“Vichy” – Books on the Shoah – October 2020

I hope and trust you are taking good care during this turbulent time and safely negotiating your paths in the midst of this pandemic, and that being surrounded by your library offers some solace and comfort that stretches through the centuries of challenging times.
I am very inspired by the introductory words of Carlos Ruiz Zafon in his work The Shadow of the Wind.

“This place is a mystery, a sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see here ,has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and those who read and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands ,every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens… In this place, books no longer remembered by anyone, books that are lost in time, live forever, waiting for the day when they will reach a new reader’s hands.”

I would like to imagine that this “genizah” is also a book sanctuary, awaiting the journeyer on their book pilgrimage.

1.            Fire Ant, 2007. Memoir of growing up in Lodz beautifully written by survivor of Auschwitz, 220 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (278840)      $4.00

2.            Allport, Prof Gordon. ABC’s of Scapegoating. Chicago, Illinois: Central YMCA, 1940?. 12mo 72 pp. Good. pamphlet.  (278126)        $8.00

3.            Amalgamated Relief Committee. Poland Fights On: The Polish and Jewish Underground Movement in Nazi Occupied Poland. NYC: Relief Comm for Labor/Schoen Books, 1942/2013. Reprint (Schoen Books). 12mo 58 pp.9 essaysThe People Resist Nazi Program of Oppression, The Underground Anti Nazi Movement in Poland, Unity of Struggle and Aim of Jews and Poles in Underground Movementa by Samuel Zygielbojm , Henry Ehrlich and Victor Alter Their Freedom Wanted! (from Soviet Imprisonment) Perfect-bound.  (279633)     $15.00

4.            American Jewish Committee. The Jews in Nazi Germany: A Handbook of Facts Regarding Their Present Situation. NY: American Jewish Committee, 1935. 177 pp. covers stained crown frayed hinges repaired. Good. Cloth.
Important early documentation  (279238)             $43.00

5.            American Jewish Committee. The Jews in Nazi Germany: A Handbook of Facts Regarding Their Present Situation. NY: American Jewish Committee, 1935. 177 pp. library number on spine library marks on free end paper. Good. Cloth.
Important early documentation  (279239)             $47.00

6.            Anonymous. Persecution of the Catholic Church in the Third Reich: Facts and Documents Translated From the German. Originally Published in 1941. McCaffrey, 2007?. reprint. 564 pp. filled with documents, reprint of original , first tow pages creased,crown bumped. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278764)              $15.00

7.            Baeck, Leo et al. Zur Eroffnung der Ludwig Tietz Lehrwerkstatte in Jagur. [Mit Beitrn von L. Beack, O. Hirsch, M. Kreutzberger u.a.]. Reichsvertretung der Juden in Deutschland, 1937. Tietz who died in November 1933 was active in training German Jewish youth in skills for aliyah to Palestine.(Youth Aliyah ) He was the leader of the Jewish Youth Association and noted physician. Articles include Berufausbilding in Palestine by Kreutzberger, Chanoch Reinhold on Drei Jahre Jugend Alija, Poldi Kuh, Frenzen und Moglichkeiten in Lehrwerkstatten, Evas Stern Geginnn der Jugend Alija, Rudi Baer Ludwig Tietz und die Werkleute, Georg Lubinski Ein Leben mit der Jugend and Friedrich Brodnitz Kampf um die Jewish Agency . Good +. Stiff Wrapper.  (278299)   $40.00

8.            Baerwald, Dr. H. (Direktor) Philanthropin. Geschichte der Realschule der israelitischen Gemeinde (Philanthropin) zu Frankfurt am Main 1804-1904. Frankfurt: Joseph Baer, 1904. 207+464 pp. covers worn, slight tears to crown and base of spine, sfep, slight library stamp Important institution that educated Jewish children, Closed by the Nazis in 1942 and reopened recently as a Jewish school again. Heavy tome. Good. Cloth.
Festschrift zur Jahrhundertfeier der Realschule, Teil 2 is Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen seven essays, including an essay on Die Geschichte der Judengasse in Frankfurt by Prof I. Kracauer  (278784)               $125.00

9.            Bahrawy, Lisa de Serbine. The Voice of History: An Exegesis of Selected Short Stories from Ingeborg Bachmann’s Das dreissigste Jahr and Simultan from the Perspective of Austrian History. Lang, 1989. 194 pp. Good. Hardcover .  (277937)               $10.00

10.          Bassani, Giorgio. L’Alba ai vetri. Poesie 1942-50. Einaudi, 1963. 95 pp. In Italiancovers worn, sfep, embossed stamp tp. Good +. Hardcover .
Jewish Italian novelist, had been arrested for anti fascist activity Wrote Garden of the Finzi Contini  (278866)                $19.00

11.          Beisbart, Ortwin. Einige werden bleiben. Und mit ihnen das Vermächtnis. Der Beitrag judischer Schriftsteller zur deutschsprachigen Literatur des 20. Jahrhunderts. BVB, 1992. 186 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278052)                $10.00

12.          Beling, Eva. Eine soziologische Untersuchung der Einwanderung aus Deutschland zwischen 1933 und 1945. Europaische Verlag, 1967. 282 pp. dj tears. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Sociological study of immigration from Germany between 1933 and 1945 – the integration problems of German Jews who fled Germany to Palestine  (268494)               $20.00

13.          Belth, Nathan (editor). Fighting for America: An account of Jewish Men in the Armed Forces from Pearl Harbor to the Italian campaign. NY: NJWB, 1944. Text and lists the Jewish soldiers. 12mo 168 pp.bookplate on free end paper Compliments of Jewish Welfare Board Army and Navy Committee. good. Paperback.  (278296)     $25.00

14.          Benz, Wolfgang. Enzyklopadie des Nationalsozialismus.Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen, Karten und Grafiken. Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1998. 900 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (278269)   $12.00

15.          Berg, Mary. גטו ורשה :‏ ‏יומנה של מרי ברג /‏ /Geto Ṿarshah : yomanah shel Meri Berg. Tverski, 1945. 229 pages in Hebrew,ex library with markings and bookplate,taped spine ,corners bumped, pages yellowing but not brittle. Good. Boards.
Classic work on the ghetto. Day to day record of her four years in the ghetto until her return to USA in 1944 in prisoner exchange.  (278204)      $75.00

16.          Berges, Max. Cold Pogrom. Phil: JPS, 1939. 280 pp. Good. Hardcover .
Novel of the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Berges fled Germany for Shanghai then Manila and came to the USA in Dec 1938 with the aid of Albert Einstein.  (278461)              $10.00

17.          Biege, Bernd. Helfer unter Hitler: Das Rote Kreus im Dritten Reich. Kindler, 2000. 287 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278260)     $15.00

18.          Bikont, Anna. And I Still See Their Faces: Images of Polish Jews. Shalom Foundation, 1996. 230 pp dj tears folio In English and Polish filled with photographs and memories, from an exhibition Extraordinary images, Reminds me of work of Vishniac. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Photographs were donated by non-Jews in Poland, and former Polish Jews from all over the world. Jewish life in Poland from the end of the last century to the Holocaust, and the destruction of Polish Jewish life.250550  (278947)                $58.00

19.          Blaukopf, Kurt. Unterwegs zur Musiksoziologie Auf der Suche nach Heimat und Standort. Wien: Nausner, 1998. 384 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Written in Exile in Paris and Jerusalem between 1938 and 1947  (278409)               $65.00

20.          Bloomberg, Marty. The Jewish Holocaust: An Annotated Guide to Jewish Books in English: Second Edition revised and Expanded. San Bernandino: Borgo Press, 1995. 2nd. 312 pp. new. PB.
Important bibliography and reference work. Excellent.  (278362)                $10.00

21.          Blumental, Nathan (editor). Sefer Borszczow (the book of Borstchoff) Bortchoff; Sefer Borszczow (the book of Borstchoff). Tel Aviv: Peretz, 1960. 341 pp.fore edge foxedIn Yiddish Memorial Book. Good. Hardcover .  (278469)                $30.00

22.          Borchardt, Hermann. Philosophische Grundbegriffe; Der Erkenntnisweg des Sokrates. Berlin: Ullstein, 1927. 139 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Borchardt subsequently survived concentration camps and became refugee in NY  (278033)   $25.00

23.          Bronner, Eric. Vienna: The World of Yesterday, 1889-1914. Humanities, 1997. 279 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
The World of Yesterday, 1889-1914, Stephen Eric Bronner, F.Peter Wagner, Vienna, 1889-1914, the jewel in the crown of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a major cultural capital at the high period of European modernism. In this collection, the contradictions of Vienna are explored in sixteen especially written articles which strike a unique balance between popular and lesser-known topics reflecting the mix of Vienna itself. Its great figures like Sigmund Freud, Robert Musil, and Arnold Schoenberg emerge along with the context in which their innovations took shape. Its cabarets, feuilletons, philosophical trends, and political factions, pedagogic experiments and sexual mores, are all treated in the pages of this interdisciplinary work. (from the blurb)  (277927)      $30.00

24.          Bruckner, Ferdinand. Races: A Drama. Knopf, 1934. 139 pp. writing on fep, marked up as theater edition, play concerns plight of the German Jew , new spine. Fair. Hardcover .
Bruckner was Austrian playwright who fled the Nazis for the USA.  (279048)          $25.00

25.          Brudna, Denis (editor) inscribed . Clemens Kalischer. Germany: Hatje Cantz, 2002. 175 pp Refugee photographer survivor of German concentration camps in France. inscribed by Kalischer on title page. Very Good. Cloth.
Displaced Persons after the War, NYC street scenes, Bermont pastorals. Essay and interview in German and English. see interview on www.jhswm.org  (278251)         $150.00

26.          Burdekin, Katharine. Swastika Night. Feminist Press, 1985. 196 pp. intro by Daphne Patai. Very Good. Paperback.
Published in 1937, twelve years before Orwell’s 1984 , this novel projects a totally male-controlled fascist world that has eliminated women as we know them. They are breeders, kept as cattle, while men in this post-Hitlerian world are embittered automatons, fearful of all feelings, having abolished all history, education, creativity, books, and art. Not even the memory of culture remains. The plot centers on a “misfit” who asks, as readers must, “How could this have happened?” Ann J. Lane calls the novel a “brilliant, chilling dystopia.” “This is a powerful, haunting vision of the inner and outer worlds of male violence.”- Blanche Wiesen Cook (from the blurb)  (277987)       $8.00

27.          Buttner, Urs. Das Unrechtsregime: Internationale Forschung über den Nationalsozialismus. Band I. Ideologie – Herrschaftssystem – Wirkung in Europa. Festschrift für Werner Jochmann zum 65. Geburtstag. Hns Christian, 1986. 560 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278261)              $15.00

28.          Carlebach, Julius (hrsg). Zur Geschichte der judischen Frau in Deutschland. Metropol, 1993. 268 pp. twelve essays from a symposium, including some on the Shoah. Good. Paperback.
Hochschule fur Judische Studien Heidelberg  (278002)     $10.00

29.          Carmilly-Weinberger, Moshe (editor). The Rabbinical Seminary of Budapest:1877-1977: A Centennial Volume. NY: Sepher Hermon, 1986. 334 pp.+ 54 pp In English and Hebrew, includes the period of the Shoah. Good +. Hardcover .  (279055)     $25.00

30.          Close the Book on Hate: 101 Ways to Combat Prejudice. Barnes and Nobles/ADL. 32 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
This pamphlet, which is part of the Close the Book on Hate Campaign, provides definitions, resources, and suggested readings on combating prejudice. The premise of the campaign is the belief that through reading and discussion, children will be better able to counter prejudice and hate. (worldcat)  (278142)   $15.00

31.          Cohen, Bernard. le mystere Waldheim. Gallimard, 1986. 199 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (278050)                $10.00

32.          Cohen, Israel. The Jews in Germany. London: John Murray, 1933. 20 pp. Reprinted vrom Quarterly Review July 1933 slight library mark and taped spine. Review of Mein Kampf and Nazi platforms. Good. Wrapper.
Prescient presentation of the situation of the Jews and appealing for the League to take action but fearing that it will remain passive and reveal the bankruptcy of modern civiliazation, powerful appeal.  (277935)       $25.00

33.          Cohn, Bernhard (editor) Hahn, Hugo . Living Legacy; Dedicated to Hugo Hahn: Rabbi, Teacher, Scholar. NY: Congregation Habonim, 1963. 121 pp. Filled with essays on German Jewish life in Germany and the USA. Hahn was an important refugee Rabbi from Essen , founded Congregation Habonim.  Good. Cloth.  (278298)    $25.00

34.          Comite International D’Histoire de la Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale. La Propagande pendant la Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale; Methodes, objet, resultats. Bucarest: Commission Roumaine, 1980. Twenty essays translated into five languages 479 pages tears to backstrip . Good. Paperback.  (278148)         $18.00

35.          Conference on Jewish Material Claims. Twenty Years Later 1952-1972 Activities of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany. CJMC, 1972. 152 pp. slight stains to covers. Good. Wrapper.  (277981) $15.00

36.          Coppi, Hans. Dieser Tod Passt zu Mir: Harro Schulze-Boysen – Grenzgänger im Widerstand. Briefe 1915 bis 1942. Aufbau, 1999. 447 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278257)     $10.00

37.          Coughlin, Rev Chas. Am I an anti-Semite?” : 9 addresses on various “ISMS”, answering the question; Nov. 6 1938-Jan 1 1939. Condon, 1939. about 200 pages top corners bumped and small holes on top of pages some pencil underlining. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278314)          $30.00

38.          Coughlin, Charles. Eight Lectures on Labor, Capital and Justice. Royal Oak: Radio League, April 1934. 239 pp. spine tears covers worn. Good +. Paperback.
As broadcast over a National Network  (278312)              $25.00

39.          Coughlin, Charles. Father Coughlin’s Radio Discourses: 1931-1932. Royal Oak: Radio League, 1932. 239 pp. Includes a appeal letter rom the Shrine of the Little Flower signed by Coughlin’s secretary. good. Paperback.  (274282)                $36.00

40.          Coughlin, Charles. The New Deal In Money; As Broadcast Over a National Network October November December 1933. Radio League, 1933. 128 pp. Covers worn, torn, taped spine, Good-. Paperback.  (278316)                $25.00

41.          Coughlin, Charles. A Series of Lectures on Social Justice. Royal Oak: Radio League, 1935.  224 pp. good. Paperback.  (278310)      $25.00

42.          Coughlin, Charles. A Series of Lectures on Social Justice April 1936. Royal Oak: Radio League, 1935. 178 pp. good. Paperback.  (278311)          $25.00

43.          Czarnecki, Joseph. Last Traces: The Lost Art of Auschwitz. NY: Atheneum, 1989. 8vo 175 pp. dj creased and chipped. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.
Drawing, paintings and graffiti of the prisoners of Auschwitz.  (278329)    $5.00

44.          Daiber, Hans. Vor Deutschland wird gewarnt; 17 exemplarische Lebenslaufe. Gutersloh: Mohn, 1967. 222 pp dj torn. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Study of writers before the Shoah. Becher Benn Blei Daubler Hasenclever Pulver Toller et al  (278048)       $15.00

45.          Dearborn Independent. Jewish Influences in American Life:Volume III of the International Jew. Dearborn: Dearborn Publishing, 1921. Anti-Semitica. 12mo 256 Henry Ford’s notoroius publication. good. Wrapper.  (278315)                $27.00

46.          Dobbs, Michael. The Unwanted: America, Auschwitz, And A Village Caught in Between. Knopf, 2019. 347 pp. With 14 photographs and 3 maps in text. Very Good +. Paperback.  (278805)         $4.00

47.          Doblin, Alfred. Judische Erneuerung. Querido, 1933. 98 pp. crown and base of spine slightly bumped, Jewish Renewal by author of Berlin Alexanderplatz who had fled

to France and in 1940 arrived in the USA. Good +. Hardcover .
sternfeld DEL page 63  (278357) $50.00

48.          Dobroszycki, Lucjan and Gimblett, Barbara Kirschenblatt. Image Before My Eyes: A Photographic History of Jewish Life in Poland 1864-1939. NY: Schocken, 1995. 269 pp. filled with photos, documentation, large book. Very Good. Paperback.  (278076)         $7.00

49.          Drew, Margaret, editor. Facing History and Ourselves; Holocaust and Human Behavior: Annotated Bibliography. NY: Walker/Facing History, 1988. 124 pp. Near Fine. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Excellent reference work on the Holocaust.  (278340)       $10.00

50.          Father Coughlin’s Friends. An Answer to Father Coughlin’s Critics. Royal Oak: Radio League, 1940. 164 pp. Good. wrapper.  (278317)             $25.00

51.          Feiler, Arthur. Das Experiment des Bolschewismus. Frankfurt: Societats Verlag, 1931. 277 pp. end papers slight foxing. Good. Boards.
Refugee teacher at New School for Social Research, was co author with Max Ascoli of Fascism for Whom?  (277944)                $20.00

52.          Feinstein, Margaret. Holocaust Survivors in Postwar Germany, 1945-1957. Cambridge, 2010. 329 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264804)             $20.00

53.          Forsthoff, Ernst und Loewenstein, Karl . Die politischen Parteien im Verfassungsrecht Zwei Abhandlungen und ein bericht von Werner Matz. Mohr, 1950. 47 pp. inscribed on cover by Forsthoff with part of the inscription creased in half, and the inscription itself is blurred by water but readable, signature of name is clear, Loewenstein a refugee political scientist was teaching at Amherst College when he wrote his contribution.
In the 1930s, Forsthoff was among the jurists such as Carl Schmitt, Karl Larenz, Theodor Maunz and Herbert Krüger who endeavoured to legitimise the Nazi regime through their writings. Forsthoff’s 1933 paper Der totale Staat (The Total State) advocated a broad understanding of the Führerprinzip as an exclusive and unlimited power of command over all subjects of the state. He himself was unwilling to submit fully to the Nazi state, however, and fell in disfavour with the authorities during the war. In a seminal 1938 paper, he coined the term Daseinsvorsorge, introducing the concept of public services to German legal thinking.
After the war, although now supporting the democratic Rechtsstaat (which he understood as opposed to the Sozialstaat advocated by the Left), Forsthoff continued to support a powerful state subject to only limited judicial constraints and rejected the notion of constitutional rights as a normative framework of society.
Forsthoff was among the few postwar European scholars who maintained adherence to the philosophy of strict legal positivism. His influential textbook Lehrbuch des Verwaltungsrechts (1950) also emphasized the comprehensive responsibility of the state for society, preferring to focus on the functioning of government rather than on its possible failure.(wikipedia) OCLC Number: 264800743
(278938)        $75.00

54.          Frank, Anne. Diary of a Young Girl. Karni, 1977. 189 pp. in Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277961)                $25.00

55.          Fred Morris (curator). A Tree Still Stands: The Last Jews of Eastern Europe – An Exhibition. Chicago: Spertus, 1986. 15 pp.i photos by Yale Strom and Brian Blue,rfeflections by Nathaniel Stampfer. Very Good. Paperback.
Haunting exhibit  (278220)            $15.00

56.          Freeden, Herbert. The Jewish Press in the Third Reich. NY: Berg, 1993. 208 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278246)               $9.00

57.          Frieze, Donna Lee editor. Totally Unofficial: The Autobiography of Raphael Lemkin. Yale, 2013. 293 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277979)             $10.00

58.          Fuchs, Esther . Women and the Holocaust: Narrative and Representation (Studies in the Shoah Series). UPA, 1999. 143 pp. ex library with pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278135)         $10.00

59.          Gershon, Karen. Die Erben; Ein gemeinschaftlicher Bericht uber das Leben der Juden in Nachkriegsdeutschland. Somerset England: Typed manuscript, 1969. Typed manuscript version of the book (translated into English as Postscript: A Collective Account of the Lives of Jews in West Germany since the Second World War ) with Gershon’s corrections. Includes letter from the publisher Livia Gollancz. Bound in two parts. total of 271 pages.The German original edition of POSTSCRIPT: A Collective Account of the Lives of Jews in West Germany Since the Second World War Gollancz 1969 Good. stiff cardboard wrappers.
Important German Jewish writer who was sent to England on a Children’s Transport–lived also in Israel.. Wrote We Came as Children  (278301)          $200.00

60.          Goebbels, Joseph. My Part in Germany’s Fight. Fertig, 1979. Reprint of 1940 edition 252 pp. sfep new dj created. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277992)        $10.00

61.          Goldenberg, Myrna (introduction). Testimony, tensions, and tikkun : teaching the Holocaust in colleges and universities. Washington, 2007. 328 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278660)   $10.00

62.          Goldhagen, Daniel. Worse than War Genocide Elimationism and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity. Public Affairs, 2009. 658 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278662)       $10.00

63.          Gollancz, Victor. Shall our Children Live or Die? a reply to Vansittart on the German Problem. London: Gollancz, 1942. 168 pages how to handle Germany after the War. Good. Hardback & DJ.  (278185) $7.00

64.          Gorlitz, Walter. Gustav Stresemann. Ahren, 1947. 287 pp. dj torn, writing blacked out on fep, Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Important Chancellor and Foreign Minister during Weimar  (278147)        $15.00

65.          Greenfield, Murray. The Jews Secret Fleet (in Hebrew). Gefen, 1994. 155 pp. Hebrew. Slight library mark. Story of the ships that brought the refugees to Palestine. Very Good. Hardcover .  (274620)       $8.00

66.          Greif, Gideo. wir weinten tranenlos. Augenzeugenberichte der judischen ,,Sonderkommnados” in Auschwitz. Bohlau, 1995. 308 pp.cover creased. Very Good-. Paperback.  (278267)    $10.00

67.          Grubel, Fred. Schreib das auf eine Tafel die mit ihnen bleibt. Jüdisches Leben im 20. Jahrhundert. bohlau, 1998. 321 pp. top corner bumped. Very Good. Paperback.  (278879)     $10.00

68.          Gugenberger, Eduard. Boten der Apokalypse: Visionare und Vollstrecker des Dritten Reichs. Ueberreuter, 2002. 208 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278258)  $9.00

69.          Haake, Heinz. Das Ehrenbuch des Fuhrers. Der Weg zur Volksgemeinschaft. Dusseldorf: Floeder, 1933. 343 pp. some water stained pages not affecting text or images, tears to spine hinge starting. Good-. Hardcover .
Speeches and photos of Hitler, Nazi Propaganda  (278197)             $75.00

70.          Hacker, Walter. Neonazismus: Die Vergangenheit bedroht die Zukunft. Warnung an Osterreich. eurpa, 1966. 294 pp. number on spine and slight library mark. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278025) $10.00

71.          Hackett, David. Der Buchenwald-Report: Bericht über das Konzentrationslager Buchenwald bei Weimar. Beck, 1996. 456 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278259)  $10.00

72.          Hafner, Katie. The House at the Bridge: A Story of Modern Germany. NY: Scribners, 1995.  8vo 225 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Trying to retrieve the Wallich family home in Potsdam;the Jewish family had fled the Nazis. Memorable account.  (278417)               $15.00

73.          Handlin, Oscar. Danger in Discord: Origins of Anti-Semitism in America. NY: ADL, 1964. 3rd. 12mo 31 pp. good. pamphlet.  (278125)        $9.00

74.          Haug, Joachim (editor). Juden in Deutschland. Innenansichten vergangener Lebenswelten. Ergebnisse, 1988. 95 pp.Collection of essays with many dealing with the fate of Jews in Germany before and during the Shoah in small towns. Good +. Wrapper.  (278128)          $15.00

75.          Hauptmann, Gerhart; Marx, Wilhelm; Brecht, Arnold. Gedenken an Walther Rathenau. Dresden: Reissner, 1928. 12mo 24 pp. covers worn and creased. Good. Wrapper.  (278026)  $17.00

76.          Hegemann, Werner. Entlarvte Geschichte. Prag: Soziologische Verlagsanstalt, 1934. neuasugabe. Sternfeld: Exil Literatur:page 200; 200 pp. anti Hitler work. good. Wrapper.
He also wrote political articles and warned against the Nazis, culminating in the book Entlarvte Geschichte (History Unmasked – 1933). He left Germany in May 1933 shortly before his books were burned. Invited by Alvin Johnson, Hegemann taught urban planning at the New School for Social Research in New York beginning in November 1933.[  (278276)               $20.00

77.          Heine, Theodor Thomas. Ich warte auf Wunder. Neue Verlag, 1945. 573 pp. covers very stained, tears along spine, reading copy. Good-. Hardcover .
Sternfeld DEL pp. 204  (278053)  $15.00

78.          Huysmans, Camille (foreword). The Case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter. London: Liberty Publ, 1943. 31 pp. creased pages. good. Wrapper.
Polish Socialist labor leaders .Were actively calling for resistance and fighting the Nazis.Organized the International Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. Both murdered by order of Stalin some time between 1941 and 1943  (278153)                $10.00

79.          In memoria di Angelo Sacerdoti: La comunita israelitica di roma. Roma: Istituto romano di arti grafiche di tumminelli, 1936. 129 pp. number taped to spine and slight library mark, lower part of cover and fep lacking, paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Wrapper.
Sacerdoti 1886–1935) was, chief rabbi of Rome and Zionist leader in Italy. After the first world war he began an active campaign to revitalize Italian Jewry, of which he was a leading guide and teacher. When Mussolini assumed power, Sacerdoti held a series of meetings with him in an attempt to protect Jewish interests and ensure that the Jews of Italy would not be harmed by the Fascist regime. He was instrumental in obtaining the passage of a law that required all Italian Jews to belong to one of the 26 united communities, unless they specifically renounced their Judaism.  (278235)                $30.00

80.          Jackson, Robert. Report of Robert H. Jackson, United States representative to the International Conference on Military Trials. US Dept. of State, 1945. 440 pp.   Robert H Jackson; International Military Tribunal. Good +. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 25376546            Department of State publication, 3080.; Department of State publication., International organization and conference series ;, 2.; Department of State publication., European and British Commonwealth series (278617)        $27.00

81.          Jansen, John; Weyl, Stefan. Silent War: the Underground Movement in Germany. Lippincott, 1943. 357 pp. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Written by anti Nazi acitivists who were able to leave Germany and involved in the movement  (269732) $25.00

82.          Jean, Paul  . Die Wunderbare Gesellschaft in der Neujahrsnacht. Piper, 1921. 27 federzeichnungen von Alfred Kubin, some slighly creased pages not affecting text , rather quirky surrealistic and bizarre illustrations. Good. Boards.
In the era of National Socialism 63 of his works have been called ” degenerate art were confiscated. Nevertheless, he did not get banned from exhibiting, but published 1941/42 in the Nazi propaganda sheet of the General Government , the Krakauer Zeitung, various drawings. (Wikipedia)  (278070)      $45.00

83.          Joesten, Joachim. Rats in the Larder: The Story of Nazi Influence in Denmark. Putnam, 1939. 270 pp. Anricipating the German invasion and the anxiety in the country. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278846)                $15.00

84.          Kaiser, Wolf. Tater im Vernichtungskrieg: Der Uberfall auf die Sowjetunion und der Völkermord an den Juden. Propylaen, 2002. 224 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (278270)            $12.00

85.          Kalbus, Oskar. Vom Werden deutscher Filmkunst; 1 Teil: Der stumme Film. Altona: Cigaretten Bilderdienst, 1935. 8vo color plate on cover . Good. Wrapper.
135 pages “cigarette cards” depicting films of the period and explanations of various forms includes Paolo Negri and Marlen Dietrich and other well known actors  essays on propaganda  (277950)     $30.00

86.          Keren, Hasefer ve Hachinou’h. Fonds de restauration du livre et de l’enseignement. Situation de la reconstruction spirituelle juive en France. Paris: Keren Hasefer ve Hachinou’h., 1947. about 125 pp. filled with essays and description of previous and present situation, paper yellowing and fragile but not brittle, top corners furled and folded, lower corners torn, faded mimeograph. new covers with title placed on cover, and title page and last page attached to paste downs  OCLC Number:               1030796406 Good-. Wrapper.
Ainsi, l’Alliance israélite universelle reunit, en septembre 1946, une « conference de reconstruction spirituelle et d’éducation juive », à l’issue de laquelle est fonde le Comite international pour l’éducation juive, qui donne naissance en octobre 1947 à l’Organisation internationale pour l’éducation et pour la culture juive en Europe (UJECO) (Wikipedia)  (278234)      $100.00

87.          Kersting, Franz Werner. Nach Hadamar: Zum Verhaltnis Von Psychiatrie Und Gesellschaft Im 20. Jahrhundert. Ferdinand Schoningh,, 1993. 322pp., contains 16 articles and essays by various contributors.Study of German psychiatry and euthanasia in the Third Reich. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278849)    $36.00

88.          Klausner; Samuel Z .; Varady, David P.; Har Zion Temple (Philadelphia, Pa.). Synagogues Without Ghettos. Center for Research on the Acts of man,, 1970. 194 pp+ Appendix and the actual questionnaire, study commissioned by Har Zion of Lower Merion Township in Philadelphia of its membership, ex library with markings, typed manuscript. Very Good. library binding.  (271989) $45.00

89.          Kleist, Peter. Mahamangitud Voit. Stockholm: Valis, 1952. 169 pp. tears to covers and spine, reading copy. good. Wrapper.
On Nazis in Sweden translation of Zwischen Hitler und Stalin.into Swedish  (278127)          $15.00

90.          Knigge-Tesche, Renate (Hrsg.). Berater der braunen Macht , Wissenschaft und Wissenschaftler im NS – Staat. : Anabas-Verlag,, 1999. 176 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (278265)  $10.00

91.          Knight, Robert (hrsg). “Ich bin dafur, die Sache in die Länge zu ziehen” Die Wortprotokolle der osterreichischen Bundesregierung von 1945 bis 1952 über die Entschadigung der Juden. Bohlau, 2000. 256 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278266)               $20.00

92.          Koehl, Robert. RKFDV: German resettlement and population policy, 1939-1945 a history of the Reich Commision for the Strengthening of Germandom (Harvard Historical Monographs). Harvard University Press, 1957. 263 pp. dj chiped torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278150)           $31.00

93.          Kohler, Max. The United States and German Jewish Persecutions; Precedents for Popular and Governmental Action. NY: Jewish Academy of Arts and Science, 1933. Second Edition. 77pp. slight library marks,number on cover, tears along spine, wear. Good-. Wrapper.
Three Sections: Precedents For Popular Protests; American Governmental Intercession On Behalf Of The Jews; The Bernheim Upper Silesian Petition Before The Council Of The League Of Nations (278303)            $46.00

94.          Komitees Judisches Kriegsarchiv. Judisches Archiv; Mitteilungen des Komitees Judisches Kriegsarchiv. Wien: R Lowit, 1915-1916. Numbers 1, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7, 8/9: each issue about 45 pages. number on spine and library marks free end paper. Good +. Boards.
Articles on Austrian Jews fighting in the First War, with names of those honored with medals. Images of the War, destroyed Jewish towns and fleeing refugees.  (278119) $55.00

95.          Kostya, Sandor. Northern Hungary: A Historical Study of the Czech Republic. Toronto: Asso Hungarian Tchrs, 1992. Includes material on the Second World War. 12mo 231 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.  (278154)                $20.00

96.          Kravetz, Nathan (introduction). Displaced German Scholars: A Guide to Academics in Peril in Nazi Germany During the 1930s. San Bernardino: Borgo Press, 1993. 126 pp. new. Paperback.
First published in 1936 by the Rockefeller Foundation,catalog distributed to universities to find positions for refugees.  (278459)               $10.00

97.          Krist, Martin. Vertreibungsschichsale: Judische Schuler eines Wiener Gymnasiums 1938 und ihre Lebenswege. Turia und Kant, 1999. 202 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (278268)   $18.00

98.          Lang, Jochen von. Das Eichmann Protokoll Tonbandaufzeichnungen der israelischen Verhore. Berlin: Severin und Siedler, 1982. 300 pp. Good +. Paperback.  (278073)                $6.00

99.          Laqueur, Walter. The Missing Years: A Novel. Little, Brown, 1980. 281 pp. Novel of the life of Richard Lasson, his experiences in the first war, his career as a physician, and his plight during the Holocaust. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278136)     $12.00

100.       Lebrecht, Norman. The Song of Names. Review, 2002. 311 pp.Haunting novel of the melodies of the Shoah impacting a violin prodigy and his return to traditions and the impact on his close chum. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
By the author of The Game of Opposites  (278744)            $25.00

101.       Leithauser, Joachim. Diplomatie auf schiefer Bahn. Berlin: Grunewald, 1953. 243 pp. dj torn Concerns diplomacy and the Third Reich. good. cloth.  (277976)      $10.00

102.       Lessing, Theodor. Nietzsche. Wege zum Wissen/Ullstein, 1925. 119 pp. small stamp on fep na dpen writing on title page. Good. Hardcover .
Author of Judischer Selbsthass, Important German Jewish phiosopher and Social Democrat, Fled to Czechoslovakia in early March 1933. At the same time, the Nazi press spread rumors of a high reward on Lessing’s head. On August 30, 1933, he was shot dead in his Marienbad apartment by two Nazis.. This was the first political murder of an opponent to the Nazi regime outside of Germany, and caused worldwide indignation.(Gedenkstate Deutscher Widerstande).  (278188)               $15.00

103.       Levinstein, Meir. The Holocaust in Riga על קו הקץ /‏ Al ḳaṿ ha-kets. Bet Adut Mordechai Anelevitz, 1975. 152 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278198)            $45.00

104.       Levy, Hass Hanna. Inside Belsen. Harvester, 1982. 134 pp. Diary kept by resistance worker in Yugoslavia arrested by Nazis in 1943 and imprisoned at Belsen, after War returned to Yugoslavia and worked with Tito and then made aliyah. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (273085)         $42.00

105.       Lewin, Isaac. Eleh ezkerah : osef toldot kedoshe 700-735. These will I remember! : Biographies of Leaders of Religious Jewry in Europe who perished during the years 1939-1945 Volume 1. Research Institute of Religious Jewry, 1956. 326 pp. dj very torn, In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278124)             $30.00

106.       Liepmann, Heinz. Fires Underground: A Narrative of the Secret Struggle Carried on By the Illegal Organizations in Germany Under Penalty of Death. Lippincott, 1936. 300 pp.covers worn crown and base of spine bruised , edges of covers bumped. Good-. Hardcover .
“Every incident in the book has been carefully investigated and established as fact. It is dedicated to those who are suffering for their ideals.” (from preface) … Kirkus Review 1936: They include the Communist and Socialist elements which Hitler is trying to stamp out. The narrator is a journalist representing an English paper, who gets his news through associating with the political underworld and the Nazi police of Hamburg (and who tells his story to Liepmann). He tells of the organizations, of the spying and counter-spying, of secret printing presses, of the dissemination of fly sheets against the Nazis, of the passwords and secret meetings, of the treatment of captured members. The period covered is very brief — from the burning of the Reichstag in Berlin on through the period following the election of Hitler. Remarkably objective approach to difficult subject. The characters are taken from real life. Well done and interesting reading.  (277696)               $36.00

107.       Lindt, Andreas (hrsg). George Bell Alphons Koechlin Briefwechsel 1933-1954. EVZ, 1969. 446 pp. dj worn smudged Bell was Bishop of Chichester and Koechlin was Pastor in Basel Discussions about the situation and condition of the church in Nazi Germany among subjects discussed in their letters. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278248)                $12.00

108.       Lochery, Neill. Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-45. Public Affairs, 2011. 305 pp. Material on the refugees,revelations from newly opened archives concerning the Secret Police and Nazi gold that Portugal kept after the War. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278074)      $8.00

109.       Loewi, Otto. An Autobiographical Sketch. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Autumn 1960. Vol IV No 1 ex library with markings, offprint, 25 pp. distinugished Nobel prize winner in physiology for discovering the role of acetylcholine as an endogenous neurotransmitter Wrties of childhood and studies and friendships, work and being imprisoned in a concentration camp by the Nazis in Graz, thought he was going to be murdered, was able to get visa to England and then USA. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278104)               $22.00

110.       Lorenz, Dagmar (editor). Insiders and Outsiders Jewish and Gentile Culture in Germany and Austria. Detroit: Wayne State, 1994. Twenty eight essays includes some on the Shoah 364 pages corners bumped. Very good. Hardback & DJ.  (279718)  $5.00

111.       Lukacs, John. The Hitler of History. NY: Knopf, 1997. 278 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
A study of the diferent biographies and interpretations of Hitler. Examines Hitler’s place in history.  (278432)          $5.00

112.       Lukas, Richard. Did the Children Cry? Hitler’s War Against Jewish and Polish Children: 1939-45. NY: Hippocrene, 1994. 263 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.  (278433)             $15.00

113.       Mamdani, Mahmood. When Victims become Killers; Colonialsim, Nativism and the Genocide in Rwanda. Princeton, 2001. 364 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278324) $12.00

114.       Mariani, Pietro. Le tre giornate di Roma : il fascismo al potere ; cronistoria dell’avvento fascista con 61 illustrazioni e 2 xilografie di Adolfo de Karolis. Romano, 1922. 95 pp, lots of illustrations of fascists marching around paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Paperback.  (278226)          $20.00

115.       Marsalek, Hans. Die Geschichte des Konzentrationslagers Mauthausen Dokumentation. Wien: Osterreichische Lagergemeinschaft Mauthausen,, 1974. 319 pp. number taped to spine and slight library mark on fep. Very Good. Paperback.  (277956)      $10.00

116.       Masters, Peter. Kommando der Verfolgten: 87 Elitesoldaten im Kampf gegen Hitler. Schneekluth Verlag, 1999. 453 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278271)   $14.00

117.       Matussek, Paul. Internment in Concentration Camps and its consequences. Heidelberg /New York: Springer Verlag, 1975. 269 pp. Good +. Hardcover .
What were the effects of this massive assault on the human spirit, on man’s ability to assimilate such experiences, if he survived physically? While the terror of the Nazi concentration camps has been indelibly engraved in the history of Western civilization as its most shameful chapter, little systematic study has been addressed to the subsequent lives of that minority of inmates who were fortunate enough to escape physical annihilation and lived to tell about their nightmare. Paul Matussek, a respected German psychiatrist, aided by a small group of collaborators, performed the task of identifying a group of victims (mostly Jews but also political prisoners), who, following their liberation, had settled in Germany, Israel, and the United States. By careful interviews, questionnaires, and psychological tests he brought to bear the methods of sensitive clinical inquiry on the experiences of those who dared to reminisce and who were sufficiently trusting to share their feelings and memories with clinical investigators. (from the foreword)  (278483)               $18.00

118.       Mehring, Walter. The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture. Indianapolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1951. 8vo 290 pp. Good. Hardcover .
Exile writer. Literary and intellectual history.Reassembling the books in his father’s library after receiving them in exile.  (278137)  $10.00

119.       Michaelis-Jena, Ruth. Heritage of the Kaiser’s Children: An Autobiography. Edinburgh: Canongate, 1983.  156 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Growing up Jewish in Germany, the advent of Nazism and her refuge in Edinburgh and internment as an enemy alien.  (277998)               $12.00

120.       Michelson, Max. City of Life City of Death; Memories of Riga. University Press of Colorado, 2001. 171 pp. Memior of Latvia being occupied by the Soviets and then the Nazis. Author witnessed the brutalities of the war and the genocide. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277916)       $15.00

121.       Moore, Deborah Dash (editor). East European Jews in Two Worlds: Studies from the Yivo Annual. Illinois: Northwestern Univ. Press, 1990. Many important articles 8vo 334 pp.Several concerning the Shoah. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278075)     $7.00

122.       Myers, Gustavus. History of Bigotry in the United States. NY: Random House, 1943. 504 pp.,review slip taped to fep. Good +. Cloth.
Very important work. Concerns the Nativist Movements, the Klan, the Protocols, the Nazis, et al  (246833)                $17.00

123.       Neuffer, Elizabeth. The Key to my Neighbor’s House Seeking Justice in Bosnia and Rwanda. NY: Picador, 2001. Dealing with theconsequences of genocide.  490 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Tragically died early May 2003 in car accident while coveing the aftermath of the War in Iraq.  (278326)   $20.00

124.       Nezval, Vitezslav. Historicky Obraz Velika Pout. London: Obzoru/Ceschoslovak, 1942. 29 pp. slight spots to cover, covers a bit worn/soiled. Very Good. Wrapper.
Víte(zslav Nezval was a member of the avant-garde group of artists Deve(tsil (literally “nine forces”, the Czech name of the Butterbur plant but to a Czech-speaker an obvious reference to the nine founding members of the group). Deve(tsil members were the most prolific Czech artists of their generation. His close friendship with André Breton and Paul Éluard was instrumental in founding The Surrealist Group of Czechoslovakia in 1934. It was the first group of this kind outside France and Nezval served as the editor of its journal Surrealismus. OCLC Number: 17515312  (278907)                $175.00

125.       Noyman, M (Neuman) Yirmiyah Noiman . בצל המוות :‏ ‏מערכה להצלת יהודי סלובקיה /‏ /Be-tsel ha-maṿet : ha-maʻarakhah le-hatsalat Yehude Slovakyah. Tel Aviv: 1958. 274 pages ex library with markings,crown of spine torn ,covers worn,taped number on spine the Shoah in Slovakia.
OCLC Number: 19148636  (278592)         $.0

126.       Okubo, Mimi. Citizen 13660. Columbia University Press, 1946. 208 pp. covers worn crown and base of spine bruised;. graphic novel with text of being interned for “protective custody” at camps in California and Utah. Powerful work. Good. Hardcover .  (279076)            $75.00

127.       Orlow, Dietrich. Weimar Prussia 1918-1925 The Unlikely Rock of Democracy. Pittsburgh: Univ. of Pittsburth, 1986. 361 pp. good. cloth.  (278327)        $15.00

128.       Pfanner, Helmut (editor). Der Zweite Weltkrieg und die Exilanten : eine literarische Antwort  World War II and the exiles : a literary response. Detroit: Bouvier, 1991. 324 pp. In German and English twenty five essays. Very Good. Hardcover .  (277978)     $10.00

129.       Pfister, Tom Peter and Kathy, Eva and Otto. Resistance, Refugees, and Love in the Time of Hitler. Purdue University, 2020. 529 pp. The true story of their parents and hurdles endured fleeing to the USA. Includes numerous documents and notes.. It is an intimate and epic account of two Germans—Eva born Jewish, Otto born Catholic—who worked with a little-known German political group that resisted and fought against Hitler in Germany before 1933 and then in exile in Paris before the German invasion of France in May 1940. After their improbable escapes from separate internment and imprisonment in Europe, Eva obtained refuge in America in October 1940 where she worked to rescue other endangered political refugees, including Otto, with the help of Eleanor Roosevelt. As revealed in recently declassified records, Eva and Otto later engaged in different secret assignments with the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in support of the Allied war effort. Very Good. Paperback.  (278542)            $30.00

130.       Piechotkowie, Maria i Kazimierz. Boznice Drewniane. Warsaw: Budownictwo i Architektura, 1957. 220 pp. In Polish Original Polish synagogue architecture volume slight writing on fep no dj. Good +. Hardcover .
Study of synagogues destroyed by the Nazis. Monumental work  (278334)              $55.00

131.       Pinette, Dr Kaspar. Albert Ballin und die deutsche Politik. Hamburg: Hansischer Gildenverlag, 1938. 97 pp. , library number on spine and light library markings on title page, slight furling of cover. Good. Paperback.
“Expose of the Jewish capitalist”  (277880)            $30.00

132.       Pinson, Koppel. Jewish Life in Liberated Germany. Conference on Jewish Relations, 1947. reprinted from Jewish Social Studies Vol IX No 2 ,pp.101-126 Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278105)         $20.00

133.       Poland Fights. The Camp of Disappearing Men: A Story of Oswiecim Concentration Camp, Based on Reports from the Polish Underground Labor Movement. NY: Polish Labor Group, 1944. oblong 8vo 44 pp. Filled with drawings and text. good. Wrapper.
Last page reveals that almost 2 million Jews had been murdered by 1944. Important document whose importance was minimized  (274270)        $50.00

134.       Potter, Pamela. Art of Suppression: Confronting the Nazi Past in Histories of the Visual and Performing Arts. California, 2016. 389 pp. Covers Weimar, National Socialism and the aftermath. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278847)               $23.00

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