Miscellany – October 2016

1.     Abbott G F. Israel in Europe. Macmillan, 1907. 533 pp., index Fold-out map showing Jewish Population dispersion, slight library mark and pocket, slight tear to crown of spine. Good. Hardcover .  (264379)    $14.00

2.     Abramovitch R (introduction by). The Crimes of Stalin–the Crimes of the Regime; Special Report to the 20th Congress by Nikita Khruschev. der Wecker, 1956. 102 pp. In Yiddish, bookplate. Good. Wrapper.  (263868)    $35.00

3.     Aloni Nechemia. ktav Yad Shel Moshe Rabainu. Jerusalem: Reuven Mass, 1992. 420 pp. Fine/As new. Hardcover .  (264633)    $15.00

4.     An Israelite  probably Houston George . Israel vindicated : being a refutation of the calumnies propagated respecting the Jewish nation ; in which the objects and views of the American society for ameliorating the condition of the Jews are investigated. New York: Abraham Collins, 1820. Total of 110 pages, has missing pages .pp. 41-88 copied from another copy on firm paper very readable, sfep, , fighting the growing missionary movement to convert Jews in the USA; Rosenbach 210 Good. library binding.

Probably the work of a Gentile journalist George Houston financed by Collins and others…. Plea on behalf of real equality for the Jews ,followed pattern of Montesquieu in Lettres Persanes, strategy of letters as a literary device. Two American Jews, one in NY and one in Philadelphia wrote to each other and discussed Jewish problems of the day.They proved to their satisfaction that Jesus was not divine, that he was not the Messiah and may never have existed, Goal of the author was to do away with anything that impeded social relationships between Jews and Gentiles. Book’s bold approach and unabashed criticism of Christianity’s beginnings was denounced as calumnies by some Christians. Three years later Israel Vindicated was published in England, the first “Jewish” book to gain recognition abroad.(from Jacob Marcus United States Jewry) Important work.  (265070)    $150.00

5.     Assis Yom Tov (essays by) Folberg Neil (photos). And I Shall Dwell Among Then; Historic Synagogues of the World. NY: Aperture, 2000. 175 pages Filled with color photographs. Marvelous work. Very good. Hardcover .  (265619)    $15.00

6.     Avigad Nahman . Beth She’arim; Report of the Excavations during 1953-1958 Volume III Catacombs 12-23. New Brunswick: Rutgers, 1976. 299 pages +74 plates dj chipped. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (263889)    $17.00

7.     Ayalon-Baranick, Benzion H. Hayoh Hayah Ma’Aseh: Shirm Sippurim Masorot Minhagim…. Folklor, 1946. 303 pp. In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover .  (265020)    $36.00

8.     Bar-Adon, B. Judaea Samaria and the Golan: Archaeological Survey 1967-1968. Jerusalem: Archaeological Survey, 1972. 294 pp. + Map In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264102)    $40.00

9.     Bialik Chaim  Kellner Viktor ubersetzung. Essays. Chaim Nachmann Bialik. Judischer Verlag, 1925. 240 pp. Good. Boards.  (264799)    $10.00

10.     Bibliothek der Jungen Kunst Band 1. Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1921. Some of the paper yellowing but not britttle. Contains essays and works by M. Pechstein, P. Becker-Modersohn, B. Hoetger, Ludwig Meidner, C. Klein, F. Heckendorf, R. Grszmann and H. Krayn Important study. Good. Boards.  (264346)    $65.00

11.     Bloch Chajim. Lebenserinnerungen des Kabbalisten Vital. Wien: Vernay, 1927. 179 pages, spine very torn. Good condition. Boards.

Chapters on Kabbala und Mystik, Zum Traumproblem, Magie Wahrsagung u dergl.,written by Chief Rabbi  (264834)    $40.00

12.     (Bristow Miss Amelia ) . The Orphans of Lissau, and other interesting narratives, immediately connected with Jewish customs, domestic and religious, with explanatory notes. Gardiner and Son, 1830. two volumes spines stamped in gilt; extremities lightly rubbed, scattered foxing throughout, sfep, tear to title page corner volume two 268+ 278 pp. Good. Boards.

Miss Bristow in the 1820s and 1830s published a series on the theme of perils of leaving the true faith. Sophia de Lissau Emma de Lissau . Bristow (1783-?) converted from Judaism and resided in London. She seemed to be on an evangelical mission to warn of the dire consequences of leaving Christianity and depicts Judaism in a very negative way. By leaving her faith Margaret Warburton brings disaster upon her new family and ultimately disappears,  (264697)    $275.00

13.     Bush, George. A Grammar of the Hebrew Language; with a brief Chrestomathy for the Use of Beginners. New York: Leavitt Lord, 1835. Endpapers foxed and mild foxing throughout, Spine, front and back covers embossed with over-all foliate design. Title and author incorporated in a gold stamped Gothic building on spine . Good condition. Cloth.

Rosenbach 384. From 1831 to 1847, Bush was Professor of Hebrew and Oriental Literature at New York University. He also began several works, including the Life of Mohammed (1830), A Grammar of the Hebrew Language (1835), an extensive series of commentaries on books of the Old Testament, and the highly controversial Anastasis: or, the doctrine of the resurrection of the Body, rationally and scripturally considered (1844). Mr. Bush was also a committed advocate for the abolishment of slavery. In 1845 Bush converted to the General Church of the New Jerusalem. He quickly became a prominent spokesman of the church, and helped the spread of the church’s magazine. Bush served as editor for the New Church Review and the spiritualist magazine, The Hierophant, and he authored and helped disseminate a large number of Swedenborgian tracts, including the widely read Statement of reasons for believing the doctrines and disclosures of Emanuel Swedenborg (1846) and Mesmer and Swedenborg (1847). Bush continued his promotional work for the New Church until his death, following a protracted and debilitating illness, in 1859. Ironically, Bush is a distant relative of his namesakes. (Wikipedia) Rosenbach 384  (264998)    $125.00

14.     Catalogue of the Permanent Collection, Rubin Museum, Tel-Aviv. Rubin Museum, 1993. 122 pp. In Hebrew and English with many color images. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264901)    $24.00

15.     Clayton John. Mitzvah Man. Texas Tech, 2011. 253 pp. Novel of a man dealing with the senseless death of his wife develops healing powers and the consequences. Marvelous written local author. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264754)    $23.00

16.     The Copenhagen Haggadah Altona-Hamburg, 1739. Facsimile Edition. Nahar, 1986. 34 pp includes seperate introduction by Chaja Benjamin. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265365)    $30.00

17.     Einat Amela (inscribed). Diba She-Eyn Ba Kalon  Life Without Disgrace. Yediot Aharanot, 1994. 180 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265017)    $25.00

18.     Ewald Geo (signed by A Geiger) . Grammatica critica Linguae Arabicae, cum brevi metrorum doctrina; Volumen Prius Volumen Posterius (two volumes). Leipzig : Hahn, 1831. 394+ 348 pp. marbled worn boards, cloth type repaired spine, Signature of Abraham Geiger ( A.Geiger) on paste down of volume one with his handwriting in Hebrew above in small script and small library stamps of Bibl. d Verein Isr. Rel. Lehrer Frankfurt am Main, volume two is also ex library from a different library. Good-. Boards.

Geiger was considered the founding father of Reform Judaism.  (264604)    $175.00

19.     Fishbane Simcha. The Boldness of an Halakhist: An Analysis of the Writings of Rabbi Yechiel Mechel Halevi Epstein – “The Arukh Hashulhan”; A series of social anthropological essays. Academic Studies Press, 2008. 184 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

It analyses the rabbi’s approach to Jewish law and Jewish life, designed to promote the spiritual welfare of Jews under the pressures of growing secularisation and russification. Although based upon the principles of the traditional judicial process, the rabbi’s rulings demonstrate a profound understanding of the contemporary social and historical reality facing the Jews of Russia at the turn of the century. (from the blurb)  (265121)    $14.00

20.     Fishleder Rabbi Israel. Mivtsar Yiśrae̕l : o, parperao̕t ha-hakhmah, ha-mekhil musar ve-mishpat ‘al-pi sevarot mefarshe ha-Mikra veha-Talmud … ‘im heárot ve-hea̕rot le-‘inyanim shonim. Mexico: 1958. 489 pp. in Hebrew 5pp. in Yiddish. Good +. Hardcover .

La fortaleza de Israel, introducción a la sabiduría judía. Los conceptos de moral y justicia de acuerdo con las interpretaciones de los sabios y comentaristas judíos de la Biblia y del Talmud, ordenados alfabéticamente por temas, con aclaraciones y observaciones apropiadas.  (263865)    $95.00

21.     Fishof, Iris, Curator. From the Secular to the Sacred: Everyday Objects in Jewish Ritual Use. Jerusalem: Israel Museum, 1985. Exhibition catalog. 8vo 108 pp. good. wrapper.  (264996)    $15.00

22.     Friedberg B. Lūḥōt zikkārōn Sēfer kōlēl tōledōt rabbānē hā’īr Qraqa … [Auch m. dt. Tit.:] Luchot Sikaron. enthaltend: Biographien der Rabbiner, Gelehrten und Gemeindvorster zu Krakau, vom Anfang d. XVI. Jh. bis auf die Gegenwart nebst Grabinschriften. Beiträge zur Geschichte der Juden in Polen u. Deutschland. Frankfurt-am-Main: Kauffmann, 1904/ 1969. reprint. 124+ 4 pp. In Hebrew, this is a reprint. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264098)    $45.00

23.     Frieden Ken. Classic Yiddish Fiction; Abramovitsch Scholem Aleichem and Peretz. SUNY, 1995. 364 pages. Very good. Hardcover .

Eleven Essays.  (264618)    $10.00

24.     Geiger, Abraham. Salomo Gabirol–und Seine Dichtungen. Leipzig: Oskar Leiner, 1867. 147 pp. ex library paper yellowing. Good. Hardcover .  (264069)    $25.00

25.     Greenbaum Leo curator. The Story of the Jewish Labor Bund, 1897-1997. A Centennial Expedition (Presented by the Yivo Institute for Jewish Research.). YIVO, 1998. 34 pp. exhibition catalog. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (263833)    $16.00

26.     Grossbard Simcha (collected by) Haggadah. The Sefas Emes Haggadah. TArgum, 1995. 220 pp. sfep. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264702)    $36.00

27.     Grossbard Simcha (collected by) Haggadah. The Sefas Emes Haggadah. TArgum, 1995. 220 pp. sfep. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265248)    $18.00

28.     Gutman Nahum. Haggadah shel Pesach metzuyeret al yedey Nahum Gutman. Omanut, 1930. 53 pp. few loose pages, spine torn, foxed and wine stained some beautiful wood cuts. Fair. Stiff Wrapper.  (264612)    $40.00

29.     Gutmann, Joseph ( editor). No Graven Images: Studies in Art and the Hebrew Bible. NY: KTAV, 1971. 599 pp. twenty seven essays, spine worn, hinge started bokplate and sfep. Very Good. Cloth.  (264125)    $65.00

30.     Gutstein, Morris. A Priceless Heritage: The Epic Growth of 19th Century Chicago Jewry. NY: Bloch, 1953.  488 pp. Good +. Hardcover .  (265107)    $17.00

31.     Haenle S. Geschichte Der Juden Im Ehemaligen Furstenthum Ausbach. Frankfurt-am-Main: Hofmann, 1867. 240 pp. some dog eared pages, sfep. Good. Boards.  (264156)    $75.00

32.     Halperin Raphael. Atlas Eytz Chayim  Aṭlas ʻets-ḥayim : seder ha-dorot le-ḥakhme Yiśraʼel mi-shilhe teḳufat ha-geʻonim ʻad gerush Sefarad. Hotsaʼat Heḳdesh Ruaḥ Yaʻaḳov,, 1978. 295 pp. + chart insert, bottom corners bumped, crown of spine torn, In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover .  (264168)    $30.00

33.     Hardan David editor Buber Martin. Leket Frpm the Treasure House of Jassidism a selection from “Or Haganuz”. WZO, 1969. 72 pp. In English and Hebrew. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.  (263855)    $23.00

34.     Heuzeroth Gunter. Judisch-deutscher Mitburger unserer Heimat. Altenkirchen: Kresies Altenkirchen, 1978. offprint from yearbook 35 pages with photos with history of the Jews and waht happened during the Nazi period. Very good. Wrapper.  (264609)    $25.00

35.     Hillel Rabbi D’Beth, Fischel Walter editor. Unknown Jews in unknown lands : the travels of Rabbi David d’Beth Hillel, 1824-1832. Krav, 1973. 130 pp. with map map some slight library markings, reprint. Very Good. Hardcover .

edited with an introduction and notes by Walter J. Fischel.  (264620)    $40.00

36.     Huisman Piet. Sephardim: The Spirit That Has Withstood the Times. Hisman, 1986. 90 pp. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264088)    $25.00

37.     Jahshan, Ghattas. Guide to the West Bank of Jordan. Jerusalem: National Printing Press, 1962. fourth printing. 95 pp. slight crease to cover, picture of King Hussein on fep. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (264839)    $12.00

38.     James-Chakraborty, Kathleen. In the Spirit of Our Age: Eric Mendelsohn’s B’nai Amoona Synagogue. Missouri Historical, 2000. 83 pp. filled with illustrations of this important work by refugee architect from BauHaus movement. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264902)    $15.00

39.     Katz Dovid (editor) . Oksforder Yidish: A Yearbook of Yiddish Studies I  (1990). harwood, 1990. 399 pp. In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .

Includes “Yiddish in Yiddish,” Dovid Katz, “Blitz and Witzenhausen: New Aspects of an Old Conflict,” Marion Aptroot, “Yiddish Culture in Prewar Piotrkow (Pyeterkov),” Majer Bogdanski, “Jews in Polish Folklore,” Wladyslaw T. Bartoszewski, “Halachic Sources of Old Yiddish Words, ” Joseph Bar-El, “On Mendele’s Syntax in ‘Fishke der krumer,'” Lewis Glinert, “Why do Literary Historians Ignore A.N. Stencl?” Jeffrey Grossman, “On the Origins of Ashkenaz and Yiddish,” Shmuel Hiley, “Abraham Sutzkever’s ‘Ode tsu der toyb,'” Heather Valencia, “The Politics of Researching Spoken Yiddish in the USA and the USSR,” Rakhmiel Peltz, “In Honor of Professor Chone Shmeruk,” S.S. Prawer, “Older Yiddish Lexicography: Sources and Methods,” Dovid Katz, “Watchmaking in Mikhalishek,” Menke Katz, “A Conspiracy and a Question Mark,” Robert D. King, “Irony in Arthur Schnitzler and Lamed Shapiro,” Dafna Clifford, “Beginnings of Modern Literary Yiddish (1771-1798),” Dov-Ber Kerler, “My Teacher Elye Falkovitsh,” Joseph Kerler, “Remnants of Yiddish in the German of Schopfloch,” Hadassah Shy, “Yiddish Literature and Collective Memory: The Khmelnitski Pogroms,” Chone Shmeruk, “In Memorium: Hartog Beem,” “In Memorium: Florence Guggenheim-Grunberg,” “Seven Letters from Sholem Ash to Moyshe Sanders.”  (264765)    $85.00

40.     Katz Eli (editor). Book of Fables. the Yiddish Fable Collection of Reb Moshe Wallich Frankfurt Am Main, 1697. Wayne State, 1994. 305 pp. few pages of pencil annotations by Joachim Neugroschel. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264419)    $15.00

41.     Katz Jacob editor. he Role of Religion in Modern Jewish History : Proceedings of Regional Conferences of the Association for Jewish Studies, Held at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Toronto in March-April 1974. AJS, 1975. 169 pp. eight amazing essays. crease to cover. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264484)    $40.00

42.     Katz Jacob. The “Shabbes Goy”; A study in Halakhic flexibility. JPS, 1989. 252 pages. Good. Paperback.  (264297)    $10.00

43.     King Joe. From the Ghetto to the Main: The Story of the Jews of Montreal. Montreal: JPS, 2003. 352 pp.inscribed by author. Good +. Paperback.  (264428)    $10.00

44.     Kirchner, Paul Christian. Jüdisches Ceremoniel, oder Beschreibung dererjenigen Gebräuche, welche die Juden so wol inn als ausser d. Tempel, bey allen u. jeden Fest-Tägen, im Gebet, bey d. Beschneidung, bey Hochzeiten, Auslösung d. Erst-Geburt, im Sterben, bey der Begräbnüs und dergleichen, in acht zu nehmen pflegen. Nunmehro aber bey dieser neuen Auflage mit accuraten Kupfern versehen. … und selbst eigener Erfahrung, um vieles vermehret und mit Anmerkungen erläutert v. Sebastian Jacob Jungendres
. Nuremberg: Peter Conrad Monath, 1726. 226pp. + Verzeichnis + Register. Quarto. Loose originally tipped in folded engraved half-title, 28 engraved folded plates including frontispiece after J.G. Puschner. Sewn on five raised double cords, panels gold stamped foliate designs, brown author label extant but title label missing, crown and foot of leather spine missing, no evidence of headbands. Sewing intact, front hinge loose, leather rubbed. Paper in very good condition, slight water stain in hinge visible until page 72; occasional old graphite marking “Nbene!” in margins. Folded engraved plates all have slight tears, some have more and a very few are in bad condition, details can be supplied. Endpapers and free endpapers are contemporary paste paper design, all in very good condition. Ink inscription on recto page before frontispiece . In paper box, : “A la memoire perpetuelle de la maison d’Emsheim a celle de Judenbourg 1836” Fair. Full Leather.

Signifigant work on Jewish religious observance with extraordinarily detailed description of Jewish life feast days and rituals. Plates illustrate all the holidays and Shabbat, life cycle rituals and ritual objects.  (264467)    $675.00

45.     Klatkin Jacob susanne. Herman Kohen : shiṭato be-musar u-mishnato be-Yahadut. Berlin: Rimon, 1923. 153 pp. In Hebrew covers disbound lacks pine, paper yellowing but not brittle. Good-. Boards.  (264468)    $45.00

46.     Kol Kitve David Frishman Volume one. Mexico: Lili Frishman, 1950. 382 pp. ex library with markings and hinge starting. Good. Hardcover .  (263835)    $20.00

47.     Korn, Bertram. American Jewry and the Civil War. Phil.: JPS, l951. 8vo 33l pages sfep. good. Hardcover .  (264639)    $20.00

48.     Lazar Moshe. Almeric, Arcidiano de Antiochia: La fazienda de Ultra Mar (Biblia Romanceada et Itinéraire biblique en prose castillane du XIIe siècle). Salamanca: 1965. 224 pp. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.  (264264)    $25.00

49.     Leeser Isaac. Instruction in the Mosaic Religion. Translated from the German of J. Johlson. Philadelphia: Adam Waldie, 5590 (1830). (Rosenbach 321). 139 pp. lacks pages 3-6, dark water stain about an inch from top of book on inner folds of many pages not affecting text, some stains throughout, boards are rough with tears to spine and wear to covers , needs tightening. Good-. Boards.

Signature of Simon Stern Philadelphia 1852 on t.p. , and Simon Stern No 23. on f.e.p. Morais In Jews of Philadelphia devotes four pages to the accomplishments of Stern for Jewry and the city of Philadelphia, The scarcity of books concerning the Jewish religion emphasized the fact that there was no American Jewish publisher. Having translated Johlson’s Instruction in the Mosaic Religion, Leeser issued in the winter of 1829-30 proposals to publish it and The Jews and the Mosaic Law. When no offers were forthcoming, he became his own publisher. (Wikipedia)  (265071)    $245.00

50.     Leeser Isaac. The Jews and the Mosaic law. Part the first: containing a defence of the revelation of the Pentateuch, and of the Jews for their adherence to the same. Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 5594 (1833). 278 pp. Original boards which are pinkish worn and stained ,contains Masonic book plate and embossed plate on cover and slight Masonic stamp at base of spine, spine torn and tears along edges of spine and base of spine, foxing to end papers, spine worn and has original label, slight damp staining bottom of last pages. Good. Boards.

Leeser’s first book.Rosenbach 375; Singerman 0578.  (265011)    $1,000.00

51.     Lehmann Manfred. Commentary of Rashi on the Pentateuch by R. Shlomo Yitzhaki (1040-1105). Critical edition based on a Yemenite manuscript written in c. 1440, and medieval fragments from Germany, Spain, Provence and Italy. Comparisons and listings of variants, fully annotated, based on the first printed edition (Reggio de Calabria 1475), Berliner’s edition and Sefer ha-Zikkaron. Lehmann Foundation, 1981. 39+ 231 pp. Hebrew with English introduction. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264147)    $85.00

52.     Liebe Georg. Das Judentum in der deutschen Vergangenheit mit 106 abbildungen und Beilagen nach Originalen..aus dem funfzehnten bis achtzehnten Jahrhundert. Leipzig: Diederichs, 1903. 127 pages. Good. boards.

Filled with text and drawings of the depiction of Jews from the 15th to the 18th centuries. Monographien zur deutschen Kulturgeschichte  (263765)    $40.00

53.     Mahler, Raphael. A History of Modern Jewry 1700-1815. NY: Schocken Books, 1971. 740 pp. dj worn. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Mahler was Professor of Jewish History at Tel Aviv University.  (264616)    $20.00

54.     Mann, Vivian . Gardens and Ghettos: The Art of Jewish Life in Italy. University of California, 1989. 356pp. Very Good +. Cloth.  (264288)    $15.00

55.     Maurer Trude . Diskriminierte Burger und emanzipierte “Fremdstammige”: Juden an deutschen und russischen Universitaten. Leykam, 2013. 118 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264895)    $10.00

56.     Meyers-Kingsley Dara. Two Site Specific Artworks at the Center for Jewish History Luminous Manuscripts Diane Samuels and Biblical Species by Michelle Doner. Center for Jewish History, 2008?. about 25 pages with many color illustrations, magnificent. Very Good. Wrapper.  (265085)    $18.00

57.     Michaelis Johann David. Supplementa ad lexica hebraica. Partes sex. EA. 6 Teile in 2 Bänden.
. Gottingen: Rosenbusch, 1792. 1-994, 1189-2376, lacks the volume with pages 995-1189. volume 1 aleph to het, volume 2 cuf through tuf , ex library with perforation marks on tp, volume 1 has velum boards and volume 2 has quarter leather, both volumes are worn , and spines have some tears and wear to boards. Good-. Boards.  (264179)    $85.00

58.     Navon Chaim. Genesis and Jewish Thought. KTAV, 2008. 379 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (265126)    $9.00

59.     Noah Mordecai. Travels in England France Spain and the Barbary States in the Years 1813-14 and 15. Kirk and Mercein, 1819. 431 pp.+ appendix, endpapers foxed and some foxing throughout, lacks 4 plates and frontispiece, a reading copy, spine repaired, boards worn. Good-. Boards.

Served as diplomat, important American Jewish leader.  (265072)    $175.00

60.     Offenberg K (editor). Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana. Treasures of Jewish booklore. Marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of Leeser Rosenthal, 1794-1994. Amsterdam Univ Press, 1996. 143 pp. beautiful work with many color plates. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264423)    $30.00

61.     The Passover Hagadah shel Pesaḥ Jerusalem Edition. Jerusalem: Hamadfis, nd not first edition. 56 pp. In Hebrew and English dj torn color illustration on cover. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.

Original illustrations and designs b y Arieh Al Hanani with English Translations Musical Compositions arranged by S Rosowsky  First illustrated Hagadah prined in eretz Israel. Elhanani was born in 1898 in Ukraine and immigrated in 1922 to Jerusalem, Israel. In Kharkov he was part of a group that designed revolutionary propaganda posters. He undertook the Jewish anthropological expedition into the Pale of Settlement with substantial influence on Russian-Jewish avant-garde art. He was part of the design of the first production of the design set for the theater dedicated to Peretz stories, as well as the second ohel exhibition of 1927. (C. Rubin Arieh El-Hanani, Tel Aviv, Rubin Museum, 1993). (Wikipedia)  (263861)    $200.00

63.     Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society Number 21. AJHS, 1913. 304 pp. large library stamp on fep. Good. Hardcover .

Included in the work are “The Earliest Extant Minute Book of the Spanish and Portugese Congregation Shearith Israel in New York, 1728-1760,” “Minute Book of the Spanish and Portugese Congregation Shearith Israel in New York, 1760-1786,” “Biographical Sketch of Naphtali Philips,” “Sketch of the Spanish and Portugese Congregation Shearithy Israel about 1855,” Naphtali Phillips, “Biographical Sketch of Mordecai Manuel Noah,” “Address of Mordecai Manuel Noah, deleivered in 1825.  (264196)    $17.00

64.     Rahmer Dr M Rabbiner Synagoge Gemeinde Magdeburg. Israelitisches Predigt-Magazin 1 Jahrgang; Homiletische Monatsschrift. Friese, 1874. Boards worn, paper yellowing but not brittle, Issues include: nov dez 1874 jan/feb 1875, marz,april/mai.,juni; 33-296 pp. prefaced byDer Predigt der Gegenwart by Dr Horowitz. Good. Boards.

Filled with sermons by various Rabbis on all kinds of subjects. Scare  (264982)    $85.00

65.     Reershemius Gertrud. Biographisches Erzahlen auf Jiddisch; Grammatische und diskursanalytische Untersuchungen. Tubingen: Niemeyer, 1997. 422 pages . Very good. Paperback.  (264841)    $15.00

66.     Rose Emily. Portraits of Our Past Jews of the German Countryside. Phil: JPS, 2001. 371 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.

Study of her family and others in Southern Germany and emigration to the USA.  (264205)    $6.00

67.     Roth, Cecil. The History of Jews of Italy. Philadelphia: Jewish Pub Soc of America, 1946. 1st’. 575 pp. Good condition. cloth.

Essential work on the subject. By author of the Jews of Venice, History of the Marranos, and A Life of Menasseh Ben Israel.  (264624)    $26.00

68.     (Russia) Schwarz Solomon. Ha Antishameut bibrith Ha Moatzet Anti Semitism in the Soviet Union. 1952: Asaf, Tel Aviv. 192 pp. slight library mark on fep and number on spine, paper yellowing, In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover .  (264648)    $10.00

69.     Salomon Max. Amatus Lusitanus Und Seine Zeit: Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Medicin Im 16 Jahrhundert. Hirschwald, 1901. 71 pp.covers statined , stained by water along sides, reading copy bound with Harry Friedenwald Amatus Lusitanus an offprint 50 pp. also water stained reading copy. Fair. Hardcover .  (264159)    $27.00

70.     Scheidt, Balthasar; Johann Andreas Dantz; Jacob Rhenferd; et al. Novum testamentum ex Talmude et antiquitatibus Hebraeorum illustratum. Lipsae: Joh. Frid. Braunii, 1736. In Latin and Hebrew, [30], 1216, (96) pages thick 4to. leather backed boards, spine dried and flaked, theological school book plate and spine number. Commentary written in English on the work in pen from 18th century on page facing the title page, Scheidt was a University of Strasbourg Professor of Oriental Languages during the 17th Century. Good. leather boards.

The editor of the work was Johann Gerhard Meuschen . Work presents a Christian Hebraist’s presentation and discussion of ascribed references in the Talmud to Jesus and the New Testament. There is a also a collection of additional writings that purport to show Judaica antecedents to the revelations of the New Testament.. There are other important acacademics involved in the work with a large segment devoted to Jewish baptismal practices. All to justify Christian interpretations.  (265013)    $225.00

71.     Scholem G. Shabbetai Zevi; and the Shabbetaian Movement during his Lifeime. Tel Aviv: Oved, 1967. 842 pages in two volumes, in Hebrew. Very good condition. Hardback & DJ.  (264731)    $20.00

72.     Schreier Barbara A. Becoming American Women; Clothing and the Jewish Immigrant Experience, 1880-1920. Chicago Historical Society, 1994. 154 pp. large creases to front and back covers, a few pages at the beginning and the end are a bit scuffed up. Very Good-. Paperback.  (264321)    $10.00

73.     Schrogin Joseph. Gezangen Songs for Voice and Piano. Metro Music, 1972. 323 pp. songs in transliterated Yiddish inscribed by Schrogin. Good. Hardcover .  (263867)    $25.00

74.     Schwab Dr Isaac. Can Jews be Patriots? A Historical Study. NYC: Industrial School of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum, 1878. 45 pp. lacks covers. Good. Wrapper.

Singerman 2723  (263850)    $55.00

75.     Shadur, Joseph. Traditional Jewish Papercuts. An Inner World of Art and Symbol. UPNE, 2002. 263 pp. Classic work. very good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (265065)    $30.00

76.     Shadur,Joseph. Young Travelers to Jerusalem: The Holy Land in American and English Juvenile Literature: 1785-1940. Jerusalem: Bar Ilan, 1998. 207 pp. excellent study and bibliography. very good. cloth.  (264283)    $10.00

77.     Shapiro Yonathan. The Formative Years of the Israeli Labour Party. The Organization of Power 1919 1930. Sage, 1976. 280 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264634)    $18.00

78.     Sturmann, Manfred; Einleitung von Arnold Zweig. Althebraische Lyrik Nachdichtungen; Einleitung von Arnold Zweig. Munchen: Allgemeine Verlagsanstalt, 1923. 197 pp. slight foxing along spine, slight library mark. Good. Boards.

Born in Koenigsberg (East Prussia), his first book, Althebraeische Lyrik – a rendering of biblical poetry into German – appeared in 1923 with an introduction by Arnold Zweig. This was followed by several books of his own lyrical poems, the first of which, Die Erben (1929), was awarded the Lyrics Prize of the City of Munich. After his immigration to Erez. Israel in 1938, he continued writing poetry as well as short stories in German. Literary administrator of Else Lasker Schuler.  (264859)    $12.00

79.     Sudemann, Dr. M. (Oberrabbiner in Wien). Das Judenthum in seinem Grundzugen und nach seinen geschichtlichen Grunlagen …. Wien: Lowit, 1902. 12mo 105 pp. library stamp tp cover worn marbled boards . Good. Boards.  (264819)    $15.00

80.     Sukenik E. Ossar ha-Megillot ha-genuzot šeb-bide Ûnîversîta ha-Ivrît. Bialik Hebrew University, 1954. 54 pp. of text and pages of facsimiles of documents in protected fold out box. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper in box.  (263862)    $175.00

81.     The Supreme Awqaf Council. A Brief Guide to the Dome of the Rock and Al-Hara Al-Sharif. Jerusalem: Islamic Orphanage Press, 1956. 98 pp. lacks part of back cover. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (264838)    $12.00

82.     Torren Haim. Sham yashavnu; prike tsiyur ve-havai “There we sat” Sketches and Stories. Yavneh, 1970. 157 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264970)    $18.00

83.     Triwaks I. War and Peace in Palestine – Memorial Album. From the First Days of Zionism to the Present Time with Special Consideration of Recent Events. A Collection of Pictures with Comments and Explanations by I. Triwaks. Tel Aviv Publishing, 1930. 275 + LVII pp. In Hebrew Yiddish and English, extensive documentation of the settlements, the building up of the land, the nearvy Arab communities and photos of the 1929 riots and massacre of the Jews. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264967)    $135.00

84.     Turniansky, Chava (ed.). Sefer Massah U’Merivah (1627) by Alexander Ben Yizhak Pfaffenhofen. Magbes, 1985. 398 pp.In Hebrew and Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264167)    $95.00

85.     Werbluner Salomo editor. Commentaria Hebraica in R. Mosis Maimonidis (Joseph Kaspi). Frankfurt-am-Main: 1848. 151 pp. with some addditional material and then essay by Peretz Samuelanskin Bekorot Teheyah published in Odessa 22 pp.the front end paper has an inscription in pen that bled through to title page. Good. Boards.  (264981)    $40.00

86.     Wise, Isaac [Henry Toch’s copy]. A Defense of Judaism versus Proselytizing Christianity. American Israelite, 1889. 129 pp. Slight tear to crown, corners bumped. Bloch Publishing stamped on tp. Good. Cloth.

Bookplate of Henry Toch and his signature on page facing title page (July 3 1889). Judaica Museum at Temple Emanu El in NYC was the result of his donations in 1928.  (264411)    $36.00

87.     Yiddish Scientific Institute Yidisher ṿisnshafṭlekher insṭiṭuṭ. Studies in Philology Filologishe shrifṭn. Third Volume. Wilno: Vilner Farlag b kletskin, 1929. 624 pp. in Yiddish with English summary of articles ,lacks part of spine at bottom, wear along sides of boards,paper yellowing but not brittle, hinges started, former owner’s name on fep . Good-. Boards.

Some rather interesting and amazing articles.  (264987)    $150.00

88.     Zahavy Tzvee  translator. The Talmud of the Land of Israel, A Preliminary Translation and Explanation Volume 1 Berakhot. Chicago, 1989. 373 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264781)    $26.00

89.     Zameret Zvi. Across A Narrow Bridge; Shaping the Education System during the Great Aliya. Ben Gurion University, 1997. 356 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (264657)    $20.00

90.     Zarchin, Michael. Jews in the Province of Posen: Studies in the Communal Records of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Dropsie, 1939. 115 pp. spine worn and slight bumps to crown and base of spine. Good +. Hardcover .

study of 42 manuscripts concerning of the Jews of Posen  (264595)    $20.00

91.     Zunz Dr. Die Ritus des synagogalen Gottesdienstes, geschichtlich entwickelt. Lamm, 1919. 249 pp. zweit auflgae, paper yellowing . Good-. Hardcover .  (264157)    $20.00

92.     Zurreno Mosseh. Discurso. Lisboa: 1925. 18 pp. paper yellowing but not brittle, book plate ex library, hinge started , with preface by Moses Amzalak has facsimile page of talk given by Zurreno in the Synagogue in Rotterdam in 1698 Good. Boards.  (264516)    $45.00

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