“Churban” – Books on the Shoah – May 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues.

Here we are in May 2020 the world sheltering in place and struggling to combat the plague. It feels in some ways that we have entered a Brechtian dark age again and look to the future to understand us with kindness. May we all emerge soon with a vaccine and the end of the epidemic.

In the midst of the turmoil and upheaval as we stay in our homes and some continue to work, the language of silence must be met also by our communication and continuation with scholarship and learning from history.

I am sending out two lists with the hope that you feel able to go through them and perhaps find some tomes of interest.

This is being sent on Lag Ba’Omer when a plague raged among the disciples of the great sage  Rabbi Akiva (teacher of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai) and ended today.

The holiday carries the theme of loving and being respectful of all life.
May we continue on our journeys with renewed reverence for all life.

Stay well and safe,

Ken aka Yekutiel

1.            Abraham, Max . Juda verrecke Ein Rabbiner im Konzentrationslager. Druck und Verlagsanstalt/Schoen Reprint, 1934/ 2013. 38 pp.slight library marks, Schoen Reprint. Very Good. perfect bound.
Rabbi and fighter against anti-Semitism Max Abraham was attacked in June 1933 in the small town of Rathenow an SA man. Because he put up a fight, he was taken to the concentration camp at Oranienburg, Papenburg and Lichtenburg. In 1934, he managed to escape with his wife to Czechoslovakia. He published an account of his experiences in the concentration camp. In 1939, he fled again from the Nazis to England, where he lived until his death in 1977.(Oranienburg web site)  (277730)   $25.00

2.            Abrami, Leo. The Eleventh Commandment: A Jewish Childhood in Nazi-Occupied France. Albion, 2012. 150 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (266321)               $15.00 

3.            Adamczyk-Garbowska, Monika (editor). Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 28: Jewish Writing In Poland. Littman, 2016. 443 pp. Collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback.  (277456)       $18.00 

4.            Adelsberger, Lucie. Auschwitz: Ein Tatsachenbericht. Das Vermachtnis der Opfer fur uns Juden und fur alle Menschen. Berlin: Lettner, 1956. 173 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
Jewish Doctor who survived Auschwitz. Worked treating Gypsies in the Camp.  (277025)  $18.00

5.            Almog, Oz. Dem Morgenrot entgegen : Helden der Sowjetunion. Judisches museum, 2002. 313 pp.In German True stories of Jewish soldiers who fought in the Soviet Army against the Nazis, with pictures. Many died. 500,000 Jews were soldiers in the Red army. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Ausstellung Dem Morgenrot Entgegen – Helden der Sowjetunion im Jüdischen Museum der Stadt Wien vom 12. März bis 16. Juni 2002].  (277404)         $36.00

6.            Amalgamated Relief Committee. Poland Fights On: The Polish and Jewish Underground Movement in Nazi Occupied Poland. NYC: Relief Comm for Labor/Schoen Books, 1942/2013. Reprint (Schoen Books). 12mo 58 pp.9 essay sThe People Resist Nazi Program of Oppression, The Underground Anti Nazi Movement in Poland, Unity of Struggle and Aim of Jews and Poles in Underground Movementa by Samuel Zygielbojm , Henry Ehrlich and Victor Alter Their Freedom Wanted! (from Soviet Imprisonment) Perfect-bound.  (277726)                $18.00

7.            American Joint Distribution Committee European Executive Offices. World Refugee Organizations A Guide to Relief and Reconstruction Activities for Refugees fron Germany. Paris: American Joint Distribution /Schoen Reprint, July 1937/ 2013. 122 pp. Amazing document with offices throughout the world especially Europe to receive the refugees, with addresses and names of officials, activities, charts of the Emigration of German Jews . Very Good. Perfect-bound.
This is a reprint of the scarce original.  (277736)  $20.00

8.            American Joint Distribution Committee. Prompt Aid Means Effective Aid; The American Joint Distribution Committee’s Aid to Victimized Jews in Poland. Paris: European Executive Offices, 1936?. Schoen Books Reprint (2007). Extraordinary genealogical document includes photos,of the people in villages being aided and a list of the villages and inhabitants (and their profession) assisted by the Joint. Included are Minsk (Mazowiecki), Przytyk, Zagorow, Truskolasy, Odrzywol, Klwow, Drzewica, Pyzdry, Przybyszew. 22pp. + xvi. New. Perfect-bound .  (277751) $46.00

9.            Americanizing Our Immigration Laws. New York: American Jewish Committee // HIAS, 1948. 41 pp. Mimeograph. Slight library mark. Good. Three-Ring Binder.
Testimony of the AJC before the immigration subcommitte of the senate judiciary committee.  (277503)  $36.00

10.          Applebaum, Anne. Gulag A History. Doubleday, 2003. 676 pp. includes material on WW2 and Jewish prisoners. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (237408)   $15.00

11.          Arendt, Hannah. Hannah Arendt Sobre la violencia. Mexico: D.R, 1970. 96 pp. Editorial Joaquin Mortiz.  (277023)               $10.00

12.          Arens, Moshe. Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto: The Untold Story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Gefen, 2011. 405 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (277068)               $15.00

13.          Heinz, Arnold (hrsg). Text + Kritik: Zeitschrift fur Literatur: Lion Feuchtwanger. Heft 79/80. Text, 1983. 148 pp. Collection of essays about refugee writer. Very Good. Paperback.  (277015)           $10.00

14.          Bangerter, Lowell. The Bourgeois Proletarian: A Study of Anna Seghers. Bonn: Bouvier Verlag, 1980. 206 pp. good. Hardcover .
Author of the Seventh Cross, fled Nazi Germany and spent war in Mexico.  (276961)          $15.00

15.          Bankier David. Secret Intelligence and the Holocaust; Collected Essays from the Colloquium at the City University of New York. Yad Vashem: Enigma Books, 2006. 379 pp. sfep. Very Good. Paperback.  (277513)                $12.00

16.          Bardakjian, K.B. Hitler and the Armenian Genocide. Zoryan Institute, 1985. 61 pp. sfep. Special Report #3. Good. Paperback.  (277509)         $15.00

17.          Bargad, Warren. ‘To Write the Lips of Sleepers’ The Poetry of Amir Gilboa. Cincinnati: HUC, 1994.  8vo 358 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
A major study of the important Israeli poet. Includes study of his poetry of the War and the Shoah.  (248656)                $27.00

18.          Barnes, Kenneth. Nazism, Liberalism, and Christianity: Protestant Social Thought in Germany and Great Britain: 1925-1937. Lexington: Univ. Press of Kentucky, 1991. 8vo 203 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
(A)  (277032)       $7.00

19.          Bau, Joseph. Dear God, Have You Ever Gone Hungry?: Memoirs. Arcade, 1990. 225 pp. Holocaust memoir of surviving Plaszow and Aushwitz. Contains more than 60 illustartions by the artist including maps of the crakow ghetto and the Plaszow camp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277154)    $30.00

20.          Bauer-Hack, Susanne. Die jüdische Wochenzeitung Aufbau und die Wiedergutmachung. Droste, 1996. 324 pp. cover creased. Good. Paperback.  (277033)           $10.00

21.          Bayer, Issi. 27 Kapitel Judischer Brauchdeutung. Bingen: Selbstverlag und Pennrich, 1935. 148 pp., cover worn, fore edge foxed. Good-. cloth.
27 chapters on Jewish customs, note date of publication.  (277466)           $27.00

22.          Beilis, Mendel. The Story of My Sufferings. NY: Mendel Beilis Publishing, 1926. 264 pp. In English,hinges repaired,book plate, paste remnants on back end papers inscribed by grandson of Beilis. Good. Hardcover .
The accusation of ritual murder in Russia in 1913. Basis for Malamud’s The Fixer. Important work.  (277148)                $30.00

23.          Berger, Solomon. The Jewish Commonwealth of Zborow. NY: Regsol, 1967. 154 pp. dj torn Destruction of the Jewish community. good. Hardback & DJ.
Memorial book of growing up in this town in Eastern Galicia, now part of the Soviet Ukraine, through the First War.  (277439)               $20.00

24.          Bergier Jean Francois chair. Switzerland National Socialism and the Second World War Final Report of the Independent Commission of Experts. Pendo, 2002. 600 pp. library mark on cover and slight library mark on pastedown. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277719)                $20.00

25.          Bialystok Franklin. Delayed Impact: The Holocaust and the Canadian Jewish Community. Montreal: McGill, 2000. 8vo 326 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.  (277219)               $15.00

26.          Bloom Sol, Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs. Rescue of the Jewish and Other Peoples in Nazi-Occupied Territory [Confidential Print]; Extract from Hearings before the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives. Seventy-Eighth Congress: First Session on H. Res. 350 and H. Res. 352 Resolutions Providing for the Establishment by the Executive of a Commission to Effectuate the Rescue of the Jewish People of Europe. November 26, 1943. Washington DC: USGPO, November 26, 1943. Schoen Books Reprint. Important document establishing means to rescue Jews. 72 pp. reprint. New. Perfect-bound .
reprint  (277743)               $10.00
27.          Bocher Otto. Der alte Friedhof zu Worms. Rheinische Kunststatten, 1984. 12 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (261979)               $15.00

28.          Boelcke, Willi A. (selector and editor). The Secret Conferences of Dr. Goebbels: The Nazi Propaganda War 1939-43. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1970. 364 pp. Translated from the German by Ewald Osers. Spine of dj torn and worn. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277529)            $15.00

29.          Bohlman, Philip. ‘The Land Where Two Streams Flow’: Music in the German-Jewish Community of Israel. Urbana: Univ. of Illinois, 1989. 8vo 257 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Impact of the refugees on the musical heritage of Israel  (276997)              $10.00

30.          Borwicz, Michal. Piesn Ginacych: Z Dziejow Tworczosci Zydow Pod Hitlerowska Okupacja. Krakow: Central Jewish Hist Comm, 1947. 55 pp. library number on cover and mark on tp. Good. Wrapper.
Song of the Dying: from the history of the creativity of Jews under Hitler occupation  (277328)      $25.00

31.          Botstein, Leon. Quasi una fantasia Juden und die Musikstadt Wien. Wien: Judische Museum Wolke, 2003. 202 pp. exhibition catalog includes material on the Shoah. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277657)             $40.00

32.          Bourke-White, Margaret. ‘Dear Fatherland, Rest Quietly’ A Report on the Collapse of Hitler’s’ Thousand Years’. NY: Simon and Schuster, 1946. 175 pp. Good +. Hardcover .
Famous Life Magazine photographer, pictures of post War Germany and also the concentration camps and Germans forced to visit the camps after the War . Important work.  (277491)           $18.00

33.          Brodersen, Uwe. Gesetze des NS-Staates.Gehlen-Texte Band 2. Gehlen, 1968. 195 pp. slight library marks. Good. Paperback.  (277200)         $15.00

34.          Bromberg, Norbert & Verna Volz Small. Hitler’s Psychopathology. IUP, 1984. 335 pp.covers rubbed Psychoanalytic study. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277151)              $20.00

35.          Bronfman, Edgar chair. Plunder and restitution: The U.S. and Holocaust victims’ assets : findings and recommendations of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets in the United States and Staff report. USGPO, 2000. 246 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (277626)  $16.00

36.          Bullock, Marcus Paul. The Violent Eye: Ernst Junger’s Visisons and Revisions on the European Right. Detroit: Wayne State, 1992. 338 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Covers the aftermath of the First War to WW2 to the present  (277458)  $28.00

37.          Carsten, Prof. F L (introduction) Graml, Hermann (editor). The German Resistance to Hitler. Berkeley: University of California, 1970. 280 pp. dj worn and torn. Includes essays by Graml, Mommsen, Reichhardt and Ernst Wolf. Good-. Hardback & DJ.  (277107)    $10.00

38.          Cason, Ben (editor). Holocaust: The Obligation to Remember; The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors April 11-14 1983. Washington Post, 1983. 67 pp. Filled with photos from the Holocaust and articles. Top corner bumped. Large 8vo. Very Good. Wrapper.  (277283)           $15.00

39.          Cenziper, Debbie. Citizen 865: The Hunt for Hitler’s Hidden Soldiers in America. Hachette, 2019. 300 pp.Spanning seven decades the attempts to deport Nazis from the USA and the work of the Office of Special Investigations and other and the arduous detective work involved. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277632)                $24.00

 40.          Chandler, Andrew (editor). Exile and Patronage – Cross-cultural negotiations beyond the Third Reich. Mittel- und Ostmitteleuropastudien Band 3. LIT, 2006. 212 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (277003) $20.00

41.          Chare, Nicholas. Auschwitz and Afterimages: Abjection, Witnessing and Representation. Tauris, 2011. 194 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (277771)              $238.00

42.          Charny, Israel (editor). The Book of the International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide. Book One, The Conference Program and Crisis; Towards Understanding. Intervention and Prevention of Genocide. Institute, 1983. 343 pp. taped spine and slight libray mark Proceedings. Good. Paperback.  (277449)             $25.00

43.          Cherry, Robert (editor). Rethinking Poles And Jews: Troubled Past, Brighter Future. Rowman, 2007. 230 pp. slight library marks. Good +. Paperback.  (277209)             $18.00

44.          Comer, Clarke. Eichmann O Assassino de Milhoes. Rio: Editora Do Autor, 1961. 223 pp, number on spine and slight library mark on fep. Good +. Wrapper.
Translated from the English. Written after the Trial  (277037)        $17.00

45.          Connecticut Jewish History Stave Bruce preface. Witness to War 1941-45 The Soviet Jewish Experience. Jewish Historical Society, Summer 2001. Volume three 89 pp. interviews with Jewish soldiers. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (276962)               $15.00

46.          Consistoire central des Israelites de France et d’Algerie (Schwartz I preface). Memorial… : en souvenir de nos rabbins et ministres officiants, victimes de la barbarie nazie (Reprint). Paris: Jacobs, 1947/2013. 52 pp. with pictures , short biographies and their deaths (this is a reprint of the original) Very Good. Wrapper.
Preface by Grand Rabbin Isaie Schwartz and Introduction by Leon Meiss, President of the Consistoire Central of the Jews of France.  (277735)              $18.00

47.          Dekel, Ephraim. Benetevi HaBricha; B’riha: Flight to the Homeland. Marachot, 1959. In Hebrew dj torn 527 pp. Two volumes with photos. good. Hardback & DJ.
Extensive material on the DP camps and rescue work following the Shoah and boats to Palestine..  (277387)                $57.00

48.          Deutsche Bibliothek Frankfurt am Main  Hahner, Mechthild (Redakteur). Deutsches Exilarchiv 1933-1945. Katalog der Bucher und Broschuren. . Metzlersche Verlagsbuchhandlung , 1989. 714 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Extraordinary bibliography containing nearly 7,000 publications of German-speaking emigrants whose books and brochures were published outside Nazi Europe from 1933 to 1950 (including first editions, reprints and translations, books published by emigrants, translated, illustrated or designed, publications by Jewish publishers In Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia after 193o. Concludes with a complete registry of the persons and organizations and the publishers included. Essential reference guide  (277757) $72.00

49.          Deutscher, Isaac. The Non-Jewish Jew and Other Essays. Oxford University Press, 1968. 12mo 164 pp.dj worn and torn Eight essays. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276864) $25.00

50.          Dicker, Herman. Creativity, Holocaust, Reconstruction: Jewish Life in Wuerttemberg Past and Present. NY: Sepher Hermon Press, 1984. 234 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Dr.Dicker grew up between the Wars in Stuttgart, the capital city of Wuerttemberg,in south western Germany. Wonderful work on the Jewish community including the devastation of the Shoah.  (277122)         $5.00

51.          Diner Dan. Beyond the Conceivable; Studies on Germany, Nazism and the Holocaust. Berkeley: Univ of Calif, 2000. 285 pages In three parts Political Ideology and Historical Context Perceptions of the Holocaust Holocaust Narrattives. Good +. Hardback & DJ.  (277689)     $15.00

52.          Dobroszycki, Lucjan. Survivors of the Holocaust in Poland; A Portrait Based on Jewish Community Records, 1944-1947. Sharpe, 1994. 164 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278077)          $18.00

53.          Drucker, Peter F. Adventures of a Bystander. Harper & Row, 1978. 344 pp. Ex-library with pocket. Refugee from Nazi Germany, autobiography of life in London and America in the 1930s and 40s. Became important analyst of politics, economics and society. Born in 1909 in Vienna. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277546)          $18.00

54.          Duszak, Stanislaw (editor). Majdanek. 1985: Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza, 1985. 165 pp. filled with photos. Good +. Hardcover .  (277607)     $20.00

55.          Dynner, Glenn (editor). Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 27: Jews In The Kingdom of Poland, 1815-1918. Littman, 2015. 443 pp. Collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback.  (277452)       $17.00

56.          Dynner, Glenn (editor). Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 27: Jews In The Kingdom of Poland, 1815-1918. Littman, 2015. 443 pp. Collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback.  (277454)       $17.00

57.          Eber Irene. The Choice: Poland, 1939-1945. Schocken, 2004. 229 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Returning to her hometown of Mielec and her memories of the Shoah.Her family was murdered and she escaped.  (273083)               $6.00

58.          Eisenstein Miriam. Jewish Schools in Poland 1919-1939 Their Philosophy and Development. Columbia University Press, 1950. 113 pp. Discusses the influences of the various movements behind the schools and curriculum and influence of the Bund and Zionist forces for aliyah. Good +. Hardcover .  (277460)       $36.00

59.          Eisner Ruth. Nicht wir allein., Aus dem Tagebuch einer Berliner Judin. Arani, 1971. 296 pp. library number on dj and slight library mark. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277006)               $10.00

60.          Etzioni, Amitai (inscribed by). My Brother’s Keeper; A Memoir and A Message. Rowman and Littlefield, 2003. 457 pp. Library stamp on fore edge. Inscribed by author. Refugee from Nazi Germany to Palestine. Became a known as the founder of the communitarian movement. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277089)      $20.00

61.          Even-Shoshan, Shlomo. Minsk, ir ve-em (Minsk, Jewish Mother-City) Memorial Anthology Volume One. Jerusalem: The Association of Olim from Minsk and its Surroundings in Israel, 1975. 695 pp. In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover .  (278138)     $25.00

62.          Feuchtwanger, Lion. Die Sohne Roman. Queriod, 1935. 542 pp. Bookplate, cover stained. Good. Hardcover .
Sternfeld DEL pp. 131  (277105)  $15.00

63.          Feuchtwanger, Lion. Vasantasena nach dem Indischen des Konigs Sudraka. Berlin: Maxim Gorki Theater, 1960s. 24 pp. theater production based on writings of Feuchtwanger, contains articles/stories, cover creased,worn. Good. Wrapper.  (277625)         $38.00

64.          Feuchtwanger, Lion. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. Viking, 1943. 375 pp.Novel based on on the clairvoyant Hanussen. Good condition. Hardcover .
The story itself is built around the figure of a clairvoyant (presumably modelled on Hanussen, who disappeared at a point convenient to the Nasis). Other characters suggest Nazi figures, — Goering, Roshm, Goebbels. But the story itself is so interwoven with the whole panorama of Germany, gradually succumbing to the mesh of Nazi intrigue, that in the final analysis, it is that aspect that stands out. You feel as if you were seeing behind the machinery, through the Reichstag fire; industry and monied interests are caught in the net; women play a dynamic though insidious part. And through the story goes the figure of Oscar Lautensack, clairvoyant, torn between a faith in his own powers and the ever-recurrent temptation to use those powers, and manipulate them to his own ends. (Kirkus review)  (276999)                $23.00

65.          Fiehler Oberburgermeister, Karl. Munchen baut auf – Ein Tatsachen- und Bildbericht uber den nationalsozialistischen Aufbau in der Hauptstadt der Bewegung.NSDAP/Franz Eher, 1937. 198 pp.first few and last few pages have some foxing, filled with picutres of the architecture and rebuilding of Munich, glorifying the accomplishments of the Reich, filled with statistics etc. An example of Nazi propaganda. Good. Hardcover .  (277150)             $68.00

66.          Filderman W, Dr. Memoirs and Diaries. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 2004. 61 pp. new covers slight library mark on fep. Very Good. Wrapper.
Important Romanian Jewish leader who fought for the rights of Jews in Romania and helped prevent their deporation during the Shoah  (277488)          $26.00

67.          Filderman W, Dr. Le probleme du travail national dt la crise du Barreau en Roumaine. Paris: 1937. 61 pp. new covers slight library mark on fep. Very Good. Wrapper.
Has material on the plight of Jews in Romania. Important Romanian Jewish leader who fought for the rights of Jews in Romania and helped prevent their deporation during the Shoah  (277487)              $47.00

68.          Fishbane, Michael (curated by). Samuel Bak Myth Midrash and Mysticism Paintings 1973-1994. Pucker Gallery, 1994. 24 pp. Top corner clight crease. Exhibition catalog of artist who survived the Holocaust and created imagery about his experiences. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277541)           $20.00

69.          Flade, Roland. Juden in Wurzburg 1918-1933. Historische Verein, 1985. 518 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (266467)               $30.00

70.          Flade, Roland. Die Wurzburger Juden Ihre Geschichte von Mittelalter vis der Gegenwart; Historische Verein. Stuertz, 1987. 518 pp dj torn. Good. Hardcover .  (277317)             $25.00

71.          Flugge, Manfred. Wider Willen im Paradies; Deutsche Schriftsteller im Exil in Sanary sur Mer. Aufbau, 1976. 162 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (277034)               $5.00

72.          Fox, Anne and Podietz Eva Abraham . Ten Thousand Children: True stories told by children who escaped the Holocaust on the Kindertransport. NJ: Behrman House, 1999. 128 pp. signed by Podiez. Good. Paperback.  (277218)                $10.00

73.          Frank Michael. Die letzte Bastion Nazis in Argentinien. Rutten, 1962. 157 pp. slight library marks. Good. Paperback.  (277450)      $20.00

74.          Frank Anne (Moser Barry designer and Joseph Goldyne illustrator). Diary of a Young Girl Het Achteruis. Pennyroyal and Jewish Heritage, , 1985. One of 350 numbered copies signed by the artist, Joseph Goldyne and book designer, Barry Moser. 2 volumes. Illustrated with 10 color etchings each signed by the artist, Joseph Goldyne, tissue guards. Second volume has an extra suite of plates also signed by the artist. Folio, volume One is full gray blind stamped morocco and Volume II is 1/2 gray morocco, slipcase. Magnificent limited edition. Very Good. Grey Morocco.  (270303)               $2,750.00

75.          Franke Hans. Geschichte und Schicksal der Juden in Heilbronn. Vom Mittelalter bis zur Zeit der nationalsozialistischen Verfolgungen. Stadt Heilbronn, 1963. 384 pp. top corners of pages bit bumped. Good. Paperback.  (277655)     $18.00

76.          Franzen, Uwe; Weinke, Wilfried. Wo man Bucher verbrennt… Verbrannte Bucher, verbannte und ermordete Autoren Hamburgs; Burnt books, exiled and murdered authors of Hamburg. Bardowick, 2017. 376 pages large tome The book shows a variety of biographical, private photos of the 21 featured authors. The books, brochures, newspapers, articles … published by the authors are presented as photographic objects in elaborate photo-text-graphic collages An amazing homage to Hamburg authors murdered by the Nazis . Very Good. Hardcover .
Exhibition catalog  (277781)         $45.00

77.          Fraser James and Heller Steven. The Malik-Verlag: 1916 – 1947. Goethe House Farleigh Dickinson, 1984. 86 pp. Includes Heartfield’s work in exile in England and the Aurora Verlag in NY. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (276964)                $25.00

78.          Freidrich, C. J. and Shulman, Marshall and Winkler, Harold, et.al. The Legal Aspects of Freedom of Assembly A Memorandum, and A Special Supplement; “Should Nazis, Communists and other anti-Democratic groups in this country be allowed to meet?” New York: Council for Democracy // Committee of Correspondence, 1940. 38 pp. + 27 pp. Number on spine. Two issues. Good. Wrapper.
“In July, 1940, Henry Luce, C. D. Jackson, Freda Kirchwey, Raymond Gram Swing, Robert Sherwood, John Gunther, Leonard Lyons, Ernest Angell and Carl Joachim Friedrich established the Council for Democracy. According to Kai Bird the organization “became an effective and highly visible counterweight to the isolation rhetoric” to America First Committee led by Charles Lindbergh and Robert E. Wood: “With financial support from Douglas and Luce, Jackson, a consummate propagandist, soon had a media operation going which was placing anti-Hitler editorials and articles in eleven hundred newspapers a week around the country. During the 1940 Presidential Election the isolationist Chicago Tribune accused the Council for Democracy of being under the control of foreigners: “The sponsors of the so-called Council for Democracy… are attempting to force this country into a military adventure on the side of England.” George Seldes also attacked the organization arguing that it was being mainly financed by Henry Luce.” -Spartacus Educational,
https://spartacus-educational.com/USAcouncilDem.htm  (277507)  $75.00

79.          Friedman, Philip. Roads to Extinction: Essays on the Holocaust. NY: JPS, 1980. 8vo 610 pp. dj torn. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Important collection of essays by the ‘father of Jewish Holocaust literature.’  (277624)      $10.00

80.          Frommer Benjamin. National Cleansing Retribution Against Nazi Collaborators in Postwar Czechoslovakia. Cambridge, 2005. 387 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
National Cleansing examines the prosecution of more than one hundred thousand suspected war criminals and collaborators by Czech courts and tribunals after the Second World War. This comprehensive history of postwar Czech retribution provides a new perspective on Czechoslovakia’s transition from Nazi occupation to Stalinist rule in the turbulent decade from the Munich Pact of September 1938 to the Communist coup d’état of February 1948. Based on archival sources that remained inaccessible during the Cold War, National Cleansing demonstrates the central role of retribution in the postwar power struggle and the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans. In contrast to general histories of postwar Czechoslovakia, which have traditionally portrayed retribution as little more than Communist-inspired political justice, this book illustrates that the prosecution of collaborators and war criminals represented a genuine, if deeply flawed, attempt to confront the crimes of the past, including those committed by the Czechs themselves. From the Cambridge University Press Website  (251339)             $20.00

81.          Fry, Varian. Surrender on Demand. NY: Random House, 1945. 243 pages dj torn, label removed from base of dj with remnants remaining,title page evidence of hinge repiar, white stripe along edge. Good condition. Cloth.
The Dramatic story of the Underground Organization set up by Americans in France to Rescue Cultural and Political Refugees  (277837)          $75.00

82.          Galas, Michal (editor). Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 23: Jews In Krakow. Littman, 2011. 443 pp. Collection of essays. Very Good. Hardcover .  (277453)     $15.00

83.          Geller, Jay. Jews in Post Holocaust Germany 1945-1953. Cambridge, 2005. 330 pp slight mark on fore edge. Very Good. Paperback.  (277008)               $5.00

84.          Gillon Adam editor  inscribed . Poems of the Ghetto A Testament of Lost Men. Twayne, 1969. 96 pp.book plate Poems of survivors of the camps and those who were murdered. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277628)                $40.00

85.          Gliksman, Jerzy. Tell the West; An Eyewitness Account. Gresham Press, 1948. 358 pp. Former owner’s inscription to fep. sfep. Good. Paperback.
Early eye-witness account of a Jewish socialist slave laborer in USSR during the early 1940s..  (277528)      $15.00

86.          (Globe, Dr. Hans). Im Namen der Volker; Auszuge aus dem Protokoll des Prozesses gegen Dr. Hans Globke vor dem Obersten Gericht der DDR. Berlin: DDR, 1963. 238 pp. tears to spine, creases cover, slight librry mark on spine and fep. Good. Wrapper.
Accused of Nazi past  (277330)    $10.00

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Significant collection of essays re Eastern Jewry, social hygiene, Palestine, the Talmud. By Rabbis and Medical Doctors.  (256986)               $36.00

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Important work by anti fascist leader who founded Neu Beginnen, refugee in USA, details conditions in Germany.Sternfeld-Tiedemann 142.  (248719)     $25.00

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97.          Herman, Gail. What was the Holocaust? Penguin Workshop, 2019. 106 pp.with 16 pages of photos Written for middle school students by educators and uses Gerda Weissman Klein’s story as an example of one survivor and other examples, with emphasis on the development of the Nazi Party,philosophy the concept of Anti Semitism and then goes through what the Shoah was about.Also tried to make the genocide relevant to the current world situation. I bought this at my supermarket book section of childrens books. Very Good. Paperback.  (276905)               $12.00

98.          Hersey, John. Life Sketches. Knopf, 1989. 367 pp. With a chapter on children of Holocaust survivors Collection of stories of individuals. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277211)   $17.00

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101.       Hesse Karen signed by and by illustrator. The Cats in Krasinski Square. Scholastic , 2004. 20 pp. imagiined work written for young adults, beautifully illustrated by Wendy Watson of children trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto and their use of cats to outsmart the Nazis. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276861)               $23.00

102.       Hett Benjamin. Crossing Hitler: The Man Who Put the Nazis on the Witness Stand. Oxford, 2008. 349 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
During the trial of four Nazi paratroopers in 1931, Litten grilled Hitler in a merciless three-hour examination, forcing Hitler into multiple contradictions and evasions and finally reducing him to helpless and humiliating rage. Two years later Hitler was in power, and Litten was sent to the concentration camps of the Third Reich, where he worked on translations of medieval German poetry and operated as a one-man university. After five years of torture and hard labor, Litten gave up hope of survival, and took his own life 1938. (from the blurb)  (248713)          $15.00

103.       Hoffman, Allen. Two for the Devil. NY: Abbeville Press, 1998. 254 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
An absurdist novel of suffering during the Stalin regime and the Holocaust.  (277543)        $10.00

104.       Holczler Moshe. Late Reflections: An Anthology of Holocaust Stories. NY: CIS, 1994. 188 pp.pp. Very good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Written by Holocaust survivor who worked with survivors after the War, his memories of growing up and the Shoah and others surivirors’ recollections of the Shoah.  (277118)            $12.00

105.       Holdheim Gerhard. Der politische Zionismus: Werden, Wesen, Entwicklung. Niedersächsischen Landeszentrale , 1964. 63 pp Includes .Chapters on Blau Weiss and Zionism in Germanydeom 1933-1939, Palestine in Second War. Very Good. Hardcover .
Schriftenreihe der Niedersächsischen Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung, Probleme des Judentums, Heft 4;  (277827)               $25.00

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Materialien zum Ausstellungsprojekt Band 1 und 2, wonderful interviews and photos and documentation concerning the Rosenthal family and their life in Germany and emigrations.  (277538)              $55.00

108.       Institut fur Sozialforschung. Studien uber Autoritat und Vorurteil (Gekurzte deutsche Fassung der Bande I-III und V der “Studies in Prejudice” edited by Max Horkheimer and S H Flowerman) Erster und Zweiter Halbband. Frankufrt: Goethe Universitat, 1953. 739 pp. in two volumes, hinge started, library mark on free end paper and taped number to spine, typed manuscript paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Hardcover .
Als manuskript verveilfaltigt  (277646)     $175.00

109.       International Refugee Organization Hearings before the Committee on Foreign Relations US Senate on S J Res 77; A Joint resolution providing for membership and participation by the US in the International Refugee Organization and authorizing an appropriation therefor. USGPO, 1947. 48 pp. Had been folded in half. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277094)               $25.00

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Essential work on the Holocaust.  (277356)            $18.00

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Herwarth Walden et al ; German expressionist periodical  (277463)            $20.00

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Priests who resisted the Nazis.  (277009)                $10.00

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123.       Kirshner, Ann. Sala’s Gift; My Mother’s Holocaust Story. Free Press, 2006. 286 pp. Sala survived five years as a slave in seven different Nazi work camps. 40 years after the war, she rpesented her daughter with letters, photographs and a diary that describe her life during the show. This book is the result. Sala Garncarz. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277511)          $20.00

 124.       Kluger, Ruth. Gelesene Wirklichkeit Fakten und Fiktionen in der Literatur. Wallstein, 2006. 219 pp.essays on the Shoah and Literature. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276947)               $15.00

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Was head of the German Democratic Party (1924-1930), was German Minister of the Interior and Minister of Justice, died in exile in Brazil. Important work. An analysis of those factors in the German mentality and German history that made possible the rise of Hitlerism and which must be weighed in determining the treatment of Germans after the War.”  (277297) $12.00

126.       Korchak Reizl. Lehavot ba-efer (Flames in Ash). Sifriat Poalim, 1946. 321 pp. lacks corner of cover dj torn  Vilna Ghetto and the destruction of the Shoah In Hebrew with photos. Good-. Hardcover .  (277382)     $18.00

127.       Kosowski             B . Bibliographie der judischen Ausgaben in der Britischen Zone Deutschlands 1945-1950 ביבליאגראפיע פון די יידישע אויסגאבעס אין דער בריטישער זאנע פון דייטשלאנד, 1945־1950 /. Bergen Belsen: : Kulturamt des Zentralkomitee der Befreiten Juden in der Britischen Zone,, 1950. 46 pp facsimiles of the publications  evidence of book plate removal, pen scribble to cover. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Important scarce publication of publications in Yiddish in the Displaced Persons Camps  (276862)                $175.00

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Discusses Heidegger’s complicity in Nazi politics and his silence after the War about the Shoah.  (277031)                $6.00

132.       Laqueur, Walter. The Changing Face of Anti Semitism; from ancient times to the present day. NY: Oxford UP, 2008. 228 pp. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277197)     $15.00

133.       Letowsai, Sofia. Into The Abyss. 2019. 66 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Sofia’s story begins in May, 1943, when she was 21 years old and taken into German custody on an otherwise ordinary day trip to Krakow. It then tracks her experience being held in Montelupich prison, and in Part 2, her time at Plaszow concentration camp.Manucscript was written in Polish and recently discovered and translated.  (277149)                $15.00