Zakhor, pt I – April 2018

1. (Anti-Semitism) Pos Dr H J (editor). Anti-semitisme en jodendom. Een bundel studies over een actueel vraagstuk. Arnhem: van Loghum Slaterus,, 1939. 231 pp.foxing to endpapers In Dutch Anti Semitism and Judaism a collection of essays. Good +. Wrapper.
Collection of essays includes de Gruyter J Presser Menno ter Braak (268183) $27.00

2. Arando piedras: Poemas del Holocausto de Saul Balagura. Houston: Holocaust Museum, 2005. 96 pp. + four color illustrations by the poet. Very Good. Paperback.
Born in Colombia to parents who fled the pogroms in Romania, lives now in Houston (268744) $65.00

3. Arendt Hannah . La banalita del male. Eichmann a Gerusalemme. Feltrinelli, 1964. 316 pp.slight stain back cover. Good. Paperback. (268445) $16.00

4. Aris, Helmut; Kirchner, Peter (Redaktions Kollegium). Nachrichtenblatt des Verbandes der Judischen Gemeinden in der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik. Dresden: DDR, 1986-1990. Dezember 1986, , Dez. 1988, Marz 1989, Mar 1990, Juni 1990. Sept 1990 6 issues each about 30 pages . Good +. Wrapper.
Articles about current Jewish life in various communities and also about the Shoah. (268561) $65.00

5. Arnold Heinz. Alfred Doblin; (Text+Kritik. Zeitschrift für Literatur ). Boorberg, 1972. 80 pp collection of 9 essays pencil underlined . Good. Paperback.
Exile writer spent the War in USA, wrote Berlin Aleanderplatz (268403) $15.00

6. Arnold Heinz. Joseph Roth. (Text+Kritik. Zeitschrift für Literatur). Boorberg, 1974. 140 pp collection of 12 essaysconcerning refugee writer pencil underlined . Good. Paperback. (268402) $15.00

7. Auslander Rose. Selected Poems. Translated from the German by Ewald Osers. London Magazine, 1977. 72 pp. stain at corner throughout the work, Born In Czernowitz in same circle as Paul Celan, surived the Shoah. Bi lingual edition. Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (268400) $16.00

8. Balbier Uta (editor). East German Material Culture and the Power of Memory. GHI, 2011. 124 pp. Very Good. Wrapper.
Bulletin of the German Historical Institute Supplement 7 (268491) $15.00

9. Balshone, Benjamin. Determined! NY: Bloch, 1984. 172 pp. Oral history account of the Shoah in Hungary, fore edge slight foxing. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268392) $12.00

10. Banasiewicz, Czeslaw (compiler and editor). The Warsaw Ghetto: Drawings by Josef Kaliszan. NY: Yoseloff, 1968. large 8vo 110 torn. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
includes 40 drawings. Divided into four sections of ten paintings: The Exodus, The Ghetto, Ghetto Fighting, Massacre. (268369) $14.00

11. Bar-Shaked, Gavriel (editor). Nevek Names of Jewish Victims of Hungarian Labour Battalions; Volume II A-J. Klarsfeld Fdn, 1993?. large 8vo 625 pages includes also lists of names of the mothers. Very good. Cloth. (268166) $75.00

12. Bauminger Arieh. Roll of Honour. Hamenora, 1970. 95 pp.covers worn. Good. Paperback.
Stories of twenty Righteous Gentiles by country and their deeds and award by Yad Vashem (268271) $12.00

13. Beckermann Ruth. Die Mazzesinsel Juden in der Wiener Leopoldstadt 1918-1938. Wien: Locker Verlag, 1984. 142 pp.inscription on fep. very good. Hardback & DJ.
Historischen essay von Beckermann. Filled with photos. (268686) $22.00

14. Beling Eva. Die gesellschaftliche Eingliederung der deutschen Einwanderer in Israel. Eine soziologische Untersuchung der Einwanderung aus Deutschland zwischen 1933 und 1945. Europaische Verlag, 1967. 282 pp. dj tears. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Sociological study of immigration from Germany between 1933 and 1945 – the integration problems of German Jews who fled Germany to Palestine (268494) $20.00

15. Berber F J (editor). Locarno A Collection of Documents. London: Hodge, 1936. 405 pages libr marks endpapers Preface by Joachim von Ribbentrop “collection of douments shows Germany’s sincerity” for peace . Good. Cloth.
Berber was director of Research at Hochshule fur Politik in Berlin (268442) $15.00

16. Biderman Israel. Mayer Balaban Historian of Polish Jewry. NY: Biderman Book Co, 1976. 334 pp. fore edge foxed. Very Good. Hardcover .
One of the architects of modern Jewish historical research,on history of Jews in Poland,Karaite sect. Died in the Warsaw Ghetto. 1942/3 (268367) $12.00

17. Bloch Joshua. Nazi Germany and the Jews; An annotated bibliography. AJC, 1936. 41 pp bookplate J Shatzky’s copy, cover creased. Good. Wrapper.
Reprinted from AJYB 5697 (268462) $30.00

18. Blodig V. Ghetto Museum Terezin. Memorial Terezin, nd. about 30 pp.flled with color and black and white pictures and text for visitors and a guided tour, includes a few postcards. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (268237) $30.00

19. Blue, Brian and Strom, Yale. The Last Jews of Eastern Europe. NY: Philosophical Library, 1986. Unpaged; profusely illustrated tall Quarto, dj torn. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Very moving photos of remnants of Jewish life in Europe (269018) $15.00

20. Boas Jacob. Boulevard Des Miseres: The Story of Transit Camp Westerbork. Archon, 1985. 169 pp. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268391) $36.00

21. Boehm, Eric (as told to). We Survived: Fourteen Histories of the Hidden and Hunted of Nazi Germany. New Haven: Yale Press, 1949. 8vo 308 pp book plate, .fore edge slight foxing Original edition. good. Hardcover .
Important early interviews with individuals from a variety of backgrounds. (268203) $36.00

22. Bowman, Derek (translator). The Diary of Dawid Rubinowicz. Creative Options, 1982. 87 pp.+ 16 pages of photographs. good. Hardback & DJ.
Twelve year old boy’s diary of the terror in Poland from 1940-1942, discovered after the War. (268291) $23.00

23. Brownlow Donald. Hell Was My Home: The True Story of Arnold Shay survivor of the Holocaust. Christopher, 1983. 152 pp. dj bit foxed. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Survived Auschwitz (268194) $25.00

24. Bulletin of the German Historical Institute 49. GHI, Fall 2011. 231 pp. Many essays including many in the Forum on the German Foreign Office and the Nazi Past. Very Good. Wrapper. (268497) $35.00

25. Checinski Michael. Poland, Communism, Nationalism, Anti-Semitism. Karz, 1982. 288 pp. inscribed by author, fore edge foxed Begins with post War Poland and Kielce Massacre and fate of the survivors,et al. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268405) $30.00

26. d’Harcourt, Pierre. The Real Enemy. London: Longmans Green and Co, 1964. 8186 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Was in French Resistance, betrayed and spent years in Nazi camps including Buchenwald. These are his experiences. (253771) $20.00

27. Diebow, Dr. Hans. Der ewige Jude. 265 Bilddokumente. Munchen: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, Franz Eher Nachf, 1937. 128 pp. cover torn by spine, lacks part of spine, hinge started , tears to covers, the cover image is quite clear. Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
Anti Semitic Nazi propaganda with notorious drawing of bearded Jewish man in caftan with hand outstretched with money and Russia under his arm (268174) $255.00

28. Dribben,Judith Strick. A Girl Called Judith Strick. NY: Cowles, 1970. 340 worn and torn,book plate, fore edge slight foxing. Good. Hardback & DJ.
True story of a Jewish spy in Nazi controlled Poland. (268348) $15.00

29. Eck Nathan editor. Yad Vashem Bulletin No. 12 Jewish Youth and the Holocaust. Yad Vashem, December 1962. 102 pp. covers worn and stained. Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (268239) $23.00

30. Eck Nathan editor. Yad Vashem Bulletin No. 15. Yad Vashem, August 1964. 64 pp. covers worn and stained Nine Essays. Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (268240) $23.00

31. Efros Israel (editor). Complete Poetical Works of Hayyim Nahman Bialik Translated from the Hebrew; Volume 1. Histadruth Ivrith 1948. 265 pages Contains the epic poem The City of Slaughter about the Kishinev pogrom of 1903 and foreshadows in its imagery the Shoah. Good +. Cloth. (268567) $25.00

32. Eisenbach, Artur. Operation Reinhard, Mass Extermination of the Jewish Population in Poland. Drukarnia Uniw. im A. Mickiewicza, 1962. 47 pp.This is an offprint from Polish Western Affairs, Vol. III, No. 1/1962 covers worm. Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (268252) $25.00

33. Faulhaber Kardinal. Die sozialen Werte des Alten Testamentes, Dritte Adventspredigt von Kardinal Faulhaber in St. Michael zu Munchen am 17. Dezember 1933; Munchen: Huber, 1933. Adventspredigt 22 pp. tears to cover Cardinal who opposed Hitler. good. wrapper. (268580) $9.00

34. Firer Benzion. The Twins A Novel. Feldheim, 1983. 229 pp.fore edge and end papers foxed Twins survive the concentration camp together and eventually make their way to Palestine, a story of redemption. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Rabbi Firer worked in bringing Displaced Persons to Palestine after the War. (268320) $15.00

35. Fischer Ernst (hrsg). Buchgestaltung im Exil 1933-1950; Eine Ausstellung des Deutschen Exilarchivs 1933-1945 Der Deutschen Bibliothek. Harrassowitz, 2004. 219pp. Very good+ condition. Paperback.
articles bibliography and examples of the work (246563) $35.00

36. Frankl Viktor. Ein Psycholog erlebt das KZ. Wien: Verlag fur Judgend und Volk, 1947. zweite. 131 pp. number on cover slight library mark tears to top of spine and lacks part of spine,title written on spine, back cover torn and lacks part of cover and page with description of Frankl;s other book is torn, paper is yellowing and fragile. Good-. wrapper.
Author of Man’s Search for Meaning writes of his camp experiences. extremely scare and signifigant. (268156) $360.00

37. Fuks Marian text. Judaics Poland. : Polish Tourist Information Centre Orbis, 1970s?. 12 glossy pages for tourists coming to Poland, mostly Jewish, with information and images of Jewish life ,cemeteries, memorials,, concentration camps . Good. Stiff Wrapper. (268223) $25.00

38. Fuks Marian text. Orbis Presents the Judaics of Poland. : Polish Tourist Information Centre Orbis, 1970s?. 12 glossy pages for tourists, coming to Poland, mostly Jewish,more images of Jewish life synagogues ,cemeteries, concentration camps memorials, Good. Stiff Wrapper. (268224) $25.00

39. Gefen Aba. Unholy Alliance. Yuval Tal, 1975. 274 pages. Good condition. Paperback.
autobiography of Israeli diplomat, writes of his partisan activity during the Second War in Lithuania and work with Brichah and arrival in Israel, loose pages (268363) $22.00

40. Gettler, Leon. An Unpromised Land. Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1993. 173 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
A short history of Isaac Steinberg’s attempt to found a Jewish homeland in north-west Australia. He was a refugee from Nazi Germany and tried to get the Australian government to support the immigration of Jews.. (268475) $35.00

41. Giguere Undine. Frauen im Exil : Untersuchung exilrelevanter Themenbereiche anhand der autobiographisch ausgewahlten Texte von funf Exilautorinnen (1933-1945). A;bany: SUNY, 1997. Ph.D theses manuscipt 404 pp spiral bound. Good +. Wrapper.
Elisabeth Cstonier, Ilse Losa, Lili Korber, Jenny Aloni, and Hilde Domin (268090) $35.00

42. Gillon Adam editor inscribed . Poems of the Ghetto A Testament of Lost Men. Twayne, 1969. 96 plate Poems of survivors of the camps and those who were murdered. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268246) $36.00

43. Glickman Mark. Stolen Words: The Nazi Plunder of Jewish Books. JPS, 2016. 326 pp. The plunder of Jewish books and their afte after the War with the Jewish Cultural Reconstruction program. Very good. Hardback & DJ. (266967) $24.00

44. Gshuri, Bruckner or Gashbury, Bruckner. Sefer Sosnowiec v’hasviva b’Zaglembie Book of Sosnowiec and the surrounding region in Zaglembie volume 1. Sosnowiec Societies in Israel, 1973. 743 +pp. Small book plate on title page, In Hebrew, memorial book. Very Good. Hardcover . (268132) $25.00

45. Halbreich Siegfried. Before-During-After. Vantage, 1991. 261 pp. Grew up in Poland, survived many concentration camps and liberated at Nordhausen Dora. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268280) $25.00

46. Halpern Werner . A Brand Plucked from the Fire. Vantage, 1986. 78 pp. Poems many based on his experiences as a child fleeing Nazi Germany. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268088) $20.00

47. Hashomer Hatzair. Youth Amidst the Ruins: A Chronicle of Jewish Youth in the War. NY: Hashomer Hatzair/Scopus, 1941. 12mo 117 pp. good. Hardcover .
Diaries of members of this Jewish youth movement as they describe the Nazi onslaught, communities,underground,etc.Scarce. (268207) $20.00

48. Hechalutz: Builders and Fighters 1947. NY: Hechalutz Organization of America, 1946. 172 pp. bottom corner bumped, Material on the Jewish Brigade, rescue attempts during the Shoah, boats of survivors trying to get into Palestine. Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (268401) $20.00

49. Hecht Thomas. Life Death Memories. Leopolis, 2002. 208 pp. Memoir of the Shoah, youth survived Polish Ukranian town hidden, most of his family were murdered. Very Good. Paperback. (269003) $10.00

50. Hertzman Rabbi E Y. Escape to Shanghai. Bais Veyelepole, 1981. 120 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
During the Shoah the escape of hundreds of young Talmudic students from Mir Poland through Siberia to Shanghai. (268253) $36.00

51. Heuer, Renate. Bibliographia Judaica: Verzeichnis jüdischer Autoren deutscher Sprache; Band 1 A-K Band 2 L-R. Campus, 1981. 228 p.+ 236 pp. volume two ex library slightly stained, Jewish suthors of twentieth century and their fate, birth and death dates and where they died. Good +. Cloth. (268396) $42.00

52. Heusler Andreas. Die Erfahrung des Exils : Vertreibung, Emigration und Neuanfang ; ein Munchner Lesebuch; Studien Zur Judischen Geschichte Und Kultur In Bayern Band 10. De Gruyter , 2015. 345 pp. lacks piece of bottom of back cover, some bumping to lower corners of last pages. Good. Hardcover . (268582) $10.00

53. Hirschbach, Frank ( editor). Germany in the Twenties: The Artist as Social Critic: A Collection of Essays. Univ of Minnesota, 1980. 121 pp. Very Good. stiff wrapper.
Ten essays including Istvan Deak, Sidney Simon, Frank Hirschbach, on The Artist, Theater, Music during Weimar, Weimar Film ,Dance, Radio Cultue, Chronology of events (268492) $15.00

54. Howes Alfred. Dachau. self US Govt?, 1945? 1970?. 67 pp. mimeograph put out by liberating soldiers of I-10-A3 Detachment of Seventh Army, wear , some creased and smudged pages, extensive documentation of the camp, deaths, executions, history, numbers of prisoners, statements of two liberators, horrific photographs . Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
Last page has signatures and addresses of five of the liberating US soldiers. (268198) $150.00

55. Hughes, H. Stuart. Prisoners of Hope: The Silver age of the Italian Jews 1924-1974. Harvard University Press, 1983. 8vo 188 pp. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ. (269008) $10.00

56. Insel Verlag. Insel Almanach 1933-1941. Leipzig: Insel, 1933-1941. First edition. nine issues, spine on some are torn. Good. Wrapper.
revealing what is being published and encouraged during the NS period in Germany (268490) $58.00

57. Institute of Jewish Affairs. Information on Germany. wprld Jewish Congress, 1952 and 1953. Vol 3 no 1, (28 pp.) no 2/3 (22 pp), vol. 4 np. 1/2 (18 pp.), mimeographed, slight library mark . Good. library binding.
Includes articles and reports, N Robinson How we negotiated with the Germans and what we achieved, Protocol 1 and 2 Conference on Jewish Material Claims (Compensation and Restitution), the German Army, Constitutional Court, Trials against the Right and the Left et. al. (268472) $30.00

58. Institute of Jewish Affairs. Information on Germany. NY: World Jewish Congress Political Department, Jan 1950-Dcember 1951. Vol 1 lacks issue 3, 5/6 has the rest of the monthly issues, Vol 2 has four issues covering the full year. each report about 15 pages in mimeograph or typescript form . Good. Hardcover .
Extensive reports on conditions in Germany, revival of Nazism ,the Denazification program, condition in US zone. Displaced Persons, Anti-Semitic incidents (268473) $45.00

59. Iskraut Martin. Die Auswirkung der nationalsozialsitischen Weltanschauung auf die einzeln Lebensgebiete; 1. Staat und Stande. Bielefield: Velhagen, 1938. 106 pages, library marks , tears to crown of spine. Good condition. Boards. (268394) $45.00

60. Jewish Restitution Successor Organization. Betrachtungen zum Rückerstattungsrecht. Humanitas, 1952?. 101 pp. slight library marks, paper yellowing . Good-. Stiff Wrapper. (268415) $32.00

61. Johnpoll Bernard. The Politics of Futility The General Jewish Workers Bund of Poland, 1917-1943. Cornell, 1967. 297 pp. slight stains to fore edge. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268230) $18.00

62. Karp N produced by . Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes Remembrance Authority Jerusalem. Yad Vashem, 1970s?. 38 pp. guide book many color images. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (268228) $30.00

63. Kasdin, Chaim (editor). Lerer-Jiskor-Bukh; di umgekumene lerer fun Zisho shulin in Poylin – Teacher Memorial Book. Marstin Press, 1952-1954. 565 pp. In Yiddish, includes photos of the classes and groups of teachers. long inscription not by author, slight library stamp and tape removed from spine. Very Good. Cloth.
Teachers of the ZISHO, Central Yiddish Schools Organization in Poland. Biographies of Jewish teachers murdered in the Shoah. (268485) $30.00

64. Katz Josef. One Who Came Back The Diary of a Jewish Survivor. Herzl Press and Bergen-Belsen Memorial Press, 1973. 280 pp. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268225) $17.00

65. Katzburg Nathaniel. Hungary and the Jews: Policy and Legislation 1920-1943. Bar Ilan, 1981. 299 pp. fore ede and end papers foxed reading copy. Fair. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268226) $15.00

66. Katzenelson Yitzhak. Al Naharoth Bovel Al nehores bavel : biblische tragedie in fir aktn. Ghetto Fighters House, 1967. In Yiddish 135 pp. crown and base of spine tears, concerns the Shoah. Good. Boards.
Important Yiddish poet, fled the burning Warsaw Ghetto and ultimately murdered by the Nazis at Auschwitz. Also wrote “The Song of the Murdered Jewish People”. (268565) $45.00

67. Katzenelson, Yitzhak. Kotvim Aharonim (Last writings). Israel: hakibbutz hameuchad, 1947. 203 pp. In Hebrew some loose pages, in torn box, includes writings during the Shoah. good. Hardcover .
By the author of The Song of the Murdered Jewish People. Katzenelson was murdred by the Nazis (268566) $65.00

68. Katznelson, Yitzhak. Vittel Diary: (22.5.43-16.9.43). Tel Aviv: Ghetto Fighter’s House, 1972. Second Edition. 12mo 270 pp. covers worn book plate, foxing to fore edge Written while interned at Vittel by author of Song of the Murdered Jewish People. Describes Warsaw. Murdered at Auschwitz. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268322) $18.00

69. Kaufer Cecile inscribed. Good-Bye for Always: the Triumph of the Innocents. Hudson Cove, 1997. 175 pp. From Poland to Paris fleeing the Nazis, Holocaust memoir. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268089) $30.00

70. Kesten, Hermann. Meine Freunde Die Poeten. Kindler, 1959. 604 pp. Very Good- in Good+ DJ. Cloth.
A personal encyclopedia, with accounts of encounters with each writer, assessments of their work, and photographic portraits. Among the exile writers featured are Asch, Kolb, Mehring, Polgar, Roth, Sperber, Toller, and Zweig. (268568) $15.00

71. Klamper Elizabeth. Auf Wiedersehen in Palastina : Aron Menczers Kampf um die Rettung judischer Kinder im nationalsozialistischen Wien. Bundespressedienst, 1996. 52 pp. filled with photos also. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (269007) $25.00

72. Kleeblatt, Norman (editor). Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/ Recent Art. New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 2002. New. Paperback.
Catalog from controversial exhibit at Jewish Museum. When does art become kitsch and offensive to memory? (269017) $10.00

73. Klonicki Aryeh and Malwina. The Diary of Adam’s Father; The Diary of Aryeh Klonicki (Klonymus) and his wife Malwina With Letters concerning the Fate of Their Child Adam. Ghetto Fighters House, 1973. 132 pp. + photos slight foxing to fore edge . Good. Hardcover . (268201) $23.00

74. Kolitz, Zvi (inscribed) . The Tiger Beneath the Skin. Stories and Parables of the Years of Death. NY: Creative Age, 1947. 172 pp. fore edge slight foxing Inscribed by Kolitz Tragic life stories from the Shoah. good. Hardcover .
Born to famous Rabbinical family in Lithuania, emigrated to Palestine, (268193) $30.00

75. Kordt erich. Nicht aus den Akten. Die Wilhelmstraße in Frieden und Krieg. Erlebnisse, Begegnungen und Eindrücke 1928-1945. Deutsche Verlagsgesell., 1950. 441 pp. heavily pencil underlined book plage. Good. Boards.
Political study of Nazism Kordt was involved in important resistance work to Nazism, tried to warn Chamberlain re Czech and Soviet German pact and spied for Soviets as German Consul in Japan. (268386) $30.00

76. Kordt erich. Wahn und Wirklichkeit. (Gesch. d. dritten Reiches). Hrsg. unter Mitwirkung von Karl Heinz Abshagen. Deutsche Verlagsgesell., 1948. 419 pp covers worn and torn pencil notes on fep. Good. Boards.
Political study of Nazism Kordt was involved in important resistance work to Nazism, tried to warn Chamberlain re Czech and Soviet German pact and spied for Soviets as German Consul in Japan. (265110) $20.00

77. Kovaly, Heda. Under a Cruel Star: A Life in Prague 1941-1968; Holmes and Meier. NY: Plunkett Lake, 1986. 192 pp. new. Paperback.
Escaped from Auschwitz and made her way back to Prague, fought the Nazis and then victimized by Stalinist purges. (268376) $15.00

78. Kowalski, Isaac , compiler. Anthology nf Armed Jewish Resistance: 1939-45: Four Volumes. NY: Jewish Combatants, 1984- 1992. Four large tomes. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (268452) $150.00

79. Kranzler, David. Japanese, Nazis and Jews: The Jewish Refugee Community of Shanghai: 1938-1945. NY: Yeshiva Univ. Press, 1976. 8vo 644 pp.,dj very torn and worn. good. Hardback & DJ. (268288) $36.00

80. Labsvirs Janis. Atminas par Karli Ulmani. Latvijas pagastu, 1947. 69 pp. tear to spine mimeo wear to cover, in Latvian. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Karlis August Wilhelm Ulmanis (born September 4, 1877, dated September 20, 1942), a politician, one of the founders of the Latvian state, the first Prime Minister of Latvia, after the coup of May 15, 1934, a Latvian dictator. After the occupation of Latvia in 1940, he was arrested and deported to the USSR, where he died two years later. (268444) $58.00

81. Large Davi Clay. And the World Closed its Doors; The story of one family abandoned to the Holocaust. Basic, 2002. 277 pp.Max Schohl and his many attempts to obtain visas and passage out of Nazi Europe and the restrictive quota. Fled to Yugoslavia and family was caught there and murdered at Auschwitz. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268574) $15.00

82. Lee Malka (inscribed). Kines fun undzer tsayt (Lamentations for Our Time). Aroysgegebn fun der Shrayber-Sektsye baym Ikuf, 1945. 157 pp. In Yiddish. inscribed by author, top of spine very torn. Good. Hardcover .
Lee wrote in German as a young girl, but switched to Yiddish when she emigrated to the United States in 1921. Her first published poem appeared in 1922, and she continued to write until 1972. Her poetry between 1945 and 1950 is about the pain of watching from a distance as her childhood home and family were destroyed during the Holocaust.(Wikipedia) (268585) $125.00

83. Leff Lisa. The Archive Thief: The Man Who Salvaged French Jewish History in the Wake of the Holocaust. Oxford University Press, 2015. 286 pp.on Zosa Szajkowski, important historian who was caught removing documents from Jewish libraries, an investigation of his life and motives. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268436) $15.00

84. Linksz Arthur signed copy. Fighting The Third Death. slef, 1986. 340 pp. slight stain on fore edge, extensive material on Austro Hungarian Jewry in the early 1900s and some material on the Shoah. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268229) $25.00

85. Lohken Wilfried (editor). Juden im Widerstand: Drei Gruppen zwischen Uberlebenskampf und Politischer Aktion: Berlin 1939-1945. Berlin: Hentich, 1993. 208 pp. Good. Paperback. (268593) $8.00

86. Lowrie Donald. The Hunted Children. Norton, 1963. 254 pp. dj worn and torn. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Nimes Committee which hid Jewish children in S France during the Shoah (268304) $15.00

87. Luczak czeslaw. Diskriminierung der Polen in Wielkopolska zur zeit der Hitler Okkupation. Wydawnictwo Poznanskie, 1966. 371 pp. dj torn In German. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268202) $75.00

88. Mann Thomas. Leiden an Deutschland; Tageblatter aus den Jahren 1933 und 1934. Los Angeles: Pazifischen Presse, 1946. Leather spine torn especially at crown and along side the leather of spine, spine scuffed and worn, cover boards worn and slight bumping to corners, limited edition , 172/250 signed by Thomas Mann on colophon. Good. Boards.
“Privatdruck der Pazifischen Presse von Ernst Gottlieb und Felix Guggenheim herausgegeben und besorgt. Die einmalige Auflage von 500 Exemplaren wurde in Fournier Antiqua bei der Plantin Presse in Los Angeles im Jahre 1946 gedruckt. Die ersten 250 Exemplare sind in Halbleder gebunden und vom Autor handschriftlich signiert. Die Verteilung der Gesamtauflage liegt in den Händen von Mary S. Rosenberg [New York].” (Kolophon). (268157) $1,200.00

89. MarOt HaHurban Masechet Hishmad shel Tehudut Europa. Palestine: Mercz MePeleget Poalei eretz Yisrael, 1947. In Hebrew, 121 showing the horrors of the Shoah, one page of text, slight library marks, endpapers foxed , cover dj very torn and worn and attached to boards. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Scarce unusual work revealing the fate of the Jews of europe to the Jews of Palestine. (268204) $195.00

90. Marszalek Jozef. Majdanek: The Concentration Camp in Lublin. Warsaw: Interpress, 1986. 192 pp cover creased. good. Stiff Wrapper.
Scholarly study of the camp.Nine chapters, with documentation and photos (268272) $15.00

91. Medurot : ha-Shomer ha-tsaʻir be-Ṿilnah ṿeha-Galil; Bonfires Hashomer Hatzair Youth Movement in Vilna and its Region. Yad Yaari, 1965. 268 pp. 1930s up to the Shoah, In Hebrew. Very Good-. Hardcover . (268167) $57.00

92. Meed, Vladka (inscribed and signed). On Both Sides of the Wall: Memoirs from Warsaw Ghetto. Ghetto Fighter’s House, 1973. 342 pp. tears along spine, cover rough ,book plate, long inscription in Yiddish by Meed on title page, and a separate personal note card “To young American Jews who have much understanding and heart feeling for our very tragic and heroic chapter in Jewish history” Vladka Meed 1974 Good-. Hardcover .
Vladka and her future husband Benjamin Meed pretended to be Aryans and helped organize the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. (268221) $150.00

93. Mielec Yiskor Book Committee. Remembering Mielec : the destruction of the Jewish community; Sefer zikaron li-ḳehilat Meelets. Mielec Yiskor Book Committee, 1979. 122, 84 pages : illustrations In English and Hebrew, endpapers and fore edge some foxing, internally clean. Good. Hardcover . (268188) $150.00

94. Miller Leo (editor). Sokolievka/Justingrad: A Century of Struggle and Suffering in a Ukrainian Shtetl, as Recounted by Survivors to Its Scattered Descendants. Loewenthal Press, 1983. 202 pp in English Hebrew and Yiddish, foxing and stain to fore edge. Good +. Cloth. (268317) $36.00

95. Morante Elsa. Aracoeli. Random House, 1984. 311 pages, Good condition. Hardback & DJ.
Novel of a family disintegrating in fascist Italy , by the author of History A Novel (268575) $9.00

96. Morrissey Evelyn. Jewish Workers and Farmers in the Crimea and Ukraine. Privately Printed, 1937. 156 pp. endpapers darkened free end papers heavily foxed otherwise in good condition. Good +. Hardcover .
Filled with photographs taken by the author who was the the Assistant Treasurer of the American Society for Jewish Farm Settlements in Russia (the fund raising body for Agro-Joint in the United States), and who visited the Soviet Union on a fact-finding mission in 1936. The local Agro Joint official who helped Morrissey in her mission, Ilya Mogarychev, was arrested by the NKVD in 1937 and charged with “actively participating in anti-Soviet propaganda.” He was sentenced to death and executed in 1938 (268238) $125.00

97. Muller, Filip. Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in the Gas Chambers. NY: Stein and Day, 1981. 180 pp. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Testimony of a man who saw the deaths of millions and survived. Essential document. (268503) $65.00

98. Nathan-Chapotot Roger. Les Nations Unies Et Les Refugies : Le Maintien De La Paix Et Le Conflit De Qualifications Entre L’Ouest Et L’Est. Pedone, 1949. 292 pp.fslight library mark on fep and spine, paper yellowing but not brittle, includes material on the Jewish refugees. Good. Hardcover .
Preface by Hans Wehberg (268125) $40.00

99. Neukrantz, Klaus. Barricades in Berlin: A Working Class Epic. NY: International Publishers, 1929. 182 pp. dj very torn. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Working class uprising in Berlin. Important ‘novel.’ Neukrantz was an active Communist and was imprisoned by the Nazis and probably died incarcerated. (268495) $25.00

100. Nieuwsma Milton (editor). Kinderlager An Oral History of Young Holocaust Survivors. NY: Holiday House, 1998. 160 pp. Good. Hardback & DJ. (268399) $12.00

101. Novak Vaclav. Terezin Dokumenty. Nase Vojsko – Cesky Svaz Protifasistickych Bojovniku. Praha: 1983. 80 pp. Filled with photos.Documents the history of the camp. Text in Polish, Russian, German, French, English. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (268284) $18.00

102. O’Neill, Robert. The German Army and the Nazi Party: 1933-1939. NY: Heineman, 1966. 286 pp.sfep new dj created. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268993) $12.00

103. Odic Charles. “Stepchildren of France” A Doctor’s Account of Paris in the Dark Years. Roy, 1945. 180 pp. bookplate, endpapers foxed Catholic doctor held as hostage at Buchenwald. Good. Hardcover . (268195) $30.00

104. Oppeln-Bronikowski, Dr. h. c. Friedrich von. Gerechtigkeit! Zur Losung der Judenfrage Mit einem Geleitwort von Ricarda Huch. Berlin: Huch, 1932. 96 pp. Good. Wrapper.
Arguments opposing Anti Semitism (268182) $32.00

105. Paetel Karl. Reise ohne Uhrzeit; Autobiographie. World of Books, 1982. Exile writer , writes of Berlin in the 1930s Paris 1937-1940 and transit to USA . Very good. Cloth. (268175) $25.00

106. Page Alex. The Passing of a Family. Amherst: self published, 1990. 42 pp. Very good. Paperback.
Spent boyhood in Berlin from 1926 to 1937. Inscribed Became Professor at UMass. This work is about his Hungarian relatives and what happened to them in the Shoah. Eighteen members of his family perished. (246496) $20.00

107. Page Alex. Under the Nazi Shadow; Childhood in Germany Refugee in England Citizen in America. Amherst: self published, 1993. 72 pp. Very good. Paperback.
Spent boyhood in Berlin from 1926 to 1937. (246002) $24.00

108. Pankiewicz, Tadeusz. The Cracow Ghetto Pharmacy. NY: Holocaust Librray, 1987. 12mo 151 pp.slight wear along sides inside of dj has stains and back of dj has slight stains internally vg Written by a non Jewish pharmacist in the Cracow Ghetto, eyewitness and also helped Jews. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268219) $42.00

109. Pelgar Susskind SHira. HaAtarah Sheabdah BeGetto Lodz IveMahanot. Bet Lohmei Hagetaot, 1980s?. 272 pp. dj creased and worn, work is in Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268430) $47.00

110. (Poland) Abramsky Chimen editor. The Jews in Poland. Blackwell, 1986. 261 pp. seventeen excellent essays, ex library with markings, covers worn. Good-. Hardcover . (268406) $15.00

111. Porter Ruth editor. Journey to Poland In search of a Vanished Jewish World. The Center for the Study of Jewish Heroism March of the Living , 1980s?. about 36 pages, filled with extraordinary photos of pre War Poland and the Shoah, essays. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (268199) $24.00

112. Pressac Jean Claude presented and commented by. The Struthof Album Study of the Gassing at Natzweiler Struthof of 86 Jews whose bodies were to constitute a collection of skeletons A photographic document. LKlarsfeld Fnd, 1985. 88 pp. corners of cover slight crease. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Edited by Serge Klarsfeld (268293) $175.00

113. Pugacheva Emma. Mikhail Andreevich Savitsk Mikhail Savitski / Michail Sawizki. Minsk: “Belarus”, 1982. 8vo.195 pp.Summaries in English, French, German, and Spanish.,:catalogue raisonne. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
In the Resistance survived Buchenwald, extensive paintings of Russian life during the War, the partisans and many images concerning the concentration camps and the depravity of the Nazis. (268458) $75.00

114. Rakovsky Puah. My Life as a Radical Jewish Woman: Memoirs of a Zionist Feminist in Poland. Indiana University Press, 2002. 205 pp.Discusses Jewish life in Poland until 1935 when she made aliyah. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268333) $25.00

115. The Refugee in World Affairs. School of International Affairs, 1953. 112 pp. slight library marks Ten essays, including Jweish refugees in the Midle east, The Displaced Persons, Admission and Integration of Refugees in the USA and other refugee groups included, Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Journal of Int affairs Volume 7 No 1 (268414) $25.00

116. Richter Tilo. Erich Mendelsohns Kaufhaus Schocken. Judische Kulturgeschichte in Chemnitz. Passage, 1998. 120 pp. Also gives history of the Scocken family and the publishing house. Schocken left Nazi Germany for Palestine.and their department stores were taken over by the Nazis. Very Good. Hardcover . (268579) $48.00

117. Riquet Padre R P Michel Preducadir de ka catedral de Notre Dame de Paris . El Cristiano frente al Antisemitismo. Buenos AIres: Inst Judio Argentini, 1956. 29 pp. slight library mark, In Spanish from the French. Writes on tenth anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz, details life under Hitler and the camps and his and the church stand against Anti Semitism. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
As early as 1940, Michel Riquet took an important part in the Resistance, in the Hector network, the Combat Zone Nord group and the Comète3 network (allied aviators escape route). But he does not give up public speech. He speaks in full Occupation in the church of St. Severin and does not hesitate to question the German conscience. The Gestapo finally arrested him in January 1944. He was interned in Compiègne, deported to Mauthausen, then, from April 1944 to May 1945, in Dachau, with Edmond Michelet. He kept strong friendships with fellow captives (notably with Claude Lemaitre and Marcel Cerbu), Jews, Communists, Freemasons …(Wikipedia) (268456) $65.00

118. Ritter, Gerhard. Carl Goerdeler und die Deutscher Widerstands-Bewegung. Stuttgart: DVA, 1954. 630 pp. bookplate dj torn. Good +. Hardback & DJ. (268563) $15.00

119. Roosevelt Kermit introduction. The Overseas Targets War Report of the OSS Volume II Top Secret. Walker, 1976. 460 pp. small green tape on spine and date due sticker on back pastedown dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (265176) $47.00

120. Ruppin, Dr. Arthur. The Jewish Fate and Future. London: Macmillan, 1940. 385 pp. covers worn and stains with extensive material on Anti Semitism and some material on Nazism and impact. good. Cloth.
Important study, sweeping study (268408) $15.00

121. Schonfeld, Moses, (editor). The Mark of the Swastika: Extracts from the British War Blue Book with White Paper on the Treatment of German Nationals in Germany. NY: Ad Press, 1941. 105+105 pp.In English and Yiddish. , stain to back cover. good. stiff wrap.
Comprehensive discussion of treatment of Jews ,including the concentration camps.Filled with British and German documents and testimony by prisoners. (268244) $26.00

122. Schonfeld, Moses, (editor). The Mark of the Swastika: Extracts from the British War Blue Book with White Paper on the Treatment of German Nationals in Germany. NY: Ad Press, 1941. 105+105 pp.In English and Yiddish. good. stiff wrap.
Comprehensive discussion of treatment of Jews ,including the concentration camps.Filled with British and German documents and testimony by prisoners. (268739) $40.00

123. Schramm Hanna. Menschen in Gurs. Erinnerungen an ein franzosisches Internierungslager 1940 – 1941.Mit einem dokumentarischen Beitrag zur franz. Emigrantenpolitik 1933 – 1944. Heintz, 1977. 384 pp. ex library with markings. Very Good. library binding. (267198) $48.00

124. Schulman, Elias. The Holocaust in Yiddish Literature. NY: Workmen’s Circle, 1983. 96 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (268178) $15.00

125. Schulz, Bruno. The Booke of Idolatry. Paris: Interpress, 1988. 116 pp. dj torn and worn. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268276) $18.00

126. Schwarberg, Gunther. In the Ghetto of Warsaw Heinrich Jost’s Photographs. Steidel, 2001. 137 photos. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (268683) $53.00

127. Schwarz Daniel R. Imagining the Holocaust. St. Martin’s Griffin, 1999. 354 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (262217) $10.00

128. Seger, Gerhart. Oranienburg: Erster authentischer Bericht eines aus dem Konzentrationslager Gefluchteten. Karlsbad: Graphia, 1934. 75 pp.lacks small pieces of front and back cover, spine torn, title page creased. Good-. wrapper.
Mit einem Geleitwort von Heinrich Mann. (268154) $125.00

129. Sehn Jan. Oswiecim – Brzezinka (Auschwitz – Birkenau) Concentration Camp. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Prawnicze, 1961. 168 pp includes map, Good +. Wrapper. (268209) $30.00

130. Shonfeld, Reb Moshe. The Holocaust Victims Accuse: Documents and Testimony on Jewish War Criminals. Brooklyn: Neturei Karta, 1977. 124 pp. good. wrapper.
On Kovner, Brand, the Judenrat and accusation of Zionist complicity with the Nazis. (268254) $36.00

131. Siegel, Barbie Lehmann. Memorial Volume on the Occasion of the Fifteenth Yahrzeit of James H. Lehmann. 1997. 36 pp covers worn, creased, contains scholarly articles and a writing by James Lehmann. Good. Wrapper.
Lehmann Foundation sponsors many Jewish institutions (268559) $18.00

132. Singer, Kurt. Duel for the Northland: The War of Enemy Agents in Scandanavia. NY: Robert McBride, 1943. 212 torn. good. Hardback & DJ.
Underground warfare by refugee writer. See Sternfeld: DEL.s.469 (268384) $16.00

133. Smith, Marcus. Dachau: The Harrowing of Hell. New Mexico, 1972. 8vo 291 pp. dj torn. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
A US Army doctor describes his work to save 32,000 survivors of Dachau (268279) $12.00

134. Smolar, Boris. In the Service of My People. Baltimore: Baltimore Hebrew College, 1982. 300 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Chief European Correspondent for Jewish Telegraphic Agency, describes his work in Nazi Germany from 1933 and 1936 and covering Stalin. (268499) $18.00

135. Sperber Manes. …than a tear in the ocean. Bergen-Belsen Association New York , 1967. 89 pp.end paper slight foxing begins with his essay Hurban or the Inconceivable Certainty xxi pp. then andre Malraux introduction then the novel about the Shoah. Very Good. Hardcover . (268241) $30.00

136. Steinberg Irene. My Childhood in Hungary. Vantafe, 1992. 53 pp. slight foxing. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268249) $48.00

137. Strnad Maximilian . Zwischenstation “Judensiedlung”: Verfolgung und Deportation der judischen Munchner 1941-1945; Studien Zur Judischen Geschichte Und Kultur In Bayern Band 4. Oldenbourg, 2011. 200 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (268583) $17.00

138. Survivors Speak Out. Gefen, 1989. 96 pp. about t 40 presentations, inscribed by Hana Greenfield one of the survivors. Good +. Stiff Wrapper. (268286) $16.00

139. Suzman Arthur. Six million did die: The truth shall prevail. South African Jewish Board of Deputies, 1977. 137 pp. wear to cover. Good. Wrapper.
with testimony and graphic images (268360) $15.00

140. Syring Enrico. Hitler – Seine politische Utopie. Propylaen, 1994. 391 pp. includes typed letter from the author discussing the book with a Professor friend. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268383) $10.00

141. Syulemezov S. Furrows That Blazed a Trail Memoriea. Sofia Press, 1970. 281 pp. Includes material on life on an agricultural combine and fighting the Nazis with the partisans in Bulgaria. Good +. Hardcover . (268439) $17.00

142. Szajkowski, Zosa. Jews and the French Foreign Legion. KTAV, 1975. 280 pp. covers worn, book plate, end paper slight stain and foxing. Good. Hardcover .
Includes Jews who enlisted during the Second World War (268305) $47.00

143. This Shall Tell All Ages: Art, Music and Writings of the Holocaust. United Jewish Appeal, 1967?. 24 stapled pages. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (268515) $16.00

144. Thorne Leon. Out of the Ashes. Bloch, 1976. Third Edition. 204 pp. dj slight creases Holocaust memoir of survivor of Janover, Lembrg Ghetto, awas in Drohobycz and Sambor Ghetto, mainatined his religious identity. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268211) $55.00

145. Trebicki W . Muzeum Walki i Meczenstwa Treblinka. Warsaw: Zetpress, 1987. In English and Polish about 20 pages black and white photos. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (268235) $23.00

146. Tuchman Marcel. Remember My Stories of Survival and Beyond. Holocaust Survivors Memoir Project and Yad Vashem,, 2010. 260 pp. slight crease to cover, From Przemysl ghetto and slave labor at Auschwitz to attending university in post war Germany to becoming doctor in USA, filled with photos. Good +. Paperback. (268267) $25.00

147. U.S. Library of Congress, Legislative Reference Service (Griffith E S). Fascism In Action –A Documented Study and Analysis Of Fascism in Europe. Washington, D.C.: Gov. Printing Office, 1947. 206 pp. taped number on spine, slight library mark on fep. Good. Hardcover .
Prepared under direction of Wright Patman; by E.S. Griffith. House Doument 401 (269006) $10.00

148. Universiteitsbibliotheek van Amsterdam. Systematische Catalogus Van de Judaica Der Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana. Amsterdam: International Antiquiaat, 1938. Vol III . pg 207-308, tear to spine, crease to cover. good. wrapper.

Important re the Nazi confiscation of Jewish libraries., Catalog of some of the holding of the Library (268581) $18.00

149. Vago Bela editor. Jews and Non Jews in Eastern Europe 1918-1945. Wiley, 1974. 334 pp. book plate fore edge slight foxing , Sixteen essays includes the Shoah. Good. Hardcover . (268316) $25.00

150. Vinocur, Ana. A Book Without a Title. NY: Vantage, 1976. 139 pp. dj torn book plate, slight foxing fore edge. good. Hardback & DJ.
Holocaust memoir by survivor of Auschwitz. (268355) $18.00

151. Vorobeichic, Moses (Moshé Raviv-Vorobeichic, aka Moï Ver). The Ghetto Lane in Wilna (The Ghetto Lane in Vilna. Schaubücher 27): 65 pictures by M. Vorobeichic. Orrell Fussli, 1931. .8 pp. English text and 7 pp. Hebrew text, 64 illustrattions, endpapers foxed and slight library mark, last page of preface and page after Hebrew intro foxing, slight impact an last photo, wear alon gsides of boards, cover illustrations bit worn Preface “The Jewish Street in Light and Shadow” by S. Chnéour. Good. Boards. (268200) $475.00

152. Weinberg David. A Community on Trial: The Jews of Paris in the 1930’s. Chicago, 1977. 235 pp. wear to covers, stain to fore edge How did the 1930s FrenchJewish political life prepare Jewry for the Shoah. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268375) $25.00

153. Whiteman, Dorit Bader. The Uprooted: Voices of Those Who Escaped before the ‘Final Solution’. NY: Insight Books, 1993. 446 pp. New. Hardback & DJ.
Gripping study by a clinical psychologist, herself a refugee, based on interviews with 190 escapees. Their stories are “part of an evolving body in Holocaust literature stressing not pathology but resilience.” (Robert Jay Lifton) (269001) $7.00

154. Wiesel Elie (signed copy). Zalman, or the Madness of God. random House, 1974. UJA Commemorative edition signed by Wiesel, in a box. Very Good. Hardcover . (268216) $52.00

155. Wiesel Elie. Night. NY: Hill and Wang, 1960. 116 pp. signed and dated by Wiesel on half title , lacks dj ,former owner book plate and pen name written on free end paper, copy right page states First American edition Septmber 1960 Good +. Hardcover . (268227) $275.00

156. Willenbacher Jorg (Osterroth Franz). Deutsche Flüsterwitze. Das Dritte Reich unterm Brennglas. Karlsbad: Graphia, 1935. 82 pp. cover disbound tears to sides of cover and small piece of back cover, small pieces of spine lacking,dog eared pages. Fair. Wrapper.
Sternfeld DEL pp. 249 Anti Nazi Press in Prague (268155) $135.00

157. Wrede Franz Otto. Schmelztiegel Amerika, Berlin: Zentralverlag der NSDAP,, 1941. 136 pp. Nazi history of the USA as melting pot. Good. Paperback. (268464) $25.00

158. Yivo Archives: 1. The Warsaw Ghetto in Pictures: Illustrated Catalog: 450 Pictures. NY: YIVO, 1970. In Yiddish and English large 8vo 30 pp. wear to covers. good. Stiff Wrapper. (268285) $85.00

159. Zimmels, Rabbi H.J. The Echo of the Nazi Holocaust in Rabbinic Literature. NY: KTAV, 1977. 372 pp.fore edge foxing, dj torn, book plate. good. Hardback & DJ.
Based on Rabbinical Responsa ,replies by Rabbis to various problems posed by victims of the Nazis during and after Shoah (268268) $55.00

160. Zylberberg Michael. A Warsaw Diary, 1939-1945. Valentine Mtchell, 1969. 216 pp.fore edges foxed. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (268255) $20.00

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