“Yizkor” – Memorial Books – November 2019

Dear friends and colleagues,

November 10th represents the anniversary of the pogrom in Germany in 1938 commonly referred to as ‘Kristallnacht.’ Past and current events bring to mind the essay by George Steiner entitled “A Kind of Survivor” from his book Language and Silence, published in 1967 by Atheneum.

Not literally. Due to my father’s foresight (he had shown it when leaving Vienna in 1924), I came to America in January 1940 during the Phony War. We left France, where I was born, and brought up in safety. So I happened not to be there when the names were called out. I did not stand in the public square with the other children, those I had grown up with. Or see my father and mother disappear when the train doors were torn open. But in another sense I am a survivor, and not intact. If I am often out-of-touch with my own generation, if that which haunts me and controls my habits of feeling strikes many of those I should be intimate and working with in my present world as remotely sinister and artificial, it is because the black mystery of what happened in Europe is indivisible from my own identity. Precisely because I was not there, because an action of good fortune struck my name from the roll.

Often the children went alone, or held the hands of strangers. Sometimes parents saw them pass and did not dare call out their names. And they went, of course, not for anything they had done or said. But because their parents existed before them. The crime of being one’s children. During the Nazi period it knew no absolution, no end. Does it now? Somewhere, the determination to kill Jews, to harass them from the Earth, simply because they are, is always alive. Ordinarily, the purpose is muted, or appears in trivial spurts – the obscenity dobbed on the front door, the brick through the shop window. But there are, even now, where the murderous intent might grow heavy… So, at moments, when I see my children in the room, or imagine I hear them breathing in the still of the house, I grow afraid. Because I have put on their backs a burden of ancient loathing and set savagery at their heels. Because it may be that I will be able to do no more than the parents of the children gone to guard them.

That fear, lies near the heart of the way in which I think of myself as a Jew. To have been a European Jew in the first half of the 20th century was to pass sentence on one’s own children. To force a condition upon them almost beyond rational understanding. And which may recur. I have to think that – it is the vital clause – so long as remembrance is real. Perhaps we Jews walk closer to our children than other men; try as we may, they cannot leap out of our shadow.

Thank you for your time and commitment in reviewing this list of memorial books that remember and honor the communities that vanished during the Shoah. Let us keep the candles of memory forever lit.

Ken aka Yekutiel

1. Abramski Bligh Irit editor. Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities from their Foundations till after the Holocaust Libya Tunisia. Yad Vashem, 1997. 534 p. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276687) $65.00

2. Alperin A editor. Brzezin Memorial Book (Brzeziny). 1961. 290 pp. In Yiddish. Good +. Hardcover . (276694) $50.00

3. Alter Jacob. Mlavah ha-Yehudit : koroteha, hitpathutah, kilayonah = Di Yidishe Mlave : geshikhte, oyfshtayg, umkum = Jewish Mlawa : its history, development, destruction volume 1 only. Yots’e Mlavah be-Yis´ra’el uvi-tefutsot, 1984. Memorial book, in Hebrew Yiddish and English 421+ 117 pp. Good +. Hardcover . (276683) $45.00

4. Apenszlak, Jacob (editor). The Black Book of Polish Jewry: An Account of the Martyrdom of Polish Jewry Under the Nazi Occupation. NY: Roy Publishers, 1943. 343 pp. hinge starting tears along spine. Good. Hardcover .
Graphic description of the Nazi extermination policy. Note the date of publication. (276702) $36.00

5. Bar-Shaked, Gavriel (editor). Nevek Names of Jewish Victims of Hungarian Labour Battalions; Volume II A-J. Klarsfeld Fdn, 1993?. large 8vo 625 pages includes also lists of names of the mothers. Very good. Cloth. (276704) $65.00

6. Bauminger Arie. Sefer Kra’ko ir va-em be Yisrael (Krakow Cracaw Cracow Krakau Kroke). Mosad Ha Rav Kook, 1959. 429 pp. In Hebrew Memorial book. Good. Hardcover . (276664) $38.00

7. Bickel Shlomo editor. Pinkas Kolomey פנקס קאלאמיי : געשיכטע, זכרונות, געשטאלטן, חורבן Pinkes Kolomey : geshikhte, zikhroynes, geshtaltn, ḥurbn. Kolomeyer Memorial Book, 1957. 442 pp. Memorial Book In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover . (276708) $65.00

8. Blumental Nachman (editor). Miechov Memorial Book: Charshnitza and Kshoynge. Tel Aviv: Irgun Yotzey Miechov, 1971. 8vo 314 pp.In Yiddish. good. Cloth.
In Hebrew and Yiddish and a few pages of English. Memorial Book of residents who died in the Shoah. (276672) $50.00

9. Blumenthal N. Aleksandrow Lodzki Aleksander. Tel Aviv: Association of Former Residents of Aleksandrow in Israel, 1968. 396 pp. Memorial Book In Hebrew and Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover . (276706) $68.00

10. Dabrowska, Danuta & Wein, Abraham (eds.). Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities – Poland Vol.1 The Communities of Lodz and its Region. Yad Vashem, 1976. 284 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276679) $36.00

11. Davidzon M M. ישינוב היהודית, עיר ואם בשבשתא : עובדות ותאריכים לדברי ימיה של העיר קישינוב בביסרביה : אגב בקורת על הספר ״יהודי קישינוב״ ליצחק קורן / Ḳishinov ha-Yehudit, ʻir ṿe-em be-Shabeshta : ʻuvdot ve-taʼarikhim li-divre yemeha shel ha-ʻir Ḳishinov bi-Besarabyah : agav bikoret ʻal ha-sefer “Yehude Ḳishinov” le-Yitshak Ḳorn. Hotsaʼat “Dapim-le-zikaron, 1951. 131 pp.In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover . (276738) $45.00

12. Einhorn, Moses, editor. Wolkovisker Yizkor Book: Volume 1 and Volume 2 Volkovisker yizker-bukh. NY: Self, 1949. In Yiddish 990 pp. in two volumes. good. Hardcover .
Memorial book for the Jewish community in Wołkowysk, Białystok, Poland; previously Volkovysk, Grodno, Russia; now Volkovysk, Belarus. Text in Yiddish with an English summary. (276701) $68.00

13. Eliach, Yaffa. There Was Once a World: A 900 Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok. Boston: Little Brown, 1999. 832 pp. Large 8vo. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
A beautifully printed Memorial Book of a Jewish community from the Middle Ages to its destruction during WW2 with ample documents, stories and photographs. (276736) $30.00

14. Eliav Binyamin. יהדות לטביה : ספרזכרון / Yahadut Latviyah : sefer-zikaron. Tel Aviv: Igad Yotzei Latvia We’Estonia, 1962. 457 pp.foxing to top fore edge, hinges started, slight library mark. Good +. Hardcover . (276699) $58.00

15. Even-Shoshan, Shlomo. Minsk, ir ve-em (Minsk, Jewish Mother-City) Memorial Anthology Volume One. Jerusalem: The Association of Olim from Minsk and its Surroundings in Israel, 1975. 695 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (276712) $45.00

16. Farband of Warsaw Jews. Dos Amolike Yidishe Varshe biz der Shvel fun Dritn Hurbn 1414-1939. Yizkor-Bleter nokh Tayere Noente-Umgekumene in: Lid Balade Poeme Drame Dertseylung Roman Humoreske Glaykhort Folkslid Zikhronos Esey Publitsistik Zshurnalistik Rede Reportazsh Khronik fun 139 Mahberim. An Antologye/ Jewish Warsaw That Was: A Yiddish Literary Anthology. : Farband fun Varshever Yidn in Montreal, 1966. 846 + 56 pp. In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .
Yizkor section lists the names of all those murdered in the Holocaust put together by the contributors (276729) $36.00

17. Fishman Rav Y L HaCohen. Arim Veimahot beYisrael Part One and Part Twoand Part Three; Mazavit Kodesh LeHehillot Yisrael SheNerharbu BeYedei Arezim VeTamaim BeMilhamot HaOlam HaAhraront. Mossad HaRav Kook, 1952. In Hebrew Covers and spines worn;372 + 354 pp.Part One Austria Eisenstadt Berlin Vilna Vienna Lvov Monkatsch Part Two Altona, Odessa. Budapest, Homel, Nemerov, Cracow by various authors Part Three -David Flinker Warsaw 303 pp . Good-. Hardcover .
Histories of towns and their destruction during the Second World War Was published in five parts (276709) $65.00

18. Former Residents of Mlawa. Pinkes Mlave (Memorial Book of Mlava). NY: Former Residents, 1950. In Yiddish. 8vo 483+63 pp. back hinge starting small puncture mark to cover and a few pages. Good. Hardcover . (276662) $50.00

19. Gedenkbuch. Opfer der Verfolgung der Juden unter der nationalsozialistischen Gewaltherrschaft in Deutschland 1933-1945 zwei bande. Arolsen Koblenz: Bundesarchiv, Koblenz, und dem Internationalen Suchdienst,, 1986. Folios, blue cloth with gold lettering, xvi, 950 + viii, 951-1823 pp., names of relatives of former owner written in pen on end papers and noted with pen mark on the page. Very Good. Hardcover .
Memorial book listing the names of German Jews who died in the Holocaust listing the place that they were deported from and the place where they died if known. Band 1: Geleitwort. Vorwort. Opfer der Verfolgung (A-L). Band 2: Opfer der Verfolgung (M-Z). Verschollene, deren Todesart und Todesdatum unbekannt sind. Nachwort. 1. Anhang: Orte mit judischen Einwohneren im Gebiet der heutigen Bundesrepublik Deutschland, gegliedert nach den Landern und preußischen Provinzen in den Grenzen von 1939. 2. Anhang: Ubersicht über die Deportationsziele. 3. Anhang: Verzeichnis veroffentlichen Listen judischer Burger einzelner Gemeinden und Gebiete und anderer Publikationen ber Verfolgungsmaßnahmen in einzelnen Orten. Erlauterungen. Abkuzungen bei Ortsnamen. (276726) $126.00

20. Gelber N M. Entsiklopedyah shel galuyot Kerakh Revi’i Lvov (Helek A)/ Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: A Memorial Library of Countries and Communities Poland Series Lwow Volume, Part I. Hotsaat Hevrat Entsiklopedyah shel galuyot, 1956. 772 columns two to the page, b/w photos In Hebrew (Lemberg) Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276720) $62.00

21. Gruenbaum Itzhak. Entsiklopediah shel Galuyot (Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora. A Memorial Library of Countries and Communities.) Poland series. Vol. 1 and 2 Warsaw. Jerusalem: Encyclopeida, 1951. 814 + 698 half pages In Hebrew two volumes dj torn. Good. Hardcover . (276668) $75.00

22. Gruenbaum Itzhak. Entsiklopediah shel Galuyot (Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora. A Memorial Library of Countries and Communities.) Poland series. Vol. 1 Warsaw. Jerusalem: Encyclopeida, 1951. 814 pp.half pages In Hebrew volume one only. Good. Hardcover . (276669) $35.00

23. Grussgott Abraham compiler. Be-ovdan moladeti : yad va-shem li-kehilah kedoshah Bardeyov, Tsekhoslovakyah : mi-yom hivasdah ve-ad hurbanah; Bardejov remembered : a memorial to the Jewish community of Bardejov, Czechoslovakia, 1734-1945. Brooklyn: 1099. 189 pp. English Hebrew and Yiddish with images and lists of names Memorial Book. Very Good. Hardcover . (276851) $75.00

24. Gshuri, Bruckner or Gashbury, Bruckner. Sefer Sosnowiec v’hasviva b’Zaglembie Book of Sosnowiec and the surrounding region in Zaglembie [volume 1 and 2). Sosnowiec Societies in Israel, 1973. 743 + 436 pp.small book plate on title page In Hebrew and Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover . (276696) $85.00

25. Gshuri, Bruckner or Gashbury, Bruckner. Sefer Sosnowiec v’hasviva b’Zaglembie Book of Sosnowiec and the surrounding region in Zaglembie volume 1. Sosnowiec Societies in Israel, 1973. 743 +pp.small book plate on title page, In Hebrew, memorial book volume one only. Very Good. Hardcover . (276697) $25.00

26. Halperin Israel Balaban, Meyer et al. Bet Yisrael be-Polin (House of Israel in Poland, From the Earliest Days to the Holocaust) Bet Yisrael be-Polin, mi-yamim rishonim ve-ad li-yemot ha-hurban. Jerusalem: Zionist Org, 1948. Two volumes 215+288 pp. spines worn back hinge needs repair volume 1 Good. Hardcover .
.Important work. In Hebrew. (276661) $53.00

27. Heller B editor. Sefer Lukow Sefer Lukov. Lukower societies in Israel And USA, 1968. 655 pp. Memorial Book to the Community,, hinge started covers and spine worn, fore edge foxed, In Yiddish and Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover . (276710) $68.00

28. Hershberg A S. Pinkes Byalistok: grunt-materyaln tsu der geshiktate fun di Yidn in Byalistok biz nakh der Ershter Velt-Milhome Band Pinkos Bialystok (The Chronicle of Bialystok) Basic Material for the History of the Jews in Bialystok till the Period after the First World War. Two Volumes. Bialystok Jewish Historical Association , 1949-1950. 480 +380 pp. Good. Hardcover .
History (276682) $120.00

29. Hoffman Benzion. Toyznt yor Pinsk: geshikhte fun der shtot: der Yidisher yishev, institutsyes, sotsyale bavegungen, perzenlekhkaytn, gezelshaftlekhe tuer, Pinsk iber der velt. NY: : Pinsker Brentsh Arberer-Ring, , 1941. 500 pp.In Yiddish covers bit worn, crown bumped, History of the Jews of Pinsk from the Middle Ages up to the Shoah. Good. Hardcover . (276716) $50.00

30. Kagan B editor. Yizkor book of Luboml Sefer yizkor li-ḳehilat Luboml. Molet, 1974?. 390 pp. memorial book for community in the Ukraine In Hebrew heavy book spine and covers faded . Good +. Hardcover . (276698) $75.00

31. Kanc Shimon editor. Volomin A Memorial Book to the Jewish Community of Volomin (Poland). Tel Aviv: 1971. 600 pp, in Yiddish hinge started. Good. Hardcover . (276673) $65.00

32. Kasdin, Chaim (editor). Lerer-Jiskor-Bukh; di umgekumene lerer fun Zisho shulin in Poylin – Teacher Memorial Book. Marstin Press, 1952-1954. 565 pp. In Yiddish, includes photos of the classes and groups of teachers. long inscription not by author, slight library stamp and tape removed from spine. Very Good. Cloth.
Teachers of the ZISHO, Central Yiddish Schools Organization in Poland. Biographies of Jewish teachers murdered in the Shoah. (276659) $30.00

33. Kraus Yosef (?) editor. Katowice Kattowitz Sefer Zikaron. Hanasehat Yehudut Kattowitz, 1996. 404 pp. Memorial Book in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (276674) $75.00

34. Kreb, Yosef Kriev Yosef . Sefer Yizkhor Kehillat Sarny. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1961. 507 pp.In Hebrew . Very Good. Cloth.
Memorial book.to community destroyed in the Shoah (276717) $30.00

35. Kremer Paul editor Reprint. דער לאנדסמאן : ארויסגעגעבן צו דעם פערציג יאהריגען יובילעאום פון ווישקאווער אונטערשטיצונג פאראײן (געגרינדט 1896) /

Der landsman : aroysgegebn tsu dem fertsig yohrigen yubileum fun Ṿishḳoṿer unṭershṭitsung fareyn (gegrindeṭ 1896). Wishkover Benevolent Society., originally 1936. 174 pp. xerox copy some slightly creased pages. Very Good-. Spiral Bound.
“This journal has been printed on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Wishkover Benevolent Association, to be presented gratis to each member for devoted efforts in securing and furnishing funds for the indigent of the town of their birth, Wishkove in Poland.” (276860) $45.00

36. Levin Judah. Sederet Kehillot Yisrael Ostrov Mazovitzk. Yad Yehudot Polin, 1966. 164 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .
From the series “Scrolls of Poland” Megillat Polin (276703) $55.00

37. Levine Yehudah Leb. Osterah Sidrot Kehillot Yisrael. Jerusalem: Yad Yehudot Polin , 1970s?. 112 pp.In Hebrew, memorial book to destroyed community. Good +. Hardcover .
Part of Megillat Polin series (276707) $45.00

38. Marley, Lord. Der Broyner Bukh vegn der untertsindung Funem Reichstag un vegn der Hitlerishe Terror The Brown Book of Hitler Terror and Burning of the Reichstag. Moscow: Emes, 1933. 404 pp. In Yiddish .,crown and base of spine slightly bumped, some slight dog eared pages corners bumped. Good. Hardcover .
Early revelation to the world of the oppression/murder in Germany of the opposition and Jews under the Nazi regime. Extrememly scarce in Yiddish (276740) $85.00

39. Marley, Lord (introduction). Braunbuch uber Reichstagsbrand und Hitler Terror. Basel: Universum, 1933. 3. Auflage. 8vo 382 pp. covers worn, sfep. Good. Boards.
Suppression of the Workers Organizations .,the conditions in the concentration camps,Jewish persecutions. Extremely important work suppressed in Germany, possession of this book would lead to arrest. (276737) $48.00

40. Memorial Library of Jewish Communities. Sokolka. Encyclopedia of the Diaspora, 1968. 765 pp. Memorial book in Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .
small town not far from Bialystok and Grodno (276728) $65.00

41. Michman Jozeph. Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities The Netherlands. Yad Vashem, 1985. 557 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276680) $36.00

42. Nehama, Jos. In Memoriam: Hommage aux Victimes Juives des Nazis en Grece. Communaute Israelite de Thessalonique: Communaute Israelite de Thessalonique, 1972. second edition. 468 pp. slight library mark on fep and number taped to spine, lacks map. Good +. Hardcover . (264577) $36.00

43. Perlow Itzjok . Seyfer Radom. Irgun yotsʼe Radom be-Yiśraʼel, 1961. 451 pp. In Hebrew and Yiddish, hinge started. slight library marks. Good-. Hardcover .
Radom (Województwo Mazowieckie) (276722) $65.00

44. Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities Hungary. Yad Vashem, 1976. 557 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
part of the series Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities from their Foundations till after the Holocaust (276688) $53.00

45. Presser Dr Jacques. Ondergang, de vervolging en verdeling van het Nederlandse Jodendom 1940-1945 (2 volumes). Nijhoff, 1965. fourth printing. 526+ 568 pp. number taped to dj and slight library mark on fep In Dutch. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276741) $45.00

46. Rabin Dov editor. Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: A Memorial Books of Countries and Communities Volume IX Grodno. Jerusalem: Encyclopedia of Diaspora, 1958. In Hebrew 743 pp. double column text, Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Vol 9 of the Encyclopedia (276675) $65.00

47. Rabinowitsch, Wolf Zeev / Tamir (Mirski), N. Pinsk Sefer Edut Ve-Zikaron Le-Kehilat Pinsk-Karlin / Pinsk historical volume; History of the Jews of Pinsk, 1506-1941.(1942) Volume 1 Part one and two and Volume Two (three volumes). Former Residents of Pinsk-Karlin in Israel,, 1973+1966. 353+ 110 pp. (In Hebrew and English), volume 1 part two 564+159 pages In Hebrew and English. slight library marks, hinge started volume 2 654 pp. in Hebrew, has white water stains to side of cover, dj torn, Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Heavy tomes (276724) $185.00

48. Reisen Abraham. Koydenov: zamlbukh tsum ondenk fun di Koydenover kdoyshim … ; Heymishe geshṭaltn : dertseylungen.(Koidanover); קוידענאוו : זאמלבוך צום אנדענק פון די קוידענאווער קדושים. United Koidanover Assn, 1955. 207 pp. In Yiddish . Memorial Book book plate library stamps paste down crown slight tear. Good +. Hardcover . (276678) $45.00

49. Rivlin Bracha . Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities from their Foundations till after the Holocaust Greece. Yad Vashem, 1998. 534 p. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276677) $56.00

50. Rosman SHelomo. Sefer Shefar Harei Kedem Golot Carpatrom Marmarosh Betiferet Uvehurbana (Carpathain Mountains- Marmarosh) Helek Rishon. Zichron Kedoshim, 1991. about 500 pp. In Yiddish with photos, Memorial Book. Very Good. Hardcover . (276700) $55.00

51. Saloniki ir ve’em be Yisrael שלוניקי, עיר ואם בישראל Salonique Ville Mere en Israel. Makhon le-ḥeker Yahadut Saloniki Centre de recherches sur le judaisme de Salonique, 1967. 358, xviii pages : illustrations,In Hebrew with French introduction 1 folded map ;ex library with book plate and stamp on foreedge, tears lower back hinge. Good. Hardcover .
Important work concerning the Jewish community of Salonika destroyed by the Nazis. A memorial book (276666) $65.00

52. Sefer Chishanuv Lezarkom shel Kedushei Ha Ir; Mordechai Buchner. Mordechai Buchner, 1989. 266 pp. In Hebrew last page creased. Very Good. Hardcover . (276718) $40.00

53. Sefer yizkor le-kehilat Shedlets / Siedlce: Libro recordatorio. In memoriam de los judios massacrados en nuestra ciudad natal en su 14o aniversario. [Memorial book of the community of Siedlce]. Buenos Aires: Ha-Irgunim shel yotse Shedlits be-Yisrael uve-Argentinah, 1956. 813 pp. foxing to end papers, hinge starting, tear to crown of spine, stains to cover . Good. Hardcover . (276725) $45.00

54. Seifer Stryj. Irgun Yotzej Stryj in Israel, 1962. 68 + 262 pp. In English and Hebrew , new boards and endpapers, slight damp stains to beginning of Hebrew text not affecting text . Very Good. Boards.
Memorial book (276727) $56.00

55. Shamri, Aryeh & First, Dov editors. Pinkas Novy-Dvor. Tel Aviv: Organization of Former Novy-Dvor Jews in Israel The United States Canada Argentina Uruguay and France, 1965. 556 pp. In Yiddish, tear to base of spine, age stains to fore edges. Good. Hardcover . (276665) $75.00

56. Sielemann Jurgen Staatsarchiv Hamburg. Hamburger judische Opfer des Nationalsozialismus Gedenkbuch. Hamburg: Christians Druckerei, 1995. 450 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
List of the names of the Jews of Hamburg who were murdered by the Nazis, with date of birth. (276681) $18.00

57. Slutzki, Yehudah. Bobruisk Memorial Book Volume One. Tarbut VeHinuch, 1967. 494 pp. In Yiddish . Good. Hardcover . (276695) $25.00

58. Steinman Elieser (editor). Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: A Memorial Library of Countries and Communities Poland Series Brest Lit Volume. Jerusalem: Encyclopedia of Diaspora, 1958. In Hebrew 710 pp. double column text, hinge starting. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Vol 2 of the Encyclopedia (276719) $36.00

59. Sztokfisz, David editor. Sefer Vishkov/ Wyshkow Book. Tel Aviv: : Irgune yotse Vishkov be-Yisra’el uve-huts-la-arets, 1964. 353 pp. In Yiddish large 8vo. Very Good. Hardcover .
Memorial Book .Located in central Poland about 70 miles from Warsaw, near the Bug River. (276723) $115.00

60. Talmi Ephraim editor. Kehilat Sherpts Kehilat Sherptz sefer zikaron. Tel Aviv: Ha Irgumim sel Yotse Sherpts be Yisrael, 1959. 603 ppIn Yiddish and Hebrew . stains to end papers, slight wear to covers and spine. Good. Hardcover .
Yizkor Book (276660) $50.00

61. Tarkov Mark. Belchatow Yisker-Bukh / Belchatow memorial book. Buenos Aires: Association of Polish Jews in Argentina, , 1951. 511 pp. In Yiddish. Good +. Hardcover . (276684) $64.00

62. Walk Joseph . Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities from their foundation till after the Holocust -Germany Wurttemberg Hohenzollern Baden. Yad Vashem, 1986. 548 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (276676) $36.00

63. Weiner, Miriam. Jewish Roots in Poland: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories. NY: Routes to Roots/YIVO, 1997. 446 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Inventory of surviving Jewish records in Poland. Genealogical treasure. (276865) $27.00

64. Weingarten Samuel. History of the Jews of Bratislava (Pressburg) (Arim Veimahot beYisrael ); (Volume 7 of the Series Arim Veimahot beYisrael. Mossad Harav Kook, 1960. 186 pp. In Hebrew, Good +. Hardcover . (276735) $46.00

65. Yidn in Ukraine/ Jews in the Ukraine In Two Volumes. Gezelshaft tzu Fareibikn der Ondenk fun Ukrainer Yidn, 1961 and 1967. 342 pp.+ 145 pp.In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .
Not strictly a memorial book (276690) $65.00

66. Zaidman Chaim. The Duty of Memory Di Hob fun Zikron My Moldavian Shtetl Harlav. Israel: Yiddish Kultur, 1982. 399 pp. In Yiddish Memories of his destroyed community. Good +. Hardcover . (276663) $25.00

67. Zebedovitz Yosef Hayim. Kehillat Horodlah Sefer zikaron. Tel Aviv: Vaad Yosei Horodola BeYisrael, 1950s. 260 pp. In Hebrew . Good. Hardcover .
Memorial book (276705) $65.00

68. (Zolkiew) Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora. Zolkiew (Kiryia Nizgava). Jerusalem: Encyclop of Jewish Diaspora, 1969. Large 8vo 845 pp. double columns. foxing first few pages, tears to back pastedown. Good. Hardback & DJ.
Memorial book. In Hebrew A Memorial Library of Jewish Communities. (276667) $54.00

69. ספר לוצק. Sefer Lutsḳ.̣.Sefer Lutzk. Irgun yotsʼe Lutsḳ be-Yiśraʼel, 1961. 608 pp, memorial Book In Yiddish, front cover bit shaken. back hinge needs tightening. Good. Hardcover . (276713) $68.00

“Lown” – Judaica – November 2019

Dinah, by Jane Trigère

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I appreciate your taking the time and commitment reviewing this list of recent acquisitions. Our goal has always been to fulfill and nourish the scholar and librarian’s quest for unusual and hard-to-find Judaica and books on the Shoah. This is a dance we do together. It also involves your choosing to waltz along with us.

The 16th of November will mark (on the Hebrew calendar) a year since my wife Hanna Jane left us. Alongside is an illustration she made based on a story called Family by Devora Baron. More such illustrations and their significance can be seen by going to Jane’s website at JaneTrigere.com and going to “Artwork > Women and Their Stories“. While there, you can also enjoy reading her “Musings” and Midrashim.

I thought I would share some of the books that I’m currently hoping to read (laughs). Some are old favorites, and some are new discoveries.

  • Survivors and Exiles: Yiddish Culture After the Holocaust, Jan Schwarz
  • The World of Yesterday, Stefan Zweig
  • From That Place and Time: A Memoir, Lucy Dawidowicz (inspired by a lecture by Professor Nancy Sinkoff, who has a book coming out on Dawidowicz)
  • The Flight Portfolio, A Novel, Julie Orringer (about Varian Fry and his rescue work in France. Her last novel, The Invisible Bridge, was stunning)
  • Selected Poems, Elaine Feinstein

The old favorites:

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  • The Man Who Planted Trees, A Story, Jean Giono


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Solomon ibn Gabirol – Judaica – September 2019

Dear friends and colleagues,

As the New Year approaches, I find the writings of Abraham Joshua Heschel inspiring. In a book of essays, Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity, he says the following:

“Our life is beset with difficulties, yet it is never devoid of meaning. The feeling of utility is absent from our souls. Our existence is not in vain. Its meaning may not be explicable to us, yet even when we do not know what it is, we know that it is. There is a divine earnestness about our life. This is our dignity. To be invested with dignity means to represent something more than oneself. The gravest sin for a Jew is to forget what he represents.

“There is a war to wage against the vulgar, against the glorification of the absurd, a war that is incessant, universal. Loyal to the presence of the ultimate and the common, we may be able to make it clear that man is more than man, that in doing the finite he may perceive the infinite.”

We wish you and your loved ones a coming year of good health, much joy, and divine earnestness.

שלום ושנה טובה

יקותיאל שון
מוכר ספרים

1. Almagor Gika (P). אלכס לרנר, דפי ואני Aleks Lerner, Dafi va-ani. Am Oved, 2002. In Hebrew writing on pastedown 178 pp. for young adults. Very Good-. Hardcover .
This is a story about friendship, love and loss, told by 12-year-old Avner. Dealing with parental discord, new friendships and illness and love
(271977) $23.00

2. Almagor Gila (P). עץ הדומים תפוס “Etz ha’domim tafus = Our Tree on the Top of the Hill. Am Oved, 2011. In Hebrew writing on pastedown 114 pp. for young adults. Very Good-. Hardcover . (271978) $25.00

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She married Yitzhak Rubinstein, who subsequently became Chief Rabbi of Vilna – the first in over 200 years – and she was heavily involved in Vilna community affairs and was an ardent Zionist. This is in contrast to her father who compared Zionists to “the Berlin group . . . of maskilim.”[9] She was also very learned and R. Weinberg provides that when her father couldn’t remember a source, he would ask Ester who could always provide it. Ester was also involved in woman’s issues. She started a girls school in Vilna and wrote why woman’s suffrage is allowed under Jewish law. Ester died young, at age 43, in 1924. A Sefer Zikhron was published in her honor and, among others, R. Weinberg wrote a beautiful article describing Ester in the most honorific terms. An English translation was published by Dr. Leiman. Additionally, a memorial service was held in the Great Synagogue of Vilna, according to Leiman, “this was the only woman ever accorded this honor.” (272840) $40.00

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A gift from The Israel Cancer Association to its contributors and benefactors. (272188) $15.00

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Hirschfeld (1854 1934) was a “scholar of Judeo-Arabic literature. Hirschfeld, who was born in Thorn, Prussia, received his doctorate from Strasbourg (1878) . He emigrated to England in 1889 and taught first at Montefiore College in Ramsgate. Hirschfeld’s chief interest lay in the interplay between the Arab and Jewish cultures as well as in the Arabic literature of the Jews. Hirschfeld wrote numerous articles in various journals concerning problems of Arabic and Hebrew philology and bibliography; of especial importance is a series of essays concerning the Arabic fragments in the Cairo Genizah (EJ) (272220) $32.00

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Katz was an amazing scholar and personality whose life and journeys mirrorer 19th-20th century Jewry from St Petersberg to Berlin to Mexico to Palestine, stayed true to socialist beliefs (272056) $56.00

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68. Luise Kaish: sculpture (P). Jewish Museum, 1973. 24 pp. book plate and slight library mark exhibition catalog. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
Catalogue of the exhibition held October 2, 1973 through December 2, 1973. (271860) $24.00

69. Malachi, E.R. Zekher le-Hilel: Bibliyografyah shel Yetsirot Hilel Bavli be-Shirah u-Frozah u-Reshimat ha-Maamarim Shenikhnivo elav ve-al Sipurav/ Zecher L’Hillel: Bibliography of the Works of Hillel Bavli In Poetry and Prose and of the Literature About Him. JTS, 1962. 86 pp. Good +. Hardcover . (272117) $17.00

70. Manor-Pfeffer Shimrit ; Mikhal Ḳeranot; Uri Ḳeranot (P). יונתן רוצה ספור אחר / Yonatan rotseh sipur aḥer. Aḥuzat bayit, 2014. 30 pp. wonderful children’s story with whimsical illustrations In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover . (272890) $30.00

71. Megged Aharon (P). נקמת יותם Nikmat Yotam Yotam’s Vengeance. Zemorah-Bitan,, 2003. 127 pp. In Hebrew library name stamped on fore edge. Very Good-. Hardcover .
Classical translator and his descent into madness (271979) $15.00

72. The merit of our mothers a bilingual anthology of Jewish women’s Prayers. HUC, 1992. 148 pp. pen inscription quite touching on title page. Good +. Paperback. (272058) $12.00

73. Mittelman Karen. Creating American Jews: Historical Conversations About Identity. NMAJH, 1988. 88 pp exhibition catalog. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Articles include “The Revolution on the American Synagogue,” Jonathan D. Sarna, “Pioneering: Jewish Men and Women of the American West,” William Toll, “Promises, Promises: The Jewish Roamnce with America,” Jenna Weissman Joselit, “Jewish Identity, Assimilation and Multiculturalism,” David A. Hollinger. (273098) $7.00

74. Modona Leonello. Degli incunaboli e di alcune edizioni ebraiche rare o pregevoli nella Biblioteca della R. Universita di Bologna. Brescia: Stabilimento Tipo-Litogr. F. Apollonio , 1890. 15 pp.some scotch taped pages pages yellowed but not brittle some slight tears slight library marks. Good. library binding. (272866) $25.00

75. Mott Frank. Profile: The Columbus Jewish Community 1990 Jewish Population Study of Greater Columbus. Columbus Jewish Federation, 1990. 175 pp. library number taped to spine and slight library stamp on fep. Good. Wrapper. (272066) $25.00

76. Munk S. Palestine; Description Geographique Historique et Archaeologique. Paris: Didot, 1845. 704 pages 68 steel plates and four maps;ex library with pocket, library stamps, raised bands double column text important historical study of Palestine plates in good condition quarter leather marbled boards chips to the leather spine and corners some wear to leather . Good. Boards. (272134) $100.00

77. (Music) Barash Morris. marriage service for cantor, choir and organ. transcontinental music, 1971. 19 pp. corners creased. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272073) $25.00

78. (Music) Binder A W. New Palestinean Folk Songs Book II: Noted, Collected, Edited and Arranged By Abraham Wolf Binder. Bloch, 1933. 30 pp, slight library mark on tp corners creased. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272012) $25.00

79. (Music) Castelnuovo-Tedesco Mario. My Betrothed; from Songs and Processionals for a Jewish Wedding. mills, 1951. 4 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272076) $12.00

80. (Music) Castelnuovo-Tedesco Mario. Seal My Heart; from Songs and Processionals for a Jewish Wedding. mills, 1951. 5 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272077) $15.00

81. (Music) Coopersmith Harry compiler. Hanukkah Choral Book. Jewish Education Committee, 1940. 27 pp. with library markings. Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (272009) $15.00

82. (Music) Ephros, Gershon. Cantorial Anthology of Traditional and Modern Synagogue Volume 4 Shabbat. NY: Bloch, 1953. 355 pp.slight library marks. Good. Hardcover . (272195) $18.00

83. (Music) Halpern Max. Z’miroth ut’filoth yisroel : a synagogue hymnal for Sabbath and festivals. Comprising songs for religious schools and junior services. Boston Music Co, 1915. 140 pp. 161 hymns pp. two pages have rips down middle, title written on taped spine in white,base of spine bumped. Good-. Hardcover . (272082) $25.00

84. (Music) Hoffman Ben Zion composed by. Synagogal music Part 1; contains 45 musical compositions Sabbath Prayers. London: Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, 1930s. 46 pp.ex library spine repaired. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
On completion of 25 yeasrs of devoted service to Adath Yisroel Synagogue London (272094) $42.00

85. (Music) Idelsohn A Z. Torat ha-neginah. Helek rishon. Yesodot ha-neginah ha-Eropeʼit ṿeha-mizarhit : ʻim 11 luhot … Makhon Shirat Yisraʼel,, 1910. 51 pp. music and charts taped spine. Good +. Boards.
The Theory of Music: Part One; The basics of European and Eastern music: with eleven tables (272023) $85.00

86. (Music) Nathanson Moshe Cantor SAJ. Shireynu A selection of Hebrew Songs and Chants Old and New Religious and Secular. Hebrew Publishing, 1939. 88 pp.ex library with pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272008) $15.00

87. (Music). Shiron Young Judaea songster. New England Zionist Youth Commission, 1953. 61 pp. library pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272018) $24.00

88. (Music)Delakova, Katya and Fred Berk. Jewish Folk Dance Book. New York: National Jewish Welfare Board, 1948. Ex-library with tape on spine. cover disbound 45 pp. Good. spiral bound.
Sheet music and choreography. Songs in English and Hebrew (transliterated.) (272013) $15.00

89. Neusner Jacob. Judaism and Christianity in the Age of Constantine: History, Messiah, Israel, and the Initial Confrontation ). Chicago Studies in the History of Judaism, 1097. 246 pp. library markings on fore edge. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271964) $15.00

90. Obermayer Leon chairman (P). Accounting Professors talk A study of discrimination in the employmentof Jewish graduates of Accounting School. B’na B’rith Vocational service bureau, 1948. about 25 pages. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (271943) $17.00

91. Parik Arno (editor). Prague Synagogues. Prague: Jewish Museum Prague, 1986. 117 pp. In Czech English and German filled with color illustrations. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272187) $15.00

92. Pat Yakov (Jacob). Shlemo’ los Halom Kinder Afara(?) Drei Bilder. Israel: Kultur Liege , 1920. In three parts a play in Yidddish 18 pp. in Yiddish then 10 pp. with songs in Yiddish Music by Portnoy library pocket and tape on spine fragile paper quality of songs is britle. Fair. Stiff Wrapper. (272015) $36.00

93. Persky Daniel inscribed by. Le-Elef Yedidim. Vaad Ha-Yuval, 1935. 96 pp. In Hebrew covers worn. Good. Hardcover . (272051) $20.00

94. Plato; Zevi Diesendruck translator (P). Gorgias : o ʻal ha-dabranut. Berlin: Stybel, 1928. 128 pp.In Hebrew library markings and on fore edge. Good. Boards. (271974) $25.00

95. Porter Barbara inscribed by. Symbols of power : figurative aspects of Esarhaddon’s Babylonian policy (681-669 B.C.). UMI, 1987. 421 pp. Thesis dissertation . Very Good-. Paperback. (272080) $17.00

96. Preil Gabriel inscribed by. Ner mul kokabim. Bialik, 1954. 103 pp. ex library with book plate and pocket In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover . (272817) $45.00

97. Preil Gabriel . Ha-Esh veha-Demamah: Shirim/ The Fire and the Silence. Agudat Ha-Sifrim be-Yisrael le-yad Hotsaat Masada,, 1968. 119 pp. ex library with book plate and pocket In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover . (272819) $15.00

98. Rabinovich, Isaiah. Ha-Siporet ha-`Ivrit mehapeset gibor Kivunim be-hitpathutah shel ha-siporet ha-`Ivrit ha-modernit. (The Hebrew fiction in search of a Hero). Massadah, 1967. 178 pp. in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (272115) $10.00

99. Rabinowitz, Rabbi Samuel. Ozar Hadrush V’hahatapha: An Encyclopedia of Jewish Homiletics. No. 5, 9-12. Rabinowitz, Rabbi Samuel, 1918. Number 5 70-84 pp. Number 9-12 133-196 pp.bound together, ex library with book plate In Hebrew and Yiddish. Good. Boards. (272225) $30.00

100. Rauch, Maurice (P). Yidish iz Mayn Lid (My Song is Yiddish). Zlhitlowsky Foundation and its affiliate the Jewish Music Alliance, 1986. 117 pp. covers creased slight staining library name stamped of fore edge. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
includes Yidish iz mayn loshn / Zishe Ṿaynper — Der ṭrern milyoner / Moris Rozenfeld –Shifrahles portreṭ Mordekhai Gebirṭig — Am Yiśroel ḥai / Yuri Sul — Mayn fon / Mosheh Olgin –Ikh un di ṿelṭ / Avraham Reyzen – Der Feṭer Itse/ Mosheh Ḳulbaḳ –Di balade fun mayn Yidishn loshn / Ḥayim Grade — Ṭaykhn / Itsiḳ Fefer — (271817) $95.00

101. Reinharz Shulamit (chair). Voices for Change: Future Directions for American Jewish Women. Waltham: National Commission on American Jewish Women, 1995. 136 pp. + 24 pp. slight library mark and book plate. Very Good. Paperback.
Call to action, recommendations and papers (271844) $35.00

102. Rosenberg Shalom (P). לוגיקה ואונטולוגיה בפילוסופיה היהודית במאה הי״ד /; Logic and ontology in Jewish philosophy in the 14th century Volume 1. Hebrew University, 1973. 305 pp. In Hebrew supervised by Shlomo Pines. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (271927) $36.00

103. Rosoff-Usieli; Ester. משק הבית / Mesheḳ ha-bayit. ha-Histadrut ha-ʻolamit le-nashim Tsiyoniyot,, 1927. 32 pp. ex library with pocket. Good. Hardcover . (272815) $25.00

104. Rubin Rachel. Jewish Gangsters of Modern Literature. Illinois, 2000. 189 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273075) $15.00

105. Rubinstein H F. Hated Servants. Gollancz, 1944. 179 pp. dj worn and torn “These are eight independent one-act plays, tracing the origin and development of Christianity as a Jewish sect .” from the cover. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Plays include Rahab of Jericho.–Helen of Alexandria.–Ohad’s woman.–Chosen people.–First Corinthians.–Holyest erth.–All things are possible.–Farewell, Jerusalem. (273052) $18.00

106. Samuelson Myron (editor). Ohavi Zedek Synagogue Dedication Journal 1952 5712. Burlington Vermont : OZS, 1952. Twenty pages of text which includes history of the shul, pictures of the students and officers and then fifty pages of support advertisements. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (273096) $15.00

107. Schorsch Ismar. The sacred cluster : the core values of Conservative Judaism. JTS, 1995. 14 pp. book plate and library mark tp. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272126) $18.00

108. Schulz, Max. Radical Sophistication: Studies in Contemporary Jewish American Novelists. Athens: Ohio State Univ. Press, 1969. 224 pp. Very Good. Cloth.
Includes Nathaniel West, Bernard Malamud, Norman Mailer, Saul Bellow, Edward Wallant. (273185) $10.00

109. Schwarzfuchs Simon . L’organisation de la communaute israelite de France : commemoration du cent-cinquantenaire de la création des consistoires israelites par Napoleon. Archives Nationales, 1959. 23 pp. slight library marks. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272868) $23.00

110. Serrano R P Luciano (P). Los conversos Pablo de Santa María y Alfonso de Cartagena, obispos de Burgos, gobernantes, diplomáticos y escritores. Madrid: Escuela Estudios Hebraicos,, 1942. 331 pp. pen underlined, pen note in margin, slight tear to crown of spine, cover creased . Good. Paperback. (271912) $45.00

111. Shabtay Aharon. Gabriel Preil a selection of his poems and a s tudy of his poetry. Machbaroth Leshira, 1965. 29 pp. In Hebrew ex library with pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272816) $20.00

112. Shamosh Amnon inscribed by . My Sister the Bride: Stories. Massada`, 1979. 192 pp. collection of stories tape at base of spine. Good +. Hardcover . (272196) $17.00

113. Sherman Joseph. The Jewish Pope: Myth, Diaspora and Yiddish Literature (Studies in Yiddish, 4). European Humanities Research Centre,, 2003. 201 pp. library stamp on fore edge. Good +. Paperback. (271959) $15.00

114. Shlomo ibn Melekh. ספר מכלל יופי :‏ ‏הופיע אור התורה להבנת הנקרא בכלל Sefer Mikhlol yofi : hofiʻa or ha-Torah le-havanat ha-niḳra bikhlal; Lexicon of words with their Biblical roots; with glosses of Jacob Abendana. Amsterdam: David Tartas, 1664. 3rd edition. (1st ed. Constantinople, 1549; 2nd ed. Amsterdam, 1660.) bears the seal of “Beit ha-Midrash / Kloiz [=Klaus], Altona (Added t.p. in Latin, with Hebrew heading and date given as “Anno à Mundi condito 5445 [sic].” Front matter includes approbations by Buxtorff and four Leiden professors (1660), and a Latin dedication to “DD. ordinibus generalibus Foederati Belgii” (see Fuks for details). Foliation in Hebrew characters. Woodcut title page border. Last leaf erroneously numbered 120.) (Worldcat) Good. Boards.
Ya‘akov Emden tells about the kloyz that his father established in Altona in about 1690. He writes: “[T]here in Altona he built for Him, may He be praised, a faithful house and established in it a great house of study, a kloyz . . . and scholars and distinguished rabbis gathered there from the land of Poland and Lithuania, who would study Torah there with great diligence. Day and night they did not cease” (Megilat Sefer, ed. Avraham Bik [Jerusalem, 1979], p. 29). The term first appeared in Ashkenazic culture in the sixteenth century and referred to a house where scholars assembled—a place of study intended for mature, adult male scholars.YIVO Encyclopedia (274649) $975.00

115. Shmeruk, Chone. Sholem Aleikhem His Life and Literary work (A Guide). Tel Aviv: Porter Institute, 1980. 92 pp. In Hebrew covers worn. Very Good. cloth.
Literature, Meaning, Culture 11 (272102) $15.00

116. Silman Kadisch Jehuda. Lekhu neranenah : ḳovets shire-ʻam ketuvim be-yad….shivʻim shire-ʻam mi-shirat ha-golah ṿe-Erets-Yisra’el. Jerusalem: self, 1928. 80 pp. songs and music new covers, covers repaired and dog eared pages . Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Hebrew writer and satirist. Silman taught in Vilna’s first Hebrew school in which Hebrew was the language of instruction, and later directed a “modern ḥeder” in Gomel. In 1907 he immigrated to Palestine and devoted his life to teaching, mostly in Jerusalem. He was one of the founders of Tel Aviv and of the neighborhood of Bet ha-Kerem in Jerusalem. Important contributions to the fields of popular ballads, poetry, satire, and humor. (EJ). (272257) $75.00

117. Slonimski Chaim Selig. מציאות הנפש : וקיומה חוץ לגוף מאת חיים זעליג סלאנימסקי Metsiʼut ha-nefesh : ṿe-ḳiyumah huts la-guf … Warsaw: Bomberg, 1858. 48 pp. with library markings bookplate. Good. Boards. (272001) $36.00

118. Sluys, David Mozes. De Maccabaeorum libris I et II quaestiones. J. Clausen, 1904. 126 pp. top corners creased ex library with markings, taped spine , in Latin and Greek. Good. Boards. (272274) $17.00

119. Special List of Books in Medieval Hebrew Poetry and Liturgy. Davidson Library of Judaica. Davidson Library College City of NY, 1948. 34 pp. ex library with markings, Good. Boards.
Professor of Medieval Hebrew Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America from 1915 to 1939, was recognized as one of the world’s foremost scholars in the field of medieval Hebrew poetry. His private library was presented to his alma mater. (272271) $65.00

120. Stowe Harriet P has Haithi Trust. Onkel Tom’s Kebin oder di Shvartse Shklaven in Amerike/ Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Hebrew Publishing , 1911. 514 pp. translated into Yiddish, covers and spine worn and discolored, some fraying to covers, slight staining. Good-. Hardcover . (266819) $55.00

121. Stowe Harriet. Onkel Tom’s Kebin Uncle Tom’s Cabin. 1903. 432 pp. translated into Hebrew, ex library with book plate and pocket , white writing on spine reading copy. Good-. Hardcover . (272135) $25.00

122. Tal Penina. Medicinal Plants צמחי מרפא / Tsimḥe marpe. Rishamim, 1981. 232 pp. In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover . (272976) $16.00

123. The Pedagogic Reporter A Forum for Jewish Education. Home and School. Jewish Education Service, Nov 1988. Vol 39 no 3 45 pp. filled with articles. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271900) $20.00

124. Tobias Thomas. The Hebrew Orphan Society of Charleston, S.C. (founded 1801 An historical sketch. The society, 1957. 61 pp. ex library with pocket. Good. Hardcover . (272139) $15.00

125. Toury Jacob. Kavim le-ḥeker kenisat ha-Yehudim la-hayim ha-ezraḥiyim be-Germanyah = Prolegomena to the entrance of Jews into German citizenry. ha-Makhon le-ḥeḳer ha-tefutsot, 1972. Volume 1 151 pp. library name on fore edge. Good. Hardcover . (271870) $25.00

126. (Ulman Hirsch). Sefer Chochmat HaShorashim Vehea Chochma HaRishon Arbaah Chamoth HaMekalim et homat mah Sheahar…Chochmat Hashorashim Chomat HaOlam Chochmat Hnefesh VeChochmat HaElohot. Hague/ Amsterdam: J H Munnikhuizen, 1781. 231 pp. boards worn fore edge stained with some bleeding over edges not affecting text , faded library stamp tp . Good. Boards.
Nidpas poh qa’q Hag ha-birah samuk le-qa;q (272185) $135.00

127. Vajda Georges. Recherches sur la philosophie et la Kabbale dans la pensee juive du Moyen age. Mouton, 1962. 420 pp. slight library mark on tp and also fore edge. Good. Paperback. (271819) $38.00

128. Viajes de Benjamin de Tudela, 1160-1173, por primera vez traducidos al castellano con introducción, aparato crítico y anotaciones, por Ignacio Gonzalez Llubera. Madrid: Sanz Calleja, 1918. book plate and pocket , lacks part of spineand white title on spine paper yellowing and fragile but not brittle yet. Good-. Hardcover . (272132) $45.00

129. Vredenburg I translator. Siddur `Oneg Shabbat.} Sjabbos-Tefillo genaamd `Ngouneg Sjabbos’ bevattende alle gewone gebeden voor Sjabbos, t.w. van vrijdagmiddag tot en met zaterdagavond, met woordelijke vertaling en aanteekeningen door Izak Vredenburg (met illustraties). Uitgegeven door de `Centrale Organisatie tot de Religieuse en Moreele Verheffing der Joden in Nederland’. Mozes, 1933. 256 pp. hinges started needs binding. Good-. Hardcover . (272830) $30.00

130. Walden Daniel editor. Studies in American Jewish Literature Volume 6 The World of Cynthia Ozick. Kent state, 1987. 180 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (273182) $23.00

131. Weir, Shelagh. Palestinian Embroidery. British Museum, 1970. 45 pp. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (272181) $15.00

132. Wilensky Yalan-Stekelis, Miriam. Shir ha-gedi. Shirim ve-Sipurim. Sefer Rishon. Shir ha-gedi. Dvir, 1986. 151 pp. slight library marks. Very Good. Hardcover . (272814) $17.00

133. Wineman Aryeh. The Hasidic Moses: A Chapter in the History of Jewish Interpretation. Pickwick, 2019. 137 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (272812) $14.00

134. Wolf Lucien. Report on the “Marranos” or Crypto Jews of Portugal. Geneve: Anglo Jewish Assn, 1926. 20 pp. inumber stamped on tp stapled wrapper. Good. Wrapper. (272901) $17.00

135. Yitsḥaḳ ben Shelomoh Farhi . Sefer Matok ̣ mi-devash. Vilna: 1860. 104 pp.library binding some stains paper good quality. Good. Hardcover . (272052) $50.00

136. Zangwill, Israel. The Melting Pot: Drama in Four Acts. NY: Macmillan, 1909. 12mo 200 pp. wear to crown and base of spine. Good condition. Cloth.
Origin of the concept of the melting pot of immigrants. (273180) $15.00

137. Zylbercweig Zalme (P). Achad Haam un sein batziung zu yiddish. “Achad Haam and his attitude towards Yiddish. Eliseva, 1956. 141 pp. appears to be inscribed library name stamped on fore edge In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover . (271871) $36.00

Thank you for reviewing the catalog, and your continued support.



Memory – Books on the Shoah – September 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

This list is issued in memory of David Kanell – a wonderful bibliophile, Jewish scholar, and community leader who lived in Vermont. He died in April, and from his widow Beth I was able to obtain his Judaica and Holocaust library. It is a major collection with many books signed to him by scholars in the field with whom he corresponded.

The memorial written by Beth Kanell can be read here.

This list contains many fundamental texts which are essential to a scholarly library.

I thank you for taking the time to peruse the list and sharing with colleagues. From our genizah in Massachusetts we are a resource to scholars, libraries and Holocaust Centers. We will persist in the midst of the overwhelming digital age we find ourselves in.

As the New Year approaches, we wish you all health, joy, and meaningful, endeavors

Ken aka Yekutiel Schoen

1. Alexander, Edward. The Resonance of Dust: Essays on the Holocaust and Jewish Fate. Columbus: Ohio State, 1979. Among writers discussed are Abba Kovner, I.B.Singer,Nelly Sachs,Saul Bellow and Chaim Grade. 8vo 257 pp. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (272939) $15.00

2. Angress, Werner. Between Fear and Hope: Jewish Youth in the Third Reich. NY: Columbia UP, 1988. 8vo 186 pp. Very good condition. Hardback & DJ. (272924) $8.00

3. Bauer, Yehuda. The Holocaust in Historical Perspective. Tacoma: Univ. of Washington, 1978. 182 pp.dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273044) $5.00

4. Begley, Louis. Wartime Lies: A Novel. NY: Knopf, 1991. 198 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Excellent novel about the Holocaust in Poland through the eyes of a child (272934) $10.00

5. Bercovitch Reuben. Hasen. Knopf, 1978. 142 pages Two boys,one Gentile and one Jewish, hunting game alongside a concentration camp for the commandant and then the realization that the brother of one has been brought into the camp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273003) $10.00

6. Berenbaum,Michael inscribed bt. After Tragedy and Triumph: Essays in Modern Jewish Thought and the American Experience. NY: Cambridge, 1990. 196 pp. new. Hardback & DJ. (273088) $15.00

7. Berenbaum,Michael inscribed bt. After Tragedy and Triumph: Essays in Modern Jewish Thought and the American Experience. NY: Cambridge, 1990. 196 pp. new. Hardback & DJ. (273113) $10.00

8. Blau, Eric inscribed by. The Beggar’s Cup. NY: Knopf, 1993. 270 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Novel of modern Israel and the founding, by the author of Jacques Brel is Alive.. The protagonist is a Hollywood mogul who hid in the forests of Poland and saw his entire village consumed by the Nazis.. (272956) $18.00

9. Bondy, Ruth. The Emissary: A Life of Enzo Sereni. Boston: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1977. 265 pp. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Italian Jewish Zionist, who returned from Palestine to North Italy during the Shoah, to rescue Jews and was murdered by Nazis (273034) $15.00

10. Briskin Mae. The Tree Still Stans A novel of Rescue and Resistance. Norton, 1991. 254 pp. based on true story of Jewish family fleeing France thrugh Alps to Italy. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272955) $16.00

11. Brombert Victor. Trains of Thought Memories of a Stateless Youth. Norton, 2002. 334 pp. extraordinary memoir of growing up in France and fleeing Vichy France to Spain and the USA and joining the US military, tremendous story. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272640) $6.00

12. Browning Christopher. The Origins of the Final Solution The Evolution of the Nazi Jewish policy Sept 1939-March 1942. Univ of Nebraska, 2004. 615 pages dj torn. Very good. Hardback & DJ. (272959) $15.00

13. Checinski Michael. Poland, Communism, Nationalism, Anti-Semitism. Karz, 1982. 288 pp. inscribed by author, fore edge foxed Begins with post War Poland and Kielce Massacre and fate of the survivors,et al. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272385) $15.00

14. Cohn, Norman. Warrant for Genocide: The myth of the Jewish world conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. NY: Harper and Row, 1967. 301 pp. dj torn and bookplate sfep. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
On the history of the Protocols. (272851) $12.00

15. Dean Carolyn. The Fragility of Empathy after the Holocaust. Cornell Univ, 2004. 203 pages . Very good condition. Paperback.
Traces changing attitudes toward the representation of the suffering vulnerable body. (273057) $7.00

16. Dinnerstein, Leonard. Uneasy at Home: Antisemitism and the American Jewish Experience. NY: Columbia, 1987. 281 pp. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273107) $17.00

17. Dobschiner, Johanna. Selected to Live. Old Rappan: Revell, 1973. Holocaust memoir. Raised Orthodox Jewish converted to Christianity. 12mo 190 pp. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272925) $10.00

18. Doneson, Judith. The Holocaust in American Film. Phil.: JPS, 1987. 8vo 263 pp. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Investigates the ways in which specific films influenced and reflected the Americanization of the Holocaust. (272952) $10.00

19. Dwork Deborah Van Pelt Robert. Flight from the Reich Refugee Jews 1933-1946. Norton, 2009. 496 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272922) $12.00

20. Eber Irene. The Choice: Poland, 1939-1945. Schocken, 2004. 229 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Returning to her hometown of Mielec and her memories of the Shoah.Her family was murdered and she escaped. (273083) $6.00

21. Eidherr Armin (hrsg). Zwischenwelt 10. Diaspora – Exil als Krisenerfahrung. Jüdische Bilanzen und Perspektiven. Drava Kramer Gesellschaft, 2006. 437 pp. collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback. (258418) $15.00

22. Eisen, George. Children and Play in the Holocaust: Games among the Shadows. Amherst: Univ. of Mass, 1988. 163 pplibrary number at base of dj ands light library mark on fep. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Based on original documents, diaries and survivor interviews, explores how children and adults used play as means of survival. (272926) $10.00

23. Ezekiel Raphael. The Racist Mind Portraits of American Neo Nazis and Klansmen. Viking, 1995. 329 pp.includes with leaders and Ezekiel’s interpretation of the message and appeal. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273109) $16.00

24. Feiler Arthur. Das Experiment des Bolschewismus. Frankfurt: Societats Verlag, 1931. 277 pp.end papers slight foxing. Good. Boards.
Refugee teacher at New School for Social Research, was co author with Max Ascoli of Fascism for Whom? (258515) $15.00

25. Ferencz, Benjamin. Less than Slaves: A sequel to Hitler’s Holocaust, the story of Jewish forced labor. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1979. 8vo 249 pp. dj tears. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (275155) $7.00

26. Figes, Eva. Little Eden: A Child at War. NY: Persea Books, 1978. 12mo 140 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Narative of her life in the countryside of England during the War, having fled Berlin in 1939 with her family. Reflections. (272920) $4.00

27. Fink Ida. Traces stories. NY: Metropolitan Books, 1997. 208 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Stories of the Holocaust. By author of Scrap of Time and the Journey. (272999) $15.00

28. Fink, Ida. The Journey. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1990. 251 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.
By the author of A Scrap of Time. Novel of two Jewish girls disguised as Polish peasants working in Nazi Germany. (272644) $15.00

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31. Foster John. Community of Fate. Allen and Unwin, 1986. 174 pp.An exploration of the experiences of 14 Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany who arrived in Melbourne between 1938 and 1949. Explores the way the under the shared impact of persecution and encounter with Australian society refugees rec onstructed their lives and shaped their values. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273082) $27.00

32. Frank Anne (Moser Barry designer and Joseph Goldyne illustrator). Diary of a Young Girl Het Achteruis. Pennyroyal and Jewish Heritage, , 1985. One of 350 numbered copies signed by the artist, Joseph Goldyne and book designer, Barry Moser. 2 volumes. Illustrated with 10 color etchings each signed by the artist, Joseph Goldyne, tissue guards. Second volume has an extra suite of plates also signed by the artist. Folio, volume One is full gray blind stamped morocco and Volume II is 1/2 gray morocco, slipcase. Magnificent limited edition. Very Good. Grey Morocco. (270303) $2,750.00

33. Friedlander Albert. Riders Towards The Dawn:: From Ultimate Suffering to Tempered Hope. Constable, 1993. 326 pp Collection of esays on Jewish theology, Jewish life throughut the Diaspra and the Holocaust . British edition American edition title was Riders Towards the Dawn : From Holocaust to Hope. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273059) $15.00

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Austria Documentation (272504) $12.00

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40. Grosz Georg. Die Gezeichneten. 60 Blätter aus 15 Jahren. Malik, 1930. 1-8 tausend. 126 pp.slight tears to covrs slight black mark on tp captures the decadence and violence of the Weimar period and the militarism in the background, stark powerful images. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272458) $130.00

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Autobiography; left Germany in 1938 and emigrated to Palestine (272388) $25.00

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46. Hirschmann Ira. The Embers Still Burn: An eye-witness account of our get-soft-with-Germany policy. Simon and Schuster, 1949. 272 pp. dj torn bookplate With UNRRA visiting the Dislaced Persons Camps ,demoralizing conditions of the camps,swift rebuilding of our former enemy and the advent of the Cold War discouraged Hirschmann greatly

Had been involved in rescue work. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273037) $10.00

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Chapter on the Nazi Era and Prelude to War.Hyman was Executive Director of the Joint. (272391) $26.00

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With A Foreword By Pierre Van Paasen And A Conclusion By Colonel John Henry Patterson, D.S.O. New Introductions By Menachem Begin And Dov Shilansky. Biography By Charles Shapiro.inscribed by Shapiro (273067) $18.00

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Russia during the Revolution and Stalin revealed through the lives of seven revolutionary Jews from different countries and destroyed by their ideals. (272992) $12.00

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Prominent writers explore the ways in which the historical and moral devestation has affected subsequent writing on the Shoah. (272942) $12.00

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Critical examination of his life and work (258465) $9.00

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Some important writings on the Holocaust including The Outlawing of Polish Jewry by the Nazis, Religious Life of Jewish Refugees in Soviet Russia, Polish Yeshivot in Exile during world War II, legal issues also covered (272457) $22.00

65. Liebmann, Kurt (Illustrations by Leah Grundig.). Im Tal des Todes. Dresden: Sachsenverlag, 1947. 44pp. Photograph,17 black and white illustrations. The corners are bumped, the spine and edges are worn, and there is a previous owner’s name and slight stamp. Illustrations by Leah Grundig are haunting and horrifying of the Shoah and aftermath. Text in German . Good. Boards.
Lea Lange was born in Dresden and raised as an Orthodox Jewish woman. However, she found the Orthodox environment stifling, and in 1922 she began several years of art studies, first at the Academy of Arts and Crafts and then at the Academy of Art. Lea was impressed by the works of Barlach and Kokoschka, and the War cycle by Otto Dix reinforced her deep convictions as a pacifist. Around 1924, she met her future husband, the artist Hans Grundig, who came from a working-class background, and in 1926 both joined the Communist Party…. In several etching cycles done during the early Nazi years, she aimed to depict “the thousand fears, the presentiment of doom, the imprisonment of the persecuted, the inhumanity and the fight against it by the best of mankind.” Starting in 1936, both Grundigs were in and out of concentration camps as a result of their past Communist affiliations and ongoing anti-Nazi activities. Lea managed to emigrate to Palestine, but Hans was incarcerated for the duration of the Nazi period. After World War II, Lea rejoined her husband in Dresden. Despite her unwavering Communist sympathies, Lea did not always have an easy time with the repressive East German regime, though toward the end of her life she was showered with many official honors.” Galerie St Etienne (272327) $85.00

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Astonishing story of Helmut Rauca the first Nazi war criminal in Canada to be extradited for war crimes. (272913) $12.00

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Novel of the resistance of the Ruhr miners to the Kapp Putsch of 1920. By important exile writer. Scarce title (272456) $20.00

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Important book. Concerns the Deschenes Commission Inquiry and the sanctuary of war criminals in Canada and inaction (272915) $10.00

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Vladka and her future husband Benjamin Meed pretended to be Aryans and helped organize the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. (270902) $75.00

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Study of children who came to Lingfield Surrey after the War from Terezin , interviews with twenty four former residents (273013) $15.00

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Text and photographs. Compelling. (272651) $15.00

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Spent boyhood in Berlin from 1926 to 1937. Inscribed Became Professor at UMass. This work is about his Hungarian relatives and what happened to them in the Shoah. Eighteen members of his family perished. (272988) $12.00

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Noted industrialist and bibliophile, library was confiscated by the Nazis and dispersed (272454) $20.00

92. Return to Life: The Holocaust Survivors: From Liberation to Rehabilation. Beth Hatefutsoth, 1985. 86 pp. ex library with pocket exhibition catalog filled with pictures. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
(Exhibition of The Nahum Goldmann Museum of the Jewish Diaspora) (272564) $20.00

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95. Rosensaft Menachem. God Faith & Identity from the Ashes Reflections of Children and Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors. Jewish Lights, 2015. 305 pp. about 100 individuals. Good. Hardcover . (273077) $10.00

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What did Kurt Waldheim really do during WW2? (272917) $10.00

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Weimar Berlin through the eyes of the author of Radetzky March and Job. Michael Hofmann’s expert translation of the “poem on every page” (Brodsky) collection of essays, Joseph Roth in Berlin: Ein Lesebuch fur Spazierganger (ed. Michael Bienert). The essays are divided into nine sections. The first (“What I saw”) consists of “Going for a Walk”, a wonderful contribution to Stadtspaziergangliteratur (cf. Walser’s “The Walk”); the last, (“Look Back in Anger”), of the unforgettable “The Auto-da-Fe of the Mind”, Roth’s contemporary account (written in the fall of 1933 in Paris–in French!) of the Nazi book burnings. In between one finds more essays on each of these topics: The Jewish Quarter, Displaced Persons, Traffic, Berlin under Construction, Bourgeoisie and Bohemians, Berlin’s Pleasure Industry, and An Apolitical Observer goes to the Reichstag. (272444) $15.00

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Tribunal concerned the US involvement in Vietnam (273005) $15.00

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Growing up in an assimilated Jewish family in Berlin,interest in mysticism,emigration to Palestine,friendships. (273467) $7.00

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One of the most powerful works on Jewish suffering through the ages, from the pogroms to the gas chambers. (272930) $5.00

105. Segal Naftali. BaShaAr Sefer Limude HaLashon HaIvrit sefer Rishon; baszaar baschaar. Tel Aviv: Newman , 1948. 108 pp. In Hebew Polish German Yiddish paper yellowing but not brittle taped spine. Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
special Edition for the American Jewish Joint for use by olim and survivors coming to Israel (272497) $79.00

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Stories about Jews in Lithuania before and during the Holocaust. (272991) $8.00

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Through the eyes of a twelve year old, fleeing the Nazis in the family’s Oldsmobile. We published the book. (258889) $10.00

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Important chapter by David Levy on Anti Nazis and Nazis for the purpose of determining criteria of differentiation., Lasswell on Propaganda and Mass Insecurity (272459) $20.00

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Memoir of an Italian Jewish woman who survived Birkenau. (273129) $12.00

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Includes 29 wartime paintings of the author. (272923) $9.00

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Psychotherapeutic work with children of survivors. Studies the transmission of trauma, use of group therapy. Important work (272502) $14.00

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Survivor of Nazi camps,visits schools in the USA with Alfons Hecks,former Nazi Youth leader, discussing her experiences. (272467) $15.00

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Includes chapter on German influence on British Opinion 1933-38 (272628) $10.00

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Fighting and finding Nazi and Communist spies (272468) $10.00

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Story by Oskar Panizza and responded story by Mynona(Salomo Friedlander) The Operated Goy. Myths of modern Anti-Semitism. (273121) $25.00

Menorah – Judaica – August 2019

1. Abraham Yehoshua. Bithilat kayits. 1970. Schocken Books, 1972. 59 pp. in Hebrew, dj torn, illustrated by Yigal Tumarkin in style of Heartfield. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272621) $25.00

2. Abraham ben Meïr Ibn Ezra; S J Halberstam. Sefer ha-ʻibur le-ha. R.A.b.ʻE. Lyck: Im Selbstverlage des Vereins M’Kize Nirdamim,, 1874. 11 double pages in Hebrew ex library. Good. Hardcover . (272492) $30.00

3. Abraham Rabbi E (P). Hagadah shel Pesah : Bet Ulpana helek hamishi : … hu tsilum … Agadat Mordekhai [meʼet] Mordekhai Hena ; Minḥat Shai … Twersky, 1959. 157 pp.long pen inscription. Good +. Hardcover .
“Part of this Haggada is a reproduction of the Haggada Agudath Mordecai by Mordecai Henau … printed in the year 1764 in Amsterdam”–Added title page. (272310) $45.00

4. Abramowitz Aaron Solomon. Raʻayone Aharon. New York: 1919. 51 pp. ex library with book plte In Hebrew, sermons. Good. Hardcover . (272514) $20.00

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6. Aspects of Landscape : a contemporary photography exhibition. Jerusaem Theatre, 1982. bookplate about 30 pages. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
the Jerusalem Theatre, May 23rd-July 10th, 1982 Works by John F. Brown, Trevor Crone, John A. Davies, Neil H. Folberg, Arthur Freed, Abraham Hay, Beatrice Helg, Paul den Hollander, Klaus-Otto Hundt, David Lyons, Elia Onne, Simcha Shirman, Daniel Wieingrod. (271862) $30.00

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8. Avisar Samuel. Teatro ebraico. Nuova academia editrice, , 1957. 436pp. ex library with book plate and pocket in Italian. Good-. Hardcover . (272535) $17.00

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Caspe was an important Socialist and an editor at the Forverts (272283) $40.00

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15. Bialik P. Hayim Nahman Bialik: taʻarukhah li-meleʼat meʼah shanah le-huladeto … Chaim Nachman Bialik : exhibition on the centenary of his birth. Jewish National and University Library, 1972. 74 pp. ex library with plate and pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272476) $25.00

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Bybliothecae apostolicae Vaticanae codices manu scripti recensiti; Bibliothecae apostolicae Vaticanae codices manu scripti recensiti. (272397) $175.00

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23. Catalog. Hebraica Alef-Mem,Nun-Tet(Hasefirah shel HaAkademia Lemudei HaYehudut BeBerlin ). Jerusalem: Bamberger and Wahrmann, 1936. catalogue 11+ 13 130 pp. in two parts, catalogue 15 Hasefirah shel Zvi Karp 44 pp. catalog 17 92 pp.library pocket library boards. Good. library binding. (272658) $40.00

24. Chiel Rabbi Arthur. B’nai Jacob One Hundred Years 1882-1982. Woodbridge Ct: B’nai Jacob, 1982. 144 pp. + 100 pp. of ads impressive shul and history filled with photos and images. Very Good. Hardcover . (273119) $55.00

25. Coalition to Free Soviet Jewry. Press Releases. CFSJ, April 1973-April 1988. about 150 pp. amazing original documentation slight library marks. Good. library binding.
Formerly Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jews (272852) $136.00

26. Cohen Rabbi Edward. Jewish Cemeteries of Five Counties of Connecticut. The Cohen/Goldfarb Collection, Volume 2. Heritage Books. 208 pp. ex library with markings spine scotch taped This volume covers Hartford, Litchfield, Middlesex, Tolland and New London Counties. New Haven County and Fairfield County are represented but not complete; and as of now, the authors have found no Jewish cemeteries in Windham County. This data is presented in an alphabetical, columnar format. The information includes cemetery (in a coded format), row, name, maiden name (or other bits of information such as age or place of birth), date of death, date of birth, parents and spouse. Good. Paperback. (270095) $25.00

27. davis moshe. Sabato Morais: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography of His Writings. ajhs, 1947. reprint 93 pp.inscribed by Davis book plate and library mark on tp. Good. library binding. (272660) $15.00

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DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas) is the umbrella organization of Argentina’s Jewish community. As such, it represents the community in official events and conducts its contacts with authorities. DAIA is the Argentine affiliate of the Latin American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress (WJC), the world-wide umbrella organization of Jewish communities. (272854) $125.00

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An imaginative but firmly rooted study of Kafka’s fraught connection to Prague, with photos of the city. A beautifully designed DJ by Ladislav Sutnar. Modest shelf-wear to boards / fore-edges. tears and creases along crown of spine (272507) $20.00

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Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania (272713) $45.00

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Important Scandanavian Jewish writer (272783) $30.00

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“The monumental, two-volume novel Tsemakh Atlas (1967–1968; translated as The Yeshiva) is Grade ‘s richest work about the Musar world and its attempt to shape the ethical personality. Through the memorable character of Tsemakh Atlas, a tortured teacher of Musar who is trapped between its self-abnegating demands, the enticements of the secular world, and his own elemental desires, readers enter a universe of high religious ideals, intellectual and moral debate, and intense spiritual struggle.” From The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe edited by Gershon Hundert pp. 626 (272550) $135.00

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Has been called the “Jewish Rembrandt.” (272418) $100.00

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This is absolutely a reading copy (272500) $95.00

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64. Lichtenberg I N. The Widow’s Son: A Story of Jewish Life of the Past. Maccabean Publishers, 1884. 342 pp. decorated blue covers, tears and wear to cover, tears to crown and base of spine . Good-. Boards.
Novel where a 17th century Jewish boy in the Rhine Valley overcomes harassment and attempt to convert him and ultimately emerges as a count and local governor. Part of the story is a conversion story in reverse. (Harap The Image of the Jew in Early American Literature) (272470) $15.00

65. Lichtenfeld Gabriel Judah. Yedi’ot ha-si-urim: kolelot medidat ha-qawim, ha-setahim weha-gufim (17 luhot nehoset). warsaw: Rothera, 1865. 192 pp.+ 17 pp. of diagrams ex library with book plate covers worn title on spine in white letters. Good. Boards. (272494) $95.00

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PhD Thesis defended before Zuch, Heinzelmann and Jacobson at Friedrich Wilhelm Univ. (272295) $25.00

68. Manasseh ben Israel; Lindo Elias Hiam . The conciliator of R. Manasseh ben Israel : a reconcilement of the apparent contradictions in Holy Scripture, to which are added explanatory notes, and biographical notices of the quoted authorities. London: Duncan and Malcolm, 1842. 312+ 336 pp.Boards worn, corners bumped, discoloration to covers and crown of spine, wear to crown of spine, hinges repaired, v. 1. The Pentateuch.–v. 2. The prophets and hagiography. Good. Boards. (272808) $155.00

69. Maoz Rivka P. Taʻarukhat Perets Smolenskkin : bi-meloʼt meʼah ve-ḥamishim shanah le-huladto; Perez smolenskin exhibition : on the 150th anniversary of his birth. Jerusalem: Jewish National and University Library, 1992. 50 pp. ex library with book plate In Hebrew. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272478) $25.00

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East European Monograph 3; (272743) $18.00

72. Mendele Mokher Sefarim : reshimat ketavav ṿe-igrotav le-hatkanat mahaduratam ha-akademit; Mendele Mokher Sepharim, bibliography of his works and letters for the academic edition. Magnes, 1965. 60 pp. covers creased ex library with pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272430) $28.00

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advice on healing used by Baal Shem (272322) $65.00

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75. Mondry Henrietta. Exemplary Bodies: Constructing the Jew in Russian Culture, 1880s to 2008. Academic Studies, 2009. 301 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
(Borderlines: Russian and East European-Jewish Studies) (272547) $20.00

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77. Morse Godfrey (chairman). Third Annual Report of the Federation of Jewish Charities of Boston 1899. Boston: Rockwell, 1899. 50 pages,numbers on cover and tp tears to cover,some creased pages, Officers of various Jewish charities and organization. Good condition. Wrapper. (272308) $25.00

78. Naveh Penina editor P. Kol shire Yaʻaḳov Fransis The poems of Jacob Frances : [1615-1667]. Bialik, 1969. 589 pp.in Hebrew ex library with pocket and book plate. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272545) $36.00

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He served as a Professor of Oriental languages at the Universities of Gottingen (1914–16), Bonn (1918-21) and Tubingen (1921–49). (272381) $47.00

80. Priestley Joseph. Letters to the Jews inviting them to An Amicable Discussion of the Evidences of Christianity. Birmingham: Pearson and Rollason, 1787. Second Edition. 56 pp. and 6 pp,catalogue of books. Good. Wrapper.
Priestley was an important 18th century theologian. Priestley, who strongly believed in the free and open exchange of ideas, advocated toleration and equal rights for religious Dissenters, which also led him to help found Unitarianism in England. The controversial nature of Priestley’s publications, combined with his outspoken support of the French Revolution, aroused public and governmental suspicion; he was eventually forced to flee in 1791, first to London and then to the United States, after a mob burned down his Birmingham home and church. He spent his last ten years in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.(Wikipedia) (272306) $325.00

81. (Printing) Moshe Nathan Rosenfeld. Jewish printing in Wilhermsdorf. Rosenfeld, 1995. one of 500 copies 250 pp. + 20 pp. pp. ex library with book plate and pocket and markings and taped spine. Very Good-. Hardcover .
Jewish printing in Germany (272403) $125.00

82. (Printing) Friedberg Ch. B. Toldot ha-dfus ha-ʻivri be-polanya : me-reshit hivasdo bi-shnat 294 ve-hitpatḥuto ʻad zmanenu = History of Hebrew typography in Poland from the beginning of the year 1534, and its development up to our days. Tel Aviv: 1950. 195 pp. ex library with stamps and tape on spine. Good. Hardcover .
Reference work contains an extensive history of Jewish printing in Poland organized by cities listed in alphabetical order. Contains entries for 58 cities. Also contains short biographies of noted printers. (275248) $85.00

83. (Printing) Halevy Shoshana. Ha-Sefarim ha-Ivriyim she-nidpesu bi-Yerushalayim ba-hamishim ha-shanim ha-rishonot: 601-651 (1841-1891)/ The Printed Hebrew Books in Jerusalem During the First Half Century (1841-1891). Mekhon Ben Tsevi, 1963. 202 pp. ex library with markings and taped spine. Good. Hardcover . (272379) $25.00

84. (Printing) Katsh Abraham. Catalogue of Hebrew manuscripts preserved in the USSR this selected list contains microfilms and photostats from the Baron David Guenzberg collection … from the Friedlander collection … and from the Antonin and Firkowitsch collections …/ aquired (on microfilm) by Abraham I. Katsh Part 1. New York University, 1957. 62 pp mimeograph .new covers with title copied in middle. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272432) $125.00

85. (Printing) Loewe Herbert. Catalogue of the printed books and of the Semitic and Jewish mss. in the Mary Frere Hebrew library at Girton College, Cambridge. Girton College, 1916. 37 pp. library mark tp in library binder. Good. library binding. (272661) $20.00

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87. (Printing) Moshe Nathan Rosenfeld. Jewish printing in Karlsruhe : a concise bibliography of Hebrew and Yiddish publications, printed in Karlsruhe between 1755 and 1840, including a listing of Judaica until the year 1899 based on public & private collections and genizah discoveries. Rosenfeld, 1997. one of 500 copies 141 pp. ex library with book plate and pocket and markings and taped spine. Very Good-. Hardcover .
Jewish printing in Germany, vol. 2 (272402) $125.00

88. (Printing) Tibon Eliezer (P). ספר, העתון והדפוס : [מגוטנברג ועד ימינו] / ha-Sefer, ha-ʻiton ṿeha-defus. Sifriyat poʻalim, 1960. 277 pp. In Hebrew ex library with book plate,tape on spine. Good. Hardcover . (275247) $42.00

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90. Rabbinic Fellows Parashah Commentaries (P). JTS, 2003. 64 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272317) $20.00

91. Resnick Irven. Marks of Distinction: Christian Perceptions of Jews in the High Middle Ages. Catholic University, 2012. 384 pp. library mark on fore edge. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272623) $27.00

92. Rilke Shenhar Y translator Avigdor Arikha illustrator. משא אהבתו ומיתתו של הקורנט כריסטוף רילקה; Maśaʼ ahavato u-moto shel ha-ḳorne.t Kristof Rilḳeh. Tarshish, 1952. 68 pp. gifted inspired illustartions by Arikha cover creased Designed by Moshe Spitzer. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke. (272528) $65.00

93. Rischin Moses (editor). The Jewish Legacy and the German Conscience; Essays in Memory of Rabbi Joseph Asher. Judah Magnes Museum, 1991. 357 pages; includes Refugee Rabbinate by Karl Richter, The Art of German Jews by Ziva Amishai Maisels, Remnants of Judeo German by Werner Weinberg, America Bound: Wissenschaft in England by David Dalin, The end of the Science of Judaism in Germany bt Herbert Strauss. As new. Hardback & DJ.
Excellent collection of essays; includes Refugee Rabbinate by Karl Richter, The Art of German Jews by Ziva Amishai Maisels, Remnants of Judeo German by Werner Weinberg, America Bound: Wissenschaft in England by David Dalin, The end of the Science of Judaism in Germany by Herbert Strauss (261192) $15.00

94. Robinson H. ספר צהר : בו יבאו, מאמרים ספרותים, שירים, הארות והערות על ענינים דתים ולאמים /; Tsohar, or light : being a collection of essays, comments, expositions of the Bible, as applied to contemporary times. Springfield Ma: Loring, 1902. 55 + 58 pp. in English and Hebrew with portrait ex library with pocket hinge starting. Good. Hardcover . (272549) $40.00

95. Rosen Sherry . The Israeli corner of the American Jewish community. American Jewish Committee, 1993. 25 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272875) $25.00

96. Schaefer Camillo. When stones start to speak…Archaeology on Judenplatz Square. City of Vienna, 1997. 48 pp. center of Vienna’s old Jewish ghetto. Good. Wrapper. (272505) $10.00

97. Schiffer Feiwel. Toldot Napoleʼon : mi-yom ledato ʻad yom moto … Historya Napoleona. Warsaw: Bi-defus Yoel Lebenzohn,, 1857. 60 pp. In Hebrew library marks library pocket new boards and spine . Good. Boards. (272284) $125.00

98. Schoenaich Freiherr von. Palästina. Eine Fahrt ins gelobte Land. Halberstadt: 1926. 126 pp. ex library with pocket and some pencil scribbles reading copy. Good. Hardcover . (272285) $17.00

99. Sefer refuot : …asher nimtsa bi-khetav yad… Lemberg: Ba-defus shel Yaakov Meshulam Nik, 1882. 12 pp, In Hebrew in Rashi script, end paper torn, book plate, lacks spine, boards worn. Good. Boards.
Cures and natural remedies (272321) $65.00

100. Seri Shalom editor P. Masa le Teman vi Yehudeha In Hebrew; A journey to Yemen and its Jews. ʻAmutah “Eʻeleh be-tamar”, 1991. 230 pp slight library mark and taped spine In Hebrew . filed with color photos of Yemen and its Jewry. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Beautiful book (272414) $150.00

101. Shapiro Harvey P. Cultivating a relationship between North American Jews and Israel. HUC JIR, 1996. 415 pp. library marks and taped spine Ph.D. theses . Very Good. Hardcover . (272410) $45.00

102. Shenhod Shlomo. Shiray Khakal Tapukhin (Kabbalistic Poems). Hamenora, 1973. 204 ppIn Hebrew . ex library with markingsbookplate and pocket. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272656) $18.00

103. Sheskin Ira. How Jewish communities differ : variations in the findings of local Jewish population studies. CUNY, 2001. 206 pp. ex library with markings. Very Good-. Hardcover . (272394) $15.00

104. Silber Dr. Mendel introduction. Prospectus of the library of Ephraim Deinard at New Orleans, La., also a list of Jewish antiquities depicting the “History of religion” In Hebrew. Moinester, 1926. 40 pp. In Hebrew with illustrations ex library with taped spine, spine worn covers worn. Good-. Hardcover . (272415) $45.00

105. Simon Leon . Essays on Ancient Greek Literature In Hebrew. Magnes, 1951. 153 pp. In Hebrew ex library wit plate hinge started. Good. Hardcover . (272480) $15.00

106. Slesar, Henry and Crawford, Mel. Kosher Comics #101. Parallax Comic Books,, 1966. about thirty pages bottom of spine bumped. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272654) $25.00

107. Speizman, David (P). Survival: An Autobiography. Graham, 1983. 83 pp. Jewish immigrant success story in the textile business in New York and Pennsylvania. Very Good. Perfect-bound. (275704) $32.00

108. Steinberg I N Editor. Freeland : periodical of the Freeland League for Jewish Territorial Colonization. Freeland League, 1954-1961. fourteen random issues to settle Jews in sparsely settled areas of the world . Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Erich Fromm was on the editorial board, ernst Simon wrote for the paper. The philosophy was to decentralize power and to have a binational state with the Arab population in Israel based on work of Magnes and Buber, not to bec ome a militaristic power. (272443) $165.00

109. Surowitz Louis. Remembering Hastings Street Growing up in the 1920s. Sherwood, 1992. 144pp. growing up in Jewish Detroit. Very Good. Paperback. (272637) $10.00

110. Sutzkever, Abraham. Burnt Pearls: Ghetto Poems of Abraham Sutzkever. Mosaic, 1981. 51 pp.covers worn intro by Ruth Wisse translated by Seymour Mayne scarce title Poems written in Vilna during the Shoah . Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272303) $75.00

111. Szir Miriam editor. Slownik polsko-hebrajski three volumes. Kitve Et Muvharim, 1975. 2013 pp. in three volumes ex library with book plates and pockets reading copies. Good-. Hardcover . (272420) $75.00

112. Tipuse manhigut bi-tekufat ha-Mikra: yom iyun le-regel melot shemonim ve-hamesh shanim le-David Ben-Guryon, 3 de-Hanukah 732./ Types of Leadership in the Biblical Period: A Study Conference in Honour of the Eighty-Fifth Birthday of David Ben-Gurion Held 15 December, 1971. Israel Academy, 1973. 68 pp. In Hebrewex library with pocket. Good. Hardcover . (272479) $10.00

113. Weinryb B. Be-resit has-sosializm hay yehudi: A.S. Liberman bene doro u-zemano; In the beginnings of Jewish socialism : A.S. Liebermann, his time and contemporaries. Mass, 1940. 106 pp In Hebrew,. ex library with book plate and pocket and taped spine, hinge starting. Good-. Hardcover. (272536) $47.00

114. Yaari Abraham P. צרור אגרות ילג אל מרים מארקלמאָזעסזאָהן; A bundle of letters from YLJ to Miriam Markel-Mazeszahn. Jerusalem: Darom, 1937. 41 pp, dj torn In Hebrew Markel Mazeszahn was an important Hebraist of 19th century with groundbreaking work. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
The letters of Judah Loeb Gordon to Miriam Markel-Mosessohn. Edited by Abraham Yaari. (272523) $40.00

115. Yidn in Ukraine/ Jews in the Ukraine Volume One. Gezelshaft tzu Fareibikn der Ondenk fun Ukrainer Yidn, 1961. 342 pp In Yiddish . ex library with markings book plate hinge starting. Good. Hardcover . (272396) $23.00

116. Yovel Yirmiyahu. Spinoza and other Heretics: Volume One and Volume Two The Marrano of Reason and The Adventures of Immanence. Princeton, 1989. 225+ 244 pp. djs a bit worn , slight foxing to top of fore edge. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272636) $32.00

117. Zaar Isaac editor. The Vanguard A magazine of progressive Jewish life. Vanguard, 1927-1928. Volume 1 issues 1-6 , slight library marks filled with reports and articles on Jewish life. Very Good. library binding. (272633) $36.00

118. Zago Manrique. Pioneers in Argentina, The Jewish Immigrants. Manrique Zago Ediciones, 1982. 216 pp. ex library with markings In Spanish and English large book filled with pictures. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272380) $20.00

119. zarhi Say. Hatsaʻah le-seder : Hagadah shel Pesaḥ–masoret ve-hidush : be-tseruf beʼur rahav, ha-Hagadah ha-kibutsit, tosafot li-vehirah ṿe-hatsaʻot le-hanhayat ha-seder; A proposal for the Seder. Miskal, 2000. 144 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (272311) $25.00

120. Zilberszlag Icchak Eisig Silberschlag inscribed by . Tehija utechija baszira Tehiyah u-tehiyah ba-shirah : masot. Warsaw: Grafia, 1938. 196 pp. In Hebrew ex library with pocket needs tightening back cover creased On Jewish music. Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (272520) $46.00

Hatikvah – Books on the Shoah – July 2019

1. Allen Shore, Lena. Forty Years after Darkness. Philadelphia: Assn Jewish Holocaust Survivors, 1985. 64 pp.ex library with plate and pocket. Very Good. Paperback.
Holocaust memoir updated to the present, first published in 1985. (272790) $10.00

2. Allen Shore, Lena. Forty Years after Darkness. Lena Allen Shore Center, 1991. Second Printing. 179 pp.ex library with plate and pocket. Very Good. Paperback.
Holocaust memoir updated to the present, first published in 1985. (272786) $10.00

3. (anti Semitsm) Tobin Gary. Jewish Perceptions of Anti Semitism. Plenum, 1988. 325 pp, and how Jewish people deal with prejudice. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273313) $20.00

4. (Anti-Semitism) Wistrich Robert S. Antisemitism The Longest Hatred. New York: Pantheon, 1991. 342 pp + front matter. Very Good in good dust-jacket. (272884) $15.00

5. Arad, Yitzhak, stock. Rescue Attempts During the Holocaust: Proceedings of the Second Yad Vashem Int Historical Conference 1974 In Hebrew. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem , 1976. 553 pp. In Hebrew ex library with plate and pocket. Good. cloth.
39 ssays from six sessions (272673) $23.00

6. Bartel Walter et al. Buchenwald Mahnung Und Verpflichtung Dokumente Und Berichte. Deutscher Verlag Der Wissenschaften, 1983. vierte auflage. 775 pp. + 75 abbildungen. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (255334) $26.00

7. Ben Dor David. The Darkest Chapter. Canongate, 1996. 149 pp. Survivor of Dachau reflects back on his experience 50 years after the imprisonment. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272885) $20.00

8. Ben Nahum D. Ke-em hashah le-hatsil : shelihutah shel Havivah Raik. ha-Maḥlaḳah le-ḥinukh ule-tarbut shel ha-Ḳibuts ha-artsi “Ha-shomer ha-tsaʻir ṿe-Sifriyat poʻalim, , 1964. 216 pp In Hebrew ex library with book plate tears to crown, pen inscription on fep Raik was one of three women in a team of thirty-seven parachutists who were sent to occupied Europe by the Zionist authorities in Palestine .Their mission was to rescue Jews. Raik and several others were killed on that mission. but only one of the members – the poet Hana Senesh – has become a national legend of valor and dedication. The others remained anonymous.. Good. Hardcover . (272692) $75.00

9. Benz Wolfgang. The Holocaust: A German Historian Examines the Holocaust. NY: Columbia UP, 1999. 8vo 186 pp. new. Hardback & DJ. (273008) $7.00

10. Bergmann, Martin S.; Jucovy, Milton E. Generations of the Holocaust. NY: Columbia University Press, 1982. First Edition. 356 pp. Good + in Good + DJ. Hardback & DJ.
Concerns the transmittal of trauma from the Survivors to their families, and therapy work with children of the survivors and Nazis. (273023) $10.00

11. Bericht des Bundesrates an die Bundesversammlung über die antidemokratische Tätigkeit von Schweizern und Ausländern im Zusammenhang mit dem Kriegsgeschehen 1939-1945 (Motion Boerlin). Teil 3 Vom 21. Mai 1946. Bern: Bericht des Bundesrates , 1946. 60 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
No 4919 (272798) $36.00

12. Beyerchen, Alan. Scientists Under Hitler: Politics and the Physics Community in the Third Reich. New Haven: Yale, 1979. 287 pp.dj tears, sfep. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (253616) $20.00

13. Borzykowski Tuvia. Ben ḳirot noflim; (Between tubling walls). Bet loḥame ha-geṭaʼo, 1983. 208 pp. In Hebrew ex library with pocket and plate, on the Shoah in Poland. Good. Hardcover . (272732) $17.00

14. Bower, Tom. The Paperclip Conspiracy: The Hunt for Nazi Scientists. Boston: Little Brown, 1987. 8vo 308 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.
Rewriting the records of German scientists and ease their entry into the USA after WW2,some formerly ardent Nazis.V-2 team. (273176) $15.00

15. Brezhnev ; Leonid Ilʹich. די קלײנער ערד ; װידערגעבורט ; צעלינא /‏ Di Klayner erd ; Ṿidergeburṭ ; Tselina. Pisatel, 1979. 238 pp. ex library with bookplate and pocket In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover .
In Yiddish; Translation of Malai︠a︡ zemli︠a︡, Vozrozhdenie and T︠s︡elina. Translation first appeared: Soveṭish Heymland ; no. 12, 1979. (272795) $23.00

16. Bulawko, Henry, (editor). Exposition: Les Juifs dans la Lutte Contre L’Hitlerisme. Paris: CDJC: Musee du Memorial, nd. Important exhibition catalog.In French oblong 8vo 135 pp. slight library mark on pastedown and book plate covers worn and stained. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271808) $25.00

17. Cartier Bresson Henri. The Decisive Moment. simon and schuster, 1952. Includes caption booklet dust jacket by Matisse lacks spine and lacks some edges and large piece at top of spine on both sides large portion of image is present, captions to 126 photographs. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Post War France (272711) $575.00

18. Checinski Michael. My Father’s Watch. Gefen, 1994. ex library with markings 246 pp. Holocaust memoir. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272740) $40.00

19. Ciemny Melech (Meylekh Tshemni) . Teg azelkhe dertseylungen. Minkhen: Hitahdut in Daytshland, 1948. 141 pp. In Yiddish, small tape on spine, long inscription from author, and name written on fep also with address in Munich. Good. Wrapper.
Survivor memoir. With the outbreak of WWII, he left for Bialystok, and then over the years 1941-1945 he lived in Tashkent and Samarkand (Uzbekistan), where he worked for a time on a collective farm. In 1946 he returned to Poland, and from there he soon departed for Germany. He lived in Munich until 1951 where he worked as a proofreader for a newspaper and was secretary of the association of survivor-writers. He contributed to such Holocaust survivor publications as: Landsberger lager tsaytung (Landsberg camp newspaper), Dos vort, Unzer velt (Our world), Af der vakh (On guard), and Naye yidishe tsaytung (New Jewish newspaper), as well as in the anthologies Shriftn (Writings) and Hemshekh (Continuation) Yiddish Lexikon (272728) $36.00

20. Cohen Asher editor. The Shoah And The War. Lang, 1992. 447 pp. 24 essays ex library with book plate and pocket and fore edge stamped. Good +. Hardcover .
Studies on the Shoah (272670) $42.00

21. d’Harcourt, Pierre. The Real Enemy. London: Longmans Green and Co, 1964. 8186 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Was in French Resistance, betrayed and spent years in Nazi camps including Buchenwald. These are his experiences. (272643) $12.00

22. Di Yidishe Tragedye in Eyrope. Farlag Medem Klub, 1943. 80 pp. stapled covers ex library with markings. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Bibiyotek Unzer Tsayt, Numer 2 (272678) $20.00

23. Downing, David. Diary of a Dead Man on Leave A Novel. SOHO, 2019. 290 pp. Fiction but reads like history of a Communist organizer in Nazi Germany and his work and experiences. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272886) $20.00

24. Dworzecki, M. Mahanot ha-yehudim be-Estonya: 1942-1944/ Jewish camps in Estonia: 1942-1944. Yad Vashem , 1970. 402 pp. xxii pp.,hinge starting b/w illustrations, index, English language introduction at the rear Text is in Hebrew.ex library with pocket and stamps on fore edge. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272669) $25.00

25. Eck, Nathan. ha-To’im be-darkhe ha-mavet : havai ṿe-hagot bi-yeme ha-kilayon; Wandering on the roads of death (life and thoughts in the days of destruction). Yad Vashem, 1960. 271 pp. ex library with plate. Good. Hardcover . (272684) $46.00

26. Eiland, Howard. Walter Benjamin: A Critical Life. Belknap, 2014. 754 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272850) $20.00

27. Elias, Ruth. Ruach Chayim Die Hoffnung erhielt mich am Leben: Mein Weg von Theresienstadt und Auschwitz nach Israel. Israel: Poalim, 1990. 12mo 246 pp. In Hebrew with plate and pocket ex library. good. Hardback & DJ. (272793) $15.00

28. Eliav, M. Studies on the Holocaust Period in Memory of Prof M Dvorjetski In Hebrew. Bar Ilan, 1980. 140 pp.In Hebrew ex library with markings and pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272690) $26.00

29. Engelshtern, Lazar. In Getos un Velder: Fun Vilne biz di Naliboker Vildenishn. In Yiddish. Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House,, 1972. 207 pp. ex library with book plate and pocket. Good +. Hardcover . (272704) $27.00

30. Essays in Holocaust History. , Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1979. 113 pp. ex library with markings and book plate. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272679) $12.00

31. Feuchtwanger Edgar. Hitler My Neighbor Memories of a Jewish Childhood 1929-1939. Other Press, 2013. 209 pp. At the age of 88 Feuchtwanger decided to retell his childhood memories of Nazi Germany,with Hitler living across the street in Munich, his father arrested and sent to Dachau and his being sent on a children’s transport in 1939. Also nephew to Lion Feuchtwanger. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272887) $18.00

32. Finger, Seymour. American Jewry during the Holocaust. NY: American Jewish Commission on hte Holocaust, 1984. Second Printing. about 200 pages, number taped to spine and slight library stamp on title page. Good +. Paperback.
A report by the Research Director, his staff and independent schloars retained by the Director for the American Jewish Commission on the Holocaust. (272878) $17.00

33. Flisowski, Zbigniew. Westerplatte wspomnienia relcje dokumenty. Warsaw: Wydawn. Ministerstwa Obrony Narodowej,, 1959. 296 pp. includes map, dj torn, book is in Polish. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
First battle in outbreak of World War II where Polish defenders held off the German attack for weeks and inspired the Polish populace. (272650) $15.00

34. Fluek, Toby. Memories of My Life in a Polish Village 1930-1949. NY: Knopf, 1990. 110 pp.dj torn. Very good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Paintings and text describing the life in Poland before,during and following the Nazi occupation (224301) $15.00

35. Fraenkel, Heinrich. Help Us Germans To Beat The Nazis! Gollancz, 1941. 118 pp. ex library with pocket and book plate. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272833) $25.00

36. Garber, Zev. Peace, In Deed: Essays in Honor of Harry James Cargas. Scholars Press, 1962. 253 pp. ex library wtih book plate and pocket about 20 esays and reembrances Cargas was a reknowned Holocaust scholar. Good. Hardcover .
[South Florida Studies in the History of Judaism, No. 162] (272694) $16.00

37. Geduldt oder gleichberechtigt; Zwei Gesprache ur gegenwartigen Situation der Juden in Deutschland. German Judaica, 1961. 49 pp. slight library mark. Good. Wrapper. (248221) $25.00

38. Gerber, David. Anti Semitism in American History. Illinois, 1986. 428 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273298) $20.00

39. Gilboa, Jehoshua. שמור לנצח : פרקי אסיר בברית־המועצות / Li-shemor la-netsaḥ : pirḳe asir be-Verit ha-moʻatsot; The Life of a Prisoner in the Soviet Union. Masada, 1964. 158 pp. In Hebrew ex library with book plate and pocket . Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Concerns the Shoah and WW2 (272791) $20.00

40. Glaser, Ernest. A Life Well Lived: Berlin, Shanghai, and America. Createspace, 2017. 297 pp. Autobiography by a Jewish refugee from the Holocaust who lived in Shanghai during the Japanese occupation and made his way to the US, where he became a businessman. Very Good. Paperback. (272810) $20.00

41. goldenberg Myrna editor. Testimony, Tensions, and Tikkun: Teaching the Holocaust in Colleges and Universities. Univ of Washington, 2007. 328 pp. ex library . Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272700) $20.00

42. Gorny, Yosef. The Jewish Press and the Holocaust, 1939 – 1945. Cambridge, 2012. 284 pp, slight library marking on fore edge. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272764) $32.00

43. Gross, Jan. Neighbors; The destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland. Princeton: Princeton Univ. Press, 2001. 261 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
True story of the murder of 1600 men women and children in a Polish village in 1941 by fellow townspeople. (272870) $10.00

44. Grossman, Chaika. אנשי המחתרת; The Underground Army: Fighters of the Bialystok GhettoHolocaust Library. NY: Moreshet, 1965. 420 pp. In Hebrew ex library with pocket. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Chaika acquired arms for the ghetto and maintained contact with the outside resistance forces. Organized rescue operations (272753) $35.00

45. Grossmann, Kurt. Die unbesungenen Helden: Menschen in Deutschlands dunklen Tagen. Berlin: Arani, 1957. 388 pp. slight library marks . Good. Cloth.
During the Shoah (272805) $15.00

46. Grosz, Hanus. Kindertransport Memory Quilt. Kindertranport Assn, 2000. 218 pp. wonderful memories of children and youth of the kindertransport and quilts reflecting the memories. Very Good. Paperback. (272641) $17.00

47. Grundig, Leah. Be-ge ha-haregah : rishumim; In the Valley of slaughter. ha-Hafatsah ha-rashit, ha-Kibuts ha-meʼuhad,, 1944. 17 unnumbered pages of plates captions in Hebrew and English, large edition with different text of Im Tal des Todes published in Dresden in 1947 ,large 8vo. Includes “Be-tugat lel har-Tsiyon” by S. Shalom .Illustrations by Leah Grundig are haunting and horrifying of the Shoah and aftermath. Good. Hardcover .
Lea Lange was born in Dresden and raised as an Orthodox Jew. However, she found the Orthodox environment stifling, and in 1922 she began several years of art studies, first at the Academy of Arts and Crafts and then at the Academy of Art. Lea was impressed by the works of Barlach and Kokoschka, and the War cycle by Otto Dix reinforced her deep convictions as a pacifist. Around 1924, she met her future husband, the artist Hans Grundig, who came from a working-class background, and in 1926 both joined the Communist Party…. In several etching cycles done during the early Nazi years, she aimed to depict “the thousand fears, the presentiment of doom, the imprisonment of the persecuted, the inhumanity and the fight against it by the best of mankind.” Starting in 1936, both Grundigs were in and out of concentration camps as a result of their past Communist affiliations and ongoing anti-Nazi activities. Lea Grundig was deported in 1939. The Gestapo took her to Prague. She went from here via Vienna and Bratislava to the Romanian city of Tulcea. She undertook the sea crossing with the SS Pacific to Palestine. She changed en route to the SS Patria, which then sank. As a result of this, after a nine-month odyssey through Europe, Lea Grundig spent just under a year in the British internment camp Atlit as an illegal immigrant. After her release, Grundig first lived with her sister in Haifa and later moved to Tel Aviv. She learned Hebrew and settled down as an artist and book illustrator. After World War II, Lea rejoined her husband in Dresden. Despite her unwavering Communist sympathies, Lea did not always have an easy time with the repressive East German regime, though toward the end of her life she was showered with many official honors.” Galerie St Etienne And Art in Exile (272615) $775.00

48. Gudkov, Lev. Attitudes toward Jews in the Soviet Union: Public Opinion in Ten rRpublics (Working papers on contemporary Anti-Semitism). American Jewish Committee, 1992. about 150 pp. fileled with charts slight libraary marks. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271810) $26.00

49. Gurdus, Luba Krugman (signed by). Rehovot HaMavet The Death Train: A Personal Account of a Holocaust Survivor. Bet Lohmei, 1982. 174 pp.In Hebrew dj torn inscribed by author. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
The author, a survivor of the Maydanek Camp, describes her family’s plight, and the Judenzug on its way to Belzec. (267916) $25.00

50. Gutman, Israel. Shoah u-mashma`utah. The Holocaust and its signifigance. Zalman Shazar Cente, 1983. 190 pp.In Hebrew ex library with pocket . Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272685) $36.00

51. Haar, Inge. German Scholars and Ethnic Cleansing, 1919-1945. Berghahn, 2005. 298 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
thirteen essays/articles by various contributors. (272784) $7.00

52. Hahn, Barbara. Die Judin Pallas Athene auch eine Theorie der Moderne. Berlin Verlag, 2000. 368 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Barbara Hahn stellt Paul Celans geheimnisvolle, paradoxe Figur der Jüdin Pallas Athene an den Beginn ihres Buchs, das den Weg deutscher Jüdinnen durch die deutsch-jüdische Geschichte von der Mitte des 18. Jahrhunderts bis in die Zeit nach 1945 nachzeichnet. Sie skizziert die intellektuelle Landschaft, in der sich Rahel Levin Varnhagen, Rosa Luxemburg, Elsa Lasker-Schüler, Margarete Susman oder Hannah Arendt bewegten. Und sie entdeckt die Spuren einer zerstörten Kultur, wenn sie das Leben und Denken uns unbekannter jüdischer Frauen aus den Archiven wieder ans Tageslicht hebt. Es ist die Geschichte der Mütter der ersten Generation akkulturierter Jüdinnen, die noch in ihrer traditionellen Welt lebten, und die Geschichte ihrer Töchter, die einen hohen Preis für den Übergang bezahlten. (from the blurb) (272765) $25.00

53. Halley, Anne. Between Wars and Other Poems. Gehenna Press, 1965. dust jacket heavily foxed and front hinge slight foxing, cloth covers not affected. Good condition. Wrapper.
Number 498/500 printed at the Geheanna Press Harold McGrath was the pressman Poems on the arrogance of power and the plight of innocence in Nazi Germany, drawings by Leonard Baskin,Halley was born in Germany to a Jewish father and fled to USA in 1938, she later married Jules Chametzky (272855) $35.00

54. Hartwig, Thomas. Die verheissene Stadt. Deutsch-juedische Emigranten in New York. Gespraeche Eindruecke und Bilder. Arsenal, 1986. Good. Paperback. (272771) $10.00

55. Heintz, Georg. Deutsches Exil 1933-1945 Nr. 1 …Index der “Neuen Weltbuhne” von 1933-1939. Worms: Heintz, 1972. 103 pages. Very good. Wrapper. (242325) $25.00

56. Herz, Gabrielle. The Women’s Camp In Moringen: A Memoir of Imprisonment in Germany 1936-1937. Berghahn, 2006. 183 pp. slight library marks and taped spine. Good +. Hardcover . (272672) $25.00

57. Hett, Benjamin. The Death of Democracy Hitler’s Rise to Poser and the Downfall of the Weimar Republic. Holt, 2018. 280 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272888) $20.00

58. Hill, Roland. A Time out of Joint A Journey from Nazi Germany to Post War Britain. Radcliffe, 2007. 322 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Fleeing Austria and ending up in London as enemy alien and then serving in British Army, had converted to Catholicism though was born Jewish (272772) $12.00

59. Hoegner, Wilhelm. Der Schwierige Aussenseiter Erinnerungen eines bayerischen Sozialdemokraten. pvo, 1975. 344 pp. Fled Nazi Germany for Switzerland and returned after the War. Very Good. Paperback.
author of Flucht vor Hitler. Erinnerungen an die Kapitulation der ersten deutschen Republik 1933 (272785) $14.00

60. Institute for Jewish Policy Research . Antisemitism World Report 1996 Fifth edition. London: Inst for Jewish Policy Research, 1996. 8vo 250 pp book plate and slight library mark. Very Good. wrapper. (271811) $23.00

61. Institute for Jewish Policy Research . Antisemitism World Report 1997 Sixth edition. London: Inst for Jewish Policy Research, 1997. 380 pp slight library marks. Very Good. wrapper. (272758) $23.00

62. International Migration 1945 1957. : International Labour Office,, 1959. 414 pp. Good +. Paperback. (272760) $20.00

63. Jacobs, Janet. Memorializing the Holocaust: Gender, Genocide and Collective Memory. Tauris, 2010. 176 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (272714) $15.00

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Articles and recollections by visitors, lists names of visitors (245196) $25.00

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Friends reunite in Hungary in 1993 and remember the events of the Shoah and the 1956 revolt. A novel by the author of the Caseworker (272769) $12.00

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Jewish Armed Resistance in Poland: 1942-1944 (272751) $25.00

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Important work develops idea of genocide. (272687) $48.00

76. Lensky, Mordechai. Haye ha Yehudim be geto Varshah In Hebrew. Yad Vashem, 1980s?. 238 pp. In Hebrew ex library with pocket . Good. Hardcover .
English title was A physician inside the Warsaw Ghetto, 1939-1943 (272696) $32.00

77. Lewin, Rabbi Isaac . Religious Freedom: The Right to Practice Shehitah (Kosher Slaughtering). NY: Research Institute for Post War Problems of European Jewry, 1946. 278 pp, corner curled. Good condition. Hardcover .
Presents the case that shehitah is most humane, Documents extensively the Nazi and European prohibitions. (272857) $10.00

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80. Limberg, Margarete. Nach dem “Anschluss” – Berichte österreichischer EmigrantInnen aus dem Archiv der Harvard University”. mandelbaum, 2013. 303 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Believe also translated into English as Germans No More Accounts of Jewish Everyday Life 1933-1938 (272768) $10.00

81. Lubling, Yoram. Twice-Dead: Moshe Y. Lubling, the Ethics of Memory, and the Treblinka Revolt. Lang, 2007. 230 pp. ex library markings. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272689) $25.00

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84. Memorial to the unknown Jewish martyr : erected to the memory of six million Jews, men women and children, innocent victims of Nazi barbarism who have no grave. Paris: CIDOC World Committee, 1950. 24 pp. slight library marks corners creased filled with images of the dedication and installation of the monument and pictures of speakers and their presentations. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272741) $45.00

85. Mermelstein, Mel. By Bread Alone: The Story of A-4685: A Survivor of the Nazi Holocaust. California: Auschwitz Study Fdn, 1993. 290 pp. Good +. paperback.
Filed lawsuit against Inst for Historical resarch. (224325) $15.00

86. Miller, Joy Erlichmann. Love Carried Me Home: Women Surviving Auschwitz. Deerfield Beach: Simcha Press, 2000. 226 pp. Very Good. wrapper.
Based on two year research study of coping strategies of sixteen women who survived Auschwitz. (224281) $15.00

87. Molden, Fritz. Exploding Star: A Young Austrian Against Hitler. NY: Morrow, 1979. 279 pp, dj very slightly torn . Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Describes his involvement in fighting the NS in Austria, fled to Switzerland and was involved with the Resistance.Publisher. (273665) $12.00

88. Mordecai, Strigler. Tzu aich swesṭer un brider bafraite : nochmilhome-problemen fun jidisn folk. cyco, 1945. 31 pp. tears to covers slight library markings. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272869) $36.00

89. Morgntoj, Lejb/Leyb Morgentoy. ‘Ruinen in zun ‘ Poezje. Lodz: Idisz Buch, 1949. In Yiddish 91 pp. new covers and image of rolling mountain and tres and title attatched to new cover. Good +. wrapper.
The pseudonym of Khonen-Leyb Sapozhnik, he was born in Pinsk, Polesia (Polesye), into a laboring family. He studied in religious elementary school, in a Yiddish-Hebrew public school, and in evening courses. At age thirteen he became a cobbler. Until the German invasion of Russia (June 1941), he lived in Pinsk and thereafter left for Soviet Russia. He lived in Samarkand (1941-1945), where he participated in literary Sundays run by the local writers’ association. He returned to Poland in the summer of 1947 and lived in Lodz and Warsaw. From 1957 he was living in the state of Israel and wrote many works of poetry. (Yiddish Lexikon) (272723) $45.00

90. Mosenson, Moshe. מכתבים מהדרכים Mikhtavim meha-derakhim. NY: Am Oved, 1984. 175 pp.In Hebrew ex library with plate and pocket Writes of his War experiences . Good. Paperback.
Jewish soldier in British Army and Jewish Brigade. In Letters from the Desert he wrote of Nazi concentration camps being liberated in Jiddo and the people he meets and his pride in his identity. (272730) $17.00

91. Muller, Hill Benno. Todliche Wissenschaft. Die Aussonderung von Juden, Zigeunern und Geisteskranken 1933-1945. Volk und Gesundheit, 1989. 188 pp. In German ex library with book plate and pocket. Good +. Paperback. (272706) $15.00

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Ten important essays by scholars. Katz Rubenstein Berkovits Sacks Fackenheim (272766) $17.00

93. Novitch, Miriam. Sobibor : mahane ha-avdan veha-mered. Kibuts lohame ha-geta ot, 1979. 137 pp.In Hebrew ex library with book plate and pocket. Good. Paperback.
Sobibor – Martyrdom and Revolt English title (272701) $15.00

94. Pearl, S. Almazov. Di untererdishe milhomeh in europa; The Underground War in Europe. NY: self, 1943. 320 pp.spine frayed In Yiddish ex library with plate and pocket. Good-. Hardcover .
Includes material on the Nazi slaughter of the Jews and the Resistance. Very scarce. (272792) $15.00

95. Penkower Monty. Decision on Palestine Deferred: America, Britain and Wartime Diplomacy, 1939-1945 (Israeli History, Politics, and Society). Frank Cass, 2002. 380 pp. ex library with pocket. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272742) $27.00

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Edited by Serge Klarsfeld (272879) $48.00

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99. Rapport du Conseil federal a l’Assemblee federale concernant l’activite antidemocratique exercee par des Suisses et des etrangers en relation avec la periode de guerre de 1939 a 1945 (motion Boerlin). deuxieme partie. Bern: Bericht des Bundesrates , 1946. 37 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
No 4919 (272799) $30.00

100. The Report of Jurgen Stroop; Concerning the Uprising in the Ghetto of Warsaw and the Liquidation of the Jewish Residential Area. Warsaw: Jewish Historical Institute, 1958. 125 pp. + documents some slightly creased pages ex library with book plate. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272752) $17.00

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From War To Peace [No. 2] (272736) $18.00

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Remembering for the Future brings together the work of nearly 200 scholars from more than 30 countries and features cutting-edge scholarship across a range of disciplines, amounting to the most extensive and powerful reassessment of the Holocaust ever undertaken. Wprldcat (274667) $325.00

105. Roth, John, and Berenbaum, Michael (editors) inscrbed by both. Holocaust: Religious and Philosophical Implications. NY: Paragon House, 1989. 388 pp. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
twenty four excellent essays (273365) $24.00

106. Rothkirchen, Livia (. Hurban Yahadut Slovakyah : teʼur histori bi-teʻudot; The destruction of Slovak Jewry: a documantary history. Yad Vashem, 1961. LXXV+ 257 pp. In English and Hebrew ex library with book plate and pocket. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
“The majority of documents were originally written in the Slovak language, and a number of documents were written in German; they were translated into Hebrew by Mr. Shlomo Schmidt (272748) $135.00

107. (Russia) Krichevsky, Lev. The treatment of Jewish themes in Russian schools. American Jewish Committee, 2001. 72 pp. number on cover and slight library stamp on paste down. Good +. Wrapper.
Central and East European curriculum review project, 5. This report focuses on how Jewish themes Judaism, Jewish culture, Jewish history, Jewish Holocaust, and the State of Israel are treated in curricular materials used in elementary and secondary schools in the Russian schools. (271841) $18.00

108. Samuel, Maurice inscribed by. The Great Hatred. NY: Knopf, 1941. 209 pp.dj torn. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (273423) $18.00

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111. Serke, Jurgen. Die verbrannten Dichter. Weinheim: Belyz, 1978. 3nd. 267 pages. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Excellent work on writers and poets persecuted by the Nazis. Includes Toller,Lasker Schuler,Goll,Graf,Hasenclever,et al. (254419) $35.00

112. Sheingauter, Boris . Di Prayz fun broyṭ. Sovetski Pisatei, 1986. Tsena khleba.short stories In Yiddish 61 pp. ex library with pocket On Soviet campaigns against the Nazis. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Biblioṭeḳ fun “Soṿeṭish heymland”, 1986, (272759) $25.00

113. Simon Wiesenthal: The Man and His Legacy. : Simon Wiesenthal Center,, 1983. 154 pp. ex library with book plate and pocket A tribute book filled with his life storyand pictures. Good +. Paperback. (272707) $30.00

114. Smolen, Kazimierz editor . Selected Problems from the History of KL Auschwitz. : Panstwowe Muzeum W Oswiecim, 1979. 103 pp. ex library with pocket and book plate. Good. Paperback. (272702) $15.00

115. Steiner-Aviezer, Miriam . The Soldier with the Golden Buttons. Yad Vashem, 1987. 134 pp Memoir by child survivor of Yugoslavian death camp. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272862) $15.00

116. Steiner-Van Rooyen, Deborah inscribed by. My grandfather’s brother’s son Yonah Al Hut Tyal. Yad Vashem, 2007. 163 pp. in Hebrew sligh tlibrary mark . New. Paperback.
Memoirs of Yonah Steiner, as told to his cousin Deborah Steiner van Rooyen in 1969 in Kibbutz Ginosar, Israel. Steiner was born in 1926 in Gromnik, Poland. Shortly after the German occupation he was sent to a labor camp; he managed to escape, but was caught. He was then sent to a number of labor and concentration camps, including Flossenbürg and Mauthausen, where he was liberated. All of his family but one brother perished; after the war he settled in Israel. (272796) $27.00

117. Steinfeldt, Irena. How Was It Humanly Possible? A Study of Perpetrators and Bystanders During the Holocaust. Yad Vshem Beth Shalom, 2002. 283 pp. cover creased slight library marks. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272708) $23.00

118. Uhlman, Fred. Reunion. NY: Farra Straus Giroux, 1977. 111 pp sfep. Good. Hardcover .
Superb novel by exiled anti Nazi lawyer of a friendship in Nazi Germany of a Jewish boy and a young Count and the aftermath. (272712) $15.00

119. United Nations. Report of the Special Committee on Refugees and Displaced Persons = Rapport du Comite special des refugiés et personnes deplacees. Special Supplement Number 1 and 2. Lake Success: United Nations. Special Committee on Refugees and Displaced Persons.; United Nations. Economic and Social Council., 1946. 176 pp. + 64 pp. slight library marks, Important discussions by Committe Members of the meaning of refugees, who were the Displaced? what status would the Jewish survivors receive as compared to non Jews, special attention to the Jewish surviviors? et. al. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272781) $95.00

120. Utgaard, Peter. Remembering and Forgetting Nazism; Education National Identity and the Victim Myth in Postwar Austria. Berghahn, 2003. 196 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
The myth of Austrian victimization at the hands of both Nazi Germany and the Allies became a unifying theme of Austrian official memory and a key component of national identity as a new Austria emerged from the ruins. In the 1980s, Austria’s myth of victimization came under intense scrutiny in the wake of the Waldheim scandal that marked the beginning of its erosion. The fiftieth anniversary of the Anschlus in 1988 accelerated this process and resulted in a collective shift away from the victim myth. Important themes examined include the rebirth of Austria, the Anschlus, the war and the Holocaust, the Austrian resistance, and the Allied occupation. The fragmentation of Austrian official memory since the late 1980s coincided with the dismantling of the Conservative and Social Democratic coalition, which had defined Austrian politics in the postwar period. Through the eyes of the Austrian school system, this book examines how postwar Austria came to terms with the Second World War (272848) $10.00

121. Vaillant, A. Le livre des secrets d’Henoch: texte slave et traduction Francaise. Institut d’Etudes Slaves, 1976. 122 pp. ex library with markings. Good. Hardcover . (272747) $20.00

122. Verdoner, Yoka and Fransisca Verdoner Kan (editor). Signs of Life: The letters of Hilde Verdoner-Sluizer from Nazi Transit Camp Westerbork, 1942-1944. DC: Acropolis Books, 1990. 8vo 223 pp. new. Hardback & DJ. (273130) $15.00

123. Vorobeichic, Moses (Moshé Raviv-Vorobeichic, aka Moï Ver). The Ghetto Lane in Wilna (The Ghetto Lane in Vilna. Schaubücher 27): 65 pictures by M. Vorobeichic. Orrell Fussli, 1931. .8 pp. English text and 7 pp. Hebrew text, 64 illustrattions, endpapers foxed and slight library mark, last page of preface and page after Hebrew intro foxing, slight impact an last photo, wear along sides of boards, cover illustrations bit worn Preface “The Jewish Street in Light and Shadow” by S. Chnéour. Good. Boards. (273084) $450.00

124. Waddington, Leah. Hitler’s Crusade Bolshevism and the Myth of the International Jewish Conspiracy. Tauris, 2009. 290 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272770) $23.00

125. Weiss, Rabbi Avi. Haggadah for the Yom HaShoah Seder. Coalition for Jewish Concerns-Amcha, 2000. 44 pp. to be said on Holocaust Remembrabce Day, using the seder as guide ex library with plate. Very Good. Paperback. (272787) $10.00

126. Zelver, Urbach Sarah. Mi-ba’ad le-halon beti: zikhronot mi-geto Lodz/ Looking Through My Window: Memories of Lodz Ghetto. Yad Vashem, 1964. 146 pp In Hebrew ex library with pocket and book plate. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272693) $16.00

127. Le zikhram Divrei Talmedim Volume 2; +. Yad Vashem, 1965. 122 pp. ex library with pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Ha Adah LeHaNeTsahat Kehillot SheChurbo (272686) $36.00

Gurs – Books on the Shoah – July 2019

1. Ainsztein Reuben. Jewish Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Europe: with a historical survey of the Jew as fighter and soldier in the Diaspora. Barnes and Noble, 1974. 970 pp.dj torn at base of spine. several pages have slight pen marks in margin. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (272290) $65.00

2. Anglo-Jewish Association. Germany’s New Nazis. NY: Philosophical Library, 1952. 12mo 76 pp. tear to cover and slight library mark and number on cover. good. wrapper. (272345) $9.00

3. Association Of Jewish Refugees In Great Britain. Britain’s New Citizens : the Story of the Refugees from Germany and Austria 1941-1951. Association Of Jewish Refugees In Great Britain, 1951. 75 pp.lacks small piece of cover crease to cover number on cover and slight library stamp on paste down Anniversary issue creases to cover. Good. Wrapper.
Wonderful essays on the contributions of the refugees to England (272348) $18.00

4. Association Of Jewish Refugees In Great Britain. Dispersion and Resettlement: The Story of the Jews from Central Europe. Association Of Jewish Refugees In Great Britain, 1955. 61 pp. and adds number on cover and slight library stamp on paste down. Good. Wrapper.
Recollections of settling in far corners of the world. Brazil Argentina Australia S Africa India et al (272349) $18.00

5. Bak Samuel McDonald Destiny editor. New Perceptions of Old Appearances. Pucker Gallery, 2004. 33 pp.slight library mark tp Bak uses Shoah imagry in his paintings. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (271897) $30.00

6. Bak Samuel. Le Jeu d’Echecs comme Metaphore dans l’Art de Samuel Bak = Chess as Metaphor in the Art of Samuel Bak (French and English Edition). Pucker, 1991. 58 illustrations slight library mark tp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271921) $20.00

7. Bauer Alex. The roots of Alex Bauer : a German-born 20th century Jew. Sarasoa: self published, 1991. 114 pp.ex library with pocket typed manuscript family history and includes life in Nazi Germany and fleeing Germany. Good +. Perfect-bound. (271997) $46.00

8. Becker-Jakli, Barbara. Das judische Krankenhaus in Koln : die Geschichte des Israelitischen Asyls fur Kranke und Altersschwache 1869-1945. Emons, 2004. 528 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (271934) $36.00

9. Ben Itto Hadassa. ha-Sheker mesarev la-mut : meʼah shenot “ha-Proṭokolim shel Zikne Tsiyon”; The Lie that Wouldn’t Die : the Protocols of the elders of Zion. Dvir, 1998. 352 pp In Hebrew . library name stamped on fore edge. Good +. Hardcover . (272119) $18.00

10. Benz, Wolfgang (hrsg). Das Exil der kleinen Leute: Alltagserfahrung deutscher Juden in der Emigration. Frankfurt: Beck, 1991. 344 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272198) $12.00

11. Berben Paul. Dachau, 1933-45: The Official History. Norfolk Press, 1975. 300 pp. book plate on fep . Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271902) $20.00

12. Bergner Yosl. What I Ment to Say Travels and Tales Conversations with Ruth Bondy. Hed Arzi, 1996. 198 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .
Bondy began her career as a translator for the UP News Agency in the 1940s. During the Holocaust, Bondy was sent to Theresienstadt in 1942 and Birkenau in 1943. After the end of World War II, Bondy trained in the military as a volunteer and moved to Haifa, Israel in 1948. After arriving in Israel, Bondy was a journalist for the Israeli newspaper Davar before working for Devar ha-Shavua and Omer in 1953. She remained in journalism for over thirty years and taught at Tel Aviv University.(Wikipedia) (270475) $55.00

13. Bieberstein, Aleksander. Zaglada Zydow w Krakowie; Cracoviana Seria II Ludzie I Wydarzenia. Cracow: Wydawnictwo literackie, 1985. 275 pp. dj torn, in Polish. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
The destruction of the Jews in Cracow. (267557) $25.00

14. Blumenthal Nachman editor . Adam Czerniakow,Warsaw Ghetto Diary 6.9.1939-23.7.1942 . Yoman Geto Varsha. Yad Vashem, 1970. 395,pp. 32 pp In Hebrew with English introduction. Very Good. Hardcover .
Yad Vashem Archive Volume 7 (271957) $45.00

15. Borden Louise. The Journey That Saved Curious George : The True Wartime Escape of Margret and H.A. Rey. Houghton Miflin, 2005. 72 pp. authors of Curious George series, had settled in Brazil, visiting Paris were caught up in Nazi invasion and the book with color illustrations relates their lives and escape from the Nazis to Lisbon and then Rio and eventually NYC. Very Good. Hardcover . (272057) $15.00

16. Borkowicz Jacek (editor) et al. Thous shalt not kill: Poles on Jedwabne. Warsaw: Wiez, 2001. 330 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (239361) $26.00

17. Bracher Karl re edited by. The conscience in revolt Portraits of the German resistance 1933 – 45 /collected and edited by Annedore Leber in cooperation with Willy Brandt and Karl Dietrich Bracher. Re-ed. by Karl Dietrich Bracher. Hase und Koehler, 1984. 458 pp. large book new edition of Leber volume. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (270847) $26.00

18. Brenner Hannelore. The Girls of Room 28: Friendship, Hope, and Survival in Theresienstadt. Schocken, 2009. 322 pp. part of back dj lacking. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272197) $6.00

19. Caplan, Marc (research analyst). Hitler’s Apologists: The Anti-Semitic Propaganda of Holocaust Revisionism. NY: ADL, 1993. 86 pp.number on cover and slight library stamp on paste down. new. wrapper.
Material on the Institute for Historical Review and various Revisionists. Important (271932) $15.00

20. Celemenski Jacob. Mitn Farshnitenem Folk: A Kuryer fun Bund Dertseylt vegn Yidishn Hurbn un Vidershtand unter di Deytshe Natsim/ With My Poeple in its Nightmare of Destruction. Unser Tsait, 1963. 352 pp In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover . (270544) $20.00

21. Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations Dealing with Employment Discrimination in War Industries (U.S.). Memoranda Releases, Etc Vol 1 1942-43 Vol 2 1944-45. 1942-1945: Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations Dealing with Employment Discrimination in War Industries (U.S.), NYC. about 175 + 150 pp. in two Phd type binders, mimeographed and carbon copies of correspondence , press releases, letters to the President, activities around the country. Good. Hardcover .
Maybe the original Coordinating Committee copy and only extant copy. Members included AJS Jewish Defense League. NCCJ and others. Taking on the Government and Military with regard to discrimination against racial, religious, national minorities particularly but not limited to Jews and African Americans in the War Industry. Amazing to review and see the issues and attempts at resolution. And the involvement of the National Refugee Board concerning aliens getting hired. Also the attempt to form a National Fair Employment Practice Commission.Much deals with legislation and legal matters and actual steps taken re complaints. (272294) $175.00

22. Council for Democracy. Shall Nazis Communists and Other Anti Democratic Groups in the United States be allowed to Meet?and The Legal Aspects of Freedom to Assemble a special supplement. NY: Council for Democracy, December 1940. 38 pp. + 27 pp. slight library marks on title page, mimeographs. Good. Wrapper.
“C. D. Jackson, although one of the most significant figures in U. S. Cold War history, has remained strangely unknown, his ac¬tivities largely unrecognized. Vice-president of Time, Inc., Jackson organized the Council for Democracy in 1941, “to combat all the nazi, fascist, communist, pacifist” antiwar groups in the United States. The Council was a limited affair that served mostly to high¬light Jackson’s talents as a propagandist.” (Cook, 1981, p.122) (wikipedia) (272301) $36.00

23. Crosby Marion. I will Fear No Evil A Novel. Foorprint, 1997. 274 pp. seems to be based on her life growing up in Kielce and fleeing the Shoah. Very Good. Paperback. (272060) $12.00

24. Dadrian Vahakn. Genocide as a problem of national and international law : the World War I Armenian case and its contemporary legal ramifications. Yale Journal of International Law,, 1989. 221-334 pp. Reprint Volume 14 Number 2 Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272046) $30.00

25. Dadrian Vahakn. The role of Turkish physicians in the World War I genocide of Ottoman Armenians. Pergamon, 1986. 169-192 pp. reprinted from Holocaust and Genocide Studies Vol 1 No 2 Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272047) $23.00

26. Dettmar Alexander. Bilder der Erinnerung. Zerstorte Synagogen in Deutschland, Painting to remember Germany’s Lost Synagogues. Hirmer, 2010. 144 pp. Paintings of the destroyed synagogues in English and German. Very Good. Hardcover . (271931) $30.00

27. Deutsch, Julius. De Burgeroorlog in Oostenryk: Beschrijving door mede-strijders en ooggetuogen. Amsterdam: De Arbeiderspers, 1934. Slight library marks. embossed stamp tp 12mo 79 pp.cover bent and chipped. Good condition. wrapper.

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Extraordinary bibliography containing nearly 7,000 publications of German-speaking emigrants whose books and brochures were published outside Nazi Europe from 1933 to 1950 (including first editions, reprints and translations, books published by emigrants, translated, illustrated or designed, publications by Jewish publishers In Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia after 193o. Concludes with a complete registry of the persons and organizations and the publishers included. Essential reference guide (266843) $75.00

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Margolin was born in Pinsk, West Belarus, then in the Russian Empire. He studied at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Margolin received his doctorate in philosophy in 1929. He then moved to Lodz, Poland and later to Palestine in 1936. Three years later he was visiting his relatives in Pinsk and was trapped there by the Soviet invasion of Poland. Together with numerous other “socially-dangerous elements”, he was rounded up by the NKVD and sent to a labor camp on the northern bank of the Lake Onega. He survived, and was freed in 1945 as a former Polish citizen according to the agreement with Poland. In 1946, he was permitted to return to Poland, from where he moved to Palestine. He immediately started writing Journey to the Land of the Ze-Ka, which was finished in 1947, when Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had just been sent to the gulag. It was impossible to publish such a book about the Soviet Union in the West at that time, immediately after World War II. The manuscript was also rejected in Israel. An abridged version was published in France in 1949[2] The book was printed in the United States in 1952 by Chekhov Publishing House (also abridged), and was reprinted in 1975.
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A unique personal account of Jewish life in Eastern Europe during the Holocaust and of a young man’s determination to prevail in the face of utter catastrophe. In this unusual memoir, Edward Stankiewicz stirringly recalls his youth as a Polish Jew beginning with prewar Warsaw through to the Nazi invasion. Life on the run lands Stankiewicz in Soviet-occupied. Lwow where in time he joins the Lwow Literary Club. A friend of Jewish, Yiddish, Polish, and Soviet poets and writers, he offers rare insights into wartime Eastern European intellectual life. After the German occupation of Lwow, in the newly built Jewish ghetto, he works in German military outfits and learns to forge Aryan and German documents to help people escape. In a German uniform he escapes to the Eastern Ukraine where he wanders for several months from town to town. Captured by the Gestapo, he is shipped to Buchenwald where he survives as a Pole. In the camp he manages to produce Polish and German poetry and a play. Some of these poems are reproduced in the book. (270395) $20.00

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117. Thorne Leon. Out of the Ashes. Bloch, 1976. Third Edition. 204 pp. dj slight creases Holocaust memoir of survivor of Janover, Lembrg Ghetto, awas in Drohobycz and Sambor Ghetto, mainatined his religious identity.After War ws member of the Central Committee of Jews from Poland in Lublin, was from 1946-48 rabbi of the survivors in Frankfurt and in 1948 emigrated to USA. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271928) $45.00

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119. US Congress. Displaced Persons in Europe and their Resettlement in the United States Report of a special subcommittee on the Judiciary. USGPO, 1950. 147 pp. back cover creased . Good. Wrapper.
Union Calendar No 627 House Report No 1507 (272291) $36.00

120. Wainrib Simon. Escapes. Modern Memoir, 2005. Holocaust Memoir 207 pp. Describes growing up in Nazi Germany and escaping with family to France and Spain includes dvd . Very Good. Hardcover . (270378) $30.00

121. Wallace Bert. Der Sturm zieht auf: Die Lebenserinnerungen eines deutschen Juden bis zu seiner Flucht 1939. Ahrimann, 1988. 127 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271969) $17.00

122. Waln Nora inscribed by. Reaching For the Stars. cresset, 1939. 326 pp. fore edge slight stains Lived in Nazi Germany during 1934-1938 and detailed description and expose of what is happening and plight of the Jews. Good. Hardcover . (270569) $30.00

123. Warhaftig, Zorach. Uprooted: Jewish Refugees and Displaced Persons After Liberation. NY: Inst of Jewish Affairs, November,1946. 219 pp.,dj slight tears. Good. Cloth.
American Jewish Congress: From War to Peace No.5. Important work. (267205) $48.00

124. Weber, Annette; Friedlander, Evelyn and Armbruster, Fritz, edited by. Mappot …blessed he who comes. The Band of Jewish Tradition since late Antiquity. Mappot …gesegnet, der da kommt. Das Band Jüdischer Tradition seit der Spätantike. Hidden Legacy Foundation, 1997. 223 pp. oblong 8vo. beautiful production . Very Good. Hardcover .
On traditional ritual objects with extensive materials on wimpels. On the world of German Jewry that was lost. (270456) $36.00

125. Webster Nesta. Boche and Bolshevik,: Being a series of articles from the Morning post of London, Beckwith, 1923. 81 pp. some creased pages, new hinges Anti semitic diatribe This is a reprint of the 1923 edition. Good. Paperback. (270573) $18.00

126. Wilhelm Hans Erich. Die Gehrdener Israelitische Synagogengemeinde : Leben und Leiden judischer Mitburger. Hannover: Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft, 1992. 112 pp. slight library markings. Good. library binding. (272346) $36.00

127. Wlaschek Rudolf. Judisches Leben in Trautenau/Nordostbohmen; Ein Historiker Ruckblick. Ostmitteuropa, 1991. 74 pages. Very good. Wrapper.
Veröffentlichungen der Forschungsstelle Ostmitteleuropa an der Universität Dortmund. Herausgeber: Johannes Hoffmann. Reihe B – Band 44. (272069) $20.00

128. (Wurtemberg)Dicker, Herman. Creativity, Holocaust, Reconstruction: Jewish Life in Wuerttemberg Past and Present. NY: Sepher Hermon Press, 1984. 234 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Dr.Dicker grew up between the Wars in Stuttgart, the capital city of Wuerttemberg,in south western Germany. Wonderful work on the Jewish community including the devastation of the Shoah. (272586) $5.00

129. your move: Chess in the Art of Samuel Bak. Pucker Gallery, 2003. 28 pp. slight library mark tp Bak uses the Shoah in his imagery. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271896) $32.00

130. Zahn Peter. Hilfe fur Juden in Munchen Annemarie und Rudolf Cohen und die Quaker 1938-1941; Studien Zur Judischen Geschichte Und Kultur In Bayern Die Erfahrung des Exils Band 9. Oldenbourg, 2013. 364 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (272040) $20.00

131. Zukerman William. The Jew in Revolt; The Modern Jew in the World Crisis. London: Martin Secker and Warvurg, 1937. 255 pages, slight library mark on fep, white tape mark on spine. Good condition. Cloth.
Explaining the plight of the Jews tto the British public and the need for socialism: Sections include:Fascism-The Passing of the Jewish Problem, The Crime of the British Fascists, Section II- the Third Reich-The Riddle of Nazi Germany, Nazis Solve the Jewish Problem, Section III Zionism and Section IV Socialsim -Towards a new solution of the Jewish Problem (272292) $15.00

132. Zydowski Instytut Historyczny. Kwartalnik historii Zydow. Warsaw: CEEOL, , 2004. 161-320 pp. In Polish filled with scholarly articles library mark on tp, water stains toc over and page bottoms furled. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272128) $18.00

דוב קוטב – Judaica – May 2019

1. Allweil Arie. Amos; 34 HaTziurim. Tel Aviv: Gutenberg, 1940. Each graphic drawing signed by the artist in pencil. Includes Amos in Hebrew, bookplate removed. Good. Hardback & DJ.
Stark images in the style of Masereel and Herman Struck by important Israeli artist born in Galicia. Images of destruction. Very scarce (271652) $150.00

2. Allweil Arie. HaYehudi Ha Almone The Nameless or Anonymous Jew; 32 Tziurim. Dvir, 1939. Powerful graphic drawings. dj slight tears and stains, slight stains to back endpaper . Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Introduction by Max Brod. Images include the pioneers reclaiming the Land, Jewish aspirations. ancient images, Nazi terrors, a Jewish Army marching with a BILU flag and peace in the Land. (271651) $100.00

3. America Israel Council Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace. Archive Collection of the Other Israel (Newletter of the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Issues 1-33, July 1983 to September 1988). Downers Grove: AIC, 1988. spiral bound about 200 pages. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271738) $55.00

4. Arkin Alexander Habib. La Influencia De La Exegesis Hebrea En Los Comentarios Biblicos de Fray Luis De Leon. Madrid: Arias Montano, 1966. 205 pp tears to spine, pencil underlining to about eight pages. Good. Paperback. (271689) $25.00

5. Barrow Frances editor. Artis 2008. Jerusalem: : Artis Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consulate General of Israe, 2008. 80 pp. images of work of Israeli artists for display of their work in NY and Tel Aviv. Very Good. Wrapper. (270601) $26.00

6. Barry Dave Zweibel Alan. For This We Left Egypt? : A Passover Haggadah for Jews and Those Who Love Them. Flatiron, 2017. 136 pp. comedic Haggadah which I found ridiculous and offensive. Very Good. Hardcover . (271647) $18.00

7. Beinart Haim. Chapters in Judeo Spanish History Volume 1. Magnes , 1998. 532 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (271672) $36.00

8. Ben-Arieh, Yehoshua. Jerusalem in the 19th Century emergence of the New City. Ben Zvi St Martin, 1984. 438 pp. dj torn worn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271914) $25.00

9. Ben-Shach Lifsha editor. Kivunim hadashim: ketav-et le-Tsiyonut ule-Yahadut. Kivunim Journal of Zionism and Judaism. Jerusalem: World Zionist ORg, Dec 1994. 173 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271752) $23.00

10. BenDavid Abba. Lshon miqra u-lshon ḥakhamim Biblical Hebrew and Mishnaic Hebrew… Dvir, 1967. 420 pp. In Hebew dj very torn and stained, tome in good shape. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271746) $68.00

11. Buber, Martin (editor). Der Jude Zweiter Jahrgang; Eine Monatschrift. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1917-1918. 2 Jahrgang. 776 pp. paper yellowing but not britle, original vellum spine soiled along edges and original boards. Good. Hardcover .
Contains the first printing of Kafka’s ‘Zwei Tiergeschichten’, as they were announced on the title page of the October 1917 issue; the first, “Schakale und Araber,” appeared in that issue; the second, the famous “Ein Bericht fur eine Akademie” in the next (November). There are nine of Buber’s own pieces (including one introducing Franz Werfel’s poems), two long essays by Gustav Landauer, and a story by Agnon, essays by Zweig, among much else of interest. (271716) $185.00

12. Cherlow Yuval. and the Halakha is like Beit Hillel. Sifrit HaGeunot. 128 pp. In Hebrew cover creased some dog eared pages. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Amazing Orthodx Rabbi who goes against the mainstream in his Orthodox Zionism, in terms of homosexuality and non Orthodox mariages (271773) $30.00

13. Chess Richard inscribed. Third Temple Poems. Tampa, 2007. 95 pp. Poetry on Jewish themes. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271727) $15.00

14. CLAL. T’shuvah: A Haggadah for the High Holidays. CLAL National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, 2005?. 12 pp. commentary on different themes for use on Yom Kippur. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271706) $15.00

15. Dan, Joseph. Jewish Mysticism Volume 1-4; Late Antiquity Middle Ages Modern Period. Aronson, 1998. four volumes . Very good. Hardback & DJ. (271670) $75.00

16. A different spirit : photographic history of JTS. JTS, 2004. 34 pp. catalog of an exhibition. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271699) $15.00

17. Edrehi Dr M. An historical account of The Ten Tribes settled beyond the river Sambatyon,Iin the East. translated from the original manuscript and composed by the Rev. Dr. M. Edrehi, native of Morocco. London: printed for the author. Philadelphia: Isaac Edrehi, 5613 1853. Foxed frontispiece portrait of author, protected with original tissue paper.book plate and signature of C B Farwell important Chicago politician and Senator Original decorative binding with gilt lettering on spine 290+ 39 pp.crown and base of spine tears. Good. Boards.
Moses Edrehi was an itinerant Rabbi originating in Morocco, who spent some time in Europe, especially England, and finally settled in Israel, where he took the title of British Consul at Jerusalem. This edition was set up by his son, Isaac Edrehi. Information about Jews in unusal places detailed. Scarce work Singerman 1277 (271720) $100.00

18. Eiran Ehud. Tamtsit gaʻaguʻa : sipuro shel Erez Gershtain veha-milḥamah bi-Levanon; The essence of longing: General Erez Gerstein and the War in Lebanon. Yediʻot aḥaronot : Sifre ḥemed, 2007. 248 pp.In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271777) $25.00

19. Elazar Daniel editor. Facing the Eighties Current Trends inJewish Religius Life. American Jewish Committee Israel, Sping 1980. Tefutsot Israel Vol XVIII No 1 124 pp. collection of articles in Hebrew. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (271756) $25.00

20. Ephraim Solomon ben Aaron, of Luntshits; Moses Alshekh; Judah Loew ben Bezalel. Maale Bet Horin / Ma’ale Beth Chorin [Hebrew Haggadah Vienna 1813) [Limited editioon facsimile] Adorned with elaborate copper etchings. Rare Judaica, 1975. slight stain on title page, tear along spine, limited edition number 746/1000 Good. Hardcover.
Hill, B. List or rare Hebraica & Judaica in the private library of Mr. Jacob M. Lowy, 1984, no. 515. The commentaries Gevurot H. and ʻOlelot Efrayim are by Judah Loew ben Bezalel and Ephraim Solomon ben Aaron of Lunṭshits respectively. (Worldcat) (271712) $85.00

21. Ewald Geo (signed by A Geiger) . Grammatica critica Linguae Arabicae, cum brevi metrorum doctrina; Volumen Prius Volumen Posterius (two volumes). Leipzig : Hahn, 1831. 394+ 348 pp. marbled worn boards, cloth type repaired spine, Signature of Abraham Geiger ( A.Geiger) on paste down of volume one with his handwriting in Hebrew above in small script and small library stamps of Bibl. d Verein Isr. Rel. Lehrer Frankfurt am Main, volume two is also ex library from a different library. Good-. Boards.
Geiger was considered the founding father of Reform Judaism. (271769) $165.00

22. Executive Council of Australian Jewry. Annual Conference. Australian Jewry, 1952, 1969-1971, 1973/74. 50 pp.+113 pp. +85 pp + 120 pp.+ 141 pp. + 98 pp.. slight library marks, mimeographed, extensive discussions concerning the plight of Australian Jewry and also conditions of world Jewry and political decisions. Good. Wrapper. (271770) $95.00

23. Furstenthal H B (ubersetzung). Menorath hammaor Licht verbreitender Leuchter Drei Theile Eine Moralsich -Religiose und Erbauliche Lekture fur Jung und; Hebraisch verfasst von dem beruhmten Spansichen Rabbiner Isaac Abohab (Aboab). Krotoschin: Monasch, 1845. 315 pp. + 558 pp. + 392 pp perforated library stamp tp firs title page and second title page has embossed stamp and pen wiriting of owner,,foxing and/or dark stains throughout not affecting readabiility , paper in good condition new red boards and spine and hinges reinforced, Was Bernard Bamberger’s copy . Hebrew text on top of page and German on bottom . Good-. Boards. (267498) $350.00

24. Goldberg Nathan. Occupational Patterns of American Jewry. JTSP Press, 1947. 85 pages slight library stamp tp. Good condition. Wrapper.
Jewish Life in America Series (271645) $20.00

25. Goldfarb Reuven editor. Agada. Berkeley: Agada Acquarian Minyan, Summer 1987. Image 10 58 pp. filled with articles and drawings Images of Israel. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271733) $17.00

26. Goldstein Gabriel exhibit curator. A Perfect Fit The Garment Industry and American Jewry. NY: Yeshiva University Museum, 2001. 96 pp. top corner slightly bumped exhibition catalog . Very good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271796) $20.00

27. Hacohen Menachem. Mishpatim v’Alilot Dam; Mishpatay Ravoa v’alilot neged yehudim. Tel Aviv: Misrad habitachon, 1967. 200 pp. In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover . (270663) $36.00

28. Halpern Micah edited by. Jewish Legal Writings by Women: Urim, 1998. 306 + 62 pp. In English and Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271637) $15.00

29. Hazan Ephraim (editor). Studies in Hebrew Poetry and Jewish Heritage; In Memory of Aharon Mirsky. Bar Ilan, 2006. 480 pp. In Hebrew many essays concerning Sephardic Jewry. Very Good. Hardcover . (271673) $14.00

30. Holtz Avraham. Rabbinic Thought: An Introduction to the Works of M. Kadushin (In Hebrew). Sifriath Poalim & Jewish Theological Seminary of America,, 1978. 287 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271741) $12.00

31. International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. Secular Humanistic Judaism. Jerusalem: Israel Association and International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism., Feb 1986. No 1 Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271751) $45.00

32. International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. Secular Humanistic Judiasm. Jerusalem: Israel Association and International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism., Feb 1986. No 1 (96 pp.) pencil underlined In English wonderful articles. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271750) $45.00

33. Israel Association and International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. Journal. Jerusalem: Israel Association and International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism., May 1988 March 1990. No 2 (140 pp.) In Hebrew No 3 (95 pp.) pen underlined. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271747) $45.00

34. Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism. International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. The Orthodox are Running Wild. Jerusalem: Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism., Feb 1991. “Leket” No 4 40 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271753) $30.00

35. Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism. Journal. Jerusalem: Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism., June 1985. No 1 (55 pp.) In Hebew. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271749) $45.00

36. Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism. Secular Humanistic Judaism Journal. Jerusalem: Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism., 1992. No 5 136 pp.In Herbew. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271757) $25.00

37. Israeli Yael. Jerusalem in history and vision. Jerusalem: Muze’on Yisrael, 1970. exhibition summer 1968 46 pp. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (271730) $25.00

38. Jabotinsky Vladimir. Taryag Millim 613 Hebrew Words. Jabotinsky Fdn, 1950. 105 pp. revised Israeli edition. Good. Paperback. (271693) $15.00

39. Kahn Susan. Are Genes Jewish? Conceptual Ambiguities in the New Genetic Age. Frankel center Univ of Michigan, 2005. 17 pp. Belin lecture No 12 Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271705) $16.00

40. Le Proces de Juifs en Union Sovietique. Proces de Riga mai 1971; Nr 5. Bibliotheque Juive, 1972. 69 pp.slight library mark on paste down, trials of Jews wishing to leave Russia for Israel. Good +. Wrapper. (271722) $25.00

41. Le Proces de Juifs en Union Sovietique. Second Proces de Leningrad Mai 1972; Nr 5. Bibliotheque Juive, 1972. 28 pp.slight library mark on paste down, trials of Jews wishing to leave Russia for Israel. Good +. Wrapper. (271723) $17.00

42. Liberman Maurice . Olam Umlooh Sefer Rishon. Yair, 1949. 100 pp. In Hebrew collection of stories. Good. Hardcover . (271755) $20.00

43. Luxemburg Danielle (curator). Old Yishuv Court. Jerusalem: Old Yishuv Court Museum, 1981. 45 pp beautifully rendered with many color plates Sueinf Ottoman Turk rule. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271759) $36.00

44. Ma’yan (Program : New York, N.Y.). Listen to her voice : the Ma’yan report. [Ma’yan, the Jewish Women’s Project, 2005. 34 pp.national tudy of Jewish women’s experiences in the Jewish community. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271697) $30.00

45. Mapu Abraham. Ahavat Tsiyon. warsaw: 1900?. 254 pp. in Hebrew tears to spine, covers worn. Good. Hardcover . (271797) $15.00

46. Mirsky Aharon. From Duties of the Heart to Songs of the Heart : Jewish Philosophy and Ethics and their influence on Hebrew poetry in Medieval Spain. Heberw University, 1992. 307 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (271675) $10.00

47. (Morocco) Gouvernement cherifien, Service central des statistiques,. Population MarocaineI Israelite Volume IV. Rabat: 1953. 113 pp.lacks part of covers , tears to sides of first ten pages, paper yellowing,not brittle. Good. Wrapper.
Recensement general de la population en 1951-1952 (270607) $25.00

48. Netzer Effi. Sing Along with Effi Netzer the Songs We Love Book 1. : Mifalei Tarbut Vechinuch, 1983. 335 pp. In Hebrew and transliterated songs and music. Very Good. Hardcover . (271787) $25.00

49. Neusner Jacob. the Mishnah: A New Translation. Yale University Press, 1988. 1162 pp. dj worn and slight wear tears along edges. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271763) $54.00

50. Neusner Jacob. Why no Science in Judaism? Tulane Jewish Studies, 1987. 32 pp. lecture. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271704) $15.00

51. Nisan, Mordecai; Schremer, Oded; Editors. Educational Deliberations: Studies in Education Dedicated to Shlomo (Seymour) Fox. Keter, 2005. 481 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271760) $26.00

52. Nisan, Mordecai; Schremer, Oded; Editors. Maʻaseh ḥinukh : ḳovets meḥḳarim li-khevod Shlomoh Foḳs; Educational Deliberations: Studies in Education Dedicated to Shlomo (Seymour) Fox. Keter, 2005. 450 pp.In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271778) $26.00

53. Ofer Yosef. Shitat ha-beḥinot shel ha-Rav Mordekhai Broyer : ḳovets maʼamarim u-teguvot; “Aspects Theory” of Rav Mordechai Breuer. Hotsaʼat Tevunot, Mikhlelet Yaʻaḳov Hertsog le-yad Yeshivat Har-ʻEtsyon,, 2005. 369 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271772) $28.00

54. Ramon Amnon. “Doḳṭor mul doḳṭor gar” : Shekhunat Reḥavyah bi-Yerushalayim : hisṭoryah, haṿai, maslule siyur. Hotsaʼat Yad Yitsḥaḳ Ben Tsevi, 1998. 211 pp. In Hebrew filled with pictures. Good. Hardcover . (271765) $36.00

55. Rothblat Ch. M (inscribed by). Pakim ketanim: sekirot, divre bikoret, be’ayot ha-hinukh ha-Ivri veha-tsibur ha-Yehudi ba-Amerikah. Hotzaat HaMenorah, 1966. 308 pp. In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover . (271743) $20.00

56. Schweid Eliezer. Moledet ṿe-erets yeʻudah : erets-Yiśraʼel ba-hagut shel ʻam Yiśraʼel. ʻAm ʻoved, 1997. 244 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271776) $26.00

57. Seder Haggadah le-Leilei Pesach.} Hagada of voordracht voor de beide eerste avonden van het Pesachfeest (with Dutch translation by Dr. S.I.Mulder, New illustrations by Leo Pinkhof, and musical appendix by L.D. Staal). 11th Edition. Amsterdam: Joachimstal, 1931. 74 pp.+ Toevoegsel Bevattende Een Muziek Bijlake Van L D Staal (14 pp. of music and song), In Dutch, taped spine,hinge started , ilustartions in style of Jugenstil. Good. Boards.
yaari 2156 (271719) $125.00

58. Sefer ha-Rambam The Maimonides book of Tarbiz. On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of his birth. (In Hebrew). Hebrew University, 1935. 188 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Wrapper. (265293) $15.00

59. Shalom Yehuda Bar. Ideʼah shel tiḳun : yazamut ḥinukhit be-ḥevrah rav-tarbutit; “Tikkun” idea Educational entreprenurship in Israel’s multicultural society. haQiybws hamʼ whad,, 2004. 176 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
“Tikkun” idea Educational entreprenurship in Israel’s multicultural society (271774) $26.00

60. Shapiro, Aumie and Michael, editors. When We Were Young. London: Springboard, 1988. oblong 12mo 75 pp. new. stiff wrap.
Photographs and text of Jewish life in the United Kingdom. (271721) $15.00

61. Shapiro, M.A. Elye Spiṿak. Russko-evreĭski (idish) slovarʹ : okolo 40,000 slov. Moscow: “Russkiĭ i︠a︡zyk”, 1989. 719 pp. Russian to Yiddish dictionary; introduction in Russian only. Very Good. Hardcover . (271714) $65.00

62. Simeon bar Yoḥai. Zohar al Ha Torah Helek Shenei Sefer Shemot. Livorno: M.Y. Ṭoviyan, 1858. 279 pp. In Hebrew new spine and boards, paper in good shape. Good. Boards. (271771) $75.00

63. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: 1962. Jahrgang 31 Nr. 1- 10 (full year), 364 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life and culture in Sweden (271785) $48.00

64. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: 1959-1961. Jahrgang 28 Nr. 1- 10 (full year), Jahrgang 29 Nr. 1-10 (full year), Jahrgang 30 Nr. 1-10, 280 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life in Sweden Filled with articles about Israel and world Jewry (271783) $65.00

65. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: Jan 1957- Dec 1957. Jahrgang 26 Nr. 1- 19/20 358 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life in Sweden articles on Israel and world Jewry (271786) $48.00

66. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: Jan 1958- Dec 1958. Jahrgang 27 Nr. 1- 10, 240 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life and culture in Sweden (271784) $48.00

67. Vance Sharon. The Martyrdom of a Moroccan Jewish Saint. Brill, 2011. 239 pp. extensively highlighted in yellow and with pen notations, reading copy. Good +. Hardcover .
The martyrdom in 1834 of Sol Hatchuel, a Jewish girl from Tangier, traumatized the Jewish community and inspired a literary response in Morocco and beyond. This study focuses on works written in the first century after her death in Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, Judeo-Spanish, Spanish and French that tell her story and interpret its meaning. The author places both the event and the texts that narrate it in their historical context and show how its significance changed in each language and literary setting. (271641) $45.00

68. Wells George. The Israelid. A Poem, Historical and Prophetic. In Seven Cantos. NY: Gray, 1859. 139 pp. covers worn, crown bumped, edges rubbed and bumped. Good. Hardcover .
Singerman 1606 Portrays the Goths as the Lost Tribes of Israel (270616) $55.00

69. Wertheim Ph. sektr der judischen Gemeinde Berlin. Kalender und Jahrbuch auf das Jahr 5617 fur die judischen Gemeinden Preussens. Berlin: Veit, 1857. 156 pp. library stamp from Bibliothek der Lehrahstalt fur die Wiss. des Judentums covers worn taped title to spine. Good. Boards. (271684) $40.00

70. Zagat, Samuel ; Zagat, Ida(editor and sigbed by). Zagat: Drawings and Paintings; Jewish Life on New York’s Lower East Side 1912-1962. Rogers Book Service, 1972. 108 pp. Very Good-. Cloth. (270625) $23.00

71. Zfatman Sara. The Jewish Tale in the Middle Ages Between Ashkenaz and Sepharad. Magnes Press, 1993. 248 pp. crown of spine bumped, In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (271674) $15.00

“Trigère, pt. II” – Judaica-Art – April 2019

Dear Friends,
This catalog is issued in honor and in memory of my late wife, Hanna Jane Trigère. Her life was filled with creating beauty in the world and hiddur mitzvah. Some of her work can be seen below, and additional art, writings, and videos can be viewed at her website, www.JaneTrigere.com.

May her memory be for a blessing, and may it inspire us to make this a more beautiful and compassionate world.

Wishing you all a joyous Pesach.


Part II:

1. The Jewish Contribution in Twentieth-Century Art: Selections from the Permanent Collection. Milwaukke Art Museum, 1993. 60 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271421) $15.00

2. Juhasz, Esther. Sephardi Jews in the Ottoman Empire: Aspects of Material Culture. Israel Museum, 1990. 280 pp. Catalog of the exhibit with superb black and white and color illustrations, Inspiring work. Very Good. Paperback. (270909) $25.00

3. Kaethe Kollwitz : Zeichnungen, Radierungen, Lithographien, Holzschnitte, Skulpturen. Tel Aviv Museum, 1971. exhibition catalog about 85 pp. In english and Hebrew with black and white images, ex library with pocket and book plate. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272565) $26.00

4. Kanof, Abram. Jewish Ceremonial Art and Religious Observance. NY: Abrams, 1969. 253 pp. ex library with markings. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (229063) $18.00

5. Kanstsedikas A. Masterpieces of Jewish Art Bronze. Moscow: Imidzh, 1991. 318 pp. In Russian and English. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

illustrated book of Jewish ceremonial objects and crafts found in museums and private collections in Russia (259289) $25.00

6. Katz Raymond signed by. Prelude to a New Art for an Old Religion; 27 Original Motifs Based on the Hebrew Alphabet. Chicago: Stein, 1945. 27 pp. spiral bound, Good +. cardboards.

Preface and explanatory notes by Shlomo Marenoff (271328) $65.00

7. Kayser ,Stephen. Jewish Ceremonial Art: A Guide to the Appreciation of Art Objects…Principally from the Collection of Jewish Museum. Phil: JPS, 1955. 12mo 168 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (229073) $15.00

8. Kirshenblatt Gimblett Barbara editor. The Art of Being Jewish in Modern Times. Pennsylvania, 2007. 449 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271358) $18.00

9. Kirshenblatt Gimblett Barbara editor. Destination Culture: Tourism, Museums, and Heritage. California, 1998. 326 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (271366) $58.00

10. Kleeblatt Norman. Larry Rivers’ History of Matzah: The Story of the Jews (an exhibition catalogue). Jewish Museum, 1984. 27 pp. with some fold out art. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (255226) $16.00

11. Kleeblatt Norman. Leon and Julia Obermayer Collection at Congregation Rodeph Shalom. Philadelphia: Rodeph Shalom, 1988. 31 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.

Includes discussion of Jewish ceremonial art and life transitions and examples of works and then catalog (270951) $15.00

12. Kleeblatt, Norman (editor). Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/ Recent Art. New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 2002. New. Paperback.

Catalog from controversial exhibit at Jewish Museum. When does art become kitsch and offensive to memory? (269017) $10.00

13. Krippendorff Ekkehart. Die Darstellung des Judentums in der Lehrerbildung und im Schulunterricht. Bonn: Verbandes Deutscher Studentenschafte, 1960. 96+ 36 pp. typed mimeograph, paper yellowing but not brittle, small piece of cover lacking, slight library mark on paste down. Good. Wrapper.

Verbandes Deutscher Studentenschaften (271320) $25.00

14. Kroyanker, David. Jerusalem Architecture-Periods and Styles; Jewish Neighborhoods and Public Buildings Outside the City Walls. Keter, 1987. 356pp, in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (253496) $35.00

15. Kupferminc Mirta. Wanderings. HUC JIR Museum, 2009/2010. Exhibition catalog of the work of Argentinian Jewish artist about 50 pp many color illustrations includes essays about her work. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272572) $53.00

16. Landsberger, Franz. A History of Jewish Art. UAHC, 1946. 369 pp.classic work. good. Hardcover .

Was head of the Jewish Museum in Berlin, was imprisoned by the Nazis and was able to flee and take a position with HUC in Cincinnati. (272556) $17.00

17. Langer, Lawrence (essay and commentary). Landscapes of Jewish Experience: Paintings by Samuel Bak. Boston: Pucker Gallery/Brandeis, 1997. large 8vo 126 pp. dj creased . Good. Hardback & DJ.

Bak was from Vilna, hidden during the Holocaust. Paints as a witness to the destruction and as a survivor rebuilding for future (260692) $25.00

18. Leveen, Jacob. The Hebrew Bible in Art: The Schweisch Lectures of 1939. London: Hermon Press, 1974. 140 pp. 51 plates one page has pen marks book plate sfep. good. cloth. (271350) $12.00

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20. Levy Jane. The Jewish Illustrated Book. Berkeley: Judah Magnes Museum, 1986. 150 pp. Very good. Paperback.

Essays on the Jewish illustrated book Jewish artists as Book illustrators and catalog of books illustrated by the artists. (267303) $10.00

21. Lewbin Hyman. Rebirth of Jewish Art The unfolding of Jewish Art in the Nineteenth Century. NY: Shengold, 1974. 8vo 125 pp. good. cloth. (260687) $15.00

22. Liberman Judith Weinshall. My Life into Art; an Autobiography. Booklocker, 2007. 328 pp inscribed copy. Very Good. Paperback.

From Israel to the USA, her journey form law into art. Known for her Judaica work and memorials to the Shoah especially Holocaust Wall Hangings also distributed by Schoen Books. (220789) $30.00

23. Liberman, Judith Weinshall. Holocaust Wall Hangings. Boston: Charles River, 2002. 89 pp. Very good+. Hardback & DJ.

Exquisitely produced book combines reproductions of 45 unique multimedia artworks about the Holocaust with analytical essays about these works, each from a different perspective. The large textile wall hangings have been exhibited in museums throughout the USA. Essays by Stephen Feinstein, Salvatore Scalora, Ori Soltes and the artist. (252099) $15.00

24. Lilien, E.M. (Zeichnungen); Rahlwes, F (Hrsg.) . Die Bucher der Bibel Die Lehrdichtung Die Spruche * Hiob * Der Prediger * Ruth * Jona * Esther * Daniel. Wien: Harz, 1923. 304 pp. Good +. Cloth.

E.M. Lilien was the leading Jewish artist of Jugendstil. One of the special characteristics of this volume is that in addition to the usual numerous illustrations, Lilien has designeddifferent stylized letters for the text which is elegantly printed in red and black. (268149) $150.00

25. Lilien, E.M. (Zeichnungen); Rahlwes, F (Hrsg.) . Die Bucher der Bibel Die Liederdichtung; Die Psalmen * Die Klagelieder * Das Hohelied. Wien: Harz, 1923. 328 pp endpapers foxed, plate removed ffrom back endpaper the interior is clean, no marks. book bit shaken, decorated covers bit soiled. Good. Cloth.

E.M. Lilien was the leading Jewish artist of Jugendstil. One of the special characteristics of this volume is that in addition to the usual numerous illustrations, Lilien has designed over 100 different stylized borders for the text which is elegantly printed in red and black. (259133) $125.00

26. Lilien, E.M. (Zeichnungen); Rahlwes, F (Hrsg.) . Die Bucher der Bibel Die Liederdichtung; Die Psalmen * Die Klagelieder * Das Hohelied. Wien: Harz, 1923. 328 pp hinge starting crown and base of spine slight tears. GoodGood +. Cloth.

E.M. Lilien was the leading Jewish artist of Jugendstil. One of the special characteristics of this volume is that in addition to the usual numerous illustrations, Lilien has designed over 100 different stylized borders for the text which is elegantly printed in red and black. (268150) $165.00

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Exhibition catalog. Magnificent. (260149) $40.00

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Essays by Benjamin Gampel on Jews Christians and Muslims through the eyes of Sephardic Jews, Hebrew poetry by Raymond P. Scheindlin, Dwayne Carpenter on social perceptions in literature, Science in Medieval Spain by Thomas Glick, Mudejar tradition, cultural identity and hegemony by Jerrilynn Dodds, Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts by Gabrielle Sed-Rajna and Material Cultural in Medieval Spain by Juan Zozaya (260267) $15.00

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From 1897 he was chief of the Hebrew department at the Stadtbibliotek Frankfurt, and under his direction the library in Frankfurt upon Main assembled one of the richest collections of Judaica and Hebraica in the world. He retired in 1933 when the Nazis came to power and immigrated to the United States in 1938. Between 1939 and 1945 he served as consultant in bibliography to the New York Public Library.(Wikipedia) (272377) $68.00

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Published in memory of isaiah shachar, in cooperation with the oxford centre for postgraduate hebrew studies. (265738) $24.00

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[Edited by Moshe Spitzer. Description of the pictures by Mira Friedmann. (271301) $75.00

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46. Moshe Castel Retrospective Exhibition 1928-1973. Tel Aviv Museum, 1973. 70 pp. ex library with pocket and book plate many color images. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272569) $20.00

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“Pharaoh is Dead and Living at the Gates of Hell,” Narkiss, “Three Mysterious Ladies Unmasked,” Ruth Mellinkoff, “Further Thoughts on an Ealry Illustrated Pentateuch,” Gabrielle Sed-Rajna, “The ‘Camera del Mapamondo et del Caiero’ in the Palazzo di San Sebastian in Mantua,” Clifford M. Brown, “The Use of Meaning of Christian Motifs in Illustrations of Jewish Marriage Contracts in Italy,” Shalom Sabar, “Illustrations in Early Editions of the Tsene-U’rene: Jewish Adaptations of Christian Sources,” Milly Heyd, “The Masonic Mizrah and Lamp: Jewish Ritual Art as a Reflection of Cultural Assimilation,” Alice M. Greenwald, “Prophet Elijah’s Ascension in the Works of Chagall,” Mira Friedman (257004) $30.00

50. Newman, Elias. Art in Palestine: A Survey of the Development of Contemporary Art: Fifty Biographies. NY: Siebel, 1939. 125 pp . good. Hardcover .

Many refugee artists sculptors and stage designers included.Biography also includes a reproduction of artist’s work (272555) $25.00

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The portrayal and use of the Jew in modern fiction. Sixteen Essays Articles are, “Starting with the Self: Jewish Identity and Its Representation,” Linda Nochlin, “Modernity, Identity, Textuality,” Tamar Garb, “Neither Black Nor White: THe Figure of ‘the Jew’ in Imperial British Literature,” Bryan Cheyette, “Charles Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist:’ Fagin as a Sign,” Juliet Stein, “Toulouse-Lautrec’s Illustrations for Victor Joze and Georges Clemenceau and their Relationship to french Anti-Semitism of the 1890’s,” Gale B. Murray, “Joh Singer Sargent’s Portraits of the Wetheimer family,” Kathleen Adler, “Salome, Syphilis, Sarah Bernhardt, and the Modern Jewess,” Sander L. Gilman, “When Is a Jewish Star Just a Star? Interpreting Images of Sarah Bernhardt,” Carlo Ockman, “Marcel Proust: In Search of Identity,” Julia Kristeva, “From Fin de Siecle to Vichy: The Cultural Hygienics of Camille (Faust) Mauclair,” Romy Golan, “Vampires, Viruses, and Lucien Rebatet: Anti-Semitic Art Criticism During Vichy,” Michele C. Cone, “El Lissitzky’s ‘Interchange Stations’: The Letter and the Spirit,” Judith Glatzer Wechsler, “The Jew in Sartre’s ‘Reflexions sur la question juive.’ An Excercise in Historical Reading,” Susan Rubin Suleiman, “I.AM.A”: Addressing the Jewish Question in Joyce’s ‘Ulysses,'” Steven Connor, “Assimilation, Entertainment, and the Hollywood Solution,” Claire Pajaczkowska and Barry Curtis, “‘A Little Child Shall Lead Them’: The Jewish Family Romance,” Marshall Berman, “Parvenu or Palimsest: Some Tracings of the Jew in Modern France,” Adrian Rifkin, “The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum: Memory and the Politics of Identity,” James E. Young (267323) $10.00

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One of the founding generations of Israeli artists (271197) $28.00

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63. Scharf Isiu. Isiu Scharf: Motives and Figures from Yiddish Literature; Demuyot u-motivim min ha-sifrut ha-yidit : dapim grafiyim. Tel Aviv: 1969. 11 of 16 plates insprired graphics wonderful black and white images in slipcase wear and tear to spine. Good. cardboard. (271305) $55.00

64. Schor Mira curator. Abstract Marriage Sculpture by Ilya Schor and Resia Schor. Provincetown Art Association, 2013. 51 pp. includes several essays and images of their work and full color plates, inspired and magnificent work and homage. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (269402) $30.00

65. Schwab, Walter (editor). Jewish Artists: The Ben Uri Collection. London: Ben Uri Art Society, 1994. A catalogue of works by Jewish artists and of Jewish interest in the possession of the Ben Uri Art Society. London. 8vo 160 pp. new. Stiff Wrapper. (263457) $15.00

66. Schwarz K. Modern Jewish art In Palestine with 130 illustrations and an appendix containing the biographies of the Palestinian Artists. Jerusalem: Mass, 1941. 176 pp. In Hebrew ex library with book plate taped spine reading copy. Good-. Hardcover . (272373) $40.00

67. Schwebel (Fox Evrett introduction). David’s Journey. From the Books of Samuel and Kings. Yeshiva University/Stabilized Chaos Press, 1997. 43+141 pages Israeli artist, slight library mark title page. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.

Inaugural exhibit (271893) $25.00

68. Schwebel Ivan. Schwebel: Jerusalem – Tel Aviv. Jerusalem: Aviva, 1989. 224 pages : chiefly illustrations (some color) Important Israeli Artist. Very Good-. Paperback. (263454) $26.00

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73. Semin Dedier. Christian Boltanski. London: Phaidon, 1999. 160 pp. Very Good. stiff wrapper.

Articles, essays, and interviews with Boltanski. Also filled with his work. Extensive art concerning the Shoah. (269450) $35.00

74. Sentry Lodge B’nai B’rith. We Bear Witness; A tribute by Americans to the Contributions of the Jew in America. Domesday, 1945. 65 pp. cover worn ex library with markings , the Lodge describes contributions it made to the War effort. Good. Cloth.

Tributes by famous Americans including Geroge Washington, Calvin Coolidge, Mark Twain, etc. (253874) $15.00

75. Shachar Isaiah. Jewish Tradition in Art: The Feuchtwanger Collection of Judaica. jerusalem: Israel Museum, 1981. 340 pp., in Hebrew and English. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Lists and descriptions of Jewish ceremonial art objects and especially amulets with photos. Beautiful collection (260336) $56.00

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Ten essays on Bezalel, Liebermann, Aby Warburg, Clement Greenberg, Meyer Schapiro, etc. (272559) $15.00

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Yearly publication (271292) $32.00

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Contributions from Faniel Liebeskind, Mitchell Schwarzer and James Young (267687) $15.00

87. Yaniv, Bracha (editor). Ars Judaica : The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art: Volume 1; The Michael J. Floersheim Memorial for Jewish Art. Ramat Gan, Israel: Bar Ilan University, 2005. Magnificent new periodical. Articles: Figural Art in Ancient Judaism by Lee Levine; Toward a Semiotic Approach to Jewish Art by Avigdor Poseq; The Meaning of the Zodiac in Synagogues…by Mira Friedman; Dragons: A Symbol of Evil in European Synagogue Decoration? by Ilia Rodov; Gallico’s Identity Exposed: Revealing an Erased Colophon from a Renaissance Prayer Book by Evelyn Cohen; Discovering the Floersheim Haggadah by Yael Zirlin; Art and Early Zionist Movement: Controversy and Discord by Avram Kampf; Chagall’s Fiddler by Mirjam Rajner; Arnold Schoenberg’s Self portraits…by Milly Heyd; An Early Torah Pointer from Afghanistan by Shaul Shaked and Ruth Jacoby. Followed by book reviews and memoriams. Condition new. Paperback. (271295) $30.00

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Two hundred plates. Includes the Shoah. (260339) $20.00

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Explores Germany’s memorial crisis and how can contemporary artists remember the Holocaust, which they never knew. (269601) $10.00

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Remembering the shtetls of Eastern Europe in tradition of Grandma Moses (271533) $15.00

97. Zionism. Yediot Iriat Tel Aviv No 1 and 2. Tel Aviv: Oct Nov 1932. Monthly newsleteer , few pages slight staining not affecting text 37 pp. + 31-56 plus mimeograph of 8 pp of statistics that details the workers their backgrounds, tables concerning the labor, the contractors names and number of workers and projects . Good +. Boards. (269817) $85.00


“Trigère, pt. I” – Judaica-Art – April 2019

Dear Friends,
This catalog is issued in honor and in memory of my late wife, Hanna Jane Trigère. Her life was filled with creating beauty in the world and hiddur mitzvah. Some of her work can be seen below, and additional art, writings, and videos can be viewed at her website, www.JaneTrigere.com.

May her memory be for a blessing, and may it inspire us to make this a more beautiful and compassionate world.

Wishing you all a joyous Pesach.


Part I:

1. 12 tsayare Yisra’el: twelve Israeli painters. Lion, 1965. . Large quarto sized paper portfolio with one color pastedown illustration on the front of the portfolio, twelve color plates in paper frames library mark on title page . Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Artists whose works are included are Mordechai Avniel, Margot L. Aschheim, Shaul Ohaly, Mordechai Ardon, Nahum Gutman, Shraga Weil, Shmuel katz, Jona Mach, Shalom Sebba, Esther Peretz-Arad, Joseph Kossonogi and Ruth Schloss. (271917) $19.00

2. Aharonson Meir. הביאנלה לפיסול עיןהוד 1990 : הטבע בנה לנו מוזיאון : פיסול במימד אנושי /; Sculpture Biennale of Ein Hod, 1990″ Nature has built us a Museum Sculpture in a human dimension. Ein Hod, 1990. 84 pp. exhibition catalog and essay, ex library with pocket and book plate. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272560) $27.00

3. Altshuler, David (editor). The Precious Legacy: Judaic Treasures from the Czechoslovak State Collections. NY: Summit Books, 1983. From the repository of historic artifacts, artistic rarities, cultural memories-document Czech Jewry life. 287 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (272578) $15.00

4. Anna Ticho : [exhibition]. Israel Museum I.M. Cohen Graphic Gallery, 1968. 15 pp in Hebrew and English exhibition catalog. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272088) $25.00

5. Apter-Gabriel, Ruth (editor). Tradition and Revolution: The Jewish Renaissance in Russian Avant Garde Art 1912-1928. Jerusalem: Israel Museum, 1988. second. 8vo 262 pp. Very Good. paperback. (261333) $65.00

6. (Architecture) Gruber Sam. American Synagogues A Century of Architecture and Jewish Community. Rizzoli, 2007. 239 pp. beautifil photos and text concerning development of the movement, ex libary with markings. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (256567) $25.00

7. (Architecture) Kroyanker, David. Jerusalem Architecture-Periods and Styles; Arab Buildings Outside the Old City Walls. Jerusalem: Keter, 1985. 474pp, In Hebrew, filled with pictures and text. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (268107) $45.00

8. (architecture) Kroyanker, David. Jerusalem Openings Gates Doors Windows and Grills. Tel Aviv: Zmora, 1984. 278 pp, In Hebrew, filled with pictures and text. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (267692) $36.00

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The Forgotten Photographs: The Work of Paul Goldman from 1943 – 1961, from the collection of Spencer M. Partrich, is an exhibition displaying over 100 rare images documenting Eretz-Israel during the final years of the British Mandate and Israel’s struggle for survival during its first thirteen years. Goldman’s privileged access – as a British Army member and later as a journalist befriended by Israeli leaders – offered a front-row perspective of personal moments at a time of sweeping, historic change. (249683) $30.00

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