Reprints – World Jewry – February 2018

1. (India) Simon A I . The Songs of the Jews of Cochin and their Historical Significance (reprint); A standing monument to Indian Tolerance. Cochin: Pangal Press, 1947/2014. reprint. 48 pp. This is a reprint of the original. Very Good. Wrapper. Paper read at the meeting of the members of the Cochin Branch of the Archaeological Society of South India  (270071)  $18.00


2. (Morocco) Goulven, J. Les Mellahs de Rabat Sale. Paris: Paul Guethner (Schoen Reprint), 1927 (2006). Schoen Books Reprint. A study of the Jewish community in Rabat Morocco, with 163 pages, and 32 plates ( two in color) of drawings and photos of Jewish life. new . Paperback. Reprint  (270077)  $40.00

Reprints – Books on the Shoah – February 2018

1. Abraham Max . Juda verrecke Ein Rabbiner im Konzentrationslager. Druck und Verlagsanstalt/Schoen Reprint, 1934/ 2013. 38 pp. slight library marks, Schoen Reprint. Very Good. perfect bound.
Rabbi and fighter against anti-Semitism Max Abraham was attacked in June 1933 in the small town of Rathenow an SA man. Because he put up a fight, he was taken to the concentration camp at Oranienburg, Papenburg and Lichtenburg. In 1934, he managed to escape with his wife to Czechoslovakia. He published an account of his experiences in the concentration camp. In 1939, he fled again from the Nazis to England, where he lived until his death in 1977.(Oranienburg web site) (270073) $30.00


2. Amalgamated Relief Committee. Poland Fights On: The Polish and Jewish Underground Movement in Nazi Occupied Poland. NYC: Relief Committee for Labor/Schoen Books, 1942/2013. Reprint (Schoen Books). 12mo 58 pp.title page reversed. Very Good. Perfect-bound. (270075) $25.00




World Refugee Organizations

3. American Joint Distribution Committee European Executive Offices. World Refugee Organizations: A Guide to Relief and Reconstruction Activities for Refugees from Germany. Paris: WJD/ Schoen Reprint, July 1937/ 2013. 122 pp. Amazing document with offices throughout the world especially Europe to receive the refugees, with addresses and names of officials, activities, charts of the Emigration of German Jews . Very Good. Perfect-bound.
This is a reprint of the scarce original. (270069) $25.00


4. American Joint Distribution Committee. Prompt Aid Means Effective Aid; The American Joint Distribution Committee’s Aid to Victimized Jews in Poland. Paris: European Executive Offices, 1936?. Schoen Books Reprint (2007). Extraordinary genealogical document includes photos,of the people in villages being aided and a list of the villages and inhabitants (and their profession) assisted by the Joint. Included are Minsk (Mazowiecki), Przytyk, Zagorow, Truskolasy, Odrzywol, Klwow, Drzewica, Pyzdry, Przybyszew. 22pp. + xvi. New. Perfect-bound . (270074) $30.00


5. Hartglas, A . (Intro.). The Tragedy of Polish Jewry: Joint Committee to Aid Jews of Poland. Schoen Reprint, 1940/2005. Details the murder of the Jewish population by the Nazis. 84 pp includes testimony. New. Perfect-bound .
Reproduced with original library markings to title page. (270076) $27.00



6. Joint Foreign Committee of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. The Persecution of the Jews in Germany and Supplementary Bulletin No, 1 Edited by Leonard Stein. Board of Deputies and Anglo Jewish Assn/Schoen Reprint, April and May 1933/ 2007. Schoen Books Reprint. 50+43 pages, details the horrid circumstances of the Jews with comments and declarations by various officials in UK; discusses the boycott, the Nazi terror and the plight of various professions under the Nazis: This is a reprint . Very good+ condition. Wrapper. (270072) $25.00


7. Ontario Refugee Shelter. Investigation of problems presented by refugees at Fort Ontario Refugee Shelter : hearings before Subcommittee VI of the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, House of Representatives, Seventy-ninth Congress, first session, pursuant to H. Res. 52, resolution authorizing study of immigration and naturalization laws, June 25 and 26, 1945. USGPO/Schoen Books, 1946/2013. Reprint. 183 pp. this is a reprint. Very Good. Perfect Bound.
Includes testimony by the refugees of what they experienced in Nazi Germany (270070) $25.00


8. World Alliance for Combating Anti Semitism (Salomon S M ). J’Accuse! London: WACAS/Schoen Books, 1933/2012. reprint. 55 pp. filled with data of murders and concentration camps and pictures of Nazi brutality and camps This is a reprint. Very Good. Wrapper.
“Sentence of death has been passed on the Jews of Germany-over half a million men, women and children-by Hitler and his henchmen. The entire Jewish population of Germany is face to face with starvation…and the world is yet fully awakened to the recognition of the tragedy….The Nazi policy of hypocrisy and bigotry must be exposed….It is a struggle from which no man with a heart to feel or a mind to think dare withdraw.” (270078) $30.00

To Be Reprinted: Sharit Ha-Platah


Sharit Ha-Platah (alternate spellings:Shaa’rit HaPleitah; She’erit ha-Pletah)
To-be Reprinted by Schoen Books

Published by the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in Bavaria. (edited by Abraham Klausner), Munich, June-August 1945.

The book comprises lists of Jewish survivors in concentration camps in the American and English zones of Germany and Austria.


The book contains five volumes with different forwards, bound as one.

Names of survivors are listed under the camp (with varying spellings) where they are housed; next by country or town, year of birth or age, as the information is available. Very approximately, there are 65-85 names per page. Each volume is paginated separately and all introductory pages use roman numerals.

Please note that the camp list on each ‘contents’ page is not all-inclusive, whereas our listing below is meticulously detailed. This makes cross-referencing with oral histories and other documentation possible.

Contents per volume follows.

Bavaria, Volume I, 1945:

–Dedicated to Chaplain Michael Braude, Lt.Irving Smith, Miss Edel Otto “They toiled in the hope that the liberated will soon be free” ;

–Forward by Chaplain Abraham Klausner, Dachau, June 26, 1945 and “Regarding Your Status” info page in English and German;

–Camps listed: Dachau, Munchen-Freiman (Flakkaserne), Landsberg, Shleisheim, Penzing, St.Ottilien (Lazareff), Neustift, Feldafing, Munchen-Pasing, Buchberg, Mittenwald, Garmish. 71 pp. Slight indentation and puncture to last 14 pages at top, but not affecting text.

Bavaria, Buchenwald and Others, Volume II, 1945:

–Dedicated to Lieutenants Arthur Friedland and Grant Stuart. “They forge opportunities for life for those who only yesterday walked with death.”

–Forward by A. Klausner, dachau, July 1945 and “Regarding Your Status” information page in English and German;

–Camps: Turkheim, Muhldorf, Allendorf, Dilich, Harle, Sondheim, Mardoff, Frieiendorf, Verna, Homberg, Kamer, Hasag-Altenborg, Ecksberg, Feldafing, Ampfing, Buchenwald, Weilheim, Lebenau, Hillersleben, Altotting, Benzheim, Garetsreide, Eggenfelden, Nordhausen; 53 pp. Unpaginated.

Volume III, 1945:

–Dedicated to the Palestinian Brigade ‘They sought their brethren and found them. They brought with them a promise for a new day. They set for themselves the task of bringing to pass the promise they had made.”;

–Forward by A. Klausner, Dachau, Aug.1, 1945 and a letter from Dr. SU.Nahon of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, dated June 28, 1945 in English and German;

–Camps: Bergen Belsen, Salzwedel, Lebenau bei Laufen (Oberbayern), Ebensee, Gardelegen, Rentzmuller, Oberfohring, Volary, Theresienstadt; 95 pp.

Volume IV. 1945:

–Dedicated to Dr. Zalman Grinberg “And the Lord chose him from among his sorrowing children and said unto him,’Forget thy sorrow and burden thyself with the afflictions of my children. Wipe the tears from off their cheeks, heal their wounds and kindle their hearts with hope.’ And it was so.” ;

–Note by A. Klausner and a 5-page “Address by Dr. Zalman Grinberg on the Occasion of a Liberation Celebration” only in English; no dates;

–Camps: Linz, Buchenwald (kinder), Von verschiedenen Lagern auf dem Weg nach Italien uber Salzburg, Lager umbeknnt, Braunschweig, Mannheim, Tschechoslowakische Juden die im Lager von Oswiecim gefunden wurden, Mauthausen, Innsbruck, Celle, Fohrenwald, Neunburg, Frauen aus Litauen welche sich in Stockholm befinden. Litauische Juden die sich auf dem Wege nach Palstina befinden, Fruaen aus Polen welche sich in Stockholm befinden, Zentrale fur Europaische Juden nunmehr in England, Inquirers in Australia, Regensburg; 57 pp.

Camp Feldafing and Others, Volume V, 1945:

–Dedicated to Col. Paul A.Roy “To the oppressed he personified a great American tradition.”;

–A report by A. Klausner, St.Ottilien, Aug. 4, 1945 “Bavaria—Three Months After the Liberation,” in English and German;

–Camps: Feldafing, Neustadt, Kinder welche sich in Paris befinden, Allach, Dachau, Frankfurt a.Main., Frauen aus Stutthof, Friedrichsort bei Kiel, Auschwitz-Neustadt, Schwandorf, Liste der Frauen die Anfang Juni nach der Befreiung in Lauenberg gewesen sind, Liste der Frauen welche auf dem Wege vom Arbeitslager Hecht nach dem Arbeitslager Pronst weggelaufen sind, Liste der Frauen die auf dem Marschzwischen Hecht und Pronst in Stargard verblieben sind. Gesamtzahl c. 20 Frauen, Homberg, Kempfen, Bad Aibling und Umgebung, Munchen, Oberfohring, Landsberg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen; 68 pp.

Some quotes to survivors from “Regarding Your Status” information page:

  • ” No Jew need return to his native land.”
  • All immigration problems will be handled on an individual basis by the Joint Distribution Committee.”
  • Schools are being established at the larger camps and the religious needs of all are being supplied.”
  • The great libraries of Warsaw, stolen by the Nazis, have been recovered and the volumes are being distributed to all camps. “
  • We ask you to make known to us your every problem so that we can adequately serve you.”