Hazak Hazak, pt I – April 2018

1. Algamil Dayan Yosef Ben Ovadia. Karaite Jewry in Egypt in Modern Times. Karaite Center, 1985. 342 pp.In Hebrew and English. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (269968) $30.00

2. An Israelite probably Houston George . Israel vindicated : being a refutation of the calumnies propagated respecting the Jewish nation ; in which the objects and views of the American society for ameliorating the condition of the Jews are investigated. New York: Abraham Collins, 1820. Total of 110 pages, has missing pages .pp. 41-88 copied from another copy on firm paper very readable, sfep, , fighting the growing missionary movement to convert Jews in the USA; Rosenbach 210 Good. library binding.
Probably the work of a Gentile journalist George Houston financed by Collins and others…. Plea on behalf of real equality for the Jews ,followed pattern of Montesquieu in Lettres Persanes, strategy of letters as a literary device. Two American Jews, one in NY and one in Philadelphia wrote to each other and discussed Jewish problems of the day. They proved to their satisfaction that Jesus was not divine, that he was not the Messiah and may never have existed, Goal of the author was to do away with anything that impeded social relationships between Jews and Gentiles. Book’s bold approach and unabashed criticism of Christianity’s beginnings was denounced as calumnies by some Christians. Three years later Israel Vindicated was published in England, the first “Jewish” book to gain recognition abroad.(from Jacob Marcus United States Jewry) Important work. (269770) $115.00

3. Ankori Zvi editor. Mi-Lisbon le-Saloniḳi ṿe-Ḳushta : [annual Conference on Jews in Greece – 1986, on the 450th anniversary of the great eastbound migration of Portuguese Marranos following the establishment of inquisition in Portugal (1536)]. Tel Aviv University, 1988. 154 pp. eight essays In Hebrew. Very Good. Paperback. (266247) $54.00

4. Boulouque Clemence. Juives d’Afrique du Nord : Cartes postales (1885-1930) Collection de Gerard Silvain. Bleu, 2005. 137 pp. taped number on spine. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (263686) $37.00

5. Buckingham J S. Travels in Palestine through the Countries of Bashan and Gilead East of the River Jordan; Including a visit to the Cities of Gezara and Gamala. London: Longman Hurst, 1822. Second Edition. Volume 1 of 2, 402 pages; title page and frontispiece of Buckingham some damp staining, map of Palestine torn, map of Jerusalem intact, beautifully rebound and with new endpapers, some browning to fore edges. Good. Boards. (269768) $275.00

6. Cassuto U. Ha-Yehudim be-Firenze} (The Jews of Florence in the Renaissance). Transl. from Italian by M. Hartom. Introduction to the Hebrew edition by Ben-Zion Dinur. Machon Ben Zvi, 1967. 392 pp.In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (266244) $58.00

7. Dawid Ganz; Spitz, Zevi Hirsch Levi of Pressburg (Offenbach). Zemah Dawid :(Tsemah David) …nithaleq li selosah halaqim. Offenbach : Hirsch Spitz of Pressburg, 1768. last few pages worm holing at bottom, title page darkish discoloration, bottom of page 1 lacking , needs rebinding, leather covers torn and worn reading copy, in two parts first part 38 pages and second 82 pages ie double sided. Fair. Full Leather.
First published in Prague in 1592. Messianic speculation with histories year by year till 1592, went through many editions “. It is divided into two parts, the first containing the annals of Jewish history, the second those of general history. The author consulted for the second part of his work the writings of Spangenberg, Laurentius Faustus, Hubertus Holtzius, Georg Cassino, and Martin Borisk. Though Gans’s annals are very dry and have no great intrinsic value, they are memorable as the first work of this kind among the German Jews, who at that time appreciated historical knowledge but slightly. Indeed, in his preface to the second volume the author deemed it necessary to justify himself for having dealt with so profane a subject as the annals of general history, and endeavored to demonstrate that it was permitted to read history on Saturdays.”(JEVol V pp. 565 (269705) $375.00

8. Edrehi Dr M. An historical account of The Ten Tribes settled beyond the river Sambatyon,Iin the East. translated from the original manuscript and composed by the Rev. Dr. M. Edrehi, native of Morocco. London: printed for the author. Philadelphia: reprinted for his s. Philadelphia: Isaac Edrehi, 5613. Foxed frontispiece portrait of author, protected with original tissue paper. Book plate and signature of C B Farwell important Chicago politician and Senator Original decorative binding with gilt lettering on spine 290+ 39 pp. crown and base of spine tears. Good. Boards.
Moses Edrehi was an itinerant Rabbi originating in Morocco, who spent some time in Europe, especially England, and finally settled in Israel, where he took the title of British Consul at Jerusalem. This edition was set up by his son, Isaac Edrehi. Information about Jews in unusal places detailed. Scarce work Singerman 1277 (269769) $165.00

9. Emmanuel, Isaac S. Precious Stones of the Jews of Salonica [Vol. 2}. Ben Zvi, 1983. 421- 963 pp.In Hebrew dj slight tears. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (269971) $50.00

10. Feiwel, Berthold (vorwort). Judischer Almanach 5664. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1904. neuausgabe. 315 pp. hinges started, slight tears to spine, some loose pages, pages yellowing but not brittle, first published in 1902 Good. boards. (268446) $55.00

11. Frommer Myrna. It Happened in the Catskills: An Oral History in the Words of Busboys, Bellhops, Guests, Proprietors, Comedians, Agents, and Others Who Lived It. SUNY, 1996/2006. 244 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (270010) $18.00

12. Furstenthal K J. Rabbinische Anthologie oder Sammlung von Erzahlungen, Sprichwortern, Weisheitsregeln, Lehren und Meinungen der alten Hebraer. Ein unterhaltends und zugleich belehrendes Buch für Jedermann. Aus den Quellen entnommen, ubersetzt und erlautert und mit den nothigen Registern versehen. M. Friedlander,, 1834?. chipped half-leather, remnants of a paper label cover a green leather label on the spine, marbled paper covered boards, lacking the t endpapers, xvi, 384 pp., indexes, errata From the library of Rabbiner J Nobel. Good. Hardcover . (269893) $56.00

13. Golinkin David. The Status of Women in Jewish Law Responsa. Schechter Institute, 2001. 54+ 250 pp. In English and Hebrew, corners bumped. Very Good. Hardcover . (249178) $57.00

14. Grafman Rafi and Mann Vivian. Crowning Glory; Silver Torah Ornaments of the Jewish Museum. NY: Jewish Musueum, 1996. First edition. Magnificent volume contains over eight hundred duotone illustartions and thirty three plates in color describes the nearly one thousand Torah ornaments in the Museum’s holding. Large 8vo 398 pages . Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (269950) $30.00

15. Grossman, Cissy. A Temple Treasury: The Judaica Collection of Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York. NY: Hudson Hills Press, 1989. oblong 8vo 198 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.
Magnificent work containing mark examples of Jewish ritual objects and art. (269951) $20.00

16. Grotte, Dr. Alfred (Hg.). Beitrage zir Entwickelung des Synagogenbaues in Deutschland, Böhmen und im ehemaligen Konigtum Polen vom XI. bis Anfang des XIX. Jahrhunderts. Berlin: Der Zirkel, 1915. Schoen Books Reprint (2007). 104 pp. ex library with markings and pocket on front end paper page creased, covers smudged, lacks corner part of title page internally clean, reading copy With many illustrations. Good-. Boards.
Same title as Deutsche, bohmische und polnische Synagogentypen (269953) $95.00

17. Grotte, Dr. Alfred (Hg.). Deutsche, bohmische und polnische Synagogentypen; vom XI bis Anfang des XIX Jahrhunderts. Berlin: Der Zirkel, 1915. Schoen Books Reprint (2007). 104 pp. Mit 24 Tafeln und 60 Abbildungen. Hrg. mit Unterstutzung der Gesellschaft zur Erforschung judischer Kunstdenkmaler in Frankfurt-Main. Filled with photos of the synagogues, the interiors and the floor plans, even the architectural measurements! endpapers slightly soiled. Good. Boards.
Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft zur Erforschung judischer Kunstdenkmäler (Eingetragener Verein) zu Frankfurt a. Main VII. VIII.] Also has the titke if Beitrage zir Entwickelung des Synagogenbaues in Deutschland, Böhmen und im ehemaligen Konigtum Polen vom XI. bis Anfang des XIX. Jahrhunderts (269954) $150.00

18. The Illustrated Hagada. First Jerusalem Edition with original illustrations and designs by Arieh Al Hanani. Haggadah shel Pesach [Passover Pessach Haggadah]. Jerusalem: Hamadpis Liphshitz,, 1930. 63 pp. Yudlov 3276. Yaari 2142.Musical notes by the composer S Rosowasky, wooden(walnut wood?) illustrated cover of” Egyptian warriors pursung them” rather unique. Good. Boards.
the first illustrated Haggadah printed in Eretz Israel.(according to Irv Ungar) (269755) $325.00

19. Illustrated Haggadot of The Eighteenth Century. Israel Musuem, 1983. 109 pp. slight foxing to end paper exhibit catalog. Good +. Wrapper. (268839) $15.00

20. Jean-Baptiste De Boyer, Marquis D’Argens. The Jewish Spy: being a philosophical, historical, and critical correspondence, by letters, which lately passed between certain Jews in Turky, Italy, France, &c. Translated from the originals into French, by the Marquis d’Argens; and now done into English. The third edition. 5 vols. London: Miller, 1766 + 1765 (last volume). Volume 1 New title page, covers worn and torn 302 pp. some browning to pages, Vol 2 312 pp. + Index browning wear to covers,slight library mark to tp, Vol 3 322 pp. + Index, same condition as others Vol 4 317 pp.+ Index slight librry mark tp same condition Vol. 5 366 pp. + Index slight library mark tp same condition as others, new cloth spines with new titles, rest of tome is calf ,in special cloth box. Good. cloth spine and calf boards.
. Translated from the original into French, by the Marquis d’Argens; and now done into English. A translation of the first 40 letters only of Lettres juives. “The original ‘Lettres juives, ou correspondence philosophique, historique et critique ’ began publication as a series of weekly pamphlets as early as March or April, 1736. By 1737, a year after they were printed at The Hague in book form, they were well known throughout France. The first English edition, entitled The Jewish Spy, appeared in London in 1739 (first forty letters only) – followed by four more volumes in 1740. and subsequent editions had five volumes . Matters relating to Jews and Judaism occupy only a small portion of The Jewish Spy, but they engaged some sixteen letters completely [letters 1, 23, 36, etc. ], and references are scattered through no less than seventy others. D’Argens, though frequently salting his letters with earthy and ribald humour – often anti-clerical, rarely descends to jesting about Jews. Transparently, the author is no Judaeophile. He offers many harsh chastisements of both Faith and People. Just as he uses Judaism as a constant foil against the weaknesses of Christianity, he exalts Karaism time and again to the detraction of Rabbinism or traditional Judaism. Undoubtedly he helped create the new atmosphere that made Emancipation possible by the end of the century. “(Stanley Brav, ‘Jews and Judaism in the Jewish Spy’; Studies in Bibliography and Booklore, volume 4, June 1960). (268185) $275.00

21. Jsoephus Flavius (Lautenbach Conrad) translator into German. Flavij Josephi des hochberuhmten judischen Geschichtschreibers, Historien und Bucher : Von alten judischen Geschichten, zwentzig, sambt eynem Von seinem Leben, Vom jüdischen Krieg, und der Statt Jerusalem, und des gantzen Lands Zerstorung siben, Von der Juden altem Herkommen wider Apionem Grammaticum zwey, Von Meysterschafft der Vernunfft, und der Machabeer Marter, eyns : alles auss dem griechischen Exemplar bound with Egesippi, des hochberuhmten furtrefflichen christlichen Geschichtschreibers : fünff Bücher : vom Jüdischen Krieg; Egesippi des Hochberuhmten Furtrefflichen christlichen Geschichtschreibers V. buchers: vom judischen Krieg und endlicher zerstohrung der Herzlichen und Gewaltigen statt Jerusalem Pseudo-Hegesippus.; Conrad Lautenbach. Rihel, 1581. 524 pp. + Register, 119 pp. + register First publsihed 1574 over 100 woodcuts, after Tobias Stimmer by Chr. Stimmer and Ch. Von Sichem. Antiquities of the Jews in twenty books, pigskin on wooden boards, remains of brass clasp on front cover, blind sta,ped decoratec cover with image of a gentleman holding a sword and a justice scale, two lines of Latin below illegible, name Hans Behan printed and barely visible is the date 1585, back cover panel is of woman and two lines of illegible Latin., starts with Creation and goes through Old Testament onward to the Jewish wars of CE 70. Good. Boards.
Hegesippus. Presumed name of the author of a free Latin translation, in five books, of the “Wars of the Jews” of Josephus lived in the second half of the fourth century. The name is merely a corruption of “Josephus” it occurs as “Josephus” as early as the fifth century, in Eucherius, and as late as the tenth, in Widerkind of Saxony. In the latter part of the Ambrosian manuscript (8th or 9th cent.) the heading “Josippi Liber Primus” has been changed by a later hand to “Egesippi.” A Bern manuscript of the ninth century has “Hegesippus” while a Vatican manuscript of the ninth and tenth centuries has “Ambrosius” as the author, though without any foundation. The text of Josephus is treated very freely in Hegesippus— mostly in a shortened form. It was first printed at Paris, 1510, and has been often reprinted. It was used by the author of the Hebrew “Yosippon.” See Josephus, (JE) Worldcat says the following about Egesippi” This work is a translation of a Latin christological version of Josephus’ De bello Judaico, dating from ca. 367-374 A.D. It is of uncertain authorship but cited as the work of “Hegesippus” of “Egesippus.” It was transmitted among the works of and sometimes attributed to Ambrose, Bishop of Milan.” (269405) $1,360.00

22. Klein Shmuel. Sefer ha-yishuv: otsar ha-yedi‘ot veha-reshomot, ha-ketuvot veha-zikhronot, she-nishtamru ba-Yisrael uva-Amim ba-lashon ha-ivrit uba-sha’ar al yishuv Yisra’el ve-toldotov be-artso mi-yeme hurban Bayit sheni ad reshit ha-hityashvut ha-hadashah bi-yeme Hibat Tsiyon. . Kerakh Rishon, Helek Rishon: Me-Yeme Hurban Bayit Sheni ad Kivush Erests Yisrael al yad Ha-Aravim. Dvir, 1939. 216 pp. + 4 maps library book plate. Good +. Hardcover . (269910) $25.00

23. Kreas Saul. My life and struggle for a better world : a world without exploitation of man by man, without war, without discrimination of race, religion or nationality. New Haven: self, 1977. 467 pp. From cheder in Russia, emigrated first to Philadelphia and then New Haven, Fervent Communist active in Painters Unionin New Haven and major social causes, filled with documents and achievements. Remained in the Party and active in Jewish causes. Very Good. Hardcover . (269984) $85.00

24. Krochmal Nachman Rawidowicz, Simon [Ed.]. Kitvei Rebbi Nachman Krochmal: Writings of Nachman Krochmal. Ararat, 1961. 238+525 pages (In one volume) spine bit faded otherwise in good shape In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover . (269947) $40.00

25. Kruger Laura. A Stitch in Jewish Time: Provocative Textiles. HUC JIR, 2010. 16 pp. exhibition catalog in color. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Includes the work of Jane Trigere (269801) $36.00

26. Lambert Phyllis editor. Fortifications and the Synagogue: The Fortress of Babylon and the Ben Ezra Synagogue, Cairo. Weidenfeld and nicolson, 1994. 276 pp. beautifully produced work many color illustrations heavy book. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (269962) $25.00

27. Lehman Emil. The Tents of Michael; The life and times of Colonel Albert Williamson Goldsmid. Lanham: University Press, 1996. 273 pages; was model for Daniel Deronda; he converted back to Judaism . Very good. Cloth. (269735) $25.00

28. Lehmann, Dr M (Lehmann Oscar hrsg). Hagadah schel Pessach. Frankfurt-am-Main: Kauffmann, 1920. 212 pp.several ex library markings hinge starting, age toning to pages. Good. boards.*Yaari #1906 (269845) $55.00

29. Leneman Leon. La Tragedie Des Juifs En U.R.S.S. DeBrouwer, 1959. 322 pp. number on spine and slight library mark on fep, inscribed in Yiddish by author. Good. Paperback.
Was reporter in Moscow during the War. (269728) $28.00

30. Maundrell Henry. A journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, at Easter, A.D.1697 . also, a journal from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai, and back again. Translated from a manuscript written by the Prefetto of Egypt, by the Right Rev.Robert Clayton, Bishop of Cloghe. London: J White, 1810. Eighth. 282 pp. + 15 engraved plates , pages and engraved plates lightly browned, beautifully rebound and with new endpapers, foxing/ browning to frontispiece and title page and additional pages. Good +. Cloth Boards. (269771) $175.00

31. (Mendelssohn Moses). Neitboth Haschalom Sefer Bereschith im tirgum Onkelos veperush Rashi vebeur vetirgum Ashkenai huga behaga’a meduyeket al pi haKhumash Tikun Sofrim shel . . . Itzik Premsla z.l. veal pi . . . Moshe Dessau z.l. venitvasfu seder HaHaftarot vekhamesh megilot. . . Wien: Schmid, 1818. 435 pp. frontispeice portrait of Mendelssohn tipped in and illustration on title page, new blue boards and new endpapers and hinges, some dog eared pages. Good. Boards.
1, Sefer netivot ha-salom : wehuʼ ḥibur kolel ḥamisat ḥumse Torah ʻim targum Askenazi u-veʼur = Netiboth Haschalom / Moseh mi-Desoy Sefer Beresit = Bereschith.(worldcat entry)… Sepher Nethivoth Hashalom, more commonly known as the Bi’ur, is Moses Mendelssohn’s revolutionary translation of the Pentateuch. Mendelsson translated the Pentateuch into German using Hebrew characters while the commentary was composed in Hebrew. The commentary aimed to explain the translation choices made by Mendelssohn and drew heavily on traditional medieval Jewish Bible commentators.(Kestenbaum entry) Was originally published in 1783 (267754) $1,250.00

32. Naumbourg S. Recueil de chants religieux et populaires des Israelites. Paris: l’auteur et les principaux editeurs de musique, 1874. fourth edition. XLVI (commentary)+ 114 pp. of liturgy with music familiar prayers, new spine, foxing throughout some heavy to endpapers, boards worn and torn, music very readable and useable. Good-. Boards.
partitions transcrites pour Piano ou Orgue Harmonium (268614) $125.00

33. Obermann Dr. J. Der Philosophische Und Religiose Subjektivismus Ghazalis; Ein Beitrag zum Problem der Religion. Braumuller, 1921. 344 pages , tears to spine, marbled boards, Art Green’s copy. Good +. Cloth.
The Muslim thinker al-Ghazali (d. 1111) was one of the most influential theologians and philosophers of Islam and has been considered an authority in both Western and Islamic philosophical traditions. (269752) $45.00

34. Ofrat Gideon preface. Shraga Weil : sixty years of printmaking; Sheraga Ṿail : 60 shenot hedpes. Safrai, 2009. 29 pp. covering the life and work of Weil with exhibitions, 33pp.- 127 pp. of color and black and white images, and 20 pp. of Hebrew , in box. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
A true catalog of his work (266498) $90.00

35. Omar, Abed Al-Samih Abu. Traditional Palestinian Embroidery and Jewelry. self, 2005. 144 pp. filled with color illustrations. Very Good. Hardcover . (262549) $9.00

36. Ottensoser David (1784-1858) . Kiryah neʼemanah : Sefer Yirmeyah. Dihernfoṛṭ (Dyhernfurth): : Bi-defus Tsevi Hirsch (Hirsch und Marcus), 1826. 204 double pages,In Hebrew, slight library marks, leathe spine repaird with new cloth, new hinges, boards worn, slight foxing to end papers. Good. Boards.
me-turgam Ashkenazit u-mevoʼar … me-et Daṿid Otṭenzoser … (269869) $175.00

37. Rabello Alfredo. The Jews in Visigothic Spain in the Light of the Legislation [In Hebrew]. shazar Centre, 1983. 237 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (258442) $18.00

38. (Romania) Sincerus, Edmond. Les Juifs en Roumaine: Depuis le Traite de Berlin (1878) jusqu’a de jour: Les Lois et Leurs Consequences. Londres: Macmillan, 1901. 212 pp.number on spine and slight library mark on fep, crown and base of spine slight tears. good. cloth. (262336) $45.00

39. Sassoon, Rabbi Solomon David. A Critical Study of Electrical Stunning and the Jewish Method of Slaughter(Shechita). Letchworth: self, 1955. 3rd. 8vo 48 pp.number on cover and slight library stamp on pastedwon. good. wrapper. (269730) $20.00

40. Schwartz-Be’eri, Ora. The Jews of Kurdistan Daily Life Customs Arts and Crafts. Jeruslaem: Israel Musuem, 2000. 8vo 269 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (269982) $15.00

41. Seri, Shalom editor. Se’i Yona: Yemenite Jews in Israel. Am Oved, 1983. 508 pp. In Hebrew filled with essays large book. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (269972) $30.00

42. Shachar Isaiah. Jewish Tradition in Art: The Feuchtwanger Collection of Judaica. jerusalem: Israel Museum, 1981. 340 pp., in Hebrew and English. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Lists and descriptions of Jewish ceremonial art objects and especially amulets with photos.Beautiful collection (260336) $78.00

43. Shachar Isaiah. Jewish Tradition in Art: The Feuchtwanger Collection of Judaica. Jerusalem: Israel Museum, 1981. 340 pp., in Hebrew and English. Good. Paperback.
Lists and descriptions of Jewish ceremonial art objects and especially amulets with photos. Beautiful collection (269905) $40.00

44. Slobin, Mark. Tenement Songs: The Popular Music of the Jewish Immigrants. Urbana: Univ. of Illinois, 1982. 213 pp.dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
covers 1880-1920 (268835) $7.00

45. Souvenir de Jerusalem No II de 12 carte illustre. 1900s?. 12 color postcards. including women at the Western Wall praying. with explanations in many languages. Color still very pronounced . Very Good. Wrapper. (266303) $36.00

46. Steinhardt Inacio. Raizes dos Judeus Em Portugal entre Godos e Sarracenos. Vega, 2014. Second Edition. 177 pp. In Portuguese. Very Good. Paperback. (269758) $36.00

47. Sulzer Joseph (hrsg). Schir Zion; Gesange fur den israelitischen Gottesdienst Salomon Sulzer. Frankfurt: Kauffmann Verlag, 1922. dritte auflage. 544 pages new cloth covers and end papers collection of melodies and text for the Hazan for Shabbes and various holidays massive work. Good condition. Hardcover .
Shir Zion “established models for the various sections of the musical service-the recitative of the cantor, the choral of the choir, and the responses of the congregation-and it contained music for Sabbaths, festivals, weddings, and funerals which has been introduced into nearly all the synagogues of the world. In the compilation of this work he was assisted by some of the best musical composers of Vienna” JE Volume XI pp. 586 (269782) $225.00

48. Sutzkever Abraham (inscribed). Di Fidlroyz: Poems 1970-1972. Di Goldene Keyt, 1974. 111 pp. inscribed in Yiddish by Sutzkever with a drawing similar to the cover, djs torn and some fading. Good. Boards and dj.
drawings by Marc Chagall. (269975) $125.00

49. Szajowski, Zosa. Jews, Wars, and Communism. Vol. I. The Attitude of American Jews to World War I, The Russian Revolutions of 1917 & Communism (1914-1945). Vol. II. The Impact of the 1919-20 Red Scare on American Jewish Life. NY: Ktav, 1972+ 1974. 713 pp.+ 398 pp. volume one pristine volume two dj worn and torn, slight foxing fore edge, volume two book plate and glue residue to free end paper . Very Good. Hardcover . (269772) $95.00

50. Tarbiz a Quarterly for Jewish Studies . Presented to Gershom G. Scholem in Honour of his Sixtieth Birthday. Magnes, 1958. Vol XXVII Number 2-3. 420 pp. spine torn, taped spine, name crossed off tp, In Hebrew . Good-. Paperback. (265695) $15.00

51. Viteles Harry ken. A History of the Co-operative Movement in Israel. A Source Book in 7 Volumes. BOOK 1: The Evolution of the Co-oerative Movement. BOOK 2: The Evolution of the Kibbutz Movement. BOOK 3: An Analysis of the Four Sectors of the Kibbutz Movement. BOOK 4: Co-operative Smallholders Settlements (The Moshav Movement). BOOK 5: Workers Producers Transportation and Service Co-operatives. BOOK 6: Central Agricultural Co-operatives. BOOK 7: Consumers’ Co-opertaion., Vallentine Mitchell, 1966-1978. (252 pp. 749 pp. 751 pp. ;405 pp. 414 pp. ;750 pp. ;348 pp. ex library with withdrawn marks, back pockets removed, dj in plastic cover. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Signifigant work on the kibbutz movement. Harry Viteles, who was formerly in charge of the field work of the European Reconstruction Department of the Joint Distribution Committee went in 1925 to Palestine to conduct the affairs of the Central Bank of Co-operative Institutions in Palestine, (JTA) (256617) $150.00

52. Wise Stephen (inscribed). The Improvement of the Moral Qualities An Ethical Treatise of the Eleventh Century by Solomon Ibn Gibirol, Printed from an Unique Arabic Manuscript. Columbia , 1901. 117 + 47 pp. slight tears to crown of spine, and tear to base of spine. Good. Hardcover .
“With the compliments of the author ” (269737) $75.00

53. WPA Yiddish Writers Group. Jewish Families and Family Circles of New York. Prepared by the Yiddish Writers’ Guild of the Federal Writers’ Project,, 1939. 206 pp. slight library number on spine, work is in Yiddish. Good +. Hardcover . (248139) $85.00

54. Zafrani, Haim. Pedagogie Juive en Terre D’islam ; L’Enseignement Traditionnel de L’Hebreu et du Judaisme au Maroc. Paris: Lib D’Amerique, 1969. 191 pp. sfep and pencil underlined. Good +. Paperback. (269746) $32.00

55. Zaleski, Carol. Otherworld Journeys: Accounts of Near-Death Experience in Medieval and Modern Times. Oxford University Press, New York, 1987. 275 pp. Very Good in VG DJ. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (270079) $20.00

56. Zimiles Murray. Gilded Lions and Jeweled Horses: The Synagogue to the Carousel Jewish Carving Traditions. UPNE, 2007. 170 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. this book is the first fully developed study of the secularization of Eastern European Jewish folk art traditions in America.. Not only did they continue to carve religious artifacts for new synagogues serving fellow immigrants; they also created wooden trade figures, carnival figures, and some of the greatest carousel animals the world has ever seen (269542) $30.00

57. Zionism. Yediot Iriat Tel Aviv No 1 and 2. Tel Aviv: Oct Nov 1932. Monthly newsleteer , few pages slight staining not affecting text 37 pp. + 31-56 plus mimeograph of 8 pp of statistics that details the workers their backgrounds, tables concerning the labor, the contractors names and number of workers and projects . Good +. Boards. (269817) $165.00

58. Zipperstein Steven. Imagining Russian Jewry: Memory, History, Identity (Samuel and Althea Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies.). Washington, 1999. 138 pp. bottom corner bumped. Good +. Paperback. (269742) $6.00

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