Storung – December 2017

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Selma Schön, first woman pictured on the right. Her life story is discussed in the blog “Venturing into a Strange Land”.

1. Adler, S. Ostjuden in Deutschland 1880-1940; zugleich eine Geschichte der Organisationen die sie betreuten. Tubingen: Mohr, 1959. 169 pp. slight library markings. scotch tape residues from dj on end papers, internally very good. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (269014) $15.00

2. Alliance Israelite Universelle (Paix et Droit). Les Cahiers De L’Alliance Israelite Universelle (Paix et Droit) Nr 1-38. Paris: Alliance Israelite, Oct 1945-Dec 1949. slight library markings, first issues mimeographed and subsequent are on paper that is yellowing but not brittle, concerns rebuilding of Jewish life in Paris and then throughout the French Jewish diaspora especially North Africa, with artcles on the Nazis and impact on Jewish Life in Europe . Good. library binding.
Bulletin Interiur Oct 1945 Nr 1,2,3,5,-10 until Oct 1946 mimeograph each issue about eight pages ,Dec 1946 -Nov Dec 1949 11,12,13,14-15, 16-17,18-19,20-21, 22-23, 24-25,26,27.28-2930,,35,36,37-38 issues each about twenty pages  (267682) $250.00

3. Alperin A editor. Brzezin Memorial Book (Brzeziny). 1961. 290 pp. In Yiddish lacks parts of the spine water stains to fore edge and tops of pages library stamped and on fore edge reading copy. Fair. Hardcover .  (268136) $25.00

4. American Joint Distribution Committee European Executive Offices. World Refugee Organizations  A Guide to Relief and Reconstruction Activities for Refugees from Germany. Paris: AJDC, July 1937. 122 oblong 8vo. tears to covers and few pages archivally repaired, in new linen boards, very scarce work . Good +. Boards.
Amazing document listing organizations throughout the world with addresses and officials and activities of the organizations, charts of the emigration of the German Jews. . Most signifigant is to go through the names of the officials in soon to be overrun Europe.  (268956) $675.00

5. Amishai-Maisels, Ziva. Depiction and Interpretation: The Influence of the Holocaust on the Visual Arts. Pergamon, 1993. 567 pp. spine faded . Very Good. Hardcover .  (268950) $185.00

6. Anderl Gabrielle et al. Die Zentralstelle für judische Auswanderung als Beraubungsinstitution. Oldenbourg, 2004. 383 pp. In German. Very Good. Paperback.
Concerns the Shoah and the Role of the Bureau  (268996) $36.00

7. Arendt Hannah Knott Marie (hrsg). Vor Antisemitismus ist man nur noch auf dem Monde sicher: Beitrage für die deutsch-judische Emigrantenzeitung “Aufbau” 1941-1945. Piper, 2000. 218 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (269297) $20.00

8. Arendt Hannah. in The Menorah Journal; XXXI (Numbers 1-2 = Jan. -Sept. 1943). New York: Menorah Associaiton, 1943. issue is complete at 100 pages her essay is 9 pages. Very Good. library binding.
Important journal containing the first printing of the long-neglected, but increasingly important “We Refugees” (69-77) For many years, “We Refugees”, Arendt’s second essay and her first attempt to write explicitly about the events of Europe, was as neglected as its subject. First reprinted in 1978, three years after her death, it now finds a prominent place in Schocken’s new collection, Hannah Arendt: The Jewish Writings (2007, for sale from Schoen Books) The philosopher Giorgio Agamben paid tribute to it in his own “We Refugees”, which marks the 50th anniversary of Arendt’s article. He begins: _In 1943, in a small Jewish periodical, The Menorah Journal, Hannah Arendt published an article titled “We Refugees.” In this brief but important essay, after sketching a polemical portrait of Mr. Cohn, the assimilated Jew who had been 150 percent German, 150 percent Viennese, and 150 percent French but finally realizes bitterly that “on ne parvient pas deux fois,” Arendt overturns the condition of refugee and person without a country – in which she herself was living – in order to propose this condition as the paradigm of a new historical consciousness. The refugee who has lost all rights, yet stops wanting to be assimilated at any cost to a new national identity so as to contemplate his condition lucidly, receives, in exchange for certain unpopularity, an inestimable advantage: ‘For him history is no longer a closed book, and politics ceases to be the privilege of the Gentiles. He knows that the banishment of the Jewish people in Europe was followed immediately by that of the majority of the European peoples. Refugees expelled from one country to the next represent the avant-garde of their people.’ It is worth reflecting on the sense of this analysis, which today, precisely fifty years later, has not lost any of its currency._
The Menorah Review was one of the bravest publications of its time, and is increasingly difficult to find, especially in this condition (VG +).
This volume also contains an important series of articles by Charles Reznikoff (“Jews enter Georgia”), and a beautiful cover painting by Marc Chagall.  (269176) $36.00

9. Assouline, Pierre. Gaston Gallimard; A Half Century of French Publishing. NY: HBJ, 1984. . 429 pages.slight pen markings in bibliography. Very Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Includes important information on publishers and publishing under the Nazis  (269300) $10.00

10. Bauschinger Sigrid (hrsg). Die freche Muse Literarisches und politisches kabarett von 1901 bis 1999. Francke, 2000. 221 pp. inscribed with two essays dealing with the Nazi period. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (269206) $15.00

11. Becker-Jakli, Barbara. Das judische Krankenhaus in Koln : die Geschichte des Israelitischen Asyls fur Kranke und Altersschwache 1869-1945. Emons, 2004. 528 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (268885) $40.00

12. Berges, Max. Cold Pogrom. Phil: JPS, 1939. 280 pp. Good. Hardcover .
Novel of the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Berges fled Germany for Shanghai then Manila and came to the USA in Dec 1938 with the aid of Albert Einstein.  (269057) $7.00

13. Bilik, Dorothy. Immigrant Survivors: Post Holocaust Consciousness in Recent Jewish American Fiction. Middletown: Wesleyan, 1981. 216 pp. Good +. Hardback & DJ.  (269055) $9.00

14. Bloch Hayim. Appropriate Replies to Inquiries From the Vatican Furnished in 1934 Ve-da mah she-tashiv Tshuvotai la-vatikan she-natati bishnat TaRTSaD (694) al sheelot talmudiyot-rabaniyot. New York: Morgenstern, 1962. 110 pp. In Hebrew four page preface in Englsh,Bloch’s letters fighting the work of Erich Bischoff in Germany and the Nazis defending the blood libel. Good. Hardcover .  (269142) $32.00

15. Bloch, Sam (editor). Holocaust and Rebirth: Bergen Belsen: 1945-1965. NY: Bergen Belsen Memorial Press, 1965. 386 pp., In Hebrew, Yiddish and English, pen inscription on fep. good. cloth.
Filled with photographs.Important document.  (269353) $15.00

16. Breuer Robert. Nacht uber WIen; Ein erlebnisbericht aus den Tagen des Anschlusses im Marz 1938. Wien: Locker, 1988. 131 pages. Very good. Paperback.  (269168) $10.00

17. Brocke Michaek. Der alte judische Friedhof zu Frankfurt am Main : unbekannte Denkmaeler und Inschriften . Thorbecke, 1996. 463 pp. , English translations of the inscriptions, indexes of names Text is in German except as noted. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Herausgegeben von der Kommission zur Erforschung der Geschichte der Frankfurter Juden.  (268913) $45.00

18. Brudna, Denis (editor) inscribed . Clemens Kalischer. Germany: Hatje Cantz, 2002. 175 pp Refugee photographer survivor of German concentration camps in France. inscribed by Kalischer on title page. Very Good. Cloth.
Displaced Persons after the War, NYC street scenes, Bermont pastorals. Essay and interview in German and English.  (269354) $100.00

19. (Bulgaria) Organisation of the Jews in the People’s Republic of Bulgaria. Annuals: Volumes Volumes Five to Seventeen. Sofia: Social,Cultural and Ed Assn, 1970-73, 75-77,79-82,84-87. average of 300 pages each,a few are ex library ,fifteen volumes in total, lacking 1974, 1978, 1983 good. Paperback.
Price is per volume. published by the Social Cultural and Educational Organization of the Jews in the People’s Reputblic of Bulgaria filled with articles about Jewish life and especially memories of the Shoah  (269337) $275.00

20. Clementis Vlado. Panslavizmus kedysi a teraz. London: Vydal Ceskoslovensky vybor , 1943. 56 pp . Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Before the beginning of World War II, in 1938, he emigrated to Paris. His criticism of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact in 1939, contradicted the policies of the Czechoslovak Communist Party exiled in Moscow and triggered an intra-party investigation overseen by Viliam Široký (who came to Paris from Moscow). At the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, he was put into prison as a known Communist, and later evacuated to a British concentration camp. After release, he decided to spend the war in London, where he broadcast speeches on the radio calling for all Slovaks to fight against the Nazis. Returning in 1945 Was Czech foreign minister from 1948-1950 and executed along with Rudolf Slansky in 1952.  (269151) $30.00

21. Cohen Philip. Serbia’s Secret War: Propaganda and the Deceit of History. College Station: Texas A and M, 1996. 8vo 235 pp.ex library with markings. Good. Hardback & DJ.
Reveals and details Serbia’s collaboration with the Nazis and post War propaganda claiming to be victims of Nazism.  (262327) $10.00

22. D’Olier, Chairman. The United States Strategic Bombing Survey: The Effects of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Washington: USGPO, 1946. Slight library marking.  map & 46 pp covers worn. good. stiff wrap.  (269204) $65.00

23. Davie, Maurice. World Immigration With Special Reference to the United States. NY: Macmillan, 1939. 584 pp. sfep. good. Hardcover .
Important work, extensive material on Jewish immigration.  (268909) $18.00

24. Dettmar Alexander. Bilder der Erinnerung. Zerstorte Synagogen in Deutschland, Painting to remember. Hirmer, 2010. 144 pp. Paintings of the destroyed synagogues in English and German. Very Good. Hardcover .  (268884) $36.00

25. Diner Dan (hrsg). Enzyklopadie judischer Geschichte und Kultur, Band 4: Ly – Po, Bleicher, 1998. 606 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (269135) $75.00

26. Dubnow, S.M. History of the Jews Five Volumes. Yoseloff, 1969. five volumes ex library with markings dj torn internally very good… Up to the Emergence of Hitler. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Monumental work a classic  (269248) $100.00

27. Dulmen Mortiz von. Zerstorte Vielfalt Diversity Destroyed Berlin 1933 1938 1945 eine Stadt erinnert sich A City Remembers. Kulturprojekte Berlin, 2013. 272 pp.Large Photos and what happened to important cultural figures in Berlin who fled or died in Germany, and 11 Places and 66 Stories, for example Arnold Schonberg, Kathe Kollwitz Lyonel Feininger, et al. Very Good. Hardcover .  (268900) $50.00

28. Earl Hilary. The Nuremberg SS-Einsatzgruppen Trial, 1945-1958: Atrocity, Law, and History. Cambridge University Press, 2010. 336 pp.  (269122) $45.00

29. Eisenstadt. Oesterreichisches Jüdisches Museum..  (268935) $25.00

30. Eliasberg, George. Der Ruhrkrieg von 1920. Neue Gesell, 1974. 303 pp. Good. Paperback.  (269217) $15.00

31. Embacher Helga hrsg. Juden in Salzburg: History, Cultures, Fates. Pustel, 2002. 122 pp. In German and English extensive material on the Shoah. Very Good. Paperback.  (268923) $18.00

32. Feist Sigmund. Stammeskunde der Juden. Die judischen Stamme der Erde in alter und neuer Zeit. Historisch- anthropologische Skizzen. Mit 89 Abbildungen im Text und auf Tafeln. Hinrich, 1925. 191 pp. + 38 pages of 89 plates of Jewish faces, slight library mark , new covers, last few pages slightly bent. Good. Wrapper.
Photographs of Jews around the world Also wrote Die Ethnographie der Juden (with Lionel S. Reisz) (1926)Rassenkunde des jüdischen Volkes (1930)  (268953) $36.00

33. Flash Claire Hemphill Cynthia editor. A Hug from Afar : One Family’s Dramatic Journey Through Three Continents to Escape the Holocaust. Flash Media, 2004. 346 pp. Translations of letters from Jewish woman in Rhodes to uncle in USA before and during the Shoah. Very Good. Paperback.  (269554) $22.00

34. Frager Moshe. Mordei Hagetto. Palestine: Histadrut HaTsiyonit, 1946. 53 pp. In Hebrew on the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto and its heroes resisting the Nazis, tears to top of spine, fragile and paper becoming brittle. Fair. Stiff Wrapper.  (269537) $45.00

35. Frojimovics Kinga. Jewish Budapest; Monuments Rites History. Central European University, 1999. 597 pages . Very good. Paperback.
Richly illustrated history of the Jews of Budapest from medieval times to the present day provides a comprehensive account of their culture and ritual customs.  (268973) $20.00

36. Furman Harry editor. The Holocaust and Genocide: A Search for Conscience An anthology for students. Anti Defamamtion League, 1983. 216 pp. creased corner In five units with 116 essays. Good. Paperback.  (269218) $25.00

37. (Galicia) Webber Jonathan Schwarz Chris (photos by). Rediscovering Traces of Memory; The Jewish Heritage of Polish Galicia. Galicia Jewish Museum/Littmann Library, 2009. 186 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Magnificent work with superb photos by the late founder of the Museum Chris Schwarz z”l  (269063) $10.00

38. Gay Ruth (essay by). What are we remembering? An exhibit of the art work of Daniel Bennett Schwartz. NY: Leo Baeck Inst, 1998. 15 pp. good. wrapper.
Exhibit at Leo Baeck Institute to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of Kristallnacht  (269157) $15.00

39. Gehringer Horst hrsg . Von Bamberg nach Quito.Das Tagebuch der Erika Lobl. Stadt Bamberg, 2016. 215 pp. + photos Fleeing Nazi Germany for Ecuador a journal. Very Good. Hardcover .  (268898) $30.00

40. Gershon, Karen. Postscript: A Collective Account of the lives of Jews in West Germany since the Second World War. London: Gollancz, 1969. 190 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.  (269050) $7.00

41. Geschichten von Gegenstaenden: Judaika aus dem Beziehungsraum der Hohenemser Juden; The Gross family
.  (268931) $24.00

42. Gilman, Sander and Zipes, JAck (editors). Yale Companion to Jewish Writing and Thought in German Culture: 1096-1996. New Haven: Yale, 1997. 912 pp. massive work. new. Hardback & DJ.
Excellent collection of writings  (269189) $8.00

43. Gilmovsky Norman. My Life My Destiny. Cornwall, 1984. 314 pages . Good. Hardback & DJ.
Fascinating memoir of growing up in Poland and Russia and experiences with anti semitism and the Wars and becoming director of Jnited Jewish Appeal in 1939  (268599) $12.00

44. Gitter Benno. The Story of My Life. Weidenfeld, 1999. 401 pp. Escape through Belgium, Vichy France, Spain and Portugal in 1942 from Nazi occupied Holland and settling in Argentina. Emigrated from Argentina to Israel in 1954 and becomes very successful investment banker. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (269338) $12.00

45. Goebbels Joseph. My Part in Germany’s Fight. Fertig, 1979. Reprint of 1940 edition 252 pp. sfep new dj created. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265547) $17.00

46. Golabek, Mona. The Children of Willesden Land; Beyond the Kindertransport: A Memoir of Music, Love and Survival. Warner, 2002. 269 pp. Very Good in VG DJ. Hardback & DJ.  (269064) $8.00

47. Gold Ben Zion. The Life of Jews in Poland before the Holocaust: A Memoir. Nebraska, 2007. 152 pp.Sole survivor of his family Rav Gold z”l” arrived in the USA and became the head of Harvard Hillel. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (269052) $15.00

48. Gotz Albrecht et al. Die Verfolgung nationalsozialistischer Straftaten in der Bundesrepublik. Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung.;, 1963. 39 pp. slightl library marks. Good. Wrapper.  (269539) $15.00

49. Green, William (foreword). Labor Under Hitler. NY: Chest for Liberation of Workers of Europe, 1935. 31 pp. Good. Wrapper.  (269161) $10.00

50. Grund Peter (Mainzer Otto). Der zartliche Vorstoss in sechsundzwanzig Gedichten. Les Presses Modernes, 1939. 32 pp. One of thirty numbered and signed copies Written and published in exile in Paris. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Steinfeld DEL 117 He graduated in Law in 1928 and received his doctorate in law. He then worked as a lawyer at the Berlin Court of Appeal. When he removed in 1933 because of his being Jewish, he emigrated to Paris. There he made the acquaintance of André Gide, Heinrich Mann, Arnold Zweig and Erwin Piscator, who supported him financially. At the time of his Paris exile, Mainzer became acquainted with the writings of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Under the influence of Reich’s ideas about sex-economy, Mainzer produced some major works on sexual coercion. In 1941 Mainz continued his emigration, and went to the USA.(Wikipedia)  (269109) $425.00

51. Hanak Werner hrsg. Vom Grossvater vertrieben, vom Enkel erforscht: Zivildienst in New York / Persecuting grandfathers, interviewing grandson Austrian gedenkdienst in New York. Jewish Museum Vienna, 2002. 108 pp.lacks cd slight drilled hole mark in top corner to hold book for an exhibit. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
An Exhibition of the Jewish Museum of Vienna. Articles are “Armchairs for All,” Nico Wahl, “Digging Up the Past. Thoughts on 10 Years of Gedenkdienst,” Christian Klötsch, “Searching for a lost History. Young Austrians in Vienna and New York,” Werner Hanak, “Exhibition Architecture,” Christian Presser, “12 INteriors,” Arno Gisinger, “Experience, Recollection and Evaluation: Austrian Jewish Emigrants to the USA,” Albert Lichtblau  (268922) $18.00

52. Hartmann Uwe. Kulturguter im Zweiten Weltkrieg : Verlagerung – Auffindung – Rückfuhrung. Kulturgutverluste, 2007. 714 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Cultural goods in the Second World War Relocation – Finding – Return  (269131) $36.00

53. Hartston Barnet. Sensationalizing the Jewish Question: Anti-Semitic Trials and the Press in the Early German Empire. Brill, 2005. 335 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (269121) $68.00

54. Hartwig Thomas. Die verheissene Stadt. Deutsch-juedische Emigranten in New York. Gespraeche Eindruecke und Bilder                  . Arsenal, 1986. Good. Paperback.  (268925) $16.00

55. Heger, Heinz. The Men with the Pink Triangle. Boston: Alyson, 1980. 117 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Concerns homosexuals in the camps, the author’s experiences in Sachsenhausen and Flossenburg.  (269088) $10.00

56. Heikaus Ulrike (hrsg). Das war spitze! Judisches in der deutschen Fernsehunterhaltung. Klartext, 2011. 127 pp. Ausstellung des Judischen Museums München Collection of essays and images. Very Good. Paperback.  (268914) $25.00

57. Heimler, Eugene. Night of the Mist. NY: Gefen, 1997.  191 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Memoir by Hungarian Jewish poet who survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald  (269087) $15.00

58. Herf Jeffrey. Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World. Yale, 2009. 335 pp. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (268915) $15.00

59. Herlitz, Georg. Judisches Lexikon: Ein enzyklopadisches Handbuch des judischen Wissens in vier Banden: Mit uber 2000 Illustrationen….. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1927. In 5 volumes,with all new spines , spine labels say Lexicon in place of Lexikon. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Important reference work on German Jewry  (269023) $175.00

60. Hesse Reinhard. Ich schrieb mich selbst auf Schindlers Liste Die Geschichted von Hilde und Rose Berger. Psychozial, 2013. 224 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (269112) $30.00

61. Hinsley, F.H. British Intelligence in the Second World War Five Volumes (in six). Cambridge: Cambridge UP/HMSO, 1979-1990. 6-volume set (complete). Authors include F H Hinsley, E E Thomas, C F G Ransom, R C Knight, C A G Simkins and Michael Howard. A comprehensive and detailed account of the subject. Vol I, II & III – Its Influence on Strategy and Operations. Vol IV – Security and Counter-Intelligence. Vol V – Strategic Deception.Volume III is in two parts, djs in good condition. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.  (269256) $200.00

62. Hoffken Bernd. Schicksale judischer Artze aus Nurnberg nach 1933. Metropol, 2014. 456 pp. Individual doctors and their fate under the Nazis, histories of each. Very Good. Hardcover .  (268889) $40.00

63. Humbert Droz Julius. Die Schweiz in Gefahr : Wie verteidigen wir uns?; [Politischer Bericht an den VII; Parteitag der Kommunistischen Partei der Schweiz]. Freie Schweiz, 1939. 59 pp. tears to spine, loose pages In German warns of dangers of fascist Germany to Switzerland and preparing for War. Good-. Stiff Wrapper.  (269498) $45.00

64. Jacobsson Santeri. Taistelu ihmisoikeuksista; yhteiskunnallis-historiallinen tutkimus Ruotsin ja Suomen juutalaiskysymyksen vaiheista. (The fight against human rights; a socio-historical study of the phases of the Jewish question in Sweden and Finland.). Jyvaskyla Gummeru, 1951. 438 pp In Finnish, library stamp fep. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Jacobsson worked in early 20th century to guarantee Jewish rights in Finland.  (269326) $55.00

65. Japan. Children of Japan: Japans Kinder. Tokyo: Asahi Shimbun, 1936. In German and English. Propaganda for Nazi and US market. Interesting collection of photographs -indoctrination methods.  253 and base of spine torn. good, hinges starting. cloth.  (269200) $100.00

66. Jenoff Pam. The Things We Cherished A Novel. Doubleday, 2011. 285 pp. Centers on US trial of a man accused of betraying his hero brother during the Shoah in Holland, and proving that he was innocent.. Based on extensive research. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (259865) $10.00

67. Joesten Joachim. Rats in the Larder: The Story of Nazi Influence in Denmark. Putnam, 1939. 270 pp. Anricipating the German invasion and the anxiety in the country. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (269116) $28.00

68. Johnson, Douglas. The Age of Illusion: Art and Politics in France: 1918-1940. NY: Rizzoli, 1987. 160 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Filled with illustrations.Important re the 1930s.  (269073) $15.00

69. Judischen Akademikern Osterreich und der Vereigung Judischer Hochschuler. Das Judische Echo: Zeitschrift fur Kultur und Politik. Wien: Judische Akad. Osterreich., 1982-1997. Yearly periodical, V.31 Number 1 Sept 1982 .onward to 1997, Have issues XXXI,XXXII, XXXIII,XXXVI, XXXVII, XXXVIII, XXXIX,XL,XKI, XLII, XLIII, XLIV, XLV, XLVI  total of fourteen issues, average size is 175 pages, Very good. Stiff Wrapper.
Filled with scholarly articles about Jewish history religion and culture in Austria. Many scholarly articles on the Nazi Occupation of Austria, events leading up to it and the Shoah.  (269074) $95.00

70. Judisches Komitee fur Theresienstadt. Totenbuch Theresienstadt: Deportierte aus Osterreich. WIen: Judisches Komitee, 1971. Lists of the deportees and their date of birth and death. large 8vo 160 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (268137) $25.00

71. Kagan B editor. Yizkor book of Luboml Sefer yizkor li-ḳehilat Luboml. Molet, 1974?. 390 pp. memorial book for community in the Ukraine In Hebrew heavy book spine and covers faded . Good +. Hardcover .  (268133) $55.00

72. Kalbus Oskar. Vom Werden deutscher Filmkunst; 1 Teil: Der stumme Film. Altona: Cigaretten Bilderdienst, 1935. 8vo color plate on cover . Good. Wrapper.
135 pages “cigarette cards” depicting films of the period and explanations of various forms includes Paolo Negri and Marlen Dietrich and other well known actors  essays on propaganda  (269403) $45.00

73. Karski, Jan. Story of a Secret State. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1944. 391 Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
By the man who was courier between secret state in Poland and exile Polish government in London. Details existence of concentration camps and destruction of Jewry  (269084) $8.00

74. Katz, Jacob. Out of the Ghetto: The Social Background of Jewish Emancipation, 1770-1870. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, , 1973. 271 pp. Very good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
THe Emancipation and its impact on Jewry .  (268998) $10.00

75. Kauffmann Antiquariat. Judaica Hebraica Katalog 91 Autographen Zeitschriften; Enthalt Teile der Bibliothek der Verstorbenen Rabbiners Dr S Maybaum Berlin. Frankfurt: Kauffmann, 1935. 106 pp. in German and 8 pp. in Hebrew, slight tear to cover Amazing to think of this auction as the world was crashing down in their midst, Good. Boards.
Dr Sigmund Maybaun Rabbi in Berlin where from 1888 he also lectured on homiletics and became Professor at the Hochschule fur die Wissenschaft des Judentums. Author of many works.  (269110) $45.00

76. Kellenbach Katharina Von. The Mark of Cain: Guilt and Denial in the Post-War Lives of Nazi Perpetrators. Oxford University Press, 2013. 287 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (269117) $45.00

77. Kellogg Michael. The Russian Roots of Nazism: White Emigres and the Making of National Socialism, 1917-1945. Cambridge University Press, 2005. 327 pp. studies the connection of the emigress and NS. Very Good. Hardcover .  (269120) $68.00

78. Kersting Franz werner. Nach Hadamar: Zum Verhaltnis Von Psychiatrie Und Gesellschaft Im 20. Jahrhundert. Ferdinand Schoningh,, 1993. 322pp., contains 16 articles and essays by various contributors.Study of German psychiatry and euthanasia in the Third Reich. Very Good.  (269118) $45.00

79. Kertesz, Imre. Kaddish for a Child Not Born. Evanston: NW Illinois Press, 1997. 95 pp.winner of Nobel prize. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Novel is a tale of identity and memory. Narrator a middle aged survivor of the Holocaust attempts to explain why childless.  (269040) $10.00

80. Klatzkin, Dr Jakob, Elbogen, Dr I,  Redakteurs. Encyclopaedia Judaica: Das Judentum in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Berlin: Verlag Eschkol, 1928-1934. All ten volumes present. Volume ten is very scarce. Letters A-L; quarter leather, tears to crowns of spine, leather rubbed, sides of spine some wear, many have torn or partial djs, volume 8 lackssmall piece from top of spine, Good. Boards.
Only 10 volumes were published due to Nazi intervention. Important reference Key scholars involved. Major tomes. Masterful massive scholarly undertaking. [VOL.I]: Aach-Akademien / [VOL.II]: Akademien-Apostasie / [VOL.III]: Apostel-Beerajim / [VOL.IV]: Beer-bing – Caligari / [VOL.V]: Cahan-Draguignan / [VOL.VI]: Drama-Gabinius / [VOL.VII]: Gabirol-Hess / [VOL.VIII]: Hesse-Jerusalem / [VOL.IX]: Jerusalem-Kimschi / [VOL.X]: Kimchit-Lyra.  (269024) $475.00

81. Klenbort Leni (Ayalti). Memoirs. self, 1970s?. 254 pp. type script copy of manuscript Married to Hanan Ayalti aka Chanan Klenbort important Yiddish writer wrote The Presece is In Exile Wrote for the Forwards in NY, . Her life growing up in Weimar Germany,her studies, life long friendship with Hannah Arendt and Heinrich Blucher, life with Ayalti his story, their upheavel as the Nazis invade France, his imprisonment at Les Milles, her rescue of him and their struggles to finally get papers to leave via Marseilles to ultimately land in Uruguay. Extraordinary life story She ultimately taught at Brooklyn College. Very Good. spiral bound.  (268972) $45.00

82. Klinger Max ( Geyer Curt Theodor). Volk in Ketten; Deutschlands Weg in Chaos. Praha: Graphia, 1934. 104 pages, tears to spine and missing small pieces of front and back cover, Expose of the Nazi terror system. Good condition. Wrapper.
Sternfeld DEL s 167  (268945) $45.00

83. Kovaly, Heda. The Victors and the Vanquished. NY: Horizon Press, 1973. 275 slight library marks . Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Details her survival of Auschwitz and the Communist rule of Czechoslovakia , the Slansky Trial and execution of husband R. Margolius.  (269344) $10.00

84. Kracauer Siegfried. History: The Last Things Before the Last. Oxford University Press, 1969. 268 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
Refugee writer influence Adorno  (268911) $25.00

85. Kralovitz, Rolf. TenZeroNinety in Buchenwald: A Jewish prisoner tells his story. Koln: Walter Meckauer Kreis, 1998. 80 pp. good. wrapper.  (268942) $10.00

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This study demonstrates in historical detail how the Muslim Brotherhood has consistently placed the hatred of Jews at the center of its ideology and policies through an incendiary rhetoric that interweaves passages from the Koran hostile to Jews with elements of Nazi-style world-conspiracy theories. It was this Jew-hatred that fueled the Jihad of the 9/11 terrorists.(from the blurb)  (269230) $36.00

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No citations found on worldcat, Was written originally for members and secretly distributed in Nazi Germany, Kurt Menz was another pseudonym of Walter Loewenheim ie Miles of Neu Beginnen the anti Nazi resistance group he was a leader of .  (269141) $150.00

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From its beginning in 1939, the Window Shop of Cambridge, Massachusetts, provided a safe harbor for hundreds of German and Austrian refugees who fled from Hitler to America. It was founded by concerned Cambridge residents who were guided only by their desire to help the refugees. Together they created a nonprofit enterprise that was unparalleled in its success and influence. ”  (269140) $10.00

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“The book of twelve original woodcuts symbolized through the theme of Christ indicts humanity for adding to the pages of history: Apartheid, Concentration Camps , Iron Curtain…”  (269325) $575.00

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Translation into English of foreign social science monographs., no. 7 … From 1923 to 1931, Lederer and Alfred Weber were directors of the Institute for Social- and State Sciences. In 1931, he succeeded Werner Sombart at the German Faculty for national economy and finance sciences at Humboldt University of Berlin. He fled to the USA in 1933 and cofounded the University in Exile at the New School.  (269546) $25.00

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