דוב קוטב – Judaica – May 2019

1. Allweil Arie. Amos; 34 HaTziurim. Tel Aviv: Gutenberg, 1940. Each graphic drawing signed by the artist in pencil. Includes Amos in Hebrew, bookplate removed. Good. Hardback & DJ.
Stark images in the style of Masereel and Herman Struck by important Israeli artist born in Galicia. Images of destruction. Very scarce (271652) $150.00

2. Allweil Arie. HaYehudi Ha Almone The Nameless or Anonymous Jew; 32 Tziurim. Dvir, 1939. Powerful graphic drawings. dj slight tears and stains, slight stains to back endpaper . Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Introduction by Max Brod. Images include the pioneers reclaiming the Land, Jewish aspirations. ancient images, Nazi terrors, a Jewish Army marching with a BILU flag and peace in the Land. (271651) $100.00

3. America Israel Council Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace. Archive Collection of the Other Israel (Newletter of the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Issues 1-33, July 1983 to September 1988). Downers Grove: AIC, 1988. spiral bound about 200 pages. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271738) $55.00

4. Arkin Alexander Habib. La Influencia De La Exegesis Hebrea En Los Comentarios Biblicos de Fray Luis De Leon. Madrid: Arias Montano, 1966. 205 pp tears to spine, pencil underlining to about eight pages. Good. Paperback. (271689) $25.00

5. Barrow Frances editor. Artis 2008. Jerusalem: : Artis Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consulate General of Israe, 2008. 80 pp. images of work of Israeli artists for display of their work in NY and Tel Aviv. Very Good. Wrapper. (270601) $26.00

6. Barry Dave Zweibel Alan. For This We Left Egypt? : A Passover Haggadah for Jews and Those Who Love Them. Flatiron, 2017. 136 pp. comedic Haggadah which I found ridiculous and offensive. Very Good. Hardcover . (271647) $18.00

7. Beinart Haim. Chapters in Judeo Spanish History Volume 1. Magnes , 1998. 532 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (271672) $36.00

8. Ben-Arieh, Yehoshua. Jerusalem in the 19th Century emergence of the New City. Ben Zvi St Martin, 1984. 438 pp. dj torn worn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271914) $25.00

9. Ben-Shach Lifsha editor. Kivunim hadashim: ketav-et le-Tsiyonut ule-Yahadut. Kivunim Journal of Zionism and Judaism. Jerusalem: World Zionist ORg, Dec 1994. 173 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271752) $23.00

10. BenDavid Abba. Lshon miqra u-lshon ḥakhamim Biblical Hebrew and Mishnaic Hebrew… Dvir, 1967. 420 pp. In Hebew dj very torn and stained, tome in good shape. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271746) $68.00

11. Buber, Martin (editor). Der Jude Zweiter Jahrgang; Eine Monatschrift. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1917-1918. 2 Jahrgang. 776 pp. paper yellowing but not britle, original vellum spine soiled along edges and original boards. Good. Hardcover .
Contains the first printing of Kafka’s ‘Zwei Tiergeschichten’, as they were announced on the title page of the October 1917 issue; the first, “Schakale und Araber,” appeared in that issue; the second, the famous “Ein Bericht fur eine Akademie” in the next (November). There are nine of Buber’s own pieces (including one introducing Franz Werfel’s poems), two long essays by Gustav Landauer, and a story by Agnon, essays by Zweig, among much else of interest. (271716) $185.00

12. Cherlow Yuval. and the Halakha is like Beit Hillel. Sifrit HaGeunot. 128 pp. In Hebrew cover creased some dog eared pages. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Amazing Orthodx Rabbi who goes against the mainstream in his Orthodox Zionism, in terms of homosexuality and non Orthodox mariages (271773) $30.00

13. Chess Richard inscribed. Third Temple Poems. Tampa, 2007. 95 pp. Poetry on Jewish themes. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271727) $15.00

14. CLAL. T’shuvah: A Haggadah for the High Holidays. CLAL National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, 2005?. 12 pp. commentary on different themes for use on Yom Kippur. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271706) $15.00

15. Dan, Joseph. Jewish Mysticism Volume 1-4; Late Antiquity Middle Ages Modern Period. Aronson, 1998. four volumes . Very good. Hardback & DJ. (271670) $75.00

16. A different spirit : photographic history of JTS. JTS, 2004. 34 pp. catalog of an exhibition. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271699) $15.00

17. Edrehi Dr M. An historical account of The Ten Tribes settled beyond the river Sambatyon,Iin the East. translated from the original manuscript and composed by the Rev. Dr. M. Edrehi, native of Morocco. London: printed for the author. Philadelphia: Isaac Edrehi, 5613 1853. Foxed frontispiece portrait of author, protected with original tissue paper.book plate and signature of C B Farwell important Chicago politician and Senator Original decorative binding with gilt lettering on spine 290+ 39 pp.crown and base of spine tears. Good. Boards.
Moses Edrehi was an itinerant Rabbi originating in Morocco, who spent some time in Europe, especially England, and finally settled in Israel, where he took the title of British Consul at Jerusalem. This edition was set up by his son, Isaac Edrehi. Information about Jews in unusal places detailed. Scarce work Singerman 1277 (271720) $100.00

18. Eiran Ehud. Tamtsit gaʻaguʻa : sipuro shel Erez Gershtain veha-milḥamah bi-Levanon; The essence of longing: General Erez Gerstein and the War in Lebanon. Yediʻot aḥaronot : Sifre ḥemed, 2007. 248 pp.In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271777) $25.00

19. Elazar Daniel editor. Facing the Eighties Current Trends inJewish Religius Life. American Jewish Committee Israel, Sping 1980. Tefutsot Israel Vol XVIII No 1 124 pp. collection of articles in Hebrew. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (271756) $25.00

20. Ephraim Solomon ben Aaron, of Luntshits; Moses Alshekh; Judah Loew ben Bezalel. Maale Bet Horin / Ma’ale Beth Chorin [Hebrew Haggadah Vienna 1813) [Limited editioon facsimile] Adorned with elaborate copper etchings. Rare Judaica, 1975. slight stain on title page, tear along spine, limited edition number 746/1000 Good. Hardcover.
Hill, B. List or rare Hebraica & Judaica in the private library of Mr. Jacob M. Lowy, 1984, no. 515. The commentaries Gevurot H. and ʻOlelot Efrayim are by Judah Loew ben Bezalel and Ephraim Solomon ben Aaron of Lunṭshits respectively. (Worldcat) (271712) $85.00

21. Ewald Geo (signed by A Geiger) . Grammatica critica Linguae Arabicae, cum brevi metrorum doctrina; Volumen Prius Volumen Posterius (two volumes). Leipzig : Hahn, 1831. 394+ 348 pp. marbled worn boards, cloth type repaired spine, Signature of Abraham Geiger ( A.Geiger) on paste down of volume one with his handwriting in Hebrew above in small script and small library stamps of Bibl. d Verein Isr. Rel. Lehrer Frankfurt am Main, volume two is also ex library from a different library. Good-. Boards.
Geiger was considered the founding father of Reform Judaism. (271769) $165.00

22. Executive Council of Australian Jewry. Annual Conference. Australian Jewry, 1952, 1969-1971, 1973/74. 50 pp.+113 pp. +85 pp + 120 pp.+ 141 pp. + 98 pp.. slight library marks, mimeographed, extensive discussions concerning the plight of Australian Jewry and also conditions of world Jewry and political decisions. Good. Wrapper. (271770) $95.00

23. Furstenthal H B (ubersetzung). Menorath hammaor Licht verbreitender Leuchter Drei Theile Eine Moralsich -Religiose und Erbauliche Lekture fur Jung und; Hebraisch verfasst von dem beruhmten Spansichen Rabbiner Isaac Abohab (Aboab). Krotoschin: Monasch, 1845. 315 pp. + 558 pp. + 392 pp perforated library stamp tp firs title page and second title page has embossed stamp and pen wiriting of owner,,foxing and/or dark stains throughout not affecting readabiility , paper in good condition new red boards and spine and hinges reinforced, Was Bernard Bamberger’s copy . Hebrew text on top of page and German on bottom . Good-. Boards. (267498) $350.00

24. Goldberg Nathan. Occupational Patterns of American Jewry. JTSP Press, 1947. 85 pages slight library stamp tp. Good condition. Wrapper.
Jewish Life in America Series (271645) $20.00

25. Goldfarb Reuven editor. Agada. Berkeley: Agada Acquarian Minyan, Summer 1987. Image 10 58 pp. filled with articles and drawings Images of Israel. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271733) $17.00

26. Goldstein Gabriel exhibit curator. A Perfect Fit The Garment Industry and American Jewry. NY: Yeshiva University Museum, 2001. 96 pp. top corner slightly bumped exhibition catalog . Very good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271796) $20.00

27. Hacohen Menachem. Mishpatim v’Alilot Dam; Mishpatay Ravoa v’alilot neged yehudim. Tel Aviv: Misrad habitachon, 1967. 200 pp. In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover . (270663) $36.00

28. Halpern Micah edited by. Jewish Legal Writings by Women: Urim, 1998. 306 + 62 pp. In English and Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271637) $15.00

29. Hazan Ephraim (editor). Studies in Hebrew Poetry and Jewish Heritage; In Memory of Aharon Mirsky. Bar Ilan, 2006. 480 pp. In Hebrew many essays concerning Sephardic Jewry. Very Good. Hardcover . (271673) $14.00

30. Holtz Avraham. Rabbinic Thought: An Introduction to the Works of M. Kadushin (In Hebrew). Sifriath Poalim & Jewish Theological Seminary of America,, 1978. 287 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271741) $12.00

31. International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. Secular Humanistic Judaism. Jerusalem: Israel Association and International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism., Feb 1986. No 1 Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271751) $45.00

32. International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. Secular Humanistic Judiasm. Jerusalem: Israel Association and International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism., Feb 1986. No 1 (96 pp.) pencil underlined In English wonderful articles. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271750) $45.00

33. Israel Association and International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. Journal. Jerusalem: Israel Association and International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism., May 1988 March 1990. No 2 (140 pp.) In Hebrew No 3 (95 pp.) pen underlined. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271747) $45.00

34. Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism. International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism. The Orthodox are Running Wild. Jerusalem: Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism., Feb 1991. “Leket” No 4 40 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271753) $30.00

35. Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism. Journal. Jerusalem: Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism., June 1985. No 1 (55 pp.) In Hebew. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271749) $45.00

36. Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism. Secular Humanistic Judaism Journal. Jerusalem: Israel Association for Secular Humanistic Judaism., 1992. No 5 136 pp.In Herbew. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271757) $25.00

37. Israeli Yael. Jerusalem in history and vision. Jerusalem: Muze’on Yisrael, 1970. exhibition summer 1968 46 pp. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (271730) $25.00

38. Jabotinsky Vladimir. Taryag Millim 613 Hebrew Words. Jabotinsky Fdn, 1950. 105 pp. revised Israeli edition. Good. Paperback. (271693) $15.00

39. Kahn Susan. Are Genes Jewish? Conceptual Ambiguities in the New Genetic Age. Frankel center Univ of Michigan, 2005. 17 pp. Belin lecture No 12 Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271705) $16.00

40. Le Proces de Juifs en Union Sovietique. Proces de Riga mai 1971; Nr 5. Bibliotheque Juive, 1972. 69 pp.slight library mark on paste down, trials of Jews wishing to leave Russia for Israel. Good +. Wrapper. (271722) $25.00

41. Le Proces de Juifs en Union Sovietique. Second Proces de Leningrad Mai 1972; Nr 5. Bibliotheque Juive, 1972. 28 pp.slight library mark on paste down, trials of Jews wishing to leave Russia for Israel. Good +. Wrapper. (271723) $17.00

42. Liberman Maurice . Olam Umlooh Sefer Rishon. Yair, 1949. 100 pp. In Hebrew collection of stories. Good. Hardcover . (271755) $20.00

43. Luxemburg Danielle (curator). Old Yishuv Court. Jerusalem: Old Yishuv Court Museum, 1981. 45 pp beautifully rendered with many color plates Sueinf Ottoman Turk rule. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271759) $36.00

44. Ma’yan (Program : New York, N.Y.). Listen to her voice : the Ma’yan report. [Ma’yan, the Jewish Women’s Project, 2005. 34 pp.national tudy of Jewish women’s experiences in the Jewish community. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271697) $30.00

45. Mapu Abraham. Ahavat Tsiyon. warsaw: 1900?. 254 pp. in Hebrew tears to spine, covers worn. Good. Hardcover . (271797) $15.00

46. Mirsky Aharon. From Duties of the Heart to Songs of the Heart : Jewish Philosophy and Ethics and their influence on Hebrew poetry in Medieval Spain. Heberw University, 1992. 307 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (271675) $10.00

47. (Morocco) Gouvernement cherifien, Service central des statistiques,. Population MarocaineI Israelite Volume IV. Rabat: 1953. 113 pp.lacks part of covers , tears to sides of first ten pages, paper yellowing,not brittle. Good. Wrapper.
Recensement general de la population en 1951-1952 (270607) $25.00

48. Netzer Effi. Sing Along with Effi Netzer the Songs We Love Book 1. : Mifalei Tarbut Vechinuch, 1983. 335 pp. In Hebrew and transliterated songs and music. Very Good. Hardcover . (271787) $25.00

49. Neusner Jacob. the Mishnah: A New Translation. Yale University Press, 1988. 1162 pp. dj worn and slight wear tears along edges. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271763) $54.00

50. Neusner Jacob. Why no Science in Judaism? Tulane Jewish Studies, 1987. 32 pp. lecture. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271704) $15.00

51. Nisan, Mordecai; Schremer, Oded; Editors. Educational Deliberations: Studies in Education Dedicated to Shlomo (Seymour) Fox. Keter, 2005. 481 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271760) $26.00

52. Nisan, Mordecai; Schremer, Oded; Editors. Maʻaseh ḥinukh : ḳovets meḥḳarim li-khevod Shlomoh Foḳs; Educational Deliberations: Studies in Education Dedicated to Shlomo (Seymour) Fox. Keter, 2005. 450 pp.In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271778) $26.00

53. Ofer Yosef. Shitat ha-beḥinot shel ha-Rav Mordekhai Broyer : ḳovets maʼamarim u-teguvot; “Aspects Theory” of Rav Mordechai Breuer. Hotsaʼat Tevunot, Mikhlelet Yaʻaḳov Hertsog le-yad Yeshivat Har-ʻEtsyon,, 2005. 369 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271772) $28.00

54. Ramon Amnon. “Doḳṭor mul doḳṭor gar” : Shekhunat Reḥavyah bi-Yerushalayim : hisṭoryah, haṿai, maslule siyur. Hotsaʼat Yad Yitsḥaḳ Ben Tsevi, 1998. 211 pp. In Hebrew filled with pictures. Good. Hardcover . (271765) $36.00

55. Rothblat Ch. M (inscribed by). Pakim ketanim: sekirot, divre bikoret, be’ayot ha-hinukh ha-Ivri veha-tsibur ha-Yehudi ba-Amerikah. Hotzaat HaMenorah, 1966. 308 pp. In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover . (271743) $20.00

56. Schweid Eliezer. Moledet ṿe-erets yeʻudah : erets-Yiśraʼel ba-hagut shel ʻam Yiśraʼel. ʻAm ʻoved, 1997. 244 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271776) $26.00

57. Seder Haggadah le-Leilei Pesach.} Hagada of voordracht voor de beide eerste avonden van het Pesachfeest (with Dutch translation by Dr. S.I.Mulder, New illustrations by Leo Pinkhof, and musical appendix by L.D. Staal). 11th Edition. Amsterdam: Joachimstal, 1931. 74 pp.+ Toevoegsel Bevattende Een Muziek Bijlake Van L D Staal (14 pp. of music and song), In Dutch, taped spine,hinge started , ilustartions in style of Jugenstil. Good. Boards.
yaari 2156 (271719) $125.00

58. Sefer ha-Rambam The Maimonides book of Tarbiz. On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of his birth. (In Hebrew). Hebrew University, 1935. 188 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Wrapper. (265293) $15.00

59. Shalom Yehuda Bar. Ideʼah shel tiḳun : yazamut ḥinukhit be-ḥevrah rav-tarbutit; “Tikkun” idea Educational entreprenurship in Israel’s multicultural society. haQiybws hamʼ whad,, 2004. 176 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
“Tikkun” idea Educational entreprenurship in Israel’s multicultural society (271774) $26.00

60. Shapiro, Aumie and Michael, editors. When We Were Young. London: Springboard, 1988. oblong 12mo 75 pp. new. stiff wrap.
Photographs and text of Jewish life in the United Kingdom. (271721) $15.00

61. Shapiro, M.A. Elye Spiṿak. Russko-evreĭski (idish) slovarʹ : okolo 40,000 slov. Moscow: “Russkiĭ i︠a︡zyk”, 1989. 719 pp. Russian to Yiddish dictionary; introduction in Russian only. Very Good. Hardcover . (271714) $65.00

62. Simeon bar Yoḥai. Zohar al Ha Torah Helek Shenei Sefer Shemot. Livorno: M.Y. Ṭoviyan, 1858. 279 pp. In Hebrew new spine and boards, paper in good shape. Good. Boards. (271771) $75.00

63. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: 1962. Jahrgang 31 Nr. 1- 10 (full year), 364 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life and culture in Sweden (271785) $48.00

64. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: 1959-1961. Jahrgang 28 Nr. 1- 10 (full year), Jahrgang 29 Nr. 1-10 (full year), Jahrgang 30 Nr. 1-10, 280 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life in Sweden Filled with articles about Israel and world Jewry (271783) $65.00

65. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: Jan 1957- Dec 1957. Jahrgang 26 Nr. 1- 19/20 358 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life in Sweden articles on Israel and world Jewry (271786) $48.00

66. (Sweden) Periodical . Judisk Kronika. Stockholm: Jan 1958- Dec 1958. Jahrgang 27 Nr. 1- 10, 240 pp. slight library marks, in library binding, some wrinkled pages. Good. library binding.
Jewish life and culture in Sweden (271784) $48.00

67. Vance Sharon. The Martyrdom of a Moroccan Jewish Saint. Brill, 2011. 239 pp. extensively highlighted in yellow and with pen notations, reading copy. Good +. Hardcover .
The martyrdom in 1834 of Sol Hatchuel, a Jewish girl from Tangier, traumatized the Jewish community and inspired a literary response in Morocco and beyond. This study focuses on works written in the first century after her death in Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, Judeo-Spanish, Spanish and French that tell her story and interpret its meaning. The author places both the event and the texts that narrate it in their historical context and show how its significance changed in each language and literary setting. (271641) $45.00

68. Wells George. The Israelid. A Poem, Historical and Prophetic. In Seven Cantos. NY: Gray, 1859. 139 pp. covers worn, crown bumped, edges rubbed and bumped. Good. Hardcover .
Singerman 1606 Portrays the Goths as the Lost Tribes of Israel (270616) $55.00

69. Wertheim Ph. sektr der judischen Gemeinde Berlin. Kalender und Jahrbuch auf das Jahr 5617 fur die judischen Gemeinden Preussens. Berlin: Veit, 1857. 156 pp. library stamp from Bibliothek der Lehrahstalt fur die Wiss. des Judentums covers worn taped title to spine. Good. Boards. (271684) $40.00

70. Zagat, Samuel ; Zagat, Ida(editor and sigbed by). Zagat: Drawings and Paintings; Jewish Life on New York’s Lower East Side 1912-1962. Rogers Book Service, 1972. 108 pp. Very Good-. Cloth. (270625) $23.00

71. Zfatman Sara. The Jewish Tale in the Middle Ages Between Ashkenaz and Sepharad. Magnes Press, 1993. 248 pp. crown of spine bumped, In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (271674) $15.00

“Trigère, pt. II” – Judaica-Art – April 2019

Dear Friends,
This catalog is issued in honor and in memory of my late wife, Hanna Jane Trigère. Her life was filled with creating beauty in the world and hiddur mitzvah. Some of her work can be seen below, and additional art, writings, and videos can be viewed at her website, www.JaneTrigere.com.

May her memory be for a blessing, and may it inspire us to make this a more beautiful and compassionate world.

Wishing you all a joyous Pesach.


Part II:

1. The Jewish Contribution in Twentieth-Century Art: Selections from the Permanent Collection. Milwaukke Art Museum, 1993. 60 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271421) $15.00

2. Juhasz, Esther. Sephardi Jews in the Ottoman Empire: Aspects of Material Culture. Israel Museum, 1990. 280 pp. Catalog of the exhibit with superb black and white and color illustrations, Inspiring work. Very Good. Paperback. (270909) $25.00

3. Kaethe Kollwitz : Zeichnungen, Radierungen, Lithographien, Holzschnitte, Skulpturen. Tel Aviv Museum, 1971. exhibition catalog about 85 pp. In english and Hebrew with black and white images, ex library with pocket and book plate. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272565) $26.00

4. Kanof, Abram. Jewish Ceremonial Art and Religious Observance. NY: Abrams, 1969. 253 pp. ex library with markings. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (229063) $18.00

5. Kanstsedikas A. Masterpieces of Jewish Art Bronze. Moscow: Imidzh, 1991. 318 pp. In Russian and English. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

illustrated book of Jewish ceremonial objects and crafts found in museums and private collections in Russia (259289) $25.00

6. Katz Raymond signed by. Prelude to a New Art for an Old Religion; 27 Original Motifs Based on the Hebrew Alphabet. Chicago: Stein, 1945. 27 pp. spiral bound, Good +. cardboards.

Preface and explanatory notes by Shlomo Marenoff (271328) $65.00

7. Kayser ,Stephen. Jewish Ceremonial Art: A Guide to the Appreciation of Art Objects…Principally from the Collection of Jewish Museum. Phil: JPS, 1955. 12mo 168 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (229073) $15.00

8. Kirshenblatt Gimblett Barbara editor. The Art of Being Jewish in Modern Times. Pennsylvania, 2007. 449 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271358) $18.00

9. Kirshenblatt Gimblett Barbara editor. Destination Culture: Tourism, Museums, and Heritage. California, 1998. 326 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (271366) $58.00

10. Kleeblatt Norman. Larry Rivers’ History of Matzah: The Story of the Jews (an exhibition catalogue). Jewish Museum, 1984. 27 pp. with some fold out art. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (255226) $16.00

11. Kleeblatt Norman. Leon and Julia Obermayer Collection at Congregation Rodeph Shalom. Philadelphia: Rodeph Shalom, 1988. 31 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.

Includes discussion of Jewish ceremonial art and life transitions and examples of works and then catalog (270951) $15.00

12. Kleeblatt, Norman (editor). Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/ Recent Art. New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 2002. New. Paperback.

Catalog from controversial exhibit at Jewish Museum. When does art become kitsch and offensive to memory? (269017) $10.00

13. Krippendorff Ekkehart. Die Darstellung des Judentums in der Lehrerbildung und im Schulunterricht. Bonn: Verbandes Deutscher Studentenschafte, 1960. 96+ 36 pp. typed mimeograph, paper yellowing but not brittle, small piece of cover lacking, slight library mark on paste down. Good. Wrapper.

Verbandes Deutscher Studentenschaften (271320) $25.00

14. Kroyanker, David. Jerusalem Architecture-Periods and Styles; Jewish Neighborhoods and Public Buildings Outside the City Walls. Keter, 1987. 356pp, in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (253496) $35.00

15. Kupferminc Mirta. Wanderings. HUC JIR Museum, 2009/2010. Exhibition catalog of the work of Argentinian Jewish artist about 50 pp many color illustrations includes essays about her work. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272572) $53.00

16. Landsberger, Franz. A History of Jewish Art. UAHC, 1946. 369 pp.classic work. good. Hardcover .

Was head of the Jewish Museum in Berlin, was imprisoned by the Nazis and was able to flee and take a position with HUC in Cincinnati. (272556) $17.00

17. Langer, Lawrence (essay and commentary). Landscapes of Jewish Experience: Paintings by Samuel Bak. Boston: Pucker Gallery/Brandeis, 1997. large 8vo 126 pp. dj creased . Good. Hardback & DJ.

Bak was from Vilna, hidden during the Holocaust. Paints as a witness to the destruction and as a survivor rebuilding for future (260692) $25.00

18. Leveen, Jacob. The Hebrew Bible in Art: The Schweisch Lectures of 1939. London: Hermon Press, 1974. 140 pp. 51 plates one page has pen marks book plate sfep. good. cloth. (271350) $12.00

19. Levine, Lee ( editor). Ancient Synagogues Revealed. Detroit: Wayne State, 1982. 199 pp Filled with illustrations. dj torn. Good. Hardcover . (267302) $15.00

20. Levy Jane. The Jewish Illustrated Book. Berkeley: Judah Magnes Museum, 1986. 150 pp. Very good. Paperback.

Essays on the Jewish illustrated book Jewish artists as Book illustrators and catalog of books illustrated by the artists. (267303) $10.00

21. Lewbin Hyman. Rebirth of Jewish Art The unfolding of Jewish Art in the Nineteenth Century. NY: Shengold, 1974. 8vo 125 pp. good. cloth. (260687) $15.00

22. Liberman Judith Weinshall. My Life into Art; an Autobiography. Booklocker, 2007. 328 pp inscribed copy. Very Good. Paperback.

From Israel to the USA, her journey form law into art. Known for her Judaica work and memorials to the Shoah especially Holocaust Wall Hangings also distributed by Schoen Books. (220789) $30.00

23. Liberman, Judith Weinshall. Holocaust Wall Hangings. Boston: Charles River, 2002. 89 pp. Very good+. Hardback & DJ.

Exquisitely produced book combines reproductions of 45 unique multimedia artworks about the Holocaust with analytical essays about these works, each from a different perspective. The large textile wall hangings have been exhibited in museums throughout the USA. Essays by Stephen Feinstein, Salvatore Scalora, Ori Soltes and the artist. (252099) $15.00

24. Lilien, E.M. (Zeichnungen); Rahlwes, F (Hrsg.) . Die Bucher der Bibel Die Lehrdichtung Die Spruche * Hiob * Der Prediger * Ruth * Jona * Esther * Daniel. Wien: Harz, 1923. 304 pp. Good +. Cloth.

E.M. Lilien was the leading Jewish artist of Jugendstil. One of the special characteristics of this volume is that in addition to the usual numerous illustrations, Lilien has designeddifferent stylized letters for the text which is elegantly printed in red and black. (268149) $150.00

25. Lilien, E.M. (Zeichnungen); Rahlwes, F (Hrsg.) . Die Bucher der Bibel Die Liederdichtung; Die Psalmen * Die Klagelieder * Das Hohelied. Wien: Harz, 1923. 328 pp endpapers foxed, plate removed ffrom back endpaper the interior is clean, no marks. book bit shaken, decorated covers bit soiled. Good. Cloth.

E.M. Lilien was the leading Jewish artist of Jugendstil. One of the special characteristics of this volume is that in addition to the usual numerous illustrations, Lilien has designed over 100 different stylized borders for the text which is elegantly printed in red and black. (259133) $125.00

26. Lilien, E.M. (Zeichnungen); Rahlwes, F (Hrsg.) . Die Bucher der Bibel Die Liederdichtung; Die Psalmen * Die Klagelieder * Das Hohelied. Wien: Harz, 1923. 328 pp hinge starting crown and base of spine slight tears. GoodGood +. Cloth.

E.M. Lilien was the leading Jewish artist of Jugendstil. One of the special characteristics of this volume is that in addition to the usual numerous illustrations, Lilien has designed over 100 different stylized borders for the text which is elegantly printed in red and black. (268150) $165.00

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Exhibition catalog. Magnificent. (260149) $40.00

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Essays by Benjamin Gampel on Jews Christians and Muslims through the eyes of Sephardic Jews, Hebrew poetry by Raymond P. Scheindlin, Dwayne Carpenter on social perceptions in literature, Science in Medieval Spain by Thomas Glick, Mudejar tradition, cultural identity and hegemony by Jerrilynn Dodds, Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts by Gabrielle Sed-Rajna and Material Cultural in Medieval Spain by Juan Zozaya (260267) $15.00

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From 1897 he was chief of the Hebrew department at the Stadtbibliotek Frankfurt, and under his direction the library in Frankfurt upon Main assembled one of the richest collections of Judaica and Hebraica in the world. He retired in 1933 when the Nazis came to power and immigrated to the United States in 1938. Between 1939 and 1945 he served as consultant in bibliography to the New York Public Library.(Wikipedia) (272377) $68.00

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[Edited by Moshe Spitzer. Description of the pictures by Mira Friedmann. (271301) $75.00

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46. Moshe Castel Retrospective Exhibition 1928-1973. Tel Aviv Museum, 1973. 70 pp. ex library with pocket and book plate many color images. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272569) $20.00

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“Pharaoh is Dead and Living at the Gates of Hell,” Narkiss, “Three Mysterious Ladies Unmasked,” Ruth Mellinkoff, “Further Thoughts on an Ealry Illustrated Pentateuch,” Gabrielle Sed-Rajna, “The ‘Camera del Mapamondo et del Caiero’ in the Palazzo di San Sebastian in Mantua,” Clifford M. Brown, “The Use of Meaning of Christian Motifs in Illustrations of Jewish Marriage Contracts in Italy,” Shalom Sabar, “Illustrations in Early Editions of the Tsene-U’rene: Jewish Adaptations of Christian Sources,” Milly Heyd, “The Masonic Mizrah and Lamp: Jewish Ritual Art as a Reflection of Cultural Assimilation,” Alice M. Greenwald, “Prophet Elijah’s Ascension in the Works of Chagall,” Mira Friedman (257004) $30.00

50. Newman, Elias. Art in Palestine: A Survey of the Development of Contemporary Art: Fifty Biographies. NY: Siebel, 1939. 125 pp . good. Hardcover .

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One of the founding generations of Israeli artists (271197) $28.00

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Inaugural exhibit (271893) $25.00

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Articles, essays, and interviews with Boltanski. Also filled with his work. Extensive art concerning the Shoah. (269450) $35.00

74. Sentry Lodge B’nai B’rith. We Bear Witness; A tribute by Americans to the Contributions of the Jew in America. Domesday, 1945. 65 pp. cover worn ex library with markings , the Lodge describes contributions it made to the War effort. Good. Cloth.

Tributes by famous Americans including Geroge Washington, Calvin Coolidge, Mark Twain, etc. (253874) $15.00

75. Shachar Isaiah. Jewish Tradition in Art: The Feuchtwanger Collection of Judaica. jerusalem: Israel Museum, 1981. 340 pp., in Hebrew and English. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Lists and descriptions of Jewish ceremonial art objects and especially amulets with photos. Beautiful collection (260336) $56.00

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Explores Germany’s memorial crisis and how can contemporary artists remember the Holocaust, which they never knew. (269601) $10.00

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Remembering the shtetls of Eastern Europe in tradition of Grandma Moses (271533) $15.00

97. Zionism. Yediot Iriat Tel Aviv No 1 and 2. Tel Aviv: Oct Nov 1932. Monthly newsleteer , few pages slight staining not affecting text 37 pp. + 31-56 plus mimeograph of 8 pp of statistics that details the workers their backgrounds, tables concerning the labor, the contractors names and number of workers and projects . Good +. Boards. (269817) $85.00


“Trigère, pt. I” – Judaica-Art – April 2019

Dear Friends,
This catalog is issued in honor and in memory of my late wife, Hanna Jane Trigère. Her life was filled with creating beauty in the world and hiddur mitzvah. Some of her work can be seen below, and additional art, writings, and videos can be viewed at her website, www.JaneTrigere.com.

May her memory be for a blessing, and may it inspire us to make this a more beautiful and compassionate world.

Wishing you all a joyous Pesach.


Part I:

1. 12 tsayare Yisra’el: twelve Israeli painters. Lion, 1965. . Large quarto sized paper portfolio with one color pastedown illustration on the front of the portfolio, twelve color plates in paper frames library mark on title page . Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Artists whose works are included are Mordechai Avniel, Margot L. Aschheim, Shaul Ohaly, Mordechai Ardon, Nahum Gutman, Shraga Weil, Shmuel katz, Jona Mach, Shalom Sebba, Esther Peretz-Arad, Joseph Kossonogi and Ruth Schloss. (271917) $19.00

2. Aharonson Meir. הביאנלה לפיסול עיןהוד 1990 : הטבע בנה לנו מוזיאון : פיסול במימד אנושי /; Sculpture Biennale of Ein Hod, 1990″ Nature has built us a Museum Sculpture in a human dimension. Ein Hod, 1990. 84 pp. exhibition catalog and essay, ex library with pocket and book plate. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (272560) $27.00

3. Altshuler, David (editor). The Precious Legacy: Judaic Treasures from the Czechoslovak State Collections. NY: Summit Books, 1983. From the repository of historic artifacts, artistic rarities, cultural memories-document Czech Jewry life. 287 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (272578) $15.00

4. Anna Ticho : [exhibition]. Israel Museum I.M. Cohen Graphic Gallery, 1968. 15 pp in Hebrew and English exhibition catalog. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272088) $25.00

5. Apter-Gabriel, Ruth (editor). Tradition and Revolution: The Jewish Renaissance in Russian Avant Garde Art 1912-1928. Jerusalem: Israel Museum, 1988. second. 8vo 262 pp. Very Good. paperback. (261333) $65.00

6. (Architecture) Gruber Sam. American Synagogues A Century of Architecture and Jewish Community. Rizzoli, 2007. 239 pp. beautifil photos and text concerning development of the movement, ex libary with markings. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (256567) $25.00

7. (Architecture) Kroyanker, David. Jerusalem Architecture-Periods and Styles; Arab Buildings Outside the Old City Walls. Jerusalem: Keter, 1985. 474pp, In Hebrew, filled with pictures and text. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (268107) $45.00

8. (architecture) Kroyanker, David. Jerusalem Openings Gates Doors Windows and Grills. Tel Aviv: Zmora, 1984. 278 pp, In Hebrew, filled with pictures and text. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (267692) $36.00

9. (Architecture) Kadish Sharman. Jewish Heritage in England: An Architectural Guide. English Heritage, 2006. 212 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271376) $16.00

10. (Architecture) Kessler Katrin editor. Jewish Architecture – New Sources and Approaches. Schriften der Bet Tfila–Forschungsstelle fur judische Architektur in Europa, Band 8. Imhof, 2015. 158 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (271913) $27.00

11. (Architecture) Krinsky, Carol Herselle. Synagogues of Europe; Architecture * History * Meaning. NY: MIT Press, 1985. 457pp. Large 8vo. bookplate sfep dj torn. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Monumental work. Basic for study of European synagogues. (266349) $20.00

12. (Architecture) Kroyanker, David. Jerusalem Architecture-Periods and Styles; European Christian Buildings Outside the Old City Walls. Keter, 1987. 504pp, in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (268106) $55.00

13. (Architecture) Rathjens, Carl. Jewish Domestic Architecture in San’a, Yemen. The Israel Oriental Society,, 1957. 80 pp. ex library with markings, reading copy black and white photographs and drawings. Good-. library binding.
“Among the subjects which attracted his (Rathjens) inquisitive mind was the Jewish community of Yemen, groups of which then were found all over the Yemenite Highland. While in San’a, the capital of Yemen, he often visited the Jewish quarter, which originally had been a town by itself, lying about two kilometers west of the Old City. He soon discovered that, in ground plan and architecture, the houses in the Jewish quarter were essentially different from the Muslim houses and set out to study that interesting phenomenon in detail.” (S.D. Goitein in his preface). (272375) $85.00

14. (Architecture) Schwarz Hans Peter (hrsg). Die Architektur der Synagoge. Deutsches Architekturmuseum,, 1988. 446 pp. exhibition catalog with essays, large 8vo. Many of the synagogues were destroyed by the Nazis. Very Good. Paperback. (265618) $30.00

15. (Architecture) Siry Joseph. Beth Sholom Synagogue: Frank Lloyd Wright and Modern Religious Architecture. Chicago, 2011. 705 pp. back corner bumped. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271288) $38.00

16. (Architecture) Solomon Susan. Louis I. Kahn’s Jewish Architecture: Mikveh Israel and the Midcentury American Synagogue. Brandeis, 2009. 214 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271318) $18.00

17. (Architecture) Wischnitzer, Rachel. The Architecture of the European Synagogue. Phil: JPS, 1964. oblong 8vo 312 pp. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (259962) $20.00

18. Aronson David Biemann, Asher D. David Aronson: Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture. Pucker, 2004. 174pp., illustrated throughout in color, some black and white. essay. catalogue raisonne of the sculpture. comprehensive monograph. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
As an immigrant artist of Jewish background, borrowing freely from Christology, Jewish, mystical, and modernist motifs, David Aronson has been an equally acclaimed controversial figure in the Boston Expressionist school and beyond. (271200) $45.00

19. Baigell, Matthew. American Artists Jewish Images. Syracuse, 2006. 271 pp. sfep. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (260677) $27.00

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22. Baskin Leonard preface. Hyman Bloom. Chameleon Book, 1996. 126 pp. text and color plates. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271319) $25.00

23. Baskin: sculpture, drawings & prints. Braziller, 1970. dj very torn and worn library mark tp and on foreedge. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271916) $27.00

24. Bedoire Frank. The Jewish Contribution to Modern Architecture, 1830-1930. Ktav, 2004. 518 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (253498) $58.00

25. Belasco Daniel. Reinventing Ritual: Contemporary Art and Design for Jewish Life. Yale/Jewish Museum, 2009. 137 pp.four essays and exhibition catalog. Very Good. Hardcover . (272558) $20.00

26. Ben-Ami Alia. In All Their Finery: Jewels from the Jewish World. Jewish Museum, 2002. 70 pp. color plates with 29 pieces profiled . Very Good. spiral bound. (256329) $18.00

27. Ben-Zvi, Asaf. Forgetting almost everything : recipient of the Rappaport Prize for an established Israeli painter, Li-shekoah ki-meat et ha-kol. Tel Aviv Museum, 2011. 230 pp. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Essay by Anat Danon Sivan. (272072) $35.00

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In a grey cloth covered slip case with a color pastedown image on one cover Foreword by Joan Rosenbaum. The two main sections of the book are “Highlights from the Collection,” which is all in color and “Additional Lamps in the Collection,” which are illustrated with very well shop b/w images. This is meant to be a definitive book on the Jewish Museum’s Hanukkah Lamp collection which is certainly one of the best in the world (271392)

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All images present from various books Jewish and non Jewish and book paltes and borders. Tear to page of Probierstube der Grazien slightly onto the image, tears to Stefan Zweig page and Trauerlied not affecting image, a few other slight tears to pages. (271290) $525.00

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Torah binders or wimpels are textiles made from the cloth which covers the new-born male during the circumcision ceremony. These cloths were cut into narrow pieces and embroidered with an announcement of the birth and with an assortment of decorations and elaborate designs. They were then used to tie the Torah before being returned to the Ark. The wimpel was primarily a German Jewish custom.. (231060) $12.00

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The Forgotten Photographs: The Work of Paul Goldman from 1943 – 1961, from the collection of Spencer M. Partrich, is an exhibition displaying over 100 rare images documenting Eretz-Israel during the final years of the British Mandate and Israel’s struggle for survival during its first thirteen years. Goldman’s privileged access – as a British Army member and later as a journalist befriended by Israeli leaders – offered a front-row perspective of personal moments at a time of sweeping, historic change. (249683) $30.00

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Please inquire re: shipping costs for heavy tomes (270775) $350.00

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Originating in the 13th century this manuscript was probably produced in the late 14th or early 15th century. The scribe Israel Ben Meir from Heidelberg signs his name in the colophon on folio 56v. (271650) $1,250.00

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“Oranienburg” – April 2019

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The title of the book “Do not trust a fox on a green heath and green heath and no Jew on his oath ” goes back to the anti-Semitic saying of Martin Luther “Do not trust a wolf on wild heathens, nor a Jew on his oaths”. Was considered scandalous in its portrayal of the Jews, so extreme are the images.
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National Cleansing examines the prosecution of more than one hundred thousand suspected war criminals and collaborators by Czech courts and tribunals after the Second World War. This comprehensive history of postwar Czech retribution provides a new perspective on Czechoslovakia’s transition from Nazi occupation to Stalinist rule in the turbulent decade from the Munich Pact of September 1938 to the Communist coup d’état of February 1948. Based on archival sources that remained inaccessible during the Cold War, National Cleansing demonstrates the central role of retribution in the postwar power struggle and the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans. In contrast to general histories of postwar Czechoslovakia, which have traditionally portrayed retribution as little more than Communist-inspired political justice, this book illustrates that the prosecution of collaborators and war criminals represented a genuine, if deeply flawed, attempt to confront the crimes of the past, including those committed by the Czechs themselves. From the Cambridge University Press Website (251339) $20.00

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Although Milena Jesenska’s relationship with Kafka lasted only a short time, it won the attention of the literary world with the 1952 publication of Kafka’s letters to Milena. Her own letters did not survive. Later biographies showed her as a fascinating personality in her own right. In the Czech Republic, she is remembered as one of the most prominent journalists of the interwar period and as a brave one: in 1939 she was arrested for her work in the resistance after the German occupation of Bohemia and Moravia, and died in Ravensbruck concentration camp in 1944. It is estimated that Jesenska wrote well over 1,000 articles, but only a handful have been translated into English. In this book her own writings provide a new perspective on her personality, as well as the changes in Central Europe between the two world wars as these were perceived by a woman of letters. The articles in this volume cover a wide range of topics, including her perceptions of Kafka, her understanding of social and cultural changes during this period, the threat of Nazism, and the plight of the Jews in the 1930s. Bookseller Inventory (271568) $15.00

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Danish Explorer who was sympatheric to the Nazis. (271736) $15.00

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Includes work by Max Horkheimer, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, K. Landauer, Karl A. Wittfogel, Ernst Manheim, Andries Sternheim, Hilde Weiss, Gottfried Salomon, Willi Strelewicz, Ernst Schachtel, Harald Makiewicz, Zoltan Ronai, Hubert Abrahamsohn, Paul Honigsheim, Kurt Goldstein, Fritz Jungmann, Marie Jahoda-Lazarsfeld, Curt Wormann, Alfred meusel, Arthur W. Calhoun, Adolfo Luini, Hans Mayer und R. Meili. (258627) $75.00

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Als manuskript verveilfaltigt (258628) $140.00

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A history of the Medem Sanitarium an Orphanage in Poland and a “Folk School.” After the Germans invaded Poland, the Medem Sanatorium was first shut down and then looted in September 1939. The Bund’s underground organization decided to reopen the clinic a few months later. Despite rapid deterioration in the facility’s conditions, the teachers nonetheless remained true to the educational concepts of the TSYSHO and continued to admit children; for example, 130 pupils arrived from a Polish-language Jewish orphanage… the children and remaining staff were deported on 22 August 1942,(YIVO Encyclopeida) (271690) $36.00

60. Kessler Katrin. The Buildings of the Jewish Community in Schwedt/Oder (Kleine Schriften der Bet Tfila – Forschungsstelle Fur Judische Architektur In Europa Herausgegeben). Imhof, 2007. 64 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (266540) $19.00

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The Voice of My Blood Cries Out: The Holocaust as reflected in Hebrew poetry (English title) (271564) $24.00

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Satiric haunting novel of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen survivor and coming to tems with life and its viccissitudes in the USA. (271634) $15.00

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69. Langer Lawrence. In a different light: The Book of Genesis in the Art of Samuel Bak. Boston: Pucker Gallery, 2001. 92 pp.Bringing the creation story to the concentration camps. new. Hardback & DJ.
A study of the work of survivor artist of the Shoah. (258797) $20.00

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Fondation pour la Memoir de la Shoah (269165) $25.00

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76. Mrozewski, Stefan. Ghetto of Warsaw 16 woodcuts, Introduction by Henry Kanarek. Magnes, 1966. Covers slight soiling,wear along spine and edges, woodcuts clean,, includes four glossy reproductions of works by artists murdered at Terezin or Auschwitz) Cream color paper folio cover black title . 2 page introduction by Karanek, contents page, and 16 prints in black and white. Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
Mrosewski worked in Paris from 1925 to 1939 where he was acclaimed. In 1939 he returned to Poland and joined the Resistance. (Armia Krajowa, the cladestine Polish Home Army.) He fought throughout Poland and had contact with the Warsaw ghetto and thus the inspiration for his work. .This extraordinary work was done in 1946 in Paris and this is the first publication of them.: (271709) $295.00

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Warsaw Ghetto, Wladka Meed (271677) $42.00

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Exiled French poet. Introduced by Archibald MacLeish. Bilingual ed. Bollingen Series XV. (271498) $12.00

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Volume Eight: Jews in Independent Poland 1918-1939 is published by the Littman Library (271671) $225.00

90. Proposed Roads for American Jewry A Symposium. NCJW, 1936. 79 pp. slight library marks, tears to spine ,includes essay by Marvin Lowenthal Germany of Yesterday and America of Today (concerns Nazism) The road of the Spirit by Erich Gutkind and As a Liberal Views It by Morris Raphael Cohen. Good. Wrapper.
Gutkind was a refugee from Germany who taught at the New School (270766) $36.00

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On Walter Benjamin who died at Spanish border fleeing the Nazis. (271570) $36.00

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Contemporary Writings and Historical Research (271713) $15.00

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A study of Hitler’s techniques. (271665) $10.00

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When the Nazis rose to power in 1933 Leo Baeck was elected president of the Reichsvertretung der deutschen Juden, an umbrella organization of German-Jewish groups founded to advance the interests of German Jewry in the face of Nazi persecution. The organization was forced to change its name to the Reichsverband der Juden in Deutschland in 1935 to reflect the Nazi view that there were no “German Jews” but only “Jews in Germany.” As the head of this organization, Baeck worked to maintain the morale of German Jews and alleviate the discrimination and persecution of the Jews by the National Socialists. Under Baeck, the organization also helped Jews emigrate from Germany.
In spite of several offers of emigration, Leo Baeck refused to leave Germany or his community, even after Jewish businesses and synagogues (including his home congregation at Fasanenstrasse) were burned and looted in November 1938. He is reported to have said that he would only leave Germany when he was the last Jew remaining there. He remained the nominal president of the Reichsverband when it was placed under Nazi control and renamed the Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland. When this organization was finally disbanded in 1943, Leo Baeck, along with his family members, was sent to the concentration camp at Theresienstadt (Terezin) at the age of seventy.He survived and lived then in England. (LBI) (271494) $25.00

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Articles by survivors and liberators.Filled with essays and pictures and maps at back (271551) $24.00

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Important anti fascist Doctor set up Amsterdam Congress against the War, imprisoned by the Nazis able to flee to Paris and eventually to NY and active in
Council for a Democratic Germany, (251307) $36.00

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Philipps German Children”s and Youth Literature in Exile pp.198, Sternfeld Tiedemann DEL pp, 450 (251302) $45.00

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107. Schwarzchild, Leopold . Das Neue Tage Buch 5 Jahrgang. Paris: Neue Tagebuch, 26 Juni 1937. Heft 26, 28, 30,32-42 14 issues pp. 603-1006 with few issues missing each issue about twenty pages, pages yellowed but not brittle Important exile publication. Good. Wrapper.
With articles by Walter Mehring Konrad Heiden Alfred Doblin B Viertel Martin Niemoeller (252198) $100.00

108. Schwarzschild Leopold (Hrsg). Das Neue Tage Buch. Paris Amsterdam: August -Dezember 1935. 3 Jarhgang Nr 31-52, some covers disbound and a few with tears , paper yellowed but not brittle, some issues fragile, wealth of information concerning exile activity and political approaches and news reports from Germany. Good-. Wrapper.
Important exile periodical with writers including Klaus Mann Rudolph Olden Joseph Roth political and literary articles (254490) $95.00

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SPD leader in Germany after the War. Fled Nazi Germany and eventually landed in London and active in labor poiitics. (271593) $25.00

110. Seger, Gerhart. Oranienburg: Erster authentischer Bericht eines aus dem Konzentrationslager Gefluchteten. Karlsbad: Graphia, 1934. 75 pp.new cover and end paper, cover now attached to back inner end paper and lacks small pieces of top corner, title page has new binding atttached. Good-. wrapper.
Mit einem Geleitwort von Heinrich Mann. Eyewitness report of the concentration camp. Seger escaped and found refuge in the USA where he was active in SPD politics.. Published in English under title A Nation Terrorized (271474) $50.00

111. Seidman Hillel. United Nations: Perfidy and Perversion. M P Press, 1982. 203 pages inscribed by author . Very good. Cloth.
material on Waldheim anti Zionist stance of the UN seidman was known for his Warsaw Ghetto Diaries (271567) $30.00

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Refugee German Jewish historian (271543) $9.00

117. Strongwater Andrea. Where we Once Gathered Lost Synagogues of Europe paintings and words by Andrea Strongwater. Lemont: Eifrig, 2012. 48 pp. Includes many destroyed by the Nazis beautifully illustrated. Very Good. Hardcover . (269725) $30.00

118. Sucher C Bernd. Max Zweig: Ein Deutscher Jude, Ein Dramatiker. Frankfurter Bund, 1988. 86 pp. Very Good. Wrapper.
Refugee dramatist who went to Palestine. (246878) $20.00

119. Szalit, Rachel Marcus. Menschloch un szenen … sholom Aleichem Werke Mottel Pisi das Noznos Yingel Menselach un stzenes : 16 tzeichenungen tzu Shalom Aleichems werk “Motel Peisi dem haazzan’s jingel. Baleit-wort: [Baal Machschowes] [d.i. Isidor Eljaschew]; Menshelakh un stsenes : zekhtsen tseykhenungen tsu Sholem Aleykhems verk ” Motl Peysi dem hazens yinge” Berlin: Klal, 1922. 46 pp frontispiece and15 lithographs Yiddish; The first plate is yellowing; Spine is repaired cover is slightly worn and back cover worn and a bit discolored ; the rest of the lithographs are in good and clean condition. Rare. Good. boards.
Illustrations to Sholom Aleichem’s Menshen und Zenen.Painter and etcher born in Lithuanian in 1896, depicted Eastern European Jewish life. In 1916 she moved to Berlin where she exhibited with the artists of the Secession group,became a member of the November group. Moved to France with the advent of the Nazis. In 1942 she was arrested and murdered in a concentration camp. Her best-known works consist of lithographic illustrations to books by Mendele Mokher Seforim, Shalom Aleichem, Israel Zangwill, Heinrich Heine, and Martin Buber. (268662) $375.00

120. Szittya Emil gesammelt von. Die Zone. Querschnitt durch die deutsche Kunst, Literatur, Musik, Politik, Theater, Wissenschaft. Gesammelt von Emil. . [Nr. 4 , 25 Dezember 1933]. 40 pp. covers worn, some foxing, some staple type punctures at corners, reading copy Articles on Nazism, satiric pictues of Nazis, articles of life in Germany, plight of the Jews, art etc. Fair. Stiff Wrapper. (271725) $45.00

121. Taylor Stan. The National Front in English Politics. Macmillan, 1982. 212 pp. number on spine and slight library mark fep. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Fascist poltical party active in England in the 1970s (271606) $20.00

122. Tenenbaum, Joseph . Galicie main alte haím.– ( Dos Poylishe Yidntum ; 87 ). Tsentral-farband fun Poylishe Yidn in Argentine, 1962. 319 pp. material concerning Galicia in 1920 and 1930s. Good. Hardcover .
Joseph Tenenbaum, a leader of the Jewish militia and eyewitness to the Lemberg pogrom of 1918 which he discusses in this book, (271682) $25.00

123. Tenenbaum, Joseph . Galicie main alte haím.– ( Dos Poylishe Yidntum ; 87 ). Tsentral-farband fun Poylishe Yidn in Argentine, 1962. 319 pp. material concerning Galicia in 1920 and 1930s. Good. Hardcover .
Joseph Tenenbaum, a leader of the Jewish militia and eyewitness to the Lemberg pogrom of 1918 which he discusses in this book, (271683) $25.00

124. Tharaud jerome. Quand Israel N’est Pas Roi. Paris: Plon, 1933. Subtle anti-semitic work 12mo 244 pp. paer yellowing but not brittle covers soiled and torn. Fair. wrapper. (258879) $20.00

125. Traber Habakuk. Verdrangte Musik; Berliner Komponisten im Exil. Berlin: Argon, 1987. 376 pages tear to spine. Very good. Paperback. (271501) $10.00

126. Troncoso Sergio. The nature of truth. Northwestern, 2003. 259 pp. Very good+. Hardback & DJ.
Novel based on the DeMan story , distinguished Professor hides his Nazi past during WW2 and justice is meted out. (271569) $15.00

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On Jewish resistance in Holland during the Shoah (271547) $15.00

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131. Wheeler, Eleanor. Lidice. Prague: Orbis, 1957. 35 pp.dj torn and slight stain. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
The destruction of Lidice by the Nazis and its being rebuilt as a model village. many photos. (271604) $17.00

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Sternfeld DEL pp. 249 Anti Nazi Press in Prague (271475) $75.00

133. Winckler Lutz (hrsg). Antifaschistische Literatur. Programme, Autoren, Werke. Band 1 und 2. Scriptor, 1977. 290+ 286 pp. ten essays discussing the works of anti fascist weiters and organizations. Very Good. Paperback. (271497) $25.00

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135. Wiskemann, Elizabeth. Undeclared War. London: Constable, 1939. 2nd. 330 pp.ex library perforation mark tp. good. cloth.
Contemporary account of Nazi techniques and pressures on the eve of War. Wiskemann had travelled widely in Europe. (271510) $10.00

136. Yerushalmi Yosef. Assimilation and Racial Anti semitism: The Iberian and the German Models. New York: Leo Baeck Institute, 1982. Memorial Lecture 26 , 38 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270164) $18.00

137. Ziegler Herbert. Nazi Germany’s New Aristocracy: The SS Leadership, 1925-1939. Princeton, 1989. 181 pp. sfep. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271540) $16.00

139. Zweig Arnold. Insulted and exiled. The truth about the German Jews. John Miles, 1937. 255 pp. library number on spine and slight mark on fep. Good. Hardcover .
Includes an Outlook for the future (270112) $36.00

140. Zweig Arnold. Insulted and Exiled. The truth about the German Jews. John Miles, 1937. 255 pp.wear to crown of spine. Good. Hardcover .
Includes an Outlook for the future (270113) $36.00

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Fled Prague in 1938 for Palestine where he remained. Exile writer (271572) $40.00

142. Zweig,Stephan (preface by) Stonehill C A (edited by). The Jewish Contribution to Civilization. Cheltenham: C A Stonehill,Booksellers, 1940. Catalog No 144.. 12mo 198 pp. Good. stiff wrap.
First attempt by a bookseller to give a bibliographical survey to the entire contribution.Tremendous, Reflection on the plight of the Jews in Europe (271599) $35.00

“Hamburg” – March 2019

1. Abeles Siegfried. Tams Reise durch die judische Marchenwelt. Funfundzwanzig Kindermarchen nach judisch-volkstumlichen Motiven von Siegfried Abeles. Brandeis, 1922. 100 pp. spine very torn and pages very yellowed but not yet brittle reading copy. Fair. Boards. (266703) $45.00

2. Adler, Elkan Nathan. Von Ghetto zu Ghetto Reisen und Beobachtungen. Stuttgart: Strecker, 1909. 210 pp. ex library with pocket and markings library binding wonderful photos of communities. Good +. cloth.
Mr. Adler spent several years in travel throughout the East, visiting all the countries containing small Jewish colonies. From 1888 to 1898 he made three journeys specially to Egypt and Palestine. In 1892 and 1894 he traveled from Spain to Morocco, and in the latter part of 1894 and at the beginning of 1895 visited Algiers and Tunis. During these journeys he made it a practise to seek Hebrew manuscripts, and in this way accumulated one of the largest private collections in the world. (JE) (272213) $48.00

3. Albeck Chanoch Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums (Berlin, Germany). Das buch der Jubiläen und die Halacha. Berlin: Hochschule, 1930. 165 pp. slight library marks, title written on spine. Good. Boards.
Bericht der Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums, 47. (272273) $20.00

4. Baerwald, Dr. H. (Direktor) Philanthropin. Geschichte der Realschule der israelitischen Gemeinde (Philanthropin) zu Frankfurt am Main 1804-1904. Frankfurt: Joseph Baer, 1904. 207+464 pp. covers worn, slight tears to crown and base of spine, sfep, slight library stamp Important institution that educated Jewish children, Closed by the Nazis in 1942 and reopened recently as a Jewish school again. Good. cloth.
Festschrift zur Jahrhundertfeier der Realschule, Teil 2 is Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen seven essays, including an essay on Die Geschichte der Judengasse in Frankfurt by Prof I. Kracauer (272278) $100.00

5. Balakan David. Nationale Forderungen, national-kulturelle Autonomie. Wien: Suschitzky, 1906. 24 pp paper yellowing but not brittle. ex library with pocket in library binding Marxist discussion of the Jewish Question and Zionism. Good. Boards.
Einzig berechtigte Uebersetzung aus dem Jüdischen von David Balakan. (272032) $45.00

6. Balakan David. Die Sozialdemokratie und das jüdische Proletaria. Czernowitz: Pardini, 1905. 63 pp. library stamped . Good. Boards.
The national question is a linguistic question (272231) $65.00

7. Bambus W. Palästina. Land und Leute. Reiseschilderungen. Cronbach, 1898. 175 pp ex library with markings and pocket, with title written on spine and tape on spine includes some wonderful photographs. Good. Boards.
Journey taken on by an observant Jew to report on the economic conditions of his co religionists. (272216) $65.00

8. Beer B. Das Buch der Jubilaen und sein Verhaltniss zu den Midraschim : ein Beitrag zur orientalischen Sagen- und Alterthumskunde. gerhard, 1856. 80 pp.ex library with markings taped spines slight marginal xs, appears to have the signatue of S Munk, important Orientalist and involved in settling the Damascus Affair, has stamp of Judisches Seminar in Breslau and other library. Good. Boards. (272240) $50.00

9. Bernfeld, Dr. Siegfried (redakteur). Jerubbaal: Eine Zeitschrift der judischen Jugend; Erster Jahrgang 1918-1919. Berlin-Wien: Lowit, 1918. 484 pp., new endpapers, new title page and new cloth spine, library mark to back boards, paper yellowing but not brittle articles by psychoanalysts, Gerhard Scholem, Martin Buber et al. Good. Boards.
Bernfeld developed an increasing interest in Zionism, and in April 1918 he founded the magazine Jerubbaal , which was intended to “bring together the conflicting Zionist and Socialist factions within the Jewish youth and call to life a youth movement as the avant-garde of Jewish nationalism” (270392) $175.00

10. Blogg Salomon Ephraim Haggadah. HaHagadah shel Pesach Ha Haggdah shel Pesach. Hannover: Teignener, 1836. 30 double pages, hinges need repair, book bit shaken tears to spine, inscribed by Cantor Grunfeld in 1934 Good. Boards. (272296) $85.00

11. Bodenheimer Max. Ein zionistisches Lebensbild; nach seinen Schriften und Briefen von Henriette Bodenheimer. Koln: Interpress, 1986. 95 pages active in Zionist activities in Germany in mid century. Good. Paperback.
Bodenheimer was a lawyer and one of the main figures in German Zionism. An associate of Theodor Herzl, he was the first president of the Zionist Federation of Germany and one of the founders of the Jewish National Fund.[1] After his flight in 1933 from Nazi Germany, and a short sojourn in Holland, he settled in Palestine in 1935.(272341) $9.00

12. Boer Tjitze de . Geschichte der Philosophie im Islam. Frommans, 1901. 193 pp. ex library with book plate and pocket. Good. Hardcover .
Tjitze de Boer ( Wirdum 1866 – The Hague 1942 ) was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (1906) and a great Islamist . He became a conservator-librarian of the Fries Museum and later of the University Library of Groningen and again later a lower secondary scholar of the Royal Library in The Hague. (272207) $30.00

13. Bogratschoff, Ch. Entstehung,Entwicklung und Prinzipien des Chassidismus. 1906. PhD. theses 62 pp. ex library with pocket taped spine. Good. Boards. (272239) $20.00

14. Borodianski Haim (bearbeitet von). Moses Mendelssohn Gesammelte Schriften Jubilaumsausgabe; Hebraische Schriften III Briefwechsel. Akademie, 1929. Sechzehnter Band 310+142 in Hebrew and German slight marks on foreedge and tears on boards quarter leather and red papered boards. Good. Boards. (270448) $45.00

15. Buck Gerhard. Die judischen Idsteiner 1648-1806. Camberger Verlag, 1988. 196 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
Well researched and full of documents (272313) $36.00

16. (Carlebach Julius). Studien zur jüdischen Geschichte und Soziologie : Festschrift Julius Carlebach. Winter, 1992. 219 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Hochschule fur Judische Studien Heidelberg (271660) $30.00

17. Chotzner J me-Joseph ben Shelomoh ha-mekunneh. Ot zikaron : toldot Riṭal Tsunts Toledot Rabbi Yom-Ṭob Lipman [i.e. ] Leopold Zunz z”l. S.B. Schwarzberg, 1891. 13 pp.In Hebrew biography of Leopold Zunz ex library with markings. Good +. library binding. (272222) $30.00

18. Divre Hayamim ( Book of Chronicles) with Pirus Rashi, Niur and Michlol Yofi. Includes a Yiddish translation checked according to Minhat Shay. Karlsruhe: gedruckt in der grossch priv. hebr. Buchdruckerey, 1836. 112 pp.new decorated boards, new cloth spine and end papers, slight foxing, aboutt en pages top corners creased and small part of page may come off, Good +. Boards.
German translation printed in Rabbinic Hebrew characters and read like Yiddish. Rosenfeld Jewish Printing In Karlsruhe no 92 (272336) $65.00

19. Dr. Adolf Altmann zum Gedenken. Stadt Trier, 1980. 30 pp ex library. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Rabbi from Trier murdered at Auschwitz. (272300) $18.00

20. Dubnow, S.M. Die Judische Geschichte: Ein geschichtsphilosophischer Versuch. Berlin: Calvary, 1898. zweite. 89 pp ex library with markings paper in good shape bound with M Dessauer Der Sokrates der Meizeit und sein Gedankenschatz.: Sammtliche Schriften Spinoza’s gemeinverstandlich und kurz gefasst.Schettler 1877 182 pp. ppaer yellowing but not brittle ex library also. Good. Boards. (272224) $25.00

21. Eckstein, Dr. A. Predigten aus dem Nachlass von Dr. M. Joel, Rabbiner der israelitische Gemeinde zu Breslau. Breslau: Schottlaender, 1894. 316 p. Band II. Fest und Gelegenheitspredigten. Good +. Cloth. (272297) $10.00

22. Elbogen J. Studien zur Geschichte des judischen Gottesdienstes. Mayer, 1907. 99 pp. ex library with pocket taped spine reading copy Ismar Elbogen was an important Jewish hsitorian who fled Nazi Germany for the USA. Good. Hardcover .
This work covers the entire range of Jewish liturgical development, beginning with the early cornerstones of the siddur; through the evolution of the medieval piyyut tradition; to modern prayerbook reform in Germany and the United States. It is the most thorough academic study of the Jewish liturgy ever written. (272286) $18.00

23. Flade, Roland. Die Wurzburger Juden Ihre Geschichte von Mittelalter vis der Gegenwart; Historische Verein. Stuertz, 1987. 518 pp dj torn. Good. Hardcover . (266489) $40.00

24. Funk S. Die Juden in Babylonien 200-500. Poppelauer, 1902. 160 pp. ex library with pocket and has maps. Good. Boards. (272235) $17.00

25. Furst, Dr. Julius. Geschichte des Karäerthums von 1575 bis 1865 der gewöhnlichen Zeitrechnung. Die Letzten vier Abschnitte (1575 – 1865); Eine kurze Darstellung seiner Entwickelung Lehr und Literatur. Leipzig: Leiner, 1865. 179 + 38 pp.pp. ex library with pocket. good. boards. (272236) $20.00

26. Furst, Dr. Julius. Geschichte des Karäerthums von 900 bis 1575; Eine kurze Darstellung seiner Entwickelung Lehr und Literatur. Leipzig: Leiner, 1865. 324+ 122 pp. ex library with pocket. good. boards. (272221) $25.00

27. Geiger Eduard Doctor Theologie Benedectiner Stifter. Der Psalter Salomo’s. Augsburg: Wolfischen, 1871. 166 pp. ex library with markings. Good. library binding. (272272) $16.00

28. Gold Hugo Hrsg. Max Brod. Ein Gedenkbuch. 1884-1968. Olamenu, 1969. 320 pp. + pictures, memories of important German Jewish writer who fled Germany for Palestine, was close friend of Kafka and executor of his estate.n0 90/300 ehrenexemplare signed by Gold and given to Guido Kisch . Very Good. Hardcover . (272304) $20.00

29. Goldstein, Julius ( begrunder). Der Morgen [Monatsschrift der Juden in Deutschland] Jahrgang 1-10 and 12. Berlin: Philo Verlag, 1925-1934 + 1936/1937. eleven volumes each complete , in original blue cloth ,Periodical was published until 1938f or a total of 14 volumes , paper in very good shape until 1931 when starts yellowing but not brittle (12 Jahrgang is Heft 1-12 April 1936- – Mar 1937) good. Boards.
Articles/poems/essays by Leo Baeck, Thomas Mann, Franz Kafka, Joseph Roth, Hugo Hahn. Julius Bab, Max Dienemann etc Amazing assortment of scholarship.Important reflection on German Jewish life. (270210) $450.00

30. Goslar Hans (einfuhrung). Hygiene und Judentum Eine Sammelschrift. Dresden: Sternlicht, 1930. 127 pp.new spine and hinges repaired. Fair. Hardcover .
Significant collection of essays re Eastern Jewy, social hygiene, Palestine, the Talmud. By Rabbis and Medical Doctors. (256986) $36.00

31. Gottschalk,B. Der judische Jugendgottesdienst nach Theorie und Praxis. Berlin: Poppelauer, 1915. 53 pp. ex library with markings heavily pencil underlined . good. library binding. (272223) $25.00

32. Grunwald, Dr Max (editor). Jahrbuch fur Judische Volkskunde. Berlin: Benjamin Harz, 1923. 480 pp. new hinges and spine, covers worn. Good. Boards.
Important collection of essays on Jewish folk customs. This edition celebrates the 25th anniversary of the periodical. (270655) $40.00

33. Gudemann Dr Moritz (Oberrabbiner in Wien). Geschichte Des Erziehungswesens Und Der Cultur Der Juden in Frankreich Und Deutschland Von Der Begründung Der Jüdischen Wissenschaft in Diesen Ländern Bis Zur Vertreibung Der Juden Aus Frankreich. (X. – XIV Jahrhundert). Wien: Holder, 1880. 291 pp. ex library with markings and pocket, taped spine reading copy, paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. library binding.
Moritz (Moshe) Güdemann attended the Jewish school in Hildesheim, and thereafter went to a Catholic Gymnasium. He was educated at the University of Breslau (Ph.D. 1858), and took his rabbinical diploma (1862) at the newly founded Jewish Theological Seminary there.[1] In the latter year he was called to the rabbinate of Magdeburg; in 1866 he went to Vienna as preacher, where he became rabbi in 1868, and chief rabbi in 1892. (wikipedia) was associated with Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Wissenschaft des Judenthums (272226) $36.00

34. Gudemann Dr Moritz (Oberrabbiner in Wien). Geschichte Des Erziehungswesens Und Der Cultur Der Juden in Italien wahrend dees Mittelalters. Wien: Holder, 188. 347 pp. ex library with markings and pocket, taped spine reading copy,paper yellowing but not brittle . Good. library binding.
Moritz (Moshe) Güdemann attended the Jewish school in Hildesheim, and thereafter went to a Catholic Gymnasium. He was educated at the University of Breslau (Ph.D. 1858), and took his rabbinical diploma (1862) at the newly founded Jewish Theological Seminary there.[1] In the latter year he was called to the rabbinate of Magdeburg; in 1866 he went to Vienna as preacher, where he became rabbi in 1868, and chief rabbi in 1892. (wikipedia) was associated with Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Wissenschaft des Judenthums (272228) $48.00

35. Hartmann Richard. Palastina unter den Arabern 632-1516; Hinrichs, 1915. 53 pp. ex library with markings and pocket taped spine. Good. Boards.
Das Land der Bibel, Band 1, Heft 4; (272212) $10.00

36. Heinemann Dr. Isaak. Die Lehre von der Zweckbestimmung des Menschen im griechisch-romischen Altertum und im judischen Mittelalter. Marcus, 1926. 102 pp/ ex library with markings, paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Boards. (272211) $15.00

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38. Herlitz, Georg. Judisches Lexikon: Ein enzyklopadisches Handbuch des judischen Wissens in vier Banden. Mit uber 2000 Illustrationen….. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1927. In 5 volumes,with all new spines , spine labels say Lexicon in place of Lexikon heavy tomes. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Important reference work on German Jewry (272277) $125.00

39. Hoff Dr E. Hebraische Chrestomathie nebst einem Anhange: Kurzgefasste hebr Grammatik; I Theil fur die unterclassen der Mittelschule. Wien: Perles, 1898. 31+ 141 pp in German and Hebrew. hinges shot, spine very torn, library mark tp. Good. Boards.
Bezirksrabbiner und offentlicher Religionslehrer an der deutschen Landes Oberrealschule in Prossnitz (266888) $20.00

40. Hoffmann Rabbiner M. Judentum und Kapitalismus: eine Kritische Wurdigung von Werner Sombart’s “Die Juden und das Wirtschftsleben”. Itzkowski, 1912. 192 pp. ex library with library pocket. Good. Boards. (272230) $55.00

41. Horodezky Dr. S.A. Mystisch-religiose Stromungen unter den Juden in Polen im 16.-18. Jahrhundert. Leipzig: engel, 1914. 80 pp. ex library with pocket and book plate and taped spine. Good. Boards. (272232) $25.00

42. Horovitz Dr. S. Die Stellung des aristoteles bei den Juden des Mittelalters. Leipzig: Fock, 1911. 18 pages, ex library with markings and pocket, Good. Boards. (272269) $17.00

43. Hyams Helge-Ulrike. Judische Kindheit in Deutschland. Eine Kulturgeschichte. Fink, 1995. 199 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272250) $10.00

44. Idelsohn, Abraham. Sefer ha-shirim : le-gane-yeladim, le-vate-sefer ʻamamiyim ṿe-tikhonim. Berlin: Yalkut, 1922. In Hebrew, filled with songs, library marked, new hinges 128 pp. good. cloth. (272256) $15.00

45. Italiener Bruno (hrsg). Die Darmstadter Pessach – Haggadah, codex orientalis 8 der Landesbibliothek zu Darmstadt aus dem vierzehnten Jahrhundert, herausgegeben und erläutert von Bruno Italiener, unter Mitwirkung von Aron Freimann, August L. Mayer und Adolf Schmidt; mit einer Gesamtbibliographie der illustrierten Haggadah. Verlag Karl W. Hiersemann, , 1927. 2 volumes. Vol. 1: Folio, unpaginated and is a lovely facsimile of a medieval illuminated Hebrew manuscript. Vol. 2: Octavo. 313 pp of German and Hebrew text reviewing and evaluating the manusript 16 plates with b/w facsimiles of manuscripts. With work by Aron Freimann and August Meyer and Gesamt Bibliothek Three-quarter leather over decorated paper-covered boards with gilt decorated spines. Crowns have slight tears Scuffing and age wear to leather and boards Number 234/350 issued Yaari 2064
Originating in the 13th century this manuscript was probably produced in the late 14th or early 15th century. The scribe Israel Ben Meir from Heidelberg signs his name in the colophon on folio 56v. (271650) $1,250.00

46. Jellinek Dr. Ad. Beitrage zur Geschichte der Kabbala Zweites Heft. Leipzig: Fritzsche, 1852. 82 pp.+ xviii pp. In German and Hebrew, worn boards. Good. Boards.
War Predigter der isr. Cultusgemeinde in Wien (266954) $45.00

47. Jellinek Dr. Ad. Predigten. Wien: Gerold, 1862. 144-263 pp. Israels Hoffnung Huttenfest 1858, ex library with marking and book plate and taped spine. Good. boards.
War Predigter der isr. Cultusgemeinde in Wien (272238) $20.00

48. Jirku . Materialien zur Volksreligion Israels. Scholl, 1914. 149 pp. ex library with markings. Good. Boards.
The basic trend in his work, prolific and often forced in its scholarly presentation (see his collected works Von Jerusalem nach Ugarit, 1966), is the attempt to understand biblical phenomena by comparing them with their ancient Oriental environment. His early works are mainly concerned with the popular religion of ancient Israel, in particular with its miraculous and magical elements (Die Daemonen und ihre Abwehr im Alten Testament, 1912; Mantik in Altisrael, 1913; Materialien zur Volksreligion Israels, 1914).(JVL) (272214) $12.00

49. Jost, Dr. J.M. Neuere Geschichte der Israeliten von 1815 bis 1845 mit Nachtragen und Berichtungen zur alteren Geschichte. Erste Abtheilung: Deutsche Staaten. Zweite Abtheilung : Die Staaten und Lander ausser Deutschland. Berlin: Schlessinger, 18591846. 384 pp. +384 pp. ex library with markings boards worn and leather spines worn(two volumes out of three) Good-. Boards. (272243) $36.00

50. Judische Nationalfonds. Was ist und was will der judische Nationalfonds? Koln: Judische Nationalfonds Keren Kajemeth, 1907. 32 pp. folded in half slight library tape on cover, includes images of tzedakah box ,
plaques for those donating funds and map of Jewish colonies in Palestine. Good. wrapper. (253705) $28.00

51. Judisches Familienblatt. Menorah Judisches Familienblatt fur Wissenschaft/ Kunst und Literatur; 4 Jahrgang. Wien Frankfurt: Menorah, 1926. 722 pp, Good. Boards.
Full year. 12 issues Filled with wonderful articles, on Jewish life,ritual objects, synagogue plans ,artist’s drawings. Jewish life in Germany and Austria. (260193) $45.00

52. Katzenfurter Heute . Chapter Aus der Geschichte der ehemaligen judischen Gemeinde Katzenfurts von Horst Keiner. Katzenfurter Verein fur Heimat Geschichte, 2008. pp. 43-68 chapter on history of the Jews in Katzenfurts and their plight during the Shoah, and those who escaped with pictures of the cemetery. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270432) $30.00

53. Kayserling Dr M. Die Juden in Navarra, den Baskenlaendern und auf den Balearen. Berlin: Springer, 1861. 224 pp. ex library with pocket. Good. Hardcover . (268866) $20.00

54. Kellerman B translator Ben Gerson, Lewi [Levi ben Gershon. Die Kampfe Gottes : Schriften der Lehranstalt fur die Wissenschaft des Judentums: Band III Heft 1. 2. & Band V Heft 1 3. Ubersetzung und Erklarung des handschriftlich revidierten Textes von Benzion Kellermann. Mayer und Muller, 1914 1916. two volumes 310 + 352 pp. ex library with markings in library binding. Good. library cloth binding. (272027) $78.00

55. Klatzkin, Dr Jakob, Elbogen, Dr I, Redakteurs. Encyclopaedia Judaica: Das Judentum in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Berlin: Verlag Eschkol, 1928-1934. All ten volumes present. Volume ten is very scarce. Letters A-L; quarter leather, tears to crowns of spine, leather rubbed, sides of spine some wear,, volume 8 lacks small piece from top of spine, heavy tomes . Good. Boards.
Only 10 volumes were published due to Nazi intervention. Important reference Key scholars involved. Major tomes. Masterful massive scholarly undertaking. [VOL.I]: Aach-Akademien / [VOL.II]: Akademien-Apostasie / [VOL.III]: Apostel-Beerajim / [VOL.IV]: Beer-bing – Caligari / [VOL.V]: Cahan-Draguignan / [VOL.VI]: Drama-Gabinius / [VOL.VII]: Gabirol-Hess / [VOL.VIII]: Hesse-Jerusalem / [VOL.IX]: Jerusalem-Kimschi / [VOL.X]: Kimchit-Lyra. (272276) $236.00

56. Kohn Dr P J Pinschas Jakob Kohn. Rabbinischer Humor aus alter und neuer Zeit Eine Sammlung von Anekdoten und “Guten Wortchen”. Lamm, 1915. 126 pp. ex library with markings. Good. Hardcover . (272206) $36.00

57. Kohn J H. Bibel- und Talmudschatz : die Propheten. Pest: Deutsch, 1867. 1-312 + 313-626 pp taped spine hinges starting .ex library with markings reading copy two volumes. Good. Boards. (272324) $25.00

58. Kohn J H. Der Bibelschatz : die Psalmen Davids : mit den vorzüglichsten Kommentaren, Midrasch- und Talmundstellen, nebst Gedichten, Sagen und Legenden zur Geistes- und Herzensbildung für die Familie bearbeitet ; als Anhang, ein Hauskalender für alle Neumonds, Fest-, Fast-, und Jahrzeitstage auf 20 Jahre vorhinein berechnet. budapest: deutsch, 1870. 325 pp. ex library with markings reading copy volume 1 of 2 Good-. Boards. (272323) $25.00

59. Krauss Samuel . Monumenta Talmudica; Funfter Band: Geschichte 1 Teil Griechen und Romer Erstes Heft. Orion Verlag, 1914. 194 pp. , in Hebew and German,slight library mark to tp and last page , large tome,title in white on spine. Good. library binding. (272146) $37.00

60. Kreppel J. Wie der Jude lacht Anthologie Judische Witze Satiren Anekdoten Humoresken Aphorismen; Ein beitrag zur Pscyhologie des judischen Witzes und zur judischen Volkskunde. Wien: Das Buch, 1933. 119 pp. ex library marked paper browning but not brittle. Good. library binding. (272229) $46.00

61. Lazarus L. Zur Charakteristik der talmudischen Ethik. Kauffmann, 1922. 48 pp. ex library with markings and pocket taped spine. Good. library binding. (272261) $12.00

62. Levi S. Feld Gebetbuch. Wilnaer Zeitung, 1918. 184 pp. In Hebrew and German , pages yellowing, ex library with markings taped spine. Good-. Boards.
“Im Auftrage der Feldrabbiner des Ostens hat Armeerabbiner Dr. S. Levi … die Herausgabe des Buches besorgt ;die Uebertragungen der hebräischen Gebete … und die deutschen Gebete sind – mit Ausnahme der namentlich bezeichneten Psalmen … – vom Herausgeber verfasst.”–Geleit-wort. (272254) $20.00

63. Levy Louis . Tekufat ha-shanah : kolel arbaʻah shirim ʻal arbaʻ ʻitote ha-shanah … Orbis Anni : vel opusculum continens quator carmina Hebraica ; de quator anni temporibus, veris, aestatis, autumni, hiemisque. Berlin: 1842. xvi pp. intro + 98 pp. three pages of intro have black ink stains on top covering some of the text, ex library with book plate and pocket and taped spine. Good. Boards.
me-et Asher Limel ben Mosheh mi-bet ha-Leṿi. (272245) $125.00

64. Lewkowitz Albert . Das Judentum und die Geistigen Strömungen der Neuzeit. I.Die Renaissance. Marcus, 1929. 96 pp. ex library with markings and pocket. Good. library binding. (272141) $18.00

65. Lippert, Julius. Der Seelencult in seinen Beziehungen zur althebraischen Religion. Eine ethnologische Studie. Hofmann, 1881. 181 pp. ex library with markings. Good. Boards. (272215) $24.00

66. Loewe Heinrich. Alter judischer Volkshumor aus Talmud und Midrasch. Gebruder Stiebel Soncino, 1931. 85 pp. new spine furled pages at lower corners and also some at top corner with slight tears. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
(den Teilnehmern an d. Jahresversammlung d. Soncino-Ges. d. Freunde d. jud. Buches v. ihren Mitgliedern in d. Cechosl. Republik uberreicht). (272248) $85.00

67. Loewe Heinrich. Ignaz Goldziher Ein Wort des Gedenkens. Berlin: Soncino, 5689. Festschrift for Goldziher. large 8vo 10 pp tears to cover and last pages tears at bottom of pages. good. wrapper.
Freunden des judischen Buches uberreicht von Josef Altmann (272329) $45.00

68. Mahzor Keminhag Polin Rusin Pinhas Tahaarin Vesharei Kehilt Kedoshot; Rosh Hashanah ve Yom Kippur. Wien: hraschanzky deutsch hebraisch buchdruckerei, 1794. beautiful type for many of the key prayers, Raschi script commentary at bottom and sides, four page bottom pieces lacking from commentary torn pages, tears along side of leather spine, tears cracks to spine. Good-. leather or calf. (266741) $65.00

69. Marmorstein, Dr. Arthur. Religionsgeschichtliche Studien. 1 Die Bezeichnungen fur Christen und Gnostiker im Talmud und Midras. Vinkovci: selbst, 1910. 118 pages library marked, book plate . Good-. Boards.
Rabbiner Skotschau (Ost Schlesien) He studied at the yeshivah of Pressburg and the rabbinic seminaries of Budapest and Berlin. After visiting libraries for some time in England, Italy, and France, transcribing manuscripts, Marmorstein served for six years as rabbi at Jamnitz (Jemnice), Czechoslovakia. From 1912 until his death he taught at Jews’ College, London. Marmorstein’s scholarship embraced many subjects. His initial training at the universities was in Semitics, with special emphasis on Assyriology. He was particularly fascinated by the aggadic sections of the Talmud and by liturgy. Though Marmorstein contributed to many areas of Jewish scholarship, he is noteworthy for his studies in rabbinic theology, the subject of his two important volumes Doctrine of Merits in Old Rabbinic Literature (1920) and Old Rabbinic Doctrine of God (2 pts., 1927);(EJ) (272217) $45.00

70. Meisl Josef. Protokollbuch der Judischen Gemeinde Berlin (1723-1854). Mass, 1962. LXXXII, 544pp. ex library with pocket, In Hebrew and some German. Good. Hardcover . (272028) $25.00

71. (Mendelssohn Moses). Netiboth Haschalom Sefer Bereschith im tirgum Onkelos veperush Rashi vebeur vetirgum Ashkenai huga behaga’a meduyeket al pi haKhumash Tikun Sofrim shel . . . Itzik Premsla z.l. veal pi . . . Moshe Dessau z.l. venitvasfu seder HaHaftarot vekhamesh megilot. . . Wien: Schmid, 1818. 435 pp. frontispeice portrait of Mendelssohn tipped in and illustration on title page, new blue boards and new endpapers and hinges, some dog eared pages. Good. Boards.
1, Sefer netivot ha-salom : wehuʼ ḥibur kolel ḥamisat ḥumse Torah ʻim targum Askenazi u-veʼur = Netiboth Haschalom / Moseh mi-Desoy Sefer Beresit = Bereschith.(worldcat entry)… Sepher Nethivoth Hashalom, more commonly known as the Bi’ur, is Moses Mendelssohn’s revolutionary translation of the Pentateuch. Mendelsson translated the Pentateuch into German using Hebrew characters while the commentary was composed in Hebrew. The commentary aimed to explain the translation choices made by Mendelssohn and drew heavily on traditional medieval Jewish Bible commentators.(Kestenbaum entry) Was originally published in 1783 (271224) $265.00

72. Menkhoff Reelf . Chronik von Osterholz-Scharmbeck Band 1 Von den Anfangen bis 1929. Germany: Stadt Osterholz Scharmbeck, 2004. 422 pp. large 8vo, with information about the many Jewish families that lived in the town and how they blended with the townsfolk. Very Good. Hardcover . (268663) $65.00

73. Midrash Rabah al Sefer Bamidbar. Czernowitz: eckhardt, 1840. hinge starting writings on endpapers and commentary in Hebrew on last endpaper, slight wormholes. Good. Full Leather. (258338) $35.00
74. Mohr Abraham Menahem Mendel. Dagul me-revavah : sefer toldot melekh rav, Napoleʼon ha-rishon, kesar erets Tsarfat … Dagul Mewwawah. Czernowitz: Gedruckt bei Johann Eckardt , 1855. 228 pp. In Hebrew ex library with stamps and pocket, taped spine with white titles boards worn. Good-. Boards. (272337) $75.00

75. Neubauer Adolf. Aus der Petersburger Bibliothek : Beitrage und Dokumente zur Geschichte des Karaerthums und der karaischen Literatur. Leipzig: Leiner, 1860. 150 + 66 pp. In German and Hebrew, ex library with marking and pocket, taped spine, paper in good condition. Good. Boards.
Schriften / Institut zur Forderung der israelitischen Literatur, (272242) $36.00

76. Neuen Isr Tempels in Hamburg. Gebetbuch fur die offentliche und hausliche Andacht der Isr. nach dem gebrauch des Neuen Isr. Tempels. Hamburg: Berensohn, 1845. 2nd. 438 pp.foxing and brownish stains to bottom of pages not affecting readability, wear to leather sine and corners. Good-. Boards.
Beginning of the Reform Movement J M Rosenthal’s copy (270656) $100.00

77. Niemirower, I. J. Chassidismus und Zaddikismus Rabbiner der spaniolischen Gemeinde in BUKAREST. Brill, 1924. 324 pp. ex library with book plate and taped spine. Good. Hardcover .
Miemirower was a Romanian Modern Reform Rabbi, close to reformistic trends in the Western European Judaism, theologist, philosopher and historian. Served as the first Chief Rabbi of Romanian Jewry between 1921–1939, and was a member of the Romanian Senate from 1927 and until his death. An ardent supporter of Zionism and a courageous fighter against Antisemitism, Dr. Niemirower defended the civil and human rights of Romanian Jews and led them on the path towards modernization of community life, in the spirit of what he called Cultural Judaism. (272209) $48.00

78. Nordmann Dr med Achilles arzt in Basel. Der israelitische Friedhof in Hegenheim in geschichtlicher Darstellung mit 6 Taf. in Lichtdrruck. Basel: Wackerngelsche, 1910. 205 pp. + plates ex library with markings and pocket and taped spine. Good. Boards.
( 21. Juli 1863 in Hégenheim, Elsass; † 10. Februar 1927 in Basel) war ein Schweizer Arzt und Historiker. (272233) $75.00

79. Oettingen Alexander von. Die synagogale Elegik des Volkes Israel insbesondere die Zion- Elegie Judah ha Levi’s in ihrer national-religiosen, historischen und ästhetischen Bedeutung : zur Erlangung der venia Legendi, verfasst und mit Genehmigung einer hochwuurdigne theologischen Facultat der Kaiserlichen Universitat Dorpat. Dorpat, Estonia: H. Laakmann, 1852. 132 pp. ex library with markings white title written on spine seems to be inscribed by the author. Good. Boards.
Alexander von Oettingen was a German-Baltic Lutheran theologian and thought leader in social ethics , professor at the University of Dorpat and Imperial Russian State Councilor. (272263) $30.00

80. Olsvanger, Immanuel gesammelt von. Rosinkess mit Mandlen, aus d. Volksliteratur d. Ostjuden gesammelt; Schwanke Erzahlingen Volkslieder und Ratsel. Schweizer. Ges. f. Volkskunde, 1920. 292 pp. hinges repaired and new endpapers spine slight reapir white numbers at base of spine. Good +. Boards. (271890) $85.00

81. Philippson Ludwig. Die heilige schrift der Israeliten in deutschen ubertrangung illustriet von Gustav Dore. Halberger, 1874. 802 pp. The text and plates are combined in one volume This is the Erste Buch. Very heavy tome. Spine has been repaired and new hinges. some water staining last few pages, some repaired pages, There is a family list of deaths in Hebrew on free end paper.Dore illustrations are magnificent full pages. Good. Boards.
The Bible edition that was used by Siegmund Freud’s father and given to him as a child with inscription by his father Jacob.A masterpiece of graphic design, the Philippson Bible (1858) has text not only in two languages, but two alphabets, along with an expanded scientific apparatus of notes and references and over 700 engraved illustrations. Philippson’s remarkable work is nothing less than a monumental archive of image/text interface, grandly authoritative in its scope and scale. Philippson’s overwhelming reliance on Orientalist imagery, animals, romantic landscapes, and Greco-Roman antiquities reinforces the sense that the work presents a veritable encyclopedia of nature and antiquity, explained visually by way of ethnography, archaeology, and art. This was the book from which Sigmund Freud was educated by his father in his earliest years. As an elderly bibliophile, with a profound knowledge of art and archaeology, Freud stated that his “deep engrossment in the Bible” from his first years as a reader had an enduring effect upon the direction of his interests. (271335) $360.00

82. Porjes A. Torat ha-hayim Lehrbuch der Physiologie des Menschen und der Thiere nach dem neuesten Standpunkte der Wissenschaft bearbeitet (In Hebrew). Wien: Brog, 1879. 151 pp. In Hebrew ex library with pocket and stamps paper yellowing. Fair. Hardcover . (272338) $25.00

83. Pracht-Joerns, Elfi. Judisches Kulturerbe in Nordrhein-Westfalen Teil I: Regierungsbezirk Koln. Koln: Bachem, 1997. 650 pp. long pen inscription on fep. Good. Hardcover . (266462) $45.00

84. Preis Dr Karl. Die Medizin in der Kabbala. Frankfurt-am-Main: Schriften der Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaft des Judentums. Kaufmann, 1928. 20 pp. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (272205) $25.00
85. Protokoll der Sitzungen der Judischen Welt Konferenz Genf 14-17 August 1932. Berlin: Judischen Welt Kongresses, 1932. 175 pp. slight library mark on fep, number on spine. Good. Hardcover .
Jewish World Congress Delegates from all over the world discussing the situation of European Jewry (270436) $65.00

86. Rashi; Levi ben Gershom; Joseph Johlson. Sefer Mishle : meturgam Ashkenazit me- hadash im pirushe RaSh’y ve-Ralba’g u-Mikhlal Yofi. Karlsruhe: gedruckt in der grossch priv. hebr. Buchdruckere, 1834. 112 pp. decorated boards, leather spine worn, tears to spine and edges of covers, heavily foxed in parts, some creased pages. Good +. Boards.
German translation printed in Rabbinic Hebrew characters and read like Yiddish.Rosenfeld Jewish Printing In Karlsruhe no 89 (272330) $45.00

87. Rosenzweig Franz. Sechzig Hymnen und Gedichte des Jehuda Halevi. Wohrler, 1924. 176 pp. new spine some fading sunning to blue cover. Good +. Boards.
Translation of Halevi’s poems into German with commentary (264014) $45.00

88. Ruck Peter. Abraham Bresslau (1813 – 1884): Briefe aus Dannenberg 1835 – 1839 : mit einer Einleitung zur Familiengeschichte des Historikers Harry Bresslau (1848 – 1926) und zur Geschichte der Juden in Dannenberg. Marburg: 2007. 286 pp. large 8vo. Very Good. Paperback. (267105) $65.00

89. Schaible Karl. Die Juden in England vom achten Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart ; ein kulturgeschichtliches Bild. Karlsruhe: Braun, 1890. 133 pp. library mark on tp. Good +. Boards. (266948) $25.00

90. Schirmann Jefim . Die hebräische Ubersetzung der Maqamen des Harir. Jerusalem: Kauffmann, 1930. 133 pp. ex library with book plate taped spine. Good-. Boards.
Schirman began lecturing in medieval poetry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1942, and became a professor there in 1954. (272270) $36.00
91. Scholem G dozent . Sefer ha-Tamar. Das Buch von der Palme des Abu Aflah aus Syracus. Ein Text aus der arabischen Geheimwissenschaft. Nach der allein erhaltenen hebraischen Übersetzung herausgeg. und übersetzt. Heft II. Uebersetzung. Orient Buchhandlung Arthus Scholem, 1927. 59 pp. lacks free end paper new hinges white title on spine smudges at corner of cover. Good. Boards.
Heft II only (272244) $100.00

92. Schubert, Kurt (editor). Studia Judaica Austriaca: Bd. XII: Die Osterreichischen Hofjuden und ihre Zeit. Eisenstadt: OJM, 1991. 120 pages +55 plates many in color , bottom corner of cover creased . good. Paperback.
Exhibition catalog from the Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt. (270685) $15.00

93. Schwar Joseph; Salomon Hirschinger; Israel Schwarz. Das heilige Land fur schulen bearbeitet. Koln: Schauburg, 1859. 150 pp. ex library with pocket and torn spine reading copy. Fair. Boards. (272268) $15.00
94. segel Binyamin. Morija und Golgatha. Poppelauer, 1915. 24 pp. ex library with markings taped spine. Good. Boards.
Believe the work compares the potential sacrifice of Isaac at Moriah with the death and sacrifice of Jesus (272237) $16.00

95. Seoher Jermiyahu Book of Jeremiah with Pirush Rashi, Maharma Arama, Michlol Yofi and a new Yiddish translation. Karlsruhe: gedruckt in der grossch priv. hebr. Buchdruckerey, 1829. 220 pp. first few pages blotched , work shows evidence of water staining, new decorated boards, new cloth spine and end papers, some slight foxing and staining throughout. Good +. Boards.
German translation printed in Rabbinic Hebrew characters and read like Yiddish. Rosenfeld Jewish Printing In Karlsruhe no 84 (272334) $55.00

96. Sepher Jechezekel with Pirus Rashi, Niur and Michlol Yofi and a Yiddish translation checked according to Minhat Shay. Karlsruhe: gedruckt in der grossch priv. hebr. Buchdruckerey, 1830. 197 pp. new decorated boards, new cloth spine and end papers, top of about 100 pages dark foxing like stain. Good +. Boards.
German translation printed in Rabbinic Hebrew characters and read like Yiddish. Rosenfeld Jewish Printing In Karlsruhe no 85 (272332) $65.00

97. Sepher Jeshaya Book of Isaiah with Pirush Rashi, Eben Ezra, Michlol Yofi and a Yiddish translation by Isaiah b Chaim Hochstadter. Karlsruhe: gedruckt in der grossch priv. hebr. Buchdruckerey, 1827. 240 pp. new decorated boards, new cloth spine and end papers, some slight foxing and staining throughout. Good +. Boards.
German translation printed in Rabbinic Hebrew characters and read like Yiddish. Rosenfeld Jewish Printing In Karlsruhe no 83 (272333) $75.00

98. Sepher Minha Chadasha containing all the books of the Former Prophets with a Yiddish translation and Rashi, Michlal Yofi, Biur and Toalioth Ha RalbagSefer Yehoshua. Karlsruhe: gedruckt in der grossch priv. hebr. Buchdruckerey, 1837. 155 pp. new decorated boards, new cloth spine and end papers, some slight foxing and staining throughout. Good +. Boards.
German translation printed in Rabbinic Hebrew characters and read like Yiddish. Rosenfeld Jewish Printing In Karlsruhe no 97. This part contains Joshua and Judges. Does not have German on title page only Hebrew. (272331) $65.00

99. Silberner Edmund. Moses Hess Briefwechsel. Mouton, 1959. 678 pp. ex library with pocket reading copy. Good. Hardcover . (272029) $28.00

100. Siphre Tre asar Book of the twelve Minor Prophets with Pirush Rashi, Eben Ezra, Michlol Yofi and a Yiddish translation by Asher b Joseph Fulda known as Johlson. Karlsruhe: gedruckt in der grossch priv. hebr. Buchdruckerey, 1827. 220 pp. new decorated boards, new cloth spine and end papers, some slight foxing and staining throughout. Good +. Boards.
German translation printed in Rabbinic Hebrew characters and read like Yiddish. Rosenfeld Jewish Printing In Karlsruhe no 82 Includes a vorwort des Ubersetzers in Yiddish . (272335) $65.00

101. Spitz Jonas. Das biblische Palastina : zum bessern Verstadnisse der Heiligen Schrift in historischer und geographischer Beziehung fur Schul-und Privat-Gebrauch. Prag: 1865. 73 pp. creased map ex library with markings. Good. Boards. (272275) $15.00

102. Steckelmacher, Dr. M. Das Princip der Ethik: vom philosophischen und judisch theologischen Standpunkte aus betrachtet. Mainz: Wirthschen, 1904. 12mo 255 pp. ex library with markings and pocket taped spine. good. boards. (272267) $15.00

103. Stein, Maximilian. Vortrage und Ansprachen; mit einem Geleitwort von Leo Baeck. Frankfurt: Kauffmann, 1928. 1. Auflage. 287pp. bookplate Compiled by Der Grossloge für Deutschland VIII. U.O.B.B. Very Good in VG- DJ. Hardback & DJ.
Extraordinary collection of essays and speeches. VORTRAGE: Der alte und der neue Ahasver; Paul Heyses memoiren und die berliner Salons; Ein parlament der Religionen; Friedrich Nietzsche und das Judentum; Zionismus; Judentum und Christentum; Soziale probleme im alten Judentum; Der Krieg; Die Juden im Handel; Beethoven; ANSPRACHEN: Die Existenzberechtigung des ordens B.B. Zum Stiftungsfest der Montefiore-Loge [1900]; Weshalb der U.O.B.B. nur Juden vereinigt. Zur Einfuhrung neuer Brüder [1903]; Zur Einfuhrung neuer Brder [1904]; Zur Begrundung einer judischen Toynbee-Halle in Berlin [1904]; Zur Begrundung von Jugendverein, Grosslogensitzung 1908; Zur Begrundung einer judischen Toynbee-Halle der Berliner Logen U.O.B.B. [1910]; Zur Eroffnung der neuen Logenhauses in Berlin 1912; Ansprache zun 25jahrigen Jubilaum des Frauenvereins der Berliner Logen 1913; Kritik. Referat über die Sitzung des Niedersachsischen Logenverbandes, erstattet im Generalkomittee 1917. Herausgegeben von der Grossloge fur Deutschland VIII. U.O.B.B. (Unabhangigen Orden Bne Briss) (266992) $25.00

104. Steinherz, Samuel,editor. Die Juden in Prag: Bilder aus ihrer Tausendjahrigen Geschichte: Festgabe der Loge Praga des Ordens B’na B’rith. Prag: Selbstverlag, 1927. 8vo 247+8 pp.covers worn and back hinge starting. good. boards. (272298) $36.00

105. Steinschneider, Moritz (Benzian Julius) Hrsg. Zeitgenossen der Moses ibn Ezra und Jehuda Ha Levi (XI-XII Jahrhudent). Berlin: Asher, 1909. 12 pp. with library markings. Good. Cloth. (272262) $12.00

106. Strauss Bruno. Moses Mendelssohn Gesammelte Schriften Jubilaumsausgabe; Briefwechsel 1 1754-1762. Akademie, 1932. Elfter Band 516 pp. black cloth with gold lining, J Shatzky,s copy with Jewish Material Claims bookplate. Very Good. Boards. (270449) $55.00

107. Taubes, Lobel; Bloch, Chajim. Judisches Jahrbuch fur Osterreich. Wien: 5693 (1932). 238 pp. covers worn back hinge starting Important re lists of Jewish organizations and officials, within a few years all destroyed by the Anschluss. Good. Cloth.
Filled with scholalrly articles (268645) $40.00

108. Trietsch Davis. Palaestina Handbuch. Judischer Verlag, 1912. 340 pp. + index in German spine heavily torn. Good-. Hardcover . (272053) $20.00

109. Van den Bergh Dr. S. Die Epitome der Metaphysik des Averroes: Ubersetzt und mit Einer Einleitung und Erlauterungen Versehen. Brill, 1924. 324 pp. ex library with book plate and pocket. Good. Hardcover . (272208) $30.00

110. Venetianer Dr Ludwig. Asaf Judaeus, der aelteste medizinische Schriftsteller in hebraeischer Sprache1 Teil. Budapest: . Alkalay & Sohn, 1915. 140 pp. and bound with 39 Jahresbericht 36 p. ex library with markings and taped spine. Good. Boards.
38 Jahreesbericht der Landes Rabbinerschule in Budapest schuljahr 1814-198 (272234) $48.00

111. Wassermann, Jakob. Mein Weg als Deutscher und Jude. Berlin: S. Fischer, 1921. 126 pp. ex library wtih pocket paper yellowing. Good. Boards. (272204) $10.00

112. Weinzierl, Erika u. Otto D. Kulka (Hrsg.). Vertreibung und Neubeginn – Israelische Burger osterreichischer Herkunft. Bohlau, 1992. 561 pp. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (272315) $30.00

113. Wischnitzer-Bernstein Rahel. Gestalten und Symbole der Judischen Kunst. Berlin: Scholem, 1935. 160 pp. top corners bumped. Good. Linen Boards.
Very scarce book by eminent Jewish art historian and critic. (271717) $175.00

114. Wunsche August ubersetzt von. Aus Israels Lehrhallen, Kleine Midraschim zur spateren legendarischen Literatur des Alten Testaments. Pfeifer, 1907. 80 pp. ex library with pocket . Good. Boards. (272264) $20.00

115. Zeitschrift des Vereins fur Hamburgische Geschichte. Hamburg Verein, 1999. covers creased Collection of essays includes chapters on Jewish life Judische Schuler und “volkische” Lehrer ub Hamburg nach 1918 von A Buttner pp. 101-127 Landesgesjugendpastor Johannes Vorrath und sein Kampf um “rassische Sauberkeit” in der “deutschen Volksschule” 1935 von R Hering, pp. 143-165, “Ein deutscher Jude denkt uber Frutschland nach” Der Schriftsteller Heinz Liepmann von W Weinke pp. 183-207 Band 85 total of 330 pp. Good. Paperback. (270433) $25.00

116. Zunz Dr. Nachtrag zur Literaturgeschichte der synagogalen Poesie. Berlin: Adolf Cohn, 1867. 76 s. (s. 667-742) bound with Kohut Uber die judische Angelologie und Daemonologie in ihrer Abhangigkeit vom Parsismus Leipzig 1866 103 pp. and H Schlesinger Luach Ha-Ittim : Zeittafel der biblischen und nachbiblischen Geschichte der Juden v. d. Erschaffung d. Welt bis zum Jahre 5560, (d. Anfange d. 19. Jh. ublicher Zeitrechnung) in zwei Abtheilungen.Crueznach 1861 211 pp. ex library with markings . Good. Boards. (272266) $45.00

117. Zunzstiftung (Berlin). Jubelschrift zum neunzigsten Geburtstag des Dr. L. Zunz. Berlin: Gerschel, 1884. 171 pp. + 217 pp. In German and Hebrew , brown stain to fore edge and side and bottom edges not affecting text throughout book, old taped repair to first few pages, title page some staining,. new boards and spine, appears to be Solomon Schechter’s signature on title page . Good-. Boards.
Includes Die Metaphysik des Aristoteles in jüdischenn Bearbeitungen / M. Steinschneider –Beiträge zur Bibelexegese / D. Rosin –La Genesi e la Scienza / M. Mortara –Begriff un Ursprung der Tosefta / N. Brüll –Haggada und Midrasch-Hagadda / M. Güdemann –Abraham ben Natan aus Lunel / D. Cassel –Bibliograhie Hebräischer Denkk- und Trauer-Reden / A. Jellenek. (271718) $125.00

118. Zuri, J.S. (Schesak). Rab Sein Leben und seine Anschauungen. Zurich: (Buchdruckerei G.v.Ostheim, 1918. 151 pp.library markings taped spine. Good-. Boards. (272203) $15.00
119. Zwick M I. Berthold Auerbachs sozialpolitischer und ethischer Liberalismus. Khlhanner, 1933. ex library with markings torn spine. Good. Hardcover . (272026) $15.00

Purim – March 2019

1. An Israelite, probably Houston George. Israel Vindicated: being a refutation of the calumnies propagated respecting the Jewish nation ; in which the objects and views of the American society for ameliorating the condition of the Jews are investigated. New York: Abraham Collins, 1820. Total of 110 pages, has missing pages .pp. 41-88 copied from another copy on firm paper very readable, sfep, , fighting the growing missionary movement to convert Jews in the USA; Rosenbach 210 Good. library binding.
Probably the work of a Gentile journalist George Houston financed by Collins and others…. Plea on behalf of real equality for the Jews ,followed pattern of Montesquieu in Lettres Persanes, strategy of letters as a literary device. Two American Jews, one in NY and one in Philadelphia wrote to each other and discussed Jewish problems of the day. They proved to their satisfaction that Jesus was not divine, that he was not the Messiah and may never have existed, Goal of the author was to do away with anything that impeded social relationships between Jews and Gentiles. Book’s bold approach and unabashed criticism of Christianity’s beginnings was denounced as calumnies by some Christians. Three years later Israel Vindicated was published in England, the first “Jewish” book to gain recognition abroad.(from Jacob Marcus United States Jewry) Important work. (269770) $115.00

2. Becker Howard. German Youth: Bond or Free. Oxford, 1946. 287 pp. number on spine and slight library mark on fep. Good +. Hardcover . Extensive material on fascism (271324) $23.00

3. Berg Gertrude. The Molly Goldberg Jewish Cookbook. Book of the Month, 1955. 320 pp. some stains to pages from use, looks like beets on few pages. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (270874) $15.00

4. Bilski Emily. Jewish Women and their Salons; The Power of Conversation. Yale UP, 2005. with contributions from Leon Botstein Shira Brisman Barbara Hahn Lucia Re 262 pages. Very good+. Hardback & DJ.
“From their debut in Berlin in the 1780s to their reemergence in 1930s California, Jewish women’s salons served as welcominghavens where all classes and creeds could openly debate art,music,literature and politics.” Berlin Vienna Paris London New York Milan based on an exhibit at the Jewish Museum (260345) $25.00

5. Boulouque Clemence. Juives d’Afrique du Nord : Cartes postales (1885-1930) Collection de Gerard Silvain. Bleu, 2005. 137 pp. taped number on spine. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (263686) $37.00

6. Brener Ann. Isaac Ibn Khalfun: A Wandering Hebrew Poet Of The Eleventh Century. Brill, 2003. 191 pp. crown slightly bumped, appears to be inscribed by the author. Very Good. Hardcover . (263614) $40.00

7. Bryas, Madeleine de. Les Peuples en Marche: Les Migrations Politiques et Economiques en Europe depuis La Guerre Mondiale. Paris: Pedone, 1926. 8vo 219 pp.embossed stamp tp paper yellowing but not brittle . good, slight library marks. boards.
Important re: populations covered in the migrations, ie the Jews, the Greek-Turks, the Russians. Scholarly study. (271196) $20.00

8. Carlebach Elisheva. Divided Souls: The Convert Critique and the Culture of Ashkenaz 1750-1800. LBI, 2003. 24 pp. Numer 46 of Leo Baeck Memorial Lectures. slight stain on cover. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271580) $12.00

9. Carmilly-Weinberger, Moshe. Cenzura si libertate de expresie in istoria evreilor; Censorship and Freedom of Expression in Jewish History. Bucarest: Hasefer, 2003. 431 pp. in Romanian. Very Good. Hardcover . (240644) $15.00

10. Carmilly, Moshe (editor). Samuel Belkin Memorial Volume; Memorial Volume. Yeshiva University, 1981. 25 wonderful essays in Midrash, Modern Hebrew Literature, Jewish History, in Hebrew. Very Good. Cloth. (271345) $23.00

11. Cohen Rabbi Mortimer. Beth Sholom Synagogue: A Description and Interpretation. Elkins Park: 1959. 34 pp. with photographs Shul was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, covers worn. Good. Wrapper. (271592) $20.00

12. Cohn Werner. The Hidden Alliances of Noam Chomsky. NY: Americans for a Safe Israel, 1988. 40 pp.back cover creased and slight stains. good. wrapper.
Examines Chomsky’s right wing/fascist connections or sympathies. (271626) $23.00

13. Davidson Israel editor. Sepher Shaashuim: A Book of Mediaeval Lore. Joseph ben Meir Zabarah. JTS, 1914. 129 + 202 pp. In English and Hebrew, wear to covers. Good. Hardcover . (271565) $36.00

14. Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas. Informativo DAIA. Buenos Aires : Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas, Jan 1973- Dec 1974. about 18 issues ; each issue about 15-20 pp., slight library mark on cover . filled with articles about Jewish life in Argentina and Anti Semitism et.al. Issues are very scarce . Good +. Wrapper.
DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas) is the umbrella organization of Argentina’s Jewish community. As such, it represents the community in official events and conducts its contacts with authorities. DAIA is the Argentine affiliate of the Latin American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress (WJC), the world-wide umbrella organization of Jewish communities. (271615) $185.00

15. Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas. Informativo DAIA. Buenos Aires : Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas, mar 1965-Dec 1972. about 35 issues ; each issue about 5-20 pp., slight library mark on cover . filled with articles Issues are very scarce . Good +. Wrapper.
DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas) is the umbrella organization of Argentina’s Jewish community. As such, it represents the community in official events and conducts its contacts with authorities. DAIA is the Argentine affiliate of the Latin American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress (WJC), the world-wide umbrella organization of Jewish communities. (271614) $200.00

16. Dumont H. Guide de la lecture des manuscripts Arabes. Alger: Brachet et Bastide, 1842. Half binding, black leather, worn and rubbed on spine and corners. Lacks two inches of bottom spine green paper covers stained on the front. Sewn on three tapes, sewing in good condition, leather has marked the end papers,Paper in good condition with very occasional foxing,one page has a stain on the bottom that does not affect text. Lithographic printing 107 Pages interwoven Arabic and French,title page is pirnted ornamental,table of contents in French. Good-. Boards.
Chrestomathy: collection of 25 pieces with differing Arabic handwritings, assorted collection of documents to help the reader to read Arabic (270727) $100.00

17. Elazar Daniel (editor). Judea, Samaria and Gaza: Views on the Present and Future. American Enterprise, 1982. 222 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (260731) $15.00

18. Elazar Daniel (editor). Judea, Samaria and Gaza: Views on the Present and Future. American Enterprise, 1982. 222 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (260734) $15.00

19. Epstein J N. Studies in Talmudic Literature and Semitic Languages Part I and Part II. Magnes, 1983. 463 pp. In Hebrew +1010 pp. In Hebrew, in two volumes djs torn appears to lack volume three. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271239) $35.00

20. Evans Eli iintro Loeb John et al. An American Experience: Adeline Moses Loeb (1876-1953) and Her Early American Jewish Ancestors. Sons of the Revolution, 2009. 350 pp. warm inscription by John Loeb, contains genealogical chart and massive amount of data in text about the family genealogy. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271425) $18.00

21. Firestone Tirzah. The Receiving: Reclaiming Jewish Women’s Wisdom. Harper, 2003. 280 pp. slight writing on paste down. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271359) $12.00

22. Frank Helmut. Mischna mit arabischen Glossen; Leningrader Fragment Antonin Nr 262. Bonn: Friedrich Wilhelms Univ, 1936. 67 pp cover creased, in library binder PhD. theses . Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271397) $23.00

23. Fuchs Esther. Hidden Laughter Comic aspects in Agnon’s Fiction. Reshafim, 1987. 159 pp In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271587) $25.00

24. Furst Julius. Bibliotheca judaica 1/2 and 3; Bibliographisches Handbuch Die druckwerke der Judischen Sprache. Olms, 1960. 419 + 409 + 662 pp. Reprint first published in 1852 Good +. Hardcover . (262495) $36.00

25. Ginzberg Louis (complete). The Legends of the Jews. Seven volumes. Philadelphia: JPS , 1909. Seven volumes includes index some wear to covers . Good +. Hardcover .
Essential reference work for midrash (271139) $150.00

26. Glick Leonard. Marked in Your Flesh: Circumcision from Ancient Judea to Modern America. Oxford, 2005. 370 pp. inscribed by author. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271415) $15.00

27. Goldberg Lloyd. Fluctuations between traditionalism and liberalism in American Reform Judaism from 1855 to 1937. University Microfilms, 1955. PhD theses 184 pp. number taped to spine and slight library stamp on fep. Very Good. Paperback. (259687) $10.00

28. Grosz Georg. Hintergrund: 17 Zeichnungen Zur Auffuhrung Des “Shweijk” in Der Piscator Buhne. Berlin: Malik, 1928. lacks number 10 of the drawings, loose drawings without any covers or folder. Good.
Depicts Berlin life and horrors of the War and the military (271297) $250.00

29. Halevi Yehuda (Korobkin N Daniel annotator). The Kuzari In Defense of the Despised Faith. Aronson, 1998. 507 pp pristine. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
“Rabbi Korobkin’s translation is not only clear, concise and accurate but also elegant….making this work accessible to the modern reader.” Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg Ner Israel Rabbinical College (269212) $30.00

30. Hirschberg Peter. The World of Shas. American Jewish Committee, July 1999. 36 pp. slight library mark on paste down some loose pages on Rav Ovadia Yosef and the Shas Party. Very Good. Wrapper. (271618) $25.00

31. Inama Johannes (manager). Rosenthals Collage einer Familiengeschichte; Band I und Band II. Judisches Museum Hohenems, 2002. 105+ 85 pp. Very Good. spiral bound.
Materialien zum Ausstellungsprojekt Band I und II, wonderful interviews and photos and documentation concerning the Rosenthal family and their life in Germany and emigartions. (271620) $85.00

32. Jacoby Meir. Judischer Friedhof Harburg-Schwaben (Kurzdokumentation)., Stuttgart: Hofmann, 1996. 17 pp. + 46 plates / photos of grave stones, 8vo. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271334) $36.00

33. Jean-Baptiste De Boyer, Marquis D’Argens. The Jewish Spy: being a philosophical, historical, and critical correspondence, by letters, which lately passed between certain Jews in Turkey, Italy, France, &c. Translated from the originals into French, by the Marquis d’Argens; and now done into English. The third edition. 5 vols. London: Miller, 1766 + 1765 (last volume). Volume 1 New title page, covers worn and torn 302 pp. some browning to pages, Vol 2 312 pp. + Index browning wear to covers,slight library mark to tp, Vol 3 322 pp. + Index, same condition as others Vol 4 317 pp.+ Index slight librry mark tp same condition Vol. 5 366 pp. + Index slight library mark tp same condition as others, new cloth spines with new titles, rest of tome is calf ,in special cloth box. Good. cloth spine and calf boards.
Translated from the original into French, by the Marquis d’Argens; and now done into English. A translation of the first 40 letters only of Lettres juives. “The original ‘Lettres juives, ou correspondence philosophique, historique et critique ’ began publication as a series of weekly pamphlets as early as March or April, 1736. By 1737, a year after they were printed at The Hague in book form, they were well known throughout France. The first English edition, entitled The Jewish Spy, appeared in London in 1739 (first forty letters only) – followed by four more volumes in 1740. and subsequent editions had five volumes . Matters relating to Jews and Judaism occupy only a small portion of The Jewish Spy, but they engaged some sixteen letters completely [letters 1, 23, 36, etc. ], and references are scattered through no less than seventy others. D’Argens, though frequently salting his letters with earthy and ribald humour – often anti-clerical, rarely descends to jesting about Jews. Transparently, the author is no Judaeophile. He offers many harsh chastisements of both Faith and People. Just as he uses Judaism as a constant foil against the weaknesses of Christianity, he exalts Karaism time and again to the detraction of Rabbinism or traditional Judaism. Undoubtedly he helped create the new atmosphere that made Emancipation possible by the end of the century. “(Stanley Brav, ‘Jews and Judaism in the Jewish Spy’; Studies in Bibliography and Booklore, volume 4, June 1960). (268185) $185.00

34. The Jewish Defender Periodical. Jewish Defense League, 1979-1983. monthly 9/79, 10/79,3/82,5/83,11/83 filled with articles each issue about 15 pages, slight library mark on cover. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (271628) $130.00

35. Kahane, Rabbi Meir. “Kahane” The magazine of the authentic Jewish idea. Brooklyn: Kahane , Jan/Feb 1987-Nov/Dec 1987 +. full year 1987 published bi-monthly, and Nov/Dec 1988, Sept/Oct 1989, March/April 1990, nine issues each issue about 30 pages, slight library marks on tp Scarce important work. Good +. Individual issues in library binding.
Articles on Jewish life in USA, aliyah to Israel, USA politics, defeating the Arab threats and Nazism and Anti-Semitism by founder of the Jewish Defense League, Kahane made aliyah in 1971 and argued for expulsion of Arabs from Judea and Samaria and was heavily involved in right wing politics in Israel. (271630) $225.00

36. Kandler Eberhard. Der judische Friedhof Harburg. Christians, 2004. 311 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (257539) $36.00

37. Kartun-Blum, Ruth. Profane Scriptures: Reflections on the Dialogue with the Bible in Modern Hebrew Poetry. Cincinnati: HUC Press, 1999. 97 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (227726) $36.00

38. Katz Benzion (editor). Heawar: A quarterly devoted to the History of the Russian Jews. Five volumes. Tel Aviv: Althira, 1957,68,69. Vol 5,15,16., 167+ 312 +278 + pages important periodical, in Hebrew. good. Paperback. (270545) $60.00

39. Kaznelson, Siegmund (editor). Juden im Deutschen Kulturbereich: Ein Sammelwerk. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1959. Second edition. 1060 pp. glue mark across cover sfep book plate. good. cloth.
A landmark extensive study first published in 1934. Filled with scholarly essays. (271344) $43.00

40. Kipnis, Levin. Maharozet : zemirot u-mishakim le-gan-ha-yeladim ule-vet-ha-sefer. Frankfurt: Omanuth, 1923. 177 pp in Hebrew, songs with notes and Hebrew text, spine rubbed and slight tears to crown and base of spine, new hinges. Good. Cloth. (271184) $47.00

41. Konig Eduard. Das antisemitische Hauptdogma. Bonn: Webers, 1914. 64 pp. library marked and pocket, Good. Boards. (271244) $17.00

42. Kosher Cuisine. Northampton Mass: B’nai Israel Sisterhood, 1990s?. 105 pp. spiral bound recipes from synagogue members. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271471) $23.00

43. Kreas Saul. My life and struggle for a better world : a world without exploitation of man by man, without war, without discrimination of race, religion or nationality. New Haven: self, 1977. 467 pp. From cheder in Russia, emigrated first to Philadelphia and then New Haven, Fervent Communist active in Painters Unionin New Haven and major social causes, filled with documents and achievements. Remained in the Party and active in Jewish causes. Very Good. Hardcover . (271226) $25.00

44. Kronika Organ Zwiazku Zydow Polskich w Danii. Poland: 1973-. Nr. 12 15pp. in Yiddish 26 pp. in Polish. Good. stapled mimeo.
With issue 11 the word Czasopismo is dropped from the title. (271519) $20.00

45. Leeser Isaac. Instruction in the Mosaic Religion. Translated from the German of J. Johlson. Philadelphia: Adam Waldie, 5590 (1830). (Rosenbach 321). 139 pp. lacks pages 3-6, dark water stain about an inch from top of book on inner folds of many pages not affecting text, some stains throughout, boards are rough with tears to spine and wear to covers , needs tightening. Good-. Boards.
Signature of Simon Stern Philadelphia 1852 on t.p. , and Simon Stern No 23. on f.e.p. Morais In Jews of Philadelphia devotes four pages to the accomplishments of Stern for Jewry and the city of Philadelphia, The scarcity of books concerning the Jewish religion emphasized the fact that there was no American Jewish publisher. Having translated Johlson’s Instruction in the Mosaic Religion, Leeser issued in the winter of 1829-30 proposals to publish it and The Jews and the Mosaic Law. When no offers were forthcoming, he became his own publisher. (272024) $950.00

46. Leeser Isaac. The Jews and the Mosaic law. Part the first: containing a defence of the revelation of the Pentateuch, and of the Jews for their adherence to the same. Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 5594 (1833). 278 pp. Original boards which are pinkish worn and stained ,contains Masonic book plate and embossed plate on cover and slight Masonic stamp at base of spine, spine torn and tears along edges of spine and base of spine, foxing to end papers, spine worn and has original label, slight damp staining bottom of last pages. Good. Boards.
Leeser’s first book.Rosenbach 375; Singerman 0578. (272025) $1,250.00

47. Lipschutz E M (Jerusalem). Vom Lebendigen Hebraisch. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1920. 107 pages bookplate. Good. Cloth. (271574) $25.00
48. Liptzin Sam (Inscribed by). Tales of A Tailor: Humor and Tragedy in the Struggles of the Early Immigrants Against the Sweatshop. Prompt Press, 1965. 272 pp.illustrated by William Gropper pink mark on dj inscribed by author. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271133) $18.00

49. Mielziner Ella. Moses Mielziner 1828-1903 A Biography. With a Bibliography of his writings; with a reprint of his ‘Slavery Amongst the Ancient Hebrews’ and other works. 1931. 254 pages crown and base of spine slightly bumped covers worn, Good +. Hardcover . (271138) $26.00

50. Mlotek Chana editor. Yiddish Folksongs from the Ruth Rubin Archive. Wayne State YIVO , 2007. 288 pp. includes cd. Very Good. Paperback. (271012) $36.00

51. Oppenheimer Prof Dr. Die Judenstatistik des preussischen Kriegsministeriums. (Fragen der Zeit). Verlag fur Kulturpolitk, 1922. 48 pp. several slight library marks, includes letter from publisher about the book. Good. Hardcover . (258589) $32.00

52. Organization of Arab Students in the USA News. NYC: Organization of Arab Students, jan 1966-mar 1967. vol 1 no 2,3,4,5.6, vo. 2 no. 1,2,3 Periodical each issue about 8-10 pages , slight library marks on covers, in library binder, articles on campus issues and political situation in Arab world, outer corners of pages furled frayed. Good. Wrapper. (271631) $125.00

53. Orzeszko, E P (Eliza Orzeszkowa). Meier Ezofowicz: Erzahlung aus dem Leben der Juden. Leipzig: Minden, 1885. 4. Auflage. 266 pp. paper yellowing but not brittle end paper loose from block, spine lacks pieces and torn, Novel of the conflict of Orthodoxy and liberalism in context of Jewish life in Eastern Europe. Was a popular novel of the time. Hero tries to break free of tradition and the power of the local Rabbi. Good-. Boards.
Illustrations by M Andriolli are extraordinary. Translated from the Polish by Leonhard Brixen (271235) $30.00

54. Osterreichischen Bundesverbandes Ehemals Politisch Verfolgter Antifaschisten. Mahnruf fur Freiheit und Menschenrecht. Wien: Bundesverbandes, Nov 1946-12/47. 12 issues,about 250 pp. hinges repaired and new spine, paper yellowing but not brittle. fair. boards.
Volume 1 of periodical published by surviving Austrian antifascists to report on their experiences during the Second World War,share information (271341) $65.00

55. Pagis Dan. Points of Departure. JPS, 1981. 123 pp. sfep. Very Good. Paperback. (271410) $15.00

56. Picart Bernard . The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the Several Nations of the Known World: Represented in Above an Hundred Copper-Plates Designed by the Famous Picart. Together with Historical Explanations, and Several Curious Dissertations.: Vol. I (1731), The Ceremonies of the Jews, etc.; Vol. II (1731), The Ceremonies of the Roman Catholicks; Vol. III (1731), The Ceremonies of the Idolatrous Nations; Vol. IV (1735), Part II; Vol. V (1736), Containing the Ceremonies of the Greeks and Protestants; Vol. VI (1737) in Two Parts. Part I. Containing the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church of England, of the Presbyterians, Independents, Anabaptists, Quakers, etc. Part II. Containing the Various Sects of Mahometans, with an Appendix of the Lives of Mohamm. Prevost and Claude du Bosc, 1731-1739. 7 volumes in 3 ,set Folio (16 x 10 1/4″). Vol. 1: xx (i.e. xxii), 412pp (Text), [14]pp (Index); Vol. 2: viii, 345, [1]pp (Text), [18]pp (Index); Vol. 3: x, 474pp; Vol. 4: [4], ix, [11], 514pp (Text), [14]pp (Index); Vol. 5: [8], 470pp (Text), [24]pp (Index); Vol. 6: [6], 228pp (Text), [6]pp (Index), Vol. 7: [8], 164pp (Text), [8]pp (Index). Original full calf, with gold lettering and tooling to spines. New cloth spines, new hinges, marbled end papers, covers have tooled fleur de lis some scuffing and scratch marks across some covers , Engraved title vignettes. Repairs to endpapers of Volume 1-2, with last page of Index page repair and missing some of text of letter W. Good. full calf.
vol 1 nicholas prevost london 1731 vol 2 nicholas prevost london 1731 (bound together) vol 3 nicholas prevost london 1731 vol 4 bettenham for claude du bosc 1735 (bound together), volume 5 claude de bosc 1736 volume 6 claude du bosc 1737volume 7 claude du bosc 1739 (bound together) (For more information, see: “The Book That Changed Europe: Picart and Bernard’s Religious Ceremonies of the World,” by Lynn Hunt, Margaret C. Jacob, and Wijnand Mijnhardt. Belknap Press / Harvard University Press, 2010). 224 plates present (269550) $4,000.00

57. Piech Paul Peter. Ecce homo: 12 original woodcuts. Bushey Heath Herts: Taurus Press, 1969. 12 woodcuts against War, number 35 of 200 printed and signed by him, the black wrapper is torn and bent , the woodcuts are in good shape. Good. Wrapper.
“The book of twelve original woodcuts symbolized through the theme of Christ indicts humanity for adding to the pages of history: Apartheid, Concentration Camps, Iron Curtain…” (271300) $265.00

58. Pinkerfeld Jacob. Bi-shevile omanut Yehudit: sefer zikaron. Sifriyat po’alim, ha-Mador, 1957. 155 pp. In Hebrew On the paths of Jewish Art reminiscences:: Contains .Architecture of the Synagogue; Synagogues in the Galut; Synagogues in Erez Yisrael; Art in the Cemeteries; Ceremonial Art; Ancient Synagogues.
Important architect Pinkerfeld also worked in the Department of Antiquities, and devoted much time and energy to preservation of significant sites in the country. He prepared plans for conservation and reconstruction of historical sites, such as Megido, the Monfort, the ancient synagogue of Bar-Am. He participated in numerous excavations (Hamat Gader, Korazim, Meron, Beit Shearim, etc.). In his last years he invested great efforts in preservation of historical buildings, among them Islamic sites. His dream was to establish a Research Institute for Jewish Art. Together with a group of friends he founded “Ganza”, the Society for Jewish Craft, which later became the Museum of Ethnography and Folklore in Tel Aviv (271522) $75.00

59. Remarque Erich . Oyfen maariv-front kayn nais; Ojfn Majrew-Front Kejn Najs. Wilno: Klekina, 1930. 241 pp. title and last page photo copied, covers worn, wear to crown and base of spine,pages yellowed and edges some slight tears. Good +. Boards.
Translated from the German by Isaac Bashevis Singer! graphic cover of soldier carrying wounded comrade across mine field (267933) $95.00

60. Rivkind Isaac. Yidishe Gelt in Lebnsteyger Kultur-Geshikhte un Folk[l]or: A Lekskologishe Shtudye/ Jewish Money in Folkways Cultural History and Folklore: A Lexicological Study. AAJR, 1958. 303 pp. blue cloth, quarto, In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover . (271262) $12.00

61. Rosenfeld Morris. Songs From the Ghetto. Copeland and Day, 1898. 113 pp. In German and English with beautiful book plate wear to spine crown and base of spine slight bruising. Good. Hardcover . (271137) $16.00

62. Rubin Simon Lektor am Wiener Beth Hamidrasch. Das Talmudische Recht auf den verschiedenen Stufen seiner Entwicklung mit dem römischen verglichen und systematisch dargestellt. Wien: 1938. 253 pp. ex library with markings, taped spine paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Boards. (271243) $15.00

63. Schocken Books. Schocken Reader II: Winter 1947-48. NY: Schocken, 1948. 47 pp. slight curling bottom corner first few pages Under Arendt’s (uncredited) editorship (David Anthony, The Patron: A Life of Salman Schocken: 347) Schocken produced an annual reader, a catalog and anthology in the German tradition. This, the second in the series, has a beautiful Rembrandt sketch on the cover (four plates on the inside show biblical themes, incl. “Boaz measuring out the barley for Ruth”), and the first publication of the Muir’s translation Kafka’s parables, as well as a contest, “Can You Translate the Untranslatable?” Also: Bernard Lazare’s “The Jews as a Nation”. Arendt had edited and introduced Lazare’s Job’s Dungheap for Schocken that year. For an account of Arendt’s time at Schocken, see Anthony 341ff and Young-Bruehl’s biography 189-91. good. pamphlet. (271371) $30.00

64. Schulman Rabbi Samuel. Judaism and the Destiny of the Individual: An address. London: World Union for Progressive Judaism, 1934. 32 pp. Beryl Cohon’s copy. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271622) $15.00

65. Segal Moshe. Yesude Haphonatekah HaIvrit. Palestine: Junovitch, 1928. 151 pp. + pictures. phonetics in Hebrew. Good. Cloth. (259606) $25.00

66. Seidman Irv. The Jewish Community of Amherst: The Formative Years 1969-1979. Common Book, 2017. 140 pp. Important work detailing the development and evolution of the JCA from a community center to a Reconstructionist shul and the impact of the surrounding Pioneer Valley community colleges and home to the Yiddish Book Center and Schoen Books. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270600) $25.00

67. Seydel Robert. Robert Seydel: Book of Ruth. Siglio Smith Colleege, 2014. 149 pp.Robert Seydel’s Book of Ruth presents an assemblage of collages, letters, journal entries and other artifacts from the life of Seydel’s fictional alter-ego, Ruth Greisman–spinster, Sunday painter and friend to Joseph Cornell. Drawing on the inherent seductiveness and intrigue of archives, the volume is conceived as a gathering of fragmented materials by Greisman unearthed from a storage space in the Smithsonian and a suburban family garage, which are presented as a mosaic portrait of a reclusive artist.(from Goodreads) Very Good. Paperback. (271590) $45.00

68. Spilka Shelley. Rescuing Haya: Confessions of an Eighth Generation Israeli Emigrant. SUNY, 2001. 295 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (271414) $10.00

69. Strack Hermann. The Jew and Human Sacrifice [Human Blood and Jewish Ritual]. An Historical and Sociological Inquiry. London: Cope and Fenwick, 1909. 289 pp. new spine and end papers, covers worn. Good. Boards.
Written to counter the blood accusations. (271246) $36.00

70. Szajowski, Zosa. Jews, Wars, and Communism, Vol. I: The Attitude of American Jews to World War I, The Russian Revolutions of 1917 & Communism (1914-1945). Vol. II. The Impact of the 1919-20 Red Scare on American Jewish Life. NY: Ktav, 1972+ 1974. 713 pp.+ 398 pp. volume one pristine volume two dj worn and torn, slight foxing fore edge,volume two book plate and glue residue to free end paper . Very Good. Hardcover . (271355) $125.00

71. Timm Erika. Matronymika im aschkenasischen Kulturbereich; Ein Beitrag zur Mentalitats und Sozialgeschichte der europaischen Juden. Tubingen: Niemeyer, 1999. 66 pages. Very good. Wrapper. (258614) $25.00

72. Viteles Harry ken. A History of the Co-operative Movement in Israel. A Source Book in 7 Volumes. BOOK 1: The Evolution of the Co-oerative Movement. BOOK 2: The Evolution of the Kibbutz Movement. BOOK 3: An Analysis of the Four Sectors of the Kibbutz Movement. BOOK 4: Co-operative Smallholders Settlements (The Moshav Movement). BOOK 5: Workers Producers Transportation and Service Co-operatives. BOOK 6: Central Agricultural Co-operatives. BOOK 7: Consumers’ Co-opertaion., Vallentine Mitchell, 1966-1978. (252 pp. 749 pp. 751 pp. ;405 pp. 414 pp. ;750 pp. ;348 pp. ex library with withdrawn marks, back pockets removed, dj in plastic cover. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Significant work on the kibbutz movement. Harry Viteles, who was formerly in charge of the field work of the European Reconstruction Department of the Joint Distribution Committee went in 1925 to Palestine to conduct the affairs of the Central Bank of Co-operative Institutions in Palestine, (JTA) (256617) $150.00

73. Weitz M. Black Attitudes to Jews in the United States from World War II to 1976. University Microfilms, 1977. PhD theses 424 pp. number taped to spine and slight library stamp on fep. Very Good. Paperback. (259684) $10.00

74. Widmer Dr G (ubertragungen aus der Neuarabischen Literatur von). Band II: Der Iraqische Dichter Gamil Sidqi Az-Zahawi aus Baghdad. Festgabe für Ignaz Krackovskij, den Führer zum Studium der neueren arabischen Literatur 1905-1935. Deutsche Gesellschaft, 1935. 79 pp. tears to spine. Good. Wrapper. (258593) $30.00

75. Wyneken, Gustav. Der Gedankenkreis der Freien Schulgemeinde/Dem Wandervogel gewidmet. Leipzig: Matthes, 1913. 23 pp. covers worn. Good-. wrapper.
Early influence on Martin Buber (271195) $10.00

76. Yardeini Mordecai . Yiddish Poets in Song. Jewish Music Alliance, 1966. 346 pp. In Yiddish, covers worn, slight tear along hinge. Very Good. Hardcover . (271236) $20.00

77. Zweig Arnold. Die Umkehr des Abtrunnigen Schauspiel in 5 Akten. Berlin: Soncino Gesellschaft, 1925. 97 pp. ex library copy with a few stamps and bookplate, tape on spine and corners of cover , one of 500 copies printed. Good. Hardcover .
Important Jewish publishing house of the 1920s and 1930s (271213) $36.00

“Antelope” – February 2019

1.   4 Biblical Action Puppets cut out color assemble Made in Israel by Tahgin. Jerusalem: Tahgin, 1960s?. 4 large pages with stick to attach in plastic wrapping, amusing designs. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271477)   $35.00

2.   Agudat Anashim ohave Sefat Ever be defus St Petesburg . Kol shire Yehudah Leyb Gordon, be arbah sefarim Yeshanim ve gom Hadashim. Petersberg: Agudat Anashim ohave Sefat Ever be defus St Petesburg Fins ṿe-Y. Tsederboim, 1894. 147 + 206+ 209+ 210pp. Russian and Hebrew title pages, new spine covers worn, edges worn, work totally in Hebrew Scarce title highly signifigant. Good. Boards.
Judah Leyb Gordon one of the signifigant Hebrew poets of the Jewish Englightenment . Gordon took a leading part in the modern revival of the Hebrew language and culture. (271483)   $360.00

3.   Alberton M. Birobidschan, die Judenrepublik. Leipzig Wien: Prager, 1932. 268 pp. + map which is creased, covers worn, and bit soiled, hinge starting. Good. Boards. Aus dem Jiddischen von Hermann Peczenik unter Mitwirkung von Joshua Wiesen. (271111)   $75.00

4.   Ameriḳaner Reprezentants fun “Bund” in Poyln. Di Yidishe konferents : (zamlheft). New York: Aroysegegebn durkh der Amerikaner Reprezentants fun “Bund” in Poyln, , 1943. 63 pp.In Yiddish sligh tear to cover. (271724)   $15.00

5.   Amitai Mordekai (Mordechai ) written by by Props Moshe drawings by. Hagadah shel Pesah. Sifriyat poʻalim, hotsaʼat Hamaḥlaka Letarbut Vehasbara Shel Haḳibbuts Haʼartsi Hashomer Hatsaʻi, 1958. 38 pp. wine stains to cover, tears to spine, slight library marks to tp and last page , last few pages creased, two pages are text relating to the Shoah and with imgaes see Yerushalmi image. Good-. Stiff Wrapper. Yerushalmi Haggadah and History Plate 190 (271416)   $85.00

6.   Ashbal D . Zikranot MaAretz Yisrael Bemai HaTorabim Habretim VeMednat Yisrael. Jerusalem: Daah. 407 pp. In Hebrew manuscript form. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271032)   $40.00

7.   Ben Amotz Dahn. World Dictionary of Hebrew Slang Millon olamê le ibrit meduberi. Tel Aviv: Zmora Bitan, 1982. 237 pp. In Hebrew inription fep. Very Good. Hardcover . (271028)   $27.00r

8.   Ben-Arieh, Yehoshua. Jerusalem in the 19th Century The Old City. Ben Zvi St Martin, 1981. 438 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271048)   $25.00

9.   Benzeman Ozi. Yerushalayim Ir LeLo Homah. Schocken Books, 1973. 294 pp. In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271063)   $17.00

10.   Brawer Moshe editor. Israeli Atlas for High Schools. Univ of Tel Aviv Yavneh, 1976. seventh edition . 88 pp. In Hebrew interesting work and how the world has changed. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271058)   $42.00

11.   Buxtorf Johann . Joannis Buxtorfi Synagoga Judaica noviter restaurata : das ist, Erneuerte jüdische Synagog, oder, Juden-Schul. Frankfurt-am-Main: Kraussen, 1738?. 752 pp. + register, lacks title page and lacks two leaves of plates, has one page of engravings, in German. Good. vellum. Originally published in 1603, Buxtorf’s “Synagoga Judaica” was often used as the authority on Jewish customs and ceremonies.He claimed that the Jewish faith was derived not from Moses and the Torah but from the writing of the rabbis in the Talmud. . In it, the author asserted that the source of Jewish religious authority, beliefs, and practice was not the teachings of Moses, but rather the teachings of the rabbis. His intent ultimately was to convert Jews to Christianity and see the errors of their ways. Important tome. (271482)   $175.00

12.   Carlebach Elisheva. The Death of Simon Abeles Jewish Christian Tension in Seventeenth Century Prague. CJS Queens College, 2001. 44 pp. Third annual BermanMemorial Lecture. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271405)   $18.00

13.   Central Bureauof Statistics. Moslems Christians and Druzes in Israel; Data from Stage “A” and “B” on the Census. Jerusalem: 1964. about 250 pp. In English Hebrew and Arabic, top corners bumped and dog eared pages, pages yellowing but not brittle, slight library mark paste down and number on spine. Good-. Paperback. Population and Housing Census 1961 Publication 17 (271298)   $36.00

14.   Chezin J. Fun kheziles ṭogbukh = Fun cheziles togbuch. Warsaw: : Farlag Ḳind,, 1923. 78 pp. In Yiddish two illustrations, wonderful cover, paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Boards. Child psychology (271406)   $165.00

15.   (Children) Egelson Gussie. Kindergarten handwork for the holidays, in 12 lessons. Union of American Hebrew Congregations., 1926. Nine of 12 lessons present with one page instruction strange item paper fragile. Fair. Stiff Wrapper. (271467)   $15.00

16.   (Children) . Religious Objects Construction Book. KTAV, 1953. about 20 pages of cutouts for children. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (271463)   $25.00

17.   Dalman Gustaf. Grammatik des judisch-palastinischen aramaisch nach den idiomen des palastinischen Talmud, des Onkelostargum und prophetentargum und der jerusalemischen targume Aramaisch Dialektprobleme. Wiss. Buchhandlung, 1960. 418+ 72 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (271228)   $16.00

18.   Davidowitz Dovid. Ohmanut veOhmonim v’Batei Knesset shel Polin. Kibbutz Hameuchad, 1982. 204 pp. + 20 pp. of photos, in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. Crafts and craftsmen in the synagogues of Poland. With pictures of synagogues destroyed by the Nazis (271237)   $27.00

19.   Eisensein Ira. The Jewish Family Today. Reconstructionist Press, 1970s?. 22 pp A Reconstructionist pamphlet . Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271433)   $23.00

20.   Ellmann-Kruger A. Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy (Avotaynu Monograph Series). Avotaynu, 1998. 80 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271378)   $15.00

21.   Elon Amos. The Pity of it All (in Hebrew); A History of the Jews in Germany 1743-1933. NY: Zmora, 2004. 460 pp. In Hebrew. Very good condition. Paperback. (271053)   $20.00

22.   Endelman, Todd (editor). Jewish Apostasy in the Modern World. NY: Holmes and Meier, 1987. 344 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. Twelve Essays, Explores Christian missions to the Jews and Jewish conversion to Christianity (271638)   $15.00

23.   Ezekiel ben Judah Landau. Sefer Nodaʻ bi-Yehudah : ṿe-hu sheʼelot u-teshuvo; Helek 1. Dine ha-Shʻa., Orah ḥayim ve-Yoreh deʻah. Zolkiew : Gerson Letteres, 1823. about 300 pp. In Rashi script boards bit worn Stamp of Zvi Dov Abramowitz and bound with Tson ḳedashim : … seder kedashim by Abraham Ḥayyim ben Naphtali Hirsch Schor about 100 pp. Good. Boards. Important Prague Rabbi of the 18th Century. Opposed Mendelssohn’s translation of the Torah and he was against Hassidism. His main work of responsa, titled Noda Biyhudah (נודע ביהודה, “Known in Judah”, a reference to Psalms 76:2 and his father’s name), is one of the principal sources of Jewish law of his age. Famous decisions include those limiting autopsy to prevent a clear and present danger in known others. This collection was esteemed by rabbis and scholars, both for its logic and for its independence with regard to the rulings of other Acharonim as well as its simultaneous adherence to the writings of the Rishonim. (Wikipedia) (270970)   $325.00

24.   Finn James. Stirring Times: or Records from Jerusalem Consular Chronicles of 1853 to 1856 : Library for the History of the Yishuv in Eretz-Israel. ben zvi, 1980. 26+293 pages + 295-607 pages In Hebrew. Good +. Paperback. (271047)   $40.00

25.   Flusser David. Judaism of the Second Temple Period: Qumran and Apocalypticism Voume 1 The Jewish Sages and their Literature. Eerdmans Magnes, 2007. 360+380 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (263081)   $36.00

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104.   (Palestine). Souvenir von Jerusalem. 18902?. library bookplate on back pastedown, in red buckram covers with four lines of Hebrew above title,decorative covers in art nouveuish style. One folded sheet that opens up with fourteen pages of photographs, numbers of photographs size varies, some panoramic views continue over up to four pages; Locations include A Panorama of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, Tower of David, Jaffa Street, Mount of Olives, Tomb of Absalom, View of Bethlehem, Nablos, Mount Tabor,Rischon le Zion Colony , Rehovot, Jessud Hamaaloh; captions in English, German, French, Russian and Hebrew.Includes magnificent small folded color litho of exile Jews by the waters of Babylon and titleZecher le Churban, with slight library mark . Good. Boards. Souvenir album (271108)   $150.00

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Oneg-Shabbat, pt I – February 2019

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Photo of each stone with explanation/translation of the Hebrew text into German (270374) $136.00

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Jewish Italian novelist, had been arrested for anti fascist activity (270639) $25.00

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Bondy began her career as a translator for the UP News Agency in the 1940s. During the Holocaust, Bondy was sent to Theresienstadt in 1942 and Birkenau in 1943. After the end of World War II, Bondy trained in the military as a volunteer and moved to Haifa, Israel in 1948. After arriving in Israel, Bondy was a journalist for the Israeli newspaper Davar before working for Devar ha-Shavua and Omer in 1953. She remained in journalism for over thirty years and taught at Tel Aviv University.(Wikipedia) (270475) $55.00

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The destruction of the Jews in Cracow. (267557) $25.00

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Good. Hardcover . Margolin was born in Pinsk, West Belarus, then in the Russian Empire. He studied at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Margolin received his doctorate in philosophy in 1929. He then moved to Lodz, Poland and later to Palestine in 1936. Three years later he was visiting his relatives in Pinsk and was trapped there by the Soviet invasion of Poland. Together with numerous other “socially-dangerous elements”, he was rounded up by the NKVD and sent to a labor camp on the northern bank of the Lake Onega. He survived, and was freed in 1945 as a former Polish citizen according to the agreement with Poland. In 1946, he was permitted to return to Poland, from where he moved to Palestine. He immediately started writing Journey to the Land of the Ze-Ka, which was finished in 1947, when Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had just been sent to the gulag. It was impossible to publish such a book about the Soviet Union in the West at that time, immediately after World War II. The manuscript was also rejected in Israel. An abridged version was published in France in 1949[2] The book was printed in the United States in 1952 by Chekhov Publishing House (also abridged), and was reprinted in 1975. In 1951, Margolin was a witness in the trial of David Rousset against a French communist newspaper. The paper was engaged in slander of Rousset for revealing information about the gulag to the French public.(Wikipedia) (267900) $165.00

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Sefer zikaron li-kehilat Lomzah. American Committee for Lomzer Pinkos, , 1957. 371 pp. In Yiddish maps on endpapers, Good. Boards. Memorial Book: (270503) $65.00

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45. Stankiewicz Edward. My War; Memoir of a Young Jewish Poet. Syracuse, 2002. 160 pp. dj creased . Very Good in VG DJ. Hardback & DJ. A unique personal account of Jewish life in Eastern Europe during the Holocaust and of a young man’s determination to prevail in the face of utter catastrophe. In this unusual memoir, Edward Stankiewicz stirringly recalls his youth as a Polish Jew beginning with prewar Warsaw through to the Nazi invasion. Life on the run lands Stankiewicz in Soviet-occupied. Lwow where in time he joins the Lwow Literary Club. A friend of Jewish, Yiddish, Polish, and Soviet poets and writers, he offers rare insights into wartime Eastern European intellectual life. After the German occupation of Lwow, in the newly built Jewish ghetto, he works in German military outfits and learns to forge Aryan and German documents to help people escape. In a German uniform he escapes to the Eastern Ukraine where he wanders for several months from town to town. Captured by the Gestapo, he is shipped to Buchenwald where he survives as a Pole. In the camp he manages to produce Polish and German poetry and a play. Some of these poems are reproduced in the book. (270395) $20.00

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55. Wiechert Ernst. die Dichter und die Jugend. Buchdruck, 1936. 1000 copies printed at the Werkstatte , covers faded by spines. Good condition. Cloth. Wiechert was strongly opposed to Nazism from the start. He appealed in 1933 and 1935 to the undergraduates in Munich to retain their critical thinking in relation to the national socialist ideology. This was rated as call to internal resistance. The minutes of the speech circulated illegally in Germany and reached Moscow in 1937 baked in bread. Here it was published in the influential exile magazine Das Wort (The Word). But Wiechert went even further and dared to openly criticize the imprisonment of Martin Niemöller by the Nazis in 1938.In consequence of his criticism, he was interned himself in the Buchenwald concentration camp for four months which became the most horrible time of his life. After that, he wrote down his memories about the time of his imprisonment and buried the manuscript. It was published after the war in 1945, entitled Der Totenwald (Forest of the dead), a shocking account of the conditions in Buchenwald. Joseph Goebbels had threatened after Wiechert’s release from concentration camp that Wiechert would be killed if he publicly voiced protest once more. (270633) $36.00

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