“Ahavah Rabah” – Judaica – January 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Enclosed please find a Judaica list ushering in the New Year.

May it be a year of endings and beginnings; an ending to the plague. May this year see the restoration of health and well-being to our planet and may it bring reconciliations, so that we may have much to celebrate together.

Am reading Sasha Abramsky’s homage to his grandfather, The House of Twenty Thousand Books, and wish to share a few passages that ring very true to these times.

Over the decades Chimen had become so addicted to the printed page, to the texture of his books, to the feel of the old manuscripts, and to the material contained within his written correspondences, that he ended up surrounding himself with walls of words. They provided protection from the madness of the world outside-or, at the very least a road map for navigating the chaos.

And Abramsky further writes:

From my early childhood days, Chimen taught me how to interpret the world around me, how to use ideas carefully, to create patterns out of chaos He made me realize that we are in a large part  defined by our pasts-both our individual pasts and our collective histories. We are the aggregate of generations of experiences lived by our ancestors but we are inevitably also the products of our times, influenced by wars and revolutions, by social upheavals, by economic turmoil, by scientific advances, and so on and o forth.

And a lovely image from Aryeh Wineman’s book Beyond Appearances: Stories from Kabbalistic Ethical Writings.

Once there was a Hassid  living in a small village. He had no books whatsoever except one tractate of the Talmud, Hagigah and all his days he studied that tractate with devotion. He lived a very long life, and at the end, prior to his death, that tractate assumed the form of a woman. Then, following his death, she walked before him, showing him the way to Paradise.

May our studies give us comfort…

Shalom uvbrachah

1.            Aaron, Moses. Eye of Paradise. Rose Bay NSW: Brandl & Schlesinger, 1998. Stories from Jewish perspective born in Calcutta emigrated to Australia, became a storyteller as a profession. Heavy influence of his observant grandmother. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number:  39074268  (280376)         $28.00

2.            Aber, Ita (guest curator). Tradition and Fantasy in Jewish Needlework. Yeshiva University Museum, 1981. 83 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 263741605  (279184)               $10.00

3.            Alexander Dov Seran. Toldot HaRovah. Sava Haganah, 1950. 147 pp. in Hebrew cove boards worn military work various guns shotguns . Good. Boards.  (279246)      $35.00

4.            Allweil, Arie. Amos; 34 HaTziurim. Tel Aviv: Gutenberg, 1940. Each graphic drawing signed by the artist in pencil. Includes Amos in Hebrew, bookplate removed. Good. Hardback & DJ.
Stark images in the style of Masereel and Herman Struck by important Israeli artist born in Galicia. Images of destruction. Very scarce do not see in worldcat  (279133)               $450.00

5.            Avida, Uri. חיות מן העולם העתיק/ Animals in Ancient Art. Israel Museum, 1986. 28 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 185061696 (279195)               $16.00

6.            Avos, d’Rebbi Nosson = אבות דרבי נתן / volumr II. Yeshivath Beth Moshe, , 2007. 102 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 237338846  (279243)      $18.00

7.            Baqir, Taha. Baghdad. Baghdad: Directorate General of Antiquities, 1959. 15 pages + 28 plates in black and white of sites. Good condition. Wrapper.
On the occasion of th 1st anniversary of the Revolution OCLC Number: 1170495839  (279212)    $28.00

8.            Baron Dvora ….Hanoch, I editor. The Thorny Path and other stories. Israel Universities Press, 1969. 273 pp.dj worn and chipped, Baron came to Israel from Russia in 1911 and stories evoke small Jwish community life in Europe. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 664737564  (279881)      $36.00

9.            Ben Ur, Aviva. A Ladino legacy: the Judeo-Spanish collection of Louis N. Levy. Alexandr Books, 2001. 351 pp. inscribed by Ben Ur large pb. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 49234242  (279958)         $125.00

10.          Brauer Erich. Brauer Retrospective: Paintings Drawings Graphics. Goldregen Jewish Museum, 1979. 128 pp. color illustartions German Jewish ethnologist and graphic artist wh made aliyah in the 1930s,did work on Temenite Jews. Very Good.
Exhibit July 24 – August 27, 1979. OCLC Number: 77621456  (278809)         $25.00

11.          Bulkin, Elly. Yours In Struggle; Three Feminist Perspectives On Anti-Semitism and Racism. Long Haul, 1984. 233 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (279037)       $17.00

12.          The Bulletin of the Joint Distribution Committee of the American Funds for Jewish War Sufferers Vol II September 1917-August 1918. Joint Distribution, 1917-1918. 164 pp. Vol 2 No. 1-No. 10. In English and Yiddish, tears to crown and base of spine, number on spine, new hinge first few pages creased. Good. Hardcover .
Filled with articles and reports from the field, fund raising and activities in the States also, extensively in Yiddish ,some fascinating articles. OCLC Number: 236018858  (279287)      $76.00

13.          Carpenter, Niles. Immigrants and Their Children, 1920: A Study Based on Census Statistics Relative to the Foreign Born and the Native White of Foreign or Mixed Parentage. USGPO, 1927. 431 pp. title on cover faded Hebrews are listed in the study. Good +. Hardcover .
Census Monographs VII. OCLC Number: 708405500  (280342)      $45.00

14.          Chabon, Michael. Associacao Judaica de policia. Companhia das Letras, 2009. Yiddish policeman’s union.translated into Portuguese. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 613205008  (278810)      $20.00

15.          Cohen, Adam. Signs and Wonders: 100 Haggada Masterpieces. Toby, 2018. 380 pp. magnificent production exquisite. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (280204)               $23.00

16.          Cole, Peter . Hymns and Qualms Poems and Translations. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2017. 315 pp.Magnificent winged poems and classic translations by a master of words. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (280089)               $13.00

17.          Cuperstein, L. Min HaMoked Gorale Yehude Romania. Am Oved Dvir, 1950s. 108 pp.In Hebrew slight library stamp, on the Shoah, 12mo. Good. Paperback.  (278829)                $18.00

18.          Davidson, Charles. Yom Zeh M’Chubod” from Chassidic Sabbath: For Cantor (Tenor or Baritone), Mixed Voices (S.A.T.B.) and Organ. Mills/Ashbourne, 1961/1972. 1 score (7 pages) Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 2143789  (278924)           $20.00

19.          Davidson, Walter (inscribed by). Temple music for the holy days; a music supplement for the newly revised Union prayer book, volume II. Bloch, 1950s?. 32 pp. bottom corner furled, lyrics are transliterated. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Walter A. Davidson served as cantor of Temple Beth Emeth in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn for half a century.
Cantor Davidson was a founder of the Board of American Hazzan Ministers, the American Conference of Cantors and the School of Sacred Music at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.OCLC Number: 81987699  (278913)                $45.00

20.          Davidson, William; Cantor of Temple Beth Emeth Flatbush. Avodas Yisroel; musical service for the Sabbath evening, according to the Union prayer book, with selections for the newly revised edition. For cantor and mixed choir. Bloch, 1941. 2 preliminary leaves, 35 pages table of contents and text in romanized Hebrew. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 6079040  (278925)           $36.00

21.          Davis, Eli. Hats and Caps of the Jews. Massada, 1983. 60 pp. small library mark and pocket. Good +. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 612045679 (279185)               $18.00

22.          Dayan, Ruth (inscribed by). Crafts of Israel. Macmillan, 1974. 174 pp. 10 crafts people profiled inscribed to Jane Trigere by Ruth Dayan. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 802820  (279161)              $23.00

23.          Depositions de Temoins Oculaires; Klee, Hans (Ed.); Dr. Abraham Silberscheim (Introduction by). Theresienstadt Posen et Environs: L’Extermination des Juifs dans Les Camps Allemands. Geneve: na, 1945. 7 55 26 pp. tear to spine, some staining to pages typescript mimeograph . Good +. mimeograph.
In French . Published soon after the conclusion of WWII, this deposition is a gathering of some of the first testimonies of survivors of the extermination camps of Theresienstadt, Posen, and the nearby Radziwill Fortress and Antonienhof. Eyewitness accounts. OCLC Number: 1196890  (279221)           $136.00

24.          Dworkin, Andra (inscribed by). Our Blood Prophecies and Discourses on Sexual Politics. Harper and Row, 1976. 118 pp. dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 541652623  (279351)      $25.00

25.          Dworkin, Andrea. Right Wing Women. Perigee, 1983. 254 pp.Analysis of the impact on women of the Right’s position on abortion homosexuality anti Semitism female poverty…how the right attempts both to exploit and to quiet women’s deepest fears. Good +. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 682067405  (279360)      $48.00

26.          Edelman, Lily. The sukkah and the big wind. United Synagogue, 1956. illustrated by Leonard Kessler charming book representing the 1950s approach,about 25 pages. Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 609469883  (278874)      $20.00

27.          Egypt. Wizarat al-Harbīyah. Our faith, our way to victory. Israel Information Centre, 1973. 99 pp.In english and Arabic How Egypt explained the war to its soldiers. Very Good-. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 10643592  (279368)         $36.00

28.          Engel, Joel. 50 Zemirot LeYeladim. Berlin: Juwal, 1923. 38 pp. 50 songs with music, music transliterated with Hebrew at bottom , rebound,lacks part of spine. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Music publisher founded, at least in part, by Joel Engel in Berlin in 1922. Based on the activities of the Jewish folk music society founded in Russia in 1908, the firm specialized in the publication of Jewish art music. Engel moved to Palestine in 1924 and founded the publishing firm Jibneh.Engel was instrumental in the development of Jewish folk music and appreciation. OCLC Number: 72475594  (279283)         $100.00

29.          The facts in the Rosenberg-Sobell case, 1950-1964. Sobell Committee, 1964?. 8 pp. + inserts . Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 41083175 The Atomic Spy case  (279232)               $20.00

30.          Frankl, Victor. ha-Adam mehapes mashmaaʼth : mi-mahanoth ha-maveth el mul ha-eksistentsyalism Man’s Search for Meaning. Dvir, 1981. 162 pp. In Hebrew slight library mark. Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 820532162  (279141)      $36.00

31.          Gamzu, Haim. הווי ונוף באמנות־הציור הישראלית /‏/ Havai va-nof be-omanut-ha-tsiyur ha-Yisreʼelit. Hazvi, 1957. 13 pp in Hebrew 19 plates many in color seems to lack one, different artists represented, ex library with torn spine, large 8vo. Good. hard cardboard.
OCLC Number: 44005731  (278941)         $45.00

32.          Gold, Penny S. Americanization and the Transforamtion of Jewish Education Character Building John Dewey and Themes of Cultural. Knox College, 2000. 28 pp. signed slight library mark. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 48757372  (279251)         $18.00

33.          Goldstein, Gabriel (exhibit curator). A Perfect Fit The Garment Industry and American Jewry. NY: Yeshiva University Museum, 2001. 96 pp. top corner slightly bumped exhibition catalog. Very good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 939773820 (279194)               $20.00

34.          Granovsky, Dr. A. Securing Land for Israel. Jerusalem: Jewish National Fund, 1949. 14 pages, writing on cover. Good condition. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 12794534  (279109)         $30.00

35.          Grishaver, Joel (editor). I Have Some Questions About God. Bradley Shavit Artson; Joshua Hammerman; Elyse Frishman; Torah Aura, 2002. 119 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 50815450  (280306)         $10.00

36.          Grupper, David. The paper shtetl : a complete model of an East European Jewish town. Schocken Books, 1994. 40 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 470974972  (279774)      $36.00

37.          Hartston, Barnet. Sensationalizing the Jewish Question: Anti-Semitic Trials and the Press in the Early German Empire. Brill, 2005. 335 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278848)       $63.00

38.          Hemin, Yves et al. Pascin. Catalogue Raisonnee Tome/Vol. I-IV + Index. [5 Vols.]. Vol. I+II: Peintures, aquarelles, pastels, dessins. Vol. III: Simplicissimus, gravures, lithographies, illustrations, sculptures, objects. Vol. IV: dessins, aquarelles, pastels, peintures, dessins èrotiques. Vol. V: Index historiques des oeuvres. Paris: La Bibliotheque des Arts , 1984-1991. Five volumes including index booklet One of 2000 copies . Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Julius Mordecai Pincas (March 31, 1885 – June 5, 1930), known as Pascin, or the “Prince of Montparnasse”, was of Bulgarin Sephardic origin. Pascin was educated in Vienna and Munich. He traveled for a time in the United States, spending most of his time in the South. He is best known as a Parisian painter, who associated with the artistic circles of Montparnasse. He committed suicide at the height of his success in Paris. OCLC Number: 793114897  (279047)                $360.00

39.          Hille, Waldemar. The People’s Song Book. People’s Artists, 1956. Second Edition. 128 pp. in four parts Songs that Helped build America, World Freedom Songs Union Songs and Topical Political Songs covers creased and spine repaired,pieces of cover repaired,, many songs are familar from the civil rights era of the 1960s,contains Spanish Civil War songs, Pet Bog Soldiers, Hey! Zhankoye a Yiddish song from the Soviet Crimeamany songs arranged by Samuel Mallowsky . Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 1912625  (279761)           $36.00

40.          Histadrut, Macabbee Yisrael . Pinchas HaMadreich. Tel Aviv: Macabbee HaTzair, 1944?. 133 pp. In Hebrew Instructional book for boy scouts with few charts, mimeographed lacks part of spine. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (279060)                $65.00

41.          Idel, Moshe. The Mystical Experience in Abraham Abulafia. Albany: SUNY, 1988. 246 pages. Very good. Hardcover .
Abulafia was the founder of ecstatic Kabbalah. Book includes description of techniques employed by the master. Based on manuscript materials  (278933)               $30.00

42.          Jaffe, Nine. The uninvited guest and other Jewish holiday tales. Scholastic, 2002. 70 pp. stories illustrated by Elivia dj slight tear and curled. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
A beautiful book for children and adults to share and savor, this collection of charming folk tales introduces readers to all the major Jewish holidays and to the customs surrounding each one. Full color (from worldcat) OCLC Number: 59422956  (279160)         $25.00

43.          (Jewish National Fund). Activities of the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (Jewish National Fund) in 5698. Jerusalem: Jewish National Fund, 1937. 18 pp specific .land purchases drainage settlements etc with funding ,Oct. 1935-Sept. 1936, covers curled and worn. Good. Wrapper.  (279787)               $48.00

44.          Jews in America. Fortune Corp/Random House, 1936?. 15 pp. condensed version. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
The book was written against the antisemitic claim that the Jews control the American economy. OCLC Number: 970900954  (279230)    $13.00

45.          Kinberg, Claire (editor). Bridges : a Jewish feminist journal. Volume 12, number 2, Special Edition Telling Stories Listening for a Change. Bridges, Autumn 2007. 128 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
This issue not in worldcat  (279364)          $36.00

46.          Kirschenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara, (curator). Fabric of Jewish Life: Textiles from the Jewish Museum Collection. NY: Jewish Museum, 1977. Volume 1. 8vo 143 pp. good. stiff wrapper.
OCLC Number: 3857190  (279197)           $15.00

47.          League for Labor Palestine. Labor Palestine. NY: LLP, June 1933. Vol 1 No. 1, 24 pp covers worn, periodical includes article by David Ben Gurion on the Histadruth What can Palestine offer to the German Jews? by Chaim Arlosoroff ;Milestones 1. The First and Second Aliyahs B katznelson . Good. Stiff Wrapper.
do not see in worldcat  (279277)                $30.00

48.          Lewis, Joseph order against Francis Spaulding . Brief for the Greater New York Coordinating Committee on Released Time of Jews,Protestants and Roman Catholics. Supreme Court State of NY, 1948. 77 pp. slight library mark. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Directing them ro discontinue certain school practices OCLC Number:      646500276  (279028)      $25.00

49.          Linden, Sonja. Crocodile Seeking Refuge. London:             Aurora Metro Books , 2017. 99 pp. Good. Three-ring binder.
Playwright wrote I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady From Rwanda.and A Year in Ramallah Ths play tells the stories of five individuals seeking asylum in the UK: Zakariya from Darfur; Destin from the Republic of Congo; Jalal from Iraq; Parvaneh from Iran and Marie-Elena from Colombia. Each has been forced to flee their homeland in the face of death, each is haunted in a different way by the past. Finding themselves in situations that veer between the comic and the tragic, they try to make sense of the British way of life. OCLC Number:                 1151483885  (280281)    $32.00

50.          Livni, Zvi. Landscape and man in Israel : eight lithographs; Y. Orenstein : “Yavneh” Pub. House,. “Yavneh” Pub. House, , 1975. 1 portfolio ([5] pages,5 0f 8 unnumbered leaves of plates,lacks three plates. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 17062081  (278820)         $20.00

51.          Livni, Zvi. Landscapes. “Yavneh” Pub. House, , 1975. 1 portfolio,5 0f 8 unnumbered leaves of plates,lacks three plates introduction by Barbara Amiel. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 84568679  (278821)         $20.00

52.          Livni, Zvi. Landscapes in Israel : eight original lithographs. Y. Orenstein : “Yavneh” Pub. House, , 1963. 1 portfolio ([5] pages,6 0f 8 unnumbered leaves of plates,lacks two plates. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 27789472  (278819)         $20.00

53.          Madsen, Catherine. In Media Res Liturgy for the Estanged. Davies Group, 2008. 130 pp.introduction title is Prometheus Stealing Torah for the People. Madsen is a Chazzanit at Jewish Community of Amherst and also wrote The Bones Reassemble. Very Good. Paperback.
“Madsen’s rituals incorporate literary and religious texts in a tight dramatic structure, delineating a religion of nature in which nature is vulnerable to history “worldcat OCLC Number: 186346575  (280286)      $27.00

54.          Mendelson, Samuel (editor). Cantors Assembly 50 Years Jubilee Journal 1947-1997 Biographical and Historical Retrospective. Cantors Assembly, 1997. 467 pp. filled with articles, portraits of cantors, music, photographs remembrances etc Important scarce work,large heavy book. Very Good. Hardcover .
Dedicated to Hazzan Uri Frenkel.OCLC Number: 664735478  (279220)      $125.00

55.          Meron, Michal (artist). Passover Haggadah. Studio in Old Jaffa, 1998. 67 pp. beautifully illustrated In Hebrew and English. Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 215228546  (279414)      $36.00

56.          Micha el M. Netayel NeYisrael. Tel Aviv: M Biron/Friedman, 1953. 138 pp. In Hebrew, children’s book,. stories with beautiful color illustrations by Baruch Or, idyllic presentation of kibbutz and community life . Good +. Boards.
Otzar Kol  (280370)          $78.00

57.          Mifalot Elokim. Lvov: 1872. 128 pp ,hinges taped, title page slight tears and worn, name of owner in Hebrew on tp, pages slightly misnumbered, heart drawn on cover. some pages slight stains tears, Good. Boards.
advice on healing used by Baal Shem  (272322)   $65.00

58.          Miriam Manufacturing Corp. Synagogue Art of Today. New York: Miriam Manufacturing Corp., 1960 5721. 27 pp. Filled with images of embroidery for art curtains, canopies, eternal lights, crowns, talis and tephilin bags. Slight library mark, fascinating time capsule of synagogue ritual objects etc. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (279154)                $32.00

59.          Nahshon Edna. Jews and Shoes. Berg, 2008. 226 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Shoes are an integral part of Jewish material culture. Although they appear in some of the most foundational biblical stories, they are generally regarded as no more than lowly, albeit essential, accessories. Jews and Shoes takes a fresh look at the makings and meanings of shoes, cobblers, and barefootedness in Jewish experience. OCLC Number: 488447584 (279186)               $12.00

60.          Natelson, Nina (editor). Proceedings of the first international medical conference “Future Medical Research without the Use of Animals: Facing the Challenge” May 1990 Tel Aviv. Concern for Helping Animals in Israel, (CHAI), 1991. 185 pp.collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 1021096992  (279350)    $45.00

61.          Neuhausen, Simon. Synonyms of the Zohar : a compendium of synonyms occuring in the Zohar and Tikune Zohar with delimitations drawn compared to those in Hebrew literature of different periods; נרדפי זוהר, קבוצה של הגדרות לשמות ופעלים נרדפים שבספר הזוהר... Dat ve Dat, 1920s?. 56 pp. .In Hebrew book plate and slight library marks cover boards worn. Good. Boards.  (278825)         $45.00

62.          Nordau, Max and Gustav, Gottheil. Zionism and Anti-Semitism. New York: Scott Thaw, 1904. 70-71 tausend. 76 pp. scarce book in the original edition, not on worldcat. good. Hardcover .  (280723)          $45.00

63.          Oberrat der Israeliten Badens. Judisches Leben in Baden 1809 bis 2009 (200 Jahre Oberrat der Israeliten Badens ; Festschrift). Thorbecke, 2009. 291 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (279067)     $25.00

64.          Palms and Pomegranates: Traditional Dress of Saudi Arabia. Published by U.S. Committee for Saudi Arabian Cultural Heritage, 1987. 33 pp. some creased pages similaritied to traditional Jewish dress. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 17450363  (279189)  $15.00

65.          Patterson, Charles (signed by). Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust. Lantern, 2002. 296 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 232686004  (279390)      $15.00

66.          Patterson, Charles. Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust/כל יום הוא טרבלינקה : יחסנו לבעלי חיים והשואה. Pardes. 288 pp. in Hebrew. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 232686004  (279381)      $15.00

67.          Petuchowski, Jakob (editor). Studies in Aggadah, Targum and Jewish Liturgy in Memory of Joseph Heinemann/מחקרים באגדה, תרגומים ותפילות ישראל : לזכר יוסף היינימן /. Magnes Press, 1981. About 300 pp. Collection of essays in English and Hebrew. Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 917416066  (279307)      $47.00

68.          Rapaport, Dr Ch P. Youth aliya (immigration) : evaluation of the educational process in the Mechinot : preparatory classes of disadvantaged children. Bressler Center, 1969. 171 pp. library marks and pocket. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Publication no. 136 The Henrietta Szold Institute. National Institute for research in the behavioral sciences.OCLC Number: 4512792  (278868)           $53.00

69.          Raphaeli, (Zenziper) Aryeh . Bam-ma’abaq lige’ulla Sefer HaTzeyunut HaRusete MeMahaphacat 1917 ad Yameinu. Dvir, 1956. 271 pp In Hebrew.. filled with amazing photos of Zionist organizations in Russia and Poland .Zionist publications. biographies and images of individual Zionists, large work. Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 164931213  (279217)      $165.00

70.          Rathjens, Carl. Jewish Domestic Architecture in San’a, Yemen. The Israel Oriental Society,, 1957. 80 pp. ex library with markings, 20 black and white photographs and drawings. Good-. library binding.
“Among the subjects which attracted his (Rathjens) inquisitive mind was the Jewish community of Yemen, groups of which then were found all over the Yemenite Highland. While in San’a, the capital of Yemen, he often visited the Jewish quarter, which originally had been a town by itself, lying about two kilometers west of the Old City. He soon discovered that, in ground plan and architecture, the houses in the Jewish quarter were essentially different from the Muslim houses and set out to study that interesting phenomenon in detail.” (S.D. Goitein in his preface). OCLC Number: 1735751  (279328)    $65.00

71.          Reisman, Arnold. Refugees and Reforms Turkeys’ Journey; Refugees from Nazism and Ataturk’s Vision. Booksurge , 2009. 420 pages Additional information to earlier work and details adjustments of refugees in Turkey and their conflicts with each other Important work. New. Paperback.
Exiles and refugees who went to Turkey in the 1930s and helped found Universities and institutes. OCLC Number: 767750388  (278818)    $18.00

72.          Rivkind, Isaac (inscribed by). אלהי ביאליק / Elohe Bialik. Berlin: Eyn HaKoreh, 1923. 59 pp. new covers . Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 427555393  (279014)        $45.00

73.          Rosenberg, Julius; Rosenberg, Ethel; Bloch, Emanuel H. United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, no.-October term, 1951 : United States of America, appellee, v. Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Rosenberg, defendants-appellants : on appeal from judgements [sic] of conviction of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York : brief for appellants. Bloch, 1951. 143 pp. signed on last page by Emanuel Bloch,mimeograph in binder with page taped to cover, file copy of American Jewish Committee Amazing document filled with documents. Good. Library Binding. Bloch defended the Rosenbergs. OCLC Number: 70710010 (279261)        $275.00

74.          Roth, Philip. Goodbye Columbus (in Hebrew). Schocken, 1970. 238 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278878)     $20.00

75.          Saypol, Judyth. My very own Haggadah. Kar Ben, 1983. 32 pp. Coloring book early simple edition. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 813444348  (279173)      $18.00

76.          Sefer refuot : …asher nimtsa bi-khetav yad… Lemberg: Ba-defus shel Yaakov Meshulam Nik, 1882. 12 pp, In Hebrew in Rashi script, end paper torn, book plate, lacks spine, boards worn. Good. Boards.
Cures and natural remedies. OCLC Number: 1049148446 (272321)             $65.00

77.          Sherman, Franklin. The promise of Heschel. Lippincott, 1970. 103 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (279140)                $15.00

78.          Stanton, Ronald. A Trader’s Life: A Memoir Recollections and Reflections. Privately Printed, 2010. 170 pp. Grew up in Mainz and fled Nazi Germany and fought in US Army served in Germany and went on to very successful business career with Transammonia in the USA Chairman of the Board of Yeshiva University, lot of material on his Jewish life and family history . Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 701493073 (280282)               $75.00

79.          Taub, Jonathan. The Malbim Haggadah. Targum, 1993. 320 pp. covers staine from a seder?            Commentary attributed to either Meir Loeb ben Jehiel Michael Malbim or Naftali ben Abraham Maśkil le-Etan. Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 27980813  (280394)         $22.00

80.          Tomaskin, Abraham. Pardes HaYeladim Helek Rishon. Vilna: 1905. 127 pp.In Hebrew slight library marks taped spine, Primer with alphabets and stories . Good. Hardcover .  (278826)     $30.00

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American Zionist fund-raising body, founded in 1927. In 1939 the United Jewish Appeal was founded to coordinate the fundraising efforts of the United Palestine Appeal and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.Stephen Wise was Chair, Abba Hillel Silver National Co Chair and Louis Lipsky Chair Adm. Committee (279762)            $148.00

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Tallis by Jane Trigère