Lemberg – October 2016

1.     Alliance of Lithuanian Jews of Philadelphia. 25th Anniversary Jubilee. Alliance, 1964. Journal with ads, corners bumped, about 100 pages In Yiddish and English with some memorials to the Shoah. Good +. Wrapper.  (261295)    $25.00

2.     Alson Jacob Epstein Ben Belth Nathan. Germany Nine Years Later; Study tour taken at invitation of FR of West Germany. NY: ADL, 1954. 30 pp. slight library mark, Epstein and Belth were known for their studies on Antisemitism. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (266010)    $30.00

3.     Amending the Refugee Relief Act. USGPO, March 1954. 20 pp. had been folded in half. Good. Wrapper.

Report No 1323  (265343)    $30.00

4.     Antologia. Churbn-Proze, poezie un drame; Del holocausto. Buenos Aires: Ateneo Literario en el IWO, 1970. 430 pp. In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .

Volume 41  (265212)    $36.00

5.     Auerbach Rahel. Oyf di felder fun Treblinke Treblinka : (Reportaz). Lodz: Centralna zy dowska Komisja historyczna, 1947. 106 pp. In Yiddish , with fold out plan, new covers, paper tanning but not brittle. Good. Wrapper.  (266323)    $40.00

6.     Baird, Jay. The Mythical World of Nazi War Propaganda, 1939-1945. Minnesota, 1974. 328 pp.sfep dj slight creases. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265325)    $38.00

7.     Bloch Rabbi Chaim. Mi Nosan Lemesesah Yaakov v’Yisroel l’Boz’zim; Who gave Jacob fr a spoil and Isrel to the robbers? Isaiah 42:24. slef, 1950s. 154 pp. in Hebrew Radical national Zionism caused the destruction of the Jews of europe during the Shoah. Good +. Hardcover .  (261158)    $45.00

8.     Blumental N. Dokumenty I Materialy Z Czasow Okupacji Niemieckiej W Polsce Tom 1 Obozy. Lodz: Wydaw Centr Zydow Kom Hist, 1946. 8vo 350 pp. in plain brown wrappers, paper yellowing but not brittle, last pages of document loose; In Polish, introduction by Philip Friedman. good. wrapper.

Nr. 6 Documents and material concerning the death camps  (265214)    $55.00

9.     Braham, Randolph. Genocide and Retribution: The Holocaust in Hungarian-ruled Northern Transylvania. NY: Kluer Nijhoff, 1983. 260 pp. many chapters on the various ghettos. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.  (265570)    $48.00

10.     Browning Chistopher (editor). Every Day Lasts a Year; A Jewish Family’s Correspondence from Poland. Cambridge, 2007. 284 pp. Very Good in VG DJ. Hardback & DJ.

Letters to a refugee son in 1940 fighting deportation in NY back to Poland , from his family stuck as war approaches, and his desperate attempts to rescue them.
Incredible to read is the US Government’s attempts to deport him and his family back to Poland due to lack of documents.  (261290)    $8.00

11.     Bryks, Rachmil (inscribed). Ghetto Factory 76 (Chemical Waste Conversion) Poem. NY: Bloch, 1967. . Bilingual English-Yiddish text. 110pp. good. cloth.

*Inscribed by the author to Abraham Joshua Heschel, with Heschel’s bookplate present also.* Translated by Theodore Primack and Eugen Kullmann. Kullmann, a German Jewish refugee scholar of classics, philosophy and religion, was a student of Buber and friend of Hesse and a legendary teacher at the New School and Kenyon College. Introduction by Isaac Bashevis Singer. Ilustrations by Raphael Soyer. Cantata by William Gunther. Bryks, who dedicated this poem to his “dear friend Aaron Zeitlin”, also wrote A Cat in the Ghetto  (265156)    $85.00

12.     Bundesministerium des Innern. Verfassungsschutzbericht 1995    ; Linksextremistische Bestrebungen. Rechtsextremistische Bestrebungen. Sicherheitsgefahrdende und extremistische Bestrebungen von Auslandern, Spionage. Bundesministerium des Innern, 1996. 340 pp. slight library mark, important documentation of extremist groups and neo Nazis with examples of their publications. Good. Paperback.  (261298)    $18.00

13.     Buro des Judischen Weltkongresses. Beitrage zum studien Judischer Siedlunsmoglichkeiten. Genf: Judischer Weltkongress, Januar 1939. about 150 pages slight library marks, attached in library folder paper yellowing but not brittle, mimeograph slight library mark on title page, tears to spine of protective folder, do not see in worldcat. Good. Wrapper.

statistical information on possible settlement places of Jewish refugees incluing Ceylon Kenya Alaska British Guyana Northern Rhodesia Lower California, and others includes temperatures, populations, imports , exports, diseases, etc.  (261284)    $325.00

14.     Bytwerk, Randall L. Julius Streicher: The man who persuaded a nation to hate Jews. NY: Dorset Press, 1983. 236 pp. photos dj torn. Good +. Hardback & DJ.

Notorious Anti-Semite, editor of Der Sturmer, executed at Nuremberg.  (261064)    $10.00

15.     Carmilly- Weinberger Moshe. On Three Continents; An Autobiography. Romania: EFES, 2007. 266 pp. + 43 photos. Very Good. Cloth.

Professor Weinberger describes his childhood in Transylvania, studies in a typical Hungarian yeshiva, then his experiences at the Rabbinical Seminaries in Budapest and Breslau. He is one of the few remaining scholars who can give a first hand account of the glory days of these two venerable institutions and the great teachers and personalities who taught there, such as Ludwig Blau, Simon Hevesi, Michael Guttmann, Arnold Kiss, etc. His vivid recollections of these two institutions bring back to life the pre-Holocaust world in a way that no mere academic treatise can. The chapters on his tenure as Chief Rabbi of the Neolog community in Cluj-Kolozsvar in Transylvania (from the mid1930’s to 1944) are also a lively, fascinating and at times dramatic portrait of a vanished world. The anguish of the Holocaust, his remarkable journey to Palestine amidst the ruins of war-torn Romania and his subsequent experiences in pre-state Israel and his career in the Israeli diplomatic service as envoy to Budapest also make for gripping, exciting reading. His book is also an account of his life up to and including his visit to China circa. 1980’s (he & late wife were on the first organized Jewish tour to China)
(265865)    $32.00

16.     CDJC. Le Temps des Rafles. Le sort des Juifs en France pendant la guerre. Hotel de Ville, 1992. 191 pp. in French, with haunting photos of the roundups and camps. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (265219)    $22.00

17.     Chare Nicholas. Auschwitz and Afterimages: Abjection, Witnessing and Representation. Tauris, 2011. 194 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (261265)    $38.00

18.     Clendinnen Inga. Reading the Holocaust. NY: Cambridge, 1999. 8vo 228 pp. new. Paperback.

Explores the experience of the Holocaust from the victims’ and perpetrators’ point of view.  (261248)    $3.00

19.     Craig, Gordon A. Uber die Deutschen. Nordlingen: Beck, 1983. 385 pp. Very Good in VG- DJ. Cloth.

Hitler und die neue Generation, Deutsche und Juden, Literatur und Gesellschaft, Demokratie und Nationalismus, etc. “Es ist ein in der Anlage wagemutiges und in der Ausfuhrung gut gelesenes Buch…”–Fritz Stern, NYTBR  (261249)    $10.00

20.     Dean Martin. Collaboration in the Holocaust Crimes of the Local Police in Belorussia and Urkraine 1941-1944. NY: St Martin, 2000. 12mo 240 pp. new. Paperback.  (261274)    $30.00

21.     Dryansky Larisa. Josef Breitenbach. De l’Amateur / Musee Niepce, 2001. 117 pp. German Jewish photographer who fled to Paris and came via Marseilles to NYC in 1939 Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (260350)    $45.00

22.     Elbogen Greta. God Plays Hide and Seek Poems; Gott spielt Verstecken. Kramer Gesellschaft, 2015. 94 pp. Filled with poems photos of her family in Hungary, survived the Shoah as a hidden child and her mother and sister were hidden by Wallenberg in Budapest,
writes of her life. Very Good. Paperback.  (261089)    $25.00

23.     Emergency Migration of Escapees Expellees and Refugees; Hearings before the Subcommittee on the Judiciary United States Senate. USGPO, 1953. 324 pp. brown stains to cover. Good. Stiff Wrapper.

First session on S 1917  (265344)    $40.00

24.     Ester. Warsaw: Centrum edukacyjmiemu Kultury Zydowskiej, 1998. In Polish and Hebrew 37 pp. illustration in black and white. Good +. spiral bound.

Reprint of Esther from the Five Megillot illustrated by Frost Ktav  (261081)    $36.00

25.     Fast Vera. Children’s Exodus: A History of the Kindertransport. Tauris, 2011. 270 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (261275)    $17.00

26.     Faulhaber, Kardinal. Judentum, Christentum, Germanentum: Adventspredigten zu Munchen 1933. Munchen: Huber, 1933. 124 pp. ex library , with taped number on spine. good. Wrapper.

Sermon delivered by anti Nazi Cardinal.  (261318)    $15.00

27.     Final Act and convention relation to the status of stateless persons United Nations Conference on the Status of Stateless Persons held at New York from 13 – 23 September 1954. United Nations, 1956. about 40 pp. slight library marks In English French and Spanish. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (266015)    $95.00

28.     Fischer Lars. The Socialist Response to Antisemitism in Imperial Germany. Cambridge, 2007. 252 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (261211)    $8.00

29.     Flugge Manfred. Wider Willen im Paradies; Deutsche Schriftsteller im Exil in Sanary sur Mer. Aufbau, 1976. 162 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (241858)    $15.00

30.     Folsom, Franklin. Days of Anger, Days of Hope: A Memoir of the League of American Writers: 1937-1942. Niwot: Univ. Press of Colorado, 1994. 376 pp, new. Hardback & DJ.

Extensive material on rescuing writers and assisting refugees from Nazi Germany  (261310)    $10.00

31.     Forbes, H D. Nationalism, Ethnocentrism and Personality: Social Science and Critical Theory. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago, 1985.  255 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.

Reexamination of the classic work The Authoritarian Personality and reveals some defects in the basic theory.  (261311)    $12.00

32.     Fruhwald Wolfgang. Leben im Exil Probleme der Integration deutscher Fluchtlinge im Ausland 1933-1945. Hoffmann, 1981. 284 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (242541)    $20.00

33.     Funke Manfred hrsg. Demokratie und Diktatur : Geist u. Gestalt polit. Herrschaft in Deutschland und Europa. Bundeszentrale, 1987. 613 pp. 38 essays including many on the Holocaust, Second War and the Jews book pocket and small library stamp. Very Good. Paperback.  (261258)    $22.00

34.     Gar, Joseph. Umkum fun Der Yidisher Kovne. The Extermination of the Jews of Kowno (Kaunas). Special Issue to Unser Weg (Our Way). EUCOM, 1947. 424 pp. tear to cover,sfep, In Yiddish. Good +. Paperback.

Gar wrote with Philip Friedman the Bibliography of Yiddish Books on the Catastrophe published by Yad Vashem in 1962  (265766)    $18.00

35.     Gegenwart und Rückblick. 50 Zeitzeugnisse zur Geschichte der Westmächte und Berlin 1945 – 1994., Past and Present. 50 Mementos recall the Western Allied Presence in Berlin 1945-1994. / Present et retrospective. 50 temoignages de l’histoire des Allies et Berlin 1945 a 1994. : Alliierten Museum, 1998. 144 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (261170)    $36.00

36.     Gonen Jay. The Roots of Nazi Psychology; Hitler’s Utopian Barbarism. Louisville: Univ Press Kentucky, 2000. 223 pages. Very good. Hardback & DJ.  (261316)    $15.00

37.     Gordon Robert editor. The Cambridge Companion to Primo Levi. Cambridge, 2007. 205 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (261263)    $20.00

38.     Gurdus, Luba Krugman (signed by). The Death Train: A Personal Account of a Holocaust Survivor. Holocaust Library, 1978. 174 pp. dj torn inscribed by author. Good +. Hardback & DJ.

The author, a survivor of the Maydanek Camp, describes her family’s plight, and the Judenzug on its way to Belzec.  (265173)    $25.00

39.     Gurland A R L. Fight Against Antisemitism within the Framework of Germany’s Education for Democracy Draft of a Program. self with Manhattan return address (as submission to AJC?), 1947?. 62 pp. slight library mark, mimeograph Written by signifigant political scientist pointing out methods for reintegrating democracy, especially of interest is the discussion concerning the plight of the DPS, their perception by the Germans, their condition in Germany and ways to integrate them. Concerns re antisemtism and ways to combat, Coming from Marxist critical theory background. (I do not think there are any other copies of this around) Good. Stiff Wrapper.

Involved in formulation of critical theory s Frankfurt School.. Involved in exile anti Nazi activity in Germany and France, refugee in NYC,Was at the Institute for Social Research in New York, Worked for the AJC who sponsored his work in 1946 and 1947. He prepared new studies on anti-Semitism in Germany and the Soviet Union as a freelance researcher for the AJC and composed a few manuscripts amounting to more than 3,000 pages altogether. Wrote with Neumann and Kirchheimer The Fate of Small Business in Nazi Germany,Important figure in reestablishement of political science departments in Germany after the War,

(266007)    $750.00

40.     “Have Jews Condemned Communism?”; A presentation of the facts in the case for Father Wallace Burk, Radio Station WEW St Louis. February 1940. 40 pp. mimeographed, slight library mark Various leaders of American Jewry condemning Communism and decrying fascism in Germany, Was put together to counter charges that Jews were fronting for the Communists, Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (266004)    $42.00

41.     Heidelberger-Leonard, Irene. The Philosopher of Auschwitz: Jean Améry and Living with the Holocaust. Tauris, 2010. 301 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (261278)    $15.00

42.     Hill Roland. A Time out of joint A Journey from Nazi Germany to Post War Britain. Radcliffe, 2007. 322 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Fleeing Austria and ending up in London as enemy alien and then serving in British Army, had converted to Catholicism though was born Jewish  (261277)    $26.00

43.     Hillesum, Etty. An Interrupted Life: The Diaries of Etty Hillesum: The intimate journal of a young Jewish woman in Holland during the Holocaust. NY: Pantheon, 1981. 226 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.  (261198)    $5.00

44.     Hinsley, F.H. British Intelligence in the Second World War. Cambridge: Cambridge UP/HMSO, 1979-1990. 6-volume set (complete). Authors include F H Hinsley, E E Thomas, C F G Ransom, R C Knight, C A G Simkins and Michael Howard. A comprehensive and detailed account of the subject. Vol I, II & III – Its Influence on Strategy and Operations. Vol IV – Security and Counter-Intelligence. Vol V – Strategic Deception.
Volume III is in two parts, dj very good. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (265557)    $250.00

45.     Hoffman Benzion. Toyznt yor Pinsk: geshikhte fun der shtot: der Yidisher yishev, institutsyes, sotsyale bavegungen, perzenlekhkaytn, gezelshaftlekhe tuer, Pinsk iber der velt. NY: : Pinsker Brentsh Arberer-Ring, , 1941. 500 pp.In Yiddish covers bit worn, crwon bumped History of the Jews of Pinsk from the Middle Ages up to the Shoah. Good. Hardcover .  (260962)    $65.00

46.     Huonker Gustav. Literaturszene Zürich : Menschen, Geschichten und Bilder 1914 bis 1945., Unionsverlag, 1986. 2. Auflage. 191 pp. small book pokcet, contains important material concerning the Switzerland and the War and the refugees and their work. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (261261)    $30.00

47.     Jabotinsky,  Vladimiro. La Nacion Judia y La Guerra. Buenos AIres: Oriente, 1941. 200 pp. paper yellowing but not brittle, Good. Hardcover .

The War and The Jew  (261099)    $45.00

48.     Jacobs Janet. Memorializing the Holocaust: Gender, Genocide and Collective Memory. Tauris, 2010. 176 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (261264)    $30.00

49.     Judische Revue. Mukacevo CSR : Nekudah Verlag, Juli-Dez 1936 Vebr Nov Dez 1937. Six issues bound together and II Jahrgang Nr 2, Sonder Ausgabe fur den Judischen Buchklub und Nr 12 65-128 pp., 641-704 pp., 705-761 (3 issues) , library markings and title written on spine. Good. library binding.

Fiiled with articles and essays by exiles , Discusses Palestine, the Middle East.the situation of the Jews in Europe.includes the arts  (262510)    $45.00

50.     Judt Tony. Reappraisals Reflections on the Forgotten Twentieth Century. Penguin, 2008. 447 pp. slight mark on fore edge, collection of essays including on Manes Sperber, Albert Camus, Hannah Arendt, Arthur Koestler. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (261168)    $7.00

51.     Jugendbucherei des Keren Kajemeth Lejisrael. Zahlet (Zahlt) die Tage Uber Omerzeit, Lag B’Omer und Schwuot. Berlin: Hechaluz Verlag, 1936. 90 pp,. stories and midrasch for the Hagim and happenings in Erez Yisrael in 1936, mostly in German some Hebrew. Good. Wrapper.

Jugendbucherei des Keren Kajemeth Lejisrael Heft 2/3  (253697)    $20.00

52.     Kaczerginski, Sz. [Szmerke]. Ikh bin geven a partizan (Di grine legende) / Fui guerrillero (La leyenda verde). Buenos Aires: self, 1952. 390 pp. inscribed by author, pages yellowing but not britle, Memoir of partisan during Second War. Good. Hardcover .  (261100)    $45.00

53.     Kirchheimer Otto. West German Trade Unions: Their Domestic and Foreign Policies. Santa Monica: Rand Corporation, 1956. 158 pp. tear to cover, slight foxing. mimeo copy. Good. Stiff Wrapper.

Important exile political scientist. Wrote Punishment and Social Structure. Involved with Institute of Social Reserach and with Horkheimer.  (266014)    $125.00

54.     Klarsfeld, Beate inscribed. Wherever They May Be. NY: Vanguard Press, 1975. 345 pp. slight library marks. good. Hardback & DJ.

Crusader against Nazi criminals, exposing them and documenting the crimes. Autobiography.  (261155)    $10.00

55.     Leftwich, Joseph foreword by Stefan Zweig. What will happen to the Jews? London: King, 1936. 264 pp. slight library mark of fep, hinge starting. good. Hardcover .

Describing the condition of the Jews in Europe and the rise of Nazism and explores places Jews can emigrate to and colonize and also Zionism.  (265768)    $24.00

56.     Leibel Rabbi. Hurban
. Brooklyn NY: self, 1935?. manuscript The wrapper is eleven pages.. It is in Yiddish and Hebrew and seems to be a service created by this Rabbi to curse out Hitler and the Nazis with a clear perception of what is going on in Europe.
Good. Wrapper.

Even if the author calls himself “Rabbi Leibel,” there is something simple and unsophisticated about the writing. Its even hard to say when its written. One page where he is declaring a fast day , has the date: the eve of Rosh Hashanah 1933. The ceremony he is suggesting for Kol Nidre night, seems more appropriate for right after the war, when the extent of the Holocaust was well known.I don’t think he would suggest saying the blessing of Baruch Dayan Emet, repeated when someone has died, in 1933 when Jews were not being murdered.(By the way, no one whould rip their clothes in grief right before Kol Nidre, and certainly not in 1933. ) The page where he is praying for the destruction of Hitler and Hitlerism,is not clearly dated. His Hebrew-Yiddish diction is quite unclear .So the situation is quite confusing-it is dated at 1933, but seems to have later material also.  (261357)    $265.00

57.     Levene Mark. Genocide in the Age of the Nation State: Volume 1: The Meaning of Genocide. Tauris, 2008. 266 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (261276)    $15.00

58.     (Lowenheim Walter ) Miles. Neu beginnen! : Faschismus oder Sozialisten Deutschlands Als Dikussionsgrundlage der Sozialisten Deutschlands. Karlsbad: Graphia, 1933. 62 pp. covers worn and creased had been folded in half Sternfeld DEl s. 231 Good-. Stiff Wrapper.

“…elite German labor group Neu Beginnen, which was formed in 1929 by Walter Löwenheim (a.k.a. Miles). Neu Beginnen, initially called the “Leninist Organization,began its operation in Berlin with the aim of infiltrating and eventually uniting the German labor movement against the rise of national socialism. This close-knit group of socialists and communists rejected both sides of the labor divide—the Sozialdemokratischen Partei Deutschlands (SPD) and the Kommunist Partei Deutschlands (KPD). When Hitler took control in 1933, the organization went underground and commenced covert anti-Nazi operations.” Walter Renaud” The Genesis of the Emergency Rescue Committee,”  (265135)    $48.00

59.     Lozowick, Louis (Essay by). 100 Contemporary American Jewish Painters and Sculptors Haynttseytike Amerikaner Yidisher Maler un Skulpturn; (title on cover is One Hundred American Jewish Artists). YKUF, Art Section, 1947. 207 pp. dj worn and torn , base of spine slightly bumped, top inner corrner bumped, In Yiddish and English. At least ten of the illustrations represent the Shoah. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Ilustrated with black and white photo of the artist as well as one of their paintings or sculptures. Artists include Nahum Aronson, Max Band, George Beline, Theresa Bernstein, Boris Deutch, Maurice Glickman, Chaim Gross, Lily Harmon, Frank Horowitz, Jack Levine, Saul Raskin, Moses Soyer, Max Weber, and many others. Also has brief biographical statement as well as reflections on art.  (265934)    $65.00

60.     MacLean French. The Cruel Hunters: SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger Hitler’ Most Notorious Anti-Partisan Unit. 1998. 302 pp. dj tears. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (261054)    $22.00

61.     Maryan [SIGNED]; Cassou, Jean (Introduction). Illustrations pour “Le proces” de Franz Kafka; [10 + Prints]. Paris: Caracteres, 1953. 18 of 110 copies. Portfolio. Thirteen 24″x28″ sheets of heavy “chiffon” paper, folded in half, in like case. The case is a wrapper (with flaps) and has been protected with glassine paper. The glassine is browning, and torn along the spine, but has served its function of keeping the wrapper bright, and unscathed: the wrapper itself has only negligible fraying at the crown and the faintest of toning at the extreme top and bottom edge (really less than a millimeter!), the spine has fold creases as is inevitable for a chiffone portfolio that is not flat. Except for the lightest of toning (again only on the very extreme edges–mere mms) and the tiniest of crinkles to the corners, all sheets are in pristine condition. The first sheet is the title page, which has the same print as the cover. A beautiful bookplate (designed for Perelman) that could be the work of Maryan is very lightly pasted in (by the top edge only) on the side facing the tp. The next sheet has the artist’s dedication on the front, and Cassou’s introduction within (continued on back): “Aussi l’artiste que voici, Maryan, a-t-il vu juste en choisissant pour illustrer, non plus exactement pour evoquer, le plus beau roman de Kafka, et des motifs judaiques…Pas plus qu’on ne resiste a l’imperieuse rigueur de l’accusation et du verdict, on ne reisste a ce tragique vehement, a cet epais parfum de Bible et de ghetto que degagent les images Maryan.” was the chief conservator at the What follow are ten sheets each with a richly textured, truly kafkaesque print, illustrating scenes from the novel. These are printed on the inside, and each is protected by a loose glassine overlay. A nice touch is that the titles (L’interrogateur; Leni; La Fin) on the front of each folded sheet all begin with a strikingly printed capital L, each one unique. The final sheet has a heartbreaking image of a figure seated at a table with the scales of justice on the front, and the copyright page, SIGNED by the artist: “Cet ouvrage a ete acheve d’imprimer le 10 juin 1953 par Bruno Durocher puor le compte de sa collection “Caracteres”. Edition Imprimerie des Poetes, 16, cite Bisson, Paris (20^e). Il en a ete tire 110 exemplaires sur offset pur chiffon numerotes de 1 a 110. Numero de cet exemplaire: 13″ {may be 18: the stamp is rather baroque}. Very Good.

Pinchas Burstein, who began showing work under the name Maryan (later Maryan S. Maryan) in the early 50s, was born in 1927 in Nowy Sacz. He spent the duration of the war, from age 12 to 18, in concentration camps, from 1940 on at Auschwitz, where he lost his leg, shot by guards. Most of his family perished in the camps: both his parents, his brother, and his sister. These illustrations, his first publication, are dedicated to their memory. In the early 60s, he moved from Paris to New York, where he died of a heart attack at the age of 50. His work was exhibited in Paris and Jerusalem during his lifetime, but received wider critical attention only posthumously. Despite its reductive (and exaggerated) first sentence, “A survivor of six years in the Auschwitz concentration camp,” Grace Glueck’s 1985 Times review of simultaneous New York retrospectives, goes beyond summarizing his life and offers a perceptive survey of the art he made of it: “Maryan painted monsters and grotesques, single images only. He called them “Personages”. When he began to exhibit in the early 1950s, they had overtly Jewish themes; later they became more general. For a while they were brutal, exagerratedly Picassoid forms…In the early 60’s, they were mocking, clownish zombies with masklike faces and lolling tongues, suggesting visual realizations of characters from Gunter Grass’s ‘Tin Drum.’ Later, they got wilder and more gestural, with maybe a touch of de Kooning, winding up as slobbering, almost illegible bundles of mouths, flailing limbs and flying organs. His work was autobiographical, Maryan said, yet the autobiography is highly inferential.” In contrasting “the ironic sprightliness with which the work is done” to “its misanthropic message”, she echoes Cassou, who fought in the resistance, was removed from his post at the Musée d’art moderne, when the Vichy regime took power in 1940. From his introduction: “Aussi l’artiste que voici, Maryan, a-t-il vu juste en choisissant pour illustrer, non plus exactement pour evoquer, le plus beau roman de Kafka, et des motifs judaiques…Pas plus qu’on ne resiste a l’imperieuse rigueur de l’accusation et du verdict, on ne reisste a ce tragique vehement, a cet epais parfum de Bible et de ghetto que degagent les images Maryan.”  (261355)    $1,250.00

62.     Menz Kurt (Miles). Die Proletarische Revolution Allgemeine Grundzuge ihrer Theorie und ihrer Besonderheiten in Deutschland. Berlin: 1933. 131 pp. xerox copy of typed manuscript, describes also situation in Germany in 1933, was printed for friends by Menz,ie Loeweheim. This copy was for Eric Schmidt, a Socialist youth leader in Berlin in the 1930s. Includes photo of Menz attached to pastedown. Good +. Hardcover .

No citations found on worldcat, Was written originally for members and secretly distributed in Nazi Germany, Kurt Menz was another pseudonym of Walter Loewenheim ie Miles of Neu Beginnen the anti Nazi resistance group he was a leader of .  (261208)    $125.00

63.     Merkl, Peter. Political Violence Under the Nazis: 581 Early Nazis. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1975. 735 pp.bookplate removed from free end paper, number on dj and slight library mark on fep. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.

Sociological, psychological and behavioral study of 581 pre 1933 Nazis whose stories/essays were gathered by Theodor Abel  (261309)    $25.00

64.     Miller Ellen. The Window Shop Safe Harbor for Refugees 1939-1972. iUniverse, 2007. 181 pp. includes biographies and interviews with the refugees. Very Good. Paperback.

From its beginning in 1939, the Window Shop of Cambridge, Massachusetts, provided a safe harbor for hundreds of German and Austrian refugees who fled from Hitler to America. It was founded by concerned Cambridge residents who were guided only by their desire to help the refugees. Together they created a nonprofit enterprise that was unparalleled in its success and influence. ”  (261207)    $25.00

65.     Muller Hans Harald. Intellektueller Linksradikalismus in der Weimarer Republik. Kronberg: Scriptor Verlag, 1977. 171 pp. good. wrapper.  (261154)    $5.00

66.     Neubauer Wolfgang. Widerstand und Verfolgung in Wien 1934-1945 Eine Dokumentation Band 3. OBV, 1984. 555 pp. + plates. Very Good. Paperback.  (261206)    $10.00

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Szczuczn in northeastern Poland.  (261273)    $40.00

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seven volumes corresponding to the seven groups in society as defined by Sander. A total of 619 photographs were selected. Including political prisoners and refugees from the late 1930s. The one volume edition is a condensed version.,  (265270)    $450.00

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Holocaust memoir. He was imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto during the years 1940-43, and was later a member of the underground. After the war, as a member of the Central Jewish Committee of Poland, he investigated 18 cases of Jewish collaboration with German Gestapo. He lived since 1950 in Israel.(Wikipedia)  (265378)    $40.00

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Important Yiddish poet, fled Poland for Russia during the Shoah, lost most of her family, She could not stay in Poland after the War being reminded of the horrors,.” Before their departure for Paris in 1948, Rajzel Zychlinski’s third book came out in Lodz. Entitled To Bright Shores, it was dedicated “to the holy memory of my mother Dvoyre, my sister Chane, my brothers Yankev and Dovid, and their children, my mother’s grandchildren—victims of Chełmno and Treblinka.” (Jewish Women’s Archive)  (266322)    $45.00