Part 1 – October 2016


1.     Alvarez. Nothing Sacred: Nazi Espionage Against the Vatican, 1939-1945. Cass, 1997. 190 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (263930)    $25.00

2.     Apenszlak, Jacob (editor). The Black Book of Polish Jewry: An Account of the Martyrdom of Polish Jewry Under the Nazi Occupation. NY: Roy Publishers, 1943. 343 pp. hinge starting, dj torn. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Graphic description of the Nazi extermination policy. Note the date of publication.  (264614)    $25.00

3.     Arnal, Oscar. Ambivalent Alliance: The Catholic Church and the Action Francaise: 1899-1939. Pittsburgh: Univ. of Pittsburgh, 1985. 12mo 258 pp. Very Good. cloth.

Anti Semitic movement  (264343)    $15.00

4.     Balaban Dr Majer. Di Idn Sztot Lublin. Buenos Aires: Central Farband, 1946. 190 pp..embossed stamp tp  In Yiddish . good. Hardcover .

History of Jewish life in Lublin pre Holocaust.First published in 1919.  (264064)    $18.00

5.     Bar-Giora Bamberger, Naftali. Der judische Friedhof in Schmieheim : Memor-Buch; Zwei Bande. Gemeinde Kippenheim, 1999. 1078 pp. in two volumes, filled with pictures of graves. folio Includes Lagerplan. Very Good-. Hardcover .

Photo of each stone with explanation/translation of the Hebrew text into German  (264094)    $185.00

6.     Bartoszewski Wladyslaw. Warszawski pierscien smierci 1939-1944. Zachodnia Agencja Prasowa, 1967. 400 worn and torn Warsaw Ring of Death, during the War. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264336)    $27.00

7.     Bauminger, Roza. Przy pikrynie i trotylu. Krakow: Central Com Polish Jews, 1946. 62 pp.ex library. good. wrapper.

Memoir of time in a forced labor camp from Nov 1943 to July 1944. Skarzysk-Kamienna labor camp in Poland. In Polish.  (264290)    $25.00

8.     Benewick Robert. Political Violence and Public Order a study of British Fascism. allen lane , 1969. 304 pages, ex library with markings and pocket Material on Moseley and the Blackshirts. Good. Hardcover .  (264270)    $15.00

9.     Berger Jospeh. Displaced Persons: Growing Up American after the Holocaust. NY: Scribner, 2001. 347 pp. Near Fine. Hardback & DJ.

Refugee from Europe and experiences in USA after the War,became NY Times reporter  (264591)    $8.00

10.     Berges, Max. Cold Pogrom. Phil: JPS, 1939. 280 pp. dj tears . Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Novel of the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Berges fled Germany for Shanghai then Manila and came to the USA in Dec 1938 with the aid of Albert Einstein.  (264621)    $15.00

11.     Bickel Shlomo editor. Pinkas Kolomey. Kolomeyer Memorial Book, 1957. 442 pp. Memorial Book In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264068)    $75.00

12.     Butler nicholas (preface). Report of the International Commission to inquire into the causes and conduct of the Balkan Wars. Washington: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1914. cloth good+ ex library 405 pages with facsimiles and map amazing documentation .

Important documentation of the slaughters in the Balkans; region of Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Rumania, Turkey. Reads like foretelling of the Second World War slaughters and genocide.  (264191)    $20.00

13.     Chant Christopher editor. Warfare and the Third Reich The Rise and Fall of Hitlers Armed Forces. Smithmark, 1996. 446 pp. sfep. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (260836)    $15.00

14.     Claman Henry. Jewish Images in the Christian Church: Art As the Mirror of the Jewish-Christian Conflict, 200-1250 CE. Mercer Univ, 2000. 210 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264183)    $8.00

15.     Colby, Bainbridge (introduction). The Case of Civilization Against Hitlerism –Madison Sq. Garden. NY: American Jewish Congress /R.Ballou, 1934. 145 pp. number on spine and slight library stamp on fep. Good. Hardcover .

Includes addresses by Roger Baldwin, Abraham Cahan, Miriam Beard, Stephen Wise, Fiorello Laguardia .22 addresses.  (264237)    $15.00

16.     Collette Christine (editor). Jews, Labour and the Left, 1918-1948. Ashgate, 2000. 186 pp. Very good condition. Cloth.

Eight interesting essays including Gail Malmgreen on The Jewish Labour Committee and Anti Nazi Activitiy 1933-41, Jason Heppell on the Jewish Section of the Communist Party of Great Britain 1936-45  (264649)    $6.00

17.     Cornwell John. Hitler’s Scientists : Science, War, and the Devil’s Pact. Viking, 2003. Octavo in dust jacket, xx, 535 pp., b/w photos, notes, selected bibliography, index . Very Good. Hardcover .  (264534)    $8.00

18.     Cuomo, Glenn (editor). National Socialist Cultural Policy. NY: St Martin, 1995. 252 slight chips . Very Good. Hardback & DJ.

Eight essays examine official Nazi attitude to theater, film architecture art and literature. Campaigns against the Weimar period.  (263966)    $40.00

19.     Curtis, Michael. Verdict on Vichy: Power and Prejudice in the Vichy Regime. Arcade, 2002. Octavo in dust jacket, xx, 419 pp., maps, b/w illustrations, fate of some of the collaborators, select bibliography, notes, index . Very Good. Hardcover .  (264535)    $8.00

20.     Dagan, Avigdor. The Court Jesters: a novel. Phil: JPS, 1989. 180 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.

Four men, inmates in a Nazi concentration camp who survive by amusing their tormentors.  (264632)    $5.00

21.     De Gruyter W Jos. Het werk van Kathe Kollwitz. Den Haag: : De Baanbreker, 1932. XVII + 61 illustrations. Very Good. Boards.  (264123)    $36.00

22.     Diehl, James. Paramilitary Politics in Weimar Germany. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1977. 8vo 406 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.  (264187)    $20.00

23.     Distel, Barbara, et al. Dachau Review: History of Nazi Concentration Camps: Studies, Reports, Documents: Vol. 1. Dachau: Comite International de Dachau, 1988. 12mo 240 pp. Very Good. wrapper.

Excellent collection of essays and recollections/memories of the camps.  (264650)    $10.00

24.     Dobroszycki, Lucjan, (editor). The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto 1941-44. New Haven: Yale, 1984. Day by day reports of life in the Ghetto. Documents. 8vo 551 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.  (264640)    $15.00

25.     Doron David. Ghetto Kishinev The Final Pogrom. Kiryat Sefer, 1977. 170 pp. In Hebrew dj torn. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264080)    $55.00

26.     Even-Shoshan, Shlomo. Minsk, ir ve-em (Minsk, Jewish Mother-City) Memorial Anthology Volume One. Jerusalem: The Association of Olim from Minsk and its Surroundings in Israel, 1975. 695 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264076)    $47.00

27.     Fishman, Joshua, editor. Studies on Polish Jewry: 1919-1939: The Interplay of Social, Economic and Political Factors in the Struggle of a Minority… NY: YIVO, 1974. in English and Yiddish. 8vo 294+536pp. (in one volume) book plate. Very Good. cloth.  (264637)    $15.00

28.     Gay Peter. Die Republik der Aussenseiter. Geist und Kultur in der Weimarer Zeit, 1918 – 1933. Fischer, 1970. 256 pp dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (251425)    $25.00

29.     Genizi, Haim. America’s Fair Share: The Admission and Resettlement of Displaced Persons: 1945-52. Detroit: Wayne State, 1993. 273 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (264053)    $10.00

30.     Gispen Kees. Poems in Steel; National Socialism and the Politics of Inventing from Weimar to Bonn. NY: Berghahn, 2002. 356 pages. Very good. Cloth.

Issues dealing with inventions and patents  (264358)    $10.00

31.     Glaser Marlis. Bilder uber Menschen und Bucher, Bäume und Fruchte Neue Arbeiten 2008 – 2012 Recent works: – pictures about people and books, trees and fruits. Biberacher, 2012. 191 pp.Marlis Glaser’s paintings reflect on the poems of Else Lasker Schuler and interviews with and experiences of German Jewish refugees in Palestine/Israel and their children today. Very Good. Hardcover .

Bilder zu Liebesgedichten von Else Lasker Schuler Baume und Baum Paare und Abraham aber pflantze….  (264095)    $43.00

32.     Glazman Yosef ( GlassmanJoseph) editor. Pirsume Muzeʼon ha-loḥamim ṿeha-parṭizanim : Tel Aviv: Muesuem of the Combatants and Partisans, 1983. 93 pp. In Hebrew with 30 pp. in English. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (264362)    $40.00

33.     Goda Norman. Tales from Spandau; Nazi Criminals and the Cold War. Cambridge, 2007. 290 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Sentenced to long prison sentences at the Trial of the Major War Criminals at Nuremberg, seven of Adolf Hitler’s closest associates – Rudolf Hess, Albert Speer, Karl Donitz, Erich Raeder, Walther Funk, Konstantin von Neurath, and Baldur von Schirach – were to have become forgotten men at Berlin’s Spandau Prison. Instead they became the focus of a bitter four decade tug-of-war between the Soviet Union and the Western Allies – a dispute on the fault line of the Cold War itself which drew in heads-of-state, military strategists, powerful businessmen, vocal church leaders, old-world aristocrats, international spies, and neo-Nazis. Drawing on long-secret records from four countries, Norman J. W. Goda provides an exciting new perspective on the terrifying shadow thrown by Nazi Germany on the Cold War years, and how that shadow helped to influence the Cold War itself. (from the blurb)  (264322)    $10.00

34.     Goldner Franz. Das Einsame Gewissen Die Osterreichische Emigration 1938 bis 1945. Wien: Herold, 1972. 364 pages inscription book plate. Very good. Cloth.  (264333)    $9.00

35.     Goldsmith Martin . Die Unausloschliche Symphonie: Musik Und Liebe Im Schatten Des Dritten Reiches – Eine Deutsch-Judische Geschichte. Herder, 2002. 380 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (263967)    $30.00

36.     Greenspan Sol. Jews in Plotzk (Yidn in Plotsk). A and H, 1960. 325 pp. In Yiddish, spine worn, top corners torn. Good +. Hardcover .  (264077)    $45.00

37.     Grussgott Abraham compiler. Be-ovdan moladeti : yad va-shem li-kehilah kedoshah Bardeyov, Tsekhoslovakyah : mi-yom hivasdah ve-ad hurbanah; Bardejov remembered : a memorial to the Jewish community of Bardejov, Czechoslovakia, 1734-1945. Brooklyn: 1099. 189 pp. English Hebrew and Yiddish with images and lists of names Memorial Book. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264254)    $95.00

38.     Hans Sarkowicz, Hrsg. Hitlers Kunstler: Die Kultur Im Dienst Des Nationalsozialismus. Insel Verlag, 2004. 453 pp.,contains 11 essays by various contributors on particular branches of the arts during the ThirdRreich – painting, design, theater, architecture, music, among others. Very Good. Hardcover .  (263965)    $45.00

39.     Hertz Friedrich. Rasse und Kultur; Eine kritsiche Untersuchung der Rassentheorien. Leipzig: Kroner, 1915. zweite auflage . 421 pages tear to spine covers worn some pages creased or dogeared at bottom at conclusion of book. Good. Cloth.

Chapters on aryans and Semitics, on Judaism and Race, on he German character and Race, points out absurdities of Race and counters Chamberlain and Gobineau  (264342)    $20.00

40.     Hoegner, Wilhelm. Flucht vor Hitler. Erinnerungen an die Kapitulation der ersten deutschen Republik 1933. nymphenburger, 1978. 295 pp. dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (251427)    $17.00

41.     Hoffmann, Moses. Der Geldhandel der deutschen Juden während des Mittelalters bis zum Jahre 1350; Ein Beitrag zur deutschen Wirtschaftsgeschichte im Mittelalter
. Duncker, 1910. Staats- und sozialwissenschaftliche Forschungen, Heft 152. 236 pp. number on spine and slight library stamp on fep. Good-. Boards.  (264236)    $25.00

42.     Horn Josef. Main ḥoreve heim a idis stetl in Poiln tzwišn beide welṭ-milḥomes. Buenos Aires: Cultura, 1946. 155 pp.In Yiddish, cover and first page disbound, inscribed by aihtor, paper fragile, reading copy. Fair. Stiff Wrapper.  (264089)    $35.00

43.     Hornstein Gail. To Redeem One Person is to redeem the World: The Life of Frieda Fromm-Reichmann. NY: Free Press, 2000. 478 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.

Extraordinary life story of German Jewish refugee analyst who came from an Orthodox background and was E Fromm’s first wife, “Torahpeutics”  (264203)    $12.00

44.     House of the Wannsee Conference. The Wannsee Conference and the Genocide of the European Jews; guide and reader to the permanent exhibit in the House of the Wannsee Conference. Wannsee, 2002. Third Edition. 204 pp. filled with documents and photos. Very Good. Paperback.  (264243)    $7.00

45.     Huberband, Rabbi Shimon. Kiddush Hashem: Jewish Religious and Cultural Life in Poland During the Holocaust. Hoboken: Ktav, 1987. 8vo 474 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (264641)    $8.00

46.     Hurstfield Julian. America and the French Nation 1939-1945. UNC, 1986. 308 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (264055)    $10.00

47.     Jaffa Joshu. BeGetto Novogordok (In the Novogrod Ghetto and the Partisan Resistance); The Partisan Resisatnce in the Stronghold of the Bielski Brothers Band. Tel Aviv: Irgun Yotze Novograd BeYisrael, 1988. 392 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264081)    $85.00

48.     Katzenelson Jizchak Biermann Wolf. Dos Lied Vunem Ojsgehargetn Jidischn volk-Großer Gesang Vom Ausgerotteten Jüdischen Volk. Kiepenheuer, 1994. 237 pp.slight stains to cover . Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Katzenelson was murdered at Aushcwitz. manuscript of his poem and Biermann’s German translation. Essay by Biermann also.  (264317)    $30.00

49.     Kerr Judith. The Other Way Round. Coward McAnn, 1975. 255 pp ex library with pocket  Novel for children of Jewish refugee family/children in London displaced by the War in early 1940s and finding ways to survive. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Judith Kerr fled Nazi Germany with her family in 1933 and after a stay in Switzerland and France arrived in England in 1936. She is also the author of When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit  (264334)    $14.00

50.     Kluge, Alexander. Case Histories: Stories. NY: Holmes and Meier, 1988. 203 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.

Collection of 11 stories of German people between 1933-1960,a camp guard, two camp inmates, friends at a funeral,contactless. Kluge is also known as a filmmaker in Germany.  (251647)    $20.00

51.     Kolinsky Eva. After the Holocaust Jewish Survivors in Germany after 1945. Pimlico, 2004. 288 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (264324)    $7.00

52.     Komitees Judisches Kriegsarchiv. Judisches Archiv; Mitteilungen des Komitees Judisches Kriegsarchiv. Wien: R Lowit, 1915-1916. Numbers 1, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7, 8/9: each issue about 45 pages. number on spine and library marks free end paper. Good +. Boards.

Articles on Austrian Jews in the War, with names of those honored with medals. Images of the War, destroyed Jewish towns and fleeing refugees.  (264244)    $75.00

53.     Konigseder Angelika. Waiting for Hope: Jewish Displaced Persons in Post-World War II Germany (Jewish Lives). NWUP, 2001. 299 pp. number taped to spine and slight library mark on fep. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264245)    $24.00

54.     Kotker, Norman. Learning About God. NY: Holt Rinhart, 1988. 200 pp. very fine. fine.

Satiric novel of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen survivo and coming to tems with life and its viccissitudes in the USA.  (264352)    $12.00

55.     Kraus Yosef (?) editor. Katowice Kattowitz Sefer Zikaron. Hanasehat Yehudut Kattowitz, 1996. 404 pp. Memorial Book. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264253)    $125.00

56.     Kremer, S. Lillian. Women’s Holocaust Writing: Memory and Imagination. Lincoln: Univ of Nebraska, 1999. 8vo 297 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (264210)    $12.00

57.     Kurt Tucholsky 1935-1975. Eine Ausstellung der Deutschen Bibliothek. Deutsche Bibliothek, 1976. 78 pp. exhibition catalog . Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.

Important journalist in Weimar Germany, edited Weltbuhne, died in exile in Sweden in 1935,  (264015)    $25.00

58.     Lang Berel. Heidegger’s Silence. Ithaca: Cornell, 1996. 129 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.

Discusses Heidegger’s complicity in Nazi politics and his slience after the War about the Shoah.  (264224)    $9.00

59.     Lazar, Moshe & Van Jole, Marcel. Pinchas Shaar 1923-1996. Arted, 1983. 175 pp. dj torn filled with color illustrations. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Polish Jewish survivor of Lodz, influenced by Picasso’s work, Shoah imagery immersed in some of his work in unusual way  (264118)    $25.00

60.     Liepmann Heinz. Das Vaterland Ein tatsachen Roman aus dem Heutigen Deutschland. Amsterdam: Kampen und Zoon, 1933. 295 pp. spine torn, some chips, lacks original covers. good tears to backstrip. wrapper.

Novel about life in Nazi Germany . Exile writer Sternfeld s.309-310  (244739)    $50.00

61.     Lorenz Dagmar (editor). Insiders and Outsiders; Jewish and Gentile Culture in Germany and Austria. Detroit: Wayne State, 1994. Twenty eight essays 364 pages. Very good. Hardback & DJ.  (264059)    $12.00

62.     Ludwig Georgs Gymnasium Darmstadt. Karl Wolfskehl. Lambert Schneider, 1955. 113 pp. Compendium of his work and contemporaries. Very Good. Boards.

Karl Wolfskehl (17 September 1869 – 30 June 1948) was a German Jewish author who wrote poetry, prose and drama in German. He was active in the Munich Cosmic Circle, a group of intellectuals in Munich led by Alfred Schuler. This group broke up in 1904 due to a rift between Wolfskehl, supported by Stefan George, and Ludwig Klages, supported by Schuler.He emigrated to Switzerland in (1933), then to Italy (1934) and ultimately, with his partner Margot Ruben (1908–1980), to New Zealand (1938)  (264347)    $20.00

63.     Lustiger, Arno. Schalom Libertad! Juden im spanischen Burgerkrieg. Frankfurt: Athenaum, 1989. 397 pp. Spanish Civil War. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (264316)    $17.00

64.     Maimon Rav Y L HaCohen. Arim Veimahot beYisrael  Part Three; Mazavit Kodesh LeHehillot Yisrael SheNerharbu BeYedei Arezim VeTamaim BeMilhamot HaOlam HaAhraront. Mossad HaRav Kook, 1952. In Hebrew Covers and spines worn; Part Three -David Flinker Warsaw 303 pp. Good-. Boards.

Histories of these towns and their destruction during the Second World War  (264117)    $45.00

65.     Maimon Rav Y L HaCohen. Arim Veimahot beYisrael Part One; Mazavit Kodesh LeHehillot Yisrael SheNerharbu BeYedei Arezim VeTamaim BeMilhamot HaOlam HaAhraront. Mossad HaRav Kook, 1952. In Hebrew Covers and spines worn; Part One One Austria Eisenstadt Berlin Vilna Vienna Lvov Monkatsch by various authors 371 pp. Good-. Boards.

Histories of these towns and their destruction during the Second World War  (264116)    $45.00

66.     Marley, Lord. Der Broyner Bukh vegn der untertsindung Funem Reichstag un vegn der Hitlerishe Terro; The Brown Book of Hitler Terror and Burning of the Reichstag. Moscow: Emes, 1933. 404 pp. In Yiddish .former owner stamped name on pastedown and title page ,crown and base of spine slight tears, corners bumped. Good +. Hardcover .

Early revelation to the world of the oppression/murder in Germany of the opposition and Jews under the Nazi regime. Extrememly scarce in Yiddish  (251502)    $175.00

67.     Marshall, Louis (et al). The Jews in the Eastern War Zone. NY: American Jewish Committee, 1916. 120 pp.spine worn corners bumped, library tape on spine. good. cloth.

What was happening to the Jews in the hands of the Russians and German troops.  (264197)    $7.00

68.     Michman Dan (editor). Remembering the Holocaust in Germany, 1945=2000 German Strategies and Jewish Responses. Jerusalem: Lang, 2002. 172 pp. number taped to spine and slight library mark on pastedown. Very good. Hardcover .

Ten authors from five countries present a variety of fresh analyses of the strategies Germans have adopted in coping with the Nazi past. Through historical, sociological, educational, and cultural approaches the unresolved tensions existing in German society – between the will to be accepted as an integral part of western civilization and to put the Nazi chapter in general and the Holocaust in particular behind, on the one hand, and an awareness of responsibility combined with recurring, sometimes sudden, manifestations of long-term results and implications of the past, on the other – are analyzed. Through its multifaceted approach, this book contributes to a better understanding of present-day German society and of Germany’s delicate relationships with both the United States and Israel. (from the blurb)  (264247)    $9.00

69.     Muller Jan-Werner. Memory and Power in Post-War Europe: Studies in the Presence of the Past. Cambridge, 2002. 288 pp. twelve essays. Very Good. Hardcover .

How has the past been used in domestic struggles for power, and how have historical lessons been applied in foreign policy? While there is now a burgeoning field of social and cultural memory studies, mostly focused on commemorations and monuments, this volume is the first to examine the connection between memory and politics directly. It investigates how memory is officially recast, personally reworked and often violently re-instilled after wars, and, above all, the ways memory shapes present power constellations. The chapters combine theoretical innovation in their approach to the study of memory with deeply historical, empirically based case studies of major European countries. The volume concludes with reflections on the ethics of memory, and the politics of truth, justice and forgetting after 1945 and 1989. (from blurb)  (264341)    $25.00

70.     Nachmansohn, David. German Jewish Pioneers in Science: 1900-1933:  Highlights in Atomic Physics, Chemisty and Biochemistry. Berlin/New York: Springer Verlag, 1979. Important reference work. 8vo 388 pp. dj torn. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (263920)    $24.00

71.     Naphtali Fritz. Wirtschafts Krise. Dietz, 1930. 32 pp. cover disbound talk given in Free Socialist High school in Berlin. good. Wrapper.  (264284)    $14.00

72.     O’Donnell Patrick. They Dared Return The true stories of Jewish Spies behind the lines in Nazi Germany. Da Capo, 2009. 237 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264517)    $16.00

73.     Organ des Amtes Schriftumspflege. Bucher Kunde. Bayreuth: Gauverlag Bayerishce Ostmarck, 1938. Nazi educational publication, articles and book reviews. Feb.1938-Okt.1938.Vol 5.#2,4-10. Ausgabe A.+B  8 issues. good. wrapper.

Fur die gesamte geistige und weltanschauliche Erziehung der NSDAP und der Reichsstelle zur Forderung der deutschen Schriftums  (264296)    $65.00

74.     Pearl, S. Almazov. The Underground War in Europe; Di untererdishe milhomeh in europa. NY: self, 1943. 320 pp.spine frayed In Yiddish. Good-. Hardcover .

Includes material on the Nazi slaughter of the Jews and the Resistance. Very scarce.  (264092)    $40.00

75.     Perlow Itzjok . Seyfer Radom. Irgun yotsʼe Radom be-Yiśraʼel, 1961. 451 pp. In Hebrew and Yiddish, hinge started. slight library marks, Memorial Book. Good-.

Radom (Województwo Mazowieckie)  (264172)    $65.00

76.     Podro Joshua. Nuremberg the Unholy City. Anscombe, 1937. 127 pp. number on spine and slight library mark on fep. Good. Hardcover .

History of anti semitism in Nuremberg including the Nazi regime  (264644)    $15.00

77.     Price Hoyt and Schorske Carl. The Problem of Germany. Council on Foreign Realtions, 1947. 161 pp. number on spine and slight library mark, introduction by Allen Dulles. Good. Hardcover .

What are the prospets for economic recovery? What are the chances for democracy to take hold?  (264250)    $18.00

78.     Rabinovici Doron. Instanzen der Ohnmacht. Wien 1938-1945. Der Weg um Judenrat. Judischer Verlag, 2000. 495 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (251359)    $15.00

79.     Raschhofer Hermann. Political Assassination: The Legal Background of the Oberlander and Stashinsky Cases. Schlichtenmayer, 1964. 231 pp. number on spine and slight library mark on fep. Good. Paperback.

Documentation and research concerning the war activities of two German officals and Communist claims they were war criminals  (264267)    $17.00

80.     Reder, Rudolf. Belzec. Krakow: Central Jewish Hist Comm, 1946. 65 pp.lower corners creased, tear to top edge, spine worn library markings fragi;e. good. wrapper.

Survivor memoir. In Polish with six photos  (264289)    $36.00

81.     Reisen Abraham. Ḳoydenoṿ : zamlbukh tsum ondenḳ fun di Ḳoydenoṿer ḳdoyshim … ; Heymishe geshṭalṭn : dertseylungen.(Koidanover). United Koidanover Assn, 1955. 207 pp. In Yiddish . Memorial Book book plate library stamps paste down crown slight tear. Good +. Hardcover .  (264360)    $85.00

82.     Reiss, Lionel. New Lights and Old Shadows: New Lights of an Israel Reborn: Old Shadows of a Vanished World. NY: Reconstructionist Press, 1954. 159 pp. dj torn inscription in English on fep, includes drawings concerning the Shoah. good. Hardback & DJ.

Includes portraits of Ghetto People and Places. A Tribute to the Martyrdom of European Jewry. Magnificent paintings and drawings  (264327)    $24.00

83.     Robinson Jacob. Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the charter of the united Nations. Inst of Jewish Affairs, 1946. 166 pp. slight library marks. Good. Hardcover .  (264256)    $25.00

84.     Rosenfarb Chava . Das lid fun yidish kelner Abram. London: Narod, 1947. 87 pp. . in Yiddish, slight tape with number at base of spine and small stamp of former owner, second book of poems published by Rosenfarb. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.

Survivor author of Tree of Life who settled ultimately in Canada. About her father who was killed during the Shoah  (264036)    $75.00

85.     Rosman SHelomo. Sefer Shefar Harei Kedem Golot Carpatrom Marmarosh Betiferet Uvehurbana (Carpathain Mountains- Marmarosh) Helek Rishon. Zichron Kedoshim, 1991. about 500 pp. In Hebrew with photos, Memorial Book. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264107)    $75.00

86.     Rossing Karl. Mein Vorurteil gegen diese Zeit 100 Holzschnitte; nachwort von Manes Sperber. Hofmann und Campe, 1974. 207 + 25 pp. with 100 illustrations inscription in pen not by author on fep . : 100 woodcuts, anti Nazi artist who remained in Germany during the War, examples of his work reminiscent of the best graphics of Grosz and Masereel. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264016)    $36.00

87.     Royce, Hans (Zimmerman Erich). 20.Juli 1944. Bonn: Kollen Verlag, 1953. 3rd. On the resistance and the attempt to assassinate Hitler. 8vo 216 pp., top corner bent, augmented edition. Good condition. Paperback.  (264232)    $6.00

88.     Schleifman, Nurit. Undercover Agents in the Russian Revolutionary Movement: The SR Party: 1902-1914. NY: St Martin, 1988. 12mo 222 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.  (264226)    $7.00

89.     Schwartz Mimi. Good Neighbors, Bad Times: Echoes of My Father’s German Village. Nebraska, 2008. 260 pp Returning to the village of Benheim and reconstructing memories. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264339)    $12.00

90.     Seel, Pierre. I, Pierre Seel, Deported Homosexual: A Memoir of the Nazi Terror. NY: Basic Books, 1995.  8vo 186 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Imprisoned and tortured by the Nazis in Alsace and then Schirmeck-Labroque concentration camp.  (264315)    $15.00

91.     Sefer Lukow. Lukower societies in Israel And USA, 1968. 655 pp. Memorial Book foxing on side fore edge. Good +. Hardcover .  (264085)    $85.00

92.     Sefer Lutsḳ.Sefer Lutzk. Irgun yotsʼe Lutsḳ be-Yiśraʼel, 1961. 608 pp, memorial Book In Yiddish, front cover bit shaken. back hinge needs tightening. Good. Hardcover .  (264108)    $95.00

93.     Sluyser Meyer. Before I Forget. Yoseloff, 1962. 197 pp. Life in the Jewish community of Amsterdam from turn of the century through end of WW2 Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264090)    $18.00

94.     Spizman, L., Editor. Women in the Ghettos Froyen in di getos Zamlbukh. Pioneer Women’s Organization,, 1946. 182 pp. In Yiddish spine worn. Good. Hardcover .  (264097)    $30.00

95.     Sproat Iain. Wodehouse at War: The extraordinary truth about P G Wodehouse’s broadcasts on Nazi radio. New Haven: Ticknor and Fields, 1981. 166 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.  (264227)    $9.00

96.     Stolper, Toni. Ein Leben: Wien Berlin New York In Brennpunkten Unserer Zeit: Gustav Stolper 1888-1947. Tubingen: Wunderlich, 1967. 498 pp .Refugee in NY from Nazi Germany. She co-founded the émigré self-help organization Self Help and the American Council for Emigrés in the Professions and played a leading role in integration assistance for emigrants. Good. Paperback.  (264351)    $12.00

97.     Stoltzfus, Nathan and Friedlander, Henry. Nazi Crimes and the Law. Cambridge University Press, 2008. 225 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (263968)    $40.00

98.     Die Synagoge an der Elbstrasse und die Synagoge an den Kohlhöfen. eine Rekonstruktion in Zeichnungen. Dolling und Galitz, 1991. 63 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (264049)    $18.00

99.     Szyk Arthur and Roth Cecil. Szyk Haggadah. London: Beaconsfield Press, 1939. 1st edition of 250 copies printed on Vellum. Large 4to. ” Executed by Arthur Szyk. Edited by Cecil Roth. Signed by both. Hebrew and English Text. 48 pages are in color. Printed on double page pure vellum leaves. Full blue levant morocco binding by Sangorski . Good ++. Hardcover .

Arthur Szyk, a Polish Jewish artist and one of the most remarkable modern manuscript illuminators, collaborated with the British Jewish historian Cecil Roth in the creation of this masterpiece Haggadah during the 1930s. Only 250 of this book were published, the production commenced before the war and the first copies were avalible in 1939. The offered copy is no. 54 out of 125 that were offered for sale in the United States, another 125 were offered for sale in England.  (264177)    $36,000.00

100.     Tast Ton Van. Kleine Vaderlandse Historien door de oude Heerodotus. Baarn: Bosch und Keunin, 1945?. 32 pp, poem in Dutch with cartoon type illustrations, anti-Nazi publication. Good condition. Wrapper.  (264035)    $45.00

101.     Tatz, Colin. With Intent to Destroy; Reflecting on Genocide. Verso, 2003. 222 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.

Study of genocides in Germany, Australia and South Africa.  (264208)    $9.00

102.     The Banker (Peridocial). Germany The results of 4 Years of National Socialsim. London: The Bankder, February 1937. 85 pp.slight library markon tp , slight number on spine, tear to spine, serious study of the German Economy. Good. Wrapper.

Vol. XLI No 133  (264246)    $16.00

103.     Toren Haim. Once there was a village a descriptive Monograph (Dombroven Bessarabia). Odim, 1973. 198 pp. In Yiddish . Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264070)    $36.00

104.     Toury Jacob. Die politischen Orientierungen der Juden in Deutschland: Von Jena bis Weimar. Mohr, 1966. 387 pp. sfep. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (263919)    $28.00

105.     Triwak Isaac commentary . Milḥamah ṿe-shalom be-Erets Yiśraʼel = Ḳrig un friden in Erets-Yiśraʼel = War and peace in Palestine : albom le-zikaron meha-yamim ha-rishonim shel ha-Tsiyonut ʻad ha-zeman ha-zeh … “Memorial album : From the first days of Zionism to the present time, with special consideration of recent events.” Tel Aviv: Bet hotsaʼat sefarim, 1930. 278 pp. In Hebrew Yiddish and English some toning to paper pages, wear to exterior at top of spine and to one fore-corner. there is a brief inscription to front free endpape. Good. Hardcover .

Photos of the deaths in Safed and Hebron from the Arab riots.. Reveals through photographs the growth of the Jewish settlements, constructions of the Jewish work brigades, and the proximity of the developing communities to the nearby Palestinian villages.Moving images. Ultimately pressure of the Arab communities led to British restrictions on Jewish refugees from Germany getting visas for Palestine.  (263928)    $175.00

106.     Veetz Ami. Al Hurvoteich, Tanislivov. Tel Aviv: Vaad Yotsei Tanislivov, 1947. 113 pp. In Hebrew . Good. Boards.  (264121)    $40.00

107.     Vogel, Carole Garbury (editor). We Shall Not Forget! Memoirs of the Holocaust. Lexington Mass: Temple Isaiah, 1994. 2nd. 513 pp.Interviews, very inspiring. new. Hardback & DJ.  (264693)    $9.00

108.     Waga Shlomo. Churbn Czenstochow.– ( Dos Poylishe Yidntum ; 46 ). Buernos Aires: Tsentral-farband fun Poylishe Yidn in Argentine, 1948. 224 pp. In Yiddish, slight library marks. Good +. Hardcover .  (264071)    $50.00

109.     Walendy, Udo. Europa in Flammen 1939-1945 Band II. Weser: Verlag fur Volkstum, 1967. Bild sonderdruck des historischen Quellenwerkes. Text denying the holocaust with horrific photographs. 52 pp. Good. Wrapper.  (264048)    $20.00

110.     Waxman Zoe. Writing the Holocaust Identity Testimony Representation. Oxford, 2008. 227 pp. Very Good. Paperback.

Arguing against the prevailing view that Holocaust survivors (encouraged by a new and flourishing culture of ‘witnessing’) have come forward only recently to tell their stories,Writing the Holocaust examines the full history of Holocaust testimony, from the first chroniclers confined to Nazi-enforced ghettos to today’s survivors writing as part of collective memory. Zoe Waxman shows how the conditions and motivations for bearing witness changed immeasurably. She reveals the multiplicity of Holocaust experiences, the historically contingent nature of victims’ responses, and the extent to which their identities – secular or religious, male or female, East or West European – affected not only what they observed but also how they have written about their experiences. In particular, she demonstrates that what survivors remember is substantially determined by the context in which they are remembering (from the blurb)  (264323)    $5.00

111.     Werfel Franz (Negroschel Joachim translator). Cella or the Survivors A Novel. NY: Henry Holt, 1989. 243 pp. good. Hardback & DJ.

Novel written in France eluding the Nazis,of Jewish family in 1938 Austria,discovering what it means to be a Jew.  (264630)    $9.00

112.     Werfel, Franz. Jacobowsky und der Oberst; Komodie einer Tragodie. Stockholm: Bermann Fischer, 1944. 129pp. chips and slight tears to covers, slight pem writing fep. Good +. Wrapper.

S.L. Jacobowsky, a Polish Jew always just one step ahead of the advancing Nazis, finds himself at a seeming dead end in Paris following his flight from Vienna. There remains only the option of the purchase of an outrageously priced automobile, and while Jacobowsky has funds, he cannot drive. The eternal optimist, he completes the exchange. Chance introduces him to Tadeusz Boleslav Stjerbinsky, a colonel of the Polish Army, determined to join loyal exiles in England. Stjerbinsky has no mode of transportation to the coast, but he is skilled at driving an automobile. He is also intolerant of Jews. Nonetheless Jacobowsky sets out with the colonel. Too late he discovers that the colonel is also a romantic, whose affair of the heart brings the odd-couple travelers on a circuitous route and within kilometers of the German Army merely to rescue Marianne, the colonel’s soul mate. Complications ensue when Marianne indicates a fondness for Jacobowsky, much to the colonel’s fury; but before the gentlemen can complete an honorable duel, they are discovered by a Nazi patrol. Wits and luck preserve them, and the final curtain falls on a now-tolerant colonel and Jacobowsky sailing to safety across the English Channel.  (264013)    $27.00

113.     Wiechert Ernst. Walder und Menschen Eine Jugend. Langen, 1936. 251 pp. dj worn. Good condition. Cloth.

Wiechert was strongly opposed to Nazism from the start. He appealed in 1933 and 1935 to the undergraduates in Munich to retain their critical thinking in relation to the national socialist ideology. This was rated as call to internal resistance. The minutes of the speech circulated illegally in Germany and reached Moscow in 1937 baked in bread. Here it was published in the influential exile magazine Das Wort (The Word). But Wiechert went even further and dared to openly criticize the imprisonment of Martin Niemöller by the Nazis in 1938.In consequence of his criticism, he was interned himself in the Buchenwald concentration camp for four months which became the most horrible time of his life. After that, he wrote down his memories about the time of his imprisonment and buried the manuscript. It was published after the war in 1945, entitled Der Totenwald (Forest of the dead), a shocking account of the conditions in Buchenwald. Joseph Goebbels had threatened after Wiechert’s release from concentration camp that Wiechert would be killed if he publicly voiced protest once more.

A  (264345)    $25.00

114.     Wischnitzer, Mark. To Dwell in Safety; The Story of Jewish Migration Since 1800. Phil: JPS, 1948. 368 torn slight library marks. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Includes material on the Holocaust and Post War migrations of DPS and refugees.  (264054)    $5.00

115.     Wofsberg-Aviad, Oskar. Die Drei Gemeinde: Aus der Geschichte der Judischen Gemeinden Altona…Hamburg..Wandsbek; Gedenkschrift zue Einweihung der Neuen Hamburger Synagoge. Munchen: Ner Tamid, 1960. 158 pp. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264093)    $30.00

116.     Yehodut Latvia Sefer Zikron. Tel Aviv: Igad Yotzei Latvia We’Estonia, 1976. 457 pp. top pages slightly bumped, foxing to top fore edge. Very Good-. Hardcover .  (264084)    $75.00

117.     Zaidman Chaim. The Duty of Memory Di Hob fun Zikron My Moldavian Shtetl Harlav. Israel: Yiddish Kultur, 1982. 399 pp. In Yiddish Memories of his destroyed community. Good +. Hardcover .  (264065)    $48.00

118.     Zayit Meir. Gardenia-Young Maccabees in Romania Gordonia Macabi HaSair BeRomania. Hasefer BeHolda, 1978. 589 pp.In Hebrew, back cover stained, Zionist youth groups in Romaniain the 1930s and aliyah to Israel . Good. Hardcover .  (264101)    $100.00

119.     Zoltsman Moshe, Shain Baruch. Garwolin; a Memorial to the Jewish Community of Garwolin; Garvolin, sefer Zikaron. Farband fun di Garvoliner; Irgun Yotzei Garwolin, 1972. 302 pp. back cover glue stains. Good. Hardcover .  (264104)    $100.00

120.     Zweig, Arnold. Bilanz der Deutschen Judenheit: Ein Versuch. Amsterdam: Querido, 1934. 320 pp. slight library mark fep number on spine, covers wor. tear to crownn. Good. Hardcover .  (264240)    $9.00

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