback. (275873) $20.00

22. Dandekar, B. B. Bene Israel Tales. A. B. Literary House, 1981. 143 pp. Crown and base of spine bumped. Good +. Hardcover . (275055) $20.00

23. Elazar Daniel editor. Facing the Eighties Current Trends in Jewish Religius Life. American Jewish Committee Israel, Sping 1980. Tefutsot Israel Vol XVIII No 1 124 pp. collection of articles in Hebrew. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (271756) $25.00

24. Ellenson David. Pledges of Jewish Allegiance: Conversion, Law, and Policymaking in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Orthodox Responsa. Stanford University Press, 2012. 206 pp.inscribed by author. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (266214) $20.00

25. Feierstein, Ricardo. Cuentos Judíos Latinoamericanos. Raices, 1989. 240 pp.In Spanish Many unknown writers, inscription on fep. Good. Paperback. (270554) $30.00

26. Feldman, Rabbi Abraham J. Reform Judaism; A Guide For Reform Jews. Behrman, 1956. 37 pp. Corners worn. Good +. Pamphlet . (275786) $8.00

27. Fenton Paul compiler. A Handlist of Judeo-Arabic Manuscripts in Leningrad . A Tentative Handlist of Judeo-Arabic Manuscripts in the Firkovic Collections. Ben-Zvi Institute, Yad Izhak Ben Zvi and the Hebrew University / M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin State Public Library, , 1991. XVI+ 152 pp. In English and Hebrew , ex library with markings and pocket. Good. Paperback. (276500) $36.00

28. Feuchtwanger O. Righteous Lives Forty-Two Leaders of Jewish Thought in the Last Ten Centuries. Bloch, 1965. 169 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (277401) $10.00

29. Fielder Leslie. The Collected Essays of Leslie Fielder (Volume I & II). Stein and Day, 1971. 562 pp. + 560 pp. slight wear to dj. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275383) $36.00

30. Friedberg Ch. B. Bet Eked Sepharim Bibliographical Lexicon Vol. I – IV. Tel Aviv: Bar Juda, 1956. 1420 pp. Four volumes. Ex-library. Evidence of label removed from cover of Volume IV. Good. Hardcover . (276511) $125.00

31. Gilbert Martin editor. The Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilization 4000 Years of Jewish History. Quarto, 1990. 222 pp. large 8vo, Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275988) $18.00

32. Ginzberg Louis (complete). The Legends of the Jews Seven volumes. Philadelphia: JPS , 1909. Seven volumes includes index some wear to covers . Good +. Hardcover .
Essential reference work for midrash (277432) $125.00

33. Glatzer N N (Rosenzweig Franz). Understanding the Sick and the Healthy: A View of World, Man, and God. Noonday Press, 1954. 106 pp. Designed by Alvin Lustig crown and base of spine wear and tears, corners bumped. Good. Hardcover . (267120) $65.00

34. Goldberg, Lea. And This Is The Light. Poalim, 2005. 230 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Paperback. (275920) $15.00

35. Gombert et al. Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes Volumes 31-37. Warburg Institute, 1968-1974. slight bumping to a few copies, seven issues each about 200 pages . Good +. Paperback.
The Journal is intended as an interdisciplinary forum for scholars specialising in art history, the history of ideas and cultural history. It publishes articles based on new research, normally from primary sources. Topics include the arts in their various forms, religion, philosophy, science, literature and magic, as well as intellectual, political and social life, from antiquity to the dawn of the contemporary era. Usually the subjects discussed either centre on or have some connection with Western, typically European cultures; therefore, too, the Journal provides a home for research into the many interconnections between those cultures and others which have flourished beyond European borders – particularly, but by no means limited to, the cultures and learning of the Near East.(from the blurb of Warburg Institute) (276994) $200.00

36. Green Ber. Yidishe Shreyber in Amerike/ Yiddish Writers in America. YKUF, 1963. 335 pp.In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover . (276240) $18.00

37. Guterman Guta. ‘Der opgrunt rojst’ poezje Der opgrunṭ roist: lider דער אפגרונט רוישט : לידער /. Lodz: Idisz Buch, 1948. In Yiddish 12mo 70 pp. library marks to the title page. Very Good. wrapper. (277087) $40.00

38. Habermann A M Yudlov Y (Completed and edited by). Giovanni Di Gara Printer Venice 1564-1610; המדפיס זואן די גארא ורשימת ספרי בית דפוסו שכדשע (1610-1564) / ha-Madpis Zuʾan Di Gara u-reshimat sifre bet defuso 324-370 (1564-1610). Habermann Institute, 1982. XII + 143 pp. with English introduction and in and Hebrew with facsimiles ex library with bookplate and pocket. Good. Hardcover . (276529) $45.00

39. (Haggadah). The Diaspora Haggadah; The Artistic and Transliterated Haggadah of Passover. Yaniv, 1988. 63 pp. Illustrated by Shlomo Katz. In Hebrew and English. Very Good. Hardcover . (275508) $12.00

40. Hamer Jacklun Sarah. Shtamen un Tseygen : Dertseylungen (Stumps and Branches). Der Novoradomsker Society, 1954. 224 pp inscribed by author , bookplate of Boiberik (secular Yiddish camp in the Catskills) Good. Hardcover . (266571) $15.00

41. Herman, Jan. Jewish Cemeteries in Bohemia and Moravia. Prague: Council of Jewish Communiities CSR, 1970. 165 black and white images, and folding map, torn dj. Very Good in good + dust-jacket. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275676) $15.00

42. Hoberman, J. Bridge of Light: Yiddish Film Between Two Worlds. NY: Schocken Books, 1991. 401 pp dj chipped worn . Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (275382) $48.00

43. Horowitz Isaiah Ben Abraham Halevi. Shnei (Shenei) Luchoth Habrith. With Vavei Ha’Amudim by the author’s son, Shabthai Sheftel; Sefer Shene luḥot ha-berit : ha-shalem : amarot ṭehorot … ḥibur ʻal shete Torot. Frankfurt-am-Main: 1717. Fourth Edition. 422 folio pages .library binding signatures and writing of several former owners on free end paper, in cloth binding bound with the introduction to the whole commentary,( pub. date 1717) also published separately from the entire book entitled Vavei ha-Amudim. This is a commentary on the Shnei Luhot ha-Berit authored by Isaiah Horowitz (app. 1565-1630).by Shabtai Sheftel Horowitz (c. 1592-1660) , the son of Isaiah Horowit 44 folios.. According to Bet Eked Sefarim, Shnei Luhot ha-Berit began its printing history together with the Vavei ha-Amudim commentary as one book. Aside from its great importance as an ethical work, much praised and prized by succeeding generations, especially . by Hasidim, it is also supposed to have talismanic healing value. Good. Hardcover .
In folk custom this kind of work has protective talismanic effect on the owner and has been purchased for that reason….. A native of Prague, R. Isaiah Halevi Horowitz (1565?-1630) settled in Jerusalem in 1621, where he was appointed Rabbi of the Aschkenazic Community of the city and where he availed himself of the esoteric teachings of R. Isaac Luria and his disciples. These kabbalistic teachings were duly incorporated in his magnum opus, Shnei Luchoth HaBerith. Part Halachic Code and part Kabbalistic treatise, the Shnei Luchoth Habrith exerted great influence on the life of the Aschenazi Jewish world and helped more than any other work to introduce the Kabbalah into daily religious life. Prof. Scholem observed that ” its expressive power and rich content made it a classic.” G. Scholem, Kabbbalah (1974) (271270) $3,600.00

44. Jabotinsky, Vladimir. Prelude to Delilah. Bernard Ackerman, 1945. 348 pp. #43/200 on Ticonderoga Text Laid paper. Quarter leather. Very Good. Hardcover . (276881) $70.00

45. Jewish theatre between the two world wars in Western Europe, the Soviet Union and the Baltic countries. Congress For Jewish Culture, 1971. 383 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (275108) $45.00

46. Jewish Theatre Between The Two World Wars Poland; Yiddishe Theater en Europa. Congress For Jewish Culture, 1968. 515 pp. In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover . (275107) $45.00

47. Joffe Judah Yudel Mark (editors in chief). Great Dictionary of the Yiddish Language. Groser Verybuch fun der Yiddishe Sprakhe. Yiddish Dictionary Committee, 1961-1980. Published in New York: Vol. 1, 1961 (544 Pages); crown and base of spine torn,Vol. 2, 1966 (651 Pages); Vol. 3, 1971 (639 Pages); crown bumped and side of cover bruised Vol. 4, 1980 (659 Pages). Good +. Hardcover .
Although the four volumes of the Groyser Verterbukh cover only the letter Alef (‘A’), about a third of the Yiddish lexicon is covered since many words in Yiddish have prefixes beginning with alef, such as avek- and aroys-(from Yiddish Voice Store comment) (266296) $125.00

48. Kasher Menachem editor . Sarei Ha-Elef: a Millenium of Hebrew Authors (4260-5260 500-1500 CE) In Hebrew. American Biblical Encyclopedia Society, 1959. 15+ 455 pp. In English and Hebrew blue stain from covers has bled on fore edges not affecting text at all. Good +. Hardcover . (276115) $18.00

49. Katz Benzion (editor). Heawar A quarterly devoted to the History of the Russian Jews Five volumes. Tel Aviv: Althira, 1957, 68, 69. Vol 5,15,16. 167+ 312 +278 + pages important periodical, in Hebrew. Good. Paperback. (276870) $30.00

50. Kehillah of New York City. The Jewish Communal Register of New York City 1917-1918. NYC: Kehillah of NYC, 1918. Second Edition. 1597 pp. white stains to spine. New hinges rubbing to spine and covers. The three fold-out maps are in good condition. 60 black and white photographic illustrations of synagogues, street scenes, documents, etc. + a number of fold-out tables. Good. Cloth.
A very important reference work. (276940) $45.00

51. Krafchick, Marcelline. World Without Heroes: The Brooklyn Novels of Daniel Fuchs. Rutherford: Asso Univ. Press, 1988. 120 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
A study of the novelist who wrote Summer in Williamsburg,Homage to Blenholt and Low Company, about Jewish life during the Depression (276084) $15.00

52. Kraft Werner. Gershom Scholem. Briefe an Werner Kraft. Mit einem Nachwort von Jorg Drews. Suhrkamp, 1986. 165 pp. Kraft was an important German Jewish writer who came to Palestine in 1934 and was friends also with Martin Buber. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276952) $18.00

53. Kurland Samuel notes by. Averroes on Aristotle’s de Generatione et Corruptione Middle Commentary and Epitome; Translated from the original Arabic and the Hebrew and Latin Versions. Medieval Academy, 1958. 244 pp. ex library with markings and pocket and book plate. Good +. Hardcover . (275399) $30.00

54. Lanin E B. Les Juifs de Russie : recueil d’articles et d’études sur leur situation legale, sociale et economique. Cerf, 1891. 447 pp. taped spine and edges hinge started includes map, reading copy. Good-. Paperback. (276234) $30.00

55. Lester Julius. Revolutionary Notes. Baron, 1969. 207 pp. bookplate collection of essays. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276064) $20.00

56. Lester, Julius (inscribed by). The Autobiography of God. St. Martin’s Press, 2004. 245 pp. Rabbi in the midst of a spiritual crisis comes into contact with a torah from a destoryed village and discovers a manuscripts left by the spirits of the village dead that is the autobiography of God. Furthur complicated by the murder of a college student on campus. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276339) $25.00

57. Lester, Julius. Blacks, Jews, and Farrakhan. Dissent, Summer 1994. Pages 365-369. Dissent magazine, summer 1994. Essay by Julius Lester. Issue devoted also to the crimes of communism. “What did you know and when did you know it?” Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (276356) $20.00

58. Levi della Vida, Giorgio, (editor). Linguistica Semitica: presente e futuro. Semitic Linguistics Present and Future. Centro di Studi Semitici, 1961. 183 pp Gazelles Cerulli Garbini Von Soden Spitzlter Ullendorff in English German and Italian. Good. Hardcover . (276932) $15.00

59. Levin Judah. Sederet Kehillot Yisrael Ozrekov. Yad Yehudot Polin, 1966. 128 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .
From the series “Scrolls of Poland” Megillat Polin (276959) $50.00

60. Levinger, Elma Ehlrich. With the Jewish Child in Home and Synagogue. Bloch , 1948. 98 pp. Contains black and white illustrations of various Jewish things. Cover stained. sfep. Stiff Wrapper. (275869) $8.00

61. Luxemburg Danielle (curator). Old Yishuv Court. Jerusalem: Old Yishuv Court Museum, 1981. 45 pp beautifully rendered with many color plates Ottoman Turk rule. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271759) $36.00

62. Margulies, Marcos. Iudaica brasiliensis : repertorio bibliografico comentado dos livros relacionados com o juda?smo e questoes afins, publicados no Brasil desde os primordios ate? e presente momento. Rio de Janeiro: editoria Documentario, 1974. 157 pp. slight ibrary mark on fep and spine. Good +. Wrapper. (275100) $32.00

63. Marks Mitchell. Jews Among the Indians: Tales of Adventure and Conflict in the Old West. Benison, 1992. 184 creases and slight chips. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275493) $12.00

64. (Mendelssohn Moses). Netiboth Haschalom Sefer Bereschith im tirgum Onkelos veperush Rashi vebeur vetirgum Ashkenai huga behaga’a meduyeket al pi haKhumash Tikun Sofrim shel . . . Itzik Premsla z.l. veal pi . . . Moshe Dessau z.l. venitvasfu seder HaHaftarot vekhamesh megilot. . . Wien: Schmid, 1818. 435 pp. frontispeice portrait of Mendelssohn tipped in and illustration on title page, new blue boards and new endpapers and hinges, some dog eared pages. Good. Boards.
1, Sefer netivot ha-salom : wehuʼ ḥibur kolel ḥamisat ḥumse Torah ʻim targum Askenazi u-veʼur = Netiboth Haschalom / Moseh mi-Desoy Sefer Beresit = Bereschith.(worldcat entry)… Sepher Nethivoth Hashalom, more commonly known as the Bi’ur, is Moses Mendelssohn’s revolutionary translation of the Pentateuch. Mendelsson translated the Pentateuch into German using Hebrew characters while the commentary was composed in Hebrew. The commentary aimed to explain the translation choices made by Mendelssohn and drew heavily on traditional medieval Jewish Bible commentators.(Kestenbaum entry) Was originally published in 1783 (271224) $265.00

65. The Menorah A monthly magazine; Offical organ if the Independent Order of B’ne B’rith. Menorah, 1894. Vol XVI Jan-June 1894, 438 pp. raised bands, leather worn. Good. Boards. (276617) $36.00

66. The Menorah A monthly magazine; Offical organ if the Independent Order of B’ne B’rith. Menorah, 1894. Vol XVI July- December 1894, 408 pp. raised bands, leather worn. Good. Boards. (276618) $36.00

67. Montefiore, Lady Judith; Raphael, Chaim (intro by). Jewish Manual : Practical Information in Jewish & Modern Cookery with a Collection of Valuable Recipes & Hints Relating to the Toilette. nightgale, 1983. 244 pp.signed by ruth gales and lila gold who wrote foreword and discovered manuscript from 1846 in nypl. Very Good-. Hardcover . (276915) $18.00

68. Moshe Decter (editor). Israel and the Jews in the Soviet Union; Soviet Cartoons on the Middle East Crisis. New York: Conference On The Status of Soviet Jews, 1967. Very Good. Paperback. (276880) $15.00

69. Nagler, Richard (photographs by) Singer, Isaac (commentary by). My Love Affair With Miami Beach. Simon & Schuster, 1991. 116 pp. Large 8vo. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Photographs of elderly Jewish people who retired to Miami. (275559) $18.00

70. Neusner, Jacob. Judiasm In The Secular Age; Essays on Fellowship, Community and Freedom. Valentine Mitchell, 1970. 180 pp. dj creased. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275046) $15.00

71. (New England) Abramowitz Mayer. Chachmei Yisroel of New England Pictorial History of the New England Orthodox Rabbinate. Worcester: Stolnitz Archives, 1991. 8vo 113 pp. Historical list of Rabbis and their shuls and communities. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (277115) $85.00

72. Niebuhr, Reinhold (inscribed and signed by). Moral Man and Immoral Society –A Study of Ethics and Politics. NY: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1932. 12mo 284 pp. has Scribner A on copy right page, dust jacket quite torn and half of spine of dust jacket lacking, covers worn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
One line inscription from Niebuhr to a reader and signed by Niebuhr, One of the most signifigant works of the 20th Century and referred to as inspirational by at least one President. (271387) $2,250.00

73. Nordmann Dr med Achilles arzt in Basel. Der israelitische Friedhof in Hegenheim in geschichtlicher Darstellung mit 6 Taf. in Lichtdrruck. Basel: Wackerngelsche, 1910. 205 pp. + plates ex library with markings and pocket and taped spine. Good. Boards.

( 21. Juli 1863 in Hégenheim, Elsass; † 10. Februar 1927 in Basel) war ein Schweizer Arzt und Historiker. (272233) $55.00

74. Orbach Arie. MiNirdof Lerodef. Tel Aviv: 1990. 141 pp. In Heberw. Very Good. Hardcover . (272452) $18.00

75. Patai, Raphael (editor). Studies in Biblical and Jewish Folklore. Indiana University Press, 1960. 372 pp. 17 essays. dj worn. edges of spine rubbed + worn. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276218) $16.00

76. Paver Chaver. Vovik: Ma’aseh-lekh fun a Bronzviler Hintele. Los Angeles: 1947. 127 pp. In Yiddish stains to end papers ,slight soiling to covers, illustrated by Moses Soyer. Good. Hardcover . (265481) $12.00

77. Pekar, Harvey. American Splendor and More American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar; Stories by Harvey Pekar. Ballentine, 2003. About 150 pp. Introduction by R. Crumb. “World’s first literary comic book”. Pekar has been compared to Dreiser, Dostoevsky and Lenny Bruce. Very Good. Paperback. (276225) $15.00

78. Picart Bernard . The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the Several Nations of the Known World: Represented in Above an Hundred Copper-Plates Designed by the Famous Picart. Together with Historical Explanations, and Several Curious Dissertations.: Vol. I (1731), The Ceremonies of the Jews, etc.; Vol. II (1731), The Ceremonies of the Roman Catholicks; Vol. III (1731), The Ceremonies of the Idolatrous Nations; Vol. IV (1735), Part II; Vol. V (1736), Containing the Ceremonies of the Greeks and Protestants; Vol. VI (1737) in Two Parts. Part I. Containing the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church of England, of the Presbyterians, Independents, Anabaptists, Quakers, etc. Part II. Containing the Various Sects of Mahometans, with an Appendix of the Lives of Mohamm. Prevost and Claude du Bosc, 1731-1739. One of the most signifigant works concerning Jewish life and practice with wide influence in Europe….7 volumes in 3 ,set Folio (16 x 10 1/4″). Vol. 1: xx (i.e. xxii), 412pp (Text), [14]pp (Index); Vol. 2: viii, 345, [1]pp (Text), [18]pp (Index); Vol. 3: x, 474pp; Vol. 4: [4], ix, [11], 514pp (Text), [14]pp (Index); Vol. 5: [8], 470pp (Text), [24]pp (Index); Vol. 6: [6], 228pp (Text), [6]pp (Index), Vol. 7: [8], 164pp (Text), [8]pp (Index). Original full calf, with gold lettering and tooling to spines. New cloth spines, new hinges, marbled end papers, covers have tooled fleur de lis some scuffing and scratch marks across some covers , Engraved title vignettes. Repairs to endpapers of Volume 1-2, with last page of Index page repair and missing some of text of letter W. Good. full calf.
vol 1 nicholas prevost london 1731 vol 2 nicholas prevost london 1731 (bound together) vol 3 nicholas prevost london 1731 vol 4 bettenham for claude du bosc 1735 (bound together), volume 5 claude de bosc 1736 volume 6 claude du bosc 1737volume 7 claude du bosc 1739 (bound together) (For more information, see: “The Book That Changed Europe: Picart and Bernard’s Religious Ceremonies of the World,” by Lynn Hunt, Margaret C. Jacob, and Wijnand Mijnhardt. Belknap Press / Harvard University Press, 2010). 224 plates present (276322) $4,000.00

79. Reinhardt, Klaus. Biblioteca Bíblica Iberica Medieval. Madrid: Centro de Estudios Históricos del CSIC, 1986. 380 pp. slight bump to base of spine. Good +. Hardcover . (275050) $36.00

80. Rogoff harry. Nine Yiddish Writers Critical Appreciations. self published, 1916. 118 pages collection of essays from various publications. Good. Hardcover .
Articles on: Morris Rosenfeld, The genius of Perez, Abraham Liessin, Abraham Reisin, L. Shapiro, Zalmon Libin, Jonah Rosenfeld, Sholom Asch, Leon Kobrin (277433) $15.00

81. Rosenfeld, Ezra (editor). Crossroads: Halacha and the Modern World IV. Zomet Institute, ND. 255 pp. Collection of 20 essays. dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276333) $18.00

82. Roth, Cecil (editor in chief). Encyclopedia Judaica; COMPLETE. Jerusalem: Keter, 1972. 16 volumes + supplement. Bright and clean. library book plate. Very Good. Hardcover .
Essential reference work for study of modern Jewish life and ancient history. Please check for postage. (276930) $150.00

83. Routtenberg, Max. One in a Minyan; and other stories. Ktav, 1977. 166 pp. “Stories of Jewish life, law and how they get mixed up in contemporary Jews as they seek to resolve dillemas at junctures in their lives.” Very Good. Paperback. (275872) $12.00

84. Ruderman, David. A Valley of Vision; The Heavenly Journey of Abraham ben Hananiah Yagel. Philaadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1990. 365 pp. Three tears to front dj. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274490) $15.00

85. Scheinberg, Abraham. What is the Halacha? Encylcopedia of Halcha Book I Otzar Hat’Shuvos Bibliography of Responsa Book II. Shulsinger, 1974. 408 pp. + 34 pp. dj worn and torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275870) $25.00

86. Schweid Mark. Treyst mayn folk: dos lebn fun Y.L. Perets/ Console My People: The Life of I.L. Peretz. Farlag Peretz, 1955. 306 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (276126) $18.00

87. Sebag-Montefiore, Ruth. A Family Patchwork; Five Generations of an Anglo-Jewish Family. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1987. 139 pp. Pen writing on fep. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275644) $15.00

88. Segal, Alan F. Rebbeca’s Children; Judaism and Christianity in the Roman World. Harvard University Press, 1986. Book protected in plastic sleeve. Very Good +. Hardcover . (275884) $18.00

89. Segal, M.H. The Pentateuch and Other Biblical Stories; Its Composition and Its Authorship. Jerusalem: Magnes, 1967. 255 pp. Plastic sleeve over dj. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275125) $35.00

90. Shimoni Gideon. Community and Conscience: The Jews in Apartheid South Africa. UPNE, 2003. 336 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275211) $15.00

91. Silverman Jerry. Yiddish Song Book. Stein, 1983. 198 pp. dj flap creased. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275390) $15.00

92. Simeon bar Yoḥai. Sefer Zohar hadash : hadash hu ve-nithadesh be-otiyot gedolot … ve-yavinu baʼer hetev ʻinyanim u-milot be-raze ʻolam … Livorno: Ḳushṭa ṿa-haveraṿ she-kanu defus Mosheh Yeshuʻah Toviyana,, 1866. 144 covers and repaired pages. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (276935) $75.00

93. Singer HAns. Zeichnungen von Max Liebermann. 50 Tafeln mit Lichtdrucken nach des Meisters Originalen. Meister der Zeichnung Bd. 2. Schumann, 1912. 50 plates ex library wtih pocket and bookplate. Good. Hardcover . (276391) $30.00

94. Sloves, Henri. L’etat Juif de L’Union Sovietique. Les Presses, 1982. 318 pp. translated from the Yidish, slight library marks. Very Good. Paperback.
Birobidjan (247252) $15.00

95. Stavans, Ilan (inscribed by) and Sokol, Neal. Ilan Stavans: Eight Conversations. University of Wisconsin Press, 2004. 204 pp. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275991) $15.00

96. Stein Sarah. Making Jews Modern; The Yiddish and Ladino Press in the Russian and Ottoman Empire. Indiana, 2004. 310 pages. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (276831) $20.00

97. Steinberg, Alan J. American Jewry & Conservative Politics; A New Direction. Shapolsky, 1988. 192 pp. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275506) $15.00

98. Subcommittee of The Committee on the Judiciary. Nomination of Louis D Brandeis – Hearigs and Report – Vol. 1. U.S. Government Printing Office, 1916. 1319 pp. 3/4 dark maroon morocco with dark maroon cloth. Gilt on spine in fine condition. Marbled endpapers and page edges. Volume 1 of 2 published. Volume 1 only. Pen writing on marbled endpaper.
W.J. Gilpatrick’s copy. 64th Congress document No. 409. (275703) $146.00

99. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: 1962. Jahrgang 31 Nr. 1- 10 (full year), 364 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life and culture in Sweden (271785) $48.00

100. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: 1959-1961. Jahrgang 28 Nr. 1- 10 (full year), Jahrgang 29 Nr. 1-10 (full year), Jahrgang 30 Nr. 1-10, 280 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life in Sweden Filled with articles about Israel and world Jewry (271783) $65.00

101. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: Jan 1957- Dec 1957. Jahrgang 26 Nr. 1- 19/20 358 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life in Sweden articles on Israel and world Jewry (271786) $48.00

102. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: Jan 1958- Dec 1958. Jahrgang 27 Nr. 1- 10, 240 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life and culture in Sweden (271784) $48.00

103. Tenenblatt, Mordecai Anshel. Perakim hadashim le-toldot Erets-Yisrael u-Bavel bi-tekufat ha-Talmid (In Hebrew. Dvir, 1966. 405 pp. In Hebrew Pen inscription on fep. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275106) $15.00

104. Wessely Naphtali Herz. לבנון : … לברר וללבן יסודות ושרשי לשון הקדש … : הספר ראשון שמו גן נעול שלשה בתים /Levanon : … le-varer ule-laben yesodot ṿe-shorshe leshon ha-ḳodesh … : ha-sefer ha-rishon shemo Gan naʻul u-vo sheloshah batim. Amsterdam: : Joseph and Abraham, Sons of Solomon Proops, 1765. 102 doubled pages covers worn and spine very worn, edges bumped in Hebrew Volume One only on Synonyms and antonyms. Wessely’s poem Shirei Tiferet was a signifiganr literary work of the German Haskalah and as a pioneer in educationt through his Divrei Shalom ve-Emet by arguing the case for modifying the system of Jewish education…, these four letters served as a milestone in modern Jewish history” (EJ) and Worldcat Wesseyl known for his linguistic work. Good. Boards.
: Previous owner’s inscriptions. On frontispiece: “D. Levy” (English). On flyleaf: “These books are a gift to me from my father…Aaron, in London, 5603 [i.e., 1843], here Plymouth” (Hebrew); and again “D. Levy, Plymouth, 5603” (English). (276606) $275.00

105. Yaari Abraham. Hebrew printers’ marks. From the beginning of Hebrew printing to the end of the 19th century. Diglei ha-Madpisim ha-Ivriyyim. Gregg, 1971. XVi + 194 [[. English preface and work is in Hebrew , book plate removed. Very Good-. Hardcover .
Reprint of the 1943 Hebrew University edition (277434) $78.00

106. Yoskowitz Jeffrey. The Gefilte Manifesto: New Recipes for Old World Jewish Foods. Flatiron Books, 2016. 342 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (276331) $30.00

107. Yudlov Isaac collected and annotated by. דגלי מדפיסים : חמישים וארבעה סמלי מדפיסים מולים ומחברים עבריים = Hebrew printers’ mark /; Hebrew printers’ marks : fifty-four emblems and marks of Hebrew printers publishers and authors. Jerusalem: self, 2001. IX + 135 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good-. Hardcover . (276530) $125.00

“Prozdor” – Books on the Shoah – December 2019

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for reviewing this current list of out of print books on the Shoah. We appreciate in this time of instant messaging your actually going through a list to find books of interest. It  is an intellectual investment and commitment.

We are dedicated to finding significant books and placing them to the homes of readers, scholars and libraries

As Hanukkah approaches may we rededicate our selves to create more just and compassionate communities. I am reminded of the words written by Pastor Martin Niemoeller in 1946:

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

Shalom ve Chag Sameah,

Ken Yekutiel Schoen

1. Adler, H.G. Die Verheimlichte Wahrheit: Theresienstadter Dokumente. Tubingen: Mohr, 1958. 8vo 373 pp.number taped to dj and slight library mark to fep. good. Hardback & DJ.
Very important work on the camp.Filled with documents and commentary and section of Art painted in the camp. (276931) $36.00

2. An-Ski . חורבן היהודים בפולין, גליציה ובוקובינה / Hurban ha-Yehudim be-Polin, Galitsyah u-Bukovinah…Helek Rishon; Der Yidisher Hurban fun Poylen Galitsye un Bukovina. Tel Aviv: Shtibl, 1930. 99 pp. ex library with markings and book plate,small tape on bottom spine, hinge starting. Good. Hardcover . (275397) $48.00

3. (Anti-Semitism) Seiden, Morton. The Paradox of Hate: A Study of Ritual Murder. NY: Yoseloff, 1967. 260 tears . Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Anti-Semitism as the unconscious ritual drama of suicide and infanticide acted out by the anti-semite and his victim. (275578) $18.00

4. Asch, Sholem. One Destiny; An Epistle To The Christians. G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1945. Name of previous owner in pen on fep, dj very torn. Fair. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275557) $10.00

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110. Polonsky, Anthony. Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry: Index to Volumes 1-12. Litttman, 2000. 236 pp. + maps. Very Good. Hardcover . (275095) $27.00

111. Polonsky, Anthony (editor). Polin: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies, Volume 7. Blackwell, 1992. 339 pp. Collection of essays. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
published for the institute for polish-jewish studies, oxford.; ix-339pp., contains 17 articles and essays, three review articles, by various contributors. contains section dealing with the warsaw ghetto of the nazi occupation. (275085) $18.00

112. Polonsky, Antony (editor). Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 11: Aspects and Experiences of Religion. Littman, 1998. 443 pp. Collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback. (275078) $12.00

113. Poplack Alvin (inscribed by). Carved In Granite: Holocaust Memorials In Metropolitan New York Jewish Cemeteries. Jay Street, 2003. 179 pp. slight library marks. Good +. Paperback. (275424) $17.00

114. Robinson, Jacob and Bauer, Yehuda, editor. Guide to Unpublished Materials of the Holocaust Period Volume I. Hebrew University Institute of Contemporary Jewry, , 1970. 245 pp. ex library with pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275322) $18.00

115. Robinson, Jacob and Bauer, Yehuda, editors feldman nira compiler. Guide to Unpublished Materials of the Holocaust Period Volume 2. Hebrew University Institute of Contemporary Jewry, , 1970. 334 pp. ex library with pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275323) $18.00

116. Rosen, Norma. Touching Evil. NY: Wayne State, 1990. 169 pp. A novel of the impact of the Holocaust on the lives of Americans. Using the Eichmann trial as a nexus. Very Good. Paperback. (276343) $10.00

117. Rosenfeld, Harvey. A Legacy Recorded; An Anthology of Martyrdom and Resistance. Martyrdom and Resistance, 1994. 367 pages. ex library with markings bookplate and pocket. Very good. Paperback. (275379) $15.00

118. Roskamp, Heiko. Verfolgung und Widerstand: Tiergarten – Ein Bezirk im Spannungsfeld der Geschichte 1933-1945. Frohlich, 1985. 168 pp.edges bumped. Very Good. Paperback. (276375) $15.00

119. Roth, John. Remembering for the Future. The Holocaust in an age of Genocide volume 1 History volume 2 Ethics and ReligionVolume 3 Memory. Palgrave, 2001. 924+963+ 966 pp ex library with book plate and pocket and stamp on fore edge. Very Good. Hardcover .
Remembering for the Future brings together the work of nearly 200 scholars from more than 30 countries and features cutting-edge scholarship across a range of disciplines, amounting to the most extensive and powerful reassessment of the Holocaust ever undertaken. Worldcat (277143) $250.00

120. Salamander, Rachel (editor). The Jewish World Of Yesterday 1860-1938; Text and Photos from Central Europe. New York: Rizzoli, 1991. 435 pictures large 8vo 320 pp. Slight creases to dj. Very Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Short essays by Schalom Ben-Chorin, Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Joachim Riedl and Julius Schoeps. (275560) $23.00

121. Salomon, Charlotte. Life Or Theater?: Charlotte an autobiographical play. Viking, 1981. 784 pp. filled with her paintings heavy book, dj torn, former owner name on free end paper. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275516) $65.00

122. Salzmann, Ayse Gursan (text). The Last Jews of Radauti. NY: Dial, 1983. oblong 8vo 145 pp. Dj worn and creased. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Photos by Laurence Salzmann. In the Bukovina region of Roumania. Photo-documentary, very moving. (275681) $10.00

123. Santucci, Luigi. Antifascisti Perche? Ricordi E Riflessioni di Tre Giovani Degli Anni Trenta. Pavia: Amm Provinciale di PAvia, 1983. 80 pp. Very Good-. Wrapper. (276923) $15.00

124. Schechter, Harvey. How to Listen to a John Birch Speaker. ADL, 1967. Third Edition. 39 pp. sfep. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275934) $12.00

125. Schneider, Gertrude (editor). Journey Into Terror: Story of the Riga Ghetto. Ark House, 1979. 229 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Scarce title (274069) $38.00

126. Scrase, David and Mieder, Wolfgang (editors). Making a Difference Resuce and Assistance During the Holocaust; Essays in Honor of Marion Pritchard. Burlington: Center for Holocaust Studies, 2001. 285 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Excellent collection of 12 essays. (275982) $32.00

127. Seldes, George (inscribed by). Facts and Fascism. in fact , 1943. 286 pp. dj worn and torn. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Henry George Seldes was an American investigative journalist, foreign correspondent, editor, author, and media critic best known for the publication of the newsletter In Fact from 1940 to 1950. Wikipedia (275304) $18.00

128. Seldes, George. World Panoram 1918-1935. Blue Ribbon, 1933, 1935. 410 pp. dj worn and torn. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Henry George Seldes was an American investigative journalist, foreign correspondent, editor, author, and media critic best known for the publication of the newsletter In Fact from 1940 to 1950. Wikipedia (275298) $20.00

129. Seldes, George (inscribed by). Never Tire Of Protesting; The Story of In fact and other Revelations. Lyle Stuart, 1968. 286 pp. Inscribed by the author Important essays dealing with the Spanish Civil War, the Vietnam War, World War II, memories of Eleanor Roosevelt, Joseph McCarthy, Communist Part and the John Birch Society. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275808) $20.00

130. Seldes, George (inscribed by). You Can’t Print That! The Truth Behind The news 1918-1928. Garden City Publishing, 1929. 465 pp. in addition to inscription also personal note on fep, slight wear and creasing to covers. Good. Cloth.
Henry George Seldes was an American investigative journalist, foreign correspondent, editor, author, and media critic best known for the publication of the newsletter In Fact from 1940 to 1950. Wikipedia (275297) $25.00

131. Sem-Sandberg, Steve. Emperor of Lies A novel. FSG, 2011. 664 pp. Novel based on Chaim Rumkowski leader of the Lodz Ghetto. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275923) $15.00

132. Shapiro, Chaim. Go My Son: A Young Jewish Refugee’s Story of Survival. Feldheim, 1989. 529 pp. ex library with markings and book plate and pocket. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Escaping from the Nazis in Poland and ending up in Kuzar Pash and a Soviet work batallion. Maintains his religious faith in spite of the adversities. (275435) $23.00

133. Sherwood Robert. There shall be no night. Scribner, 1940. 178 pp. sfep dj torn, Play about Finland being attacked by Russia as WW2 approaches. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (258594) $15.00

134. Shimoni, Gideon editor. The Holocaust in University Teaching. Pergamon, 1991. 278 pp. ex library with markings and book plate and pocket. Good +. Hardcover . (275410) $24.00

135. Silverstone, Paul (inscribed by). “Our Only Refuge Open the Gates!”; Clandestine Immigration to Palestine 1938-1948. New York: Self Published, 1991. 38 pp. Filled with remarkable photographs. Inscribed by the author. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275896) $40.00

136. Simon Wiesenthal: The Man and His Legacy. Simon Wiesenthal Center, 1983. 154 pp. A tribute book filled with his life story and pictures. Good +. Paperback. (275806) $20.00

137. Sinclair, W. A. The Voice of the Nazi; Being Eight Broadcast Talks given between December 1939 and May 1940. Collins. 64 pp. Spine worn. Very Good-. Paperback. (275744) $15.00

138. Spiegelman, Art. Maus: A Survivor’s Tale. NY: Pantheon Books, 1986. 159 pp. Signed with mouse drawing on half-title page. Base bumped with slight tears. Very Good. Paperback. (277141) $85.00

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140. Stackelberg, Roderick. Out of Hitler’s Shadow Childhood and Youth in Germany and the United States 1935-1967. NY: iUniverse, 2010. 168 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Author of Memory and History Recollections of a Historian of Nazism 1967-1982 (275488) $10.00

141. Stroumsa, Jacques (Wiehn Erhard hrsg.). Geiger in Auschwitz – Ein jüdisches Überlebensschicksal aus Saloniki 1941-1967. Hartung, 1993. 108 pp corner slightly bumpedback corner creased. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (276130) $12.00

142. Swiebocka, Teresa, compiler and editor (Webber Jonathan) . Auschwitz: A History in Photographs. Auschwitz: Auschwitz State Museum, 1993. Published with Indiana UP. large 8vo 295 worn and torn. Good. Hardback & DJ. (276544) $23.00

143. Taub, Yermiyahu Ahron . What Stillness Illuminated : Poems in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew = Vos Shtilkayt Hot Baloykhtn: Lider Af English, Yidish un Hebreyish. Parlor Press, 2008. 99 pp. ex library with markings may be a signed copy. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275222) $15.00

144. Teller, Adam and Teter, Magda and Polonsky, Atony (editor). Polin: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies, Volume 22: Social and Cultural Boundaries in Pre-Modern Poland. Littman, 2010. 492 pp. Collection of essays. Very Good. Hardcover . (275091) $40.00

145. Temkin, Gabriel. My Just War: The Memoir of a Jewish Red Army Soldier in World War II. Presido, 1998. 239 pp. Escaped from the Nazis and joined Soviet brigade, entire family murdered by the Nazis. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275445) $25.00

146. Varon, Benno Weiser. Professions of a Lucky Jew. Cranbury: Cornwall Books, 1992. 431 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Autobiograph of Viennese Jewish refugee to Ecuador, active in Latin American Jewish and Zionist activity. (275774) $15.00

147. Vice, Sue . Children Writing the Holocaust. Palgrave, 2004. 212 pp. ex library with markings Analyzes works written for adults about child survivors. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275329) $38.00

148. (Vilna) Ran Leyzer. Jerusalem of Lithuania / litovskij Ierusalim / Yerushalaim deLita Three volumes. Vilno Album Committee, 1974. 540 pages in two folio volumes, map included with volume 1,volume one hinges strengthened, crown and base of spine slightly bumped in both cloth volumes folio size, In English Hebrew Yiddish and Russian, introduction by Abraham Heschel and Ben Zion Dinur.volume 3 the paperback index and bibliography), sfep. Very Good. Hardcover .
Two large volumes containing a documentation of Vilna’s Jewish community , its daily life, its institutions and its marvelous culture until the destruction of the Shoah..Material on the Shoah is included,.. Each of the volume contains hundreds of photographs, portraits and copies of historical documents. (269825) $225.00

149. Wardi, Charlotte. ההשמדה בראי הבדייה הספרותית : היסטוריה והצגתה ברומן /. Bialik, 2001. 162 pp. In Hebrew library mark on fore edge. Very Good-. Paperback.
Le genocide dans la fiction romanesque: Histoire et representation (275241) $38.00

150. Warsaw Ghetto Resistance Organization 1943-1975 Commemoration Journal. WAGRO, 1975. 84 pp. In English and Yiddish ex library with markings and pocket and book plate, some loose pages. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275439) $60.00

151. Weibel, Peter und Stadler, Friedrich. Vertreibung der Vernunft: The Cultural Exodus from Austria. Wien: Springer Verlag, 1993. First edition. Major work. Part 1 filled with articles. Part 2 is a Biographical Documentation of the Cultural Exodus. large 8vo 390+148 pp. creasing to covers. Very Good-. Paperback. (275829) $30.00

152. Weinke, Wilfried. Verdrangt vertrieben aber nicht vergessen; Die Fotografen Emil Bieber, Max Halberstadt, Erich Kastan, Kurt Schallenberg. Weingarten: Weingarten, 2003. Ausstellung Altona Museum 304 pages . Very good. Hardback & DJ.
Work of exile photographers in Europe before the War and in exile. Beautiful book. (276330) $40.00

153. Welch, Robert. May God Forgive Us. Belmont, 1960. 205 pp. first published 1952 anti Communist diatribe how USA was betrayed by the State department etc. By founder of John Birch Society. Very Good. Hardcover . (275647) $36.00

154. Werstein, Irving. That Denmark Might Live The saga of Danish Resistance in World War II. MaCrae, 1967. 143 pp. ex library with book plate and pocket. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275465) $15.00

155. Wistrich, Robert. Trotsky Fate of a Revolutionary. Stein & Day, 1979. 235 pp. Includes chapter on the rise of Nazism. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276312) $20.00

156. Wolf, Lucien. The Myth of the Jewish Menace in World Affairs; Or The Truth about the Forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Macmillan, 1921. 53 pp. new cloth spine. Good +. Boards.
Important early work, (275879) $52.00

157. Wulf, Josef. Das Dritte Reich und Seine Vollstrecker; Die Liquidation von 500,000 Juden in Ghetto Warschau. Berlin: Arani , 1961. 383pp.number taped to spine and slight library mark, fep, scotch tape residues on fep. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (276897) $20.00

158. Zaar, Isaac. Rescue and Liberation America’s Part in the Birth of Israel. Bloch, 1954. 310 pp. dj slightly town and stained. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275555) $30.00

159. Zahavy, Zev (editor). Chaplain on WIngs: The Wartime Memoirs of Rabbi Harold Gordon. Shengold, 1961. 185 pages dj torn , few creased pages. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275657) $20.00

160. Zolli, Eugenio. Before The Dawn; Autobiographical Reflections. Sheed, 1954. 209 pp. slight wear to covers, Former chief Rabbi of Rome discusses his life and new faith in Christianity. Good +. Hardcover . (275296) $20.00

“Yizkor” – Memorial Books – November 2019

Dear friends and colleagues,

November 10th represents the anniversary of the pogrom in Germany in 1938 commonly referred to as ‘Kristallnacht.’ Past and current events bring to mind the essay by George Steiner entitled “A Kind of Survivor” from his book Language and Silence, published in 1967 by Atheneum.

Not literally. Due to my father’s foresight (he had shown it when leaving Vienna in 1924), I came to America in January 1940 during the Phony War. We left France, where I was born, and brought up in safety. So I happened not to be there when the names were called out. I did not stand in the public square with the other children, those I had grown up with. Or see my father and mother disappear when the train doors were torn open. But in another sense I am a survivor, and not intact. If I am often out-of-touch with my own generation, if that which haunts me and controls my habits of feeling strikes many of those I should be intimate and working with in my present world as remotely sinister and artificial, it is because the black mystery of what happened in Europe is indivisible from my own identity. Precisely because I was not there, because an action of good fortune struck my name from the roll.

Often the children went alone, or held the hands of strangers. Sometimes parents saw them pass and did not dare call out their names. And they went, of course, not for anything they had done or said. But because their parents existed before them. The crime of being one’s children. During the Nazi period it knew no absolution, no end. Does it now? Somewhere, the determination to kill Jews, to harass them from the Earth, simply because they are, is always alive. Ordinarily, the purpose is muted, or appears in trivial spurts – the obscenity dobbed on the front door, the brick through the shop window. But there are, even now, where the murderous intent might grow heavy… So, at moments, when I see my children in the room, or imagine I hear them breathing in the still of the house, I grow afraid. Because I have put on their backs a burden of ancient loathing and set savagery at their heels. Because it may be that I will be able to do no more than the parents of the children gone to guard them.

That fear, lies near the heart of the way in which I think of myself as a Jew. To have been a European Jew in the first half of the 20th century was to pass sentence on one’s own children. To force a condition upon them almost beyond rational understanding. And which may recur. I have to think that – it is the vital clause – so long as remembrance is real. Perhaps we Jews walk closer to our children than other men; try as we may, they cannot leap out of our shadow.

Thank you for your time and commitment in reviewing this list of memorial books that remember and honor the communities that vanished during the Shoah. Let us keep the candles of memory forever lit.

Ken aka Yekutiel

1. Abramski Bligh Irit editor. Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities from their Foundations till after the Holocaust Libya Tunisia. Yad Vashem, 1997. 534 p. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276687) $65.00

2. Alperin A editor. Brzezin Memorial Book (Brzeziny). 1961. 290 pp. In Yiddish. Good +. Hardcover . (276694) $50.00

3. Alter Jacob. Mlavah ha-Yehudit : koroteha, hitpathutah, kilayonah = Di Yidishe Mlave : geshikhte, oyfshtayg, umkum = Jewish Mlawa : its history, development, destruction volume 1 only. Yots’e Mlavah be-Yis´ra’el uvi-tefutsot, 1984. Memorial book, in Hebrew Yiddish and English 421+ 117 pp. Good +. Hardcover . (276683) $45.00

4. Apenszlak, Jacob (editor). The Black Book of Polish Jewry: An Account of the Martyrdom of Polish Jewry Under the Nazi Occupation. NY: Roy Publishers, 1943. 343 pp. hinge starting tears along spine. Good. Hardcover .
Graphic description of the Nazi extermination policy. Note the date of publication. (276702) $36.00

5. Bar-Shaked, Gavriel (editor). Nevek Names of Jewish Victims of Hungarian Labour Battalions; Volume II A-J. Klarsfeld Fdn, 1993?. large 8vo 625 pages includes also lists of names of the mothers. Very good. Cloth. (276704) $65.00

6. Bauminger Arie. Sefer Kra’ko ir va-em be Yisrael (Krakow Cracaw Cracow Krakau Kroke). Mosad Ha Rav Kook, 1959. 429 pp. In Hebrew Memorial book. Good. Hardcover . (276664) $38.00

7. Bickel Shlomo editor. Pinkas Kolomey פנקס קאלאמיי : געשיכטע, זכרונות, געשטאלטן, חורבן Pinkes Kolomey : geshikhte, zikhroynes, geshtaltn, ḥurbn. Kolomeyer Memorial Book, 1957. 442 pp. Memorial Book In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover . (276708) $65.00

8. Blumental Nachman (editor). Miechov Memorial Book: Charshnitza and Kshoynge. Tel Aviv: Irgun Yotzey Miechov, 1971. 8vo 314 pp.In Yiddish. good. Cloth.
In Hebrew and Yiddish and a few pages of English. Memorial Book of residents who died in the Shoah. (276672) $50.00

9. Blumenthal N. Aleksandrow Lodzki Aleksander. Tel Aviv: Association of Former Residents of Aleksandrow in Israel, 1968. 396 pp. Memorial Book In Hebrew and Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover . (276706) $68.00

10. Dabrowska, Danuta & Wein, Abraham (eds.). Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities – Poland Vol.1 The Communities of Lodz and its Region. Yad Vashem, 1976. 284 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276679) $36.00

11. Davidzon M M. ישינוב היהודית, עיר ואם בשבשתא : עובדות ותאריכים לדברי ימיה של העיר קישינוב בביסרביה : אגב בקורת על הספר ״יהודי קישינוב״ ליצחק קורן / Ḳishinov ha-Yehudit, ʻir ṿe-em be-Shabeshta : ʻuvdot ve-taʼarikhim li-divre yemeha shel ha-ʻir Ḳishinov bi-Besarabyah : agav bikoret ʻal ha-sefer “Yehude Ḳishinov” le-Yitshak Ḳorn. Hotsaʼat “Dapim-le-zikaron, 1951. 131 pp.In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover . (276738) $45.00

12. Einhorn, Moses, editor. Wolkovisker Yizkor Book: Volume 1 and Volume 2 Volkovisker yizker-bukh. NY: Self, 1949. In Yiddish 990 pp. in two volumes. good. Hardcover .
Memorial book for the Jewish community in Wołkowysk, Białystok, Poland; previously Volkovysk, Grodno, Russia; now Volkovysk, Belarus. Text in Yiddish with an English summary. (276701) $68.00

13. Eliach, Yaffa. There Was Once a World: A 900 Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok. Boston: Little Brown, 1999. 832 pp. Large 8vo. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
A beautifully printed Memorial Book of a Jewish community from the Middle Ages to its destruction during WW2 with ample documents, stories and photographs. (276736) $30.00

14. Eliav Binyamin. יהדות לטביה : ספרזכרון / Yahadut Latviyah : sefer-zikaron. Tel Aviv: Igad Yotzei Latvia We’Estonia, 1962. 457 pp.foxing to top fore edge, hinges started, slight library mark. Good +. Hardcover . (276699) $58.00

15. Even-Shoshan, Shlomo. Minsk, ir ve-em (Minsk, Jewish Mother-City) Memorial Anthology Volume One. Jerusalem: The Association of Olim from Minsk and its Surroundings in Israel, 1975. 695 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (276712) $45.00

16. Farband of Warsaw Jews. Dos Amolike Yidishe Varshe biz der Shvel fun Dritn Hurbn 1414-1939. Yizkor-Bleter nokh Tayere Noente-Umgekumene in: Lid Balade Poeme Drame Dertseylung Roman Humoreske Glaykhort Folkslid Zikhronos Esey Publitsistik Zshurnalistik Rede Reportazsh Khronik fun 139 Mahberim. An Antologye/ Jewish Warsaw That Was: A Yiddish Literary Anthology. : Farband fun Varshever Yidn in Montreal, 1966. 846 + 56 pp. In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .
Yizkor section lists the names of all those murdered in the Holocaust put together by the contributors (276729) $36.00

17. Fishman Rav Y L HaCohen. Arim Veimahot beYisrael Part One and Part Twoand Part Three; Mazavit Kodesh LeHehillot Yisrael SheNerharbu BeYedei Arezim VeTamaim BeMilhamot HaOlam HaAhraront. Mossad HaRav Kook, 1952. In Hebrew Covers and spines worn;372 + 354 pp.Part One Austria Eisenstadt Berlin Vilna Vienna Lvov Monkatsch Part Two Altona, Odessa. Budapest, Homel, Nemerov, Cracow by various authors Part Three -David Flinker Warsaw 303 pp . Good-. Hardcover .
Histories of towns and their destruction during the Second World War Was published in five parts (276709) $65.00

18. Former Residents of Mlawa. Pinkes Mlave (Memorial Book of Mlava). NY: Former Residents, 1950. In Yiddish. 8vo 483+63 pp. back hinge starting small puncture mark to cover and a few pages. Good. Hardcover . (276662) $50.00

19. Gedenkbuch. Opfer der Verfolgung der Juden unter der nationalsozialistischen Gewaltherrschaft in Deutschland 1933-1945 zwei bande. Arolsen Koblenz: Bundesarchiv, Koblenz, und dem Internationalen Suchdienst,, 1986. Folios, blue cloth with gold lettering, xvi, 950 + viii, 951-1823 pp., names of relatives of former owner written in pen on end papers and noted with pen mark on the page. Very Good. Hardcover .
Memorial book listing the names of German Jews who died in the Holocaust listing the place that they were deported from and the place where they died if known. Band 1: Geleitwort. Vorwort. Opfer der Verfolgung (A-L). Band 2: Opfer der Verfolgung (M-Z). Verschollene, deren Todesart und Todesdatum unbekannt sind. Nachwort. 1. Anhang: Orte mit judischen Einwohneren im Gebiet der heutigen Bundesrepublik Deutschland, gegliedert nach den Landern und preußischen Provinzen in den Grenzen von 1939. 2. Anhang: Ubersicht über die Deportationsziele. 3. Anhang: Verzeichnis veroffentlichen Listen judischer Burger einzelner Gemeinden und Gebiete und anderer Publikationen ber Verfolgungsmaßnahmen in einzelnen Orten. Erlauterungen. Abkuzungen bei Ortsnamen. (276726) $126.00

20. Gelber N M. Entsiklopedyah shel galuyot Kerakh Revi’i Lvov (Helek A)/ Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: A Memorial Library of Countries and Communities Poland Series Lwow Volume, Part I. Hotsaat Hevrat Entsiklopedyah shel galuyot, 1956. 772 columns two to the page, b/w photos In Hebrew (Lemberg) Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276720) $62.00

21. Gruenbaum Itzhak. Entsiklopediah shel Galuyot (Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora. A Memorial Library of Countries and Communities.) Poland series. Vol. 1 and 2 Warsaw. Jerusalem: Encyclopeida, 1951. 814 + 698 half pages In Hebrew two volumes dj torn. Good. Hardcover . (276668) $75.00

22. Gruenbaum Itzhak. Entsiklopediah shel Galuyot (Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora. A Memorial Library of Countries and Communities.) Poland series. Vol. 1 Warsaw. Jerusalem: Encyclopeida, 1951. 814 pp.half pages In Hebrew volume one only. Good. Hardcover . (276669) $35.00

23. Grussgott Abraham compiler. Be-ovdan moladeti : yad va-shem li-kehilah kedoshah Bardeyov, Tsekhoslovakyah : mi-yom hivasdah ve-ad hurbanah; Bardejov remembered : a memorial to the Jewish community of Bardejov, Czechoslovakia, 1734-1945. Brooklyn: 1099. 189 pp. English Hebrew and Yiddish with images and lists of names Memorial Book. Very Good. Hardcover . (276851) $75.00

24. Gshuri, Bruckner or Gashbury, Bruckner. Sefer Sosnowiec v’hasviva b’Zaglembie Book of Sosnowiec and the surrounding region in Zaglembie [volume 1 and 2). Sosnowiec Societies in Israel, 1973. 743 + 436 pp.small book plate on title page In Hebrew and Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover . (276696) $85.00

25. Gshuri, Bruckner or Gashbury, Bruckner. Sefer Sosnowiec v’hasviva b’Zaglembie Book of Sosnowiec and the surrounding region in Zaglembie volume 1. Sosnowiec Societies in Israel, 1973. 743 +pp.small book plate on title page, In Hebrew, memorial book volume one only. Very Good. Hardcover . (276697) $25.00

26. Halperin Israel Balaban, Meyer et al. Bet Yisrael be-Polin (House of Israel in Poland, From the Earliest Days to the Holocaust) Bet Yisrael be-Polin, mi-yamim rishonim ve-ad li-yemot ha-hurban. Jerusalem: Zionist Org, 1948. Two volumes 215+288 pp. spines worn back hinge needs repair volume 1 Good. Hardcover .
.Important work. In Hebrew. (276661) $53.00

27. Heller B editor. Sefer Lukow Sefer Lukov. Lukower societies in Israel And USA, 1968. 655 pp. Memorial Book to the Community,, hinge started covers and spine worn, fore edge foxed, In Yiddish and Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover . (276710) $68.00

28. Hershberg A S. Pinkes Byalistok: grunt-materyaln tsu der geshiktate fun di Yidn in Byalistok biz nakh der Ershter Velt-Milhome Band Pinkos Bialystok (The Chronicle of Bialystok) Basic Material for the History of the Jews in Bialystok till the Period after the First World War. Two Volumes. Bialystok Jewish Historical Association , 1949-1950. 480 +380 pp. Good. Hardcover .
History (276682) $120.00

29. Hoffman Benzion. Toyznt yor Pinsk: geshikhte fun der shtot: der Yidisher yishev, institutsyes, sotsyale bavegungen, perzenlekhkaytn, gezelshaftlekhe tuer, Pinsk iber der velt. NY: : Pinsker Brentsh Arberer-Ring, , 1941. 500 pp.In Yiddish covers bit worn, crown bumped, History of the Jews of Pinsk from the Middle Ages up to the Shoah. Good. Hardcover . (276716) $50.00

30. Kagan B editor. Yizkor book of Luboml Sefer yizkor li-ḳehilat Luboml. Molet, 1974?. 390 pp. memorial book for community in the Ukraine In Hebrew heavy book spine and covers faded . Good +. Hardcover . (276698) $75.00

31. Kanc Shimon editor. Volomin A Memorial Book to the Jewish Community of Volomin (Poland). Tel Aviv: 1971. 600 pp, in Yiddish hinge started. Good. Hardcover . (276673) $65.00

32. Kasdin, Chaim (editor). Lerer-Jiskor-Bukh; di umgekumene lerer fun Zisho shulin in Poylin – Teacher Memorial Book. Marstin Press, 1952-1954. 565 pp. In Yiddish, includes photos of the classes and groups of teachers. long inscription not by author, slight library stamp and tape removed from spine. Very Good. Cloth.
Teachers of the ZISHO, Central Yiddish Schools Organization in Poland. Biographies of Jewish teachers murdered in the Shoah. (276659) $30.00

33. Kraus Yosef (?) editor. Katowice Kattowitz Sefer Zikaron. Hanasehat Yehudut Kattowitz, 1996. 404 pp. Memorial Book in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (276674) $75.00

34. Kreb, Yosef Kriev Yosef . Sefer Yizkhor Kehillat Sarny. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1961. 507 pp.In Hebrew . Very Good. Cloth.
Memorial community destroyed in the Shoah (276717) $30.00

35. Kremer Paul editor Reprint. דער לאנדסמאן : ארויסגעגעבן צו דעם פערציג יאהריגען יובילעאום פון ווישקאווער אונטערשטיצונג פאראײן (געגרינדט 1896) /

Der landsman : aroysgegebn tsu dem fertsig yohrigen yubileum fun Ṿishḳoṿer unṭershṭitsung fareyn (gegrindeṭ 1896). Wishkover Benevolent Society., originally 1936. 174 pp. xerox copy some slightly creased pages. Very Good-. Spiral Bound.
“This journal has been printed on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Wishkover Benevolent Association, to be presented gratis to each member for devoted efforts in securing and furnishing funds for the indigent of the town of their birth, Wishkove in Poland.” (276860) $45.00

36. Levin Judah. Sederet Kehillot Yisrael Ostrov Mazovitzk. Yad Yehudot Polin, 1966. 164 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .
From the series “Scrolls of Poland” Megillat Polin (276703) $55.00

37. Levine Yehudah Leb. Osterah Sidrot Kehillot Yisrael. Jerusalem: Yad Yehudot Polin , 1970s?. 112 pp.In Hebrew, memorial book to destroyed community. Good +. Hardcover .
Part of Megillat Polin series (276707) $45.00

38. Marley, Lord. Der Broyner Bukh vegn der untertsindung Funem Reichstag un vegn der Hitlerishe Terror The Brown Book of Hitler Terror and Burning of the Reichstag. Moscow: Emes, 1933. 404 pp. In Yiddish .,crown and base of spine slightly bumped, some slight dog eared pages corners bumped. Good. Hardcover .
Early revelation to the world of the oppression/murder in Germany of the opposition and Jews under the Nazi regime. Extrememly scarce in Yiddish (276740) $85.00

39. Marley, Lord (introduction). Braunbuch uber Reichstagsbrand und Hitler Terror. Basel: Universum, 1933. 3. Auflage. 8vo 382 pp. covers worn, sfep. Good. Boards.
Suppression of the Workers Organizations .,the conditions in the concentration camps,Jewish persecutions. Extremely important work suppressed in Germany, possession of this book would lead to arrest. (276737) $48.00

40. Memorial Library of Jewish Communities. Sokolka. Encyclopedia of the Diaspora, 1968. 765 pp. Memorial book in Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .
small town not far from Bialystok and Grodno (276728) $65.00

41. Michman Jozeph. Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities The Netherlands. Yad Vashem, 1985. 557 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276680) $36.00

42. Nehama, Jos. In Memoriam: Hommage aux Victimes Juives des Nazis en Grece. Communaute Israelite de Thessalonique: Communaute Israelite de Thessalonique, 1972. second edition. 468 pp. slight library mark on fep and number taped to spine, lacks map. Good +. Hardcover . (264577) $36.00

43. Perlow Itzjok . Seyfer Radom. Irgun yotsʼe Radom be-Yiśraʼel, 1961. 451 pp. In Hebrew and Yiddish, hinge started. slight library marks. Good-. Hardcover .
Radom (Województwo Mazowieckie) (276722) $65.00

44. Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities Hungary. Yad Vashem, 1976. 557 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
part of the series Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities from their Foundations till after the Holocaust (276688) $53.00

45. Presser Dr Jacques. Ondergang, de vervolging en verdeling van het Nederlandse Jodendom 1940-1945 (2 volumes). Nijhoff, 1965. fourth printing. 526+ 568 pp. number taped to dj and slight library mark on fep In Dutch. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276741) $45.00

46. Rabin Dov editor. Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: A Memorial Books of Countries and Communities Volume IX Grodno. Jerusalem: Encyclopedia of Diaspora, 1958. In Hebrew 743 pp. double column text, Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Vol 9 of the Encyclopedia (276675) $65.00

47. Rabinowitsch, Wolf Zeev / Tamir (Mirski), N. Pinsk Sefer Edut Ve-Zikaron Le-Kehilat Pinsk-Karlin / Pinsk historical volume; History of the Jews of Pinsk, 1506-1941.(1942) Volume 1 Part one and two and Volume Two (three volumes). Former Residents of Pinsk-Karlin in Israel,, 1973+1966. 353+ 110 pp. (In Hebrew and English), volume 1 part two 564+159 pages In Hebrew and English. slight library marks, hinge started volume 2 654 pp. in Hebrew, has white water stains to side of cover, dj torn, Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Heavy tomes (276724) $185.00

48. Reisen Abraham. Koydenov: zamlbukh tsum ondenk fun di Koydenover kdoyshim … ; Heymishe geshṭaltn : dertseylungen.(Koidanover); קוידענאוו : זאמלבוך צום אנדענק פון די קוידענאווער קדושים. United Koidanover Assn, 1955. 207 pp. In Yiddish . Memorial Book book plate library stamps paste down crown slight tear. Good +. Hardcover . (276678) $45.00

49. Rivlin Bracha . Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities from their Foundations till after the Holocaust Greece. Yad Vashem, 1998. 534 p. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276677) $56.00

50. Rosman SHelomo. Sefer Shefar Harei Kedem Golot Carpatrom Marmarosh Betiferet Uvehurbana (Carpathain Mountains- Marmarosh) Helek Rishon. Zichron Kedoshim, 1991. about 500 pp. In Yiddish with photos, Memorial Book. Very Good. Hardcover . (276700) $55.00

51. Saloniki ir ve’em be Yisrael שלוניקי, עיר ואם בישראל Salonique Ville Mere en Israel. Makhon le-ḥeker Yahadut Saloniki Centre de recherches sur le judaisme de Salonique, 1967. 358, xviii pages : illustrations,In Hebrew with French introduction 1 folded map ;ex library with book plate and stamp on foreedge, tears lower back hinge. Good. Hardcover .
Important work concerning the Jewish community of Salonika destroyed by the Nazis. A memorial book (276666) $65.00

52. Sefer Chishanuv Lezarkom shel Kedushei Ha Ir; Mordechai Buchner. Mordechai Buchner, 1989. 266 pp. In Hebrew last page creased. Very Good. Hardcover . (276718) $40.00

53. Sefer yizkor le-kehilat Shedlets / Siedlce: Libro recordatorio. In memoriam de los judios massacrados en nuestra ciudad natal en su 14o aniversario. [Memorial book of the community of Siedlce]. Buenos Aires: Ha-Irgunim shel yotse Shedlits be-Yisrael uve-Argentinah, 1956. 813 pp. foxing to end papers, hinge starting, tear to crown of spine, stains to cover . Good. Hardcover . (276725) $45.00

54. Seifer Stryj. Irgun Yotzej Stryj in Israel, 1962. 68 + 262 pp. In English and Hebrew , new boards and endpapers, slight damp stains to beginning of Hebrew text not affecting text . Very Good. Boards.
Memorial book (276727) $56.00

55. Shamri, Aryeh & First, Dov editors. Pinkas Novy-Dvor. Tel Aviv: Organization of Former Novy-Dvor Jews in Israel The United States Canada Argentina Uruguay and France, 1965. 556 pp. In Yiddish, tear to base of spine, age stains to fore edges. Good. Hardcover . (276665) $75.00

56. Sielemann Jurgen Staatsarchiv Hamburg. Hamburger judische Opfer des Nationalsozialismus Gedenkbuch. Hamburg: Christians Druckerei, 1995. 450 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
List of the names of the Jews of Hamburg who were murdered by the Nazis, with date of birth. (276681) $18.00

57. Slutzki, Yehudah. Bobruisk Memorial Book Volume One. Tarbut VeHinuch, 1967. 494 pp. In Yiddish . Good. Hardcover . (276695) $25.00

58. Steinman Elieser (editor). Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: A Memorial Library of Countries and Communities Poland Series Brest Lit Volume. Jerusalem: Encyclopedia of Diaspora, 1958. In Hebrew 710 pp. double column text, hinge starting. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Vol 2 of the Encyclopedia (276719) $36.00

59. Sztokfisz, David editor. Sefer Vishkov/ Wyshkow Book. Tel Aviv: : Irgune yotse Vishkov be-Yisra’el uve-huts-la-arets, 1964. 353 pp. In Yiddish large 8vo. Very Good. Hardcover .
Memorial Book .Located in central Poland about 70 miles from Warsaw, near the Bug River. (276723) $115.00

60. Talmi Ephraim editor. Kehilat Sherpts Kehilat Sherptz sefer zikaron. Tel Aviv: Ha Irgumim sel Yotse Sherpts be Yisrael, 1959. 603 ppIn Yiddish and Hebrew . stains to end papers, slight wear to covers and spine. Good. Hardcover .
Yizkor Book (276660) $50.00

61. Tarkov Mark. Belchatow Yisker-Bukh / Belchatow memorial book. Buenos Aires: Association of Polish Jews in Argentina, , 1951. 511 pp. In Yiddish. Good +. Hardcover . (276684) $64.00

62. Walk Joseph . Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities from their foundation till after the Holocust -Germany Wurttemberg Hohenzollern Baden. Yad Vashem, 1986. 548 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276676) $36.00

63. Weiner, Miriam. Jewish Roots in Poland: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories. NY: Routes to Roots/YIVO, 1997. 446 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Inventory of surviving Jewish records in Poland. Genealogical treasure. (276865) $27.00

64. Weingarten Samuel. History of the Jews of Bratislava (Pressburg) (Arim Veimahot beYisrael ); (Volume 7 of the Series Arim Veimahot beYisrael. Mossad Harav Kook, 1960. 186 pp. In Hebrew, Good +. Hardcover . (276735) $46.00

65. Yidn in Ukraine/ Jews in the Ukraine In Two Volumes. Gezelshaft tzu Fareibikn der Ondenk fun Ukrainer Yidn, 1961 and 1967. 342 pp.+ 145 pp.In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .
Not strictly a memorial book (276690) $65.00

66. Zaidman Chaim. The Duty of Memory Di Hob fun Zikron My Moldavian Shtetl Harlav. Israel: Yiddish Kultur, 1982. 399 pp. In Yiddish Memories of his destroyed community. Good +. Hardcover . (276663) $25.00

67. Zebedovitz Yosef Hayim. Kehillat Horodlah Sefer zikaron. Tel Aviv: Vaad Yosei Horodola BeYisrael, 1950s. 260 pp. In Hebrew . Good. Hardcover .
Memorial book (276705) $65.00

68. (Zolkiew) Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora. Zolkiew (Kiryia Nizgava). Jerusalem: Encyclop of Jewish Diaspora, 1969. Large 8vo 845 pp. double columns. foxing first few pages, tears to back pastedown. Good. Hardback & DJ.
Memorial book. In Hebrew A Memorial Library of Jewish Communities. (276667) $54.00

69. ספר לוצק. Sefer Lutsḳ.̣.Sefer Lutzk. Irgun yotsʼe Lutsḳ be-Yiśraʼel, 1961. 608 pp, memorial Book In Yiddish, front cover bit shaken. back hinge needs tightening. Good. Hardcover . (276713) $68.00

“Lown” – Judaica – November 2019

Dinah, by Jane Trigère

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I appreciate your taking the time and commitment reviewing this list of recent acquisitions. Our goal has always been to fulfill and nourish the scholar and librarian’s quest for unusual and hard-to-find Judaica and books on the Shoah. This is a dance we do together. It also involves your choosing to waltz along with us.

The 16th of November will mark (on the Hebrew calendar) a year since my wife Hanna Jane left us. Alongside is an illustration she made based on a story called Family by Devora Baron. More such illustrations and their significance can be seen by going to Jane’s website at and going to “Artwork > Women and Their Stories“. While there, you can also enjoy reading her “Musings” and Midrashim.

I thought I would share some of the books that I’m currently hoping to read (laughs). Some are old favorites, and some are new discoveries.

  • Survivors and Exiles: Yiddish Culture After the Holocaust, Jan Schwarz
  • The World of Yesterday, Stefan Zweig
  • From That Place and Time: A Memoir, Lucy Dawidowicz (inspired by a lecture by Professor Nancy Sinkoff, who has a book coming out on Dawidowicz)
  • The Flight Portfolio, A Novel, Julie Orringer (about Varian Fry and his rescue work in France. Her last novel, The Invisible Bridge, was stunning)
  • Selected Poems, Elaine Feinstein

The old favorites:

  • My Grandfather’s Blessings, Rachel Remen
  • Under the Table & How to Get Up: Jewish Pathways of Spiritual Growth, Abraham Greenbaum
  • The Man Who Planted Trees, A Story, Jean Giono


Ken aka Yekutiel

1. Alexander Michael. Jazz Age Jews. Princeton University Press, 2001. 238 pp. slight wear to dj and small crease to dj on spine, title page torn out. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274747) $15.00

2. Alvar Manuel. Cantos de boda Judeo-Espanoles (con Notacion de Melodias tradicionales por Maria Teresa Rubiato). Montano, 1971. 400 pp. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274468) $32.00

3. Andre LaCocque (Editor). Commitment and Commemoration: Jews, Christians, Muslims in Dialogue. Exploration, 1994. 151 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (274470) $17.00

4. (Anti- Semitism) Forster, Arnold. Square One: The Memoirs of a True Freedom Fighter’s Life-Long Struggle Against Anti-Semitism, Domestic and Foreign. NY: Donald Fine, 1988. Written by the General Counsel at the ADL. 8vo 423 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (274689) $12.00

5. (Anti-Semitism) Byrnes, Robert (inscribed by). Antisemitism in Modern France: Volume 1: The Prologue to the Dreyfus Affair. Rutgers , 1950. 348 pp. Book plate. Good. Hardcover . (274712) $15.00

6. (Anti-Semitism) Caplovitz Daivd. Swastika 1960 Epidemic of Anti-Semitic Vandalism in America. ADL, 1961. 62 pp. slight owner stamp on cover and corner bumped. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (273295) $10.00

7. (Anti-Semitism) Dinnerstein, Leonard. Anti-Semitism in America. Oxford University Press, 1994. 369 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275315) $15.00

8. (Anti-Semitism) Dinnerstein, Leonard. The Leo Frank Case. Columbia University Press, 1968. 248 pp. Slight tears and creasing to corner and bottom of dj. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Study of the murder of Mary Phagan and the trail and lynching of Leo Frank. (274526) $15.00

9. (Anti-Semitism) Finkelstein Norman. Beyond Chutzpah: On the Missuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History. California, 2005. 326 pp. Expose of the corruption of scholarship on the Isreal Palestine conflict. He belives whenever Isreal comes under pressure immediate campaign alledging an outbreak of Anti-Semitism is mounted. Questions Joan Peters book from time in memorial, and Dershowitz The Case For Isreal. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274719) $25.00

10. (Anti-Semitism) Ford, Henry (Smith, Gerald) (prepared by). The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem: Abrdged Version. Los Angeles: Christian Nationalist Crusade, 1940s?. Based on the Protocols. 231 pp. crown bumped. Very Good. Hardcover . (274720) $32.00

11. (Anti-Semitism) Friedman Saul. The Incident at Massena; Anti-Semitic hysteria in a typical American town. Stein and Day, 1978. 216 pp. slight wear and tear to dj. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274762) $15.00

12. (Anti-Semitism) Gilman, Sander. Jewish Self Hatred: Anti-Semitism and the Hidden Language of the Jews. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1986. 461 torn. good. Hardback & DJ. (274705) $10.00

13. (Anti-Semitism) Goldstein David. Jewish Panorama. Catholic Campaigners for Christ, 1940. 394 pp. wear to crown. Very Good-. Hardcover . (274736) $8.00

14. (Anti-Semitism) Grosser Paul. Anti-Semitism: Causes and Effects. Philosophical, 1983. Second Edition. 438 pp. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274718) $17.00

15. (Anti-Semitism) Isaac, Jules. The Teaching of Contempt–Christian Roots of Anti-Semitism. New York: Holt Rinehart Winston, 1964. 154 pp. Smal lowner stamp on fep, dj torn, lacks part of dj. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274547) $10.00

16. (Anti-Semitism) Jaher, Frederic. A Scapegoat in the New Wilderness: The Origins and Rise of Anti-Semitism in America. Cambridge: Harvard, 1994. 8vo 339 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (274714) $12.00

17. (Anti-Semitism) Katz, Jakob. The Darker Side of Genius: Richard Wagner’s Anti-Semitism. Hanover: Brandeis, 1986. 158 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (274704) $15.00

18. (Anti-Semitism) Kee Howard (editor). Removing Anti-Judaism From The Pulpit. Continuum, 1996. 140 pp. 13 significant essays on Anti-Judaism in the New testament and in Christian teaching. Very Good. Hardcover . (274702) $20.00

19. (Anti-Semitism) Kertzer David. The Popes Against the Jews The Vatican’s Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism. NY: Knopf, 2001. 8vo 355 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (274723) $15.00

20. (Anti-Semitism) Lazare, Bernard. Antisemitism: Its History and Causes. NY: International Library, 1903. 381 pages. hinges started and bookplate, reading copy. Good-. Hardcover .
By the author of Job’s Dungheap (274721) $9.00

21. (Anti-Semitism) Litvinoff Barnet. The Burning Bush: Anti-Semitism and World History. Dutton, 1988. 492 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274690) $15.00

22. (Anti-Semitism) Maidenbaum, Aryeh, editor. Lingering Shadows: Jungians, Freudians and Anti-Semitism. NY: Shambhala, 1991. 410 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Conference proceedings on the question of whether Jung was an Anti-Semite or supporter of the Nazi movement. (274715) $10.00

23. (Anti-Semitism) Oberman Heiko. The Roots of Anti-Semitism; In the Age of Renaissance and Reformation. Fortress Press, 1984. 163 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274757) $15.00

24. (Anti-Semitism) Oney, Steve. And The Dead Shall Rise; The Murder of Mary Fahgan and the Lynching of Leo Frank. Pantheon, 2003. 742 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274996) $20.00

25. (Anti-Semitism) Reinharz Jehuda (editor). Living with Antisemitism: Modern Jewish Responses. Hanover: UPNE, 1987. 494 pp. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.
Twenty two previously unpublished essays by scholars analyzing responses since the Emancipation,one section devoted to the Shoa (273425) $7.00

26. (Anti-Semitism) Rubin Theodore. Anti-Semitism A Disease of the Mind: A Psychiatrist explores the Psychodynamics of a Symbol Sickness. NY: Continuum, 1990. 146 pp. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (274725) $10.00

27. (Anti-Semitism) Strong, Donald S. Organized Anti-Semitism In America; The Rise of Group Prejudice During the Decade 1930-40. Washington, D.C.: American Council On Public Affairs, 1941. Second Edition. 191 pp. Smudging to cover, worn, tears to crown of spine. Good-. Paperback. (274806) $20.00

28. (Anti-Semitism) Volkman, Ernest. A Legacy of Hate: Anti-Semitism in America. NY: Watts, 1982. 358 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (274691) $15.00

29. (Anti-Semitism) Zimmerman, Moshe. Wilhelm Marr: The Patriach of Anti-Semitism. NY: Oxford Univ.ersity Press, 1986. 8vo 178 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Originated term ‘Anti-Semitism’; founded Anti-Semitic League (274722) $20.00

30. Arons, Ron. The Jews of Sing Sing; Gotham Gangsters and Gonuvim. Barricade, 2008. 350 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274635) $18.00

31. Berger Alan. Witness to the Sacred: Mystical Tales of Primitive Hasidism. New Horizons Press, 1977. 62 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (274676) $18.00

32. Bernstein Matthew. Screening a Lynching; The Leo Frank Case on Film and Television. University of Georgia Press, 2009. 332 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (274756) $15.00

33. Blumenfeld, David. Greed For Power. Comet Press, 1956. 149 pp. sfep. dj torn. Novel of an immigrant story about success and failure. Former talmud student who persues wealth and is caugth selling materials to the Germans during World War I. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Author was born in Latvia and fled from Russia in the early 1900s. (275005) $20.00

34. (Bristow Miss Amelia ) . The Orphans of Lissau, and other interesting narratives, immediately connected with Jewish customs, domestic and religious, with explanatory notes. London: Gardiner and Son, 1830. two volumes spines stamped in gilt; extremities lightly rubbed, scattered foxing throughout, sfep, tear to title page corner volume two 268+ 278 pp. Good. Boards.
Miss Bristow in the 1820s and 1830s published a series on the theme of perils of leaving the true faith. Sophia de Lissau Emma de Lissau . Bristow (1783-?) converted from Judaism and resided in London. She seemed to be on an evangelical mission to warn of the dire consequences of leaving Christianity and depicts Judaism in a very negative way. By leaving her faith Margaret Warburton brings disaster upon her new family and ultimately disappears, (274462) $250.00

35. Brody, Robert (editor). Ginzei Qedem Genizah Research Annual Volume 1. University of Waterloo Genizah Project, 2005. 48 + 261 pp. In English and Hebrew, SFEP. Very Good +. Hardcover . (274928) $65.00

36. Canetti Elias. The Tower of Babel. Knopf, 1947. dust jacket gy Goeorge Salter, has chips and tears to crown and base of spine of dj, The madness of a bibliophile. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276840) $48.00

37. Caravella, Miriam Bokser. The Holy Name: Mysticism in Judaism. New Delhi: Radha Soami Satsang Beas, 1989. 12mo 300 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Ben Zion Bokser’s daughter writes of truths in Judaism and Sant Mat (274604) $15.00

38. Chametzky, Jules. Out of Brownsville; Encounters with Noble Laureates and other Jewish Writers A Cultural Memior. UMass, 2012. 139 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (276896) $10.00

39. Chiel, Samuel. Living Courageously. Ktav, 1984. 193 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Important Rabbi who served at Temple Emanuel in Newton, Massachusetts, (274592) $18.00

40. Cohen Joseph. In Quest of Heaven; The Story of the Sunrise Co-operative Farm Community. Sunrise History Publishing Commitee, 1957. 256 pp. slight wear to crowns. Very Good-. Cloth. (274735) $18.00

41. Cohen Martin. The Canonization of a Myth, Portugal’s “Jewish Problem” and the Assembly of Tomar 1629 (Hebrew Union College Annual Supplements Number Five). HUC, 2002. 108 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (275024) $16.00

42. Cohen, Jocelyn (editor). My Future Is In America; Autobiographies of Eastern European Jewish Immigrants. NYU, 2006. 9 essays. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274781) $20.00

43. Dahan Hiya. A Linguistic Analysis of Some Problems of Translation From Modern Hebrew Into Arabic Based Upon Selected Translations of Literary and Political Prose. Hebrew University, 1980. 184 pp. Ph.D ex library with pocket. Good. Paperback. (274771) $45.00

44. Daly Ira Archivist. the Hadassah Medical Organization Papers in the Hadassah Archives 1918-1981. Hadassah, 1984. 90 pp. ex library with pocket, stapled mimeo. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (274772) $45.00

45. Davis Marni. Jews and Booze: Becoming American in the Age of Prohibition. NYU, 2012. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274461) $15.00

46. Dynner, Glenn (editor). Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 27: Jews In The Kingdom of Poland, 1815-1918. Littman, 2015. 443 pp. Collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback. (275082) $17.00

47. Ehrlich, Avrum. Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: Origins, Experiences, and Culture (Volume 2, 3); Countries, Regions, and Communities: Part 1 and 2. ABC Clio, 2009. 1253 pp. in two volumes plus addendum. Very Good. Hardcover . (274575) $50.00

48. Eisenstadt Peter. Affirming the Covenant; A History of Temple B’rith Kodesh Rochester New York 1848-1998. Rochester: Temple B’rith Kodesh, 1999. 280 pp. dj torn. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (274625) $18.00

49. Eisenstein Ira. the Ethics of Tolerance: Applied to Religious Groups in America. King’s Crown Press, 1941. 87 pp. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (274703) $17.00

50. Ellison, Elaine. Voices From Marshall Street; Jewish Life in a Philadelphia Neighborhood 1920-1960. Camino, 1994. 151 pp. Very Good +. Paperback. (275002) $24.00

51. Elmaleh Rev . The Jewish Cemetery Ninth and Spruce Streets, Philadelphia. Congregation Mikva Israel, 1962. 30 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275004) $20.00

52. Entre héritage et devenir. La construction de la famille juive. Etudes offertes à Joseph Mélèze-Modrzejewski. Publications de la Sorbonne , 2003. 416 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (274476) $23.00

53. Fishman Philip. A Sukkah Is Burning: Remembering Williamsburg’s Hasidic Transformation. MillCity, 2012. 162 pp. transforamation during 1950s on. Very Good. Paperback. (274650) $15.00

54. Forman David (signed by). Isreal on Broadway America: Off-Broadway; Jews in the new Millenium. gefen, 1998. 288 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274717) $17.00

55. Friedman lester. Hollywood’s Image of the Jew. Ungar, 1982. 385 pp. dj chipped. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274709) $15.00

56. Fuchs, Daniel Carduff, Christopher (selector). The Golden West; Hollywood Stories. Black Sparrow / Godine, 2005. 256 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274855) $17.00

57. Gal Allon editor. Envisioning Israel The Changing ideals and Images of North American Jews. (In Hebrew). Ben Gurion, 1999. 386 pp. In Hebew about fifteen essays. Very Good. Hardcover . (274478) $28.00

58. Garcia, Damian. Literatura ora del Ladino entre los Sefardies de Oriente. Madrid: Sefardi Mundial, 1970. 267 pp. dj chipped and worn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (274598) $36.00

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vol 1 Nicholas Prevost London 1731 vol 2 Nicholas Prevost London 1731 (bound together) vol 3 Nicholas Prevost London 1731 vol 4 bettenham for claude du bosc 1735 (bound together), volume 5 claude de bosc 1736 volume 6 claude du bosc 1737volume 7 claude du bosc 1739 (bound together) (For more information, see: “The Book That Changed Europe: Picart and Bernard’s Religious Ceremonies of the World,” by Lynn Hunt, Margaret C. Jacob, and Wijnand Mijnhardt. Belknap Press / Harvard University Press, 2010). 224 plates present (269550) $4,000.00

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Solomon ibn Gabirol – Judaica – September 2019

Dear friends and colleagues,

As the New Year approaches, I find the writings of Abraham Joshua Heschel inspiring. In a book of essays, Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity, he says the following:

“Our life is beset with difficulties, yet it is never devoid of meaning. The feeling of utility is absent from our souls. Our existence is not in vain. Its meaning may not be explicable to us, yet even when we do not know what it is, we know that it is. There is a divine earnestness about our life. This is our dignity. To be invested with dignity means to represent something more than oneself. The gravest sin for a Jew is to forget what he represents.

“There is a war to wage against the vulgar, against the glorification of the absurd, a war that is incessant, universal. Loyal to the presence of the ultimate and the common, we may be able to make it clear that man is more than man, that in doing the finite he may perceive the infinite.”

We wish you and your loved ones a coming year of good health, much joy, and divine earnestness.

שלום ושנה טובה

יקותיאל שון
מוכר ספרים

1. Almagor Gika (P). אלכס לרנר, דפי ואני Aleks Lerner, Dafi va-ani. Am Oved, 2002. In Hebrew writing on pastedown 178 pp. for young adults. Very Good-. Hardcover .
This is a story about friendship, love and loss, told by 12-year-old Avner. Dealing with parental discord, new friendships and illness and love
(271977) $23.00

2. Almagor Gila (P). עץ הדומים תפוס “Etz ha’domim tafus = Our Tree on the Top of the Hill. Am Oved, 2011. In Hebrew writing on pastedown 114 pp. for young adults. Very Good-. Hardcover . (271978) $25.00

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7. Benisch Dr A. Travels of Rabbi Petachia of Ratisbon : who, in the latter end of the twelfth century, visited Poland, Russia, Little Tartary, the Crimea, Armenia, Assyria, Syria, the Holy Land, and Greece; translated from the Hebrew with the original on opposite pages. Longman, 1861. 106 pp. ex library with pocket. Good +. library binding. (272136) $85.00

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The work of Berachya Hanakdan ; now edited from mss. at Munich and Oxford, with an English translation, introduction etc. ; to which is added the first English translation from the Latin of Adelard of Bath’s Quaestiones naturales by Hermann Gollancz. (272002) $40.00

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[metsuyarim ʻa. y. Nahum Gutman]. (271949) $125.00

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“Und die Erde war Irrsal und Wirrsal.” (272894) $36.00

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She married Yitzhak Rubinstein, who subsequently became Chief Rabbi of Vilna – the first in over 200 years – and she was heavily involved in Vilna community affairs and was an ardent Zionist. This is in contrast to her father who compared Zionists to “the Berlin group . . . of maskilim.”[9] She was also very learned and R. Weinberg provides that when her father couldn’t remember a source, he would ask Ester who could always provide it. Ester was also involved in woman’s issues. She started a girls school in Vilna and wrote why woman’s suffrage is allowed under Jewish law. Ester died young, at age 43, in 1924. A Sefer Zikhron was published in her honor and, among others, R. Weinberg wrote a beautiful article describing Ester in the most honorific terms. An English translation was published by Dr. Leiman. Additionally, a memorial service was held in the Great Synagogue of Vilna, according to Leiman, “this was the only woman ever accorded this honor.” (272840) $40.00

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“Reprinted from the Jewish quarterly review, new series, volume XXVI, number 2.” (272265) $36.00

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“This booklet containing specimens of our book faces has been printed at the Hadassah Apprentice School of Printing, Jerusalem Israel, 1955”–Colophon. (272863) $25.00

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. Aroysgegeben fun der Spetsyeler Bukh Komite, 1924. 778 pp. ex library with pocket paper yellowing In Yiddish. Fair. Hardcover .
“Financial report from incipiency to liquidation June 4, 1924 (272138) $65.00

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many in NYC, author tries to understand years later others who supported the Party. Very good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273116) $20.00

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A gift from The Israel Cancer Association to its contributors and benefactors. (272188) $15.00

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“This exhibit was based on Judith S. Goldstein’s book Crossing Lines, histories of Jews and Gentiles in three Maine communities …” (271825) $36.00

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Hirschfeld (1854 1934) was a “scholar of Judeo-Arabic literature. Hirschfeld, who was born in Thorn, Prussia, received his doctorate from Strasbourg (1878) . He emigrated to England in 1889 and taught first at Montefiore College in Ramsgate. Hirschfeld’s chief interest lay in the interplay between the Arab and Jewish cultures as well as in the Arabic literature of the Jews. Hirschfeld wrote numerous articles in various journals concerning problems of Arabic and Hebrew philology and bibliography; of especial importance is a series of essays concerning the Arabic fragments in the Cairo Genizah (EJ) (272220) $32.00

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Katz was an amazing scholar and personality whose life and journeys mirrorer 19th-20th century Jewry from St Petersberg to Berlin to Mexico to Palestine, stayed true to socialist beliefs (272056) $56.00

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Catalogue of the exhibition held October 2, 1973 through December 2, 1973. (271860) $24.00

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Classical translator and his descent into madness (271979) $15.00

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Articles include “The Revolution on the American Synagogue,” Jonathan D. Sarna, “Pioneering: Jewish Men and Women of the American West,” William Toll, “Promises, Promises: The Jewish Roamnce with America,” Jenna Weissman Joselit, “Jewish Identity, Assimilation and Multiculturalism,” David A. Hollinger. (273098) $7.00

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On completion of 25 yeasrs of devoted service to Adath Yisroel Synagogue London (272094) $42.00

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The Theory of Music: Part One; The basics of European and Eastern music: with eleven tables (272023) $85.00

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includes Yidish iz mayn loshn / Zishe Ṿaynper — Der ṭrern milyoner / Moris Rozenfeld –Shifrahles portreṭ Mordekhai Gebirṭig — Am Yiśroel ḥai / Yuri Sul — Mayn fon / Mosheh Olgin –Ikh un di ṿelṭ / Avraham Reyzen – Der Feṭer Itse/ Mosheh Ḳulbaḳ –Di balade fun mayn Yidishn loshn / Ḥayim Grade — Ṭaykhn / Itsiḳ Fefer — (271817) $95.00

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Call to action, recommendations and papers (271844) $35.00

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Plays include Rahab of Jericho.–Helen of Alexandria.–Ohad’s woman.–Chosen people.–First Corinthians.–Holyest erth.–All things are possible.–Farewell, Jerusalem. (273052) $18.00

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Includes Nathaniel West, Bernard Malamud, Norman Mailer, Saul Bellow, Edward Wallant. (273185) $10.00

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114. Shlomo ibn Melekh. ספר מכלל יופי :‏ ‏הופיע אור התורה להבנת הנקרא בכלל Sefer Mikhlol yofi : hofiʻa or ha-Torah le-havanat ha-niḳra bikhlal; Lexicon of words with their Biblical roots; with glosses of Jacob Abendana. Amsterdam: David Tartas, 1664. 3rd edition. (1st ed. Constantinople, 1549; 2nd ed. Amsterdam, 1660.) bears the seal of “Beit ha-Midrash / Kloiz [=Klaus], Altona (Added t.p. in Latin, with Hebrew heading and date given as “Anno à Mundi condito 5445 [sic].” Front matter includes approbations by Buxtorff and four Leiden professors (1660), and a Latin dedication to “DD. ordinibus generalibus Foederati Belgii” (see Fuks for details). Foliation in Hebrew characters. Woodcut title page border. Last leaf erroneously numbered 120.) (Worldcat) Good. Boards.
Ya‘akov Emden tells about the kloyz that his father established in Altona in about 1690. He writes: “[T]here in Altona he built for Him, may He be praised, a faithful house and established in it a great house of study, a kloyz . . . and scholars and distinguished rabbis gathered there from the land of Poland and Lithuania, who would study Torah there with great diligence. Day and night they did not cease” (Megilat Sefer, ed. Avraham Bik [Jerusalem, 1979], p. 29). The term first appeared in Ashkenazic culture in the sixteenth century and referred to a house where scholars assembled—a place of study intended for mature, adult male scholars.YIVO Encyclopedia (274649) $975.00

115. Shmeruk, Chone. Sholem Aleikhem His Life and Literary work (A Guide). Tel Aviv: Porter Institute, 1980. 92 pp. In Hebrew covers worn. Very Good. cloth.
Literature, Meaning, Culture 11 (272102) $15.00

116. Silman Kadisch Jehuda. Lekhu neranenah : ḳovets shire-ʻam ketuvim be-yad….shivʻim shire-ʻam mi-shirat ha-golah ṿe-Erets-Yisra’el. Jerusalem: self, 1928. 80 pp. songs and music new covers, covers repaired and dog eared pages . Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Hebrew writer and satirist. Silman taught in Vilna’s first Hebrew school in which Hebrew was the language of instruction, and later directed a “modern ḥeder” in Gomel. In 1907 he immigrated to Palestine and devoted his life to teaching, mostly in Jerusalem. He was one of the founders of Tel Aviv and of the neighborhood of Bet ha-Kerem in Jerusalem. Important contributions to the fields of popular ballads, poetry, satire, and humor. (EJ). (272257) $75.00

117. Slonimski Chaim Selig. מציאות הנפש : וקיומה חוץ לגוף מאת חיים זעליג סלאנימסקי Metsiʼut ha-nefesh : ṿe-ḳiyumah huts la-guf … Warsaw: Bomberg, 1858. 48 pp. with library markings bookplate. Good. Boards. (272001) $36.00

118. Sluys, David Mozes. De Maccabaeorum libris I et II quaestiones. J. Clausen, 1904. 126 pp. top corners creased ex library with markings, taped spine , in Latin and Greek. Good. Boards. (272274) $17.00

119. Special List of Books in Medieval Hebrew Poetry and Liturgy. Davidson Library of Judaica. Davidson Library College City of NY, 1948. 34 pp. ex library with markings, Good. Boards.
Professor of Medieval Hebrew Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America from 1915 to 1939, was recognized as one of the world’s foremost scholars in the field of medieval Hebrew poetry. His private library was presented to his alma mater. (272271) $65.00

120. Stowe Harriet P has Haithi Trust. Onkel Tom’s Kebin oder di Shvartse Shklaven in Amerike/ Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Hebrew Publishing , 1911. 514 pp. translated into Yiddish, covers and spine worn and discolored, some fraying to covers, slight staining. Good-. Hardcover . (266819) $55.00

121. Stowe Harriet. Onkel Tom’s Kebin Uncle Tom’s Cabin. 1903. 432 pp. translated into Hebrew, ex library with book plate and pocket , white writing on spine reading copy. Good-. Hardcover . (272135) $25.00

122. Tal Penina. Medicinal Plants צמחי מרפא / Tsimḥe marpe. Rishamim, 1981. 232 pp. In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover . (272976) $16.00

123. The Pedagogic Reporter A Forum for Jewish Education. Home and School. Jewish Education Service, Nov 1988. Vol 39 no 3 45 pp. filled with articles. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271900) $20.00

124. Tobias Thomas. The Hebrew Orphan Society of Charleston, S.C. (founded 1801 An historical sketch. The society, 1957. 61 pp. ex library with pocket. Good. Hardcover . (272139) $15.00

125. Toury Jacob. Kavim le-ḥeker kenisat ha-Yehudim la-hayim ha-ezraḥiyim be-Germanyah = Prolegomena to the entrance of Jews into German citizenry. ha-Makhon le-ḥeḳer ha-tefutsot, 1972. Volume 1 151 pp. library name on fore edge. Good. Hardcover . (271870) $25.00

126. (Ulman Hirsch). Sefer Chochmat HaShorashim Vehea Chochma HaRishon Arbaah Chamoth HaMekalim et homat mah Sheahar…Chochmat Hashorashim Chomat HaOlam Chochmat Hnefesh VeChochmat HaElohot. Hague/ Amsterdam: J H Munnikhuizen, 1781. 231 pp. boards worn fore edge stained with some bleeding over edges not affecting text , faded library stamp tp . Good. Boards.
Nidpas poh qa’q Hag ha-birah samuk le-qa;q (272185) $135.00

127. Vajda Georges. Recherches sur la philosophie et la Kabbale dans la pensee juive du Moyen age. Mouton, 1962. 420 pp. slight library mark on tp and also fore edge. Good. Paperback. (271819) $38.00

128. Viajes de Benjamin de Tudela, 1160-1173, por primera vez traducidos al castellano con introducción, aparato crítico y anotaciones, por Ignacio Gonzalez Llubera. Madrid: Sanz Calleja, 1918. book plate and pocket , lacks part of spineand white title on spine paper yellowing and fragile but not brittle yet. Good-. Hardcover . (272132) $45.00

129. Vredenburg I translator. Siddur `Oneg Shabbat.} Sjabbos-Tefillo genaamd `Ngouneg Sjabbos’ bevattende alle gewone gebeden voor Sjabbos, t.w. van vrijdagmiddag tot en met zaterdagavond, met woordelijke vertaling en aanteekeningen door Izak Vredenburg (met illustraties). Uitgegeven door de `Centrale Organisatie tot de Religieuse en Moreele Verheffing der Joden in Nederland’. Mozes, 1933. 256 pp. hinges started needs binding. Good-. Hardcover . (272830) $30.00

130. Walden Daniel editor. Studies in American Jewish Literature Volume 6 The World of Cynthia Ozick. Kent state, 1987. 180 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (273182) $23.00

131. Weir, Shelagh. Palestinian Embroidery. British Museum, 1970. 45 pp. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (272181) $15.00

132. Wilensky Yalan-Stekelis, Miriam. Shir ha-gedi. Shirim ve-Sipurim. Sefer Rishon. Shir ha-gedi. Dvir, 1986. 151 pp. slight library marks. Very Good. Hardcover . (272814) $17.00

133. Wineman Aryeh. The Hasidic Moses: A Chapter in the History of Jewish Interpretation. Pickwick, 2019. 137 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (272812) $14.00

134. Wolf Lucien. Report on the “Marranos” or Crypto Jews of Portugal. Geneve: Anglo Jewish Assn, 1926. 20 pp. inumber stamped on tp stapled wrapper. Good. Wrapper. (272901) $17.00

135. Yitsḥaḳ ben Shelomoh Farhi . Sefer Matok ̣ mi-devash. Vilna: 1860. 104 pp.library binding some stains paper good quality. Good. Hardcover . (272052) $50.00

136. Zangwill, Israel. The Melting Pot: Drama in Four Acts. NY: Macmillan, 1909. 12mo 200 pp. wear to crown and base of spine. Good condition. Cloth.
Origin of the concept of the melting pot of immigrants. (273180) $15.00

137. Zylbercweig Zalme (P). Achad Haam un sein batziung zu yiddish. “Achad Haam and his attitude towards Yiddish. Eliseva, 1956. 141 pp. appears to be inscribed library name stamped on fore edge In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover . (271871) $36.00

Thank you for reviewing the catalog, and your continued support.



Recovering the Past: Audio Interviews

Recently, I uncovered a collection of DVDs. Originally thought to be a stack of blank discs, together with my technology consultant – Tyler Brandt (his website is – we realized that these discs in fact contained a treasure trove of photos, video, and audio recordings from a trip to Germany I took with my son Seth back in 2008. I wrote about that trip here, and that blog now includes a lot of the photos recovered from these DVDs.

Alongside those photos were a collection of audio interviews I conducted with various Germans regarding history, the Shoah, my family, and the Jewish people of Germany–now only a memory or a page in the history book. I’d like to share these stories with you, not only to share some of my own history, but to add to the tapestry of memory.

– An interview with Inge Wimmer, a historian from the Schoen family’s hometown of Vacha
– Another interview with a historian from Vacha, Günter Hermes
– Stories from Doris Schnittert, whose family’s relationship with my mother’s family, the Sternbergs, goes back generations.
– A Conversation with a Teacher from Herzfeld, regarding education and history

To view these interviews alongside some earlier audio recordings of conversations with my family, visit the new (and growing) Audio Interviews page. Thank you.

In the News: Ken and Jane, 1997

Massachusetts book dealers rescue German prayer texts

Originally written in 1997, by ‘Jennifer’ of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

SOUTH DEERFIELD, Mass., Feb. 18 (JTA) — Kenneth Schoen and Jane Trigere, owners of Schoen Books in South Deerfield, Mass., spend a lot of time matching rare books with interested readers. Now, the couple has embarked on a new matchmaking project: finding homes for German-Hebrew prayer books in synagogues in Germany.

For the past several years, Schoen, whose customers range from academics to rabbis, has been sending books to Rabbi Mordechai Przybilski in Paderborn, Germany. The rabbi has been distributing the books to people in his community. Last fall, Schoen saw an article in Aufbau, the German-Jewish newspaper of New York, about Fulda, a German town that was searching for prayer books. He sent the community 30 Chumashim and prayer books. Schoen already has sent about 100 books to Germany.

“Often when we buy a library, there are prayer books,” Schoen says. “We don’t sell them, we tend to give them away. Now we have a way to bring them back to life.” “Both my parents originally came from Germany,” Schoen said. “My mother, Betty, left Herborn in 1935. My father, Irving, left his hometown of Vacha in 1927. Part of my motivation is to honor my parents. Another part is to help fellow Jews in Germany.”

Schoen and Trigere are hoping to find other communities in Germany looking for German-Hebrew and Russian-Hebrew prayer books. They welcome information from anyone who may know about a community who would like to receive books. “We want people to let us know if they have a connection,” Schoen said. “I know for a fact that there are a lot of German Jews who have been invited back to their hometowns for memorials. So there has been some kind of reconnection.”

When a prayer book can no longer be used because it is falling apart, it is either buried or placed in a “genizah,” a storage area for old Jewish books, often in the back of synagogues or in a burial plot in a cemetery. “What we are suggesting is, instead of burying these books, that we recycle them. Send them to synagogues that need them,” said Schoen.

The booksellers specialize in out-of-print, scholarly and antiquarian books in the following fields: Judaica in all languages, exile and refugee writers, the Holocaust, Germany, fascism, World War II, Zionism and psychoanalysis. They also stock and order new titles. Catalogs of recent acquisitions are produced at monthly intervals and sent around the world by mail and via the Internet. A stock of 25,000 books fills the shop in the renovated South Deerfield Fire Station.

Memory – Books on the Shoah – September 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

This list is issued in memory of David Kanell – a wonderful bibliophile, Jewish scholar, and community leader who lived in Vermont. He died in April, and from his widow Beth I was able to obtain his Judaica and Holocaust library. It is a major collection with many books signed to him by scholars in the field with whom he corresponded.

The memorial written by Beth Kanell can be read here.

This list contains many fundamental texts which are essential to a scholarly library.

I thank you for taking the time to peruse the list and sharing with colleagues. From our genizah in Massachusetts we are a resource to scholars, libraries and Holocaust Centers. We will persist in the midst of the overwhelming digital age we find ourselves in.

As the New Year approaches, we wish you all health, joy, and meaningful, endeavors

Ken aka Yekutiel Schoen

1. Alexander, Edward. The Resonance of Dust: Essays on the Holocaust and Jewish Fate. Columbus: Ohio State, 1979. Among writers discussed are Abba Kovner, I.B.Singer,Nelly Sachs,Saul Bellow and Chaim Grade. 8vo 257 pp. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (272939) $15.00

2. Angress, Werner. Between Fear and Hope: Jewish Youth in the Third Reich. NY: Columbia UP, 1988. 8vo 186 pp. Very good condition. Hardback & DJ. (272924) $8.00

3. Bauer, Yehuda. The Holocaust in Historical Perspective. Tacoma: Univ. of Washington, 1978. 182 torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273044) $5.00

4. Begley, Louis. Wartime Lies: A Novel. NY: Knopf, 1991. 198 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Excellent novel about the Holocaust in Poland through the eyes of a child (272934) $10.00

5. Bercovitch Reuben. Hasen. Knopf, 1978. 142 pages Two boys,one Gentile and one Jewish, hunting game alongside a concentration camp for the commandant and then the realization that the brother of one has been brought into the camp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273003) $10.00

6. Berenbaum,Michael inscribed bt. After Tragedy and Triumph: Essays in Modern Jewish Thought and the American Experience. NY: Cambridge, 1990. 196 pp. new. Hardback & DJ. (273088) $15.00

7. Berenbaum,Michael inscribed bt. After Tragedy and Triumph: Essays in Modern Jewish Thought and the American Experience. NY: Cambridge, 1990. 196 pp. new. Hardback & DJ. (273113) $10.00

8. Blau, Eric inscribed by. The Beggar’s Cup. NY: Knopf, 1993. 270 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Novel of modern Israel and the founding, by the author of Jacques Brel is Alive.. The protagonist is a Hollywood mogul who hid in the forests of Poland and saw his entire village consumed by the Nazis.. (272956) $18.00

9. Bondy, Ruth. The Emissary: A Life of Enzo Sereni. Boston: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1977. 265 pp. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Italian Jewish Zionist, who returned from Palestine to North Italy during the Shoah, to rescue Jews and was murdered by Nazis (273034) $15.00

10. Briskin Mae. The Tree Still Stans A novel of Rescue and Resistance. Norton, 1991. 254 pp. based on true story of Jewish family fleeing France thrugh Alps to Italy. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272955) $16.00

11. Brombert Victor. Trains of Thought Memories of a Stateless Youth. Norton, 2002. 334 pp. extraordinary memoir of growing up in France and fleeing Vichy France to Spain and the USA and joining the US military, tremendous story. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272640) $6.00

12. Browning Christopher. The Origins of the Final Solution The Evolution of the Nazi Jewish policy Sept 1939-March 1942. Univ of Nebraska, 2004. 615 pages dj torn. Very good. Hardback & DJ. (272959) $15.00

13. Checinski Michael. Poland, Communism, Nationalism, Anti-Semitism. Karz, 1982. 288 pp. inscribed by author, fore edge foxed Begins with post War Poland and Kielce Massacre and fate of the survivors,et al. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272385) $15.00

14. Cohn, Norman. Warrant for Genocide: The myth of the Jewish world conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. NY: Harper and Row, 1967. 301 pp. dj torn and bookplate sfep. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
On the history of the Protocols. (272851) $12.00

15. Dean Carolyn. The Fragility of Empathy after the Holocaust. Cornell Univ, 2004. 203 pages . Very good condition. Paperback.
Traces changing attitudes toward the representation of the suffering vulnerable body. (273057) $7.00

16. Dinnerstein, Leonard. Uneasy at Home: Antisemitism and the American Jewish Experience. NY: Columbia, 1987. 281 pp. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273107) $17.00

17. Dobschiner, Johanna. Selected to Live. Old Rappan: Revell, 1973. Holocaust memoir. Raised Orthodox Jewish converted to Christianity. 12mo 190 pp. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272925) $10.00

18. Doneson, Judith. The Holocaust in American Film. Phil.: JPS, 1987. 8vo 263 pp. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Investigates the ways in which specific films influenced and reflected the Americanization of the Holocaust. (272952) $10.00

19. Dwork Deborah Van Pelt Robert. Flight from the Reich Refugee Jews 1933-1946. Norton, 2009. 496 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272922) $12.00

20. Eber Irene. The Choice: Poland, 1939-1945. Schocken, 2004. 229 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Returning to her hometown of Mielec and her memories of the Shoah.Her family was murdered and she escaped. (273083) $6.00

21. Eidherr Armin (hrsg). Zwischenwelt 10. Diaspora – Exil als Krisenerfahrung. Jüdische Bilanzen und Perspektiven. Drava Kramer Gesellschaft, 2006. 437 pp. collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback. (258418) $15.00

22. Eisen, George. Children and Play in the Holocaust: Games among the Shadows. Amherst: Univ. of Mass, 1988. 163 pplibrary number at base of dj ands light library mark on fep. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Based on original documents, diaries and survivor interviews, explores how children and adults used play as means of survival. (272926) $10.00

23. Ezekiel Raphael. The Racist Mind Portraits of American Neo Nazis and Klansmen. Viking, 1995. 329 pp.includes with leaders and Ezekiel’s interpretation of the message and appeal. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273109) $16.00

24. Feiler Arthur. Das Experiment des Bolschewismus. Frankfurt: Societats Verlag, 1931. 277 pp.end papers slight foxing. Good. Boards.
Refugee teacher at New School for Social Research, was co author with Max Ascoli of Fascism for Whom? (258515) $15.00

25. Ferencz, Benjamin. Less than Slaves: A sequel to Hitler’s Holocaust, the story of Jewish forced labor. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1979. 8vo 249 pp. dj tears. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (275155) $7.00

26. Figes, Eva. Little Eden: A Child at War. NY: Persea Books, 1978. 12mo 140 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Narative of her life in the countryside of England during the War, having fled Berlin in 1939 with her family. Reflections. (272920) $4.00

27. Fink Ida. Traces stories. NY: Metropolitan Books, 1997. 208 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Stories of the Holocaust. By author of Scrap of Time and the Journey. (272999) $15.00

28. Fink, Ida. The Journey. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1990. 251 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.
By the author of A Scrap of Time. Novel of two Jewish girls disguised as Polish peasants working in Nazi Germany. (272644) $15.00

29. Fishman, Charles ( editor). Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust. Lubbock: Texas Tech Univ. Press, 1991. 12mo 426 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272950) $9.00

30. Florence Ronald. Emissary of the Doomed: Bargaining for Lives in the Holocaust. Viking, 2010. 328 pp. Jole Brand negotiating/bargaining on behalf of the Jewish Rescue Committee for the Jews of Hungary with Eichmann. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273070) $20.00

31. Foster John. Community of Fate. Allen and Unwin, 1986. 174 pp.An exploration of the experiences of 14 Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany who arrived in Melbourne between 1938 and 1949. Explores the way the under the shared impact of persecution and encounter with Australian society refugees rec onstructed their lives and shaped their values. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273082) $27.00

32. Frank Anne (Moser Barry designer and Joseph Goldyne illustrator). Diary of a Young Girl Het Achteruis. Pennyroyal and Jewish Heritage, , 1985. One of 350 numbered copies signed by the artist, Joseph Goldyne and book designer, Barry Moser. 2 volumes. Illustrated with 10 color etchings each signed by the artist, Joseph Goldyne, tissue guards. Second volume has an extra suite of plates also signed by the artist. Folio, volume One is full gray blind stamped morocco and Volume II is 1/2 gray morocco, slipcase. Magnificent limited edition. Very Good. Grey Morocco. (270303) $2,750.00

33. Friedlander Albert. Riders Towards The Dawn:: From Ultimate Suffering to Tempered Hope. Constable, 1993. 326 pp Collection of esays on Jewish theology, Jewish life throughut the Diaspra and the Holocaust . British edition American edition title was Riders Towards the Dawn : From Holocaust to Hope. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273059) $15.00

34. Friedman J. Why Should I Care?: Lessons From the Holocaust. Wordsmith, 2009. 261 pp.slight library marks. Very Good-. Paperback. (272540) $16.00

35. Ganglmair Sieg. Resistance and Persecution in Austria 1938-1945. Federal Press Service, 1988. 107 pp. cover creased. Good +. Wrapper.
Austria Documentation (272504) $12.00

36. Gegen den Strom. In memoriam Carl von Ossietzky; Carl von Ossietzky Medaille 1962 – 1987, Texte, Reden, Zitate. Internationale Liga f. Menschenrechte, 1988. 134 pp In German.Important German journalist during Weimar and exposed the rearmement movement in 1931 and was imprisoned and died in prison was given Nobel Prize in absentia. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272455) $17.00

37. Gold, Hugo. Die Juden und Judengemeinden Bohmens in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart / 1. Judische Buch und Kunst, 1934. 735 pp. ex library with markings and book plate, hinges starting lacks title page . Good. Hardcover . (272370) $136.00

38. Govrin Michael. The Name. Riverhead, 1998. Daughter of Holocaust survivor trying to find atonement through refuge in an ultra Orthodox seminary translated from the Hebrew. Very Good. Paperback. (272936) $10.00

39. Greenberg, Gershon. Sh’erit Ha’pleta: Confronting the Impact of the Holocaust: A listing of articles and books reflecting the Jewish religious; responses to the Holocaust in its immediate aftermath (1944-1949). Ramat Gan: Finkler Institute, 1994. In Hebrew. 102 pp ex library with markings and pocket and book plate. Very Good. wrapper. (272433) $25.00

40. Grosz Georg. Die Gezeichneten. 60 Blätter aus 15 Jahren. Malik, 1930. 1-8 tausend. 126 pp.slight tears to covrs slight black mark on tp captures the decadence and violence of the Weimar period and the militarism in the background, stark powerful images. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272458) $130.00

41. Grudzinka-Gross Irina, Jan T. Gross. War through children’s eyes: The Soviet occupation of Poland and the deportations, 1939-1941 (Hoover archival documentaries). Hoover, 1981. 260 pp. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272921) $17.00

42. Halperin, Irving. Messengers from the Dear Literature of the Holocaust. Phil: Westminster, 1979. 142 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (276113) $15.00

43. Heinemann, Marlene. Gender and Destiny: Women Writers and the Holocaust. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1986. 12mo 149 pp. good. Cloth. (273081) $8.00

44. Hermon, Zvi. Vom Seelsorger zum Kriminologen: Rabbiner in Gottingen, Reformer des Gefangniswesens und Psychotherapeut in Israel. Gottingen: Otto Schwartz, 1990. 617 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Autobiography; left Germany in 1938 and emigrated to Palestine (272388) $25.00

45. Hirsch David. The Deconstruction of Literature: Criticism after Auschwitz. Btrown, 1991. 314 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (272951) $10.00

46. Hirschmann Ira. The Embers Still Burn: An eye-witness account of our get-soft-with-Germany policy. Simon and Schuster, 1949. 272 pp. dj torn bookplate With UNRRA visiting the Dislaced Persons Camps ,demoralizing conditions of the camps,swift rebuilding of our former enemy and the advent of the Cold War discouraged Hirschmann greatly

Had been involved in rescue work. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273037) $10.00

47. Hofstein, Irene. Irene: Chronicle of a Survivor. NY: Shengold, 1997. 8vo 177 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Memoir of a German Jewish girl who emigrated to the USA and her letters to her grandmother trapped in Nazi Germany. (273074) $12.00

48. Holczler Moshe. Late Reflections: An Anthology of Holocaust Stories. NY: CIS, 1994. 188 pp.pp. Very good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Written by Holocaust survivor who worked with survivors after the War, his memories of growing up and the Shoah and others surivirors’ recollections of the Shoah. (272439) $15.00

49. Holzner Johann (hrsg). Zwischenwelt 6/ Literatur Der “Inneren Emigration” Aus Osterreich. Kramer Gesellschaft and Docker, 1998. 473 pp collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback. (258419) $15.00

50. Hyman, Joseph. Twenty-Five Years of American Aid to Jews Overseas: A Record of the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. NY: Self, 1939. 12mo 63 pp. number on spine and slight library mark on fep. good. Cloth.
Chapter on the Nazi Era and Prelude to War.Hyman was Executive Director of the Joint. (272391) $26.00

51. Jabotinsky, Ze’ev. The War and The Jew. NY: Atalena Press, 1987. 299 pp. first published in 1942, foretold the Shoah and writes of work to get the Jews to flee Europe for Palestine. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
With A Foreword By Pierre Van Paasen And A Conclusion By Colonel John Henry Patterson, D.S.O. New Introductions By Menachem Begin And Dov Shilansky. Biography By Charles Shapiro.inscribed by Shapiro (273067) $18.00

52. (Jabotinsky). This is Betar. NY: Brith Trumpeldor of America, 1940s?. 64 pp.article about philosophy of self defense and establishing a state, philosophy about Jabotinsky and by him, discussed plight of Jews in Nazi Europe,ex library with pocket library boards. Good. Boards. (272516) $45.00

53. Jeffrey Laura. Simon wiesenthal Tracking Down Nazi Criminals. Enslow, 1997. 104 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (272912) $15.00

54. Kadrnoska Franz (editor). Aufbruch und Untergang; Osterreichische Kultur Zwischen 1918 und 1938. Wien: Europa Verlag, 1981. 637 pages. Very good. Hardback & DJ. (272387) $15.00

55. Kershaw Ian. Hitler the Germans and the Final Solution. Yale, 2008. 393 pp. Good +. Hardcover . (272896) $5.00

56. Kis Danilo. A Tomb for Boris Davidovich. HBJ, 1978. 135 pages dj good. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Russia during the Revolution and Stalin revealed through the lives of seven revolutionary Jews from different countries and destroyed by their ideals. (272992) $12.00

57. Klier Freya. Promised New Zealand: Fleeing Nazi Persecution. Otago, 2010. 254 pp. slight library mark title page Story of twenty four Jews who fled Nazi Germany for New Zealand. Very Good. Paperback. (272511) $17.00

58. Klosch Christian . Mimi Grossberg (1905-1997) Eine osterreichische Exilautorin in New York. Zirkular, 1999. 60 pp. Very Good. Wrapper. (272503) $15.00

59. Lang Daniel. A Backward Look Germans Remember. mcgraw hill , 1979. 112 pp.sfep How the Shoah is remembered through lens of high school students and others,impressionistic odyssey. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273036) $12.00

60. Lang, Berel (editor). Writing and the Holocaust. NY: Holmes and Meier, 1988. 301 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Prominent writers explore the ways in which the historical and moral devestation has affected subsequent writing on the Shoah. (272942) $12.00

61. Laska Vera editor. Women in the Resistance and in the Holocaust: The Voices of Eyewitnesses (Contributions in Women’s Studies). Praeger, 1983. 330 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (273080) $15.00

62. Leff Lisa. The Archive Thief: The Man Who Salvaged French Jewish History in the Wake of the Holocaust. Oxford University Press, 2015. 286 pp.on Zosa Szajkowski, important historian who was caught removing documents from Jewish libraries, an investigation of his life and motives. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268436) $15.00

63. Levy, Alan. The Wiesenthal File. MI: William B, Eerdmans Pub Co, 1993. 1st. 464 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Critical examination of his life and work (258465) $9.00

64. Lewin Isaac. Late Summer Fruit Essays. NY: Bloch, 1960. 175 pp. Good +. cloth.
Some important writings on the Holocaust including The Outlawing of Polish Jewry by the Nazis, Religious Life of Jewish Refugees in Soviet Russia, Polish Yeshivot in Exile during world War II, legal issues also covered (272457) $22.00

65. Liebmann, Kurt (Illustrations by Leah Grundig.). Im Tal des Todes. Dresden: Sachsenverlag, 1947. 44pp. Photograph,17 black and white illustrations. The corners are bumped, the spine and edges are worn, and there is a previous owner’s name and slight stamp. Illustrations by Leah Grundig are haunting and horrifying of the Shoah and aftermath. Text in German . Good. Boards.
Lea Lange was born in Dresden and raised as an Orthodox Jewish woman. However, she found the Orthodox environment stifling, and in 1922 she began several years of art studies, first at the Academy of Arts and Crafts and then at the Academy of Art. Lea was impressed by the works of Barlach and Kokoschka, and the War cycle by Otto Dix reinforced her deep convictions as a pacifist. Around 1924, she met her future husband, the artist Hans Grundig, who came from a working-class background, and in 1926 both joined the Communist Party…. In several etching cycles done during the early Nazi years, she aimed to depict “the thousand fears, the presentiment of doom, the imprisonment of the persecuted, the inhumanity and the fight against it by the best of mankind.” Starting in 1936, both Grundigs were in and out of concentration camps as a result of their past Communist affiliations and ongoing anti-Nazi activities. Lea managed to emigrate to Palestine, but Hans was incarcerated for the duration of the Nazi period. After World War II, Lea rejoined her husband in Dresden. Despite her unwavering Communist sympathies, Lea did not always have an easy time with the repressive East German regime, though toward the end of her life she was showered with many official honors.” Galerie St Etienne (272327) $85.00

66. Littman, Sol . War Criminal on Trial: The Rauca Case. Toronto: Lester and Orpen Dennys, 1983. 193pp. dj torn. Very Good. Paperback.
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