Delbo – November 2016


1.     Aleksium Natalia (editor). Biuletyn Zydowskiego Instytutu Historycznego. Warsaw: Jewish Historic Institute, 1999. Nr 4 (192) 157 pp. Very Good. Wrapper.  (264619)    $30.00

2.     Andersch Alfred. Flight to Afar. Coward McCann, 1958. 187 pp. dj torn in back A German Jewish girl and a disillusioned Communist try to rise above the onslaught of the Nazi terror at the onset of the War. Andersch was an internal emigre during the War. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

A critical review of Andersch’s “internal emigré” status, his marriage to a German Jew and subsequent divorce in 1943, as well as of his writing, may be read in W.G. Sebald’s “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” attached to his essay On the Natural History of Destruction.[ Sebald accused Andersch of having presented through literature a version of his life (and of the “internal emigration” more generally) that made it sound more acceptable to a post-Nazi public.*Wikipedia)  (264732)    $13.00

3.     Arad Y (editor). Documents on the Holocaust Selected sources on the Destruction of the Jews of Germany and Austria Poland and the Soviet Union. Yad Vashem, 1981. 504 pp. sfep. Good +. Hardcover .  (264509)    $18.00

4.     Avigdor Isaac. From Prison to Pulpit Sermons for All Holidays of the Year and Stories from the Holocaust. Horv, 1979. Trained in Poland yeshivot, survived five years in Mauthausen, Sermons relate to his experiences of suffering during the War and the maintenance of his faith. Became important Rabbi in the USA. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264920)    $15.00

5.     Bailer Brigitte. Wiedergutmachung Kein Thema: Oesterreich und die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus. Locker, 1993. top corners slightly bumped 308 pp. Very Good-. Paperback.  (264667)    $18.00

6.     (Bamberg) Mistele, Karl. The End of a Community: The Destruction of the Jews of Bamberg,Germany: 1938-1942. NY: KTAV, 1995. 241 pp.writing on title page. good. Hardback & DJ.  (264946)    $5.00

7.     Bangerter Lowell. The Bourgeois Proletarian: A Study of Anna Seghers. Bonn: Bouvier Verlag, 1980. 206 pp. good. Hardcover .

Author of the Seventh Cross, fled Nazi Germany and spent war in Mexico,  (264869)    $12.00

8.     Barkai, Meyer (trans. and ed.). The Fighting Ghettos Firsthand accounts of Jewish resistance to the Germans Within the Ghetto Walls in the Concentration Camps in the Forests. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1962. 407 pp. dj tears. Good +. Hardback & DJ.  (264505)    $15.00

9.     Baumel Schwartz Judith. Kol Ba-khiyot Kol Behiyot ” Ha-Shoah veha-Tefilah/ A voice of Lament: Holocaust and Prayer. Hotsaat Universitat Bar-Ilan, 1992. Octavo, 240 pp., In Hebrew. Very Good. Boards.  (264515)    $20.00

10.     Bertelsen, Aage. Oktober 43: … Neman, 1953. 154 pp. In Hebrew. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Rescue of the Jews in Denmark during the Shoah  (264518)    $15.00

11.     Bobe M Levenberg S editorial board. The Jews in Latvia. Assn of Latvian and Estonian Jews in Israel, 1971. 375 pp. dj worn Thorough study of the history of the Jews in Lativa,, political social and cultural life, towns and people and rhe Destruction during the Shoah. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264905)    $47.00

12.     Bolle Kees(editor). Ben’s Story: Holocaust Letters with Selections from the Dutch Underground Press. Carboncale: Southern Illinois, 2001. 148 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.

Ben Wessell was murdered at Bergen Belsen . His letters to his friend Johan  (264847)    $12.00

13.     Boorstin Daniel et al. Anti Semitism A Threat to Democracy. Wakefield: Rev Theodore DeLuca, 1936?. 32 pages, series of articles, tape removed from cover. Good condition. pamphlet.  (264603)    $10.00

14.     Borwicz, Michel. Ecrits des Condamnes a Mort Sous L’Occupation Allemande (1939-1945) Etude Sociologique. Paris: Presses Univ. de France, 1954. 276 pp backstrip torn. good. wrapper.  (264676)    $36.00

15.     Brenner Michael. Am Beispiel Weiden. Jüdischer Alltag im Nationalsozialismus. Arena, 1983. 172 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (264668)    $12.00

16.     Caue David. Communism and the Fench Intellectuals 1914-1960. Deutsch, 1964. 413 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264586)    $24.00

17.     Clauss Max. Zwischen Paris und Vichy Frankreich seit dem Waffenstillstand. Berlin: Deutschen verlag, 1942. zweite. mit 11 aufnahmen und einer karte 8vo 192 pp. note place of publication paper yellowing but not brittle. good. wrapper.  (264735)    $10.00

18.     Cohen, Elie. The Abyss: A Confession. NY: Norton, 1973. 111 pp number on dj and slight library mark. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.

By the author of Human Behavior in the Concentration Camp. Personal account of his survival in the camp and reasons.  (264524)    $8.00

19.     Connecticut Jewish History Stave Bruce preface. Witness to War 1941-45 The Soviet Jewish Experience. Jewish Historical Society, Summer 2001. Volume three 89 pp. interviews with Jewish soldiers. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (264875)    $26.00

20.     Davidson, Gabriel. Our Jewish Farmers and the Story of the Jewish Agricultural Society. NY: Fischer, 1943. 278 pp. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Chapter on the refugees from the 1930s working on the farms in New Jersey.  (264677)    $30.00

21.     Debenedetti Giacomo . Otto ebrei. Roma: Atlantica, 1944. 37 pp. In Italian number on spine and slight lbrary mark on fep. Good. Wrapper.

Giacomo Debenedetti (1901–1967) was born in a Jewish family in Biella region of Piemonte Italy. He became an Italian journalist, literary critic and author of the short books October 16, 1943– an account of the deportation of Roman Jews shortly after the occupation of Rome by the Nazi army—and Eight Jews, a critique of Raffale Alianello’s defense of fascist Questore (Police Commissioner) Pietro Caruso at his trial for war crimes, on the basis that he had crossed eight Jewish names off of a list of Roman citizens slated for execution in the Ardeatine Caves Massacre.

(264651)    $30.00

22.     Ehrenburg Ilya and Grossman Vasily editors. The Black Book: Documents the Nazis’ Destruction of 1.5 Million Soviet Jews. Holocaust Library, 1980. 593 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (264694)    $36.00

23.     Einhorn, Moses, editor. Wolkovisker Yizkor Book: Volume 1. NY: Self, 1949. ISBN: two copies . In Yiddish 512 pp. lacks pieces of dust jacket of spine. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264936)    $40.00

24.     Feuchtwanger Lion. Die Geschwister Oppenheim  Roman. Querido, 1933. 435 pages spine a bit worn, sfep. Good. Cloth.

Novel of oppression and murder in Nazi Germany  (264658)    $15.00

25.     Finn G. Buchenwald. 1936 – 1950 ; Geschichte eines Lagers. Urheber, 1985. 61 pp. Very Good. Wrapper.  (264574)    $12.00

26.     La France Le Troisieme Reich Israel. Paris: CDJC, 1968. catalogue 2, 254 pp., slight library mark on free end paper. Good. Paperback.

Catlogue of their holdings  (264643)    $15.00

27.     Frank, K.H.,  analysis of a speech by. German Imperialism and Czechoslovakia. London: Czech Ministry of Foreign Af, 1943. Czech. Documents and Sources No. 4. 12mo 29 pp. good. pamphlet.  (264581)    $5.00

28.     Fraser James and Heller Steven. The Malik-Verlag: 1916 – 1947. Goethe House Farleigh Dickinson, 1984. 86 pp. Includes Heartfield’s work in exile in England and the Aurora Verlag in NY. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (264873)    $22.00

29.     Friedberg Rachel. A Fragile Balance. Works. 1962-1997. 1998. Peterson, 1998. 78 pp. large 8vo. signed by the artist filled with examples of her work in color dealing with memory. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265025)    $30.00

30.     George Grosz, John Heartfield and the Malik-Verlag Catalogue 100. Ars Libri, 1994. 127 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.

Important catalog of anti Nazi press  (264874)    $25.00

31.     Goldmann Dr M Lehrer an der Hebraischen Lehranstalt der Judische Gemeinde in Berlin. Hebraisch. Berlin Charlottenburg Tel Aviv: Verlag Sefathenu, 1933. 3 auflage. Heft 1-3, three pamphelts total of 192 pp., heft 1 is disound and tear across cover, small library book plate. Good. Wrapper.

Assume for people preparing to depart for Palestine.  (264835)    $18.00

32.     Gorion, Emanuel bin. Philo Lexikon: Handbuch des Judischen Wissens. Berlin: Philo Verlag, 1935. 795 pp. (two numbers per page) fraying to crown of spine. Good +. boards.

Includes color plates and fold-out map: Die Juden in Deutschland Mitte 1933.  (264752)    $10.00

33.     Grafstein, Jerry (editor). Beyond Imagination: Canadians Write About the Holocaust. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1995. 8vo 265 pp. Very Good in VG DJ. Hardback & DJ.  (264733)    $7.00

34.     Grodzinsky, Yosef. In the Shadow of the Holocaust; The Struggle between Jews and Zionists in the aftermath of World War II. Common Courage Press, 2004. 279 pp.Claims that the Zionist movement was not sensitive to the needs of the survivors and used them for their own
propaganda purposes. New. Paperback.

Foreward by R. Michael Lerner.  (264906)    $20.00

35.     Herlitz, Georg. Der Zionismus und sein Werk. Berlin: Judischen Rundschau, 1933. 22 pp. some water stains creases slight tears note date of publication encouraging German Jews to do aliyah. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.  (264669)    $15.00

36.     Hilberg, Raul. The Destruction of the European Jews with a postscript by the author. New Viewpoints, 1973. fourth printing. 790 pp, very slight pen mark (s) on margin. Very Good. Paperback.  (264692)    $20.00

37.     Hillenbrand F K. Underground Humour in Nazi Germany 1933-1945. Routledge, 1995. 297 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264775)    $25.00

38.     Hollander, Nella. Jehoshua Thon: Preacher, Thinker, Politician. Montevideo: self published, 1966. 75 pp. in library binding. good. stiff wrap.

Polish Member of Parliament and Zionist leader who died in 1936, written by his daughter. Her mother, husband and son were murderd by the Nazis.  (264536)    $10.00

39.     Horn Dara. March of the Living excerpts from My Journal. March of the Living, 1993. 46 pp. Young people on a journey to Auschwitz, written when she was fifteen. Went on to become successful writer. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (264610)    $25.00

40.     Horowitz Mayer . Life of a Jewish Parachutist. Workmen’s Circle, 1948. 298 pp. blue stain on cover  In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .

fighting against Hitler  (264704)    $17.00

41.     Jacobius, Arnold . Carl Zuckmayer; Eine Bibliographie: 1917-1971. Frankfurt: Fischer, 1971. 343 pp. inscribed by Zuckmayer in black pen . Good. Hardback & DJ.

Exile writer (Sternfeld s.566) Spent war in USA  (264871)    $25.00

42.     Jacobius, Arnold . Carl Zuckmayer; Eine Bibliographie: 1917-1971. Frankfurt: Fischer, 1971. 343 pp. inscribed by Zuckmayer in black pen . Good. Hardback & DJ.

Exile writer (Sternfeld s.566) Spent war in USA  (265054)    $25.00

43.     Jewreinow N. Die Körperstrafen in der russischen Rechtspflege und Verwaltung : Beiträge zur Sittengeschichte des vorrevolutionären Russland. Verlag fur Sexualwissenschaft, 1931. 318 pp. slight foxing cover worn . bizarre book filled with many color illustrations. Good. Hardcover .  (264547)    $95.00

44.     Jewreinow N. Die Körperstrafen in der russischen Rechtspflege und Verwaltung : Beiträge zur Sittengeschichte des vorrevolutionären Russland. Verlag fur Sexualwissenschaft, 1931. 318 pp. slight foxing cover worn . bizarre book filled with many color illustrations. Good. Hardcover .  (265676)    $65.00

45.     Jungk Peter. A Life Torn By History; Franz Werfel 1890-1945. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1990. 12mo 318 pp. New. Hardback & DJ.  (264531)    $12.00

46.     Kahn Philip. Uncommon Threads Threads that wove the fabric of Baltimore Jewish Life. Pecan, 1996. 304 pp. Includes chapter on responses to the Shoah and help after the War for refugees. Good. Paperback.  (264522)    $15.00

47.     Kaleko S (redaktion). Mikraot Lesestücke für Schule und Selbstunterricht Auslese aus der Hebräischen Belage der jüdischen Rundschau 5695-5696, Berlin: Judische Rundschau, 1936. 48 pp. slight library marks, water stains to side of work, bottom sides pages furled, stains to back cover and tear , lacks front cover, reading copy note date of publication. Good-. Stiff Wrapper.

Saul Kaleko was a linguist and Hebraist who was married to Mascha Kaleko from 1928 to 1938 in Berlin. She divorced him to marry the composer Chemjo Vinaver.  (264613)    $45.00

48.     Kamenetsky Ihor. Secret Nazi Plans for Eastern Europe A study of Lebensraum Policies. College and University Press, 1961. 261 pp. scarce and important work. Very Good. Paperback.  (264504)    $115.00

49.     Kardorff Siegfried von (hrsg) . Der Internationale Kapitalismus und die Krise Festschrift fur Julius Wolf. Stuttgart: Enke, 1932. .Includes essays by Kautsky,Salomon,Mises,Blondel. 8vo 383 pp.spine needs repair coming off . good. cloth.

Important German Jewish economist, died in 1937  (264700)    $20.00

50.     Katz Barry. Foreign Intelligence: Research and Analysis in the Office of Strategic Services, 1942-1945. Harvard, 1989. 251 pp. sfep. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264776)    $23.00

51.     Kipnis Itzik . Chadoshim un Teg un Andere Dertzeilungen. Peretz, 1973. In Yiddish 293 pp pencil underlining . dj torn First signifigant Soviet Yiddish fiction. Describes pogroms and revolutionary activity and growing up in the shetel First published in 1926 Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264530)    $25.00

52.     Kretschmer Alfred, Studienrat and andere. The Renewal of the German School; Die Erneurung der Deutschen Schule. Georgia: Prisoner of War Camp fort Benning, 1945. 68pp.+ 74 pp. In English and German, typed manuscript. Good. Hardcover .

Written by German prisoners of war for future schools in Germany.  (264695)    $55.00

53.     Lamm Hans (hrsg). Vergangene Tage: Judische Kultur in Munchen. Muller, 1982. 551 pp. library number on dj and slight library stamp on pastedwon, appears to be inscribed. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Numerous contributors includes material on the Shoah  (264845)    $15.00

54.     Lang Jochen von. Das Eichmann Protokoll Tonbandaufzeichnungen der israelischen Verhore. Berlin: Severin und Siedler, 1982. 300 pp. Good +. Paperback.  (264842)    $10.00

55.     Lange Bernd Lutz. Judische Spuren in Leipzig. Leipzig: forum, 1993. 101 pp. filled with text and photos. Very Good. Paperback.  (264866)    $9.00

56.     Lankford Nelson. OSS Against the Reich: The World War II Diaries of Colonel David K.E. Bruce. Kent State, 1991. 256 pp. Very good. Hardback & DJ.

During WW2 headed OSS spy operations in London, entered Paris with Hemingway , after War headed Marshall Plan In Europe and then became Ambassador to France and later involved in Vietnam peace negotiations  (264774)    $16.00

57.     Lanzmann Claude. The Patagonian Hare A Memoir. FSG, 2012. 525 pp, By the film maker of Shoah. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264863)    $10.00

58.     Leitz Christian. Sympathy for the Devil: Neutral Europe and Nazi Germany in World War II. NY: NYU Press, 2002. 12mo 213 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.  (264553)    $10.00

59.     Leivick, H. et al. Belzec  (Belsen). Israel: Shearit HaPleta, 1957. 207  pp. in Yiddish end papers foxed. Good. Hardcover .

Essays on Bergen-Belsen by survivors.  (264913)    $18.00

60.     Leo Baeck Institute. Jewish Fighters for Equality of Rights; Year Book Volume 7 (VII). London: East and West Library, 1962. 8vo 399 pp. Good +. Cloth.  (264549)    $9.00

61.     Loebl Susanne (signed copy). At the Mercy of Strangers Growing up on the edge of the Holocaust. Pacifa Press, 1997. 163 pp. Memoir of hiding in Germany during the Shoah, Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264919)    $10.00

62.     Loescher Gil. Beyond Charity International Cooperation and the Global Refugee Crisis. NY: Oxford UP, 1993. 8vo 260 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.  (264642)    $15.00

63.     Luick-Thrams Michael. Out of Hitler’s Reach: The Scattergood Hostel for European Refugees 1939-1943. na: Goodfellow Press, 1997.  320 pp. good. paperback.

185 refugees from Nazi Germany fround refuge in a temporary hostel near West Branch Iowa. Aided by Quakers.  (264715)    $5.00

64.     MacKenzie Catherine . Auktion 392 – Reclaiming the Galerie Stern, Düsseldorf (Ben Uri). Fofa Gallery, 2008. 58 pp. Max Stern was a German Jewish art dealer arrested and ultimately sent to Auschwitz. This is an attempt to recreate some of the work that he had in his gallery . with extensive material on Stern and the plight of German Jewish art dealers. Very Good. Paperback.  (264716)    $10.00

65.     Margalit, Arye, Chief Editor; Gordin, Abba, Editor of Hebrew Section; Gelbart, M., Editor of Yiddish Section. Sefer Hazikaron Lekehilat Ostrow-Mazowieck; Yizkor Buch Fun Der Yiddisher Kehile in Ostrow-mazowieck [Ostrow Mazowieck Memorial book[. Tel Aviv: Sefer Hazikaron Lekehilat Ostrow-Mazowieck; Yizkor Buch Fun Der Yiddisher Kehile in Ostrow-mazowieck [Ostrow Mazowieck Memorial book[, 1960. 655 boards spine and end papers, In Hebrew and Yiddish. Good +. Hardcover .  (264917)    $95.00

66.     Mariani Pietro. Le tre giornate di Roma : il fascismo al potere ; cronistoria dell’avvento fascista con 61 illustrazioni e 2 xilografie di Adolfo de Karolis. Romano, 1922. 95 pp, lots of illustrations of fascists marching around paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Paperback.  (264526)    $26.00

67.     Miklos Dr Nyiszli. Pracownia Doktora . Mengele wspomnienia lekarza z Oswiecimia. Cyteknik: self, 1966. 178 pp slight library marks taped spine. Good condition. Wrapper.  (264608)    $20.00

68.     Moore, Deborah Dash (editor). East European Jews in Two Worlds: Studies from the Yivo Annual. Illinois: Northwestern Univ. Press, 1990. Many important articles 8vo 334 pp.Several concerning the Shoah. new. Hardcover .  (264828)    $15.00

69.     Nagorski Andrew. Hitlerland American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power. Simon and Schuster, 2012. 384 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264521)    $10.00

70.     Nationalrat der Nationalen front des Demokr Deutschland. Braunbuch: Kriegs und Nazi Verbrecher in der Bundesrepublik: Staat Wirtschaft Armee Verwaltung Justiz Wissenschaft. Berlin: Staatsverlag DDR, 1965. 339 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .

DDR exposing former Nazis in Federal Republic administration  (264785)    $27.00

71.     Nehama, Jos. In Memoriam: Hommage aux Victimes Juives des Nazis en Grece. Communaute Israelite de Thessalonique: Communaute Israelite de Thessalonique, 1972. second edition. 468 pp. slight library mark on fep and number taped to spine, lacks map. Good +. Hardcover .  (264577)    $36.00

72.     North Paul. Publishing in Exile German Language Literature in the U.S. in the 1940s. goethe Institute, 2009. 59 pages. Very Good. Wrapper.  (264872)    $15.00

73.     Padoeicz Julian. Mother and Me; Escape from Warsaw 1939. Academy, 2006. 409 pp. Very Good in VG DJ. Hardback & DJ.

Holocaust memoir  (264748)    $12.00

74.     Passelecq, Georges / Bernhard Suchecky. Die unterschlagene Enzyklika. Der Vatikan und die Judenverfolgung. Hanser, 1997. 322 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264830)    $10.00

75.     Patzold Kurt. Tagesordnung, Judenmord: Die Wannsee-Konferenz am 20. Januar 1942 : eine Dokumentation zur Organisation der Endlosung (Reihe Dokumente, Texte, Materialien). Metropol, 1992. 257 pp. Good. Paperback.  (264811)    $8.00

76.     Plunka Gene. Holocaust Drama: The Theater of Atrocity. Cambridge, 2009. 447 pp.remainder mark on fore edge. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Gene Plunka’s study will add to this chronicle with an examination of the theatre of the Holocaust. Including thorough critical analyses of more than thirty plays, this book explores the seminal twentieth-century Holocaust dramas from the United States, Europe, and Israel. Biographical information about the playwrights, production histories of the plays, and pertinent historical information are provided, placing the plays in their historical and cultural contexts (blurb)  (264552)    $6.00

77.     Protokoll der Judischen Welt Konferenz Genf 14-17 August 1932. Berlin: Judischen Welt Kongresses, 1932. 175 pp. slight library mark on fep, number on spine. Good. Hardcover .

Delegates from all over the world discussing the situation of European Jewry  (264538)    $42.00

78.     Punishment for War Crimes; the Inter Allied Declaration signed at St Jame’s Place London on 13 January 1942 and relative documents. United NAtions. 64 pp. number on cover and slight library stamp on paste down, tear to cover. Good. Wrapper.

Important document signed by major leaders and details some of the crimes and eventual trials and punishment.  (264625)    $40.00

79.     Rabon, Israel. The Street. NY: Schocken, 1985. 192 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.

Life in the shtetel in Poland between the Wars, great deprivation, author was presumably killed by the Nazis.  (264629)    $6.00

80.     Ragins, Sanford. Jewish Responses to Anti-Semitism in Germany: 1870-1914. Cincinnati: HUC, 1980. 226 pp book plate dj tears. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (264557)    $8.00

81.     Reiss Tom. The Orientalist. Random House, 2005. 432 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Lev Nussbaum was a Jewish man who transformed himself into a Muslim prince and became a best selling author in Nazi Germany. Wrote under the name Essay Bey and Kurban Said. Was hired to be Mussolini;s official biographer and when trur identity revealed he was placed on house arrest  (264558)    $12.00

82.     Rich Norman. Hitler’s War Aims, Vol. 2: The Establishment of the New Order. Norton, 1974. 548 pp. inner dj flap creased. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264506)    $15.00

83.     Rosenberg A . Demokratie und Sozialismus. Zur politischen Geschichte der letzten 150 Jahre. Allert de Lange, 1938. 345 pp. signature of Denkwart Rustow on fep and book plate, hinge started. Good. Boards.

Rosenberg was a refugee from Germany in Holland. formerly Professor in Berlin  (264564)    $16.00

84.     Rothkirchen Livia (editor). Yad Vashem Studies XIII. Yad Vashem, 1979. 424 pp. collection of essays. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264510)    $25.00

85.     Rothkirchen Livia (editor). Yad Vashem Studies, Volume XV. Yad Vashem, 1983. 416 pp. collection of essays. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264511)    $30.00

86.     Rothkirchen Livia. Yad Vashem Studies, Volume XIV. Yad Vashem, 1981. 381 pp. some wear to covers. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264508)    $16.00

87.     Rubinstein Joseph. Hurban Poyln Polish Jewry – A Lament. CYCO, 1964. 250 pp. Long poem In Yiddish Inscribed by author. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264655)    $16.00

88.     Ruppert Wolfgang. Fotogeschichte der deutschen Sozialdemokratie. Berlin: Siedler, 1988. 420 pp. from the 1860s to the present (1988) powerful images of the reign of terror under the Nazis and the exile, about thirty pags of photographs. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264800)    $15.00

89.     Salomon Charlotte. Life Or Theater?: Charlotte  an autobiographical play. Viking, 1981. 784 pp. filled with her paintings heavy book, dj torn , cover board faded. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265100)    $42.00

90.     Saloniue Ville Mere en Israel. Jerusalem: Centre de recherches sur le judaisme de Salonique, 1967. XVIII + 358 In French and Hebrew, ex library, fore edge stamped. top corners umped. Good. Hardcover .

Important work concerning the Jewish community of Salonika destroyed by the Nazis. A memorial book  (264884)    $85.00

91.     Schwarzschild, Leopold. Primer of the Coming World. NY: Knopf, 1944. Exile writer: see Sternfeld s. 458 12mo 309 pp. Author World in a Trance. good. cloth.  (264527)    $12.00

92.     Segal Nelly (editor). Flowers from the Ashes Volume 3; An anthology of students’ writings on the Holocaust. Lincroft NJ: Center for Holocaust Studies, 2005. 63 pp. about twenty contributors, taped spine and pocket. Good. Paperback.  (264706)    $5.00

93.     Semprun, Jorge. Literature or Life. NY: Viking, 1997. 310 pp. crown bumped. Very good+. Hardback & DJ.

Memoir of survival of Auschwitz and reflections.  (264827)    $8.00

94.     Serotta, Edward. Uber Leben in Sarajevo. Wien: Brandstatter, 1994.  128 pp. English title Survival in Sarajevo: Jews, Bosnia and the Lessons of the Past. new. Paperback.

Photo journalistic essay.with implications re the memory of the Shoah  (264520)    $17.00

95.     Shaplen Joseph (editor). Socialism Fascism Communism. Am League for Democratic Socialism, 1941. 240 pages torn dj  Shaplen was a labor reporter for the Y Times. Good. Hardback & DJ.

Intro by Abraham Cahan essay by Kautsky on Hitlerism and Social Democracy, David Shub on The Communist Spectre, Shaplen on American Socialism at the Crossroads Ellenbogen Fascism Its Roots and Mentality  (264750)    $15.00

96.     Shneiderman, S.L. Between Fear and Hope. NY: Arco, 1947. 316 torn . good. cloth.

Visiting Poland and Displaced Persons camps after the Holocaust. Moving work.  (264590)    $18.00

97.     Singer Mendel (Berestechko Beresteczko Berestetchka). Hayetah ʻayarah : sefer zikaron li-ḳehilot Beresṭechḳah Beremelyah ṿeha-sevivah. Haifa: Irgun yotsʼe Beresṭechḳah be-Yiśraʼel, 1961. 555 pp. Memorial book to community N of Brody In Hebrew and Yiddish. Very Good. Boards.  (264909)    $47.00

98.     Stark Tamas. Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust and After the Second World War 1939-1949: A Statistical Review. Boulder: East European Monographs, 2000

. 174 pages. Very good. Cloth.  (264559)    $12.00

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