Purim – March 2019

1. An Israelite, probably Houston George. Israel Vindicated: being a refutation of the calumnies propagated respecting the Jewish nation ; in which the objects and views of the American society for ameliorating the condition of the Jews are investigated. New York: Abraham Collins, 1820. Total of 110 pages, has missing pages .pp. 41-88 copied from another copy on firm paper very readable, sfep, , fighting the growing missionary movement to convert Jews in the USA; Rosenbach 210 Good. library binding.
Probably the work of a Gentile journalist George Houston financed by Collins and others…. Plea on behalf of real equality for the Jews ,followed pattern of Montesquieu in Lettres Persanes, strategy of letters as a literary device. Two American Jews, one in NY and one in Philadelphia wrote to each other and discussed Jewish problems of the day. They proved to their satisfaction that Jesus was not divine, that he was not the Messiah and may never have existed, Goal of the author was to do away with anything that impeded social relationships between Jews and Gentiles. Book’s bold approach and unabashed criticism of Christianity’s beginnings was denounced as calumnies by some Christians. Three years later Israel Vindicated was published in England, the first “Jewish” book to gain recognition abroad.(from Jacob Marcus United States Jewry) Important work. (269770) $115.00

2. Becker Howard. German Youth: Bond or Free. Oxford, 1946. 287 pp. number on spine and slight library mark on fep. Good +. Hardcover . Extensive material on fascism (271324) $23.00

3. Berg Gertrude. The Molly Goldberg Jewish Cookbook. Book of the Month, 1955. 320 pp. some stains to pages from use, looks like beets on few pages. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (270874) $15.00

4. Bilski Emily. Jewish Women and their Salons; The Power of Conversation. Yale UP, 2005. with contributions from Leon Botstein Shira Brisman Barbara Hahn Lucia Re 262 pages. Very good+. Hardback & DJ.
“From their debut in Berlin in the 1780s to their reemergence in 1930s California, Jewish women’s salons served as welcominghavens where all classes and creeds could openly debate art,music,literature and politics.” Berlin Vienna Paris London New York Milan based on an exhibit at the Jewish Museum (260345) $25.00

5. Boulouque Clemence. Juives d’Afrique du Nord : Cartes postales (1885-1930) Collection de Gerard Silvain. Bleu, 2005. 137 pp. taped number on spine. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (263686) $37.00

6. Brener Ann. Isaac Ibn Khalfun: A Wandering Hebrew Poet Of The Eleventh Century. Brill, 2003. 191 pp. crown slightly bumped, appears to be inscribed by the author. Very Good. Hardcover . (263614) $40.00

7. Bryas, Madeleine de. Les Peuples en Marche: Les Migrations Politiques et Economiques en Europe depuis La Guerre Mondiale. Paris: Pedone, 1926. 8vo 219 pp.embossed stamp tp paper yellowing but not brittle . good, slight library marks. boards.
Important re: populations covered in the migrations, ie the Jews, the Greek-Turks, the Russians. Scholarly study. (271196) $20.00

8. Carlebach Elisheva. Divided Souls: The Convert Critique and the Culture of Ashkenaz 1750-1800. LBI, 2003. 24 pp. Numer 46 of Leo Baeck Memorial Lectures. slight stain on cover. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271580) $12.00

9. Carmilly-Weinberger, Moshe. Cenzura si libertate de expresie in istoria evreilor; Censorship and Freedom of Expression in Jewish History. Bucarest: Hasefer, 2003. 431 pp. in Romanian. Very Good. Hardcover . (240644) $15.00

10. Carmilly, Moshe (editor). Samuel Belkin Memorial Volume; Memorial Volume. Yeshiva University, 1981. 25 wonderful essays in Midrash, Modern Hebrew Literature, Jewish History, in Hebrew. Very Good. Cloth. (271345) $23.00

11. Cohen Rabbi Mortimer. Beth Sholom Synagogue: A Description and Interpretation. Elkins Park: 1959. 34 pp. with photographs Shul was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, covers worn. Good. Wrapper. (271592) $20.00

12. Cohn Werner. The Hidden Alliances of Noam Chomsky. NY: Americans for a Safe Israel, 1988. 40 pp.back cover creased and slight stains. good. wrapper.
Examines Chomsky’s right wing/fascist connections or sympathies. (271626) $23.00

13. Davidson Israel editor. Sepher Shaashuim: A Book of Mediaeval Lore. Joseph ben Meir Zabarah. JTS, 1914. 129 + 202 pp. In English and Hebrew, wear to covers. Good. Hardcover . (271565) $36.00

14. Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas. Informativo DAIA. Buenos Aires : Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas, Jan 1973- Dec 1974. about 18 issues ; each issue about 15-20 pp., slight library mark on cover . filled with articles about Jewish life in Argentina and Anti Semitism et.al. Issues are very scarce . Good +. Wrapper.
DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas) is the umbrella organization of Argentina’s Jewish community. As such, it represents the community in official events and conducts its contacts with authorities. DAIA is the Argentine affiliate of the Latin American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress (WJC), the world-wide umbrella organization of Jewish communities. (271615) $185.00

15. Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas. Informativo DAIA. Buenos Aires : Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas, mar 1965-Dec 1972. about 35 issues ; each issue about 5-20 pp., slight library mark on cover . filled with articles Issues are very scarce . Good +. Wrapper.
DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas) is the umbrella organization of Argentina’s Jewish community. As such, it represents the community in official events and conducts its contacts with authorities. DAIA is the Argentine affiliate of the Latin American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress (WJC), the world-wide umbrella organization of Jewish communities. (271614) $200.00

16. Dumont H. Guide de la lecture des manuscripts Arabes. Alger: Brachet et Bastide, 1842. Half binding, black leather, worn and rubbed on spine and corners. Lacks two inches of bottom spine green paper covers stained on the front. Sewn on three tapes, sewing in good condition, leather has marked the end papers,Paper in good condition with very occasional foxing,one page has a stain on the bottom that does not affect text. Lithographic printing 107 Pages interwoven Arabic and French,title page is pirnted ornamental,table of contents in French. Good-. Boards.
Chrestomathy: collection of 25 pieces with differing Arabic handwritings, assorted collection of documents to help the reader to read Arabic (270727) $100.00

17. Elazar Daniel (editor). Judea, Samaria and Gaza: Views on the Present and Future. American Enterprise, 1982. 222 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (260731) $15.00

18. Elazar Daniel (editor). Judea, Samaria and Gaza: Views on the Present and Future. American Enterprise, 1982. 222 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (260734) $15.00

19. Epstein J N. Studies in Talmudic Literature and Semitic Languages Part I and Part II. Magnes, 1983. 463 pp. In Hebrew +1010 pp. In Hebrew, in two volumes djs torn appears to lack volume three. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271239) $35.00

20. Evans Eli iintro Loeb John et al. An American Experience: Adeline Moses Loeb (1876-1953) and Her Early American Jewish Ancestors. Sons of the Revolution, 2009. 350 pp. warm inscription by John Loeb, contains genealogical chart and massive amount of data in text about the family genealogy. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271425) $18.00

21. Firestone Tirzah. The Receiving: Reclaiming Jewish Women’s Wisdom. Harper, 2003. 280 pp. slight writing on paste down. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271359) $12.00

22. Frank Helmut. Mischna mit arabischen Glossen; Leningrader Fragment Antonin Nr 262. Bonn: Friedrich Wilhelms Univ, 1936. 67 pp cover creased, in library binder PhD. theses . Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271397) $23.00

23. Fuchs Esther. Hidden Laughter Comic aspects in Agnon’s Fiction. Reshafim, 1987. 159 pp In Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271587) $25.00

24. Furst Julius. Bibliotheca judaica 1/2 and 3; Bibliographisches Handbuch Die druckwerke der Judischen Sprache. Olms, 1960. 419 + 409 + 662 pp. Reprint first published in 1852 Good +. Hardcover . (262495) $36.00

25. Ginzberg Louis (complete). The Legends of the Jews. Seven volumes. Philadelphia: JPS , 1909. Seven volumes includes index some wear to covers . Good +. Hardcover .
Essential reference work for midrash (271139) $150.00

26. Glick Leonard. Marked in Your Flesh: Circumcision from Ancient Judea to Modern America. Oxford, 2005. 370 pp. inscribed by author. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271415) $15.00

27. Goldberg Lloyd. Fluctuations between traditionalism and liberalism in American Reform Judaism from 1855 to 1937. University Microfilms, 1955. PhD theses 184 pp. number taped to spine and slight library stamp on fep. Very Good. Paperback. (259687) $10.00

28. Grosz Georg. Hintergrund: 17 Zeichnungen Zur Auffuhrung Des “Shweijk” in Der Piscator Buhne. Berlin: Malik, 1928. lacks number 10 of the drawings, loose drawings without any covers or folder. Good.
Depicts Berlin life and horrors of the War and the military (271297) $250.00

29. Halevi Yehuda (Korobkin N Daniel annotator). The Kuzari In Defense of the Despised Faith. Aronson, 1998. 507 pp pristine. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
“Rabbi Korobkin’s translation is not only clear, concise and accurate but also elegant….making this work accessible to the modern reader.” Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg Ner Israel Rabbinical College (269212) $30.00

30. Hirschberg Peter. The World of Shas. American Jewish Committee, July 1999. 36 pp. slight library mark on paste down some loose pages on Rav Ovadia Yosef and the Shas Party. Very Good. Wrapper. (271618) $25.00

31. Inama Johannes (manager). Rosenthals Collage einer Familiengeschichte; Band I und Band II. Judisches Museum Hohenems, 2002. 105+ 85 pp. Very Good. spiral bound.
Materialien zum Ausstellungsprojekt Band I und II, wonderful interviews and photos and documentation concerning the Rosenthal family and their life in Germany and emigartions. (271620) $85.00

32. Jacoby Meir. Judischer Friedhof Harburg-Schwaben (Kurzdokumentation)., Stuttgart: Hofmann, 1996. 17 pp. + 46 plates / photos of grave stones, 8vo. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271334) $36.00

33. Jean-Baptiste De Boyer, Marquis D’Argens. The Jewish Spy: being a philosophical, historical, and critical correspondence, by letters, which lately passed between certain Jews in Turkey, Italy, France, &c. Translated from the originals into French, by the Marquis d’Argens; and now done into English. The third edition. 5 vols. London: Miller, 1766 + 1765 (last volume). Volume 1 New title page, covers worn and torn 302 pp. some browning to pages, Vol 2 312 pp. + Index browning wear to covers,slight library mark to tp, Vol 3 322 pp. + Index, same condition as others Vol 4 317 pp.+ Index slight librry mark tp same condition Vol. 5 366 pp. + Index slight library mark tp same condition as others, new cloth spines with new titles, rest of tome is calf ,in special cloth box. Good. cloth spine and calf boards.
Translated from the original into French, by the Marquis d’Argens; and now done into English. A translation of the first 40 letters only of Lettres juives. “The original ‘Lettres juives, ou correspondence philosophique, historique et critique ’ began publication as a series of weekly pamphlets as early as March or April, 1736. By 1737, a year after they were printed at The Hague in book form, they were well known throughout France. The first English edition, entitled The Jewish Spy, appeared in London in 1739 (first forty letters only) – followed by four more volumes in 1740. and subsequent editions had five volumes . Matters relating to Jews and Judaism occupy only a small portion of The Jewish Spy, but they engaged some sixteen letters completely [letters 1, 23, 36, etc. ], and references are scattered through no less than seventy others. D’Argens, though frequently salting his letters with earthy and ribald humour – often anti-clerical, rarely descends to jesting about Jews. Transparently, the author is no Judaeophile. He offers many harsh chastisements of both Faith and People. Just as he uses Judaism as a constant foil against the weaknesses of Christianity, he exalts Karaism time and again to the detraction of Rabbinism or traditional Judaism. Undoubtedly he helped create the new atmosphere that made Emancipation possible by the end of the century. “(Stanley Brav, ‘Jews and Judaism in the Jewish Spy’; Studies in Bibliography and Booklore, volume 4, June 1960). (268185) $185.00

34. The Jewish Defender Periodical. Jewish Defense League, 1979-1983. monthly 9/79, 10/79,3/82,5/83,11/83 filled with articles each issue about 15 pages, slight library mark on cover. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (271628) $130.00

35. Kahane, Rabbi Meir. “Kahane” The magazine of the authentic Jewish idea. Brooklyn: Kahane , Jan/Feb 1987-Nov/Dec 1987 +. full year 1987 published bi-monthly, and Nov/Dec 1988, Sept/Oct 1989, March/April 1990, nine issues each issue about 30 pages, slight library marks on tp Scarce important work. Good +. Individual issues in library binding.
Articles on Jewish life in USA, aliyah to Israel, USA politics, defeating the Arab threats and Nazism and Anti-Semitism by founder of the Jewish Defense League, Kahane made aliyah in 1971 and argued for expulsion of Arabs from Judea and Samaria and was heavily involved in right wing politics in Israel. (271630) $225.00

36. Kandler Eberhard. Der judische Friedhof Harburg. Christians, 2004. 311 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (257539) $36.00

37. Kartun-Blum, Ruth. Profane Scriptures: Reflections on the Dialogue with the Bible in Modern Hebrew Poetry. Cincinnati: HUC Press, 1999. 97 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (227726) $36.00

38. Katz Benzion (editor). Heawar: A quarterly devoted to the History of the Russian Jews. Five volumes. Tel Aviv: Althira, 1957,68,69. Vol 5,15,16., 167+ 312 +278 + pages important periodical, in Hebrew. good. Paperback. (270545) $60.00

39. Kaznelson, Siegmund (editor). Juden im Deutschen Kulturbereich: Ein Sammelwerk. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1959. Second edition. 1060 pp. glue mark across cover sfep book plate. good. cloth.
A landmark extensive study first published in 1934. Filled with scholarly essays. (271344) $43.00

40. Kipnis, Levin. Maharozet : zemirot u-mishakim le-gan-ha-yeladim ule-vet-ha-sefer. Frankfurt: Omanuth, 1923. 177 pp in Hebrew, songs with notes and Hebrew text, spine rubbed and slight tears to crown and base of spine, new hinges. Good. Cloth. (271184) $47.00

41. Konig Eduard. Das antisemitische Hauptdogma. Bonn: Webers, 1914. 64 pp. library marked and pocket, Good. Boards. (271244) $17.00

42. Kosher Cuisine. Northampton Mass: B’nai Israel Sisterhood, 1990s?. 105 pp. spiral bound recipes from synagogue members. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271471) $23.00

43. Kreas Saul. My life and struggle for a better world : a world without exploitation of man by man, without war, without discrimination of race, religion or nationality. New Haven: self, 1977. 467 pp. From cheder in Russia, emigrated first to Philadelphia and then New Haven, Fervent Communist active in Painters Unionin New Haven and major social causes, filled with documents and achievements. Remained in the Party and active in Jewish causes. Very Good. Hardcover . (271226) $25.00

44. Kronika Organ Zwiazku Zydow Polskich w Danii. Poland: 1973-. Nr. 12 15pp. in Yiddish 26 pp. in Polish. Good. stapled mimeo.
With issue 11 the word Czasopismo is dropped from the title. (271519) $20.00

45. Leeser Isaac. Instruction in the Mosaic Religion. Translated from the German of J. Johlson. Philadelphia: Adam Waldie, 5590 (1830). (Rosenbach 321). 139 pp. lacks pages 3-6, dark water stain about an inch from top of book on inner folds of many pages not affecting text, some stains throughout, boards are rough with tears to spine and wear to covers , needs tightening. Good-. Boards.
Signature of Simon Stern Philadelphia 1852 on t.p. , and Simon Stern No 23. on f.e.p. Morais In Jews of Philadelphia devotes four pages to the accomplishments of Stern for Jewry and the city of Philadelphia, The scarcity of books concerning the Jewish religion emphasized the fact that there was no American Jewish publisher. Having translated Johlson’s Instruction in the Mosaic Religion, Leeser issued in the winter of 1829-30 proposals to publish it and The Jews and the Mosaic Law. When no offers were forthcoming, he became his own publisher. (272024) $950.00

46. Leeser Isaac. The Jews and the Mosaic law. Part the first: containing a defence of the revelation of the Pentateuch, and of the Jews for their adherence to the same. Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 5594 (1833). 278 pp. Original boards which are pinkish worn and stained ,contains Masonic book plate and embossed plate on cover and slight Masonic stamp at base of spine, spine torn and tears along edges of spine and base of spine, foxing to end papers, spine worn and has original label, slight damp staining bottom of last pages. Good. Boards.
Leeser’s first book.Rosenbach 375; Singerman 0578. (272025) $1,250.00

47. Lipschutz E M (Jerusalem). Vom Lebendigen Hebraisch. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1920. 107 pages bookplate. Good. Cloth. (271574) $25.00
48. Liptzin Sam (Inscribed by). Tales of A Tailor: Humor and Tragedy in the Struggles of the Early Immigrants Against the Sweatshop. Prompt Press, 1965. 272 pp.illustrated by William Gropper pink mark on dj inscribed by author. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271133) $18.00

49. Mielziner Ella. Moses Mielziner 1828-1903 A Biography. With a Bibliography of his writings; with a reprint of his ‘Slavery Amongst the Ancient Hebrews’ and other works. 1931. 254 pages crown and base of spine slightly bumped covers worn, Good +. Hardcover . (271138) $26.00

50. Mlotek Chana editor. Yiddish Folksongs from the Ruth Rubin Archive. Wayne State YIVO , 2007. 288 pp. includes cd. Very Good. Paperback. (271012) $36.00

51. Oppenheimer Prof Dr. Die Judenstatistik des preussischen Kriegsministeriums. (Fragen der Zeit). Verlag fur Kulturpolitk, 1922. 48 pp. several slight library marks, includes letter from publisher about the book. Good. Hardcover . (258589) $32.00

52. Organization of Arab Students in the USA News. NYC: Organization of Arab Students, jan 1966-mar 1967. vol 1 no 2,3,4,5.6, vo. 2 no. 1,2,3 Periodical each issue about 8-10 pages , slight library marks on covers, in library binder, articles on campus issues and political situation in Arab world, outer corners of pages furled frayed. Good. Wrapper. (271631) $125.00

53. Orzeszko, E P (Eliza Orzeszkowa). Meier Ezofowicz: Erzahlung aus dem Leben der Juden. Leipzig: Minden, 1885. 4. Auflage. 266 pp. paper yellowing but not brittle end paper loose from block, spine lacks pieces and torn, Novel of the conflict of Orthodoxy and liberalism in context of Jewish life in Eastern Europe. Was a popular novel of the time. Hero tries to break free of tradition and the power of the local Rabbi. Good-. Boards.
Illustrations by M Andriolli are extraordinary. Translated from the Polish by Leonhard Brixen (271235) $30.00

54. Osterreichischen Bundesverbandes Ehemals Politisch Verfolgter Antifaschisten. Mahnruf fur Freiheit und Menschenrecht. Wien: Bundesverbandes, Nov 1946-12/47. 12 issues,about 250 pp. hinges repaired and new spine, paper yellowing but not brittle. fair. boards.
Volume 1 of periodical published by surviving Austrian antifascists to report on their experiences during the Second World War,share information (271341) $65.00

55. Pagis Dan. Points of Departure. JPS, 1981. 123 pp. sfep. Very Good. Paperback. (271410) $15.00

56. Picart Bernard . The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the Several Nations of the Known World: Represented in Above an Hundred Copper-Plates Designed by the Famous Picart. Together with Historical Explanations, and Several Curious Dissertations.: Vol. I (1731), The Ceremonies of the Jews, etc.; Vol. II (1731), The Ceremonies of the Roman Catholicks; Vol. III (1731), The Ceremonies of the Idolatrous Nations; Vol. IV (1735), Part II; Vol. V (1736), Containing the Ceremonies of the Greeks and Protestants; Vol. VI (1737) in Two Parts. Part I. Containing the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church of England, of the Presbyterians, Independents, Anabaptists, Quakers, etc. Part II. Containing the Various Sects of Mahometans, with an Appendix of the Lives of Mohamm. Prevost and Claude du Bosc, 1731-1739. 7 volumes in 3 ,set Folio (16 x 10 1/4″). Vol. 1: xx (i.e. xxii), 412pp (Text), [14]pp (Index); Vol. 2: viii, 345, [1]pp (Text), [18]pp (Index); Vol. 3: x, 474pp; Vol. 4: [4], ix, [11], 514pp (Text), [14]pp (Index); Vol. 5: [8], 470pp (Text), [24]pp (Index); Vol. 6: [6], 228pp (Text), [6]pp (Index), Vol. 7: [8], 164pp (Text), [8]pp (Index). Original full calf, with gold lettering and tooling to spines. New cloth spines, new hinges, marbled end papers, covers have tooled fleur de lis some scuffing and scratch marks across some covers , Engraved title vignettes. Repairs to endpapers of Volume 1-2, with last page of Index page repair and missing some of text of letter W. Good. full calf.
vol 1 nicholas prevost london 1731 vol 2 nicholas prevost london 1731 (bound together) vol 3 nicholas prevost london 1731 vol 4 bettenham for claude du bosc 1735 (bound together), volume 5 claude de bosc 1736 volume 6 claude du bosc 1737volume 7 claude du bosc 1739 (bound together) (For more information, see: “The Book That Changed Europe: Picart and Bernard’s Religious Ceremonies of the World,” by Lynn Hunt, Margaret C. Jacob, and Wijnand Mijnhardt. Belknap Press / Harvard University Press, 2010). 224 plates present (269550) $4,000.00

57. Piech Paul Peter. Ecce homo: 12 original woodcuts. Bushey Heath Herts: Taurus Press, 1969. 12 woodcuts against War, number 35 of 200 printed and signed by him, the black wrapper is torn and bent , the woodcuts are in good shape. Good. Wrapper.
“The book of twelve original woodcuts symbolized through the theme of Christ indicts humanity for adding to the pages of history: Apartheid, Concentration Camps, Iron Curtain…” (271300) $265.00

58. Pinkerfeld Jacob. Bi-shevile omanut Yehudit: sefer zikaron. Sifriyat po’alim, ha-Mador, 1957. 155 pp. In Hebrew On the paths of Jewish Art reminiscences:: Contains .Architecture of the Synagogue; Synagogues in the Galut; Synagogues in Erez Yisrael; Art in the Cemeteries; Ceremonial Art; Ancient Synagogues.
Important architect Pinkerfeld also worked in the Department of Antiquities, and devoted much time and energy to preservation of significant sites in the country. He prepared plans for conservation and reconstruction of historical sites, such as Megido, the Monfort, the ancient synagogue of Bar-Am. He participated in numerous excavations (Hamat Gader, Korazim, Meron, Beit Shearim, etc.). In his last years he invested great efforts in preservation of historical buildings, among them Islamic sites. His dream was to establish a Research Institute for Jewish Art. Together with a group of friends he founded “Ganza”, the Society for Jewish Craft, which later became the Museum of Ethnography and Folklore in Tel Aviv (271522) $75.00

59. Remarque Erich . Oyfen maariv-front kayn nais; Ojfn Majrew-Front Kejn Najs. Wilno: Klekina, 1930. 241 pp. title and last page photo copied, covers worn, wear to crown and base of spine,pages yellowed and edges some slight tears. Good +. Boards.
Translated from the German by Isaac Bashevis Singer! graphic cover of soldier carrying wounded comrade across mine field (267933) $95.00

60. Rivkind Isaac. Yidishe Gelt in Lebnsteyger Kultur-Geshikhte un Folk[l]or: A Lekskologishe Shtudye/ Jewish Money in Folkways Cultural History and Folklore: A Lexicological Study. AAJR, 1958. 303 pp. blue cloth, quarto, In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover . (271262) $12.00

61. Rosenfeld Morris. Songs From the Ghetto. Copeland and Day, 1898. 113 pp. In German and English with beautiful book plate wear to spine crown and base of spine slight bruising. Good. Hardcover . (271137) $16.00

62. Rubin Simon Lektor am Wiener Beth Hamidrasch. Das Talmudische Recht auf den verschiedenen Stufen seiner Entwicklung mit dem römischen verglichen und systematisch dargestellt. Wien: 1938. 253 pp. ex library with markings, taped spine paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Boards. (271243) $15.00

63. Schocken Books. Schocken Reader II: Winter 1947-48. NY: Schocken, 1948. 47 pp. slight curling bottom corner first few pages Under Arendt’s (uncredited) editorship (David Anthony, The Patron: A Life of Salman Schocken: 347) Schocken produced an annual reader, a catalog and anthology in the German tradition. This, the second in the series, has a beautiful Rembrandt sketch on the cover (four plates on the inside show biblical themes, incl. “Boaz measuring out the barley for Ruth”), and the first publication of the Muir’s translation Kafka’s parables, as well as a contest, “Can You Translate the Untranslatable?” Also: Bernard Lazare’s “The Jews as a Nation”. Arendt had edited and introduced Lazare’s Job’s Dungheap for Schocken that year. For an account of Arendt’s time at Schocken, see Anthony 341ff and Young-Bruehl’s biography 189-91. good. pamphlet. (271371) $30.00

64. Schulman Rabbi Samuel. Judaism and the Destiny of the Individual: An address. London: World Union for Progressive Judaism, 1934. 32 pp. Beryl Cohon’s copy. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271622) $15.00

65. Segal Moshe. Yesude Haphonatekah HaIvrit. Palestine: Junovitch, 1928. 151 pp. + pictures. phonetics in Hebrew. Good. Cloth. (259606) $25.00

66. Seidman Irv. The Jewish Community of Amherst: The Formative Years 1969-1979. Common Book, 2017. 140 pp. Important work detailing the development and evolution of the JCA from a community center to a Reconstructionist shul and the impact of the surrounding Pioneer Valley community colleges and home to the Yiddish Book Center and Schoen Books. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270600) $25.00

67. Seydel Robert. Robert Seydel: Book of Ruth. Siglio Smith Colleege, 2014. 149 pp.Robert Seydel’s Book of Ruth presents an assemblage of collages, letters, journal entries and other artifacts from the life of Seydel’s fictional alter-ego, Ruth Greisman–spinster, Sunday painter and friend to Joseph Cornell. Drawing on the inherent seductiveness and intrigue of archives, the volume is conceived as a gathering of fragmented materials by Greisman unearthed from a storage space in the Smithsonian and a suburban family garage, which are presented as a mosaic portrait of a reclusive artist.(from Goodreads) Very Good. Paperback. (271590) $45.00

68. Spilka Shelley. Rescuing Haya: Confessions of an Eighth Generation Israeli Emigrant. SUNY, 2001. 295 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (271414) $10.00

69. Strack Hermann. The Jew and Human Sacrifice [Human Blood and Jewish Ritual]. An Historical and Sociological Inquiry. London: Cope and Fenwick, 1909. 289 pp. new spine and end papers, covers worn. Good. Boards.
Written to counter the blood accusations. (271246) $36.00

70. Szajowski, Zosa. Jews, Wars, and Communism, Vol. I: The Attitude of American Jews to World War I, The Russian Revolutions of 1917 & Communism (1914-1945). Vol. II. The Impact of the 1919-20 Red Scare on American Jewish Life. NY: Ktav, 1972+ 1974. 713 pp.+ 398 pp. volume one pristine volume two dj worn and torn, slight foxing fore edge,volume two book plate and glue residue to free end paper . Very Good. Hardcover . (271355) $125.00

71. Timm Erika. Matronymika im aschkenasischen Kulturbereich; Ein Beitrag zur Mentalitats und Sozialgeschichte der europaischen Juden. Tubingen: Niemeyer, 1999. 66 pages. Very good. Wrapper. (258614) $25.00

72. Viteles Harry ken. A History of the Co-operative Movement in Israel. A Source Book in 7 Volumes. BOOK 1: The Evolution of the Co-oerative Movement. BOOK 2: The Evolution of the Kibbutz Movement. BOOK 3: An Analysis of the Four Sectors of the Kibbutz Movement. BOOK 4: Co-operative Smallholders Settlements (The Moshav Movement). BOOK 5: Workers Producers Transportation and Service Co-operatives. BOOK 6: Central Agricultural Co-operatives. BOOK 7: Consumers’ Co-opertaion., Vallentine Mitchell, 1966-1978. (252 pp. 749 pp. 751 pp. ;405 pp. 414 pp. ;750 pp. ;348 pp. ex library with withdrawn marks, back pockets removed, dj in plastic cover. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Significant work on the kibbutz movement. Harry Viteles, who was formerly in charge of the field work of the European Reconstruction Department of the Joint Distribution Committee went in 1925 to Palestine to conduct the affairs of the Central Bank of Co-operative Institutions in Palestine, (JTA) (256617) $150.00

73. Weitz M. Black Attitudes to Jews in the United States from World War II to 1976. University Microfilms, 1977. PhD theses 424 pp. number taped to spine and slight library stamp on fep. Very Good. Paperback. (259684) $10.00

74. Widmer Dr G (ubertragungen aus der Neuarabischen Literatur von). Band II: Der Iraqische Dichter Gamil Sidqi Az-Zahawi aus Baghdad. Festgabe für Ignaz Krackovskij, den Führer zum Studium der neueren arabischen Literatur 1905-1935. Deutsche Gesellschaft, 1935. 79 pp. tears to spine. Good. Wrapper. (258593) $30.00

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Early influence on Martin Buber (271195) $10.00

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Important Jewish publishing house of the 1920s and 1930s (271213) $36.00