“Devarim” – Judaica – October 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I hope you all are doing well physically and spiritually in the midst of this epidemic and taking good care.

And the chagim were uplifting and spent with some family  or friends.
It is certainly also a time of much solitude.

Books have continued to be my close companions, offering consolation and sustenance in this book sanctuary. I spend much of the day perusing and cataloguing them, and plan now to send out more lists. We also welcome learning what you are researching and perhaps we can suggest a tome from our genizah.

I came across the following from an essay by Abraham Joshua Heschel as an introduction  to photos by Roman Vishniac in a book entitled Polish Jewry.

“In almost every Jewish home, even in the humblest and poorest, stood a bookcase full of volumes; proud and stately folio-tomes together with shy small-sized books. Books were neither an asylum for the frustrated nor a means for occasional edification. They were furnaces of living strength, time proof receptacles for the eternally valid coins of the spirit. Almost every Jew gave of his time to learning….”

May we continue to be inspired in our learning and quests and journeys into bookland.  May we experience perplexity and delight in the search for answers and questions.

shalom ve kol tuv
Ken aka Yekutiel
Schoen Books

1.            Amarmi Yaacov. Divrei Hayamim LeMilhemet Hasaharor. Shelach, 1951. 168 pp. bit shaken. In Hebrew, filled with text and rare photos of the War of Independence and earlier times. Good. Hardcover .  (278524)       $30.00

2.            (Anti-Semtitism) Pos Dr H J (editor). Anti-semitisme en jodendom. Een bundel studies over een actueel vraagstuk. Arnhem: van Loghum Slaterus,, 1939. 231 pp.foxing to endpapers In Dutch Anti Semitism and Judaism a collection of essays. Good +. Wrapper.
Collection of essays includes de Gruyter J Presser Menno ter Braak OCLC Number: 521499042  (278533)                $30.00

3.            Aronin Ben. The Secret of the Sabbath Fish. United Synagogue, 1948. 30 pp. classic children’s book pictures by Shay Rieger . Good. Hardcover .
Aronin was a Chicago Jewish community leader and wrote many popular titles for children  (278525)         $20.00

4.            Bak, Samuel. Tayler, Irene (editor) Between Worlds: Paintings and Drawings from 1946 to 2001. Pucker Art, 2001. 357 pp. Mangum opus coffee table size book- fest to the work of Samuel Bak,with essays,Images of the brokenness from the Shoah….. ” I consider Samuel Bak as one of the greatest painters of the twentieth century…represented the mad cruelty of our eras…unque personal language.” Amos Oz. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 845511353  (278693)      $175.00

5.            Bar D’Roma Avshalam. Masechet Admonim myn Talmud Bolshevei (In Hebrew); (Tractate Reds from the Bolshevik Talmud). Tel Aviv: 1923. 48 pp.new covers,In Hebrew,pages yellowing but not brittle, last page slight stain and stains to back wrapper cover. Good. Hardcover .
written in parody of Talmud form satiric anti communist tome did not see in worldcat  (278789) $125.00

6.            Barel Anvan. Haggadah LeYisrael. Hebrei Kiryat Tal, 2006. 73 pp. In Hebrew Zionist Haggadah filled with color illustrations glossy. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278567)  $40.00

7.            Batuc Abraham. Algebra Sefer Limud VeKebatz Shealot hoveret bet. Tel Aviv: dvir, 1936. 157-242 pp. In Hebrew, library marks and book plate taped spine. Good. Boards.  (278551)          $27.00

8.            Ben Zion S. Ketuvim Livnai HaNiOrim Sefer Shenei; Omonuth. Frankfurt: Omonuth, 1923. 146 pp In Hebrew, covers worn. Volume 2. Good. Boards.
Writings for children. Book two  (278464)              $36.00

9.            Ben- Zvi Yitahak. Sefer HaSmoronim Toldotahim Moshvotahem Datem Vesifrotom. Stiebel, 1935. 268 pp. In Hebrew study of the Smaritans by future President of Israel. Good. Hardcover .  (278453)                $45.00

10.          Bergman H P. Sefat yeladim : sefer-limud li-qeriʼah weli-ketivah / 2. Odessa: Moriah, 1912. 112 pp. slight library marks. Good. Library Binding.
OCLC Number: 775283712  (278540)      $32.00

11.          Berthold, H (Tscherkassky Joseph geleit). H Berthold Schriftgiessereien und Messinglinien Fabriken; Aktien-Gesellschaft. Berlin: Berthold, 1924. 82 pages,, decorative paper-covered boards with black, gilt and red framed cover plate design in gold with blue and red lettering,new cloth spine, some wear to covers,corners slightly bumped and lacking pieces, boards have gilt ornamental vignettes. Good +. cloth backed boards.
From the preface Tscherkassky Manager of the Oriental Department writes: “This catalogue of Hebrew and Jewish types the first of its kind should redress agreat deficiency hitherto existing in Hebrew printing matters. This catalogue contains not only the types but also numerous specimens such as might be employed for books and fine printing. It is a collection of specimens for the Hebrew typographer intended for facilitating to him the connection with the western art of printing.” Considered one of the finest Hebrew typeface catalog ever produced. OCLC Number:       79969058
  (278682)               $475.00

12.          Birnbaum Uriel. Moses : ein biblischer Zyklus in fünfzig Bildern mit einem einleitenden Essay. Wien Berlin: Thyros, 1924. 82 pp. library perforation mark on title page and number on spine with title written on spine, library bidning, new hinges and endpapers. Good +. Boards.
A Biblical cycle in fifty pictures with an introductory essay on the life and and times of Moses by Uriel Birnbaum.work similar to Expressionist/Art Deco Style.  (278603)               $125.00

13.          Blogg Salomon Ephraim   Haggadah. HaHagadah shel Pesach Ha Haggadah shel Pesach. Hannover: Teignener, 1836. 30 double pages,new hinges and spine, inscribed by Cantor Grunfeld in 1934, some stained and blotchy type pages. Good. Boards.  (278687)  $145.00

14.          Blumenkranz Rabbi Avrohom compiler. The Laws of Pesach: A Digest. Far Rockaway: Gross, 1987. 132 pp. Rabbiof Bais Medrash Ateres Yisroel, very detailed study covering myriad of foods and products -medicines et al. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278679)   $25.00

15.          Brandes Yochi. Hagar. Yediot, 2001. 289 pp. In Hebrew Author of The Orchard and The Secret Book of Kings. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 224491529  (278443)      $27.00

16.          Breudis Abraham. Batelem (in the trenches). Histadrut Shel HaNoar HaOved HaIvri, 1930. 36 pp. In Hebrew songs, pockeet in back and tape on spine. Good. Cloth.
Sifrit Bemaleh Gimel  (278554)    $32.00

17.          Brinner William. An Elegant Composition Concerning Relief After Adversity, by Nissim Ben Jacob Ibn Shahin. Yale, 1977. 196 pp. book plate. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278431)           $12.00

18.          Cahiers Bernard Lazare La revue de la gauche juive en France. 5 assises du Judaïsme progressiste. cahiers Bernard Lazare, juin/juillet 1982. 52 pp. No 94/95 articles on Israel and the peace negotiations et al. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278691)         $25.00

19.          Cahiers Bernard Lazare La revue de la gauche juive en France. cahiers Bernard Lazarre. cahiers Bernard Lazare, octobre 1981. 49 pp. No 88/89 articles including Albert Memmi on La Mort de Sadate et Les Medias Leon Poliakov Coprnic un an Apres et al. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278692)     $25.00

20.          Canadian Jewish Archives. Aug. 1955-May 1962. National Archives and Library & Bureau of Social and Economic Research Canadian Jewish Congresses, 1955-1962. six issues published,, miemeographed about 200 pages, extraordinary documentation of early Jewish life onward,in Ph.D type binder. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 937585470  (278773)      $175.00

21.          Celan Paul. Sprachgitter. [Gedichte]. Fischer, 1959. 1. Auflage. 66 pp. Good +. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 256284582 (later edition)  (278598)         $45.00

22.          Chanover, Hyman and Alice. Pesah Is Coming. United Synagogue Commission, 1956. 20 pp. Illustrations are marvelous. Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 1404304  (277518)           $20.00

23.          Chanover, Hyman and Alice. Pesah Is Here! United Synagogue Commission, 1956. 26 pp. Illustrations are marvelous. Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 234071113  (278918)      $20.00

24.          Chesterton, A.K.and Leftwich Joseph. The Tragedy of Anti-Semitism. London: Anscombe, 1948. 296 pp.new spine and label, new hinges library stamp on title page . Good. Hardcover .  (278690)        $25.00

25.          Comite voor Bijzondere Joodsche Belangen Aascher A. De Duitsche Jodenhaat in woord en beeld. Amsterdam: 1935. 64 pp. number on spine and slight library mark, cover creased and bit soiled Quotations from German publications. Good-. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 694519949  (278579)      $32.00

26.          Dorff Elliot. Conservative Judaism: our Ancestors to our Descendants. United Synagogue, 1996. 285 pp. Intense work on the meaning of conservative Judaism its history values theology and application to the present. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 974479144  (278672)      $30.00

27.          Duda, Eugeniusz. Krakowskie judaica. Warsaw: Kraj, 1991. 155 pp. In Polish , wear to spine,. well researched documentation on Jewish life and filled with extraordinary photographs, with extensive material on the Shoah. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 26814029  (278486)         $25.00

28.          Edelman Lily editor. Face to Face: A Primer in Dialogue. Bna Brith, 1967. 121 pp. about 15 important essays on Jewish Christian relations. Good +. Hardcover .  (278700)                $18.00

29.          Edrehi Isaac. History of the Capital of Asia and the Turks (in 3 volumes) and The Ten Tribes. Edrehi, 1855. some foxing, sligh tear to title page volume 1 This is the complete history with all 3 volumes bound as one along with The Ten Tribes in full leather, b/w (sepia toned) illustrations, Volume 1 is 140 pages, Volume 2 is 147 pages, Volume 3 is 148 pages, and the Ten Tribes is 59 pages. This volume was reprinted for Isaac Edrehi, son of the late British Consul at Jerusalem.Moses Edrehi. Good +. library binding.  (272677)           $275.00

30.          Elte Philip. Geschiedenis der Joden ten gebruike op de lagere scholen.     Volume 1. Eerste stukje. Van de schepping tot de laatste verzameling van den Talmoed -Volume 2. Tweede stukje. Van de laatste verzameling van den Talmoed tot onzen tijd. Joachimsthal, 1894. 172 + 212 pp.paper yellowing but not brittle Elte was editor of Nieuw Israelietisch Weekblad from 1875-1914 Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 233679619  (278732)      $45.00

31.          Freilaj S. Kindr  קינדער \ Kinder(Ninos) Tomo 1 Narraciones Selectas. Buenos Aires: grupo de amigos, 1947. 236 pp. In Yiddish children’s stories with wonderful illustrations, spine and edge of cover worn and frayed. Good-. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 145082696  (278490)      $46.00

32.          (Galicia) Webber Jonathan Schwarz Chris (photos by). Rediscovering Traces of Memory; The Jewish Heritage of Polish Galicia. Galicia Jewish Museum/Littmann Library, 2009. 186 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Magnificent work with superb photos by the late founder of the Museum Chris Schwarz z”l  (278681)        $36.00

33.          Gevhard Chanoch Rabbi . Shiʻurim be-hagadot Hazal The Aggados of the Talmud : based on the text of Ein Yaakov : The Destruction of the Second Commonwealth … Gitin 55-58.    Kfar Chasidim : Jewish Educational Workshop,, 1993. 94 pp. covers worn. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.  (278656)   $23.00

34.          Goldberg Abraham (Avraham). Batim BeYisrael Reshomim. Tel Aviv: Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1970. Portfolio. [4]pp. of text, +24 loose plates(lacking one plate) resting in. Original textured ingrain cardboard portfolio, several slight library tamps, cardboard container torn and has taped spine, scarce do not see on worldcat . Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Goldberg was called the “Jewish Rembrandt”  (278803)   $100.00

35.          Goldberg Nathan. The Passover Haggadah with a new English Translation and Instructions. Ktav, 1964. about 40 pages, distributed by Fortunoff’s with their ads on back cover and endpaper “Live Rich-You Can Afford to at Fortunoff’s ” Good condition. Wrapper.
illustrated by Sigmund Frost  (278555)     $23.00

36.          Golomb A. El Judaismo en su Integridad/אינטעגראלע יידישקיית : טעאריע און פראקטיק.; Integrale Yidishkayṭ : ṭeorye un praktik. Mexcio: 1962. 45 pp. In Yiddish  bottom of pages bumped tears to cover appears to be inscribed. Good. Wrapper.  (278604)           $32.00

37.          Gross Nathan (editor). The Holocaust in Hebrew Poetry an Anthology השואה בשירה העברית :‏ ‏מבחר /‏ / ha-Shoʼah ba-shirah ha-ʻIvrit : mivhar. Yad Vashem?, 1974. In Hebrew 248 pp dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 19156570  (278451)         $40.00

38.          Guterman Guta. ‘Der opgrunt rojst’ poezje Der opgrunṭ roist: lider דער אפגרונט רוישט : לידער /. Lodz: Idisz Buch, 1948. In Yiddish 12mo 70 pp. library marks to the title page. Very Good. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 924027661  (278536)      $47.00

39.          Gutman Rabbi Yehazekl (Guttmann Tabin I). Rabbi Dov Meleovah Hayav Ishito VeTorato; “Iabna” Sciere Periodica Pentru Literatuura Evreiascs. Cluj Romania: Weinstein, 1925. 30 pp. covers repaired, with library stamp of Rav Guttman and Rubin Bergmann. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278779)            $45.00

40.          Handlist of Hebrew manuscripts and other mss. and documents illustrating Jewish history and literature in the collection of C. Roth, Oxford. JTS, 1950. 33 pp. library marks, in pamphlet binder,reprinted from the Alexander Marx Jubilee Volume. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278574)  $18.00

41.          Hashomer Hatzair. NY: Hashomer Hatzair, June 1934-1936. Periodica 1934 l vol1 No 7,No 9,10; vol 2 1935 no 1-9 , vol 3 no 1-9 1935-1936 Each issue 30-40 pages, begiins with few pages in Hebrew and rest in English; issue covers are fantastic expressionist and realistic art glorifying chalutzim and aliyah and building the state. good. Hardback & DJ.
For the Jewish youth movement articles about Palestine, the kibbutzim, political events, conventons, democracy, Arab Jewish realtions.Inspiring publication. Do not see in world cat  (278778)   $185.00

42.          Heidegger Martin, Zemach Shlomo (trans). Der Ursprung Des Kunstwerks. Dvir, 1968. In Hebrew 95 pp. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278556)      $30.00

43.          Hilty, Hans Rudolf. Dank an Kurt Hirschfeld. Tschudy-Verlag, 1964. 60 pp. slight library marks; essays by colleagues after his death and pictures of his dramatic works. Good. Hardcover .
He was dismissed from this post after the Nazis came to power in March, 1933. He received a job offer from Ferdinand Rieser, director of the Pfauenbühne in Zurich and emigrated to Switzerland, where he transformed the provincial stage into one of the most important German-language theaters outside Germany..In 1934, he was dismissed from his post after differences with Rieser and spent time working in a publishing house. In 1935, he traveled to Moscow as a correspondent for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, where he also worked briefly as a directorial assistant for Vsevolod Meyerhold. After the dissolution of Meyerhold’s theater, he returned to Zurich, where he helped to found the “Neues Schauspiel AG”, which became the legal successor to the Schauspielhaus in Zurich. He served as the new company’s first dramaturg and became its vice director in 1946. In 1961, he became the artistic and managing director of the Schauspielhaus Zurich.Hirschfeld was one of the discoverers and early supporters of the Swiss playwrights Max Frisch and Friedrich Dürrenmatt. He had a special interest in the dramatic works of Bertolt Brecht. Thanks to his personal friendship with Brecht, he was responsible for three premieres of Brecht’s work during World War II. (Wikipedia) (278492)            $25.00

44.          Hirsch Samson Raphael (hrsg). Jeschurun Ein Monatsblatt zur Forderung judischen Geistes und judischen Lebens in Haus Gemeinde und Schule; Erste Jahrgang 5613. Frankfurt-am-Main: Baist, 1854. 664 pp., twelve issues, slight library marks, paper in very good condition boards worn, cloth spine with taped title on spine Begins with a prospectus of the intent of this new journal. Good-. Boards.
Intellectual founder of the Torah im Derech Eretz school of contemporary Orthodox Judaism. Occasionally termed neo-Orthodoxy, his philosophy, had a considerable influence on the development of Orthodox Judaism  (278761)                $65.00

45.          Horowitz Isaiah Ben Abraham Halevi. Shnei (Shenei) Luchoth Habrith. With Vavei Ha’Amudim by the author’s son, Shabthai Sheftel; Sefer Shene luhot ha-berit : ha-shalem : amarot tehorot … hibur ʻal shete Torot. Frankfurt-am-Main: 1717. Fourth Edition. Inscription in book on paste down

אני מעתיק כאן פענוח חלקי, בשל האיכות הגרועה.

אם ישלחו סריקה באיכות טובה יש סיכוי שאצליח לפענח יותר.

זה הספר של[“]ה קניתי מהוני לכבוד קוני

להגות בגרוני, אשר בלאא כמהור

קלונימס קלמן יצו מקק —(מחוק)

באנפאי חתם האלוף המרומהתורני הראש

והקצין כבוד קדושת שמו מפארי

מהור אשר נרו יאיר

ודא היא חתימתו דלעיל –? אשרינהו?

וקיימנהו כדחזי ולראיבאנו על החתום

היויוראשון כד בחודש שבט

שנת תיו קוף יוד חית לפק

הקטן אברהבהרב מהורר יצחק אייזיק יצו החונה פה קק אביצו

הקטן שמואל בהרב מהר שמריה יצו

חונא פה אפטא

לכבוד קוני להגות בגרוני?

עשרים רובל

בן לאא

כהרר קלנימוס סגל?

באשר איך בין גוועזין זיין

אבא האט מן ג

נאם מנחם בהרר שימען? יצו

Good. Hardcover .
In folk custom this kind of work has protective talismanic effect on the owner and has been purchased for that reason….. A native of Prague, R. Isaiah Halevi Horowitz (1565?-1630) settled in Jerusalem in 1621, where he was appointed Rabbi of the Aschkenazic Community of the city and where he availed himself of the esoteric teachings of R. Isaac Luria and his disciples. These kabbalistic teachings were duly incorporated in his magnum opus, Shnei Luchoth HaBerith. Part Halachic Code and part Kabbalistic treatise, the Shnei Luchoth Habrith exerted great influence on the life of the Aschenazi Jewish world and helped more than any other work to introduce the Kabbalah into daily religious life. Prof. Scholem observed that ” its expressive power and rich content made it a classic.” G. Scholem, Kabbbalah (1974) OCLC Number:    27223076  (278628)         $725.00

46.          El industrial maderero Anno XII Yorbukh 1953. Buenos Aires: Asociacion Industriales De La Madera Y Del Hierro,, 1953. 464 pp.in Yiddish, tears to spine, filled with articles by Yiddish writers. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Periodical  (278485)         $75.00

47.          Jacob Walter editor. The Environment in Jewish Law Essays and Responses. Berghahn, 2003. 112 pp. pencil annotated in margins. Good +. Paperback.  (278664)         $26.00

48.          Kaplan Mordechai (editor). The Reconstructionist; Dedicated to the Advancement of Judaism as a Religious Civilization... NY: Society for the Advancement, 1940+ 1941. Volume 2: No. 1-10, Feb 21 1936 -June 26 1936 each issue 16 pp.issue 9 quite coffee stained? sfep. good. Stiff Wrapper.
with significant articles by Mordechai Kaplan and Milton Steinberg etc. and reviews and letters  (278585) $95.00

49.          Kaplan N. Shalone Algebrae LeBetai Sefer Techoneyim. Jerusalem: Weiss, 1930. 111 pp. slight library marks, long inscription in Hebrew on pastedown with photo inserted beneath. Good. Hardcover .  (278558)          $32.00

50.          Kaplan Rabbi Aryeh. Belief in God. Massorah, 1973. 12 pp. some furled pages. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Collegiate hashkafa series, v. 1.  (278522)               $18.00

51.          Katzenelson Yitzhak. Al Naharoth Bovel Al nehores bavel : biblische tragedie in fir aktn. Ghetto Fighters House, 1967. In Yiddish 135 pp. ex library with pocket. Good. Boards.
Important Yiddish poet, fled the burning Warsaw Ghetto and ultimately murdered by the Nazis at Auschwitz. Also wrote “The Song of the Murdered Jewish People”.  (276393)        $25.00

52.          Kazdan Chaim. El Ultimo Periodo a la Vida y Creacion de Ycek Manger 1939-1969 Ensayos Literarios; Di letste tkufe in Itsik Mangers lebn un shafn די לעצטע תקופה אין איציק מאנגערס לעבן און שאפן : 1939-1969. Mexico: Mendelson, 1973. 181 pp. In Yiddish. Very Good. Paperback.  (278489)             $26.00

53.          Kidron Peretz editor. Refusenik! : Israel’s Soldiers of Conscience. Zed, 2004. 118 pp. Good +. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 960165987  (278715)      $15.00

54.          Klatzkin, Jakob. Hermann Cohen. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1921. 2. Auflage. 132 pp. In German lacks spine. good. Boards.
Library marks of Archival Depot  (278468)              $40.00

55.          Kripke, Dorothy. Let’s Talk About Judaism. Jonathan David, 1972. about 20 pp. dj torn simple beautiful explanation for children; prolific author of children’s books, married to Rabbi Myer Kripke. good friends with Warren Buffet and became philanthropists Illustrated by Bobri. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 611430  (278572)              $25.00

56.          Kripke, Dorothy. Let’s Talk About Right and Wrong. Jonathan David, 1972. about 25 pp. dj torn simple conversational stories ,themes related toe veryday life of the child,; prolific author of children’s books, married to Rabbi Myer Kripke. good friends with Warren Buffet and became philanthropists Illustrated by Bobri. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 632934795  (278573)      $20.00

57.          Kroyanker, David. The Rothschild Compound Story – Jerusalem, Hanevi’im Street: A Medical and Educational Biography; סיפור מתחם רוטשילד : ירושלים, רחוב הנביאים : ביוגרפיה רפואית וחינוכית /. Keter, 2001. 108+ 91 pp. In English and Hebrew inscription on fep in pen. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Coffee table sized book about the important hospital in the 19th and early 20th century Jerusalem  (261701)                $36.00

58.          Levi, Bracha Berline Zeev. Perahei Harkarmel. Haifa: Dept of Education, 1958. 40 pp. beautiful work in Hebrew of flowers in the Carmel with color illustrations, in torn protective folder. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278673) $45.00

59.          Levin, Yitzhak. Aliti MesPetziah (“I emigrated from Spezia”). Am Oved, 1960s?. 105 pp.slight library marks with images, with lists of Muzel? from the Lvov Ghetto translated by Dov Stock. Good. Boards.  (278591)           $30.00

60.          Levinsohn, Yehoshua (Joshua). Erets Rusyah u-meloʼah … Luhot HistatiSeteyot. Vilna: 1868. 100 pp. taped spine with title on spine Library marks with book plate and pocket, hinge starting. Good-. Boards.
OCLC Number: 19154399  (278559)         $65.00

61.          Lewin, Isaac. Los Judios en la Polonia de Antano Yidn in altn Poyln : historise eseien. Buenos Aires: Union Central Isr, 1962. In Yiddish. 12mo 165 pp. good. Hardcover .
Band 160 fun di Bikher-Serye dos Poylishe Yidntum.  (278445)      $45.00

62.          Livner, Y B. Bar Kochba. warsaw: barkai, 1923. 116 pp. In Hebrew hinges started few loose pages. Good. Hardcover .  (278471)     $25.00

63.          Maccoby, Hyam. Early Rabbinic writings. Cambridge University Press, 1990. 245 pp. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278659)     $25.00

64.          Maimonides, Shmuel ibn tibbon . Shemonah perakim le-Rambam : ins Daytshe iberzetsṭ.שמונה פרקים לרמב״ם : אינס דיטטשע איבערזעצט. Wien: Joseph Graschanzky,, 1798. 68 double pages,new hinges, decorated worn boards, cloth spine with title written in spine, notes in Hebrew on paste down, Hebrew on one side and Yiddish translation on other. Good-. Boards.
OCLC Number: 708698688  (278478)      $185.00

65.          Malachi, Eliezer. Pri etz Chaim : bibliography of the works of Chaim Tchernowitz (Rav Tzair) and of the literature about him. Jubilee Committe, 1946. 53 p. In Hebrew and Yiddish, library markings, in library binder. Good. Library Binding.  (278575)             $25.00

66.          Mendelssohn, Moses. Kitve ḳodesh : nidpasim me-ḥadash u-mehudarim be-tosafot rabot . [Bd 1-5]: Sefer Neṭivot ha-shalom : ṿe-hu ḥibur kolel Ḥameshet ḥumshe Torah ʻim targum ashkenazi u-veʼur / me-et Mosheh mi-Desoy. Wien: Schmid, 1818. 435 pp. frontispeice portrait of Mendelssohn tipped in and illustration on title page, new blue boards and new endpapers and hinges, some dog eared pages. Good. Boards.
Sepher Nethivoth Hashalom, more commonly known as the Bi’ur, is Moses Mendelssohn’s revolutionary translation of the Pentateuch. Mendelsson translated the Pentateuch into German using Hebrew characters while the commentary was composed in Hebrew. The commentary aimed to explain the translation choices made by Mendelssohn and drew heavily on traditional medieval Jewish Bible commentators.(Kestenbaum entry) Was originally published in 1783  OCLC Number: 937074293  (278783)      $265.00

67.          Montefiore, Claude. Het liberale Jodendom. Grondstellingen en ontwikkeling. Baarn: Hollondia, 1934. 368 pp.wear to crown and base of leatherish spine. Good +. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 781680496  (278786)      $36.00

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OCLC Number: 885295  (278645)              $45.00

69.          (Music) Yardeni, David Alster-. New Haggadah melodies. Tara, 1987. 30 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 23121202  (278449)         $30.00

70.          Omer, Mordechai; Hadar, Irith (curator). Hiriyah ba-muzeʼon/ 2 Proposals Submitted tot he Public Competition for Detailed Landscape Design of the Landfill; חירייה במוזיאון. Hiriya in the Museum. Tel Aviv Museum, 1999. Artists’ and Archtects’ Proposals for the Landfill for Ayalon Park, 105 pp. Quite beautiful and innovative with lots of text and explanations. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 195537726  (278549)      $36.00

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72.          Protocole du Premier Congres Juif Mondial : Geneve, 8-15 Aout 1936. Congres Juif Mondial, 1936. 442 pp. slight library marks , bottom corners slightly bumped. Good. library binding.
Jewish World Congress Many speeches from delegates from all over the world, some dealing with emigration and the situation in Germany, In French, German and English. OCLC Number:       1633456  (278606)           $48.00

73.          Rabbi Nachman’s Tsohar. Breslov Research, 1986. 64 pp. 12mo. part of series “Light” Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278751)         $25.00

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OCLC Number: 47931491  (278552)         $25.00

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76.          Report Submitted to the General Assembly by the Secretary General. Report of the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and other Arabs in the Occupied Territories. United Nations, 1970, 1971, 1978, 1992, 1993. 1992 has four reports, 1993 has three reports, slight library marks, reports vary in size from 50 pp. to 250 pp. with details of complaints and those interviewed, in protective folder . Very Good. Wrapper.  (278608)   $135.00

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Silkiner was aniImportant American Hebrew educator born in Lithuania …OCLC Number:                45945955  (278643)                $25.00

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79.          (Russia) Schwarz, Solomon. Ha Antishameut bibrith Ha Moatzet Anti Semitism in the Soviet Union. 1952: Asaf, Tel Aviv. 192 pp. slight library mark on fep and number on spine, paper yellowing but not brittle, In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover .  (278726)     $36.00

80.          Ryback, Issachar. מיין חרובער היים : א געדעכעניש / Mayn horever heym : a gedekhenish Mayn Khoyever Heym; A Gedenknish; (My little town, my destroyed home; in memory). Berlin: Verlag Schwellen, 1923. . First edition. Oblong folio (13 1/4 x 19 1/2″). [2], III-XXXI, [1] leaves. New covers front and back and spine with original images pasted to covers, blue cloth . Illustrated half-title,. Ryback’s remembbraqnce to the Jewish villages (“shtetlekh”) – including his hometown – that were destroyed in pogroms after the First War and the ensuing Russian Civil War. They show the gentle l daily life of a traditional Jewish shtetl before the upcoming hurbn and massacres: a city street, the artisans, musicians, the market, the synagogue, a wedding, a funeral, the Jewish cemetery,and the Hasidic rebbe. The lithographs measure 10 3/4 x 15″, and are all dated 1917 in the stone. Of the 30 half-tone plates (Title + plates numbered from III-XXXI), four are printed in bistre, and the others in sepia . Tip of top corners throughout slighly creased (not affecting plates). . Title and captions in Yiddish. Binding in very good condition interior in good plus condition to very good, lithographs in good+ condition. Good +. Boards.
Rybak’s masterpiece remains the lithographic album, Shtetl, mayn khoreve heym, a gedenkenish (Shtetl, My Destroyed Home, a Memory; 1923), in which he evokes the shtetl in dark tones, fusing cubism and expressionism, assymetrical design, exaggerated facial features, and interpenetrating planes. This style is superimposed upon such prototypical images of religious life as the synagogue, the religious school, Jewish holidays, funerals, and weddings. Representative types of shtetl occupations include the cobbler, the knife sharpener, the butcher, and the Rabbi.(YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe)  (279013)             $3,600.00

81.          Salamon, Hagar. The Hyena People: Ethiopian Jews in Christian Ethiopia. California, 1999. 157 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
(Contraversions: Critical Studies in Jewish Literature, Culture, and Society, 13)  (278416)  $10.00

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Journal of the Jewish left, with articles on the death of Anwar Sadat, elections in Israel, etc.  (278625)       $34.00

83.          Sefer, Tsifinat PeAnah. warsaw: 1875. 82 pp. rebound,new spine and hinges teaches mathematics mathematical chart that opens up at back is torn boards worn and torn,edges of pages torn. Good-. Boards.  (278610)                $54.00

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86.          Slingshot : a resource guide for Jewish innovation.issues 12 and 13/14. Jewish Communal Fund Cummings Fdn, 2012 and 2013. each issue about 150 pp.lists innovative inspirational progressive Jewish organization throughout USA and their missions funding description and contact information price is for two issues,issue 12 cover creased . Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 698203712  (278800)      $57.00

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OCLC Number: 40413646  (278561)         $36.00

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Each of the very many poets are presented with a photograph, a brief biography, a selection of poems and a bibliography. OCLC Number:       123272631  (278560)      $31.00

90.          Stickler,Alfonso, intro. Il Libro Della Bibbia: Eposizione di Manoscritti e di Edizioni a Stampa Della Bibl. Apostol. Vaticana Dal Secolo III-XVI. Roma: Bibl Apostolica Vaticana, 1972. Exhibition catalog With commentary. Some plates in color. 12mo 148 plates, – Very Good. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 505739581  (278587)      $36.00

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Jewish life in Sweden Filled with articles about Israel and world Jewry  (278529)   $165.00

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OCLC Number: 872451320  (278586)      $35.00

93.          Tziyunim  Lamathtaklim BeLimudim. rabbinical midrash in America. 16 pp.notes for students? Good. Library Binding.  (278590)            $23.00

94.          Vahstein, P.; Mip, Naketze; Hakahal, Be; Krakau Lekarot Yisrael Ve Hachmav, Rabonov Uminhagev Be Polonia Biklal Ive Krakau Bevrat. Bratislavia. 16 pp.first page loose. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
From the public notebooks of Cracow Israel Its Rabbis and Leaders in Poland in general and Cracow in particular  (278593)               $30.00

95.          Wander, David (illustrator). The Wolloch Haggadah in Memory of the Holocaust. Goldman’s Art Gallery, 1988. in attempting to link the memory of the destruction of European Jewry during World War Two with that of the ancient redemption from Egypt. They achieved this goal by juxtaposing images from the European Holocaust with the traditional text of the Haggadah. The text thus resonates not only with Israel’s ancient enslavement but with the catastrophe of the recent past as well. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Calligraphy and Micrography: Yonah Weinrib OCLC Number         19039714  (277648)         $50.00

96.          Weingarten, Y. Bible Textbook for Beginners Book 1 Genesis Torah le-mathilim, helek 1. Montreal: Isaac Gold, 1941. 115 pp. In Hebrew with some wonderful illustrations. Good. Boards.
OCLC Number: 1007466445  (278601)    $35.00

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Schriften des Erich Maria Remarque-Archivs, Bd. 32 OCLC Number:           1026856831  (278570)    $67.00

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OCLC Number: 19058860  (278532)         $25.00

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Today and tomorrow/ Paul Baerwald — Summary of 1943 / James H. Becker — J. D. C. Aid in the Soviet Union / Joseph C. Hyman — Report from the battlefront / Joseph J. Schwartz — Refugees in the Far East / Laura L. Margolis — The J. D. C. And the UNRRA / Harry Greenstein — J. D. C. Represents all Jewish groups / Alexander Kahn — J. D. C. : at home, too, a solace / Herman Hoffman, Max Ogust, Herbert B. Sussman, Samuel Wohl — Appendix A : treasurer’s report / I. Edwin Goldwasser, Alexander A. Landesco — OCLC Number:         610222022  (278770)      $75.00

100.       Workmen’s Circle. Our School: A Magazine for Parents and Teachers (In Yiddish) Unzer Schul. NY: Workmen’s Circle, January -December 1936. Vol VI no 1-8, In Yiddish, filled with articles. Good +. Hardcover .  (278467)                $47.00

101.       Yaari Yehuda. Sipure Yehudah Yaari. 4 volumes in box. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 1033924822  (278613)    $45.00

102.       ריבקינ יצחק. אלקי ביאליק /. Berlin: Judischen Kutlurverlags, 1923. 50 pp. tears to covers, needs tightening, inscribed by author . Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 762437905  (278609)      $40.00

103.       שירי נעימות : לפרשת בראשית : תוכן המחברת שגלה ה״ לאד״הר למודים נשגבי׳ גם היסוד הגדול השארת הנפש׳ אשר כל עמודי התורה עליו נשענים (ואללעאגרי) ונחלק לששה שירים ומתורגמת אשכנזית / Shire neʻimot : le-farashat Bereshit … u-meturgemet Ashkenazit; Geshichte Adam onad Hava. Breslau: Grass and Barth , 1816. 95 double pages one side Hebrew the other Rashied Ashkenaz, new endpapers and boards. Good +. Boards.
OCLC Number: 122845282         Contains a translation of S. Gessner’s Tod Abels.  (278470)             $125.00