Here is a collection of interviews, conducted by Ken, with friends and family. Subjects largely involve the history of Ken’s two families: the Schoens of his father’s side, and his mother’s family the Sternbergs. Other conversations entail life in Europe, escape from the Shoah, and emigration to the U.S.

– Ken interviewing his parents, Irving and Betty Schoen
– Another interview with Ken’s parents, about Germany and emigration
– Ken’s uncle Eliezer discussing family and emigration
– Ken’s uncle, Alfred, talks about his life and family
– Ken’s aunt Betti Fuchs Sternberg talks about emigration and life lessons
– An Interview with Zvi Weinberg, father-in-law of Chaim Peri and close friend to the Fuchs family
– Recording of a celebration held for Ken’s mother, Betty Schoen
– Recording of Ken’s sister, Carol Schoen Hess, on “Close-up with Elizabeth Karp”
– Ken interviewing Inge Wimmer, a historian from the Schoen family’s hometown of Vacha
– Another interview with a historian from Vacha, Günter Hermes
– Ken speaking with Doris Schnittert, whose family’s relationship with the Sternbergs goes back generations.
– A conversation with a teacher from Herzfeld, Germany, regarding education and how Jewish history is taught in modern Germany