Hazak Hazak, pt II – April 2018

1. Access to the Temples via the Water Sewer System; Solomonic Temple Zerubbabelian and Herodian Temple. Cocoa Beach Florida: George, nd. 25 pp. self published Odd interpretation of the Bible , mimeograph of handwritten manuscript. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270126) $36.00

2. Albert Phyllis. The Jewish Oath in Nineteenth Century France. TA University, 1982. 43 pp. Spiegel Lecture. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270193) $16.00

3. Amsterdamsche studenten-almanak voor het jaar 1949 1950 1951. Amsterdam: Studenten Almanak, 1949-1951. 543 595 487 pp. Jahrgang 119-121, lists courses, teachers, clubs, students, activities Important re who is teaching and what and who the students are post WW2 in Amsterdam. Very Good. Hardcover . (270213) $145.00

4. Ankori Micha. And this Forest has no end A Comparative Study in Jewish Mysticism and Depth Psychology. Tel Aviv: TAU, 1993. 271 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Paperback. (270180) $36.00

5. Ankori Micha. “The heart and the spring : a comparative study in Hassidism and depth psychology.”; ha-Lev ṿeha-maʻyan : hasidut u-fsikhologyah analitit. Tel Aviv: TAU, 1991. 265 pp. In Herbew. Very Good. Paperback. (270179) $30.00

6. Baeck Leo et al. Zur Eroffnung der Ludwig Tietz Lehrwerkstatte in Jagur. [Mit Beitrn von L. Beack, O. Hirsch, M. Kreutzberger u.a.]. Reicjsvertretung der Juden in Deutschland, 1937. Tietz who died in November 1933 was active in training German Jewish youth in skills for aliyah to Palestine.(Youth Aliyah ) He was the leader of the Jewish Youth Association and noted physician. Articles include Berufausbilding in Palestine by Kreutzberger, Chanoch Reinhold on Drei Jahre Jugend Alija, Poldi Kuh, Frenzen und Moglichkeiten in Lehrwerkstatten, Evas Stern Geginnn der Jugend Alija, Rudi Baer Ludwig Tietz und die Werkleute, Georg Lubinski Ein Leben mit der Jugend and Friedrich Brodnitz Kampf um die Jewish Agency . Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (270159) $100.00

7. Baeck, Leo. Von Moses Mendelssohn zu Franz Rosenzweig: Typen judischen Selbstverstandnisses in den letzten beiden Jahrhunderten. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 1958. Franz Delitzsch Vorlesungen 1958. 64 pp. Good. Wrapper. (270117) $20.00

8. Banks Edgar. Bismya: The Lost City of Adab; A Story of Adventure, of Exploration, and of Excavation Among the Ruins of the Oldest of the Buried Cities of Babylonia. Putnam, 1912. 454 pp. scratches on back cover . Good +. Hardcover . (270132) $32.00

9. Becker Dan. ‘Risalah’ shel Yėhudah ben Ḳuraysh / The Risala of Judah ben Quraysh: a critical edition. Tel Aviv University, 1964. 383 pp In Hebrew .top corners of pages bumped edges of cloth covers slightly bumped. Good. Hardcover . (270108) $125.00

10. Biletzky Eliyahu. Libel; Zionism= Racism. Tel Aviv: Amal, 1979. 177 pages mportant document. Good. Wrapper.

Responding toi the UN resolution and the attempt to deZionize Israel….countering Arab propaganda and libel. (270219) $15.00

11. Breaking the Silence Testimonial Booklet 2. Jerusalem: Breaking the Silence, 2005. 55 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270176) $20.00

12. Breaking the Silence – Women Soldiers’ Testimonies. Jerusalem: Breaking the Silence, 2009. 131 pp.top corners bumped. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270177) $40.00

13. Breaking the Silence Soldiers’ Testimonies from Hebron 2005-2007. Jerusalem: Breaking the Silence, 2008. 116 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270175) $20.00

14. Brichto Herbert. Kin, Cult, Land and Afterlife: A Biblical Complex. HUC, 1973. 105 pp. in mimeograph format. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270121) $30.00

15. Broshi Magen curator. Treasures of the Aleppo Community. Israel Museum, 1994. 25 pp. half in English and Hebrew with wonderful photos to the now destroyed community. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270217) $25.00

16. Buber Martin . Begegnung. Autobiographische Fragmente. Kohlhammer, 1961. 56 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (270116) $20.00

17. Buber Martin. Kampf um Israel: Reden und Schriften (1921-1932). Schocken Books, 1933. 463 pp. sctoch tape on top of spine. Good +. Hardcover . (270130) $36.00

18. Buber, Martin. Die Judische Bewegung; Gesammelte Aufsatze und Ansprachen 1900-1915. Berlin: Jüdischer Verlag, 1916. 254pp. Very Good. Boards.
Extremely scarce Buber title, collects his early essays on the Jewish movement. (270129) $65.00

19. Chiel, Arthur inscribed by. Jewish Experiences in Early Manitoba. Winnipeg: Manitoba Jewish Publications, 1955. 12mo 125 pp. Good. cloth. (270110) $15.00

20. Cohen Rabbi Edward. Jewish Cemeteries of Five Counties of Connecticut. The Cohen/Goldfarb Collection, Volume 2. Heritage Books. 208 pp. ex library with markings spine scotch taped This volume covers Hartford, Litchfield, Middlesex, Tolland and New London Counties. New Haven County and Fairfield County are represented but not complete; and as of now, the authors have found no Jewish cemeteries in Windham County. This data is presented in an alphabetical, columnar format. The information includes cemetery (in a coded format), row, name, maiden name (or other bits of information such as age or place of birth), date of death, date of birth, parents and spouse. Good. Paperback. (270095) $25.00

21. (Czechoslovakia) Steinherz, Samuel (ed.). Jahrbuch der Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Juden in der Cechoslov Republik. Prag: Flesh, 1929- 1934. Volume 1-6, consists of six of the nine volumes, ex library with markings, taped numbers on spines, volume six has a slight brown stain across the top and a bleached white stain coming down from the spine about an inch; internally in good condition and bindings are good. Good. Hardcover .: 1) Steinherz, S., Kreuzfahrer u. Juden in Prag (1096); Nettl, P., Alte u. neue judische Musiker; Bergl., J., Das Exil d. Prager Judenschaft von 1745 bis 1748. – 2) Engel, A., Die Ausweisung d. Juden aus d. königlichen Städten Mährens u. ihre Folgen; Teply, F., Die Juden in Schwihau; Lieben, S.H., Igereth Machalath, eine hebräische Chronik d. 18. Jahrhunderts; Bretholz, B., Die Judenschaft einer mährischen Kleinstadt Markt Pirnitz im XVIII. Jahrhundert. – 3) Donath, O., Judisches in der neuen tschechischen Literatur; Jakobovits, T., Die Judenabzeichen in Böhmen; Roubik, F., Die Judensiedlungen in Böhmen auf d. Ortsplänen vom Jahre 1727; Heilig, B., Die Vorläufer d. mährischen Konfektionsindustrie in ihrem Kampf mit d. Zünften. – 4) Heilig, B., Ziele u. Wege einer Wirtschaftsgeschichte d. Juden in d. Tschechoslowakischen Republik; Münzer, Z., Die Altneusynagoge in Prag; Jakobovits, T., Die Erlebnisse d. Oberrabbiners Simon Spira-Wedeles in Prag (1640-1679); Rokycana, J., Zur Geschichte d. Juden in Pardubitz. – 5) Rachmuth, M., Zur Wirtschaftsgeschichte d. Prager Juden; Jakobovits, T., Das Prager u. Bohmische Landesrabbinat Ende d. siebzehnten u. Anfang d. achtzehnten Jahrhunderts; Adler, S., Das Judenpatent von 1797; Singer, L., Zur Geschichte d. Toleranzpatente in d. Sudetenländern. – (270150) $175.00

22. Ewald Geo (signed by A Geiger) . Grammatica critica Linguae Arabicae, cum brevi metrorum doctrina; Volumen Prius Volumen Posterius (two volumes). Leipzig : Hahn, 1831. 394+ 348 pp. marbled worn boards, cloth type repaired spine, Signature of Abraham Geiger ( A.Geiger) on paste down of volume one with his handwriting in Hebrew above in small script and small library stamps of Bibl. d Verein Isr. Rel. Lehrer Frankfurt am Main, volume two is also ex library from a different library. Good-. Boards.
Geiger was considered the founding father of Reform Judaism. (270088) $225.00

23. Excerpts from Hell, Fire, Brimstone. Cocoa Beach Florida: George, nd. 30 pp. self published Odd interpretation of the Bible , mimeograph of handwritten manuscript. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270127) $36.00

24. Farhi Yosef Shabtai. Tokpo shel Yosef. Livorno: ʻal yede Shelomoh Bilporṭi ṿe-ḥaveraṿ, (Belforte), 1892. 60 half pages+ 1, paper yellowing but not brittle, Biography of Yosef ha-Tsaddik (Biblical Joseph) , rebound modern plasticky boards . Good-. Boards. (270146) $100.00

25. Freund Else. Die Existenzphilosophie Franz Rosenzweigs; Ein Beitrag Zur Analyse Seines Werkes “Der Stern Der Erlosung. “. Meiner, 1959. 196 pp. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (270138) $20.00

26. Glazerson M. The mystical glory of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Succoth. Feldheim, 1981. 92 pp. some dog eared pages. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270188) $30.00

27. Goldschmidt Lazarus. Mischle Schualim: Die Fuchsfabeln des Berekhja Ben Natronaj. Berlin: Reiss, 1921. 121 pp. In Hebrew limited to 750 copies, top of vellum spine missing and torn, about 3/4 inch loss. Over a hundred fables, called Mishle Shualim (Fox Fables) written by the Thirteenth century Jewish ethical writer, grammarian, philospher, esteemed translator, and poet, Berechiah ben Natronai ha-Nakdan. The fables arise from both Berachyah’s creativity and musings and loans from Aesop’s fables, the Talmud, and also the Hindus fables. Good. Boards.
Illustrated by Leo Michelson . Michelson participated in the birth of German Expressionism and then was with the Paris School before he fled Europe in 1939 for New York City. Beautifully rendered. (270097) $225.00

28. Goldstein, Julius ( begrunder). Der Morgen [Monatsschrift der Juden in Deutschland] Jahrgang 1-10 and 12. Berlin: Philo Verlag, 1925-1934 + 1936/1937. eleven volumes each complete , in original blue cloth ,Periodical was published until 1938for a total of 14 volumes , paper in very good shape until 1931 when starts yellowing but not brittle (12 Jahrgang is Heft 1-12 April 1936- – Mar 1937) good. Boards.
Articles/poems/essays by Leo Baeck, Thomas Mann, Franz Kafka, Joseph Roth, Hugo Hahn. Julius Bab, Max Dienemann etc Amazing assortment of scholarship.Important reflection on German Jewish life. (270210) $525.00

29. Grade Chaim. The Yeshiva and Masters and Disciples Two Volumes. Bobbs Merrill, 1976 and 1977. First Printing. Two volumes: Volume One lacks dj volume Two has dj that is worn and sunned with slight chips, Volume One is signed by Grade In English and volume two is signed in English and inscribed in Yiddish and signed in Yiddish by Grade in 1978 Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
“The monumental, two-volume novel Tsemakh Atlas (1967–1968; translated as The Yeshiva) is Grade ‘s richest work about the Musar world and its attempt to shape the ethical personality. Through the memorable character of Tsemakh Atlas, a tortured teacher of Musar who is trapped between its self-abnegating demands, the enticements of the secular world, and his own elemental desires, readers enter a universe of high religious ideals, intellectual and moral debate, and intense spiritual struggle.” From The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe edited by Gershon Hundert pp. 626 (270301) $325.00

30. Hazan-Brunet, Nathalie und Ada Ackerman. Futur Anterieur – l’Avant-garde et le livre yiddish (1914-1939). Skira, 2009. 272 pp. Magnificent work detailing Yiddish artists and their book arts, inspired work, with many accompanying essays. Very Good. Hardcover . (268650) $65.00

31. Hulsen Julius. Der Alte Judenfriedhof in Frankfurt a. M. Frankfurt-am-Main: Vorstand der Israelitischen Gemeinde., 1932. 2. Auflage. 17 pp. + 13 abbildungen. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270170) $22.00

32. Jacobs, Louis. Seeker of Unity: The Life and Works by Aaron of Starosselje. NY: Basic Books, 1966. 1st. 167 pp. dj torn. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (270183) $17.00

33. Jacobson Bernhard. Yamim Noraim. Arbeitsplan und Stoffsammlung. Berlin: Tenuat Tora Wa Awoda,, 1936. 117 pp. tiny stain first few pages mew covers . Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (270103) $25.00

34. Kahane, Rabbi Meir. “Kahane” The magzine of the authentic Jewish idea). Brooklyn: Kahane , April 1976-Spring 1984. April-December 1976, January-May 1977, January 1978-May/June 1978, September and December 1978 April 1979 Summer 1983 Winter and Sping 1984 each issue about 30 pages, slight library marks Scarce important work. Good +. Individual issues in library binding.
Articles on Jewish life in USA, aliyah to Israel, USA politics, defeating the Arab threats and Nazism and Anti-Semitism by founder of the Jewish Defense League, Kahane made aliyah in 1971 and argued for expulsion of Arabs from Judea and Samaria and was heavily involved in right wing politics in Israel. (270091) $250.00

35. Kaplan Aryeh. A Call to the Infinite. Maznaim, 1986. 257 pp. lacks free end paper. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (270184) $20.00

36. Katsh Abraham editor. Yigal Hazon: Hamishim Shirim Hadashim Me-Tekufat Sefarad/ Yiggal Hazon: A 13th century Barcelona manuscript of unpublished poems from the Golden Age of Spain in the baron David Guenzeberg Collection in the Lenin Public Library in Moscow. Newman, 1964. 141 pp. dj torn. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (270134) $36.00

37. Klatzkin, Dr Jakob, Elbogen, Dr I, Redakteurs. Encyclopaedia Judaica: Das Judentum in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Berlin: Verlag Eschkol, 1928-1934. All ten volumes present. Volume ten is very scarce. Letters A-L; quarter leather, tears to crowns of spine, leather rubbed, sides of spine some wear,, volume 8 lackssmall piece from top of spine, Good. Boards.
Only 10 volumes were published due to Nazi intervention. Important reference Key scholars involved. Major tomes. Masterful massive scholarly undertaking. [VOL.I]: Aach-Akademien / [VOL.II]: Akademien-Apostasie / [VOL.III]: Apostel-Beerajim / [VOL.IV]: Beer-bing – Caligari / [VOL.V]: Cahan-Draguignan / [VOL.VI]: Drama-Gabinius / [VOL.VII]: Gabirol-Hess / [VOL.VIII]: Hesse-Jerusalem / [VOL.IX]: Jerusalem-Kimschi / [VOL.X]: Kimchit-Lyra. (270224) $300.00

38. Lilienthal D. Sidoer tov lehodot ochtenddienst voor Sjabbat en weekdagen. Amsterdam: Verbond van Liberaal-Religieuze Joden in Nederland, 1996. 274 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (270209) $45.00

39. Littmann David. Protected Peoples Under Islam. Geneve: Centre D’information Et De Documentation Sur Le Moyen-Orient,, 1976. 12 p. top corners dog eared. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270182) $20.00

40. The Location of: The Ancient Levitical City and the Early Temples
; 1. Solomon’s Temple 2. Zerubbabel’s Temple 3. Herod’s Temple. Cocoa Beach Florida: George, nd. 35 pp. self published Odd interpretation of the Bible , mimeograph of handwritten manuscript. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270125) $40.00

41. Mackover Nechama. Hezekut shel HaYeled HeYehudi Ba. Jerusalem: Vaad Haleumi, 1942. 47 pp. in library binder slight library markings, In Hebrew. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Legal rights of the Jewish child (258335) $18.00

42. Magnes Judah M. Reiner, Lord Samuel, E. Simon, M. Smilansky. Palestine- Divided or United; The case for a bi-national Palestine Before the United Nations. Jerusalem: IHUD, 1947. 104 pp. Good. Wrapper. (270128) $85.00

43. Mahzor LeChag HaShevuot. Roedelheim: Wolf Heidenheim, 1827. 124 double pages calf spine worn and torn along sides boards worn. Good-. Boards. (270207) $100.00

44. Mahzor LeChag HaSucot. Roedelheim: Wolf Heidenheim, 1821. 103 double pages bound with Mahzor LeShimin Atseret VeLeSimhat Torah with Maariv Sharit and Conclusion about 200 pp. calf spine worn and torn along sides boards worn. Good-. Boards. (267761) $100.00

45. Maps and views from the Moldovan family collection : Jerusalem, center of the world.. HUC, 1983. 15 pp. exhibit catalog. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Exhibition held Sept. 18, 1984-March 1, 1985. (270135) $30.00

46. Mayer Egon. A Demographic Revolution in American Jewry. Franke Center Univ of Michigan, 1992. 40 pp. Belin Lecture. Very good condition. Hardback & DJ. (270195) $16.00

47. Nadel George editor. History and Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of History. Volume One. Mouton, 1957? 1961?. 309 pp stiff wrapper with taped over spine few creased apges .includes essay by I berlin Ben Halpern Gabriel Kolko et al followed by Bibliography of Works in the Philosphy of History 1945-1957compiled by John Rule. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (270104) $85.00

48. Otsar Yisrael Dov ? on the work of Rav Nahman of Bratslav. Lukatei Halachot Shulchan Arukh 8 Volumes. HaAish Shek Tikade ad Baat Hamachiach, 1990s?. Arukh Hayim three volumes Yorah Daah 2 volumes Even HaEzer One volume Hoshen HaMishpat two volumes each about 200 or more pages . Very Good. Hardcover . (270198) $250.00

49. Piquemal Michel. Les Philo Fables; Mesholim Philosophime LeYiladim. Achuxat Bayit, 2006. 106 pp. In Hebrew humorous work translated from the French. Very Good. Hardcover . (270196) $25.00

50. Pittman Holly. Ancient Art in Miniature: Ancient Near Eastern Seals from the Collection of Martin and Sarah Cherkasky. Metropolitan Museum, 1987. 80 pp. collection of essays with checklist. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270206) $36.00

51. Plaut Rabbi W Gunther. Page Two : Ten Years of “News and Views”. Toronto: Holy Blossom, 1971. 150 pp.Refugee Rabbi in Canada. ten years of columns appearing in his synagogue bulletin. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270101) $23.00

52. Polak G M.L. van Ameringen. Mahzor shel Rosh ha-shanah : gebeden der Nederlandsche Israelieten, voor den eersten dag van det Nieuwjaars-Feest : miet een historisch oversigt bewerkt door G.I. Polak en M.L. van Ameringen. Amsterdam: Joachimsthal, 5616/1856. 101+ 101 double pages paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Hardcover . (270200) $75.00

53. Polak G. Gebeden der nederlandsche israelieten voor den avond van den Verzoendag, hebreeuwsch en nederduitsch, met een historisch overzicht; Arvit LeYom Kippur ve Mahzor Leyom Kippur. Amsterdam: Joachimsthal, 5617/1857. 64+210 pp. double pages with a few upside down pages, and a list of subscribers by towns paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Hardcover . (270199) $75.00

54. Polak G. Gebeden der Nederlandsche Israeliten Nine Volumes. Amsterdam: joachimstal, 1864 -5. two volumes for Pesach, two volumes for Sukkot, two volumes for Rosh Hashanah, one volume for Yom Kippur,one volume for Arvit Le Yom Kippur, ,one volume for Shavuot, each about 150 or more double pages, same red paper spines and board, paper yellowing but not brittle . Good. Hardcover . (270216) $200.00

55. Polak Gabriel Isaac M. L. van Ameringen. Maḥzor : minhhag Ashkenaz = Gebeden der Nederlandsche Israëlieten … van het Loofhutten-Feest ; Hebreeuwsh en Nederduitsch met een Historisch oversigt bound with Maḥzor minhag ʼAškenaz le-Šabat ḥol ha-moʻed šel Sukot uli-Šemini ʻAz̲eret we-Śimḥat Torah = Gebeden der Nederlandsche Israëlieten, voor den Sabbath der middeldagen van het Loofhutten-feest, het Slot-feest en het Vreugde-feest der wet : Hebreeuwsch en Nederduitsch, met een historisch overzigt. Amsterdam: Joachimsthal, 5618/1857. 84+162 pp.. double pages paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Hardcover . (270202) $75.00

56. Polak Gabriel Isaac M. L. van Ameringen. Maḥzor minhag Askenaz le-yom rišon we-šeni šel Pesaḥ = Gebeden der Nederlandsche Israëlieten, voor den eersten en tweeden dag van het Paasch-feest : Hebreeuwsch en Nederduitsch, met een historisch overzigt. Amsterdam: Joachimsthal, 5616/1856. 86+158 pp. double pages s paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Hardcover . (270201) $75.00

57. Polak Gabriel Isaac . Areshet sefatayim, hu seder tefilah le-khol ha-shanah … / Gebeden der Israelieten voor het geheele jaar met nauwkeurige aanwijzingen der voorschriften bij de gebeden in de Nederlandsche taal. Amsterdam: Joachimsthal, 5674/1914. 150 pp.. double pages = 28 pp.decorated boards ,base and crown of spineworn . Good. Hardcover . (270208) $75.00

58. Proceedings of Breira’s First Annual Membership Conference. February 20-22, 1977. Breira, 1977. 27 pp. Includes a Brief History of breira, Breira’s National Platform, Breira Finacial Report, Breira Board of Directors. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270190) $20.00

59. Rabinovitz Zvi Meir. Ginze Midrash: The Oldest Form of Rabbinic Midrashim According to Geniza Manuscripts. Tel Aviv University, 1976. 323 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (270111) $40.00

60. Reisel M. Observations on Ehyeh asher ben Ehyeh, Huha, and Shem ha- Meforash (Dissertation univ. Amsterdam). Gorcum, 1957. 134 pp. tears to spine. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (270191) $42.00

61. Reisel Max. Het Jodendom in de moderne samenleving. Enige feiten typerend voor het jodendom in het licht van de herrezen staat Israel. Bouchet, 1959. 138 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (270105) $25.00

62. Rosenwald Lessing and Berger Elmer. Council News. American Council for Judaism, Jan 1951-December 1952. Issues volume 5 number 1 to Volume 6 number 11 , about forty issues, slight library marks, reports on activities of various chapters. original mimeographed issues. Good. library binding.
Tenets of ACJ Nationality and relgion are distinct, reject concept that Jews outside of Israel are in exile,, nationalism of the state of Israel should reside within that state, no Jew or group of Jews can represent or speak for the Jews of America….From the beginning, Elmer Berger was squarely in the camp of those Reform rabbis who opposed the Columbus Platform[2] of 1937 which moderated[3] the movement’s original anti-Zionism and rejection of traditional ritual. It was Berger’s mentor, Louis Wolsey, who would in June 1942 issue a call to convene the American Council for Judaism, and who hired Berger as its first executive director. In the organization’s struggle against the Zionist program adopted at the Biltmore Conference in May 1942, Berger increasingly became the movement’s public face, particularly with the publication of his book The Jewish Dilemma in 1945, which argued that Zionism was a surrender to the racial myths about the Jews and that assimilationism was still the best path for the Jews in the modern world. (Wikipedia) (270090) $175.00

63. Schirire T. Hebrew Magic Amulets: Their Decipherment and Interpretation. Behrman House, 1966. 180 pp. bottom covers creased both corners , very scarce book. Good +. Paperback.
The book includes an alphabetical check-list of words of power (shemoth) used in amulets and an appendix with 54 b&w plates with transcription of the inscriptions on about 50 silver amulets (270174) $65.00

64. Shatil Jonathan. A Psychologist in a Bratslav Yeshiva Jewish Mysticism in Actual Practice; Psikholog bi-yeshivat Braslav : mistikah Yehudit, halakhah le-ma’aseh. Tel Aviv: 1993. 216 pp.In Hebrew. Very Good. Paperback. (270178) $27.00

65. Simon A. Ha Mashbar Bezionut VeHaInuch. Tel Aviv: Bitaon, 1947. 40 pp in Hebrew, bookplate and slight library markings ,inscribed by the author, in library protective binding. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270221) $15.00

66. Skoss Solomon editor. he Hebrew-Arabic Dictionary of the Bible known as Kitab Jami Al-Alfaz (Agron) of David ben Abraham Al-Fasi the Karaite (Tenth Cent.)]. Edited from Manuscripts in the State Public Library in Leningrad and in the Bodleian Library in Oxford Two Volumes. Yale University Press, 1936 + 1945. Two volumes volume One slight tear to crown of spine, Volume two quarter inch. Good +. Hardcover .
Yale Oriental Series, Researches – Volume XX / Volume XXI. (270098) $275.00

67. True Israel Versus the Image. Cocoa Beach Florida: George, nd. 31 pp. self published Odd interpretation of the Bible , mimeograph of handwritten manuscript. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270124) $36.00

68. Warfield David. Ghetto Silhouettes. Pott, 1902. 189 pp. crown of spine frayed Stories of life on the Loer East Side at the turn of the Century, based on true stories collected by social workers. Good +. Hardcover . (270153) $10.00

69. Wischnitzer Rachel and Mark. Rimon Me’asef eti Ivri le-Omanut ule-Sifrut, Hoveret 1, 1922 – Hoveret 6, 1924/ Rimon: Zeitschrift für Kunst und Literatur, Heft 1, 1922 – Heft 6, 1924.Five issues lacks issue 5. Berlin: Rimon, 1922-24. In Hebrew 5 issues of six. lacking issue five, images in good shape, three and four are bound together. [2], 48, 48, 48, 48, 40, [2] pp. issue one top corners furled, edges frayed on some issues. Good condition. Stiff Wrapper.
First periodical entirely devoted to the study of Jewish Art, magnificent work. Articles in Number One are “Moderne Kunst und wir,” Rachel Vishnitzer, “Cezanne und sein Werk,” J. Meier=Graefe, “Lichter,” W. Korolenko, “Stimmung. Gedicht,” J. Kacenelson, “Gedichte,” M. Goldenberg, “Georg Brandes,” Dr. H. Bieber, “Biblische Erzählungen. äesthetisch analysiert, ” Prof. E. Taeubler, L. Sew. Ein Nachruf,” S. Posner, “Am Ufer der Desna. Erzählung,” J. Steinberg, “Ethik und Aesthetik,” M.J. Berdyczewski, “Abendwind. Gedicht,” J. Fichmann, “Die Broschüre. Zu L. Pinsker’s 100. Geburtstag,” Z. Wojsalwski, “Der Untergang des Abendlandes,” Dr. J. Kaufman, Im Banne. Gedichte,” J. Koplowitz, “Korolenko,” Dr. D.A. Freidmann. Articles in Number 2 are “On Mediaeval and Modern Art,” F. Landsberger, “To the Daughter (Sonnets),” S. Ben-Zion, “The Modern Portrait,” G. Marzynski, “The Lithograph, A Chapter from the History of Graphic Art,” R. Inbar, “Max Liebermann. On the occasion of his 75th Anniversary,” R. Vishnitzer, “On the Threshold. A Story,” A. Feuerstein, “In the Dusk. A poem,” Zuri=li, “The Mystery of Conversation. An Essay, M.A.Z.=K., “Walter Rathenau and his Teaching,” Prof. A. Kulishcher, “The Origins of Jewish Mysticism,” S.A. Horodetzki, “The Knight of our Literature,” Z. Woislawski, “On Exaggeration in Journalism,” M. Kleinmann, “Arthur Schnitzler. 60th Anniversary,” H. Bieber, “Guide to the Mediaeval Illuminations.” Article in Number 3 are “Wall Paintings in Synagogues of the 17th and 18th Centuries,” E. Toeplitz, “The Synagogue of Mohilev, with illustrations,” El. L[issitzky], “Jewish Artists in Russia, with reproductions of works by Chagall, Altman, Sterenberg and Lissitzki,” Henryk Berlewi, “Habimah. The Hebrew Theatre in Moscow, with illustrations,” A. Patkin, “The Magen David, with the reproduction of an amulat from the genizah,” M. Gaster, “Reminiscences of the Late Hebrew Author S.J. Hurwitz, with a portrait,” S. Dubnow, “Under the Spell of the Sun. A Poem” Avigdor Feuerstein, “On the Posthumous Work of Israel Wachser,” Ch. N. Bialik, “Seven Days. A Fairy Tale,” Israel Wachser, “Last Year. A Fairy Tale,” Wachser, “The Orphan and the Widow. A Story,” S.J. Agnon, “Bialik’s Fiftieth Anniversary. A Tribute,” M. Kleinman, “Bialik, The Master Poet. An Essay,” Saul Tshernichovski, “Johann Reuchlin. On the Occasion of the 400th Anniversary of His Death,” Dr. Simon Bernfeld, “On Taine’s Philosophy of Art,” Rachel Vishnitzer, “Art and Letters,” R.V. Articles in Number 4 are “The Motive of the Porch in Book Ornamentation, with illustrations,” Rachel Vishnitzer, “The Engraving. A Chapter from the History of Graphic Arts, with reproductions of works by Rembrandt, Jozef Israels, Max Liebermann, Hermann Struck, H. Glicenstein and Jacob Steinhardt,” Hermann Struck, “An Amorite Version of the Deluge Story,” Professor G. Selikovitz, “Hymnes of the Egyptian King Akhnaton and the Queen Nepher-Nephru-Aton, translated from the English Version in Breasted’s Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt,” S. Tshernichovski, “Leonardo Da Vinci. A Biographical Study, with a portrait of Leonardo,” Olga Pevsner-Schatz, “A Poem,” Jacob Koplevitz, “Amor Dei Sentimentalis,” Dr. R. Seligman, “From Max Nordau’s Criticisms on Art,” “Max Nordau as an Art Critic,” Rachel Vishnitzer, “Asriel Moses. A Story,” S. Agnin, “poems,” Samuel Loites, “Simmel’s Theory of Modern Civilization,” M. Schwarz, “The Rotten Tree. A Legend,” Rachel Feigenberg, “Art and Letter,” R.V. and H.B. Articles in Number 6 are Rachel Vischnitzer “Emanuele Glicenstein, Prof Selikovitz Lamentations in Ancient Egypt, W Wolfradt A Portrait by Max Band. Prof Landsbeger Scuptue and Painting, Uri Gruenberg A Poem, E Toeplitz Early Jewish Ornamented And Gilded Glasses, Auguste Comte Villiers De L’Isle Adam A Story, J N SImchoni On Prof Neumark’s History of Jewish Philosophy, D J Silberbusch Reminiscences on Solomon Schechter, Dr A Levinson Tobias Cohen (270269) $285.00

70. Wortman David editor. The Exodus Haggadah From Tyranny To Freedom: A Celebration. UJA Rabbinic Cabinet, 1990. 30 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270189) $30.00

71. Ye’Or Bat. Dhimmi Peoples: Oppressed Nations. Editions d”avenir, 1984. reprint. 25 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270181) $20.00

72. Yerushalmi Yosef. The Re-education of Marranos in the Seventeenth Century; Leo Baeck Institute. New York: Univ of CIncinnati, 1980. Third Feimberg Memorial Lecture 16 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270194) $15.00

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