Vilnius – November 2016

1.     Al-Kumissi, Daniel. Commentarius in Librum Duodecim Prophetarum Section IX. Mekize Nirdamim, 1957. 82 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265265)    $20.00

2.     Almanakh Fun Di Yidishe Shrayber in Yisrael: Almanach of the Yiddish Writers in Israel. Organisation of the Yiddish Writers and Journalists in Israel Jidišer Šraiber-Un Zšurnalistn-Farein in Jisroel,, 1967. 360 pp. Good +. Hardcover .  (265133)    $25.00

3.     Aronin Ben. Hayim Pumpernickel. United Synagogue, 1948. 56 pp. In Hebrew classic children’s book. Good +. Hardcover .

Aronin was a Chicago Jewish community leader and wrote many popular titles for children  (265832)    $12.00

4.     Asch, Sholem. East River. NY: Laub, 1946. 514 pp ex library with book plate and pocket, In Yiddish. good. Hardcover .

Jews and Christians in NYC in the 1920s-1930s. Wonderful neglected writer, stirring descriptions.  (265756)    $10.00

5.     Avidan Paul. Practical Poems. Thirtieth Century, 1973. 127 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265243)    $20.00

6.     Avnon Yitzhak. Olam HaYeled. Kitavim, 1951. 246 pp. charming illustrations for children’s book cover worn. Good. Boards.

Illustrations by Abraham Abadi  (265130)    $45.00

7.     Bahya ben Joseph ibn Pakuda a.k.a. Rabbeinu Bahya; Emanuel Baumgarten (transl.). Bachjae filii Josephi Librum de officiis cordium a Jehuda fill. Tibonis ex arabica lingua in hebraicum translatum (Sefer Torat Hovat Ha-Levavot Habru Be-Lashon Arabi. Rabbi Bahya Ha-Dayan Bar Joseph b. Bakuda Me-‘Ir Cordova. Targum Me-Lashon Arabi Le-Ivri Rav Yehuda b. Tibbon Memagdol YRHI” S”ZL. U-me-Arabi le-lashon ashkenazi Ha-Hakham Mendl Boymgarten Me-‘Ir Kramsir Y’A”A). Wien: adalbert della torre, 1854. 152 pp. Half cloth over paper covered boards.. Corner boards worn and torn along edges few creased pages, slight foxing. Good. Boards.  (265274)    $125.00

8.     Banai Margalit. Ben ha-shekh. Hotsaʼat sefarim Ḳarni, 1962. Second Edition. 39 pp. photos by Shlomoh Soriano, in Hebrew, sotry for children of Bedouin child. Good. Boards.  (265297)    $36.00

9.     (Beckley, West Virginia) Shinedling, Abraham . History of the Beckley Jewish Community (Beckley, West Virginia) and of Congregation Beth El (The Beckley Hebrew Association) (including Raleigh and Fayette Counties, West Virginia) (1895 to 1955). Biggs-Johnston-Withrow, 1955. 205 pp. slight library mark on free end paper. Good +. Hardcover .  (265269)    $30.00

10.     Ben-Menahem, N (editor). Areshet: Sefer shanah shel le-heker ha-sefer ha-Ivri G/ Aresheth: An Annual of Hebrew Booklore Volume Two. Jerusalem: HaRav Kook, 1960. 448 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265263)    $15.00

11.     Berman, Nancy, curator. A Walk Through the Past. LA: HUC Skirball Museum, 1974. Exhibition catalog. 8vo 75 pp. Collection of different objects, Near Eastern and Jewish. good. stiff wrap.  (265964)    $15.00

12.     BiYoray Hachasidut L’Nach Ketuvim. Kook, 2000. 472 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265442)    $25.00

13.     BiYoray Hachasidut L’Nach Neviim. Kook, 2000. 496 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265443)    $25.00

14.     Black, Mary. Beyond the Golden Door: A brief history of the Jews of New York. Tel Aviv: Beth Hatefutsoth, 1978. Filled with photographs. In English and Hebrew. oblong 8vo 75 pp. good. wrapper.  (265963)    $10.00

15.     Bridger David. Der Onheyber. Farlag Matones, 1947. 140 pp. In Yiddish covers worn fep missing. Good. Hardcover .

Charming black and white illustrations by Note Kozlovsky  (265401)    $17.00

16.     Bromberg A. MiGedolai Hassadim Sefer Daled the Rabbis of Alexander their lives and biographies. Jerusalem: Center for Hasidism, 1954. 157 pp. In Hebrew. Good. Boards.  (265411)    $48.00

17.     Central Conference of American Rabbis. Tefilot Yisrael The Union Prayer Book published by the Ritual Committee; As adopted by the Central Conference of American Rabbis. NY: Bloch, 1892. Part One The Sabbath and the Three Festivals 260 pp., Part Two Appendix Responsive Readings of Psalms Ethical Readings 140 pp. hinges started lacks pieces of spine, Kaufmann Kohler’s copy(his book plate) purchased from a college library,embossed stamp title page. good. Boards.

Prayer book was almost immediatley recalled to follow classical guidelines of Reform Judaism and new edition published 1895. Kohler was an important Reform Rabbi and author.  (265797)    $950.00

18.     Chamiel Haim editor. Abney Hasoham A collection of poems by Samuel ibn Sasson. Jerusalem: Sura, 1965. 113 pp. sfep In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265396)    $18.00

19.     Chavel, Rabbi Charles translaot Maimonides . The Commandments sefer Ha Mitzvoth of Maimonides. Soncino, 1967. In one volume, dj torn the Positive Commandments 305 pages and the Negative Commandments 447 pages. Good +. Hardcover .  (265180)    $40.00

20.     Chmelnitzki, Melech,. Ru un Umru. Ignatoff, 1948. 127 pp. Good +. Hardcover .  (265432)    $22.00

21.     Drei Doroth Lider fun Beryl Broder. Margulies, 1957. 108 pp. In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover .

Poems of songs of Baer Margulies  (265389)    $35.00

22.     Even Zahar Itamar. E’Onim BeSefrut. Misrad HaHinuch. 85 pp. dj worn and torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265445)    $20.00

23.     Feinberg L inscribed by. Der farmishpeter doyr: roman in fir teyln/The Doomed Generation (A Novel in Verse). Marstin, 1954. 335 pp. inscribed copy in Yiddish, Good. Hardcover .  (265271)    $14.00

24.     Fikman Jacob (Fichman)      Yaʻaḳov Fikhman. Maʻanit : sefer limud u-miḳra sefer shanei. Tel Aviv: Moledet, 1935. 146 pp. In Hebrew, charming illustrations hinge starting, scarce title. Good +. Boards.  (265338)    $150.00

25.     Financial Report of the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Oct 1934-March 1937 submitted to the XX th Zionist Congress at Zurich. Jewish Agency, 1937. 103 pp. lack cover, back cover torn, slight library mark and number on title page. Good-. Wrapper.  (265315)    $25.00

26.     fishman Jacob. Vierzige Yahr Folksbiene. Grenich, 1955. 205 pp. many picutres of the theater company, In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover .  (265410)    $47.00

27.     Die Freie Gesellschaft; a montly magazine devoted to literature and discussion of social problems. NYC: Freie Arbeiter Stimme Group, January -June 1911. 376 pp. , six issues of the periodical, hinges need repair, few loose pages . Good-. Hardcover .

No 1-no. 6 Volume II  (265409)    $85.00

28.     Freimann J Judah he-Hasid; Jehuda Wistinetzki;. Sefer Ḥasidim : ʻal pi nosaḥ ktav yad asher be-Parma = Das Buch der Frommen. Frankfurt-am-Main: Wahrmann, 1924. 537 pp. Good. Boards.  (265276)    $75.00

29.     Fridman Kalmen. Luchot (Calendars) Shirim veReshemot. Ugdon, 1964. 158 pp. In Yiddish and Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover .  (265391)    $20.00

30.     Geismar Otto. Hagadah shel Pesach; Seder Haggadah shel Pesach. Berlin: Yalkut, 1927. Covers lightly soiled, new spine. Good. Boards.

Bound in original yellow cloth with front cover illustration depicting the breaking of the chains of slavery towards a new dawn; black and white modernist ‘stick-figure’ Illustrations by Otto Geismar: “The Geismar illustrations are among the most unusual ever to adorn a Hagadah text. ” (Yerushalmi 147-150)  (265139)    $375.00

31.     Genachowski Dov. Commentarius in Tractatum Yoma, Auctore R. Eliaqim (Saec. XII) ad Fiem Codicis Monacensis edidit Frefatione et Notis Instruxit. Mekize Nirdamim, 1964. 267 pp.In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265258)    $25.00

32.     Gilboa David. Old Safad – Pictures and Sketches. Daat, 1953. Folder of 4 tipped in sketches and colour frontis plate, spine very torn and worn, With Hebrew and English commentary on the work, large work. Good-. Stiff Wrapper.  (265449)    $27.00

33.     Gold Ben. Menchen. Guild Trades, 1948. 256 pp in Yiddish with illustrations by Gropper, Good-. Cloth.  (265273)    $10.00

34.     Goldwasser Edwin. Yiddish-English lessons. Heath, 1916. 249 pp. for immigrants. Good. Hardcover .  (265357)    $45.00

35.     Greenberg Eliezer. Central Motives and Motivations in H Leivick’s Works (In Yiddish). CYCO, 1961. 39 pp..covers worn inscribed by Greenberg ,with index card of comments by Greenberg also, In Yiddish. Good. Boards.

edited treasury of Yiddish Stories with Irving Howe in 1954  (265414)    $30.00

36.     Halevi Rav Aharon. Sefer Hachinuch (on the 613 Mitzvot). Eshkol. In Hebrew, 399 pp. inscription in pen on fep. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265429)    $25.00

37.     Halperin Rebecca. Ziv Ma’asaf Shnati shel Bet Hasefer Hagevoah. New York: 1923. 53 pp. ex library with markings. Good. Wrapper.  (265650)    $18.00

38.     Helzel, Florence B. Narrative Imagery; Artists’ Portfolios. Berkeley: Judah L. Magnes Museum, 1991. 111 pp. Includes an essay by Jane Levy, “Portraits and Cityscapes: Two Portfolios by Hermann Struck.” Very Good. Paperback.  (265943)    $15.00

39.     Hertz J S. Hirsh Lekert. Farlag Unser Tsait, 1952. 136 pp In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover .  (265259)    $15.00

40.     Hirshovitz Abarham. Minhage Yeshurun (Idishe minhogim). Vilna: Garber, 1914. 270 pp hinge started . In Yiddish Hirshovitz was a Rabbi in Pittsburgh. Good-. Hardcover .  (265399)    $40.00

41.     Horovitz H S. Mechilta D’Rabbi Ismael Cum Variis Lectionibus Et Adnotationibus. Bamberger, 1960. In Hebrew 359 pp. tears to top side of spine, pencil annotated in Hebrew in margins. Good. Hardcover .  (265131)    $18.00

42.     Idelsohn, Abraham. Sefer Ha Shirim. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1922. In Hebrew, filled with songs. lacks part of spine , covers worn , bookplate 84 pp. good. cloth.  (265291)    $15.00

43.     In memoria di Angelo Sacerdoti: La comunita israelitica di roma. Roma: Istituto romano di arti grafiche di tumminelli, 1936. 129 pp. number taped to spine and slight library mark, lower part of cover and fep lacking, paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Wrapper.  (265339)    $10.00

44.     Jacobson Jacob Hirsch. 450 Gebete und Lieder fur die israelitische Jugend jedes Alters in Schule und Haus, zur Befestigung des Religionsunterrichts. Leipzig: Fritsche, 1847. 142 pp, new spine, decorated boards,  library marks from Bibl und Verein Isr Lehrer Frankfurt am Main bound with Katechetischer Leitfaden beim Unterricht in der jisraelitischen Religion, gleichzeitig Konfirmandenbuchlein fur die jisraelitische Jugend …Fritasche 1852 32 pp. Fair. Boards.

War Rabbiner und Prediger in Belgrad und spater Marienwerder  (265835)    $100.00

45.     Janasowicz Isaac (editor). Cinco Anos de Vida Comunitaria Judia En Buenos Aires 1958-1962. Buenos Aires: 1963. 710 pp. hinges started some library mark and number on spine, book is in Yiddish. wear to covers and crown bumped. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265424)    $27.00

46.     Jewish Agency . The Jewish Evidence Before the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine Excerpts from the Official Minutes. Jewish Agency, 1947. 45 pp covers worn, crease to cover. Good +. Wrapper.  (265316)    $25.00

47.     Jewish Studies Essays in Honour of the Very reverend Dr. Gustav Sicher, Chief Rabbi of Prague. Prague: 1, 1955. 111 pp. slight library marks. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (265360)    $10.00

48.     Joseph Karas Commentar Zum Buche Josua Und Nachtrage Zum Commentar Uber Des Buch Der richter; (Peyrush R’ Yosef Kara al Neviim Reshonim; Makor, 1972. 209 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265284)    $25.00

49.     Kamenetski, N. Die Arbeter-shul: lernbukh farn fertn yor. New York: International Workers Order, 1934. 208 pp. spine worn and torn, with new label, covers worn. Good. Hardcover .  (265349)    $95.00

50.     Kapelov I. Amolike Yaren. Iberlebungen Fun a Yidish Ingel in Der Alter Haym. Illustriert Fun Tadres Geler. Farlag Matones, 1931. 208 pp.boards worn, book plate. Very Good. Boards.  (265290)    $25.00

51.     Katz, Jacob. Out of the Ghetto: The Social Background of Jewish Emancipation, 1770-1870. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, , 1973. 271 pp. Very good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265696)    $6.00

52.     Kevod ḥakhamim : yotse le-or le-ragle ḥag yovel ha-shivʻim shanah li-khevod … Dov Aryeh ha-Kohen Leṿinṭhal, Philadelphia: B’nai Abraham, 1935. 146 + 29 pp. In Hebrew and English, may be signed by him-has book plate of committee. Good +. Hardcover .

In 1891 B’nai Abraham, along with three other synagogues in the area, brought Rabbi Bernard L. Levinthal from Lithuania to the United States to serve as the third rabbi of the congregation. Rabbi Levinthal came to B’nai Abraham after the death of its previous rabbi, Rabbi Eleazar Kleinberg, who was his father-in-law. Though officially the rabbi of B’nai Abraham, Rabbi Levinthal actually functioned more as the unofficial Chief Rabbi of Philadelphia. By the early 20th century he was a frequent speaker throughout the city and only attended services at B’nai Abraham intermittantly, although he continued to hold the pulpit on the High Holidays and other occasions. When in attendance at the synagogue, Rabbi Levinthal gave his sermon in Yiddish. (Bnai Abraham web site)  (265416)    $25.00

53.     Klemig, Roland (editor). Jews in Germany Under Prussian Rule. Berlin: Preussischer Kulturbesitz, 1984. large 8vo 125 pp. spine owrn. Good +. wrapper.

Exhibition catalog.  (265965)    $15.00

54.     Kobez Al Yad ; Berlin: Mekizei Nirdamim/Kauffmann, 1899. 55 pp. In Hebrew . Very Good-. Hardcover .  (265358)    $45.00

55.     Kobez Al Yad ; Tom VI (XVI) Pars I and Pars II. Mekizei Nirdamim, 1966. 552 pp. In Hebrew two volumes. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265332)    $42.00

56.     Kobez Al Yad ; Tom VIII (XVIII). Mekizei Nirdamim, 1975. 497 pp. In Hebrew . Very Good. Hardcover .  (265333)    $30.00

57.     Kobez Al Yad ; Tom X (XX). Mekizei Nirdamim, 1982. 322 pp. In Hebrew . Very Good. Hardcover .  (265334)    $30.00

58.     Kobez Al Yad ; Tom XI (XXI). Mekizei Nirdamim, 1985. 288 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265330)    $20.00

59.     Kobez Al Yad ; Vol. IX (xix). Mekizei Nirdamim, 1979. 350 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265262)    $15.00

60.     Korman Ezra (editor). Yidishe dikhterins: antologye. Chicago Detroit: Stein, 1928. 390 pp. In Yiddish , covers worn, crown and base of spine slightly bumped. Good +. Hardcover .

Important anthology of women poets with small photos of the poets. Includes Kadia Molodows, Anna Margolin, Rachel Korn, and Celia Dropkin. Also includes a bibliography of 232 titles.  (265237)    $100.00

61.     Krochmal Nachman  Rawidowicz, Simon [Ed.]. Kitvei Rebbi Nachman Krochmal: Writings of Nachman Krochmal. Ararat, 1961. 238+525 pages spine bit faded otherwise in good shape In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover .  (265301)    $50.00

62.     Kupfer Efraim. Responsa et Decisiones: Ad Fidem Codicis Bodleianensis 692. Mekize Nirdamim,, 1973. In Hebrew 348 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265440)    $16.00

63.     Lapid Shulamiy. Gai-Oni. Keter, 1982. 266 pp. covers worn pen writing fep. Good. Paperback.  (265244)    $15.00

64.     Leo Judah Messer. The Book of the Honeycomb’s Flow: Sepher Nopheth Suphim First Published at Mantua, 1475/76. Cornell, 1983. 603 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265202)    $10.00

65.     Lewin, Isaac. Personalities and Historical Events. Jerusalem: Kook, 1988. 174 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265329)    $20.00

66.     Lewisohn S und Kaplan J. Erets kedumim kolel gelilot Erets Yisra’el./ Erez Kedumim: Das Land des Altertums, oder, Biblische Erdbeschriebung Alphabetisch Geordnet . Wilna: Romm, 1839. 187+ 262 pp. slight foxing leather spine worn and cracked boards worn Hebrew and Greek terms explanation given in Rashi script,three separate title pages and last one gives Romm as publisher, first title page in Hebrew and Russian, second in Hebrew and third in German. Romm was famous as a publishing house for the Talmud edition. Good. Boards.  (265405)    $165.00

67.     Libman Y. In Gezang tsum Folk. Wochenblat, 1953. 126 pp. In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover .  (265260)    $12.00

68.     Luk H T Kit-Rotsch Edward. Sifrah shel eretz Yisrael. Jerusalem: 1923. 267 pp. + adds, ex library. Good. Hardcover .  (265649)    $20.00

69.     Lutzky A. A bukh tsum lebn : sefer la-ḥayim. NY: 1948. 317 pp. inscribed by the author, collection of poems in Yiddish, covers worn. Good. Hardcover .  (265426)    $17.00

70.     Makhshoves Baal. Geklibene Verk/ Selected Works. Congress for Jewish Culture, 1953. 336 pp covers worn. Good. Cloth.  (265895)    $15.00

71.     Malgenitzky Yosef. Valstendeger Linyan Sidur Lebatai Sefer VeLaom. Philadelphia: Joseph Magil, 1904. 272 pp. plus several additional pages thanking subscribers (with names) from small towns throughout the USA ie Denver, Binghamton, Utica, Baltimore, etc. cloth taped spine with edges of boards bent. Good. Boards.

Prayers in Hebrew and Yiddish for the entire year and commentary at bottom in Yiddish, three photos of contemporary youth wearing tefillin with prayers on top of page , and sides in Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian and German  (265300)    $125.00

72.     Masliansky J. Yiddish Sermons for Sabbaths and Holy Days. Turberg, 1908. 176 pp crown and base of spine torn, In Yiddish, stains to covers. Good. Hardcover .  (265395)    $8.00

73.     Mazar Benjamin. Canaan and Israel Historical Essays. Jerusalem: Mosad, 1974. 320 pp. In Hebrew, sfep . Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265364)    $17.00

74.     Melech Jacob editor. Die Naye Welt. 1909+1910. 143 + 162 pp.In Yiddish periodical hinges started. Good. Hardcover .  (265390)    $32.00

75.     Mielziner Ella. Moses Mielziner 1828-1903  A Biography with a Bibliography of his writings; with a reprint of his Slavery Amongst the Ancient Hebrews and other works. 1931. 254 pages crown and base of spine slightly bumped covers worn, inscribed by the author. Good +. Hardcover .  (265289)    $36.00

76.     Miscellaneous No. 2 (1940) Palestine Land Transfer Regulations Letter to the Secretary General of the League of Nations London February 28, 1940. London: HMSO, 1940. 10 pp. slight library mark, restricting land sales of Arab lands based on Zones, Good. Wrapper.

Cmd. 6180  (265314)    $65.00

77.     Moos H M. Mortara: Or the Pope and His Inquisitors. Cincinnati: Bloch, Israelite Office, 1860. 171 pp. end papers heavily foxed with some foxing throughout book, tears to crown of spine, library bookplate and signature of Jesse Weil. Good-. Hardcover .

Singerman 1675; H M Moos was the literary editor of The Israelite, published novels in the magzine and then published them in books form. Edgardo Mortara ( August 27, 1851 – March 11, 1940) was born Jewish, who became the center of an international controversy when he was taken from his Jewish parents by authorities of the Papal States and raised as a Catholic. The church would not surrender him back to his parents and his faith. The seizure of the boy followed his emergency baptism by a domestic servant during a serious infantile illness.He ultimately became a priest.  (265361)    $225.00

78.     Mosheh ben Natan, ha-Kohen.; Moses Sofer. Seder Hagadah shel Pesach,     haʻataḳah meduyeḳet meha-hagadah she-katav ṿe-tsiyar Mosheh bar Natan ha-Kohen bi-shenat  taf kuf ayin vav … le-shem … Mosheh Sofer .     . Berlin: Kohen/Teubner, 1924. Six illustrated pages including cover, 19 recto pages Facsimile of an illustrated manuscript, brown marks on some corners from charoset? stains to boards, needs new spine charming color illustrations. Good. Boards.

Yudlov 2928. Yaari 1978 The Judeo-German notes in the text and the illustrations are the works of the copyist Moses b. Nathan ha-Cohen.Reprint was originally published in 1816.
(265138)    $675.00

79.     Die Neu Zeit. New York: Socialist Workers Party, 1898-1899. Issues 1-12 in Yiddish meach issue about 40 pages,covers stained, tear to crown of spine. Good. library binding.

Articles on workers issues, socialism, Marxism, et al  (265454)    $96.00

80.     Niger S. Yiddish Writers of the 20th Century Essays Volume 1 and 2. Congress for Jewish Cylture, 1972. 405 pp. + 344 pp In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265422)    $30.00

81.     North Percy. Max Weber: American Modern. Jewish Museum, 1982. 118 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (265892)    $15.00

82.     Opatoshu; Joseph , H Leivick (editors). Zamlbicher 2 = Zamlbikher 2 Samlbicher 2 (1936). NY: 1937. 398 pp , covers worn, tears to covers and spine, In Yiddish. Good. Paperback.

Collection of poems and stories Includes chaim grade sutzkever segal etc  (251733)    $35.00

83.     Opatoshu; Joseph , H Leivick (editors). Zamlbicher 34= Zamlbikher 4 Samlbicher 4 (1939). NY: 1939. 398 pp , covers worn, tears to covers and spine, stains to cover , In Yiddish. Good. Paperback.

Collection of poems and stories  (265253)    $30.00

84.     Patt Emmanuel. In Gerangl: Yaakov Pat un Zayn Dor. Shulsinger, 1971. 639 pp. In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265367)    $17.00

85.     Paver Chaver (Einbinder Gershon). Gershun Meyer Dem Blinden’s. Chaver Paver Committee, 1958. 303 pp.In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover .  (265353)    $10.00

86.     Piepkorn Arthur (inscribed). Historical Prism Inscriptions of Ashurbanipal I: Editions E, B1-5, D, and K [The Oriental Institute of The University of Chicago – Assyriological Studies, No. 5]. Chicago, 1933. 106 pp. inscribed to Cyrus Gordon in 1933, spine torn. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.  (265653)    $55.00

87.     Rabinowitz, L. The Social Life of the Jews of Northern France in XII-XIV Centuries. as Reflected in the Rabbinical Literature of the Period. NY: Hermon Press, 1972. 268 pp. second edition, covers worn slight tear to dj. Good +. Hardback & DJ.  (265450)    $17.00

88.     Reflections on the Bible Selected Studies of the Bible Circle in memory of Yishai Ron. Am Oved, 1973. 227 pp. book plate. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265257)    $25.00

89.     Rhind W G. The Tabernacle in the Wilderness; The Shadow of Heavenly Things. Three Engravings, coloured, and inlaid with gold, silver, and brass, according to the texts of scripture: With explanatory notes. London: Bagster, 1842. 35 pp. + appendix ;half bound (spine and corners) all binding cloth, and three colored plates, covers worn stained.slightly discolored and blotchy, cloth, corner pages bumped slightly, one particular color (brown) has transferred and slightly stained the facing page of Camp at Rest , seen also on pp. 27 Israel Marching. Good. Boards.

First edition  (262957)    $875.00

90.     Rosenbach A S W . An American Jewish Bibliography: Being A List of Books and Pamphlets by Jews or Relating to Them.Until 1850 (American Jewish Historical Society # 30). AJHS, 1926. 500 pp. Emanuel Celler’s copy. Good +. Hardcover .  (265356)    $36.00

91.     Sefer zikaron LeSofrei Yisrael HaChayim Etanu Keyo, Warsaw: 1890. 208 pp. title pages some soiling, book plate, book is in Hebrew, title taped to spine. Good. Boards.  (265431)    $45.00

92.     Shabtai, Edna. For Love is as Strong as Death. Jerusalem: Keter, 1986. 238 pp. In Hebrew. Good. Paperback.  (265247)    $15.00

93.     Shalom Porush. Encyclopedia of Hasidism Vol 1 Works (Letters Aleph to Tet). Kook, 1980. 722 pp. In Hebrew dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265438)    $30.00

94.     Singer, Isaac Bashevis . ha-Naḥalah The Estate. tel Aviv: Poalim, 1976. First printing. 286 pp. In Hebrew. Good. Paperback.  (265404)    $17.00

95.     Singer, Isaac Bashevis . ha-Naḥalah The Estate. tel Aviv: Poalim, 1976. First printing. 286 pp. In Hebrew. Good. Paperback.  (266342)    $17.00

96.     Sisterhood of Mikve Israel-Emanuel (Netherlands Antilles) . Recipes from the Jewish Kitchens of Curacao. Drukkerij Scherpenheuvel N.V, 1990. fifth printing. 100 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (265808)    $22.00

97.     Societe des Etudes Juives. Revue des Etudes Juives; Tome Vingt Troisieme et Vingt Quatrieme. Durlacher, 1891-1892. 320 + 320 pp, two years new hinges . Good-. library binding.  (265335)    $55.00

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101.     Wager Moshe and Dickstein Paltiel. P’tsu’yei P’turin: Perek b’Hitpatchut Dieni Avodah ba Yishuv Ha Ivri B’Yameinu; (Compensation for dismissal A chapter in the development of labor law in thenew Jewish settlement in Palestine. Jerusalem: Mass, 1940. 193 pp.ex library. Good. Boards.  (265648)    $28.00

102.     Wertheim Ph. sektr der judischen Gemeinde Berlin. Kalender und Jahrbuch auf das Jahr 5617 fur die judischen Gemeinden Preussens. Berlin: Veit, 1857. 156 pp. library stamps tp covers worn taped title to spine. Good. Boards.  (265207)    $45.00

103.     Wise Isaac. Daily Prayers. Bloch, 1868 (copyright 1857). 316 pp. wear to covers and around spine, lacks piece of crown of spine, wear to spine, hinges starting. Good-. Boards.

Early Reform Prayer book  (265796)    $275.00

104.     Wise Isaac. Kefi Minhag Amerika: Tefillot Bnei Yeshurun le Yom HaKippurim/  Tefillot Bnei Yeshurun le -Rosh Hashanah The Divine Service of American Israelites for the Day of Atonement Two Volumes. Bloch, 1866. 307+ 55 pp (YK) + 212 pp. (RH ) In Hebrew and English. Contemporary blind-embossed cloth with gilt lettering to spine, YK has .bookplate, on pastedown of shul in Lynchburg Va., library stamp tp, spine repaired with new title on spine,corners slightly torn RH the crown and base of spine are torn, some wear to edges, name of Mrs I Joseph imprinted on cover . Good-. Boards.

Text and Psalms. Some of the prayers are translated both into English and German. One of the first accepted Reform prayer books for the High Holidays in the USA. The Yom Kippur one is extremely scarce.  (265795)    $650.00

105.     Wolff Rebekka. Kochbuch Fur Israelitische Frauen enthaltend die verschiedensten Koch- und Backarten mit einer vollständigen Speisekarte und einer Hausapotheke sowie einer genauen Anweisung zu Einrichtung u. Führung einer religiös=jüdischen Haushaltung. Frankfurt: Kauffmann, 1901. 291 pp. , decorated covers worn, spine repaired. Good. Boards.  (265075)    $100.00

106.     Yafe-Schlesinger S A annote par. Minḥat ʻani encyclopedie talmudique: ʻinyanim ve-sugiyot le-fi seder alef-bet = Première partie par le grand rabbin Rabbi Joseph David Zinzheim. Ma’hon Yerouchalayim, 5734. 36 + 240 pp. pp. In Hebrew preface in French X pages. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265129)    $56.00

107/a.     Yalkut Shimoni on Pentateuch (see below record #107/b for collation). Salonika: 1521-1526. Yalkut Shimoni is a colossal compendium of midrashic or homiletic literature arranged according to the order of the Bible. For some of these now-lost, obscure midrashim, Yalkut Shimoni is our only source. Virtually nothing is known of the compiler of this monumental arrangement of the wisdom of the Rabbis, other than his name, Rabbi Shimon HaDarshan (Rabbi Simon the Preacher). Traditionally, he was a resident of Frankfurt am-Main (though one scholar unsuccessfully attempted to re-biograph him as a Spaniard). It is surmised by scholars that Shimon flourished in the thirteenth century. Historian Azariah dei Rossi (author Me’or ‘Eynayim) possessed a manuscript of Yalkut Shimoni dated 1310.

Yalkut Shimoni is divided into remazim (“allusions”) or chapters, 966 in the Pentateuch (Torah), and 1,085 in the Prophets and Writings (NaKh). (The Salonika edition has 963 remazim in the Pentateuch.) The system of division is not readily comprehensible, and appears at times to be arbitrary on the part of the editor. From a scholarly point of view, one of the great advantages of Yalkut Shimoni is the fact that the editor supplied the sources from which he drew his material. (In the Salonika edition, these referents are supplied internally within the text itself; in the manuscripts, and in subsequent printed editions beginning with that of Venice 1566, the references appear as marginal notes.)

First Edition of Salonika 1521-1526
Good-. full calf with tear to top of spine.

In the aftermath of the tragic Spanish Expulsion of 1492 (followed by the Portuguese Expulsion of 1496-1497), the Ottoman port city of Salonika (Thessaloniki, Greece) became the new cultural capital of Sephardic or Iberian Jewry. These Spanish and Portuguese Jews, who were encouraged to take up residence in the Ottoman Empire by Sultan Bayezid II, soon turned Salonika into a major center of Hebrew publishing. One might find ironic then, that one of the first all-time great works to be produced in Salonika would be that of an Ashkenazic rabbi, a native of Frankfurt!

Be that as it may, the Salonikan imprint proved providential, for it allowed preservation of a provocative anti-Christological passage, which could never have passed Church censorship. In subsequent, heavily censored editions of Yalkut Shimoni, the passage is quite inoffensive:

How far did the voice of Balaam travel?
Rabbi Yohanan said: Sixty miles.
Rabbi Joshua ben Levi said: The seventy nations of the world heard the voice of Balaam.
Rabbi El’azar HaKappar says: God endowed his voice with the power to travel from one end of the world to the other, because he gazed and saw that the nations would bow down to the sun, to the moon, to the stars, to the trees, and to the stones. Therefore, He endowed his voice with the power that all the nations of the world might hear.

(Yalkut Shimoni, Balak, remez 766)
However, in the uncensored first edition of Salonika 1526, we note a significant addition (which is either the original midrashic text, or a later interpolation, depending on one’s perspective). The Hebrew circumlocution “’oto ha-ish” (“that man”) is clearly an allusion to Jesus of Nazareth:
How far did the voice of Balaam travel?
Rabbi Yohanan said: Sixty miles.
Rabbi Joshua ben Levi said: The seventy nations of the world heard the voice of Balaam.
Rabbi El’azar HaKappar says: God endowed his voice with the power to travel from one end of the world to the other, because he gazed and saw that the nations would bow down to the sun, to the moon, to the stars, to the trees, and to the stones. And he gazed and saw that a man, born of woman, would arise in the future seeking to make himself a god and to lead astray the entire world. Therefore, He endowed his voice with the power that all the nations of the world might hear. And thus he would say: Pay heed not to stray after that man (‘oto ha-ish), for it says, “God is not a man, that He should lie” [Numbers 23:19], and if he says that he is a god, then he is lying. And in the future he will deceive by saying that he departs and comes at the End; he said but will not do. See what is written: “And he took up his parable and said, Woe, who shall live after he placed himself God?” [Numbers 24:23]. Said Balaam: Woe! Who can survive that nation which heeded that man (‘oto ha-ish) who made himself a god?
(Yalkut Shimoni [Salonika, 1526], Balak, remez 765 [f.268c])
n the Salonika edition, the section on the Prophets and Writings (NaKh) preceded the section on the Pentateuch (Torah) by five years. The section on the Prophets and Writings appeared in 1521; that on the Pentateuch in 1526.
Bibliography: Encyclopedia Judaica (Jerusalem, 1973), Vol. 16, cols 707-709; Herbert W. Basser, Studies in Exegesis: Christian Critiques of Jewish Law and Rabbinic Responses 70-300 C.E. (Leiden: Brill, 2000), pp. 72-73.  (265798)    $7,250.00

107/b.     Yalkut Shimoni on Pentateuch (Collation). Salonika: 1526. (see next record for information)

Good-. full calf with tear to spine.


Title-page wanting.

f.1 wanting.
ff.31-36 wanting [=6 leaves wanting].
ff.43-48 wanting [=6 leaves wanting]; supplied in old manuscript (Rashi script in double columns to approximate printed text).
ff.55-57 [=3 leaves] wanting.
f.60-65 [= 6 leaves] wanting; supplied in old manuscript (Rashi script in double columns to approximate printed text).

SUBTOTAL: 22 of 65 ff. wanting

f.47 torn but completely present.
f.73 bound out of sequence between ff.342-343 [Parshat Tetse].
f.78 wanting.
f.87 bottom segment of leaf torn and wanting.
f.91 torn but completely present.
ff.157-174 [=18 leaves] wanting.
ff.199-204 [=6 leaves] wanting.
f.241 wanting.
f.252 wanting.
f.265 torn but present.
ff.289-290 [=2 leaves] wanting.
ff.293-294 [=2 leaves] wanting.
f.295 torn but present.
ff.364-365 slightly torn, each wanting 5 lines of text at bottom of outer column.
Remaining leaves, ff.366-376 [=11 leaves] supplied in old manuscript (Rashi script in double columns to approximate printed text).

SUBTOTAL: 42 of 376 ff. wanting

TOTAL: 64 of 441 ff. [=14.5%] wanting

Inscriptions: On front page, “Ha-Tsa’ir Avraham [illegible].” On back page, “Yeshayah Yosef Hayyim S”T.”
The volume is bound in contemporary calf; spine partially torn. Thick folio
(265799)    $.0

109.     Zuckermann Hugo. Gedichte. Lowit, 1915. 109 pp. includes Kriegsgedichte, marbled boards. Good +. Boards.

Hugo Zuckermann was born 15 May 1881 in Cheb. 1909 he founded, together with writer Oskar Rosenfeld, the Jüdische Bühne, the first Jewish theater in Vienna. Later he became a lawyer in Meran. He fell early in the First World War after having written the very popular “Österreichisches Reiterlied”. His work, published in one volume with an introduction by Otto Abeles in 1915, consists of poems including some translations from the Bible (Shir Hashirim, psalms). He also translated poems by Isaac Leib Peretz, Sholem Asch, Abraham Reisen, S. Schneir and other Yiddish authors. (Wikipedia)  (265694)    $25.00

110.     Zygielbaum Faivel (Inscribed by). Der Koyeḥ tsu shṭarbn : mishpoḥe-bukh. Peretz, 1976. 379 pp. In Yiddish, includes piece of his stationery. Good. Hardcover .  (265428)    $25.00

Delbo – November 2016


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2.     Andersch Alfred. Flight to Afar. Coward McCann, 1958. 187 pp. dj torn in back A German Jewish girl and a disillusioned Communist try to rise above the onslaught of the Nazi terror at the onset of the War. Andersch was an internal emigre during the War. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

A critical review of Andersch’s “internal emigré” status, his marriage to a German Jew and subsequent divorce in 1943, as well as of his writing, may be read in W.G. Sebald’s “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” attached to his essay On the Natural History of Destruction.[ Sebald accused Andersch of having presented through literature a version of his life (and of the “internal emigration” more generally) that made it sound more acceptable to a post-Nazi public.*Wikipedia)  (264732)    $13.00

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Chapter on the refugees from the 1930s working on the farms in New Jersey.  (264677)    $30.00

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Giacomo Debenedetti (1901–1967) was born in a Jewish family in Biella region of Piemonte Italy. He became an Italian journalist, literary critic and author of the short books October 16, 1943– an account of the deportation of Roman Jews shortly after the occupation of Rome by the Nazi army—and Eight Jews, a critique of Raffale Alianello’s defense of fascist Questore (Police Commissioner) Pietro Caruso at his trial for war crimes, on the basis that he had crossed eight Jewish names off of a list of Roman citizens slated for execution in the Ardeatine Caves Massacre.

(264651)    $30.00

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Catlogue of their holdings  (264643)    $15.00

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fighting against Hitler  (264704)    $17.00

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Saul Kaleko was a linguist and Hebraist who was married to Mascha Kaleko from 1928 to 1938 in Berlin. She divorced him to marry the composer Chemjo Vinaver.  (264613)    $45.00

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Numerous contributors includes material on the Shoah  (264845)    $15.00

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DDR exposing former Nazis in Federal Republic administration  (264785)    $27.00

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Gene Plunka’s study will add to this chronicle with an examination of the theatre of the Holocaust. Including thorough critical analyses of more than thirty plays, this book explores the seminal twentieth-century Holocaust dramas from the United States, Europe, and Israel. Biographical information about the playwrights, production histories of the plays, and pertinent historical information are provided, placing the plays in their historical and cultural contexts (blurb)  (264552)    $6.00

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Delegates from all over the world discussing the situation of European Jewry  (264538)    $42.00

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Lev Nussbaum was a Jewish man who transformed himself into a Muslim prince and became a best selling author in Nazi Germany. Wrote under the name Essay Bey and Kurban Said. Was hired to be Mussolini;s official biographer and when trur identity revealed he was placed on house arrest  (264558)    $12.00

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Intro by Abraham Cahan essay by Kautsky on Hitlerism and Social Democracy, David Shub on The Communist Spectre, Shaplen on American Socialism at the Crossroads Ellenbogen Fascism Its Roots and Mentality  (264750)    $15.00

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Describes the start of the War, life in Warsaw, the Warsaw Ghetto and survival through internment in six camps.  (264745)    $45.00

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Work done and funds expended by various Relief organizations overseas  (264626)    $18.00

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Educator /author involved in German Jewish activities,movements, murdered by Nazis at Sobibor.  (264623)    $30.00

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Explores Germany’s memorial crisis and how can contemporary artists remember the Holocaust, which they never knew.  (264528)    $10.00

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Survivor memoir in Yiddish  (264736)    $15.00

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The battles in the ghettos Among the walls In the Camps and in the Cities. Important work  (264907)    $86.00

Rambam – November 2016

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Memoir by survivor artist of the Holocaust  (260100)    $15.00

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Framing Jewishness : photography and the boundaries of community / Susan Chevlowe –Oy, are we a pluribus? Multiculturalism and American Jews / Ilan Stavans –Artist portfolios. Dawoud Bey ; Tirtza Even and Brian Karl ; Ranier Ganahl ; Nikki S. Lee ; Shari Rothfarb Mekonen and Avishai Mekonen ; Yoshua Okon ; Jaime Permuth ; Andrea Robbins and Max Becher ; Jessica Shokrian ; Chris Verene –Commissions and collaboration : the Jewish identity project behind the scenes / Joanna Lindenbaum.  (263731)    $10.00

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reprint of the Mekize Nirdamim edition  (263974)    $45.00

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drawings by Marc Chagall.  (263594)    $75.00

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Jewish artist murdered by the Nazis and also about Alois Brunner, Eichmann’s associate in murdering Jews.  (255729)    $8.00

26.     Finkelstein Louis. Sifra or Torat Kohanim According to Codex Assemani LXVI. JTS. 77+ 469 pp. facsimile of Codex Assemani LXVI in the Vatican Library. With an extensive introduction in Hebrew by Louis Finkelstein. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .

This is a facsimile of one of the oldest rabbinic manuscripts  (263976)    $85.00

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“This inventory provides access to a collection of documents concerning the French Jewish communities, which was acquired by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America from Zosa Szajkowski. The materials shed light on how the French Jewish community reacted to the French Revolution and Emancipation. They also provide information on major Jewish figures during the French Revolution and the First Empire, as well as on rabbinical and lay leaders in the last two centuries.”  (263970)    $15.00

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On German Jewish material culture that has been lost.  (262557)    $24.00

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series of superb essays, published with Jewish Museum  (263705)    $15.00

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Magnificent work containing mark examples of Jewish ritual objects and art.  (263763)    $15.00

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50 posters with commentary alongside  (263649)    $10.00

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Foreword by M Gaster  (263611)    $9.00

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Poems of his Shtetl in Lithuania and its destruction during the First War.  (264682)    $12.00

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Extrait de la revue des etudes Juives tome XIV  (263617)    $15.00

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Rabbi who came to England from Germany just prior to WW2  (264058)    $8.00

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Important work.  (263606)    $57.00

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Bak was from Vilna, hidden during the Holocaust. Paints as a witness to the destruction and as a survivor rebuilding for future  (260692)    $36.00

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Exquisitely produced book combines reproductions of 45 unique multimedia artworks about the Holocaust with analytical essays about these works, each from a different perspective. The large textile wall hangings have been exhibited in museums throughout the USA. Essays by Stephen Feinstein, Salvatore Scalora, Ori Soltes and the artist.  (252099)    $15.00

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Publ.ished by the Institute of Polish Architect.ecture of the Polytechnic of Warsaw. Drawings,sketches,photos of destroyed synagogues. Essential reference work  (263701)    $95.00

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Type of catechism i  (263819)    $45.00

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Yidishe etnografye un folklor zikhroynes vegn der etnografisher ekspeditsye, ongefirt. fun Sh. An-Ski  (263595)    $75.00

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1200 copies were printed  (252981)    $65.00

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Lived 1784-1862 important leader in Reform Judaism  (263615)    $150.00

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On traditional ritual objects with extensive materials on wimpels. On the world of German Jewry that was lost.  (263727)    $45.00

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Jewish life in the Netherlands  (263645)    $20.00

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109.     Wisemann, Falk. Genizah: Hidden Legacies of the German Village Jews: An exhibition. Ottobrun: Bertelsman, 1992. 224 pp. in library binding with library marks. Good. Stiff Wrapper.

Hidden Legacy Fdn publication,filled with photos of retrieved documents and texts. Wonderful work  (263726)    $30.00

110.     Zimiles Murray. Gilded Lions and Jeweled Horses: The Synagogue to the Carousel Jewish Carving Traditions. UPNE, 2007. 170 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

this book is the first fully developed study of the secularization of Eastern European Jewish folk art traditions in America. Until recently, little was known in the United States about the creative work of European Jewish folk artists. The destruction of the material heritage of Eastern European Jews during World War II has made it very difficult to recover artifacts of Jewish artistry. The physical remnants of that heritage–among them, the types of papercuts, gravestones, and wood carvings featured in this volume–can only suggest how extensive the traditions of Jewish folk art in Eastern Europe once were. Skilled craftsmen, responsible for the painted and carved interiors of Eastern European synagogues and their elaborately carved arks and bimahs, came to the New World in the late nineteenth century, where they soon flourished and became the creators of some of America’s greatest folk art. Folk art embraces many artistic expressions made by gifted individuals who have not had formal training in the arts. Folk artists apply a diverse range of skills to objects used in daily life. Jewish folk artist emigres encountered in the United States a society more interested in what they could produce than in what religion they practiced. Not only did they continue to carve religious artifacts for new synagogues serving fellow immigrants; they also created wooden trade figures, carnival figures, and some of the greatest carousel animals the world has ever seen. This volume tells the story of carvers who, released from Eastern European religious strictures, responded with great playfulness to an expansive new environment. Traditional patterns reemerged, often infused with American ideas and images, not only in synagogue decorations and objects intended for ritual use but also in the secular world.  (263764)    $36.00

111.     Zohar Naomi. Oleloth Mi-Batsir: Haskala, Hassidism and Mitnaggedim in Neglected Literary Works. Mass, 1987. 246 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (263562)    $16.00

Part 3 – October 2016


1.     Abitov Abraham. MiBayit Abba Pirchei Zicharnot Memei Yaldut BeErat Moladiti Husatin. Tel Aviv: aelf. In Hebrew 152 pp. Good +. Hardcover .  (263612)    $65.00

2.     Ajzenszstadt Amnon. Un di erd hot nisht tsugedekt dos blut/ And the Earth Did Not Cover the Blood. Tsentrale fun di Tsoyzmerer organizatsyes,, 1962. 309 pp. In Yiddish . Good +. Hardcover .

8  (263601)    $40.00

3.     Albrecht Karl. Der Verratene Sozialismus: Zenh jahre als Hoher Staatsbeamter in der Sowjetunion. Berlin: Niebelungen, 1939. 655 pp. ex library hinge started. Good +. cloth.

Pro Nazi view of Bolshevik Russia  (263829)    $25.00

4.     Alperin A editor. Brzezin Memorial Book (Brzeziny). 1961. 290 pp. In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .  (261066)    $65.00

5.     Alphei Hartmut . OSO Hefte Berichte aus der Odenwaldschule. 1984 +1986. Neue Folge and 11, 235 + 128 pp. material on the school and its founders and work with students during the Nazi regime , memories of the students . Good +. Stiff Wrapper.

In March 1933, Nazi storm troopers seized control of the Odenwaldschule, a small German boarding school near Heidelberg. Founded in 1910 by educational reformer Paul Geheeb, the Odenwaldschule was a crown jewel of the progressive education movement, renowned for its emancipatory pedagogical innovations and sweeping curricular reforms. In the tumultuous year that followed that fateful spring, Geheeb moved from an initial effort to accommodate Nazi reforms to an active opposition to the Third Reich’s transformation of the school. Convinced at last that humanistic education was all but impossible under the new regime, he emigrated to Switzerland in March 1934. There he opened a new school, the Ecole d’Humanite, which became a haven for children escaping the horrors of World War II.(from review of book by Dennis SHirley Politics of Progressive Education The Odenwaldschule in Nazi Germany.  (263746)    $85.00

6.     Anne Frank Foundation. Anne Frank in the World. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Bert Bakker, 1985. Many Photographs appearing for the first time 8vo 144 pp. new. wrapper.  (264773)    $10.00

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Collection of essays  (263809)    $10.00

8.     Avi’el Avraham. Kefar u-shemo Dogalishoḳ. Miśrad ha-biṭaḥon, 1965. 272 pp. slight library stamp on tp The destruction of the village and inhabitants of a village near Belarus during the Shoah. Very Good. Hardcover .  (263550)    $27.00

9.     Barron Stephanie. Exil. Flucht und Emigration europäischer Künstler 1933 – 1945. Prestel, 1998. 432 pp. bottom corner pages slightly furled. In German. front corner bent. Very Good-. Paperback.

Exhibition catalog. Extraordinary homage to the exile artists.  (263971)    $15.00

10.     Barth, Dr Felix. Schweizerisches Medizinisches Jahrbuch: 1939. Basel: Benno Schwabe, 1939. Slight library markings. 408 pp.covers worn and edges of spine torn bottom [ages bumped. good. cloth.

Includes lists of physicians and addresses of interest re number and specialty of any Jewish doctors  (263938)    $30.00

11.     Bauman, Janina. Winter In The MorningA Young Gitl’s Life in the Warsaw Ghetto and Beyond 1939-1945. NY: Free Press, 1986. 193 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Diary of Young Girl in Warsaw Ghetto  (264755)    $5.00

12.     Beer Edith Hahn. De joodse bruid Zoj trouwde een nazi en redde haar leven. mta, 1999. 238 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (263782)    $16.00

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Jewish Doctor from Poland studying in Italy,interred in concentration camps for four years in Italy.  (263955)    $9.00

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Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

R. Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich (1863-1944) author of Lechem Shlomo, Even Shlomo and other works was one of the great Rabbinic figures of pre-war Hungary. A grandson of the renowned Kol Aryeh, he served as Rabbi of Tshoba (1893-1899) and Shamlau until he was murdered in Auschwitz.  (263539)    $47.00

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Limited edition of a 1000. copies Masayrk,founder of the Czech Republic,was a defender of the rights of his Jewish citizens.  (263598)    $15.00

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Dutch youth’s diary from 1941 till his murder at Auschwitz  (263549)    $10.00

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Important work on the Communist Regime in the Soviet Union. By noted exile writer. .  (263973)    $45.00

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Founder of political Anti Semtism in Hungary in late 19th century.  (263993)    $10.00

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be interesting to know their influence or lack of re the German Jewish refugees slight library marking. Good. Paperback.  (263781)    $48.00

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Exile writer see Stenfeld DEL pp. 209  (263864)    $30.00

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Showing success in settling German refugees in agricultural settlements and farms  (263949)    $18.00

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One of the most signifigant works of the twentieth century. prescient of the rise of the Orwellian state,  (264037)    $750.00

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Teachers of the ZISHO, Central Yiddish Schools Organization in Poland. Biographies of Jewish teachers murdered in the Shoah.  (263587)    $55.00

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Collection of sketches drawn by Ilka Gedo in the Budapest Ghetto during Nazi occupation and of sketches by Gyorgy Roman of defendants at war crimes trials held in Hungary after the war. Text is by several authors and is in English and Hungarian  (263903)    $25.00

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Publ.ished by the Institute of Polish Architect.ecture of the Polytechnic of Warsaw. Drawings,sketches,photos of destroyed synagogues. Essential reference work  (263702)    $95.00

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Published in Europe under the title: ‘Oranienburg,the First Authentic Report by a Fugitive from a German Concentration Camp.” Was member of the German Reichstag  (263902)    $50.00

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with essays on the Shoah  (263806)    $10.00

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79.     Shirley Dennis. The Politics of Progressive Education: The Odenwaldschule in Nazi Germany. Harvard University Press, 1992. 277 pp. Very Good-. Hardcover .  (263836)    $25.00

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List of the names of the Jews of Hamburg who were murdered by the Nazis, with date of birth.  (263591)    $25.00

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Novel of life under fascism in Italy.  (263994)    $15.00

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Including the buried OMGUS report, published in 1946, linking banks with the Nazis, as accomplices in recommending the liquidation of the Deutsche Bank.  (263759)    $28.00

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89.     Wordt Vervolgd Vaarwel Hergé… 1907-1983 – Lang leve Kuifje! Special Herge Issue. 98 pp. cartoonist writer of Tin Tin a homage to his work, accused of being a collaborator during the War, contains examples of his work and essays. Very Good. Hardcover .  (263651)    $75.00