“Prozdor” – Books on the Shoah – December 2019

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for reviewing this current list of out of print books on the Shoah. We appreciate in this time of instant messaging your actually going through a list to find books of interest. It  is an intellectual investment and commitment.

We are dedicated to finding significant books and placing them to the homes of readers, scholars and libraries

As Hanukkah approaches may we rededicate our selves to create more just and compassionate communities. I am reminded of the words written by Pastor Martin Niemoeller in 1946:

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

Shalom ve Chag Sameah,

Ken Yekutiel Schoen

1. Adler, H.G. Die Verheimlichte Wahrheit: Theresienstadter Dokumente. Tubingen: Mohr, 1958. 8vo 373 pp.number taped to dj and slight library mark to fep. good. Hardback & DJ.
Very important work on the camp.Filled with documents and commentary and section of Art painted in the camp. (276931) $36.00

2. An-Ski . חורבן היהודים בפולין, גליציה ובוקובינה / Hurban ha-Yehudim be-Polin, Galitsyah u-Bukovinah…Helek Rishon; Der Yidisher Hurban fun Poylen Galitsye un Bukovina. Tel Aviv: Shtibl, 1930. 99 pp. ex library with markings and book plate,small tape on bottom spine, hinge starting. Good. Hardcover . (275397) $48.00

3. (Anti-Semitism) Seiden, Morton. The Paradox of Hate: A Study of Ritual Murder. NY: Yoseloff, 1967. 260 pp.dj tears . Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Anti-Semitism as the unconscious ritual drama of suicide and infanticide acted out by the anti-semite and his victim. (275578) $18.00

4. Asch, Sholem. One Destiny; An Epistle To The Christians. G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1945. Name of previous owner in pen on fep, dj very torn. Fair. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275557) $10.00

5. Asmus, Sylvia hrsg. Rudolf Olden. Journalist gegen Hitler – Anwalt der Republik. Deutschen Nationalbibliothek,, 2010. 176 pp, Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Eine Ausstellung des Deutschen Exilarchivs 1933 – 1945 (276366) $42.00

6. Aszendorf, Israel; Ashendorf, Alexander (editor). The Collected Poems of Israel Aszendorf. Self, 2018. 202 pp. ex library with markings, translated from the Yiddish. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (275344) $15.00

7. Bak, Samuel. Le Jeu d’Echecs comme Metaphore dans l’Art de Samuel Bak / Chess as Metaphor in the Art of Samuel Bak (French and English Edition). Pucker, 1991. 58 illustrations library bookplate and pocket on back endpaper. Introduction by Cornuz Jeanlouis. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276281) $20.00

8. Bartal, Israel (editor). Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 24: Jews and Their Neighbours In Eastern Europe Since 1750. Littman, 2012. 443 pp. Collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback. (275080) $12.00

9. Bartrop, Paul editor. False Havens : The British Empire and the Holocaust (Studies in the Shoah: volume X). UPA, 1995. 292 pp. eleven essays. Very Good. Hardcover . (274145) $45.00

10. Baumgarten, Murray. Expectations and Endings: Observations on Holocaust Literature. Yeshiva University, 1989. 78 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Working Papers in Holocaust Studies III, Holocaust Studies Program, (270131) $25.00

11. Blue, Brian and Strom, Yale. The Last Jews of Eastern Europe. NY: Philosophical Library, 1986. Unpaged; profusely illustrated tall Quarto, dj torn. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Very moving photos of remnants of Jewish life in Europe (269018) $15.00

12. Boehm, Edward. Behind Enemy Lines; WWII Allied/Axis Propaganda. Wellfleet, 1989. 205 pp. Large 8vo. Coffee table type book. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275683) $20.00

13. Braham, Randolph (editor). Reflections of the Holocaust in Art and Literature (Holocaust Studies Series). SSM, 1990. 166 pp. ex library with markings and pocket. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Etty Hillesum / Irving Halperin – The holocaust poetry of Aaron Zeitlin in Yiddish and Hebrew / Emanuel S. Goldsmith – Samuel Beckett’s wandering Jew / Rosette C. Lamont – German-Jewish writers on the eve of the Holocaust / Diane S. Spielmann – Women writers and the Holocaust / Ellen S. Fine – Ashes and hope / Alan L. Berger – Fictional facts and factual fictions / Lawrence L. Langer – Holocaust and autobiography / Joseph Sungolowsky – Art of the Holocaust / Sybil Milton – Jewish art and artists in the shadow of the Holocaust / Luba K. Gurdus. (275340) $15.00

14. Braham, Randolph. The Hungarian Jewish Catastrophe: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography. NY: Yad Vashem and YIVO, 1962. 86 pp. ex library with marking. Good. Hardcover .
Joint Documentary Projects: Bibliographical Series No.4 (275325) $15.00

15. Braverman, Leib. In Captivity A Complete Novel. Jewish Dialog, 1974. 102 pp. Holocaust memior of survivor of Auschwitz and detailing a year of his life. Originally published in Sovietish Heimland, a literary magazine. Published first in 1972. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275908) $55.00

16. Brudna, Denis (editor) inscribed . Clemens Kalischer. Germany: Hatje Cantz, 2002. 175 pp Refugee photographer survivor of German concentration camps in France. inscribed by Kalischer on title page. Very Good. Cloth.
Displaced Persons after the War, NYC street scenes, Bermont pastorals. Essay and interview in German and English. (275962) $165.00

17. Cargas, Harry. A Chrsitian Response to the Holocaust. Saint John’s University, 1977?. 12 pp. 3″x10″ Very Good +. Pamphlet . (276301) $15.00

18. Catalogue n°1 : La France de l’Affaire Dreyfus a nos jours. Paris: CDJC, 1964. 264 pp. ex library with pocket and creased cover and tape on spine. Good. Paperback.
Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaire (275321) $15.00

19. Celler, Emanuel. You Never Leave Brooklyn; The Autobiography. John Day, 1953. 280 pp. Importnat congressman. Good. Hardcover .
“In the 1940s, Celler opposed both the isolationists and the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration by forcefully advocating that the United States relax immigration laws on an emergency basis to rescue those fleeing the Holocaust. In 1943, he called President Roosevelt’s immigration policy “cold and cruel” and blasted the “glacier-like attitude” of the State Department.” -Wikipedia (275756) $15.00

20. Charny, Israel editor. Genocide: The Critical Bibliographic Review Volume Two. Facts on File, 1991. 432 pp. ex library with markings and book plate and pocket. Good. Hardcover . (275421) $15.00

21. Cohen, Josh. Interrupting Auschwitz: Art, Religion, Philosophy. Continuum, 2003. 166 pp. ex library with markings and pocket. Good. Paperback. (275327) $12.00

22. Cohen, Maynard. A Stand against Tyranny; Norway’s Physicians and the Nazis. Wayne State, 1997. 326 pages. Very good. Hardback & DJ. (275237) $25.00

23. Cummings, Paul essay by. Irving Petlin Pastels From the Years 1961 to 1987. Kent, 1988. 79 pp. haunting images in color many on the Shoah. Very Good. Hardcover . (275936) $25.00

24. Czarnecki, Joseph. Last Traces: The Lost Art of Auschwitz. NY: Atheneum, 1989. 8vo 175 pp. dj creased and chipped. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.
Drawing, paintings and graffiti of the prisoners of Auschwitz. (275357) $12.00

25. Davie, Mauric. Refugees in America Report of the committee for the study of recent immigration from Europe. NY: Harper, 1947. 450 pp. Crown and base of spine bumped. Good. Hardcover . (275505) $20.00

26. Davies, Raymond. This is Our Land. Ukrainian Canadians Against Hitler. Toronto: Progress, 1943. 158 pp. slight library marks, tears to crown of spine. Good. Hardcover . (276237) $25.00

27. Delbo, Charlotte. Convoy to Auschwitz: Women of the French Resistance. Northeastern, 1997. 220 pp. Includes list of deportees Delbo was one of the 230 political prisoners including members of the French Resistance deported to Auschwitz in January 1943.She was one of the 49 who survived. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Author of None of Us Will Return. (276833) $12.00

28. Demetz, Hana. The House on Prague Street; A haunting story of a girl’s survival. N.Y.: St. Martin’s Press, 1980. 12mo 186 pp. Book is based on her own experiences. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Novel of the Holocaust Relatives taken to Theresienstadt and her struggles. (275759) $10.00

29. Deutsche Bibliothek Frankfurt am Main Hahner, Mechthild (Redakteur). Deutsches Exilarchiv 1933-1945. Katalog der Bucher und Broschuren. . Metzlersche Verlagsbuchhandlung , 1989. 714 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Extraordinary bibliography containing nearly 7,000 publications of German-speaking emigrants whose books and brochures were published outside Nazi Europe from 1933 to 1950 (including first editions, reprints and translations, books published by emigrants, translated, illustrated or designed, publications by Jewish publishers In Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia after 193o. Concludes with a complete registry of the persons and organizations and the publishers included. Essential reference guide (276259) $86.00

30. Dribben, Judith Strick. A Girl Called Judith Strick. NY: Cowles, 1970. 340 pp.dj worn and torn,book plate, fore edge slight foxing. Good. Hardback & DJ.
True story of a Jewish spy in Nazi controlled Poland. (268348) $15.00

31. Elberg, Yehuda. Ship of the Hunted. Syracuse: Syracuse UP, 1997. 8vo 298 pp. Very Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Novel of survival in the Warsaw Ghetto. Author a Rabbi was active in the Polish Resistance during the War. (275735) $15.00

32. Epstein, Lesley (inscribed by). Ice Fire Water. Norton, 1999. 264 pp. Novel about Leib Goldkorn and his life before World War II and during the Holocaust and post-WWII and all his loves. Inscribed by the author. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275915) $25.00

33. Esso War Map II Featuring the World Island – Fortress Europe a Second War Map Edited, Drafted and Printed By the Makers of the Well Known Esso Road Maps Esso Marketers. Esso, 1942. corners creased important document explaining conditions in European theater of War two sided , 15 panels two sided . Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275948) $14.00

34. Falk, Lee and Moore, Ray. The Phantom Sundays; The Nazi Menace. King Features Syndicate Inc., 1989. About 150 pp. Exciting black and white graphic novel. Very Good. Paperback. (275714) $15.00

35. Fallada, Hans. Every Man Dies Alone. Melville House, 2010. 520 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Extraordinary portrayal of Berlin under the Nazis and the individual horror and in particular the Resistance of one family, Very stirring and compelling, I read over two days. (276310) $20.00

36. Falstein, Louis (editor) Wulman Leon and Tenenbaum,Joseph (studies by). The Martyrdom of Jewish Physicians in Poland. NY: Medical Alliance-Assn Jewish, 1963. 494 pp. ex library with pocket and book plate, covers worn. Good. Hardcover .
Research and Documentation by Dr L Lazarowitz and Dr Simon Malowist.History of Jewish Physicians, Jewish Medical Life under the Nazi Rule (275259) $75.00

37. Feigl, Erich. A Myth of Terror Armenian Extremism: It’s Causes and Its Historical Context; An illustrated expose. Edition Zeitgeschichte, 1986. 144 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276535) $30.00

38. Feldman, Linda editor. Evolving Jewish Identities in German Culture: Borders and Crossings. Praeger, 2000. 210 pp. ex library with markings and bookplate and pocket. Good +. Hardcover . (275338) $18.00

39. Fred Morris (curator). A Tree Still Stands: The Last Jews of Eastern Europe An Exhibition. Chicago: Spertus, 1986. 15 pp.i photos by Yale Strom and Brian Blue,rfeflections by Nathaniel Stampfer. Very Good. Paperback.
Haunting exhibit (275821) $20.00

40. Fuch, Esther . Women and the Holocaust: Narrative and Representation (Studies in the Shoah Series). UPA, 1999. 143 pp. ex library with pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275239) $16.00

41. Galas, Michal (editor). Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 23: Jews In Krakow. Littman, 2011. 443 pp. Collection of essays. Very Good. Hardcover . (275079) $12.00

42. Galens, Judy (editor). Experiencing the Holocaust : 2 Volume Set : Novels, Nonfiction Books, Short Stories, Poems, Plays, Films & Music (Two Volume Set). Thomson Gale, 2003. 462 pp. in two volumes, ex library with markings. Very Good. Hardcover . (275377) $55.00

43. Geve, T. Youth in Chains. Jerusalem: Rubin Maas, 1958. 255 pp. Good condition. Paperback.
Later published as Guns and Barbed Wire. Holocaust memoir (275515) $15.00

44. Gilman Sander. Jurek Becker: A Life in Five Worlds. Chicago, 2003. 275 pp. ex library with markings Holocaust survivor and author of Jacob the Liar. Good +. Paperback. (275226) $15.00

45. Ginsburg, Marvell. The Tatooed Torah. URJ Press, 1983. 20 pp. Story written for children of a Prague torah and it’s rebirth in America saved from the Nazis. Very Good. Paperback. (275732) $15.00

46. Glatshteyn, Yankev. Emil and Karl translated by Jeff Shandler. Roaring Brook, 2006. 194 pp. novel first written in Yiddish and published in 1940 about fate of Jewish boys in Vienna as the Nazi overtake Austria and friendship. One of the first novels written about the fate of the Jews in Europe. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
With afterword on the novel and Glatshteyn by Shandler (275470) $16.00

47. Golub, Jennifer. What do Americans know about the Holocaust? AJC, 1983. 62 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (275472) $15.00

48. Greenberg, Irving . Confronting the Holocaust and Israel. UJA, 1975. 22 pp. address to study group Yitz Greenbergis an important Orthodox Rabbi and was on USHMM Commission. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275952) $20.00

49. Grossman, Chaika. The Underground Army: Fighters of the Bialystok Ghetto. NY: Holocaust Library, 1987. 426 pp. creases to cover. The story of a young Jewish girl who organized an anti-Nazi resistance in the Bialystok Ghetto. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Chaika Grossman acquired arms for the ghetto and maintained contact with the outside resistance forces. Organized rescue operations (275495) $27.00

50. Grunspan, Roman. The Uprising of the Death Box of Warsaw : a documentary book about Jewish and Christian lives under Nazi rule in the Warsaw ghetto and in the non-Jewish region of Warsaw. Vantage, 1978. 222 pp. dj torn, tape on spine, Memoir of Resistance fighter in Warsaw Ghetto, survived and fought with “Umbrella Group” against the Nazis. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275409) $30.00

51. Heizer, Donna. Jewish-German Identity in the Orientalist Literature of Else Lasker-Schüler, Friedrich Wolf, and Franz Werfel. Camden House, 1996. 116 pp. ex library with markings and pocket. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
(Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture) (275330) $30.00

52. Herzog, Roman gelietwort. …und wir horten auf, Mensch zu sein: Der weg nach Auschwitz; mit 170 bisher meist unveroffentlichten Bilddokumenten aus der Sammlung Wolfgang Haney. Schoningh, 2005. 268 pp.filled with current representations in images. Very Good. Paperback.
Manfred Mayer; Bundesarchiv (Allemagne); Förderverein Erinnerungsstatte für die Freiheitsbewegungen in der Deutschen Geschichte.; Allemagne. Militargeschichtliches Forschungsamt.; Gegen Vergessen–fur Demokratie (Organization) (276119) $32.00

53. Hessing, Perle. A Mirror to My Life. NY: Henry Holt, 1987. 120 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Extraordianry paintings of Jewish life in Galicia and Czernovitz before the War in the tradition of Shalom of Safed. (275561) $18.00

54. Hirsch, Marianne and Kacandes, Irene (editors) (signed by). Teaching the Representation of the Holocaust. The Modern Language Association of America, 2004. 512 pp. Signed by Irene Kacandes. Very Good +. Paperback. (275547) $16.00

55. Hoastlandt, Jo. Star of Fear, Star of Hope. Walker, 1995. About 20 pp. Bookplate and pocket on back pastedown. Oblong 8vo. A child’s perception of the plight of her Jewish friend during the Nazi occupation and the disappearance of her friend. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276279) $15.00

56. Hoffmann, Jens. “Das kann man nicht erzahlen” : “Aktion 1005” – wie die Nazis die Spuren ihrer Massenmorde in Osteuropa beseitigten. Konkret, 2008. 432 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (276380) $45.00

57. Holstein, Jurgen editor. The Book Cover in the Weimar Republic Buchumschläge in Der Weimarer Republik. Taschen, 2015. 450 pp.In German and English massive work, heavy tome, filled with wonderful illustrations and text …many of the artists and publishers fled Nazi Germany for exile. Important reference work . Very Good. Hardcover . (276258) $55.00

58. Hundert, Gershon (editor). Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 10: Jews In Early Modern Poland. Littman, 1997. 457 pp. Collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback. (275084) $17.00

59. Hutler, Albert. Agony of Survival. Glenbridge, 1989. 229 pp.Captain in US military and his memoir of extensive work with Displaced Persons in the camps after the War, very vivid and realitic and moving. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275228) $18.00

60. Innocenti, Roberto (illustrator) Gallaz, Christopher (author). Rose Blanche. Creative Education, 1985. 20 pp. Rip to dj. A child’s perception of the Holocaust. Very graphically described with extraordinary color drawings. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275895) $15.00

61. Kahn, Leon. No Time to Mourn: The True Story of a Jewish Partisan Fighter. Laurelton Pess, 1974. 211 pp. slight library markings book plate Born in Eisiskes.Lithuania. Details the complicity of the local population in murdering of the Jews. Became active partisan fighter, After the War able to emigrate to Vancourver, Good. Paperback. (275240) $15.00

62. Kaufmann, Gerhard. Schatten: Judische Kultur in Altona und Hamburg. Hamburg: dolling und falitz verlag, 1998. 140 pp.slight stain to cover. Filled with essays and photos of the exhibition of recreation of Jewish life. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (275811) $32.00

63. Keen, Sam. Faces of the Enemy; Reflections of the Hostile Imagination The Psychology of Enmity. Harper, 1986. 199 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275519) $12.00

64. King, Richard (editor). Hannah Arendt & the Uses of History: Imperialism, Nation, Race & Genocide. Berghahn, 2007. 281 pp. 13 essays. Very Good. Hardcover . (266677) $15.00

65. Klarsfeld, Serge. Vichy – Auschwitz. Die Zusammenarbeit der deutschen und franzosischen Behorden bei der “Endlosung der Judenfrage” in Frankreich. Greno, 1989. 600 pp. Schriften der Hamburger Stiftung für Sozialgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts. Band 9. Very Good-. Hardcover .
Aus dem Franzosischen von Ahlrich Meyer. (276381) $40.00

66. Knowledge Unlimited. Crimes Against Humanity: A Holocaust Resource Book. Madison: Knowledge Unlimited, 1999. 166 pp. ex library with markins. Good. spiral bound. (275440) $20.00

67. Kohn, Jerome (editor). The Jewish Writings Hannah Arendt. Schocken Books, 2007. 559 pp. includes Jew as Pariah A guide for youth: Martin Buber, The Gustloff Trial, essays from the 1940s,1950s and 1960s. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275494) $18.00

68. Kohuth, Jane. Anne Frank’s Chestnut Tree. Random House, 2013. Illustrated by Elizabeth Sayles. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275716) $10.00

69. Kovner, Abba. My Little Sister and Selected Poems 1965-1985. Oberlin College, 1986. Selected and translated by Shirley Kaufman, Field Translation Series 11 Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Abba Kovner was a Jewish Hebrew and Yiddish poet, writer and partisan leader. In the Vilna Ghetto, his manifesto was the first time that a target of the Holocaust identified the German plan to murder all Jews.(Wikipedia) (275549) $25.00

70. Kovner, Abba. The Scrolls of Fire: A Nation Fighting for its Life: Fifty Two Chapters of Jewish Martyrology. Tel Aviv: Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, 1981. large 8vo 65 pp. Hebrew English dj torn . Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Scenes of destruction throughout the history of the Jews, impressionistic illustrations by Dan Reisinger. (261542) $15.00

71. Krajewska, Monika. Time of Stones with an introduction by Anna Kamineska. Warsaw: Interpress, 1983. 165 pages of black and white photos, very haunting and profoundly moving depiction of the devastation, base of spine torn. Crown and base of spine torn, spine torn along sides. Sides of covers very worn. Good-. boards.
Destroyed Jewish cemeteries in Poland (275680) $15.00

72. Kreutzberger, Max hrsg von. Leo Baeck Institute New York – Bibliothek und Archiv. Katalog Band I: Deutschsprachige judische Gemeinden, Zeitungen, Zeitschriften, Jahrbucher, Almanache und Kalender. Unveroffentlichte Memoiren und Erinnerungsschriften. . Katalog Band 1. Mohr, 1970. 623 pp. ex libraryw ith markings and book plate and pocket. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275339) $42.00

73. Kwartalnik Historii Zydow . Wrzesien June 2016, nr 2 (258); Jewish History Quarterly. Warsaw: Zydowski Instytut Historyczny,, 2016. 568 pp. Articles in Polish and English includes on the Shoah. Very Good. Paperback. (275943) $36.00

74. Kwartalnik Historii Zydow . Wrzesien September 2016, nr 3 (259); Jewish History Quarterly. Warsaw: Zydowski Instytut Historyczny,, 2016. 583-793 pp. Articles in Polish and English includes one on the Shoah. Very Good. Paperback. (275942) $27.00

75. Langer, Lawrence. In a different light: The Book of Genesis in the Art of Samuel Bak. Boston: Pucker Gallery, 2001. 92 pp.Bringing the creation story to the concentration camps. ex library with bookplate and pocket. new. Hardback & DJ.
A study of the work of survivor artist of the Shoah. (276321) $20.00

76. Langer, Laurence. The Game Continues; Chess in the Art of Samuel Bak. Pucker/Indiana, 1999. 87 pp. Library bookplate and pocket on back endpaper. Taped number on spine. Reproduces in full color, a new series of 52 ches paintings. “His chess-inspried landscapes illuminate the waste of war in a profaned world and its impact on the human spirit.” Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276283) $25.00

77. Langer, Lawrence (essay and commentary). Landscapes of Jewish Experience: Paintings by Samuel Bak. Boston: Pucker Gallery/Brandeis, 1997. large 8vo 126 pp. ex library with plate and pocket. Good. Hardback & DJ.

Bak was from Vilna, hidden during the Holocaust. Paints as a witness to the destruction and as a survivor rebuilding for future (276320) $25.00

78. Lanzmann, Claude (signed by). Shoah: An Oral History of the Holocaust; The Complete Text of the Film. NY: Pantheon, 1985. 200 pp. 12mo. Preface by Simone De Beauvoir. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (277142) $65.00

79. Lavi, Theodore. Roumanian Jewry in World War II (in Hebrew); Fight for Survival. Yad Vashem, 1965. 1X + 199 pp. Ex library with bookplate and pocket. In English and Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275375) $40.00

80. Levine, Micheal. The Belated Witness: Literature, testimony, and the Question of Holocaust Survival. Stanford University Press, 2006. 238 pp. ex library with markings. Very Good. Paperback. (275346) $15.00

81. Linn, Ruth. Escaping Auschwitz: A Culture of Forgetting. Cornell, 2004. 155 pp. ex library with markings. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275407) $12.00

82. Loeser, Herta and Hans (inscribed by both). “Since Then…: Letters from Former Stoatley Roughians. Boston: Pilgrim Press, 1971. 97 pp. Boarding house in England that was a haven for refugee children from Nazi Europe. Charming illustrations. Letters from students all over the world who were housed at this school. An amazing educational experience staffed by teachers from Germany and England. Very Good-. Paperback. (276034) $45.00

83. Lohken, Wilfried (editor). Juden im Widerstand: Drei Gruppen zwischen Uberlebenskampf und Politischer Aktion: Berlin 1939-1945. Berlin: Hentrich, 1993. 208 pp.edge creased. Good. Paperback. (276374) $15.00

84. Lozowick, Yaacov. Hitler’s Bureaucrats: The Nazi Security Force and the Banality of Evil In Hebrew. Jerusalem: Magnes, 2002. 247 pp. In Hebrew ex library with markings. Very Good-. Hardcover . (275411) $25.00

85. Macdonald, Andrew. The Turner Diaries. National Alliance, 1980. Second Edition. 214 pp. “The FBI has labelled The Turner Diaries ‘the bible of the racist right'”. Very Good. Paperback. (275993) $30.00

86. Man, Felix. Man With Camera: Photographs From Seven Decades. Schocken Books, 1983. 150 pp. Filled with texts and photographs, includes World War II. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275562) $20.00

87. Man, Paul de Hamacher, Werner (edited by). Wartime Journalism, 1939-1943. University of Nebraska. 399 pp. Articles written by Paul de Man during the occupation of Belgium, he was accused of being a collaborater. Very Good. Paperback. (275359) $30.00

88. Mann, Klaus. Mephisto. NY: Random House, 1977. 263 pp. Dj torn. Novel written in 1936 while in exile from Germany. Based on his former brother-in-law who was an actor in Nazi Germany and became head of the state theatre. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275504) $20.00

89. Markowski, Stanislaw. Karkowski Kazimierz; Kazimierz: The Jewish Quarter of Cracow 1870-1988. Arka, 1992. 149 pp. In Polish and English filled with text and photos. Very Good. Hardcover . (275351) $36.00

90. Mathews, Basil. The Jews and World Ferment. NY: Friendship Press., 1935. 185 pp. book plate and embossed stamp tp explores Anti Semitism and plight of the Jews in the world and exposes Hitler’s philosophy. Good +. Hardcover . (272152) $15.00

91. Miska, Hannah. So weit wie moglich weg von hier: Von Europa nach Melbourne – Holocaust-Uberlebende erzahlen. Mitteldeutscher, 2014. 488 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (276373) $20.00

92. Muller, Hans Harald. Intellektueller Linksradikalismus in der Weimarer Republik. Kronberg: Scriptor Verlag, 1977. 171 pp. good. wrapper. (276129) $10.00

93. Nagano, Paul T & Kaufman, A (Bak Samuel). Samuel Bak; The Past Continues. Godine, 1988. About 45 pp. 73 color plates. Dj creased, number taped to spine. Library bookplate and pocket on back endpaper. Images of the Shoah by survivor artist and commentary. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276282) $18.00

94. Newman, Leonard (editor). Understanding Genocide; The Social Psychology of the Holocaust. Oxford University Press, 2002. 360 pp. Ex library with markings. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275376) $25.00

95. Nielsen, Jennifer. Resistance. Scholastic Press, 2018. 385 pp. Novel based on historical fact of resistance to Nazis by young Jewish woman courier who is involved in the Warsaw Uprising and before that various acts of bravery against the Nazis, epilogue discusses true fate of many of the resisters from the Warsaw Uprising. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Historical fiction (275478) $15.00

96. Nruning, Jens hrsg. In Tyrannos: Vier Jahrhunderte Kampf gegen Unterdruckung in Deutschland. Hentrich, 2003. 343 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (276365) $30.00

97. O’Dochartaigh, Pol (editor). Jews in German Literature Since 1945: German-Jewish Litterature? Rodopi, 2000. 672 pp. ex library with markings and with book plate . Good +. Paperback. (275341) $40.00

98. Ozick, Cynthia. Levitation. NY: Knopf, 1982. 158 pp. Includes the story From a Refugee’s Notebook. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275705) $12.00

99. Pachter, Henry. Weimar Etudes. NY: Columbia, 1982. 387 pp. some pencil underlining. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Social and cultural history,refugee political scientist, analyis in these essays the role of the intellectuals,artists in Weimar. Writes of work with Neu Beginnen in Germany in the 1930s. (275930) $15.00

100. Parmet, Harriet L. The Terror of Our Days; Four American Poets Respond To the Holocaust. Lehigh University Press, 2001. 268 pp. Plastic sleeve on dj. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (275548) $18.00

101. Perl, William. The Four-Front War: The Most Daring Rescue of the Century. NY: Crown Publishers, 1979. 2nd. 375 pp. writing on front end paper. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Efforts to rescue Jews from Nazi Germany to Palestine. (275573) $12.00

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