“Antelope” – February 2019

1.   4 Biblical Action Puppets cut out color assemble Made in Israel by Tahgin. Jerusalem: Tahgin, 1960s?. 4 large pages with stick to attach in plastic wrapping, amusing designs. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271477)   $35.00

2.   Agudat Anashim ohave Sefat Ever be defus St Petesburg . Kol shire Yehudah Leyb Gordon, be arbah sefarim Yeshanim ve gom Hadashim. Petersberg: Agudat Anashim ohave Sefat Ever be defus St Petesburg Fins ṿe-Y. Tsederboim, 1894. 147 + 206+ 209+ 210pp. Russian and Hebrew title pages, new spine covers worn, edges worn, work totally in Hebrew Scarce title highly signifigant. Good. Boards.
Judah Leyb Gordon one of the signifigant Hebrew poets of the Jewish Englightenment . Gordon took a leading part in the modern revival of the Hebrew language and culture. (271483)   $360.00

3.   Alberton M. Birobidschan, die Judenrepublik. Leipzig Wien: Prager, 1932. 268 pp. + map which is creased, covers worn, and bit soiled, hinge starting. Good. Boards. Aus dem Jiddischen von Hermann Peczenik unter Mitwirkung von Joshua Wiesen. (271111)   $75.00

4.   Ameriḳaner Reprezentants fun “Bund” in Poyln. Di Yidishe konferents : (zamlheft). New York: Aroysegegebn durkh der Amerikaner Reprezentants fun “Bund” in Poyln, , 1943. 63 pp.In Yiddish sligh tear to cover. (271724)   $15.00

5.   Amitai Mordekai (Mordechai ) written by by Props Moshe drawings by. Hagadah shel Pesah. Sifriyat poʻalim, hotsaʼat Hamaḥlaka Letarbut Vehasbara Shel Haḳibbuts Haʼartsi Hashomer Hatsaʻi, 1958. 38 pp. wine stains to cover, tears to spine, slight library marks to tp and last page , last few pages creased, two pages are text relating to the Shoah and with imgaes see Yerushalmi image. Good-. Stiff Wrapper. Yerushalmi Haggadah and History Plate 190 (271416)   $85.00

6.   Ashbal D . Zikranot MaAretz Yisrael Bemai HaTorabim Habretim VeMednat Yisrael. Jerusalem: Daah. 407 pp. In Hebrew manuscript form. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271032)   $40.00

7.   Ben Amotz Dahn. World Dictionary of Hebrew Slang Millon olamê le ibrit meduberi. Tel Aviv: Zmora Bitan, 1982. 237 pp. In Hebrew inription fep. Very Good. Hardcover . (271028)   $27.00r

8.   Ben-Arieh, Yehoshua. Jerusalem in the 19th Century The Old City. Ben Zvi St Martin, 1981. 438 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271048)   $25.00

9.   Benzeman Ozi. Yerushalayim Ir LeLo Homah. Schocken Books, 1973. 294 pp. In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271063)   $17.00

10.   Brawer Moshe editor. Israeli Atlas for High Schools. Univ of Tel Aviv Yavneh, 1976. seventh edition . 88 pp. In Hebrew interesting work and how the world has changed. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271058)   $42.00

11.   Buxtorf Johann . Joannis Buxtorfi Synagoga Judaica noviter restaurata : das ist, Erneuerte jüdische Synagog, oder, Juden-Schul. Frankfurt-am-Main: Kraussen, 1738?. 752 pp. + register, lacks title page and lacks two leaves of plates, has one page of engravings, in German. Good. vellum. Originally published in 1603, Buxtorf’s “Synagoga Judaica” was often used as the authority on Jewish customs and ceremonies.He claimed that the Jewish faith was derived not from Moses and the Torah but from the writing of the rabbis in the Talmud. . In it, the author asserted that the source of Jewish religious authority, beliefs, and practice was not the teachings of Moses, but rather the teachings of the rabbis. His intent ultimately was to convert Jews to Christianity and see the errors of their ways. Important tome. (271482)   $175.00

12.   Carlebach Elisheva. The Death of Simon Abeles Jewish Christian Tension in Seventeenth Century Prague. CJS Queens College, 2001. 44 pp. Third annual BermanMemorial Lecture. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271405)   $18.00

13.   Central Bureauof Statistics. Moslems Christians and Druzes in Israel; Data from Stage “A” and “B” on the Census. Jerusalem: 1964. about 250 pp. In English Hebrew and Arabic, top corners bumped and dog eared pages, pages yellowing but not brittle, slight library mark paste down and number on spine. Good-. Paperback. Population and Housing Census 1961 Publication 17 (271298)   $36.00

14.   Chezin J. Fun kheziles ṭogbukh = Fun cheziles togbuch. Warsaw: : Farlag Ḳind,, 1923. 78 pp. In Yiddish two illustrations, wonderful cover, paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Boards. Child psychology (271406)   $165.00

15.   (Children) Egelson Gussie. Kindergarten handwork for the holidays, in 12 lessons. Union of American Hebrew Congregations., 1926. Nine of 12 lessons present with one page instruction strange item paper fragile. Fair. Stiff Wrapper. (271467)   $15.00

16.   (Children) . Religious Objects Construction Book. KTAV, 1953. about 20 pages of cutouts for children. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (271463)   $25.00

17.   Dalman Gustaf. Grammatik des judisch-palastinischen aramaisch nach den idiomen des palastinischen Talmud, des Onkelostargum und prophetentargum und der jerusalemischen targume Aramaisch Dialektprobleme. Wiss. Buchhandlung, 1960. 418+ 72 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (271228)   $16.00

18.   Davidowitz Dovid. Ohmanut veOhmonim v’Batei Knesset shel Polin. Kibbutz Hameuchad, 1982. 204 pp. + 20 pp. of photos, in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. Crafts and craftsmen in the synagogues of Poland. With pictures of synagogues destroyed by the Nazis (271237)   $27.00

19.   Eisensein Ira. The Jewish Family Today. Reconstructionist Press, 1970s?. 22 pp A Reconstructionist pamphlet . Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271433)   $23.00

20.   Ellmann-Kruger A. Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy (Avotaynu Monograph Series). Avotaynu, 1998. 80 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271378)   $15.00

21.   Elon Amos. The Pity of it All (in Hebrew); A History of the Jews in Germany 1743-1933. NY: Zmora, 2004. 460 pp. In Hebrew. Very good condition. Paperback. (271053)   $20.00

22.   Endelman, Todd (editor). Jewish Apostasy in the Modern World. NY: Holmes and Meier, 1987. 344 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. Twelve Essays, Explores Christian missions to the Jews and Jewish conversion to Christianity (271638)   $15.00

23.   Ezekiel ben Judah Landau. Sefer Nodaʻ bi-Yehudah : ṿe-hu sheʼelot u-teshuvo; Helek 1. Dine ha-Shʻa., Orah ḥayim ve-Yoreh deʻah. Zolkiew : Gerson Letteres, 1823. about 300 pp. In Rashi script boards bit worn Stamp of Zvi Dov Abramowitz and bound with Tson ḳedashim : … seder kedashim by Abraham Ḥayyim ben Naphtali Hirsch Schor about 100 pp. Good. Boards. Important Prague Rabbi of the 18th Century. Opposed Mendelssohn’s translation of the Torah and he was against Hassidism. His main work of responsa, titled Noda Biyhudah (נודע ביהודה, “Known in Judah”, a reference to Psalms 76:2 and his father’s name), is one of the principal sources of Jewish law of his age. Famous decisions include those limiting autopsy to prevent a clear and present danger in known others. This collection was esteemed by rabbis and scholars, both for its logic and for its independence with regard to the rulings of other Acharonim as well as its simultaneous adherence to the writings of the Rishonim. (Wikipedia) (270970)   $325.00

24.   Finn James. Stirring Times: or Records from Jerusalem Consular Chronicles of 1853 to 1856 : Library for the History of the Yishuv in Eretz-Israel. ben zvi, 1980. 26+293 pages + 295-607 pages In Hebrew. Good +. Paperback. (271047)   $40.00

25.   Flusser David. Judaism of the Second Temple Period: Qumran and Apocalypticism Voume 1 The Jewish Sages and their Literature. Eerdmans Magnes, 2007. 360+380 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (263081)   $36.00

26.   Friend Robert. The Practice of Absence. Beth Shalom Press, 1971. 32 pp. inscribed to Hanna important Israeli poet close friend of Jane Trigere. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271309)   $36.00

27.   Friend, Robert. Dancing with a Tiger; Love and Sex Poems. Beth-Shalom Press, 1990. 86 pp. Inscribed by the author. Very Good. Paperback. (271377)   $25.00

28.   Furman Wendi and Singer Matthew (organizers). Wimpel! Wrapped Wishes December 17-February 21. Philadelphia: Museum of Jewish Art at Rodeph Shalom, 2009/2010. Exhibiton catalog about 24 pages, includes works by Polly Afelbau, Denaiel Heyman, Tristin Lowe, Leslie Sudock, Jane Trigere and Estelle Yarinsky. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271455)   $30.00

29.   Goldberg,Leah R. Friend (Translator). Selected Poems. Menard, 1976. 64 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271310)   $23.00

30.   Goldschmidt Daniel Shelomoh. Seder HaSleichot Keminhag Lita VeKehillot HaPerush BaAretz Yisrael. Mossad Ha Rav Kook, 1964. 259 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (271123)   $25.00

31.   Gonen Rivka Kroyanker David . To Live in Jerusalem. Israel Museum. 188 pp. Exhibition catalog Kroyanker on Residential Architecture Gonen on Life styles and interiors Beldgrun on Water Light and Magic wonderful exhibit inspired. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271041)   $45.00

32.   Greene Gloria. The Jewish Holiday Cookbook An internatioal collection of recipes and customs. Times, 1985. 399 pp. fore edge slightly stained. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271062)   $17.00

33.   Gritzky Pinchas Ben Zvi. Binot Tsion BeYerushalayim. Yad Ben Zvi, 1990. 479 pp. In Hebrew with biographies of the women and pictures. Very Good. Hardcover . (271046)   $45.00

34.   Gross (Gruss?0 Uaaov. Jersalem 1917/8 Hurban Nas VeGeulah. Belfor, 1992. 479 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (271034)   $45.00

35.   Gursan-Salzmann, Ayse;Salzmann, Laurence. Anyos Munchos I Buenos: Turkey’s Sephardim 1492-1992. Blue Flower, 1991. 64 pp. Beth Hatefusoth invited them to do a photo documentation of Jewish monuments throughout Turkey, they also included photos of the Jews of Turkey, book signed by Laurence Salzmann. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271338)   $36.00

36.   Hebrew Course by TV Sheor Ivrit Beteliviziah 1-5,5-10,11-15. HaUnivesrsite Hapetuhah Misrad HaHinuch VeHarbut, 1970s?. In Hebrew, thre volumes about 600 pp., unique way of teaching Hebrew. Good. Paperback. (271030)   $48.00

37.   Heller Yehudit BeZvi. Kan Gam BeCayitz HaGesehm Yored Shirim. Tov Lada’at Publishers?. 30 pp. In Hebrew half of title page cut off with publisher and year. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271036)   $25.00

38.   Hemin Yves et al. Pascin. Catalogue Raisonnè. Tome/Vol. I-IV + Index. [5 Vols.]. Vol. I+II: Peintures, aquarelles, pastels, dessins. Vol. III: Simplicissimus, gravures, lithographies, illustrations, sculptures, objects. Vol. IV: dessins, aquarelles, pastels, peintures, dessins èrotiques. Vol. V: Index historiques des oeuvres. Paris: La Bibliotheque des Arts , 1984-1991. Five volumes including index booklet One of 2000 copies . Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. Julius Mordecai Pincas (March 31, 1885 – June 5, 1930), known as Pascin, or the “Prince of Montparnasse”, was of Bulgarin Sephardic origin. Pascin was educated in Vienna and Munich. He traveled for a time in the United States, spending most of his time in the South. He is best known as a Parisian painter, who associated with the artistic circles of Montparnasse. He committed suicide at the height of his success in Paris. (270675)   $225.00

39.   Hertz Dr. J H the Chief Rabbi. Sayings of the Fathers Sailors’.Soldiers’ and Airmen’s edition. London: Office of the Chief Rabbi, 1943. 111 pp. croner bumped., slight tears o corners. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271103)   $10.00

40.   Jacoby Ruth. Architectural Glossary Jerusalem Index of Jewish Art Ancient Jewish Synagogues. Jerusalem: Centre for Jewish Art, 1988. 31 pp. 8bo. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271194)   $24.00

41.   Kahn Eliott. An Inventory of the Samuel Rosenbaum Collection. JTS, 2002. 110 pp. Music arranged by Hazzan Samuel Rosenbaum. Very Good. Wrapper. (270981)   $25.00

42.   Katsch Prof Abraham (compiler) Katsh Abraham. Catalogue of Hebrew Manuscripts Preserved in the USSR Part 2 Ginze Russiyah. NYU Library of Judaica, 1957. 138 mimeograph pages inscribed to Cyrus from Katsch. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. Contains facsimiles of Genizah manuscripts of Bible, Mishnah, Talmud, Midrashim, Halakhah, Liturgy and Judeo Arabic from the Antonin Cairo Genizah Collection in Leningrad., Includes part of Ben Asher’s Bible Codex of the Firkowitch collection which was copied in Old Cairo in 1008/9 (270674)   $125.00

43.   Katz Jacob editor. he Role of Religion in Modern Jewish History : Proceedings of Regional Conferences of the Association for Jewish Studies, Held at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Toronto in March-April 1974. AJS, 1975. 169 pp. eight amazing essays. crease to cover. Very Good. Hardcover . (264484)   $40.00

44.   Koubovi Saul. Work Accident Issues. Tel aviv: Shmuel, 1994. 195 pp. In Hebrew . (271027)   $30.00

45.   Kuspit Donald essay by and Susan Chevlowe. Paintings by Leonard Meiselman. Yeshiva University Museum, 2002. 36 pp. using 9/11 and the Shoah as themes and quest for meaning and use of tallit in imagery. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271476)   $30.00

46.   Levine Samuel. You Take Jesus, I’ll Take God: How to Refute Christian Missionaries. Hamorah, 1989. 135 pp.cover slight crease. Good. Paperback. (271423)   $15.00

47.   Levy Jack. Jewish Rhodes: A Lost Culture. Magnes, 1985. 96 pp. corners slightly bumped. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (271044)   $23.00

48.   Life Story Paper Doll with nine inch Jewish paper doll. Berkeley California: Lah ti da Creations, 1977. Included are The story of Shannos, 6 pages of clothes to color, 2 pages to color yourself, A house front, One family kitchen A Grandma cookie recipe to bake 9 shabbos night serving dishes no scissors necessary. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. “This doll with its life story and artifacts will delight any child who has asked how people lived in Grandma’s time during the 1930’s. The story is authentic. The vent happened to a real woman when she was a child. (271486)   $36.00

49.   Loewy Dr Joseph and Guens Joseph revised English translation. Haggadah shel Pesach Sevice for the First Nights of Passover. Tel Aviv: Sinai, 1950. 77 pp. + 3 pages of music, pseudo leather, inscription on paste down, with coper plate image of Jerusalem by Bezalel with palm trees and vista. Good +. pseudo leather. (271115)   $36.00

50.   Lotan Yael chef redakteur. Ariel Ein vierteljahrssschrift zur Kunst und Bildung in Israel. Jerusalem: Ariel, 1976-1979. Each issue about 120 pp. filled with articles No 41 + 42 (1976) 43 + 44 (1977) 47 (1978) 48 (1979) 6 issues. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (271004)   $85.00

51.   Luntz Hanna. Chaye Abi Hadpesah MeYehadut “Mah Yerushalayim” Kerech Yud Gimel. Jerusalem: 1918?. 42 pp. lacks cover tears to tp and back cover, inscribed to “LeBenei Moshe” Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (271100)   $32.00

52.   Luther Martin translator. Ruth. Insel Verlag, 1920s?. 22 pp. spine lacking, beautiful woodcut on title page and printing. Good. Boards. (271104)   $25.00

53.   Mah nishtanah Puzzle. Schulsinger, 1960s. Puzzle out of hard cardboard quite beautiful imagery father and son, son standing and reading four questions, set table and son wearing a suit and father beaming, idealized imagery. Good. cardboard. (271480)   $40.00

54.   Mahzor Rav Peninim LeYom HaKippurim Nusach Sefarad. Jerusalem: Lewin Epstein , 1960s?. 323 pp. Has decorated psueo leather covers with window copper plate view of two Jews parying at the Kotel done by Bezalel. Good +. psuedo leather. (271113)   $36.00

55.   Malkin Maccabit (inscribed by). Hasagat gbwl :siyriym Trespass Poems. Eqed, 2003. 39 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271037)   $25.00

56.   Malkin Maccabit. Shahor, lavan ṿe-do : shirim Black White & Do Poems. Carmel, 2005. 54 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Paperback. (271038)   $28.00s

57.   Mann Thomas. Leiden an Deutschland; Tageblatter aus den Jahren 1933 und 1934. Los Angeles: Pazifischen Presse, 1946. Leather spine torn especially at crown and along side the leather of spine, spine scuffed and worn, cover boards worn and slight bumping to corners, limited edition , 172/250 signed by Thomas Mann on colophon. Good. Boards. “Privatdruck der Pazifischen Presse von Ernst Gottlieb und Felix Guggenheim herausgegeben und besorgt. Die einmalige Auflage von 500 Exemplaren wurde in Fournier Antiqua bei der Plantin Presse in Los Angeles im Jahre 1946 gedruckt. Die ersten 250 Exemplare sind in Halbleder gebunden und vom Autor handschriftlich signiert. Die Verteilung der Gesamtauflage liegt in den Händen von Mary S. Rosenberg [New York].” (Kolophon). (271368)   $675.00

58.   Margalit Dan. Raʼiti otam I Have Seen them All. Zimora, 1997. 336 pp. in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (271033)   $24.00

59.   Miller Allan. The Reconstructionist Position. Reconstructionist Press, 1970s?. 14 pp.   A Reconstructionist pamphlet. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271429)   $20.00

60.   Misrahi Hanina. Toldot Yehude Paras u-meshorerehem/ The History of the Persian Jews and Their Poets. Maas, 1966. 130 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271253)   $20.00

61.   Mor Menachem editor. Jewish Sects, Religious Movements, and Political Parties. Creighton, 1992. 426 pp. symposium transactions. Very Good. Hardcover . (262972)   $15.00

62.   Mosheh Berlin; M Freystadt. Sefer Metav higayon: lolel yesodot ye ikare kelale hokhmat ha-higauon, im dine v darkhe ha mishpatim…ve nilyu elehem Shene luhot ketovet even. Konigsberg: Hartungschen Hofbuchdruckere, 1845. xii, 67 pages introduction in Latin Rashi script, then Hebrew , lacks plates illustrations at end. Good. Boards. (270971)   $65.00

63.   Moss, David. The Moss Haggadah: A complete reproduction of the Haggadah written and illuminated by David Moss for Richard and Beatrice Levy. Bet Alpha, 1990. Includes print of the “Book Cage” in attached folder and the English translation booklet. Magnificent loving work by a master artist.,slight crease beginning to top of dust jacket. Very good condition. Hardback & DJ. (271140)   $236.00

64.   Muchawsky-Schnapper, Ester, edited by. Les Juifs d’Alsace: Village, tradition, emancipation. Israel Museum, 1991. 48+ 54 pp. In French and Hebrew beautiful exhibition catalog and text. Very Good. Hardcover . (271346)   $30.00

65.   (Music) Seligmann, Rabbiner Dr. Hagada Liturgie fur die hausliche Feier der Sederabende in deutscher Sprache. Frankfurt: Kauffmann, 1913. 65pp. Mit Bildern aus einer handschriftlichen Amsterdamer Hagada vom Jahre 1738. tears to backstrip, slight stains (of course) filled with songs and pictures.stamp on tp, needs tightening. Good condition. decorated Boards. (271333)   $40.00

66.   Neusner Jacob. “Being Jewish and Studying about Judaism” with David Blumenthal Judaic Studies An Exercies in the Humanities. Emory, 1977. 22 + 16 pp. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (271446)   $18.00

67.   Nevo Yehosafat. Perush Rebbe Yosef Bechor Schor Al HaTorah. Mossad Ha Rav Kook, 1994. 404 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover . (271125)   $25.00

68.   Niebuhr, Reinhold (inscribed and signed by). Moral Man and Immoral Society –A Study of Ethics and Politics. NY: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1932. 12mo 284 pp. has Scribner A on copy right page, dust jacket quite torn and half of spine of dust jacket lacking, covers worn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. One line inscription from Niebuhr to a reader and signed by Niebuhr, One of the most significant works of the 20th Century and referred to as inspirational by at least one President. (271387)   $2,750.00

69.   (Palestine) . Holy Land Album Views and Flowers; Artificial Pictures of the Holy Places Views of Old and New Jerusalem The Cities of Judea and Galilea and all Jewish Colonies in Palestine. 21 pp. with map of Paletine, pressed flowers faing images of Jerusalem, vrious towns, settlements and last page Zecher LeChurban(Translated as Memorial of the Temple Ruins with mourners in Babylon, Jerusalem printed on cover, scace work. Good. olive wood with cloth spine. Souvenir book (271107)   $150.00

70.   (Palestine) American Sunday School Union. Ancient Edom, and the Fulfillment of Prophecy in the Preset State of Arabia Petrea. American Sunday School, 1839. front map creased and torn, hinge started, boards worn , leather spine torn,many images intrnally, 139 pp. Good-. Boards. (271075)   $57.00

71.   (Palestine) Arif Arif Al. Shiftei HaBeduin Bimhuz Beer Sheva. Tel Aviv: Bustani, nd. 190 pp. In Hebrew translated into Hebrew by M Kaplivek covers worn stained base of spine torn. Good-. Hardcover . (271065)   $45.00

72.   (Palestine) Barr Robert. The Unchanging East Two Volumes. Page, 1900. 256 + 254 pp. many illustrations. Good +. Hardcover . (271077)   $36.00

73.   (Palestine) Buber M Magnes J L Simon E. Towards Union in Palestine, Essays on Zionism and Jewish-Arab Cooperation. Jerusalem: IHUD, 1947. 124 pp. new covers and title on middle of cover. Good +. Wrapper. (270230)   $100.00

74.   (Palestine) Buckingham J S. Travels in Palestine through the Countries of Bashan and Gilead East of the River Jordan; Including a visit to the Cities of Gezara and Gamala. London: Longman Hurst, 1822. Second Edition. Volume 1 of 2, 402 pages; title page and fronitspiece of Buckingham some damp staining, map of Palestine torn, map of Jerusalem intact, beautifully rebound and with new endpapers, some browning to fore edges. Good. Boards. (270588)   $175.00

75.   (Palestine) Carhart Alfreda. It Happened in Syria. Revell, 1940. 128 ppdj trn . growing up in Syria child of missionaries. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271086)   $17.00

76.   (Palestine) De Hass Frank. Buried Cities Recovered, Or, Explorations in Bible Lands. Philadelphia: Bradley, 1884. 509 pp. crown and base of spine bumped. Good. Boards. (271061)   $55.00

77.   (Palestine) Fergusson James. The Temples of the Jews, and the Other Buildings in the Haram Area at Jerusalem. London: John Murray, 1878. 304 pp.+ seven plates in back pouch (eight are expected) ex library with markings, wear to crown and base of spine, decorated cloth covers, filled with illustrations, plan on pae 200 is creased. Good-. Hardcover . (271117)   $125.00

78.   (Palestine) Fulton John DD. Paelstine The Holy Land as it was and as it is. Winston, 1900. 527 pp. with many color maps, book plate, embossed stamp tp. Good. Hardcover . (271074)   $25.00

79.   (Palestine) Gunzburg S A verfasst von Zwebner A (hsrg). Perahei Eretz HaKedushah MaHakumot Hakedoshim vekol Perek Shirah Amo Blumen vom Heiligen Lande Von den bedeutendsten Statten daselbst.nebst passenden Liedern. Jerusalem: 1900?. In Hebrew about twenty pages with pressed flowers, some disintegrating, new cloth covers , new end papers. Good. Hardcover . Souvenir book (271105)   $65.00

80.   (Palestine) Harland Marion. Home of the Bible: What I Saw and Heard in Palestine and the Story of Martyred Armenia, the Christian People of Ancient Eden and Their Cruel Persecutions by the Moslems. Christian Herald, 1896. 440 pp. hinges started some loose pages. Good. Hardcover . (271087)   $25.00

81.   (Palestine) Himadeh Sa’id. Economic organization of Palestine. Beirut: American Press, 1938. 602 pp. number on spine. Very Good. Hardcover . (269313)   $45.00

82.   (Palestine) Hurlburt Jesse tour conducted bt. Traveling in the Holy Land Through the steroscope. Underwood, 1906. 220 pp. library book plate hinge started map creased at back of book. Good. Hardcover . (271076)   $25.00

83.   (Palestine) Hyamson, Albert. The British Consulate in Jerusalem in relation to the Jews of Palestine: 1838-1861 Part I and Part 2. London: JHSE: Goldston, 1939. 294 pp .tears to spine part 2 295-580 pp .tears and stains along back side of cover and top side of first five pages not affecting text. good. Paperback. (271091)   $45.00

84.   (Palestine) Hyamson, Albert. Palestine Old and New. London: Mehtuen, 1928. 287 pp. inscription on fep. good. Hardcover . (271092)   $45.00

85.   (Palestine) Kidder D P. The Arab. Carlton, 1854. 177 pp. with illustrations, covers worn, former owner name and date on pastedown, hinge starting, some child’s pencil srawls on endpapers, historial study, tracing to Ishmael, Moslem sites including Mt Sinai, tour of the Mid East, material on Mohammed and the beginnings of the Moslem faith etc. Scarce work do not see on worldcat. Good-. Boards. (271078)   $100.00

86.   (Palestine) Macgregor J. The Rob Roy on the Jordan, Nile, Red Sea, and Gennesareth A Canoe Cruise in Palestine and Egypt and the Waters of Damascus. Harper, 1870. 464 p. hinge starting some loose pages, crown and base of spine bruised. Good. Hardcover . (271090)   $20.00

87.   (Palestine) Manor Dalia. Art in Zion: The Genesis of Modern National Art in Jewish Palestine. Routledge, 2005. 258 pp. slight pencil underlining and marking. Very Good. Hardcover . (262558)   $45.00

88.   (Palestine) Matson G Olaf. The American Colony Palestine guide. American olony Stores, 1930. third edition. 333 pp. lacks top part of spine book plate, tear along side of map at front, inserted large map of Jerusalem and Environs tucked in pocket, folded many times has some tears, amazing document. Good. Hardcover . A small travel guidebook for Palestine and the surrounding area. With maps, suggested excursions, descriptions of the people, etc. Does not contain suggestions for hotels or prices.Has ads at end for htoels. (271083)   $100.00

89.   (Palestine) Miller Madeleine. The Merchant of the Muristan and other Palestine Folks; A FiresideTravel Book. Abingdon, 1927. 272 pp. hinge started crown and base of spine slight tears. Good. Hardcover . (271082)   $30.00

90.   (Palestine) Nini Yehuda. Yemen and Zion: The Jews of Yemen, 1800 – 1914: A Political and Social Study of Their Emigration to Palestine. Hassifriya Haziyonit, 1982. 345 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (267808)   $32.00

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104.   (Palestine). Souvenir von Jerusalem. 18902?. library bookplate on back pastedown, in red buckram covers with four lines of Hebrew above title,decorative covers in art nouveuish style. One folded sheet that opens up with fourteen pages of photographs, numbers of photographs size varies, some panoramic views continue over up to four pages; Locations include A Panorama of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, Tower of David, Jaffa Street, Mount of Olives, Tomb of Absalom, View of Bethlehem, Nablos, Mount Tabor,Rischon le Zion Colony , Rehovot, Jessud Hamaaloh; captions in English, German, French, Russian and Hebrew.Includes magnificent small folded color litho of exile Jews by the waters of Babylon and titleZecher le Churban, with slight library mark . Good. Boards. Souvenir album (271108)   $150.00

105.   (Palestine)Monzon A L. Blumen und Ansichten aus dem heiligen Lande. Jerusalem: Lith. A.L. Monsohn, after 1892. about 12 pp. lithograph color image of location and pressed flowers, images translated into Russian, English, German Hebrew and French, some ex library markings Bevelled wooden covers with carved inscription: Views and Flowers of the Holy Land: Good. olive wood. souvenir book (271106)   $65.00

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129.   Woodboard Puzzle Mother braiding CHallah with Daughter for ages 2 to 5. Aviv Judaica Imports, 1982. In color , still wrapped idealized imagey. Very Good. wood board. (271479)   $36.00

130.   Workmen’s Circle. Our School A Magazine for Parents and Teachers. NY: Workman’sCircle, January -December 1936. Vol VI no 1-8, In Yiddish, filled with articles. Good +. Hardcover . (270541)   $40.00

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; L’Enseignement Traditionnel de L’Hebreu et du Judaisme au Maroc. Paris: Lib D’Amerique, 1969. 191 pp. sfep and pencil underlined. Good +. Paperback. (269746)   $32.00

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