“Oranienburg” – April 2019

1. Aldag Dr. Peter. Juden in England Juden beherrschen England; Band II. Berlin: Nordland, 1939. library stamp of Deutsche Rotes Kreuz, 390 pages, paper browning but not brittle. Good condition. Boards.
Nazi propaganda (271552) $25.00

2. American Joint Distribution Committee European Executive Offices. World Refugee Organizations A Guide to Relief and Reconstruction Activities for Refugees fron Germany. Paris: American Joint Distribution /Schoen Reprint, July 1937/ 2013. 122 pp. Amazing document with offices throughout the world especially Europe to receive the refugees, with addresses and names of officials, activities, charts of the Emigration of German Jews . Very Good. Perfect-bound.
This is a reprint of the scarce original. (271966) $25.00

3. Ayalti Hanan. The Presence is in Exile Too Collected Stories. Black Belt, 1997. 255 pp. Important Yiddish writer, the short stories chronicle the Jewish refugee’s experience of the 1930s and 1940s. Ayalti was imprisoned at Les Milles, got to Marseille then Uruguay and finally USA. Very Good. Hardcover . (267876) $32.00

4. Baigell, Matthew introduction . Artists against War and Fascism: Papers of the First American Artists’ Congress. New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 1986. 310 pp. new. cloth.
Congress existed from 1935 to 1942 (271600) $25.00

5. Balbier Uta (editor). East German Material Culture and the Power of Memory. GHI, 2011. 124 pp. Socialist Architecture Cultural Transfer and Everyday Life Politics of Memory and Display. Very Good. Wrapper.
Bulletin of the German Historical Institute Supplement 7 (271549) $15.00

6. Barasch Werner. Survivor: Autobiographical Fragments, 1938-1946. Haag, 2001. 116 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Fled Germany expelled from Switzerland, as a threat to France interned in various French camps and then escaped over the Pyrenees to Spain and imprisoned till the end of the War. (249475) $30.00

7. Barron, Smythe (editor). The Nazis in Africa Lost Documents of the Third Reich Volume 3. Salisbury NC: Documentary Publications, 1978. 205 pp. Very Good-. cloth.
Fifty documents materials from secret US diplomatic files concerning Nazi efforts to regain lost African dominions. (271525) $20.00

8. Bauer Elvira. “Trau keinem Fuchs auf gruner Heid und keinem Jud bei seinem Eid” ein Bilder Buch fur Gross und klein; Trust no fox on green heath and no Jew on his oath. Nuremberg: Sturmer Verlag , 1936. 8. Aufl. (101. – 110. Tausend). One of the most signifigant anti-Semitic children’s book 21 color plates, 43 pages,Written in fraktur. .The book tells children what a Jew is and how to recognize them. .A clear distinction is made between the satanic Jewish race and the Aryan Germans. The text and the illustrations that accompany the text make clear how threatening the Jew is for the German race and children need to beware.. On the front cover there is a picture of a fox and a picture of a man depicted as a Jew as he has a big nose, big ears and a chubby hand with a Star of David next to him.The book is divided into ten sections:• The Father of the Jews is the Devil • The Eternal Jew • Jewish names • Once a Jew, always a Jew • The Cattle Jew • The Sabbath • The Jewish Lawyer • The Servant Girl • The Jewish Doctor • The Fuhrer’s Youth . Very Good. Boards.
The title of the book “Do not trust a fox on a green heath and green heath and no Jew on his oath ” goes back to the anti-Semitic saying of Martin Luther “Do not trust a wolf on wild heathens, nor a Jew on his oaths”. Was considered scandalous in its portrayal of the Jews, so extreme are the images.
(271269) $1,500.00

9. Bauschinger Sigrid (hrsg). Die freche Muse Literarisches und politisches kabarett von 1901 bis 1999. Francke, 2000. 221 pp. inscribed with two essays dealing with the Nazi period. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271669) $15.00

10. Ben-Ami, Yitshaq. Years of Wrath: Days of Glory. Robert Speller & Sons, 1982. First Edition. 8vo 620 pp. dj slightly torn.stain to dj. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Involved with the Irgun in the illegal immigration from 1937-39 with Jabotinsky and then the Altalena affair.
(257288) $18.00

11. (Berlin) Geisel, Eike. Im Scheunenviertel — Berlin. Berlin: Severin und Siedler, 1981. oblong 8vo 155 pp. In German. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Photos and text on Jewish Berlin of early to mid 20th Century (271566) $25.00

12. Bernbaum, Israel. My Brother’s Keeper The Holocaust Through the Eyes of an Artist. Putnam, 1985. 64 pp dj torn. Good. Hardback & DJ.
Drawings of the Warsaw Ghetto. (271530) $18.00

13. Birenbaum, Halina. Hope is the Last to Die: HaHayim CeTekaveh (In Hebrew). NY: Ghetto Fighter’s House, 1983. Survivor’s memoirs 1939-1945, from Warsaw to Auschwitz. 12mo 166 pp.In Hebrew . Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271742) $18.00

14. Blumenfeld, Kurt. Erlebte Judenfrage: Ein Vierteljahrhundert Deutscher Zionismus. Stuttgart: DVA, 1962. 8vo 223 pp. heavily pencil underlined German Zionism in 19th and 20th century. Good. Hardcover . (271524) $10.00

15. Brautigam Andreas. Direkt vor der Haustur; Berlin-Lichtenrade im Nationalsozialismus. Aktion Suhnezeichen, 1990. 366 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (271507) $16.00

16. Brill Marte. Der Schmelztiegel. Roman. Buchergilde Gutenberg, 2003. 251 pp. Novel of her true story of leaving Nazi Germany for Brazil and experiences in Brazil as refugee. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271493) $20.00

17. Bryks Rachmil inscribed by. Oyf Kiddush ha-Shem un andere dertseylungen.} (For the sanctification of God’s name.). Bryks Book Committee, 1952. 145 pp.Concerns the Shoah In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover .
By the author of Ghetto Factory 76 and a Cat in the Ghetto, survivor of Auschwitz (271678) $25.00

18. Chertok, Haim. He Also Spoke As A Jew: The Life of James Parkes. NY: Vallentine Mitchell, 2006. 515 pp. Imprtant British Christian theologian who fought Anti Semitism and supported the establishment of the State of Israel. new. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (258610) $30.00

19. Cohn, Bernhard (editor) Hahn, Hugo . Living Legacy; Dedicated to Hugo Hahn: Rabbi, Teacher, Scholar. NY: Congregation Habonim, 1963. 121 pp. Filled with essays on German Jewish life in Germany and the USA. Hahn was an important refugee Rabbi from Essen , founded Congregation Habonim. Good. Cloth. (270133) $35.00

20. Comite International D’Histoire de la Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale. La Propagande pendant la Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale; Methodes, objet, resultats. Bucarest: Commission Roumaine, 1980. Twenty essays translated into five languages 479 pages tears to backstrip . Good. Paperback. (271511) $18.00

21. Curley , Rep. James M (Of Massachusetts). Service and Sacrfice by the Jewish People Entitle them to the respect of their Fellow Americans and an end to Jewish Persecution here and abroad. USGPO, 1944. Speech in Congress March 30, 1944, speech of six pages and 30 pages listing names of Jews honored for valor and wounded. Ex-library indicated on tp in ink. Good condition. Wrapper. (270767) $10.00

22. Diebow, Dr. Hans. Der ewige Jude. 265 Bilddokumente. Munchen: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, Franz Eher Nachf, 1937. 128 pp. cover torn by spine, lacks part of spine, hinge started , tears to covres, the cover image is quite clear. Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
Anti Semitic Nazi propaganda with notorious drawing of bearded Jewish man in caftan with hand outstretched with money and Russia under his arm (271379) $225.00

23. Donnison F S V. Civil Affairs and Military Government North-West Europe 1944-1946. HMSO, 1961. 515 pp. scotch tape on part of dj. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271538) $24.00

24. DPA Series: The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany. Mount Dora Florida: Documentary Photo Aids, 1970s?. 40 large glossy photographic reproductions of important photos , about 15 inches length and 12 inches width, from Hitler’s parents, to his early life, to his activities in the 1920s, meetings. Anti-Semitism, rise of fascism and his Chancellorship of Germany and War. Unusual photos some I have never seen before . Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Documentary photographs, with captions, provide a pictorial history of the rise to power of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany. For secondary grades and up.(worldcat) (271609) $135.00

25. Drndic Dasa. Trieste. Houghton Miflin, 2014. 351 pp. Novel of woman who witnesses the SHoah and murder of Italian Jews, and her search for her son, with an SS soldier, taken from her at birth. Filled with real documents from the period and list of the actual names of the 9,000 Jews who were deported from Italy or killed in Italy or countries occuped by Ialy between 1943 and 1945 Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271656) $10.00

26. Drost Pieter. Human Rights as Legal Rights; The realization of individual human rights in positive international law. Leiden: Sijthoff, 1951. 272 pp. number ons pine and slight library mark on fep, crown of spine bumped. Good +. Hardcover .
General discussions and tentative suggestion of an international system of human rights (271603) $36.00

27. Eisenbach Artur. Hitlerowska Polityka Eksterminacji Zydow W Latach 1939-1945. Warsaw: Idisz Bukh, 1955. 223 pp. + 275 pp. paper yellowing age toned but not brittle, tears to spine. good. Cloth. (271681) $55.00

28. Eloesser, Arthur. Vom Ghetto nach Europa: Das Judentum im geistigen Leben des 19 Jahrhunderts. Berlin: Judische Buch-Vereinigung, 1936. 292 pp. s. Good. boards.
note date of publication (256375) $25.00

29. Eschelbacher Dr Max und Sindler Dr Adolf. Zur Hygiene Der Juden Zur Errichtung Des Pavillons “Hygiene Der Juden” Auf Ger Grossen Austellung for Gesundheitspflege/Soziale Fursorge Und Leibesubungen Dusseldorf. Menorah, Jun Juli 1926. pp. 319- 416 pp. twelve essays.
Menorah. Judisches Familienblatt für Wissenschaft, Kunst und Literatur. Sonderheft 6/7 für die Monate Juni/Juli 1926.) (255843) $45.00

30. Eschwege Helmut (hrsg). Kennzeichen – Bilder, Dokumente, Berichte zur Geschichte der Verbrechen des Hitlerfaschismus an den deutschen Juden 1933 – 1945. DVW, 1976. 371 pp.number taped to spine and slightt library mark on fep. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271607) $28.00

31. Farband of Warsaw Jews. Dos Amolike Yidishe Varshe biz der Shvel fun Dritn Hurbn 1414-1939. Yizkor-Bleter nokh Tayere Noente-Umgekumene in: Lid Balade Poeme Drame Dertseylung Roman Humoreske Glaykhort Folkslid Zikhronos Esey Publitsistik Zshurnalistik Rede Reportazsh Khronik fun 139 Mahberim. An Antologye/ Jewish Warsaw That Was: A Yiddish Literary Anthology. : Farband fun Varshever Yidn in Montreal, 1966. 846 + 56 pp. In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .
Yizkor section lists the names of all those murdered in the Holocaust put together by the contributors (271680) $36.00

32. Feinstein Abraham Asher . Meggilat puraniyot neuraot Pinsk vehevel Polesia bishenot ha-milhama ha-olamit. Tel Aviv: 1929. 209 pp.In Hebrew some slight worm holes, needs binding. atrocities in Pinsk during the War. Good. Hardcover . (271617) $65.00

33. Feldman Gerald . Jewish Bankers and the Crises of the Weimar Republic. New York: Leo Baeck Institute, 1995. Memorial Lecture 39 22 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270168) $16.00

35. Flade, Roland. Juden in Wurzburg 1918-1933. Historische Verein, 1985. 518 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (266467) $30.00

36. Frankl Viktor. Ein Psycholog erlebt das KZ. Wien: Verlag fur Judgend und Volk, 1947. zweite. 131 pp. back cover torn and lacks part of cover and page with description of Frankl;s other book is torn, paper is yellowing and has slight very slight few holes, new cover and end paper, title paper attached to inner back cover. Good-. wrapper.
Author of Man’s Search for Meaning writes of his camp experiences. extremely scare and signifigant. (271473) $175.00

37. Friedlander Saul. A Conflict of Memories? The new German Debates about the “Final Solution”. New York: Leo Baeck Institute, 1987. Memorial Lecture 31 24 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270167) $16.00

38. Friedman uvia editor. Long Dark Nazi Years: Forty Years After the Collapse of the Third Reich, 1945-1985. A Record of Documents and Photographs of Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution. ocumentation Center, 1985. about 150 pp. filled with douments. Good +. Paperback.
Tuviah Friedman wasa reknowned Nazi Hunter and headed Documentation Center in Haifa (271514) $25.00

39. Frommer Benjamin. National Cleansing Retribution Against Nazi Collaborators in Postwar Czechoslovakia. Cambridge, 2005. 387 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
National Cleansing examines the prosecution of more than one hundred thousand suspected war criminals and collaborators by Czech courts and tribunals after the Second World War. This comprehensive history of postwar Czech retribution provides a new perspective on Czechoslovakia’s transition from Nazi occupation to Stalinist rule in the turbulent decade from the Munich Pact of September 1938 to the Communist coup d’état of February 1948. Based on archival sources that remained inaccessible during the Cold War, National Cleansing demonstrates the central role of retribution in the postwar power struggle and the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans. In contrast to general histories of postwar Czechoslovakia, which have traditionally portrayed retribution as little more than Communist-inspired political justice, this book illustrates that the prosecution of collaborators and war criminals represented a genuine, if deeply flawed, attempt to confront the crimes of the past, including those committed by the Czechs themselves. From the Cambridge University Press Website (251339) $20.00

40. (Galicia) Webber Jonathan Schwarz Chris (photos by). Rediscovering Traces of Memory; The Jewish Heritage of Polish Galicia. Galicia Jewish Museum/Littmann Library, 2009. 186 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Magnificent work with superb photos by the late founder of the Museum Chris Schwarz z”l (271605) $20.00

41. Gegenwart und Rückblick. 50 Zeitzeugnisse zur Geschichte der Westmächte und Berlin 1945 – 1994., Past and Present. 50 Mementos recall the Western Allied Presence in Berlin 1945-1994. / Present et retrospective. 50 temoignages de l’histoire des Allies et Berlin 1945 a 1994. : Alliierten Museum, 1998. 144 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271598) $40.00

42. Gershon, Karen. Postscript: A Collective Account of the lives of Jews in West Germany since the Second World War. London: Gollancz, 1969. 190 pp. good. Hardback & DJ. (271548) $15.00

43. Gleiser Izaac coordenacao Ciornai Jeud. Simposio sobre educaao judaica no Rio de Janeiro : opinio~e debates. Inst Brasiliero Judaico, 1966. 58 pp. slight library mark. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270751) $15.00

44. Goldstein Bernard. Finf Yor in Varshever Geto/ Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto. Farlag “Unser Tsait, 1947. 524 pp. In Yiddish, spine worn, Good. Hardcover .
with photos of the Jews in the ghetto and the massacres by the Nazis (271679) $18.00

45. Gottschalk Alfred. The German Pogrom of November 1938 and the Reaction of American Jewry. New York: Leo Baeck Institute, 1988. Memorial Lecture 32 27 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270166) $16.00

46. Gronowicz Antoni. Four from the Old Town. Scribner’s, 1944. 149 pp. Novel of four youth in the Polish Underground resisting the Nazis. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271542) $17.00

47. Gurlitz Walter. Gustav Stresemann. Ahren, 1947. 287 pp. dj torn writing blacked out on fep. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Important Chancellor and Foreign Minister during Weimar Period whose death lessened possibilities of reconcilation and more nationalism (271512) $15.00

48. Hamburger, Ernst. Juden im offentlichen Leben Deutschlands; Regierungsmitglieder, Beamte und Parlamentarier in der monarchischen Zeit: 1848-1918. Tubingen: Mohr, 1968. 595 pp. slight white marks at bottom of cover. Good +. Hardcover . (271532) $15.00

49. Hayes Kathleen (editor). The Journalism of Milena Jesenska; A critical voice in Interwar Central Europe. Berghahn, 2003. 231 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
Although Milena Jesenska’s relationship with Kafka lasted only a short time, it won the attention of the literary world with the 1952 publication of Kafka’s letters to Milena. Her own letters did not survive. Later biographies showed her as a fascinating personality in her own right. In the Czech Republic, she is remembered as one of the most prominent journalists of the interwar period and as a brave one: in 1939 she was arrested for her work in the resistance after the German occupation of Bohemia and Moravia, and died in Ravensbruck concentration camp in 1944. It is estimated that Jesenska wrote well over 1,000 articles, but only a handful have been translated into English. In this book her own writings provide a new perspective on her personality, as well as the changes in Central Europe between the two world wars as these were perceived by a woman of letters. The articles in this volume cover a wide range of topics, including her perceptions of Kafka, her understanding of social and cultural changes during this period, the threat of Nazism, and the plight of the Jews in the 1930s. Bookseller Inventory (271568) $15.00

50. Hedin, Sven. Amerika im Kampf der Kontinente. Leipzig: Brockhaus, 1944. funfte. 12mo 191 pp. bookplate on tp. good. wrap.
Danish Explorer who was sympatheric to the Nazis. (271736) $15.00

51. Henry Marilyn. The Restitution of Jewish Property in Central and Eastern Europe. NY: Am Jewish Committee, 1997. 53 pp. slight library marks bookplate. good. Wrapper. (271596) $20.00

52. Heuberger, Georg. Leo Baeck 1873-1956; Aus dem Stamme von Rabbinern. Judischer Verlag, 2001. 270 p. dj creased in German. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Eleven scholarly articles based on an exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Frankfurt. Remained in Germany and survived Terezin. (271550) $25.00

53. Horkheimer Max et al. Studien uber Autoritat und Familie: Forschungsberichte aus dem Institut fur Sozialforschung. Paris: Felix Alcan, 1936. 947 pp. repair to front hinge, number on spine and slight library mark on fep , corners bumped, slight spots on spine, wear to base of spine. Good. Boards.
Includes work by Max Horkheimer, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, K. Landauer, Karl A. Wittfogel, Ernst Manheim, Andries Sternheim, Hilde Weiss, Gottfried Salomon, Willi Strelewicz, Ernst Schachtel, Harald Makiewicz, Zoltan Ronai, Hubert Abrahamsohn, Paul Honigsheim, Kurt Goldstein, Fritz Jungmann, Marie Jahoda-Lazarsfeld, Curt Wormann, Alfred meusel, Arthur W. Calhoun, Adolfo Luini, Hans Mayer und R. Meili. (258627) $75.00

54. Huysmans Camille (foreword). The Case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter. London: Liberty Publ, 1943. 31 pp. creased pages. good. wrapper.
Polish Socialist labor leaders .Were actively calling for resistance and fighting the Nazis.Organized the International Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. Both murdered by order of Stalin some time between 1941 and 1943 (271517) $18.00

55. Institut fur Sozialforschung. Studien uber Autoritat und Vorurteil (Gekurzte deutsche Fassung der Bande I-III und V der “Studies in Prejudice” edited by Max Horkheimer and S H Flowerman) Erster und Zweiter Halbband. Frankufrt: Goethe Universitat, 1953. 739 pp. in two volumes, hinge started, library mark on free end paper and taped number to spine, typed manuscript paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Hardcover .
Als manuskript verveilfaltigt (258628) $140.00

56. Jackman, Jarrell and Borden, Carla, editors. The Muses Flee Hitler: Cultural Transfer and Adaptation, 1930-45. Washington: Smithsonian, 1983. 347 pp. dj torn Henry Commager’s copy with underlining. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Very important collection of essays on the refugee artist and intellectuals (271708) $10.00

57. Kahl Monika. Denkmale judischer Kutlur in Thuringen. Thuringisches Landesamt, 1997. Band 2 153 pp. top corners bumped. Very Good. Wrapper.
color photos of the cemeteries and the destoyed and some rebuilt synagogues (253919) $40.00

58. Kathe Kollwitz Tziporim Mahayei Poalim. Tel Aviv: Sinai, 1950s?. 64 pp. in Hebrew with many examples of her work. Good. Hardcover . (271513) $36.00

59. Kazdan C S. Medem Sanatorye Bukh. HaMenora, 1971. 463 pp. includes photos In Yiddish slight stains to cover and bottom back cover. Good. Hardcover .
A history of the Medem Sanitarium an Orphanage in Poland and a “Folk School.” After the Germans invaded Poland, the Medem Sanatorium was first shut down and then looted in September 1939. The Bund’s underground organization decided to reopen the clinic a few months later. Despite rapid deterioration in the facility’s conditions, the teachers nonetheless remained true to the educational concepts of the TSYSHO and continued to admit children; for example, 130 pupils arrived from a Polish-language Jewish orphanage… the children and remaining staff were deported on 22 August 1942,(YIVO Encyclopeida) (271690) $36.00

60. Kessler Katrin. The Buildings of the Jewish Community in Schwedt/Oder (Kleine Schriften der Bet Tfila – Forschungsstelle Fur Judische Architektur In Europa Herausgegeben). Imhof, 2007. 64 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (266540) $19.00

61. (Kirchen) Huettner, Axel. Die judische Gemeinde von Kirchen 1736-1940; (Erfringen-Kirchen, Kreis Lorrach). Heidelberg: Esprint, 1978. 372pp. Beitrage zur geschichtlichen wirtschaftlichen und religiosen Situation der Juden in Markgraeferland. Library stamps on pastedown and copy right page. Good. Boards. (266747) $36.00

62. Koehl Robert. RKFDV: German resettlement and population policy, 1939-1945 a history of the Reich Commision for the Strengthening of Germandom (Harvard Historical Monographs). Harvard University Press, 1957. 263 pp. dj chiped. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271506) $40.00

63. Kohn, Murray. Kol dami zo’ek: nos’e ha-Shoah ba-shirah ha-Ivrit/ The Holocaust as Reflected in Hebrew Poetry. Jerusalem: Maas, 1979. 251 pp. + XII, dj torn In Hebrew inscribed by author. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
The Voice of My Blood Cries Out: The Holocaust as reflected in Hebrew poetry (English title) (271564) $24.00

64. Kossler Gottfried. …dass wir nicht erwünscht waren: Novemberpogrom 1938 in Frankfurt am Main: Berichte und Dokumente. Dipa, 1993. 176 pp. Good +. Hardcover . (271562) $15.00

65. Kostya, Sandor. Northern Hungary: A Historical Study of the Czech Republic. Toronto: Asso Hungarian Tchrs, 1992. Includes material on the Second World War. 12mo 231 pp. good. Hardback & DJ. (271516) $15.00

66. Kotker, Norman. Learning About God. NY: Holt Rinhart, 1988. 200 pp. Very Good. Hardcover
Satiric haunting novel of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen survivor and coming to tems with life and its viccissitudes in the USA. (271634) $15.00

67. Kraiss Eva . Bet Hachajim Haus der Leben; Judische Friedhofe im Wurttembergisch Franken. Swirdoff, 2003. 142 pp. Exhibtion catalog the cemetery pictures were taken in various villages. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (265204) $47.00

68. Kräling, Ingrid (hrsg). Juden in Kassel 1808-1933, Eine Dokumentation anlasslich des 100. Geburtstages von Franz Rosenzweig, Ich bleibe also Jude, Ausstellungskatalog mit vielen Abb. Thiele und Schwarz, 1986. 288 pp. Very Good. Paperback. (271518) $24.00

69. Langer Lawrence. In a different light: The Book of Genesis in the Art of Samuel Bak. Boston: Pucker Gallery, 2001. 92 pp.Bringing the creation story to the concentration camps. new. Hardback & DJ.
A study of the work of survivor artist of the Shoah. (258797) $20.00

70. Lehr Stefan. Antisemitismus – religiose Motive im sozialen Vorurteil; Aus der Frujheschichte des Antisemitismus in Deutschland 1870-1914. Kaiser, 1974. 291 pages, library stamp tp . Very Good. Paperback. (271539) $15.00

71. Loewy Ernst hrsg. Exil. — Literarische und politische Texte aus dem deutschen Exil 1933 – 1945. Metzler, 1979. 1277 pages. Good condition. Hardback & DJ. (271500) $24.00

73. Mark B. Powstanie W Getcie Warszawskim. Warsaw: Idisz Buch, 1963. In Yiddish 341 pp. torn spine. good. wrapper. (271563) $10.00

74. Mass Dr Zacharie (Laffitte Michel introduction). Passeport pour Auschwitz. Correspondance d’un medecin du camp de Drancy. Le Manuscript, 2012. 410 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Fondation pour la Memoir de la Shoah (269165) $25.00

75. Meinen Insa. Die Shoah in Belgien. Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 2009. 254 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (271503) $62.00

76. Mrozewski, Stefan. Ghetto of Warsaw 16 woodcuts, Introduction by Henry Kanarek. Magnes, 1966. Covers slight soiling,wear along spine and edges, woodcuts clean,, includes four glossy reproductions of works by artists murdered at Terezin or Auschwitz) Cream color paper folio cover black title . 2 page introduction by Karanek, contents page, and 16 prints in black and white. Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
Mrosewski worked in Paris from 1925 to 1939 where he was acclaimed. In 1939 he returned to Poland and joined the Resistance. (Armia Krajowa, the cladestine Polish Home Army.) He fought throughout Poland and had contact with the Warsaw ghetto and thus the inspiration for his work. .This extraordinary work was done in 1946 in Paris and this is the first publication of them.: (271709) $295.00

77. Muller Klaus. The Army, Politics and Society in Germany, 1933-45. St Martins, 1987. 122 pp. sfep. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271541) $10.00

78. Nafziger George. The French order of battle in WWII : an organizational history of the divisions of the French Army. Ohio: Nafziger, 1995. 111 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (271535) $15.00

79. North Paul. Publishing in Exile German Language Literature in the U.S. in the 1940s. goethe Institute, 2009. 59 pages. Very Good. Wrapper. (271536) $15.00

81. Padellaro Nazareno. Pio XII. Torino, 1956. 380 pp. Includes the Second World War In Italian Controversial Pontiff re his stands during the War. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (271602) $15.00

82. Paret Peter. “The Enemy Within” Max Lieberman as President of the Prussian Academy of Arts. Leo Baeck Institute, 1984. Memorial Lecture 28 , 31 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270162) $15.00

83. Peltel Miedzyrzecki, Wladka F. On Both Sides of the Ghetto Wall, Fun Beyde Zaitn Geto Moiyer Fun beyde zaytn geto-moyer. Workmens Circle, 1948. 358 pp.In Yiddish wear to crown and base of spine with some images. Good. Hardcover .
Warsaw Ghetto, Wladka Meed (271677) $42.00

84. Perse, St. John. Exile and other Poems. NY: Pantheon Books, 1949. 166 pp. dj slightly chipped and torn. Good. Hardback & DJ.
Exiled French poet. Introduced by Archibald MacLeish. Bilingual ed. Bollingen Series XV. (271498) $12.00

85. Petuchowski Jacob. On The Valdity of German Jewish Self Definitions. Leo Baeck Institute, 1985. Memorial Lecture Nr. 29, 24 pp. corners creased. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (270163) $17.00

86. Pickus Keith. Constructing Modern Identities; Jewish University Students in Germany 1815-1914. Wayne, 1999. 222 pp. Fine/As new. Hardback & DJ. (271662) $10.00

87. Pillars of Smoke Remember ..Do not forget; in conjunction with an exhibition on the Shoah. Spertus, 1971. 18 pp. images and text. Very Good. Wrapper. (270249) $20.00

88. Poliakiewicz Symcha. A tog in Treblinke.– ( Dos Poylishe Yidntum ; 31 ). Buenos Aires: Central Verlag, 1948. 140 pp.needs rebinding In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover . (271686) $15.00

89. Polonsky Anthony (editor). Polin Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 1-8; A Journal of Polish Jewish Stuides. Blackwell Publishers/Institute for Polish Jewish Studies, 1987-1994. Eight volumes in pristine condition, filled with scholarly essays and reviews. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Volume Eight: Jews in Independent Poland 1918-1939 is published by the Littman Library (271671) $225.00

90. Proposed Roads for American Jewry A Symposium. NCJW, 1936. 79 pp. slight library marks, tears to spine ,includes essay by Marvin Lowenthal Germany of Yesterday and America of Today (concerns Nazism) The road of the Spirit by Erich Gutkind and As a Liberal Views It by Morris Raphael Cohen. Good. Wrapper.
Gutkind was a refugee from Germany who taught at the New School (270766) $36.00

91. Puttnies Hans und Smith Gary. Benjaminiana: Eine Biographische Recherche. Anabas, 1991. 219 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
On Walter Benjamin who died at Spanish border fleeing the Nazis. (271570) $36.00

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A study of Hitler’s techniques. (271665) $10.00

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When the Nazis rose to power in 1933 Leo Baeck was elected president of the Reichsvertretung der deutschen Juden, an umbrella organization of German-Jewish groups founded to advance the interests of German Jewry in the face of Nazi persecution. The organization was forced to change its name to the Reichsverband der Juden in Deutschland in 1935 to reflect the Nazi view that there were no “German Jews” but only “Jews in Germany.” As the head of this organization, Baeck worked to maintain the morale of German Jews and alleviate the discrimination and persecution of the Jews by the National Socialists. Under Baeck, the organization also helped Jews emigrate from Germany.
In spite of several offers of emigration, Leo Baeck refused to leave Germany or his community, even after Jewish businesses and synagogues (including his home congregation at Fasanenstrasse) were burned and looted in November 1938. He is reported to have said that he would only leave Germany when he was the last Jew remaining there. He remained the nominal president of the Reichsverband when it was placed under Nazi control and renamed the Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland. When this organization was finally disbanded in 1943, Leo Baeck, along with his family members, was sent to the concentration camp at Theresienstadt (Terezin) at the age of seventy.He survived and lived then in England. (LBI) (271494) $25.00

97. Reichshandbuch der deutschen Gesellschaft : Das Handbuch der Personlichkeiten in Wort und Bild. Berlin: Deutscher Wirtschaftsverlag, , 1930-31. two volumes 2124 pp. spines worn,last few pages volume twoare loose Short biographies of prominent Germans with photos Important reference work re future diplomats, businessmen, lawyers under the Nazis and determining their fates .Heavy tomes A who’s who of German elite. Good. Hardcover . (271273) $175.00

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Articles by survivors and liberators.Filled with essays and pictures and maps at back (271551) $24.00

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Important anti fascist Doctor set up Amsterdam Congress against the War, imprisoned by the Nazis able to flee to Paris and eventually to NY and active in
Council for a Democratic Germany, (251307) $36.00

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Philipps German Children”s and Youth Literature in Exile pp.198, Sternfeld Tiedemann DEL pp, 450 (251302) $45.00

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With articles by Walter Mehring Konrad Heiden Alfred Doblin B Viertel Martin Niemoeller (252198) $100.00

108. Schwarzschild Leopold (Hrsg). Das Neue Tage Buch. Paris Amsterdam: August -Dezember 1935. 3 Jarhgang Nr 31-52, some covers disbound and a few with tears , paper yellowed but not brittle, some issues fragile, wealth of information concerning exile activity and political approaches and news reports from Germany. Good-. Wrapper.
Important exile periodical with writers including Klaus Mann Rudolph Olden Joseph Roth political and literary articles (254490) $95.00

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SPD leader in Germany after the War. Fled Nazi Germany and eventually landed in London and active in labor poiitics. (271593) $25.00

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Mit einem Geleitwort von Heinrich Mann. Eyewitness report of the concentration camp. Seger escaped and found refuge in the USA where he was active in SPD politics.. Published in English under title A Nation Terrorized (271474) $50.00

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material on Waldheim anti Zionist stance of the UN seidman was known for his Warsaw Ghetto Diaries (271567) $30.00

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Refugee German Jewish historian (271543) $9.00

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Refugee dramatist who went to Palestine. (246878) $20.00

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Illustrations to Sholom Aleichem’s Menshen und Zenen.Painter and etcher born in Lithuanian in 1896, depicted Eastern European Jewish life. In 1916 she moved to Berlin where she exhibited with the artists of the Secession group,became a member of the November group. Moved to France with the advent of the Nazis. In 1942 she was arrested and murdered in a concentration camp. Her best-known works consist of lithographic illustrations to books by Mendele Mokher Seforim, Shalom Aleichem, Israel Zangwill, Heinrich Heine, and Martin Buber. (268662) $375.00

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Fascist poltical party active in England in the 1970s (271606) $20.00

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Joseph Tenenbaum, a leader of the Jewish militia and eyewitness to the Lemberg pogrom of 1918 which he discusses in this book, (271682) $25.00

123. Tenenbaum, Joseph . Galicie main alte haím.– ( Dos Poylishe Yidntum ; 87 ). Tsentral-farband fun Poylishe Yidn in Argentine, 1962. 319 pp. material concerning Galicia in 1920 and 1930s. Good. Hardcover .
Joseph Tenenbaum, a leader of the Jewish militia and eyewitness to the Lemberg pogrom of 1918 which he discusses in this book, (271683) $25.00

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Novel based on the DeMan story , distinguished Professor hides his Nazi past during WW2 and justice is meted out. (271569) $15.00

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On Jewish resistance in Holland during the Shoah (271547) $15.00

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Sternfeld DEL pp. 249 Anti Nazi Press in Prague (271475) $75.00

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Contemporary account of Nazi techniques and pressures on the eve of War. Wiskemann had travelled widely in Europe. (271510) $10.00

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Includes an Outlook for the future (270112) $36.00

140. Zweig Arnold. Insulted and Exiled. The truth about the German Jews. John Miles, 1937. 255 pp.wear to crown of spine. Good. Hardcover .
Includes an Outlook for the future (270113) $36.00

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Fled Prague in 1938 for Palestine where he remained. Exile writer (271572) $40.00

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First attempt by a bookseller to give a bibliographical survey to the entire contribution.Tremendous, Reflection on the plight of the Jews in Europe (271599) $35.00