A Vanished World – Books on the Shoah – February 2021

1.            Abramovitch, Raphael (editor). Di Farshvundene Velt — Di Vorshvandende Velt – The Vanished World. New York: The Forward, 1947. First edition. Oblong 8vo; 582 pages, , Red cloth Covers worn/fade. with faded gold embossed lettering, woodcut on front cover. ,lacks page 417 and 418 (back to back) and page 415/416 has been inserted and has been shortened a bit and edges are torn,the page is worn… One of the defining works concerning the Jews in Europe between the War  Good. Hardcover .
Photo album illustrating Jewish life in Eastern Europe in the 1920’s and 30’s. One of the most significant works on Jewish life in Europe before the War. 530 b/w photos by Roman Vishniac, Alter Kacyzna, M. Kipnis. Text in English and Yiddish.  (281343)             $450.00

2.            Aigner, D. Die Indizierung « schadlichen und unerwunschten Schrifttums» im Dritten Reich. Buchhandler Vereinigung, 1971. 100 pp. number taped to cover and slight library mark on pastedown; The indexing of harmful and undesirable literature in the Third Reich. Good +. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 164899489  (281225)      $18.00

3.            Aizenbud, Moshe (Ajzenbud). Gelebt hinter kratn. Vida entre rejas. Life behind bars. Buenos AIres: IDBUH, 1956. 218 pp. in Yiddish After the Soviets took over the town in September 1939, he continued his education, despite the difficulties. He began to write in a displaced persons’ camp in Germany where he spent four years following the end of World War II. For a time, he worked as a correspondent for a Paris Yiddish daily newspaper. He migrated to Australia in 1950, where he worked in the metal trades and as a storeperson, while following his interests as a novelist, short story writer, critic and editor. Naturally he gravitated to “Kadimah”, a centre with a strong Yiddish culture with which he could identify and eventually took over editing its newspaper. The National Library “Kadimah” was founded in 1911 and has served the cultural and intellectual needs of the vibrant, Jewish migrant community of Melbourne. Good. Hardcover .
In three parts, the novel deals with how Michael, a nineteen year old and some other Nesvizhers survived World War II by escaping to the Urals. It describes hard manual labour, being inducted into the army, getting ill and hospital experience, and finally release(from Univ of Sydney Archives) OCLC Number:          319738957  (281675)                $78.00

4.            Ajzenszstadt Amnon. Un di erd hot nisht tsugedekt dos blut/ And the Earth Did Not Cover the Blood. Toronto: Tsentrale fun di Tsoyzmerer organizatsyes,, 1962. 309 pp. In Yiddish , includes music and photos, On the Shoah . Good +. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 23560125  (281645)          $42.00

5.            Alliance Israelite Universelle (Paix et Droit). Les Cahiers. Paris: Alliance Israelite, Jan 1950 -April 1952. slight library markings, paper that is yellowing but not brittle, concerns Jewish life in Paris and then throughout the French Jewish diaspora especially North Africa, includes pictures. Good. library binding.
Nr 39, 40-41, 42-43,44-45. 46-47. 48-49,50-51,52-53, 54-55,56,57-58. . 59-60,61-62 each issue about twenty pages  (271179)               $45.00

6.            Alliance Israelite Universelle (Paix et Droit). Les Cahiers. Paris: Alliance Israelite, Jan 1957 – nov Dec 1958. slight library markings, paper yellowing but not brittle,  concerns Jewish life in Paris and then throughout the French Jewish diaspora especially North Africa, includes pictures. Good. library binding.
Issues 105- 121, each issue about twenty pages  (271181)              $75.00

7.            Alliance Israelite Universelle (Paix et Droit). Les Cahiers. Paris: Alliance Israelite, Sept 1952- Nov Dec 1954. slight library markings, paper yellowing but not brittle,  concerns Jewish life in Paris and then throughout the French Jewish diaspora especially North Africa, includes picture The rebuilding of Jewish life after the Shoah. Good. library binding.
Issues 65-87, each issue about twenty pages, some double issues  (271180)          $45.00

8.            Allweil Arie. HaYehudi Ha Almone The Nameless or Anonymous Jew; 32 Tziurim. Dvir, 1939. Powerful graphic drawings.about 20, dj slight tears and stains, slight stains to back endpaper . Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Introduction by Max Brod. Images include the pioneers reclaiming the Land, Jewish aspirations. ancient images, Nazi terrors, a Jewish Army marching with a BILU flag and peace in the Land.  (279134)              $385.00

9.            Amir-Pinkerfeld Anda. כזה היה : עשר אפיזודות דרמטיות מחיי אנצו סרני /Ka-zeh hayah : ʻeser epizodot dramaṭiyot mi-ḥaye Entso Sereni. WZO, 1963. 81 pp. In Hebrew book pocket at back. Good. Paperback.

OCLC Number: 18470622  (281327)         $18.00

10.          Amitay, Mordekai/Mordechai (written by). Props, Moshe (drawings by). Hagadah shel Pesah. Sifriyat poʻalim, hotsaʼat Hamaḥlaka Letarbut Vehasbara Shel Haḳibbuts Haʼartsi Hashomer Hatsaʻi, 1958. 38 pp. wine stains to cover, tears to spine, slight library marks to tp and last page , last few pages creased, two pages are text relating to the Shoah and with images see Yerushalmi image, creative and inventive spiritied color drawings . Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
Yerushalmi Haggadah and History Plate 190. Text includes the following declaration: “Let us remember the myriad souls of our brothers and sisters who were cut down before their time, who fell in the lines of battle and perished under ruins and heaps of debris, who raised the banner of revolt and sanctified the name of Israel while fighting and dying amid the walls of the burning ghetto.”  OCLC Number:          19202670 (280589)               $85.00

11.          Ancel, Jean (editor) Wilhelm, Filderman. Memiors and Diaries Volume 1 1900-1940. Yad Vashem, 2004. 599 pp. Filderman was Romanian Jewry’s most important leader. Material includes Jewish struggle for civil rights amid anit-Semitism, the emergance of the fascist Iron Guard, the anti-Semitic of pro-Western government (1919-1940), the Romanian estblishment’s betrayal of the Jews, the first Pogroms in 1940. Very Good +. Paperback.  (279782)                $40.00

12.          Ansell, Joseph. Arthur Szyk: Artist, Jew, Pole. Littman Library, 2004. 332 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Szyk left Europe in 1940 and arrived in the United States via Canada later the same year. Determined as ever to use his art for political purposes, he crusaded against the Nazis through newspaper and magazine cartoons, posters and public exhibitions. Convinced that Hitler would not stop with the Jews but would suppress all freedom-loving people, he supported the war effort through his striking propaganda images of the German and Japanese armies, to great effect. (from the blurb)  (281513)              $23.00

13.          Attie, Shimon. Sites Unseen: European Projects. Burlington: Verve Editions, 1999. oblong 8vo 120 pp. dj torn. new. Hardback & DJ.
Photographs of his installation art concerning the Shoah. Juxtapositions of former residents with current.  (268875)                $40.00

14.          Barfod, Jurgen. Escape from Nazi Terror: A short history of the persecution of the Jews in Denmark and Norway and the Danish underground refugee service. Forlaget for Faglitteratur,, 1968. 46 pp. covers foxed, sfep. Good. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 245823216  (280584)      $17.00

15.          Belchetz-Swenson, Sarah (Piechotka M). Revisions Fourteen Drawings in a Portfolio. Johnson Vermont: French Hill Press, 1977. Edition of 500 Printed on 11″ by 14″ Mohawk superfine heavy weight stock suitable for individual framing. Very good. stiff wrapper.These fourteen drawings were inspired by Wooden Synagogues by M+K Piechotka. These pencil and ink drawings combine architectural elements of the destroyed wooden synagogues of prewar Poland with images of the artist’s children, simple household objects and the landscape of northern Vermont.  (281062)                $150.00

16.          Bergmann, Birgit (editor). Transcending Tradition: Jewish Mathematicians in German Speaking Academic Culture. Springer, 2011. 289 pp. 8vo. Very Good. Hardcover .Comprehensive account of the life and work of German-Jewish mathematicians prior to and after 1933 OCLC Number:     929425921  (281652)      $36.00

17.          Biernacki, Jerzy (editor). Jews in Poland: A Common Cause Martyrology; Struggle, Solidarity, Culture, Memory. Warsaw: Interpress, 1983. 63 pp, filled with articles and pictures. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.Selections of materials published by “Poland’s Illustrated Magazine” 1967-1981 at the 40th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising OCLC Number:              249348538  (280535)      $26.00

18.          Bikont, Anna. And I Still See Their Faces: Images of Polish Jews. Shalom Foundation, 1996. 230 pp dj tears folio In English and Polish filled with photographs and memories, from an exhibition Extraordinary images, Reminds me of work of Vishniac. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.Photographs were donated by non-Jews in Poland, and former Polish Jews from all over the world. Jewish life in Poland from the end of the last century to the Holocaust, and the destruction of Polish Jewish life.250550  (281709)              $75.00

19.          Brudinger, Regina. Yoman ishi Yomanah shel ahot ba-milhamah neged ha-Natsim, 1941-1945. Afkirim, 1986. 85 pp. ex library with markings. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.OCLC Number:      48097112  (280539)         $40.00

20.          Bulawko, Henry, (editor). Exposition: Les Juifs dans la Lutte Contre L’Hitlerisme. Paris: CDJC: Musee du Memorial, nd. Important exhibition catalog.In French  oblong 8vo 135 pp. slight library mark on pastedown and book plate covers worn and stained. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (271808)     $25.00

21.          Les Cahiers des Droits de l’Homme. 33e année -10 -29 Aout 1933- 10 Decembre 1935. Ligue des Droits de l’Homme , 1933-1935. about 20 issues not sequential paper yellowing but not brittle, filled with articles concerning the abridgment of the rights of individuals and peoples and fighting for justice. Good. Hardcover .
Articles about countries of concern re War. How to deal with foreigners in France. ( The League was founded on 4 June 1898 by the republican Ludovic Trarieux to defend captain Alfred Dreyfus, Dissolved by the Vichy regime during World War II, it was clandestinely reconstituted in 1943 by a central committee including Pierre Cot, René Cassin and Félix Gouin. The LDH was refounded after the Liberation. Another group was reconstituted in New York City in 1942 by European refugees and Roger Nash Baldwin, founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, and was known until 1976 as the International League for the Rights of Man)  (271176)         $45.00

22.          Les Cahiers des Droits de l’Homme. 36e année -10 janvier 1936 au n°34 du 25 décembre 1936. Ligue des Droits de l’Homme , 1936. 34 issues each about 25 pages, 815 pages paper yellowing but not brittle, filled with articles concerning the abridgment of the rights of individuals and peoples and fighting for justice. Good. Hardcover .
Articles about countries of concern re War. (The League was founded on 4 June 1898 by the republican Ludovic Trarieux to defend captain Alfred Dreyfus, Dissolved by the Vichy regime during World War II, it was clandestinely reconstituted in 1943 by a central committee including Pierre Cot, René Cassin and Félix Gouin. The group was refounded after the LiberationAnother group was reconstituted in New York City in 1942 by European refugees and Roger Nash Baldwin, founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, and was known until 1976 as the International League for the Rights of Man)  (271175) $45.00

23.          Les Cahiers des Droits de l’Homme. 37e année -1 janvier 1937 au n 24 du 15 décembre 1937. Ligue des Droits de l’Homme , 1937. 24ssues each about 25 pages, 806 pages paper yellowing but not brittle, filled with articles concerning the abridgment of the rights of individuals and peoples and fighting for justice. Good. Hardcover .
Articles about countries of concern re War, on Spain and Germany and Europe and the plight of political refugees. The congress of Tours in 1937 saw the confrontation between supporters of firmness against Nazism and a pacifist minority led by Félicien Challaye, Gaston Bergery and Léon Émery, many of whom resigned from the LDH.(Wikipedia) The League was founded on 4 June 1898 by the republican Ludovic Trarieux to defend captain Alfred Dreyfus, Dissolved by the Vichy regime during World War II, it was clandestinely reconstituted in 1943 by a central committee including Pierre Cot, René Cassin and Félix Gouin. The LDH was refounded after the Liberation.  (271177)                $45.00

24.          Calvo, Edmond Francois. The Beast is Dead II World Among the animals. Abi Melzer, 1984. 92 pp. first published in 1944 extraordinary graphic novel may have inspired the work of Spiegelman. Very Good. Hardcover .
Calvo’s best known work is La bête est morte (started clandestinely in 1942, published as a book after the liberation in two parts in 1944-1945), a satire on the second World War with the different countries depicted as different animals, a system that would later be used by Art Spiegelman in his graphic novel Maus. The story was written by Victor Dancette and Jacques Zimmermann, and the comic was translated in English and Dutch” Wikipedia OCLC Number: 1066168863  (280516)    $45.00

25.          Cohn, Emil. Judischer Jugendkalender vierter Jahrgang. Judischer Verlag, 1934. 108 pp. lacks parts of the backstrip. Stories poems and plays with illustrations, with material on Palestine. Giving youth a sense of pride in identity/ David and Goliath Samson bringing down the Philistine temple Note date of publication. Good. Boards.  (268871)               $40.00

26.          Colby, Bainbridge (introduction). The Case of Civilization Against Hitlerism –Madison Sq. Garden. NY: Ballou, 1934. 145 pp. number on spine and slight library stamp on fep. Good. Hardcover .Includes addresses by Roger Baldwin, Abraham Cahan, Miriam Beard, Stephen Wise, Fiorello Laguardia .22 addresses.  (276765)           $25.00

27.          Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and International Law. GAO report on Nazi war criminals in the United States : oversight hearing before the Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and International Law of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Ninety-ninth Congress, first session on GAO report on Nazi war criminals in the United States, October 17, 1985. GPO, 1996. 114 pp. attached to library folder slight library mark . Good +. Wrapper.  (281157) $30.00

28.          Connecticut Jewish History Stave Bruce preface. Witness to War 1941-45 The Soviet Jewish Experience. Jewish Historical Society, Summer 2001. Volume three 89 pp. interviews with Jewish soldiers. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.OCLC Number:              701608102  (280586)      $25.00

29.          Dadrian, V. The History of the Armenian Genocide – Ethnic Conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus. Berghahn, 1995. 446 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (268829)       $26.00

30.          Di Yidishe Tragedye in Eyrope. Farlag Medem Klub, 1943. 80 pp.In Yiddish stapled covers ex library with markings. Good. Stiff Wrapper. Bibiyotek Unzer Tsayt, Numer 2  (272678)               $20.00

31.          Donner, Horst. Der Prozess. München: self, 1975. 201 pp. slight library marks tape on spine Oriignial transcript of script for play based on trials of Nazis; number 5 of original exemplar. Good +. Paperback.not in worldcat  (281336)                $86.00

32.          Duker, Abraham (Managing Editor) Waldman, Morris . Contemporary Jewish Record. NY: American Jewish Committee, Sept 1938-August 1943. Volume 1-Volume 6, six bound volumes , Contains important articles concerning the conditions of the Jews in Europe. Important work. good. wrapper.
Germany’s Campaign to Place “War Guilt” on Jews by Clyde Miller, Anti Semitic Propaganda: The New Line by Nathaniel Goodrich, On the European Relief Front by Morris Troper, The Psychology of the Refugee by Gerhart Saenger, Documents on New Nazi Measures  (281692)    $325.00

33.          Dworzecki, M. Mahanot ha-yehudim be-Estonya: 1942-1944/ Jewish camps in Estonia: 1942-1944. Yad Vashem , 1970. 402 pp. xxii pp.,hinge starting b/w illustrations, index, English language introduction at the rear Text is in Hebrew.ex library with pocket and stamps on fore edge. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (272669)        $25.00

34.          Ehrt, Adolf. Communism in Germany: The Communist Conspiracy on the Eve of the 1933 National Revolution. Berlin: General League of German Anti Communist Associations, 1933. 180 pp. cover creased in half, back hinge started, filled with photos . good. wrapper.Nazi Publication detailing the Red peril and the need for Nazi crack down on the Communists who are subverting the state.  (281711)          $45.00

35.          (Eichmann, Adolf). Ha-Yoets ha mishpati La-Memshalah Neged Adolf Eichmann היועץ המשפטי לממשלה נגד אדולף אייכמן.; Naom Hapetehah  Naom HaSechut. Jerusalem: Neged, 1962. 197 pp. + 135 pp. Ex-library with pocket and bookplate. Good. Hardcover .OCLC Number:              18514539  (281222)         $40.00

36.          Eisenbach, Artur. Hitlerowska Polityka Eksterminacji Zydow W Latach 1939-1945 in Yiddish. Warsaw: Idisz Bukh, 1955. 223 pp. + 275 pp. In Yiddish paper yellowing age toned but not brittle, top of spine lacking. good. Stiff WrapperOCLC Number:                 462114526  (281673)      $68.00

37.          Eliav, M. Studies on the Holocaust Period in Memory of Prof M Dvorjetski In Hebrew. Bar Ilan, 1980. 140 pp.In Hebrew ex library with markings and pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (272690)$23.00

38.          Engelshtern, Lazar. In Getos un Velder: Fun Vilne biz di Naliboker Vildenishn.  In Yiddish. Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House,, 1972. 207 pp. ex library with book plate and pocket. Good +. Hardcover .OCLC Number:              936831535  (272704)      $27.00

39.          Feldman, Margit and Weinstein, Bernard. Margit: A Teenager’s Journey through the Holocaust and Beyond. Arizona: Princeton Editorial, 2003. 175 pp. Very good+. Hardback & DJ.
Grew up in Tolcsva in northeastern Hungary in an Orthodox family, in 1944 forced into the ghetto then Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen , after liberation recuperated in Sweden and then came to the USA and new life. Moving descriptions of her life in the village in Hungary and the horrors of the concentration camps and remarkable resilience and perseverance after the War. Active in Holocaust education and lecturing in New Jersey and throughout the country  (281501)               $28.00

40.          Feller, Kerstin. Dorothy Thompson im Spiegel der deutschen Emigration und Exilliteratur nach 1933 Quellenlage und kulturelle Leistung. Munich: Ludwig Maximilians Univ, 2000. 131 pp. xeorox copy of MA theses. Very Good. Paperback.  (281187)         $26.00

41.          Final Act and Convention Relation to the Status of Stateless Persons United Nations Conference on the Status of Stateless Persons Held at New York from 13 – 23 September 1954. United Nations, 1956. About 40 pp. slight library marks In English French and Spanish. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (281213)         $40.00

42.          Five Hollanders. How to End the German Menace: A Political Proposal. NY: Querido, 1944.  92 pp. tears to dj Dutch publisher –company was dissolved in May 1940 after the German invasion of the Netherlands. Fritz H. Landshoff emigrated to the United States in 1941 where he founded a new publishing house with the publisher Gottfried Bermann-Fischer. Had been important publisher of exile writers prior to the War (Art in Exile) Very Good. Hardback & DJ. OCLC Number:   494481967  (281626 $24.00

43.          Freund, Michael. Georges Sorel: Der revolutionare Konservatismus. Klostermann, 1932. 366 pp. tears to crown and base of spine, memorial bookplate to Denkwart Rustow, underlined in pencil and margin marks in pencil. Good. Boards.
Two of its themes have become a part of social science literature: the concept of the social myth and the virtue of violence.  (268878)           $20.00

44.          Goldstein, Bernard. Finf Yor in Varshever Geto/ Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto. Farlag “Unser Tsait, 1947. 524 pp. In Yiddish, spine worn, Good. Hardcover .with photos of the Jews in the ghetto and the massacres by the Nazis  (281672)               $18.00

45.          Grabe, Wilhelm. Eine dissidenter Nationalsozialist im Exil Otto Strasser und die “Schwarze Front” 1933-1940. Munster: Westfalischen Wilhelms Univ, 1988. 111 pp. MA theses. Very Good. Paperback.  (281185)           $43.00

46.          Grady, Tim. A Deadly Legacy – German Jews and the Great War. Yale University Press, 2017. 291 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (281321)             $13.00

47.          Greenfield, Rabbi Jacob (editor). Jewish People’s Voice; Dedicated to United Action Against Fascism and Anti Semitism. Jewish People’s Committe For United Action, Februart March April June 1939. each issue eght pages in English and eight in Yiddish, articles include Six Years of Hitler Terror An Appeal to Pres. Roosevelt ; Stop Hitler Issue includes articles on Anti Semitism Among Negroes Fascist Activity in the US and third iis an  Anti Couhglin Issue February issue is brittle and acidified and disbound . Good. Stiff Wrapper.Reuben Brainin Honorary Chairman not on worldcat Important journal  (281241)      $175.00

48.          Gross, Nathan (editor). The Holocaust in Hebrew Poetry an Anthology השואה בשירה העברית :‏ ‏מבחר /‏ / ha-Shoʼah ba-shirah ha-ʻIvrit : mivhar. Yad Vashem?, 1974. In Hebrew 248 pp dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.OCLC Number:     19156570  (278451)$40.00

49.          Grosz, Georg. Hintergrund: 17 Zeichnungen Zur Auffuhrung Des “Shweijk” in Der Piscator Buhne. Berlin: Malik, 1928. lacks number 10 of the drawings, loose drawings without any covers or folder. Good. Stiff Wrapper. Depicts Berlin life and horrors of the War and the military  (281654)          $250.00

50.          Groth, Michael. The Road to New York. The Emigration of Berlin Journalists, 1933-1945. University of Iowa, 1983. 384 pp. PhD theses typed manuscript. Very Good. Paperback.  (281188) $36.00

51.          Grzesinski, Albert. Inside Germany. Dutton, 1939. 374 pp.dj tears Important German Official who also headed Berlin Police, details the Nazi techniques and destruction of democracy and persecution of the Jews Communists and Social Democrats, fled to the USA. scarce title. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. OCLC Number:      744620989  (280676)                $85.00

52.          Gurdus, Luba Krugman (signed by). Rehovot HaMavet The Death Train: A Personal Account of a Holocaust Survivor. Bet Lohmei, 1982. 174 pp. In Hebrew dj torn inscribed by author. Good +. Hardback & DJ.The author, a survivor of the Maydanek Camp, describes her family’s plight, and the Judenzug on its way to Belzec.  (267916)                $25.00

53.          Gurland, A R L. Fight Against Antisemitism within the Framework of Germany’s Education for Democracy Draft of a Program. self with Manhattan return address (as submission to AJC?), 1947?. 62 pp. slight library mark, mimeograph Written by signifigant political scientist pointing out methods for reintegrating democracy, especially of interest is the discussion concerning the plight of the DPS, their perception by the Germans, their condition in Germany and ways to integrate them. Concerns re antisemtism and ways to combat, Coming from Marxist critical theory background. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Involved in formulation of critical theory s Frankfurt School.. Involved in exile anti Nazi activity in Germany and France, refugee in NYC,Was at the Institute for Social Research in New York, Worked for the AJC who sponsored his work in 1946 and 1947. He prepared new studies on anti-Semitism in Germany and the Soviet Union as a freelance researcher for the AJC and composed a few manuscripts amounting to more than 3,000 pages altogether. Wrote with Neumann and Kirchheimer The Fate of Small Business in Nazi Germany,Important figure in reestablishement of political science departments in Germany after the War,not on worldcat (280523)               $165.00

54.          Gutman, Israel. Shoah u-mashma`utah. The Holocaust and its signifigance. Zalman Shazar Cente, 1983. 190 pp.In Hebrew ex library with pocket . Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (272685)         $36.00

55.          Heise, Volker (hrsg). Realisierungswettbewerb Erweiterung Berlin Museum mit Abteilung Judisches Museum; Vorraussetzungen Verfahren Ergebnisse. Berlin: senatsverwaltung fur Bau und Wohnungswesen, 1990. 176 pp .Filled with images of submissions. Very Good. Perfect-bound.OCLC Number: 917353267  (281259)         $36.00

56.          Heyen, William (signed). My Holocaust Songs. William B. Ewert, 1980. First Printing. 20 pp. poetry This is copy #107 woodcut by Michael McCurdy and colophon signed by him also . Very Good +. Hardcover . OCLC Number: 11915078  (281674)$25.00

57.          Hindes, David. מיר װארענען : דאס היטלעריסטישע נישט פארגעסן װערן Mir vorenen : dos farbrekhn tor nishṭ fargesn vern Ostrzegamy. Yidish Bukh, 1965. 90 pp.In Yiddish spine torn bottom corner creased filled with illustrations and documents, focuses on the perpetrators. Good. Stiff Wrapper. OCLC Number: 746577059  (281358)            $75.00

58.          Huppert, Hilde. יד־ביד עם תומי : פרקי עדות 1939־1945 /; (Hand in hand with Tommy : a personal report, 1939-1945). Mordechai Ankeliwitz, 1981. 127 pp. In Hebrew Ex-library with bookplate. 12 mo. personal narrative of the Shoah. Good. Paperback.OCLC Number:                21528294  (281209)         $13.00

59.          Jahrbuch fur den deutschn Soldaten im Norden 1943. 1943. about 60 pp. of text and rest is calendar and room for notes. Articles for soldiers stationed in Finland and Norway, essays by Nazi officials, information, maps, a chronology of the War up to that point with campaigns, calendar partly filled in and notes at end of the yearbook. Good. Paperback.To be carried in a pocket for notes etc.  (266407)            $95.00

60.          Kantorowicz, N. Di Yidishe vidershtand-bavegung in Poyln : betn 2tn velt-krig (1941-1945). Sharon, 1967. 460 pp. book is in Yiddish appears to be inscribed by author. Good +. Hardcover .
Jewish Resistance Movement in Poland  (281681)              $30.00

61.          Kessler, Mario. Arthur Rosenberg Ein Historiker im Zeitalter der Katastrophen (1889-1943). Bohlau, 2003. 329 pp. Important refugee political theorist. Very Good. Hardcover .OCLC Number: 53982093  (249483)           $32.00

62.          Kisliuk, Ingrid. From Trauma to Trepidation: memories transmitted by hidden children to the second generation. Nanomir, 2008. 204 pp. Very Good. Paperback.OCLC Number: 291025549  (280661)  $15.00

63.          Klima, Ivan. My Crazy Century: A Memoir. Grove, 2013. 534 pp Survived Terezin and Communist reign Important Czech writer. Very good. Hardback & DJ OCLC Number: 979859891  (281057)   $13.00

64.          Kosowski, B  (Reprint). Bibliographie der judischen Ausgaben in der Britischen Zone Deutschlands 1945-1950 ביבליאגראפיע פון די יידישע אויסגאבעס אין דער בריטישער זאנע פון דייטשלאנד, 1945־1950 /. Bergen Belsen: : Kulturamt des Zentralkomitee der Befreiten Juden in der Britischen Zone,, 1950/2020. 46 pp facsimile of the publications  evidence of book plate removal, pen scribble to cover This is a reprint . Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Important scarce publication of publications in Yiddish in the Displaced Persons Camps  (281695)                $28.00

65.          Kupferstein L. Gorale Yehude Romania. Min HaMokade/Oved, 1947. 106 pp. In Hebrew tape on spine slight library mark 12mo. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (281504)            $25.00

66.          Lania, Leo. Land of Promise. NY: Macmillan, 1935. 398 pp.dj torn sfep Sternfeld DEL page 192 good. Hardback & DJ.
Exile writer’s novel of Jews struggling in post WW1 Berlin cruelties .Interfaith romance amidst Nazi turmoil  (276811)                $35.00

67.          Lengyel, Emil. Hitler. Where is Germany Going? Dial, 1932. 256 pp.dust jacket worn and torn striking cover of Hitler by Samuel Schaeffer. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. Prescient study of Hitler and what was to come. do not see in worldcat  (281240)              $185.00

68.          Leonhard, Wolfgang. Die Revolution Entlasst ihre Kinder. Koln: Kiepenheuer und Witsch, 1957. 555 pp. hinges starting Expose of Communism which much material concerning the War. good. cloth. Raised as a fervent Communist, survived the War in Russia, mother had fled Nazi Germany. He ultimately fled East Germany for the West and came to Yale to teach.  (246824) $20.00

69.          Linden, Sonja. The Strange Passenger. London: Sonja Linden, nd. 99 pp. Play about Terezin in 1942, actual acting manuscript. Good. Three-ring binder.l
Playwright wrote I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady From Rwanda.and A Year in Ramallah,Crocodile Seeking Refuge  do not see in world cat  (275148)       $125.00

70.          Lipszyc, Rywka. The Diary of Rywka Lipszyc. Found in Auschwitz By the Red Army in 1945 and First Published in San Francisco in 2014. Jewish Family and Children’s Services Holocaust Center in Partnership with Lehrhaus Judaica,, 2014. 172pp Diary of teenage Jewish girl who was imprisoned in the Lodz ghetto large tome. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Introduction by Alexandra Zapruder. Translated from polish original.  (276438)     $58.00

71.          Man, Yitzhak ; Baruch Sarel;. יד לשואה ולמרד Yad la-sho’ah vela-mered. Ha-Lishkah ha-Ra’shit shel ha-Keren ha-Kayemet le-Yisra’el , 1952. 107 pp. In Hebrew ex library with book plate . Good. Hardcover .  (272688)       $36.00

72.          Marx, Dr. Hugo. Das Judentum der Gegenwart. Zurich: Die Gestaltung, 1937. 71 pp. foxing to endpapers, inscribed to Karl and Edith Jaspers by Marx in 1965 good. wrapper.
Hugo Marx was a German lawyer who fled to Switzerland ,Paris, Brussels.Active in refugee movement in Brussels. sternfeld DEL s.221  (266445)      $45.00

73.          Masechet Gittin Min Talmud Bavli. Shanghai: J Gesang Bookstore, 1942. paper yellowing but not brittle, lacks part of cloth spine which is bound by twine, free endpaper cut in half and bears the stamp twice of  “Otzar Sefarim, Ezrat Torah Mir Yeshivah Shanghai” in Hebrew. Good. Boards. Printed for Mir Yeshiva students and their Rabbis who survived in Shanghai during the War. The refugees included many Yeshiva students who were rescued by Chiune Sugihara in Kovno.(278885)           $225.00

74.          Michman, Dan (collector and editor). Post-Zionism and the Holocaust פוסט־ציונותושואה” : הפולמוס הציבורי הישראלי בנושא הפוסט־ציונותבשנים 1993-1996 ומקומה של סוגיית השואה בו : מקראה /; the role of the Holocaust in the public debate on Post Zionism in Israel (1993-1996) a collection of clippings. Bar Ilan University, 1997. 576 pp. In Hebrew ex library with book plate and pocket, heavy tome. Very Good-. Paperback.”Research Aids” Series No 8 OCLC Number 776945481 and OCLC Number: 646274100  (278946)      $136.00

75.          Mickenberg, David. The Last Expression Art and Auschwitz. NWUP, 2003. 272pp., 201 color plates of works in exhibition and 120 color and b/w figures throughout the text. Very Good. Paperback. contains numerous essays by various contributors. a major work of scholarship focused on the artworks created by the prisoners of the Auschwitz complex of camps during the period of the camp’s existence. many work  (281655)            $36.00

76.          Minc, P (Mintz). Anos de Exterminio Resistencia Judia en Francia אין די יארן פון יידישן אומקום און ווידערשטאנד אין פראנקרייך : פערזענךעכע זכרונות. Buenos AIres: IDBUJ Yidbukh, 1956. 266 pp. In Yiddish crown bruised. Good. Hardcover OCLC Number: 22463736  (281138)         $30.00

77.          Modan, Rutu. The Property. Drawn and Quarterly, 2013. 222 pp. superrb graphic novel by Israeli artist graduate of Bezalel, Set in modern-day Tel Aviv grandmother and grand daughter travel to Poland to claim property lost during the Shoah, and issues re the Shoah and lost relationships surface and reconciliations. Very Good. Hardcover OCLC Number:             1015604812  (279972) $25.00

78.          Mordecai Strigler. Tzu aich swesṭer un brider bafraite : nochmilhome-problemen fun jidisn folk. cyco, 1945. 31 pp. tears to covers slight library markings. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Mordechai Strigler was born to a Hassidic family in Zamosc, Poland on 18 September 1918. At the age of eleven he was a Talmud student at a Yeshiva, and from 1937 a rabbi and teacher in Warsaw.His attempt to escape after the Germans marched into Poland failed. After ghettoization, Strigler was deported to Majdanek Concentration Camp, and later transferred to the work camp Skarżysko-Kamienna (Factory C). At the beginning of August 1944 he arrived at Buchenwald Concentration Camp, where he worked as a teacher for Jewish children. He was liberated on 11 April 1945(from Buchenwald Memorial Foundation) . OCLC Number: 174998252  (272869)      $36.00

79.          Mosenson, Moshe. מכתבים מהדרכים Mikhtavim meha-derakhim. NY: Am Oved, 1984. 175 pp.In Hebrew ex library with plate and pocket Writes of his War experiences . Good. Paperback.
Jewish soldier in British Army and Jewish Brigade. In Letters from the Desert he wrote of Nazi concentration camps being liberated in Jiddo and the people he meets and his pride in his identity.
OCLC Number:         569957056  (272730)                $20.00

80.          NSDAP. Deutschland erwacht: Werden, Kampf und Sieg der NSDAP. Altona: Cigaretten Bilderdienst, 1933. 776-875 tausend. large 8vo 150 pp. Good. cloth.
Nazi propaganda album filled with photo cards and massive photo of Nazi rally. Text glorifying the Nazi movement.  (268823)$75.00

81.          Nshamit, Sarah. Hayeladim merehov Mapuh. WZO, 1973. 73 pp In Hebrew sfep. Good +. Paperback. Gesher Lanoar: Readings in easy Hebrew. Level 2 OCLC Number:                179177411  (281326)      $18.00

82.          Olitzki Leib . Durch toit tzum lebn : dertzeilungen A travers de la Muerte Hacia la Vida Novelas. Buenos Aires: ICUF, 1949. 102 pp tape on spine slight library mark on tp, In Yiddish. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Leib Olitzky (1897–1975) was poet, short-story writer, and translator. He taught in Yiddish schools in his native Trisk and in Warsaw until 1939. Fleeing eastward from the German invaders, he spent the war years in Soviet Russia, but returned to Poland in 1946. In 1959 he settled in Israel. (Encyclopedia.com) OCLC Number:           165430025  (281459)                $48.00

83.          Opatoshu, Joseph. Hurban Polin חורבן פולין. NY: Ogen, 1947. 214 pp. needs tightening hinges started, In Hebrew. good. Hardcover .OCLC Number:   11487135  (252261)$15.00

84.          Plisetskii, M (editor). Naouka O Rassakh I Rassism (Science on Race and Racism); Nauka o rasakh i rasizm (Rassenkunde und Rassismus). Moscow Academy of Science : Izd-vo Akademii nauk SSSR, 1938. 192 pp.In Russian paper yellowing but not brittle slight library mark  A collection of essays by eight Soviet scientists completely rejecting the racial theories as propounded in fascist countries. Racism is condemned as a fraudulent attempt to justify fascist imperialism. and an attempt to confuse the minds of the workers. In the preface the editor attacks the pogroms taking place in Nazi Germany. Good-. Hardcover Scarce title  (268814)$125.00

85.          Pol, Heinz. Suicide of a Democracy. NY: Reynal and Hitchcock, 1940. 296 pp.covers worn number on spine and slight library mark on fep. good. Hardcover .
Concerns the fall of France. Chapters on Anti-Semitism and the concentration camps in France. Exile writer, Ullstein editor  Mr. Pol was born in Berlin, where he became assistant editor of The Vossiche Zeitung. Arrested by the Nazis in 1933 for political opposition, he escaped to Prague, where he worked for Die Weltbuhne and then went to Paris, where he was interned at the outbreak of World War II. He received a visa for America in 1940 and later became a United States citizen.(from NY Times obituary) .Sternfeld DEL p395 OCLC Number:             693114787  (281342)$48.00

86.          Quack, Sybille, (editor). Between Sorrow and Strength: Women Refugees in the Nazi Period. NY: Cambridge UP/ GHI, 1995. 375 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Collection of 27 important essays by historians discussing conditions/reactions and specific countries emigrated to.  (281198)               $35.00

87.          Ramon, Ephraim. Le Zecher Kehilat Tarnov. Tel Aviv: Moriah High School Yad Vashem. 46 pp In Hebrew. on the town, its people, destruction and survivors in Israel, student essay . Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (281220)            $25.00

88.          Raoul, Wallenberg. Report of the Swedish-Russian Working Group. Sweden: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2000. 361 pp. number attached to spine and slight library mark. Good +. Paperback.
In September 1991 a Swedish Russian working group was appointed in order to establish what actually happened after the disapperence of the Swedish diplomat in January 1945  (276466)$40.00

89.          Rapport du Conseil federal a l’Assemblee federale concernant l’activite antidemocratique exercee par des Suisses et des etrangers en relation avec la periode de guerre de 1939 a 1945 (motion Boerlin). deuxieme partie. Bern: Bericht des Bundesrates , 1946. 37 pp. have only the second part. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
No 4919 OCLC Number:                81131775  (272799)         $30.00

90.          Refugee Relief Act of 1953 Five Semi Annual Reports and the Final Report of the Administrator of the Refugee Relief Act of 1953 as amended. USGPO, 1954-1958. about 225 pages, six reports , enclosed in wrapper which has title and number on the spine. Good. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 503987290  (281212)             $65.00

91.          Ringelblum, Emanuel. Kapitlen Geshikhte fun Amolikn Yidishn Lebn in Polyn (Capitulos de Historia: De la Antingua Vida Judia en Polonia )קאפיטלען געשיכטע. Buenos Aires: Tsentral-farband fun Polyishe Yidn in Argentine, 1953. 590 pp.In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover .OCLC Number:             1227264593  (281671)    $27.00

92.          Robinson, Nehemiah. Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons Its History and Interpretation: A Commentary. Inst of Jewish Affairs, 1955. 161 pp. number and title on spine, lacks small part at base of spine slight library stamp on pastedown, mimeograph of typed manuscript. Good +. Wrapper.
Was Director of the Institute of Jewish Affairs of the World Jewish Congress, OCLC Number:           22557050. there were several different editions  (280531)          $65.00

93.          Robinson, Jacob (Yaʻaḳov). Nituk o retsifut be-Vaade ha-Kehilot ba-teḳufah ha-Natsit / ניתוק או רציפות בוועדי הקהילות בתקופה הנאצית. ha-Makhon le-Yahadut zemanenu, Medor Shprinṭsaḳ, ha-Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit, 1966. 39 pp. In Hebrew Ex-library with pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 19164972  (281210)         $18.00

94.          Rubinstein, Robert. An Italian Renaissance: Choosing Life in Canada. Urim, 2010. 176 pp. Survivors of the Shoah inHungary and their new life in Canada. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (281494)   $10.00

95.          Sarkisian, E. K & R. G.Sahakian. Vital Issues in Modern Armenian History: A Documented Expose of Misrepresentations in Turkish Historiography. Armenian Studies, 1965. 82 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (281430)                $36.00

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Nazi institute trying to put a ‘scholarly’ spin to Nazi doctrines . Claiming Jewish basis to Communism and includes photos of Jewish leaders. Abgabe nur zu Zwecken der wissenschaftlichen und kulturhistorischen Forschung  (255003)                $65.00

97.          Seger, Gerhart. Oranienburg: Erster authentischer Bericht eines aus dem Konzentrationslager Gefluchteten. Karlsbad: Graphia, 1934. 75 pp.new cover and end paper, cover now attached to back inner end paper and lacks small pieces of top corner, title page has new binding atttached. Good-. wrapper.
Mit einem Geleitwort von Heinrich Mann. Eyewitness report of the concentration camp. Seger escaped and found refuge in the USA where he was active in SPD politics.. Published in English under title A Nation Terrorized  (276539)                $40.00

98.          Shadur, Joseph. A Drive to Survival: Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal: 1940. South Deerfield: Schoen Books, 1999. 144 pp. Holocaust memoir by authority on Jewish papercuts. Fine/As new. cloth.Through the eyes of a twelve year old, fleeing the Nazis in the family’s Oldsmobile.
Published by Schoen Books.  (281502)   $18.00

99.          Sherwin, Byron et al. Pillars of Smoke Remember ..Do not forget  in conjunction with an exhibition on the Shoah. Spertus, 1971. 18 pp. images and text. Very Good. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 54229063  (280579)         $18.00

100.       Sieg, Ulrich. Germany’s prophet : Paul de Lagarde and the origins of modern antisemitism. Brandeis, 2013. 329 pp. very slight stain on fore edge.
OCLC Number: 879241175  (281638)      $30.00

101.       Steiner-Van Rooyen, Deborah (inscribed by). My grandfather’s brother’s son Yonah Al Hut Tyal יונה על חוט תיל : מסע במצוות סבא /. Yad Vashem, 2007. 163 pp. in Hebrew sligh tlibrary mark . New. Paperback.
Memoirs of Yonah Steiner, as told to his cousin Deborah Steiner van Rooyen in 1969 in Kibbutz Ginosar, Israel. Steiner was born in 1926 in Gromnik, Poland. Shortly after the German occupation he was sent to a labor camp; he managed to escape, but was caught. He was then sent to a number of labor and concentration camps, including Flossenbürg and Mauthausen, where he was liberated. All of his family but one brother perished; after the war he settled in Israel. OCLC Number: 181630955  (272796)      $32.00

102.       Streicher, Julius. Reichstagung in Nurnberg 1933. Berlin: Vaterlandischer Verlag, 1933. 263 pp.slight chips to crown of spine. Good +. cloth.Nazi Party Rally filled with text and photos.  (268824)           $75.00

103.       Trepman, Paul (inscribed by). Among Men and Beasts. NY: Yoseloff, 1978. 230 pp., small tears on dj  inscribed to Norbert Wollheim fellow prisoner at Bergen Belsen. Good +. Hardback & DJ. Describes the start of the War, life in Warsaw, the Warsaw Ghetto and survival through internment in six camps.OCLC Number:             16561880  (280620)                $36.00

104.       Turkow, Jonas (inscribed by). Dispues de la Liberacion ך דער באפרייאונג : זכרונות / Nokh der bafrayung : zikhroynes̀. Buenos Aires: Tsentral Farband , 1959. 327 pp. In Yiddish, rebound. Good-. Paperback.During the war, worked in the resistance movement in the Warsaw ghetto . He was an actor, organizing many cultural events in the ghetto.. He worked together with Emanuel Ringelblum chronicles events in the Warsaw ghetto.. After escaping from the ghetto, fought in the underground since 1943 to end the war in the ranks of the Army. (Wikipedia) Poylishe Yidnṭum, bd. 145.  (281678)         $55.00

105.       United Nations. Report of the Special Committee on Refugees and Displaced Persons = Rapport du Comite special des refugiés et personnes deplacees. Special Supplement Number 1 and 2. Lake Success: United Nations. Special Committee on Refugees and Displaced Persons.; United Nations. Economic and Social Council., 1946. 176 pp. + 64 pp.   In English and French in parallel columns. slight library marks, Important discussions by Committe Members of the meaning of refugees, who were the Displaced? what status would the Jewish survivors receive as compared to non Jews, special attention to the Jewish surviviors? et. al. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.OCLC Number:                228969513  (281211)               $136.00

106.       Widmann, Katja. Arthur Szyk: Bilder Gegen Nationalsozialismus Und Terror/Drawing Against National Socialism and Terror. Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2008. 341pp., illustrated throughout in color, many full-page, In German And Egnlish. Very Good. Paperback.Comprehensive retrospective of Szyk’s anti-fascist illustration Magnificent homage to committed to justice and fighting persecution.  (280735)                $35.00

107.       Wieder, Ludvik. I Promised My Mother. Shengold, 1984. 206 pp. dj tears Memoir of the Shoah, Budapest young Jewish man and his saving his family,through cunning and skill, surviving labor camp and almost execution by the Soviets. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.OCLC Number:       38249847  (280436)         $35.00

108.       Wise, Jacob (foreword). The Rescue of Stricken Jews in a World at War; a report on the work and plans of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, as contained in addresses delivered at its twenty-ninth annual meeting, December 4th and 5th, 1943. American Jewish Joint, 1944. 34 pp. filled with reports, new covers, hinges repaired, some slight tearing to pages. Good +. Wrapper.
Today’s tasks and tomorrow’s plans / Paul Baerwald — Summary of 1943 / James H. Becker — J. D. C. Aid in the Soviet Union / Joseph C. Hyman — Report from the battlefront / Joseph J. Schwartz — Refugees in the Far East / Laura L. Margolis — The J. D. C. And the UNRRA / Harry Greenstein — J. D. C. Represents all Jewish groups / Alexander Kahn — J. D. C. : at home, too, a solace / Herman Hoffman, Max Ogust, Herbert B. Sussman, Samuel Wohl — Appendix A : treasurer’s report / I. Edwin Goldwasser, Alexander A. Landesco — Appendix B : the need in 1944 : 17 millions / Irving H. Sherman  OCLC Number:         610222022  (278770)      $75.00

109.       Zerubavel, Fryda. Na venad — fartzeykhnungen fun a plite. Buenos Aries: Tsentr. farlag poylishe yidn, 1947. 175 pp.In Yiddish slight staining along edges of cover, slight tape number on spine, number on tp ,tears along spine,Ph. Friedman’s small library stamp on title page. Good. stiff wrapper.OCLC Number: 225219268 Survivor memoir in Yiddish  (280572)         $36.00

110.       ל משואות פוליןʻAl mashuʼot Polin. : ha-Ḳibuts ha-artsi ha-Shomer ha-tsaʻir,, 1940. 181 pp. ex library with marking and book plate tape on spine. Good. Boards.Sifriyat poʻalim, kerekh 8;OCLC Number:      32308531  (280540)                $40.00