Synagogues and their Architecture – May 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Synagogues and their architecture have always been an interest, especially for Hanna. See here her study of the synagogues of Springfield, or here some of the oral histories of the Springfield communities.

Many regrettably are gone and are only  a blessed memory. And now as communities and practices evolve, some shuls are being converted into historical societies and other purposes.

Hiddur mitzvah, beautifying the commandment, has been central to the artistic expression of Jewish people and it is evidenced in the constructions and interiors of synagogues the world over.

May we see our shuls strengthened and rebuilt. As it says in the Talmud:

Do not read your children [banayich], but your builders [bonayich].

Thank you for taking the time to review the list and share with colleagues.


Ken aka Yekutiel
Schoen Books

1.            Angermair, Elisabeth (beitrage). Beth ha-Knesset Ort der Zusammenkunft : Zur Geschichte der Munchner Synagogen, ihrer Rabbiner und Kantoren. Stadtsarchiv Munchen/Buchendorfer, 1999. 220 pp. with many images of the synagogues and architectural plans and religious life in Munich up to the Shoah,what happened to the Rabbis and Cantors during the Shoah, and post Shoah. Very Good. Hardcover .  (277673)        $24.00

2.            (Architecture) Gruber, Sam. American Synagogues A Century of Architecture and Jewish Community. Rizzoli, 2007. 239 pp. beautiful photos and text concerning development of the movement, ex library with markings. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (256567)          $25.00

3.            (Architecture) Solomon, Susan. Louis I. Kahn’s Jewish Architecture: Mikveh Israel and the Midcentury American Synagogue. Brandeis, 2009. 214 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (274471)           $10.00

4.            Assis, Yom Tov (essays by) Folberg, Neil (photos). And I Shall Dwell Among Then; Historic Synagogues of the World. NY: Aperture, 2000. 175 pages Filled with color photographs. Marvelous work. Very good. Hardcover .  (265619)               $15.00

5.            Belchetz-Swenson, Sarah (Piechotka M). Revisions Fourteen Drawings in a Portfolio. Johnson Vermont: French Hill Press, 1977. Edition of 500 Printed on 11″ by 14″ Mohawk superfine heavy weight stock suitable for individual framing. Very good. stiff wrapper.
These fourteen drawings were inspired by Wooden Synagogues by M+K Piechotka. These pencil and ink drawings combine architectural elements of the destroyed wooden synagogues of prewar Poland with images of the artist’s children, simple household objects and the landscape of northern Vermont.  (281541)     $150.00

6.            Bothe, Rolf (vorwort). Synagogen in Berlin: Zur Geschichte einer zerstorten Architektur. Berlin: Wellmuth Arenhovel, 1983. large 8vo 224+151 pp. in torn slipcase , sfep . Good +. Hardcover .
Two volumes. Exhibit at Berlin Museum. Vol 1 shows all the synagogues and Vol. 2 their fate under Nazism.  (277427)                $55.00

7.            Bothe, Rolf (vorwort). Synagogen in Berlin: Zur Geschichte einer zerstorten Architektur Zwei Bande. Berlin: Wellmuth Arenhovel, 1983. large 8vo 224+151 pp. in torn slipcase , sfep . Good +. Hardcover .
Two volumes. Exhibit at Berlin Museum. Vol 1 shows all the synagogues and Vol. 2 their fate under Nazism.  (277682)                $53.00

8.            Botta, Mario. The Cymbalista Synagogue and Jewish Heritage Center. Gingko, 2001. 142 pp. In Tel Aviv. Very Good. Paperback.  (269101)         $12.00

9.            Brown, Laura and Rick. Gwozdziec re!construction. Handshouse Studio, 2014. 64 pp. many images in color magnificent work of loving dedication to an ideal and honoring the memory of the destroyed wooden synagogues. Very Good. Paperback.
Making/History: The Wooden Synagogue Replication Project, later re-named the Gwozdziec re!construction project was a cooperative effort between Handshouse Studio, the Association of the Jewish Historial Institute of Poland, and POLIN Museum;a reconstruction of a replica of the roof and painted interior cupola of the Gwozdziec synagogue OCLC Number:              896950489  (281540)      $36.00

10.          Cardozo, Rabbi Is. Jessurun (editor). Oldest Synagogue in the New World: Three Centuries of Jewish Life Life in Curacao. Curacao. second edition. 48 pp. filled with pictures. Very Good. Wrapper.  (268465)        $12.00

11.          Cohen, Mushlin Aliza. Synagogenarchitektur in Deutschland. Dokumentation zur Ausstellung ». und ich wurde ihnen zu einem kleinen Heiligtum.« – Synagogen in Deutschland. Imhof, 2008. 272 S., 240 Abb. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277667)     $36.00

12.          Cohen, Rabbi Mortimer. Beth Sholom Synagogue: A Description and Interpretation. Elkins PArk: 1959. 34 pp. with photographs Shul was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, covers worn. Good. Wrapper.  (271592)          $20.00

13.          Darmstadt U. of Technology et al (eds.). Synagogues in Germany: A Virtual Reconstruction. Birkhauser, 2000. 159 pp. corners, crown bumped. Very Good +. Hardcover .
Incredible computer-generated reconstructions of German synagogues in 12 different cities, including three in Frankfurt destroyed on Reichskristallnacht. Includes DVD.  (281755)          $18.00

14.          Davidovicz, David. Wandmalereien in alten Synagogen. Das Wirken des Malers Elieser Sussmann in Deutschland. Sponholz, 1969. 32 pp. Illustrated and 24 plates. Very Good-. Paperback.  (277685) $27.00

15.          Dettmar, Alexander; Mossinger, Ingrid (hrsg). Alexander Dettmar – Bilder der Erinnerung, zerstorte Synagogen in Deutschland / Painting to remember, Germany’s lost synagogues. Hirmer, 2010. 198 pp. Paintings of the destroyed synagogues in English and German. Very Good. Hardcover .  (277698)     $50.00

16.          Eschwege, Helmut. Die Synagoge in der deutschen Geschichte; Eine Dokumentation. Wiesbaden: Fourier, 1980. 204pp. inscription on tp large 8vo. Very Good. Cloth.
Filled with text and numerous illustrations of German synagogues.  (259501)        $15.00

17.          Fine, Jo Renee (photographs); Wolfe, Gerald (text); Golden, Harry (intro). The Synagogues of New York’s Lower East Side. NY: NYU Press, 1978. 172 pp. wonderful book, dj worn and torn, sfep. Good +. Hardback & DJ.  (269360)               $10.00

18.          Flint, Janet (foreword and curator). ” and there was light” Studies by Abraham Rattner for the Stained Glass Window, Chicago Loop Synagogue. Smithsonian, 1976. 32 pp. Preparatory studies and explanations of his symbols. Good +. Wrapper.  (249873)         $15.00

19.          Gebauter Aufbruch: Neue Synagogen in Deutschland. Stiftung Baukultur Rheinland-Pfalz, 2010. 152 pp In German. Going through towns/cities and their new synagogues with color photos. Good +. Paperback.  (277680)                $42.00

20.          Genee, Pierre. Wiener Synagogen 1825 – 1938. locker, 1987. 116 pp. filled with images and architectural plans. Very Good. Hardcover .  (277584)              $18.00

21.          Godfrey, Antony. Three Rabbis in a Vicarage: The Story of Belsize Square Synagogue. Larsen Grove, 2005. 360 pp. history of the shul;The Salzberger Years The Kokotek Years and the Mariner Years. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Belsize Square Synagogue is a synagogue and Jewish community in Belsize Park, Hampstead, in the London Borough of Camden. It is independen utilizing the tradition of German Liberal Judaism.  (277794)       $15.00

22.          Golz, Reinhard (hrsg). Probleme und Wege der Integration judischer Immigranten: Aus dem Leben der wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft einer Synagogen-Gemeinde. Schneider Verlag, 2007. 177 pp. 21 essays. Very Good. Paperback.  (277676)      $22.00

23.          Grotte, Dr. Alfred (Hg.). Beitrage zir Entwickelung des Synagogenbaues in Deutschland, Bohmen und im ehemaligen Konigtum Polen vom XI. bis Anfang des XIX. Jahrhunderts. Berlin: Der Zirkel, 1915. Schoen Books Reprint (2007). 104 pp. ex library with markings and pocket on front end paper page creased, covers smudged, lacks corner part of title page internally clean, reading copy With many illustrations. Good-. Boards.
Same title as Deutsche, bohmische und polnische Synagogentypen OCLC Number:             601598254  (281765)                $75.00

24.          Gruber, Sam (signed by). American Synagogues A Century of Architecture and Jewish Community. Rizzoli, 2007. 239 pp. beautiful photos and text concerning development of the movement, Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276326)               $40.00

25.          Gruber, Sam. Synagogues (The Great Architecture Series). Metro Books, 1999. 120 pp. tear to dj Jane Trigere’s copy with her signature. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (281754)        $27.00

26.          Guttmann, Hermann Zvi. Vom Tempel zum Gemeindezentrum: Synagogen im Nachkriegsdeutschland. Athenaum, 1989. 136 pp. filled with pictures of the new synagogues and architectural plans. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277675)     $23.00

27.          Hahn, Joachim. Synagogen in Baden-Wurttemberg. Konrad Theiss, 1987. 127 pp. filled with black and white photos. Good +. Paperback.  (277670)     $24.00

28.          Hanegbi, Zohar. Afghanistan: The Synagogue and the Jewish Home. Center for Jewish Art, 1991. 178 + 44 pp. In English and Hebrew filled with images in color and black and white of ritual objects and fabrics. Very Good. Hardcover .  (276328)           $36.00

29.          Hubka, Thomas. Resplendent Synagogue; Architecture and Worship in an Eighteenth-Century Polish Community. Hanover: University Press of New England, 2003. 236pp. . Magnificent study. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (280596)               $83.00

30.          In Memoriam – Pictures of destroyed synagogues. Blue Card, 5721. 20 pp. and two pages of texts by organization that helped Jewish refugees. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (266531)               $20.00

31.          Israelowitz, Oscar. Synagogues of New York City. NY: Dover, 1982. 83 pp. 8vo. s. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (280719)               $8.00

32.          Jacoby, Ruth. Architectural Glossary Jerusalem Index of Jewish Art Ancient Jewish Synagogues. Jerusalem: Centre for Jewish Art, 1988. 31 pp. 8bo. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (271194)         $24.00

33.          James-Chakraborty, Kathleen. In the Spirit of Our Age: Eric Mendelsohn’s B’nai Amoona Synagogue. Missouri Historical, 2000. 83 pp. filled with illustrations of this important work by refugee architect from Bauhaus movement. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277845)   $15.00

34.          Jarrasse, Dominique. Synagogues. Architecture and Jewish Identity. Vilo, 1991. 173 pp.  beautiful coffee table sized book well researched. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (281651)           $36.00

35.          Jick, Leon. The Americanization of the Synagogue, 1820-1870. Brandeis, 1976. 247 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (255099)     $15.00

36.          Kampf, Avram. Contemporary Synagogue Art Development in the United States 1945-1965. JPS, 1966. 273 pp, dj torn. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (275960)              $20.00

37.          Kassof, Anita. The Synagogue Speaks. Jewish Museum of Baltimore, 2011. Story of the Lloyd Street Synagogue and its closing, transformation and reopening beautifully told. Very Good. Wrapper.  (242558)      $25.00

38.          Klausner, Samuel Z;Varady, David P; Har Zion Temple (Philadelphia, Pa.). Synagogues without ghettos. Center for Research on the Acts of man,, 1970. 194 pp+ Appendix and the actual questionnaire, study commissioned by Har Zion of Lower Merion Township in Philadelphia of its membership, ex library with markings, typed manuscript. Very Good. library binding.
OCLC Number: 63597624  (271989)         $45.00

39.          Korner, Edmund (erbauerer) Klapheck, Richard (text). Die Synagoge in Essen….Faksimile Ausgabe. Essen: Gesellschaft fur christlich-judische Zusammenarbeit, 1980. facsimile of 1914 edition 104 pp. filled with illustrations and architectural plans, in a box. Very Good. Hardcover .  (269861)            $36.00

40.          Krautheimer, Richard. Mittelalterliche Synagogen. Frankfurter Verlag, 1927. 284 pp. over 100 illustrations , ex library with pocket with smudges to covers and rips tears to end papers and creased pages reading copy. Fair. Cloth.
Important work.  (268657)            $25.00

41.          Krautheimer, Richard. Mittelalterliche Synagogen. Frankfurter Verlag, 1927. 284 pp. over 100 illustrations , new covers, slight library mark tp, first 15 pages creased or dog eared. Good. Cloth.
Important work.  (282036)            $32.00

42.          Krinsky, Carol Herselle. Synagogues of Europe Architecture * History * Meaning. NY: MIT Press, 1985. 457pp. Large 8vo.sfep dj slight tears. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Monumental work. Basic for study of European synagogues.  (278870)     $18.00

43.          Krinsky. Europas Synagogen Architektur, Geschichte und Bedeutung. DVA, 1988. 448 p. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277671)     $18.00

44.          Lambert, Phyllis (editor). Fortifications and the Synagogue: The Fortress of Babylon and the Ben Ezra Synagogue, Cairo. Weidenfeld and nicolson, 1994. 276 pp. beautifully produced work many color illustrations heavy book. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (269962)             $25.00

45.          Levine, Lee ( editor). Ancient Synagogues Revealed. Detroit: Wayne State, 1982. 199 pp  Filled with illustrations. library markings. Good. Hardcover .  (264040)            $7.00

46.          Lopate, Philip (Commenatry). On Three Pillars: Toirah, Worship, and the Practice of Loving Kindness. The Synagogues of Brooklyn. Powerhouse, 2007. 136 pp. large heavy book a labor of love. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277844)               $18.00

47.          Loslein, Barbara. Geschichte der Heidelberger Synagogen. Universitat Heidelberg, 1992. 120 pp.+ 31 images. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
(Kunsthistorisches Institut der Universitat Heidelberg. Veroffentlichungen zur Heidelberger Altstadt. Heft 26  (277688)                $30.00

48.          Messinas, Elias. The Synagogues of Salonika and Veroia. Athens: Gavrielides, 1997. 158 pp.. in English and Greek, bottom corner of pages creased ie bumped , inscribed by author, many photos some in color. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Unpublished material, photos and architectural drawings recreate over seventy synagogues that existed in the two cities, a few of which still survive.. Gives a history of the Jews of Salonika also.  (277693)  $40.00

49.          Meyers, Eric; et al . Ancient synagogue excavations at Khirbet Shema, Upper Galilee, Israel, 1970-1972 ([Meiron excavation project). American Schools/Duke, 1976. 297 pp. with many plates also. large book. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277170)     $20.00

50.          Mossinger, Ingrid (hrsg). Bilder der Erinnerung. Zerstorte Synagogen in Deutschland, Painting to remember Germany’s Lost Synagogues 17.2-14.4 2013. Kunstsamllungen Chemnitz Kerber Art, 2013. 198 pp. Paintings of the destroyed synagogues in English and German. Very Good. Hardcover .  (277697)              $50.00

51.          Newman, Aubrey. The United Synagogue 1870-1970. Routledge, 1976. 239 pp. dj very torn at base of spine. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 59868147  (280386)         $12.00

52.          Parik, Arno (editor). Prague Synagogues. Prague: Jewish Museum Prague, 1986. 117 pp. In Czech English and German filled with color illustrations. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (272187)              $15.00

53.          Goodman, Percival. Percival Goodman: Architect-Planner-Teacher-Painter. Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery Columbia University, 2001. 204 pp. Chapters are “The Early Years,” Kenneth Frampton, “The Goodman Brothers and Communitas,” Taylor Stoehr, in the Synagogue Architecture section articles are “The Quest for Community: Percival Goodman and the Design of the Modern American Synagogue,” Kimberly J. Elman, “Article from ‘Commentary’ ” Percival and Paul Goodman, “Portfolio of Synagogues,” “A Client’s Perspective,” Rabbi Martin Freedman. Very Good. Paperback.  (279020)        $20.00

54.          Piechotka, Maria and Kazimierz. Wooden Synagogues. Warsaw: Arkady, 1959. 220 worn and torn . Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Published by the Institute of Polish Architectecture of the Polytechnic of Warsaw. Drawings, sketches, photos of destroyed synagogues. Essential reference work of synagogues destroyed by the Nazis in Poland  (276609)                $90.00

55.          Piechotkowie, Maria i Kazimierz. Boznice Drewniane  (Wooden Synagogues). Warsaw: Budownictwo i Architektura, 1957. 220 pp. In Polish Original Polish synagogue architecture volume slight writing on fep no dj. Good +. Hardcover .
Study of synagogues destroyed by the Nazis. Monumental work  (278334)              $55.00

56.          Polland, Annie. Landmark of the Spirit The Eldridge Street Synagogue. Yale, 2009. 165 pp. Magnificent study of the life of the synagogue and the Jewish community on the Lower East Side. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (241529)               $15.00

57.          Preisler, Julian. Historic Synagogues of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. 2009. 127 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 263146742  (281091)      $6.00

58.          Reiner, Elchanan. Arba’at bate-ha-keneset ha-sefaradiyim al-shem Rabi Yohanan ben Zakai / The Yochanan Ben Zakkai Four Sephardi Synagogues. The Council of the Sephardi and Oriental Communities in Jerusalem , 1980. 48 pp. corner creased . Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (271412)           $18.00

59.          Rosenfeld, Gavriel. Building After Auschwitz: Jewish Architecture and the Memory of the Holocaust. Yale, 2011. 437 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277772)   $20.00

60.          Schlee, Dietmar. Synagogen in Baden-Wurttemberg. Innenministerium d. Landes Baden-Wurttemberg. 127 pp.., mit 110 Abb. Good. Paperback.  (277666)    $24.00

61.          Schoner HaRav, Alfred. The Synagogue of Dohany Street. Budapest: 1992. 20 pp. in English 20 pp. in Hebrew and color illustrations. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper.  (277792)          $16.00

62.          Schwarz, Hans Peter (hrsg). Die Architektur der Synagoge. Deutsches Architekturmuseum,, 1988. 446 pp. exhibition catalog with essays, large 8vo. Many of the synagogues were destroyed by the Nazis. Very Good. Paperback.  (265618)      $30.00

63.          Sergey, R. Kravtsov. Di Gildene Royze: The Turei Zahav Synagogue in L’viv (Ukraine). Imhof, 2011. 86 pp.a beautiful work with many photos and virtual reconstruction of the shul, formed in 1582 and destroyed during the War. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277790)              $20.00

64.          Servi, Sandro (edited by). La Sinagoga di Firenze / The Synagogue of Florence. Com Isr di Firenze, 1982. 15 pp. filled with magnificent color images. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 955258139  (279779)      $16.00

65.          Siry, Joseph. Beth Sholom Synagogue: Frank Lloyd Wright and Modern Religious Architecture. Chicago, 2011. 705 pp. back corner bumped. Very Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (271288)      $38.00

66.          Steen, Jurgen. ‘Die Synagogen Brennen’ Die Zerstorung Frankfurts als Judische Lebenswelt. Frankfurt: Historisches Museum, 1988. 234 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (276379)     $20.00

67.          Strongwater, Andrea. Where we Once Gathered: Lost Synagogues of Europe, paintings and words by Andrea Strongwater. Lemont: Eifrig, 2012. 48 pp. Includes many destroyed by the Nazis beautifully illustrated. Very Good. Hardcover .  (269725)     $30.00

68.          Suchy, Barbara. Synagogen in Dusseldorf: Von 1712 bis zur Gegenwart. Droste, 2013. 61 pp. with architectural plans, history of the Jewish community, the Shoah and the rebuilding. Very Good-. Paperback.  (277687) $25.00

69.          Sukenik, Eleazar. The Ancient Synagogue of Beth Alpha; An account of the excavation conducted on behalf of the Hebrew University. Jerusalem: Oxford University Press, 1932. 58pp. (8 plates within text) + 27 plates, one of which is a fold-out, ground plan of the synagogue. crown and base of spine slightly bumped. Good +. Cloth.  (265748)                $100.00

70.          Die Synagoge an der Elbstrasse und die Synagoge an den Kohlhöfen. eine Rekonstruktion in Zeichnungen. Dolling und Galitz, 1991. 63 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (264049)               $18.00

71.          Tabory, Joseph (editor). Kenishta Studies of the Synagogue World Volume 2. Bar-Ilan, 2007. 36 pp. in English 187 pp. in Hebrew 223 pp. total. Very Good +. Hardcover .  (274883)         $30.00

72.          Tabory, Joseph (editor). Kenishta Studies of the Synagogue World Volume 3; Dov Rappel – In Memorium. Bar-Ilan, 2007. 344 pp. in Hebrew plus 47 pp. in English 15 essays. Very Good. Hardcover .  (274786)  $30.00

73.          Tebeau, Charlton. Synagogue in the Central City: Temple Israel of Greater Miami, 1922-1972. University of Miami Press, 1972. 172 pp. dj very torn slight foxing to fore edge. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277842)                $16.00

74.          Technische Universitat Darmstadt; Grellert, Marc (leitung). Synagogen in Deutschland : eine virtuelle Rekonstruktion. Technische Universitat Darmstadt, 2000. 80 pp. exhibition catalog amazing virtual reconstruction of synagogues destroyed in 1938 with some plans, and essays. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277755) $26.00

75.          Tigerman, Stanley. The Architecture of Exile. NY: Rizzoli, 1988.  large 8vo 192 pp. Very Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Analysis of Biblical temple reconstructions as cultural monuments and connections to the evolution of architecture.  (277991)               $12.00

76.          Volavkova, Hana. The Synagogue Treasures of Bohemia and Moravia. Prague: Sfinx, 1949. 97 pages of plates + 38 pp. very good dj. Good +. cloth.  (218689)        $25.00

77.          Walicki, Jacek. (Lodz) Synagogues and Prayer Houses of Lodz. Lofz: Ibidem, 2000. 94 pp. + 94 pp. + XIV (In English and Polish) plus black and white photos and sketches. Very Good. Paperback.  (277941)   $36.00

78.          Wischnitzer, Rachel. The Messianic Themes in the paintings of the Dura Synagogue. Chicago, na. 135 pp. + 30 images. Good. Hardcover .  (269525)        $10.00

79.          Wisniewski, Tomasz. Boznice Bialostocczyzny Heartland of the Jewish Life: Synagogues and Jewish Communities in Bialystok Region; Jewish Life in Eastern Europe before 1939. Bialystok: David, 1992. In Polish and a bit of English. Many photographs.  218 pp. new. cloth.  (261777)       $25.00

Kafka – German Judaica – April 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

In the midst of the Omer am delighted to share with you this list of German Judaica. I hope you will find some works that you were not familiar with that you feel must be part of your library or collection.

We continue to have books arriving at our “genizah” and spend wonderful times cataloguing the tomes, many never seen before after thirty years as a book dealer.

The woods have been lovely, dark, and deep; may we be soon out of them and back together in celebration. And  may you all be well protected and back together with family and friends in congregation.

Vielleicht feiern alle bald, mit allen besten Wünschen.


Ken aka Kaufmann
der Buchhändler aus Deerfield
und manchmal luftmenschig

1.            Adler, Nathan. ספר ניב שפתים. 1. Teil : Ein שיעור-Buch für die Hand der Lehrenden und Lernenden in Gemeinde und Familie / Sefer Niv śefatayim. 1. Teil : Ein shiʻur-Buch für die Hand der Lehrenden und Lernenden in Gemeinde und Familie. Kauffmann, 1926. 60 pp. lacks cover and back cover torn. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (280261)                $17.00

2.            Auerbach, Dr Elias Haifa. Palaestina als Judenland. Herausgegeben vom Aktionskomitee der Zionistischen Organisation. Berlin: Judischer Verlag, 1912. 56 pp. with one map paper yellowing. Good-. Stiff Wrapper.  (280246)                $18.00

3.            Bach, Hans (Hrsg.). Jüdische Memoiren aus drei Jahrhunderten; Bücherei des Schocken Verlags 52-53. Berlin: Schocken Verlag, 1936. Double issue: 209 pp. Linen boards.slightly faded. Good. Boards.  (278793)             $23.00

4.            Barth, Dr Aron. Orthodxie und Zionismus. welt, 1920. 59 pp. paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Wrapper.  (280245)               $18.00

5.            Beer, B. Das Buch der Jubilaen und sein Verhaltniss zu den Midraschim : ein Beitrag zur orientalischen Sagen- und Alterthumskunde. gerhard, 1856. 80 pp.ex library with markings taped spines slight marginal xs, appears to have the signatue of S Munk, important Orientalist and involved in settling the Damascus Affair, has stamp of Judisches Seminar in Breslau and other library marks. Good. Boards.  (272240)         $42.00

6.            Bernfeld, Simon. Der Talmud. Volksschriften über die judische Religion. II. Jahrgang. IV. Heft. Frankfurt-am-Main: Kauffmann, 1914. 55 pp. Good. Wrapper.  (280257)              $18.00

7.            Bernfeld, Simon. Kampfende Geister im Judentum : vier Biographien von Dr S. Bernfeld. Berlin: Lamm, 1907. 151 pp. ex library. Good-. Boards.  (278842)          $5.00

8.            Bialik, Chaim;  Kellner Viktor (ubersetzung). Essays. Chaim Nachmann Bialik. Judischer Verlag, 1925. 240 pp.tear along spine. Good. Boards.  (280457)       $10.00

9.            Biberfeld, Eduard Arzt und Rabbiner. Halsschnitt, nicht Hirnzertrummerung! Eine Antwort auf die Backsche Streitschrift: Schachten oder Betauben? Lamm, 1911. 39 pp. Good +. Wrapper.  (280256)                $28.00

10.          Biedermann, Alois. Die Pharisaer und Sadducaer Akademischer Vortrag. Zurich: Meyer, 1854. 52 pp. library mark on tp new covers. Good. Pamphlet .  (281348)          $15.00

11.          Birnbaum, Uriel. Moses : ein biblischer Zyklus in fünfzig Bildern mit einem einleitenden Essay. Wien Berlin: Thyros, 1924. 82 pp. library perforation mark on title page and number on spine with title written on spine, library bidning, new hinges and endpapers. Good +. Boards.
A Biblical cycle in fifty pictures with an introductory essay on the life and and times of Moses by Uriel similar to Expressionist/Art Deco Style.  (278603)               $125.00

12.          Blau, Bruno. Die Kriminalitat der deutschen Juden. Lamm, 1906. 15 pp., enclosed in protective library binder, slight library mark on pastedown , covers torn. Good. Wrapper.
Covers 1882-1901 OCLC Number:             474721774  (278729)      $28.00

13.          Bloch, Chajim. Lebenserinnerungen des Kabbalisten Vital. Wien: Vernay, 1927. 179 pages, tear along spine. Good condition. Boards.
Chapters on Kabbala und Mystik, Zum Traumproblem, Magie Wahrsagung u dergl.,written by Chief Rabbi  (270020)                $36.00

14.          Brockhaus, Prof Dr. Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft; Achtzehnter Band. Leipzig: Brockhaus, 1864. 844  pp. slight library markings,   internally paper in good shape, new boards and end papers. Good. Boards.
Includes many important articles on Jewish paleography and Arabic and Arabic Jewish writing. inclduing for instance Die palmyrenischen Inschriften mit Beitragen aus dem handschriftlichen Nachlasse von Eduard Friedrich Ferdinand Beer; Moritz Abraham Levy  (278772)      $85.00

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German translation printed in Rabbinic Hebrew characters and read like Yiddish. Rosenfeld Jewish Printing In Karlsruhe no 92  (272336)             $65.00

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Important work by the great Simon Dubnow. Translated from the Russian by Israel Friedlander. Friedlander a loved scholar at the JTS was murdered in the Ukraine while on a JDC relief mission.  (278767)    $15.00

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Unter Mitwirkung von Guido Kisch, Richard Koebner, Moritz und Alfred Stern, Eugen Taubler, usw  (280267)                $18.00

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Vol. I. : elementa et formarum doctrinam complectens. — 1831.
Vol. II. : syntaxin et metrorum doctrinam complectens. —

1833. Leipzig : Hahn, 1831. 394+ 348 pp. marbled worn boards, cloth type repaired spine, Signature of Abraham Geiger ( A.Geiger) on paste down of volume one with his handwriting in Hebrew above in small script and small library stamps of Bibl. d Verein Isr. Rel. Lehrer Frankfurt am Main, volume two is also ex library from a different library. Good-. Boards.
Geiger was considered the founding father of Reform Judaism. OCLC Number:     466064809  (279800)      $185.00

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Voran geht Geschichte der Juden in Schlesien VI (fortis) von Prof M Brann  (280241)          $25.00

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Voran geht die Abhandlung Beitrage zur Erklarung und Textkritik der Mechilta des R. Simon von Dr S horovitz  (280260)               $20.00

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Voran geht Geschichte der Juden in Schlesien Heft IV von 1437 bis 1526 von Dr M Brann  (280262)             $27.00

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voran geht der Aberglaube und die Stellung des Judenthums zu demselben Heft I und II von Dr D Joel  (280473)                $26.00

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Very important work on the portrayal of the Jew in German speaking world, serious study of the anti-semitic portrayals  (280449)        $68.00

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bound with Karl Fischer Gutmeinung uber den Talmud der Hebraer Wien 1883 112 pp.  (280179)                $17.00

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Articles/poems/essays by Leo Baeck, Thomas Mann, Franz Kafka, Joseph Roth, Hugo Hahn. Julius Bab, Max Dienemann etc Amazing assortment of scholarship.Important reflection on German Jewish life.  (276821)        $300.00

42.          Goldstein, Moritz. Begriff und National Program einer Judischen Nationalliteratur. Judischer Verlag, 1920s?. 21 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
by author of the German-Jewish Parnassus  (280243)       $20.00

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Appeal to follow the Balfour declaration and emigration to Palestine  (280232)     $25.00

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Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft zur Erforschung judischer Kunstdenkmäler (Eingetragener Verein) zu Frankfurt a. Main VII. VIII.] Also has the titke if Beitrage zir Entwickelung des Synagogenbaues in Deutschland, Böhmen und im ehemaligen Konigtum Polen vom XI. bis Anfang des XIX. Jahrhunderts  (279855)  $25.00

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Moritz (Moshe) Güdemann attended the Jewish school in Hildesheim, and thereafter went to a Catholic Gymnasium. He was educated at the University of Breslau (Ph.D. 1858), and took his rabbinical diploma (1862) at the newly founded Jewish Theological Seminary there.[1] In the latter year he was called to the rabbinate of Magdeburg; in 1866 he went to Vienna as preacher, where he became rabbi in 1868, and chief rabbi in 1892. (wikipedia) was associated with Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Wissenschaft des Judenthums  (272228)        $48.00

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Sonderausstellung vom 10.9. bis 26.11.1978. OCLC Number:        1051013306  (280413)    $20.00

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OCLC Number: 812122478  (280338)      $23.00

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Landesburger Bernburg  (279793)             $18.00

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Includes J Barth Sprachwiss. Untersuchungen zum Semitischen zweiter teil  (280264)         $25.00

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Abstracts of the 953 extant responsa originally issued in the Hebrew periodical “Peri Eitz Chaim (1691-1807) , a publication of Ets Hayim Talmudical Academy, gives a detailed view on Jewish life in Amsterdam of the time. With a Hebrew and a German index.  (279323)  $45.00

56.          (Hirschberg Alfred ) Zeitschrift fur die Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland . Zum 900 jahrigen Bestehen der Synagoge zu Worms; Eine Erinnerungsgabe des Vorstands der Isr. Religionsgemeinde Worms. Worms: Isr. Religionsgemeinde, 1934. 124 pp. tears to spine, back cover creased, includes some images, scarce document. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Essays by Richard Krautheimer, Max Freudenthal, Max Dienemann, Guido Kisch, Ismar Elbogen, B Rosenthal, S Levi, Paul Lazarus  (254672)    $45.00

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“Work Plan and Sustance Collection” is actually texts on Jewish observance especialy about High Holidays. OCLC Number:              646805673  (280581)      $18.00

61.          Jahres Bericht (Graetz Heinrich ). Jahres Bericht des judisch theologischen Seminar “Fraenchkels’scher Stiftung) voran geht; Die Judischen Proselyten Im Romerreiche Unter Den Kaisern Domitian, Nerva, Trajan Und Hadrian. Breslau: Schottlander, 1884. 38 pp.+ XII slight library marks. Good. Boards.  (280240)      $18.00

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voran geht Lewy Dr J Ein Vortrag Uber Das Ritual Des Pesach Abends  (280242)    $18.00

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OCLC Number: 74595062  (279062)         $40.00

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Library marks of Archival Depot  (278468)              $40.00

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OCLC Number: 35293546  (279126)         $23.00

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to encourage emigration  (259916)           $35.00

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*Yaari #1906  (275186)   $45.00

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note date of publication  (280775)            $15.00

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E.M. Lilien was the leading Jewish artist of Jugendstil. One of the special characteristics of this volume is that in addition to the usual numerous illustrations, Lilien has designeddifferent stylized letters for the text which is elegantly printed in red and black.  (268148)            $136.00

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(den Teilnehmern an d. Jahresversammlung d. Soncino-Ges. d. Freunde d. jud. Buches v. ihren Mitgliedern in d. Cechosl. Republik uberreicht).  (280446) $73.00

87.          Loewe, Heinrich. Ignaz Goldziher Ein Wort des Gedenkens. Berlin: Soncino, 5689. Festschrift for Goldziher. large 8vo 10 pp tears to cover and last pages tears at bottom of pages. good. wrapper.
Freunden des judischen Buches uberreicht von Josef Altmann  (272329)  $36.00

88.          Maccabi World Union. Judisches Liederbuch; hrsg. vom Deutschen Kreis im “Makkabi” Weltverband. Judischer Verlag, 1930. 212 pp. taped spine slight library marls. Good. Hardcover .  (269850)       $30.00

89.          Maccabi World Union.; Makkabi Deutschland.. Judisches Liederbuch; hrsg. vom Deutschen Kreis im “Makkabi” Weltverband. Judischer Verlag, 1930. 212 pp. slight library markings tape to spine. Good. Hardcover .
Unaccompanied melodies. Words in Hebrew, Yiddish and German. The Hebrew and Yiddish songs are given in Hebrew characters, transliteration and in German translation. OCLC Number:       236116585  (268893)      $30.00

90.          Mahzor Keminhag Polin Rusin Pinhas Tahaarin Vesharei Kehilt Kedoshot; Rosh Hashanah ve Yom Kippur. Wien: hraschanzky deutsch hebraisch buchdruckerei, 1794. beautiful type for many of the key prayers, Raschi script commentary at bottom and sides, four page bottom pieces lacking from commentary torn pages, tears along side of leather spine, tears cracks to spine. Good-. leather or calf.  (266741)         $65.00

91.          Mahzor LeYom Rishon VeShenei Shel Pesach ,,,Madvik Haitiv UmBeor Yafah Umatargum Aschkanazit. Rodeleheim: Heidenheim, 1832. Has the German Hebrew, calf spine and marbled paper boards worn, has double title pages . Good. Boards.
Wolf Heidenheim (1757–1832), a scholar, translator, and commentator on Jewish liturgy, shaped the development of the Roedelheim mahzor for the first three decades of the 19th century. Upon founding his publishing house in Roedelheim in 1799, the mahzor was one of the first books he printed. Its continuous publication became a life-long project for Heidenheim, one through which he contributed to the preservation of Jewish traditions as well as to their rejuvenation. Heidenheim was the first publisher who reviewed old manuscripts and texts to correct errors that had been passed on in the mahzor. He also removed those piyyutim, Jewish liturgical poems recited on holidays, that were no longer understood. Typographic layout and outward appearance of the books were another aspect Heidenheim transformed: Over time, the books included more decorative embellishments.(from Leo Baeck Institute)  (267742)                $125.00

92.          Makhzor : ‘im kheleq rishon k-minhag ashkenaz w-she’ari qehillot qedushot ‘im lashon ashkenaz Le Rosh Hashanah ve Yom Kippur. Sulzbach: Ben Aharon Sekel, 1801. leather spine torn, marlbed boards worn and edges worn and slightly torn, with Yiddish Deutsch commentary, paper condition very good , endpapers slight stains. Good. Boards.
OCLC Number: 1113436432  (279794)    $120.00

93.          Marx Alexander Herrmann Meyer. Festschrift fur Aron Freimann. Berlin: Soncino Ges. d. Freunde des jud. Buches, 1935. 172 pp In German . ex library with markings and plate,tape on spine wonderful essays including Gershom Scholem on A Kabbasilsitc Work in the British Museum. Good-. Hardcover .
From 1897 he was chief of the Hebrew department at the Stadtbibliotek Frankfurt, and under his direction the library in Frankfurt upon Main assembled one of the richest collections of Judaica and Hebraica in the world. He retired in 1933 when the Nazis came to power and immigrated to the United States in 1938. Between 1939 and 1945 he served as consultant in bibliography to the New York Public Library.(Wikipedia)OCLC Number:    162943415  (279327)                $63.00

94.          Marx, Gertrud. Judische Gedichte. Judische Verlag, 1919. 256 pp. frontispiece portrait of Marx by Herman Struck. Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 1111674542  (280905)    $50.00

95.          Meier, Ernst. Geschichte Der poetischen National Literatur Der Hebraer. Leipzig: Engelmann, 1856. new spine and covers and hinges, ex library with markings, pages bit cockled 584 pp. Good. Boards.  (281593)            $18.00

96.          Meisl, Josef. Protokollbuch der Judischen Gemeinde Berlin (1723-1854). Mass, 1962. LXXXII, 544pp. ex library with pocket, In Hebrew and some German. Good. Hardcover .  (272028)  $25.00

97.          Meyer, Herrmann, edited by. Soncino-Blätter: Beiträge kunde des Jüdischen Buches. I. Band. Soncino-Gesellschaft der Freunde des Jüdischen Buches , 1925. 152-267 pp.,ex library with book plate and slight mark b/w plates, bibliographie, alphabetical index of names, bibliography, library pocket on the rear free endpaper Text is in German. Articles are “In Memoriam Siegfried Wolff. 15. XII. 1886 bis 4. III. 1926,” Arnold Zweig, “Moritz Schteinschneider der Vater der Hebräischen Bibliographie,” I. Elbogen, “Literatur Über Hebräische Inkunablen,” Alexander Marx, “Hebräische Drucke und Drucker aus Grosspolen,” Louis Lewin, “Ein Sonderbarer Hebräische Besitzvermerk,” Gotth. Weil, “Ein Jüdischer Lederschittkünstler,” Joseph Husung, “Aus Einer Briefe John Lockes,” Gotthold Weil,”eine Sammlung von Autographen und Porträts Jüdischer Persönlichkeiten, Good. Hardcover .  (279325)               $65.00

98.          Meyer, Herrmann, edited by. Soncino-Blätter: Beiträge kunde des Jüdischen Buches. I. Jahrgang / Heft 1-2/ Oktober 1925. Soncino-Gesellschaft der Freunde des Jüdischen Buches , 1925. 151 pp.,ex library with book plate and slight mark b/w plates, bibliographie, alphabetical index of names, bibliography, library pocket on the rear free endpaper Text is in German. Articles are “Die Seele des Juden und das Buch,” Arnold Zweig, “Die Famile Soncino,” A. Freimann, “Eine Verkaufbestätigung des Gesom Soncino,” A.Z. Schwarz, “Das Schreiebn der Sefer Thora,” Ludwig Blau, “Über den sogenannten >>Jüdischen Lederscnitte<<,” M.J. Husung, “Venezxianische Haggadahholzschnitte aus dem 15. Jahrhundert,” Ernst Weil, “Gli Incunaboli Ebaici della Bibliotheca Nazionale Universitaria di Torino,” Good. Hardcover .  (279324)     $65.00

99.          Meyer, Herrmann, edited by. Soncino-Blätter: Beitrage kunde des Judischen Buches. II. Band. Soncino-Gesellschaft der Freunde des Jüdischen Buches , 1927. , 194 pp. library book plate andd small stamp, b/w plates, bibliographie, alphabetical index of names Text is in German. Articles are “Zur Literatur der Siddurim,” Samuel Krauss, “Beschreibung des Breslauer deutschen Machsorhandschriften,’ Phillipp de Haas, “Thesaurus Bibliographiae Hebraicae,” Moses Schorr, Berliner jüdische Kalendar,” Josef Meisl, “Eiene Handschrift Sebastian Münsters,” Arthur Zacharias Schwarz, “Neun die Oppenheimersche Bibliothek betreffende Briefe,” F.L. Hoffmann. “Zwei Gutachen über die Bibliothek David Oppenheims,” “Notiz in Nr. 169 des Frankfurter Journal vom 24.X.1785,” “Über die berümte . Sammlung von . Büchern und Handschriften, die . David Oppenheimer hinterlassen hat,” Ant. Theod. Hartmann, “Die jüdische National-Bibliothek,” Hugo Bergman “Der Aufbau der Jeruslaem-Bibliothek,” Heinrich Loewe, “Zur Geschichte der Fleischgebühren in der Berliner jüdischen Gemeinde,” Moritz Stern, “Hebräische Drucke und Drucker aus Großpolen. Nachträge zu SB. Bd. I, S. 171-192,” Good. Library Binding.  (279326)  $65.00

100.       Mohr, Abraham Menahem Mendel. Dagul me-revavah : sefer toldot melekh rav, Napoleʼon ha-rishon, kesar erets Tsarfat … Dagul Mewwawah. Czernowitz: Gedruckt bei Johann Eckardt , 1855. 228 pp. In Hebrew ex library with stamps and pocket, taped spine with white titles boards worn. Good-. Boards.  (272337) $45.00

101.       Neubauer, Adolf. Aus der Petersburger Bibliothek : Beitrage und Dokumente zur Geschichte des Karaerthums und der karaischen Literatur. Leipzig: Leiner, 1860. 150 + 66 pp. In German and Hebrew,  ex library with marking and pocket, taped spine, paper in good condition. Good. Boards.
Schriften / Institut zur Forderung der israelitischen Literatur,  (272242)    $20.00

102.       Neue Synagoge Chemnitz: Festschrift zur einweihung der Synagoge und des Judischen Gemeindezentrums Chemnitz. Judische Gemeinde Chemnitz, 2002. 97 pp. filled with essays concerning the community, its past and rebuilding, with many photos. Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 670058990  (280850)      $36.00

103.       Die neue Synagoge in Dusseldorf : Zur Einweihung am 7. September, 1958. Druckerei der Allgeminen Wochenzeitung der Juden in Deutschland, 1959. 31 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 970886728  (279063)      $30.00

104.       Niemirower, I. J. Rabbiner der spaniolischen Gemeinde in Bukarest . Chassidismus und Zaddikismus. Bukarest: Baer, 1913. 162 pp. ex library with book plate and taped spine; and bound with Niemirower Frei und treu : “Jabnehistische” Essays Baer 1914 204 pp. Good. Hardcover .
Niemirower was a Romanian Modern Reform Rabbi, close to reformistic trends in the Western European Judaism, theologist, philosopher and historian. Served as the first Chief Rabbi of Romanian Jewry between 1921–1939, and was a member of the Romanian Senate from 1927 and until his death. An ardent supporter of Zionism and a courageous fighter against Antisemitism, Dr. Niemirower defended the civil and human rights of Romanian Jews and led them on the path towards modernization of community life, in the spirit of what he called Cultural Judaism. (Wikipedia)OCLC Number: 235773035 and OCLC Number: 31496732  (279054)       $48.00

105.       Notizblatt der Gesellschaft zur Erforschung jüdischer Kunstdenkmaler. Frankfurt: Korsand, 1929 1933. 25, 27, 28, 27-28 Das v Rothschild Museum, 31, , few have slight library marks on tp.five issues each about six pages , articles on ritual objects and books and where they are located in Germany. Very Good. Wrapper.
The society’s objective was researching material concerning Jewish art , ritual art, synagogue architecture/design and beautifying the Jewish home.  (280248)  $54.00

106.       Olitzki, Marcus. Flavius Josephus und die Halacha. Itzkowski, 1885. 58 pp. library markings and pocket. Good. Library Binding.  (281232)             $18.00

107.       Olsvanger, Immanuel gesammelt von. Rosinkess mit Mandlen, aus d. Volksliteratur d. Ostjuden gesammelt; Schwanke Erzahlingen Volkslieder und Ratsel. Schweizer. Ges. f. Volkskunde, 1920. 292 pp. hinges repaired and new endpapers spine slight reapir white numbers at base of spine. Good +. Boards.  (280448) $50.00

108.       Oppenheimer, Franz. Gemeineigentum und Privateigentum an Grund und Boden. Judischen Verlag, 1927. 27 pp. good. Wrapper.
Nationalfonds Bibliothek Nr. 1  (280247)                $23.00

109.       Pappenheim, Bertha. Prayers / Gebete. NY: Stein, 1946. 30pp. Good. Wrapper.
German-Jewish leader of the women’s movement, was analyzed by Freud as Anna O. Beautiful personal prayers. OCLC Number:              248872610  (268698)      $12.00

110.       Philippson, Ludwig. Judisches Volksblatt zur Belehrung und Unterhaltung auf judischem Gebiete. Leipzig: Baumgartner, 1856,1861, 1865. ,Dritter Jahrgang 51 issues 208 pp. hinges started, torn spine, boards worn, Achter jahrgang 51 issues 206 pp. slight library marks boards, Zwolfter Jahgang,r 51 issues 202 pp. slight library marks boards Price is for three volumes. Good. Boards.
In the mid 1850s a supplement tothe Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums was published regularly, entitled Jüdisches Volksblatt zur Belehrung und Unterhaltung auf Jüdischem Gebiete (A Popular Jewish Journal for Instruction and Entertainment on Jewish Subjects). Philippson’s chief aim was the civil emancipation of the Jews, carrying on the fight for that cause in the spirit of Gabriel Riesser’s earlier periodical Der Jude (1832-1835).] The paper was a voice for moderate religious reform, focusing attention on the organization of religious instruction, the form of worship in the synagogue, and the cultivation of all branches of Jewish learning. It also advocated for closer relations with non-Jews. It exercised considerable influence on Judaism in general, and, in particular, on the evolution of Judaism in Germany. It played a role in the establishment of a rabbinical seminary (Lehranstalt für die Wissenschaft des Judenthums) in Berlin, and of a Jewish Publication Society (Institut zur Förderung der Israelitischen Literatur), as well as the calling together of a Jewish synod (Leipzig, 1869).(Wikipedia) OCLC Number:      255337766  (279801)      $185.00

111.       Rabin, Israe;. Jonas Franckel. Kuratorium Der Kommerzienrat Franckel’schen Stiftungen,, 1929. 9 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Jonas Franckel (1773-1846) was a commercial counsellor and a philanthropist. He established numerous foundations and charitable institutions in Wrocław.  (280230)               $18.00

112.       Rashi; Levi ben Gershom; Joseph Johlson. Sefer Mishle : meturgam Ashkenazit me- hadash im pirushe RaSh’y ve-Ralba’g u-Mikhlal Yofi. Karlsruhe: gedruckt in der grossch priv. hebr. Buchdruckere, 1834. 112 pp. decorated boards, leather spine worn, tears to spine and edges of covers, heavily foxed in parts, some creased pages. Good +. Boards.
German translation printed in Rabbinic Hebrew characters and read like Yiddish.Rosenfeld Jewish Printing In Karlsruhe no 89  (272330) $45.00

113.       Rieger, Prediger Dr Paul. Zur Jahrhundert Feier des Judendikts vom 11 Marz 1812; Ein Ruckblick auf den Kampf der preussischen Juden um die Gleichberechtigung. Berlin: 1912. 46 pages library marked. Good condition. Stiff Wrapper.  (280258)         $20.00

114.       Romer Gernot. Ein fast normales Leben : Erinnerungen and die judischen Gemeinden Schwabens 10 Jahre wiederrichtung der Synagoge Augsburg. Augsburg Schwaben: Stiftung Judisches Kulturmuseum, 1995. 200 pp. ex-library copy with some stamps and marks, book has been reinforced with pamphlet enclosure case, cover glued to front of enclosure ; Ausstellung der Stiftung Juedisches Kulturmuseum Augsburg-Schwaben…27. Oktober-7. Dezember 1995 Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 914582742  (279320)      $40.00

115.       Rosenzweig, Franz ; Glatzer, Nahum Norbert (Herausgeber):. Das Buchlein Vom Gesunden Und Kranken Menschenverstand. Judischer Verlag, 1992. 127 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278423)           $18.00

116.       Rothschild, Samson. Aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart der Isr. Gemeinde Worms. Frankfurt: Kauffmann, 1909. 52 pp. new covers and hinges. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.  (278211)      $18.00

117.       Rubin, Dr S. Geschichte des Aberglaubens. Leipzig: Theietz, 1888. 159 pp. slight library marks translated from the Hebrew. Good. Library Binding.
OCLC Number: 1137477168  (281231)    $28.00

118.       Salomon, Dr Gotthold. Kurtzgefasste Geschichte des Neuen Israelitischen Tempels in Hamburg wahrend der ersten 25 Jahre seines Bestehens. Hamburg: Geber, 1844. 156 pp. final page a bit soiled, worn marbled boards, cloth spine. Good. Boards.
Discusses the founding of the first Reform Temple by israel Jacobson and its attempts to survive despite a herem placed on it by Rabbi Isaac Bernays.  (249228)      $25.00

119.       Scheftelowitz, Dr I. Der Optimismus des Judentums in Ziegler’s Volksschriften uber die judische Religion. Frankfurt: Kauffmann, 1913. II Jahrgang II heft 61 pages. good. Wrapper.  (280254)            $15.00

120.       Schicksal und Geschichte der judischen Gemeinden : 1938-1988 ; Ettenheim, Altdorf, Kippenheim, Schmieheim, Rust, Orschweier. Historischer Verein für Mittelbaden, 1997. 487 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 248456750  (279058)      $40.00

121.       Schirmann, Jefim . Die hebräische Ubersetzung der Maqamen des Harir. Jerusalem: Kauffmann, 1930. 133 pp. ex library with book plate taped spine. Good-. Boards.
Schirman began lecturing in medieval poetry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1942, and became a professor there in 1954.  (272270)                $36.00

122.       Schlesinger, Dr. Simon. Beitrage zur talmudischen Methodologie. Von . (=. Bundes Judischer Adademiker, 1927. 20 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Schriftenreihe des Bundes judischer Akademiker. Nr.  (280238)   $10.00

123.       Scholem, G dozent . Sefer ha-Tamar. Das Buch von der Palme des Abu Aflah aus Syracus. Ein Text aus der arabischen Geheimwissenschaft. Nach der allein erhaltenen hebraischen Übersetzung herausgeg. und übersetzt. Heft II. Uebersetzung. Orient Buchhandlung Arthus Scholem, 1927. 59 pp. lacks free end paper new hinges white title on spine smudges at corner of cover. Good. Boards.
Heft II only  (280447)       $125.00

124.       Schreiner, Martin. Die jungsten Urteile uber das Judentum: Kritisch untersucht. Cronbach, 1902. 184 pp.slight library marks, worn marbled boards, title written on spine. Good. Boards.
During 1882–87 Schreiner studied at the Rabbinical Seminary and the University of Budapest, where he came under the influence of Ignaz Goldziher. Schreiner served as Rabbi in Csurgo in 1887–92, and during 1892–94 as instructor at the Jewish Teachers’ Training Institute in Budapest. From 1894 to 1902 he was a professor at the Lehranstalt fur die Wissenschaft des Judentums in Berlin.(from (279798)              $15.00

125.       Schubert, Ursula. Bilder zur Bibel im Judentum. Österreichisches Judisches Museum in Eisenstadt, 1985. 40 pp. + 10 beautiful plates library stamp and book plate, in English and German. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Dokumentation im Judischen Museum Eisenstadt, vom 15. Mai-26. Oktober 1985 OCLC Number:                234001853  (279338)               $28.00

A Vanished World – Books on the Shoah – February 2021

1.            Abramovitch, Raphael (editor). Di Farshvundene Velt — Di Vorshvandende Velt – The Vanished World. New York: The Forward, 1947. First edition. Oblong 8vo; 582 pages, , Red cloth Covers worn/fade. with faded gold embossed lettering, woodcut on front cover. ,lacks page 417 and 418 (back to back) and page 415/416 has been inserted and has been shortened a bit and edges are torn,the page is worn… One of the defining works concerning the Jews in Europe between the War  Good. Hardcover .
Photo album illustrating Jewish life in Eastern Europe in the 1920’s and 30’s. One of the most significant works on Jewish life in Europe before the War. 530 b/w photos by Roman Vishniac, Alter Kacyzna, M. Kipnis. Text in English and Yiddish.  (281343)             $450.00

2.            Aigner, D. Die Indizierung « schadlichen und unerwunschten Schrifttums» im Dritten Reich. Buchhandler Vereinigung, 1971. 100 pp. number taped to cover and slight library mark on pastedown; The indexing of harmful and undesirable literature in the Third Reich. Good +. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 164899489  (281225)      $18.00

3.            Aizenbud, Moshe (Ajzenbud). Gelebt hinter kratn. Vida entre rejas. Life behind bars. Buenos AIres: IDBUH, 1956. 218 pp. in Yiddish After the Soviets took over the town in September 1939, he continued his education, despite the difficulties. He began to write in a displaced persons’ camp in Germany where he spent four years following the end of World War II. For a time, he worked as a correspondent for a Paris Yiddish daily newspaper. He migrated to Australia in 1950, where he worked in the metal trades and as a storeperson, while following his interests as a novelist, short story writer, critic and editor. Naturally he gravitated to “Kadimah”, a centre with a strong Yiddish culture with which he could identify and eventually took over editing its newspaper. The National Library “Kadimah” was founded in 1911 and has served the cultural and intellectual needs of the vibrant, Jewish migrant community of Melbourne. Good. Hardcover .
In three parts, the novel deals with how Michael, a nineteen year old and some other Nesvizhers survived World War II by escaping to the Urals. It describes hard manual labour, being inducted into the army, getting ill and hospital experience, and finally release(from Univ of Sydney Archives) OCLC Number:          319738957  (281675)                $78.00

4.            Ajzenszstadt Amnon. Un di erd hot nisht tsugedekt dos blut/ And the Earth Did Not Cover the Blood. Toronto: Tsentrale fun di Tsoyzmerer organizatsyes,, 1962. 309 pp. In Yiddish , includes music and photos, On the Shoah . Good +. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 23560125  (281645)          $42.00

5.            Alliance Israelite Universelle (Paix et Droit). Les Cahiers. Paris: Alliance Israelite, Jan 1950 -April 1952. slight library markings, paper that is yellowing but not brittle, concerns Jewish life in Paris and then throughout the French Jewish diaspora especially North Africa, includes pictures. Good. library binding.
Nr 39, 40-41, 42-43,44-45. 46-47. 48-49,50-51,52-53, 54-55,56,57-58. . 59-60,61-62 each issue about twenty pages  (271179)               $45.00

6.            Alliance Israelite Universelle (Paix et Droit). Les Cahiers. Paris: Alliance Israelite, Jan 1957 – nov Dec 1958. slight library markings, paper yellowing but not brittle,  concerns Jewish life in Paris and then throughout the French Jewish diaspora especially North Africa, includes pictures. Good. library binding.
Issues 105- 121, each issue about twenty pages  (271181)              $75.00

7.            Alliance Israelite Universelle (Paix et Droit). Les Cahiers. Paris: Alliance Israelite, Sept 1952- Nov Dec 1954. slight library markings, paper yellowing but not brittle,  concerns Jewish life in Paris and then throughout the French Jewish diaspora especially North Africa, includes picture The rebuilding of Jewish life after the Shoah. Good. library binding.
Issues 65-87, each issue about twenty pages, some double issues  (271180)          $45.00

8.            Allweil Arie. HaYehudi Ha Almone The Nameless or Anonymous Jew; 32 Tziurim. Dvir, 1939. Powerful graphic drawings.about 20, dj slight tears and stains, slight stains to back endpaper . Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Introduction by Max Brod. Images include the pioneers reclaiming the Land, Jewish aspirations. ancient images, Nazi terrors, a Jewish Army marching with a BILU flag and peace in the Land.  (279134)              $385.00

9.            Amir-Pinkerfeld Anda. כזה היה : עשר אפיזודות דרמטיות מחיי אנצו סרני /Ka-zeh hayah : ʻeser epizodot dramaṭiyot mi-ḥaye Entso Sereni. WZO, 1963. 81 pp. In Hebrew book pocket at back. Good. Paperback.

OCLC Number: 18470622  (281327)         $18.00

10.          Amitay, Mordekai/Mordechai (written by). Props, Moshe (drawings by). Hagadah shel Pesah. Sifriyat poʻalim, hotsaʼat Hamaḥlaka Letarbut Vehasbara Shel Haḳibbuts Haʼartsi Hashomer Hatsaʻi, 1958. 38 pp. wine stains to cover, tears to spine, slight library marks to tp and last page , last few pages creased, two pages are text relating to the Shoah and with images see Yerushalmi image, creative and inventive spiritied color drawings . Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
Yerushalmi Haggadah and History Plate 190. Text includes the following declaration: “Let us remember the myriad souls of our brothers and sisters who were cut down before their time, who fell in the lines of battle and perished under ruins and heaps of debris, who raised the banner of revolt and sanctified the name of Israel while fighting and dying amid the walls of the burning ghetto.”  OCLC Number:          19202670 (280589)               $85.00

11.          Ancel, Jean (editor) Wilhelm, Filderman. Memiors and Diaries Volume 1 1900-1940. Yad Vashem, 2004. 599 pp. Filderman was Romanian Jewry’s most important leader. Material includes Jewish struggle for civil rights amid anit-Semitism, the emergance of the fascist Iron Guard, the anti-Semitic of pro-Western government (1919-1940), the Romanian estblishment’s betrayal of the Jews, the first Pogroms in 1940. Very Good +. Paperback.  (279782)                $40.00

12.          Ansell, Joseph. Arthur Szyk: Artist, Jew, Pole. Littman Library, 2004. 332 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Szyk left Europe in 1940 and arrived in the United States via Canada later the same year. Determined as ever to use his art for political purposes, he crusaded against the Nazis through newspaper and magazine cartoons, posters and public exhibitions. Convinced that Hitler would not stop with the Jews but would suppress all freedom-loving people, he supported the war effort through his striking propaganda images of the German and Japanese armies, to great effect. (from the blurb)  (281513)              $23.00

13.          Attie, Shimon. Sites Unseen: European Projects. Burlington: Verve Editions, 1999. oblong 8vo 120 pp. dj torn. new. Hardback & DJ.
Photographs of his installation art concerning the Shoah. Juxtapositions of former residents with current.  (268875)                $40.00

14.          Barfod, Jurgen. Escape from Nazi Terror: A short history of the persecution of the Jews in Denmark and Norway and the Danish underground refugee service. Forlaget for Faglitteratur,, 1968. 46 pp. covers foxed, sfep. Good. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 245823216  (280584)      $17.00

15.          Belchetz-Swenson, Sarah (Piechotka M). Revisions Fourteen Drawings in a Portfolio. Johnson Vermont: French Hill Press, 1977. Edition of 500 Printed on 11″ by 14″ Mohawk superfine heavy weight stock suitable for individual framing. Very good. stiff wrapper.These fourteen drawings were inspired by Wooden Synagogues by M+K Piechotka. These pencil and ink drawings combine architectural elements of the destroyed wooden synagogues of prewar Poland with images of the artist’s children, simple household objects and the landscape of northern Vermont.  (281062)                $150.00

16.          Bergmann, Birgit (editor). Transcending Tradition: Jewish Mathematicians in German Speaking Academic Culture. Springer, 2011. 289 pp. 8vo. Very Good. Hardcover .Comprehensive account of the life and work of German-Jewish mathematicians prior to and after 1933 OCLC Number:     929425921  (281652)      $36.00

17.          Biernacki, Jerzy (editor). Jews in Poland: A Common Cause Martyrology; Struggle, Solidarity, Culture, Memory. Warsaw: Interpress, 1983. 63 pp, filled with articles and pictures. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.Selections of materials published by “Poland’s Illustrated Magazine” 1967-1981 at the 40th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising OCLC Number:              249348538  (280535)      $26.00

18.          Bikont, Anna. And I Still See Their Faces: Images of Polish Jews. Shalom Foundation, 1996. 230 pp dj tears folio In English and Polish filled with photographs and memories, from an exhibition Extraordinary images, Reminds me of work of Vishniac. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.Photographs were donated by non-Jews in Poland, and former Polish Jews from all over the world. Jewish life in Poland from the end of the last century to the Holocaust, and the destruction of Polish Jewish life.250550  (281709)              $75.00

19.          Brudinger, Regina. Yoman ishi Yomanah shel ahot ba-milhamah neged ha-Natsim, 1941-1945. Afkirim, 1986. 85 pp. ex library with markings. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.OCLC Number:      48097112  (280539)         $40.00

20.          Bulawko, Henry, (editor). Exposition: Les Juifs dans la Lutte Contre L’Hitlerisme. Paris: CDJC: Musee du Memorial, nd. Important exhibition catalog.In French  oblong 8vo 135 pp. slight library mark on pastedown and book plate covers worn and stained. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (271808)     $25.00

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Articles about countries of concern re War. How to deal with foreigners in France. ( The League was founded on 4 June 1898 by the republican Ludovic Trarieux to defend captain Alfred Dreyfus, Dissolved by the Vichy regime during World War II, it was clandestinely reconstituted in 1943 by a central committee including Pierre Cot, René Cassin and Félix Gouin. The LDH was refounded after the Liberation. Another group was reconstituted in New York City in 1942 by European refugees and Roger Nash Baldwin, founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, and was known until 1976 as the International League for the Rights of Man)  (271176)         $45.00

22.          Les Cahiers des Droits de l’Homme. 36e année -10 janvier 1936 au n°34 du 25 décembre 1936. Ligue des Droits de l’Homme , 1936. 34 issues each about 25 pages, 815 pages paper yellowing but not brittle, filled with articles concerning the abridgment of the rights of individuals and peoples and fighting for justice. Good. Hardcover .
Articles about countries of concern re War. (The League was founded on 4 June 1898 by the republican Ludovic Trarieux to defend captain Alfred Dreyfus, Dissolved by the Vichy regime during World War II, it was clandestinely reconstituted in 1943 by a central committee including Pierre Cot, René Cassin and Félix Gouin. The group was refounded after the LiberationAnother group was reconstituted in New York City in 1942 by European refugees and Roger Nash Baldwin, founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, and was known until 1976 as the International League for the Rights of Man)  (271175) $45.00

23.          Les Cahiers des Droits de l’Homme. 37e année -1 janvier 1937 au n 24 du 15 décembre 1937. Ligue des Droits de l’Homme , 1937. 24ssues each about 25 pages, 806 pages paper yellowing but not brittle, filled with articles concerning the abridgment of the rights of individuals and peoples and fighting for justice. Good. Hardcover .
Articles about countries of concern re War, on Spain and Germany and Europe and the plight of political refugees. The congress of Tours in 1937 saw the confrontation between supporters of firmness against Nazism and a pacifist minority led by Félicien Challaye, Gaston Bergery and Léon Émery, many of whom resigned from the LDH.(Wikipedia) The League was founded on 4 June 1898 by the republican Ludovic Trarieux to defend captain Alfred Dreyfus, Dissolved by the Vichy regime during World War II, it was clandestinely reconstituted in 1943 by a central committee including Pierre Cot, René Cassin and Félix Gouin. The LDH was refounded after the Liberation.  (271177)                $45.00

24.          Calvo, Edmond Francois. The Beast is Dead II World Among the animals. Abi Melzer, 1984. 92 pp. first published in 1944 extraordinary graphic novel may have inspired the work of Spiegelman. Very Good. Hardcover .
Calvo’s best known work is La bête est morte (started clandestinely in 1942, published as a book after the liberation in two parts in 1944-1945), a satire on the second World War with the different countries depicted as different animals, a system that would later be used by Art Spiegelman in his graphic novel Maus. The story was written by Victor Dancette and Jacques Zimmermann, and the comic was translated in English and Dutch” Wikipedia OCLC Number: 1066168863  (280516)    $45.00

25.          Cohn, Emil. Judischer Jugendkalender vierter Jahrgang. Judischer Verlag, 1934. 108 pp. lacks parts of the backstrip. Stories poems and plays with illustrations, with material on Palestine. Giving youth a sense of pride in identity/ David and Goliath Samson bringing down the Philistine temple Note date of publication. Good. Boards.  (268871)               $40.00

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Germany’s Campaign to Place “War Guilt” on Jews by Clyde Miller, Anti Semitic Propaganda: The New Line by Nathaniel Goodrich, On the European Relief Front by Morris Troper, The Psychology of the Refugee by Gerhart Saenger, Documents on New Nazi Measures  (281692)    $325.00

33.          Dworzecki, M. Mahanot ha-yehudim be-Estonya: 1942-1944/ Jewish camps in Estonia: 1942-1944. Yad Vashem , 1970. 402 pp. xxii pp.,hinge starting b/w illustrations, index, English language introduction at the rear Text is in Hebrew.ex library with pocket and stamps on fore edge. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (272669)        $25.00

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Grew up in Tolcsva in northeastern Hungary in an Orthodox family, in 1944 forced into the ghetto then Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen , after liberation recuperated in Sweden and then came to the USA and new life. Moving descriptions of her life in the village in Hungary and the horrors of the concentration camps and remarkable resilience and perseverance after the War. Active in Holocaust education and lecturing in New Jersey and throughout the country  (281501)               $28.00

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Two of its themes have become a part of social science literature: the concept of the social myth and the virtue of violence.  (268878)           $20.00

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48.          Gross, Nathan (editor). The Holocaust in Hebrew Poetry an Anthology השואה בשירה העברית :‏ ‏מבחר /‏ / ha-Shoʼah ba-shirah ha-ʻIvrit : mivhar. Yad Vashem?, 1974. In Hebrew 248 pp dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.OCLC Number:     19156570  (278451)$40.00

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53.          Gurland, A R L. Fight Against Antisemitism within the Framework of Germany’s Education for Democracy Draft of a Program. self with Manhattan return address (as submission to AJC?), 1947?. 62 pp. slight library mark, mimeograph Written by signifigant political scientist pointing out methods for reintegrating democracy, especially of interest is the discussion concerning the plight of the DPS, their perception by the Germans, their condition in Germany and ways to integrate them. Concerns re antisemtism and ways to combat, Coming from Marxist critical theory background. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Involved in formulation of critical theory s Frankfurt School.. Involved in exile anti Nazi activity in Germany and France, refugee in NYC,Was at the Institute for Social Research in New York, Worked for the AJC who sponsored his work in 1946 and 1947. He prepared new studies on anti-Semitism in Germany and the Soviet Union as a freelance researcher for the AJC and composed a few manuscripts amounting to more than 3,000 pages altogether. Wrote with Neumann and Kirchheimer The Fate of Small Business in Nazi Germany,Important figure in reestablishement of political science departments in Germany after the War,not on worldcat (280523)               $165.00

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59.          Jahrbuch fur den deutschn Soldaten im Norden 1943. 1943. about 60 pp. of text and rest is calendar and room for notes. Articles for soldiers stationed in Finland and Norway, essays by Nazi officials, information, maps, a chronology of the War up to that point with campaigns, calendar partly filled in and notes at end of the yearbook. Good. Paperback.To be carried in a pocket for notes etc.  (266407)            $95.00

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Jewish Resistance Movement in Poland  (281681)              $30.00

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Important scarce publication of publications in Yiddish in the Displaced Persons Camps  (281695)                $28.00

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Exile writer’s novel of Jews struggling in post WW1 Berlin cruelties .Interfaith romance amidst Nazi turmoil  (276811)                $35.00

67.          Lengyel, Emil. Hitler. Where is Germany Going? Dial, 1932. 256 pp.dust jacket worn and torn striking cover of Hitler by Samuel Schaeffer. Good-. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. Prescient study of Hitler and what was to come. do not see in worldcat  (281240)              $185.00

68.          Leonhard, Wolfgang. Die Revolution Entlasst ihre Kinder. Koln: Kiepenheuer und Witsch, 1957. 555 pp. hinges starting Expose of Communism which much material concerning the War. good. cloth. Raised as a fervent Communist, survived the War in Russia, mother had fled Nazi Germany. He ultimately fled East Germany for the West and came to Yale to teach.  (246824) $20.00

69.          Linden, Sonja. The Strange Passenger. London: Sonja Linden, nd. 99 pp. Play about Terezin in 1942, actual acting manuscript. Good. Three-ring binder.l
Playwright wrote I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady From Rwanda.and A Year in Ramallah,Crocodile Seeking Refuge  do not see in world cat  (275148)       $125.00

70.          Lipszyc, Rywka. The Diary of Rywka Lipszyc. Found in Auschwitz By the Red Army in 1945 and First Published in San Francisco in 2014. Jewish Family and Children’s Services Holocaust Center in Partnership with Lehrhaus Judaica,, 2014. 172pp Diary of teenage Jewish girl who was imprisoned in the Lodz ghetto large tome. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Introduction by Alexandra Zapruder. Translated from polish original.  (276438)     $58.00

71.          Man, Yitzhak ; Baruch Sarel;. יד לשואה ולמרד Yad la-sho’ah vela-mered. Ha-Lishkah ha-Ra’shit shel ha-Keren ha-Kayemet le-Yisra’el , 1952. 107 pp. In Hebrew ex library with book plate . Good. Hardcover .  (272688)       $36.00

72.          Marx, Dr. Hugo. Das Judentum der Gegenwart. Zurich: Die Gestaltung, 1937. 71 pp. foxing to endpapers, inscribed to Karl and Edith Jaspers by Marx in 1965 good. wrapper.
Hugo Marx was a German lawyer who fled to Switzerland ,Paris, Brussels.Active in refugee movement in Brussels. sternfeld DEL s.221  (266445)      $45.00

73.          Masechet Gittin Min Talmud Bavli. Shanghai: J Gesang Bookstore, 1942. paper yellowing but not brittle, lacks part of cloth spine which is bound by twine, free endpaper cut in half and bears the stamp twice of  “Otzar Sefarim, Ezrat Torah Mir Yeshivah Shanghai” in Hebrew. Good. Boards. Printed for Mir Yeshiva students and their Rabbis who survived in Shanghai during the War. The refugees included many Yeshiva students who were rescued by Chiune Sugihara in Kovno.(278885)           $225.00

74.          Michman, Dan (collector and editor). Post-Zionism and the Holocaust פוסט־ציונותושואה” : הפולמוס הציבורי הישראלי בנושא הפוסט־ציונותבשנים 1993-1996 ומקומה של סוגיית השואה בו : מקראה /; the role of the Holocaust in the public debate on Post Zionism in Israel (1993-1996) a collection of clippings. Bar Ilan University, 1997. 576 pp. In Hebrew ex library with book plate and pocket, heavy tome. Very Good-. Paperback.”Research Aids” Series No 8 OCLC Number 776945481 and OCLC Number: 646274100  (278946)      $136.00

75.          Mickenberg, David. The Last Expression Art and Auschwitz. NWUP, 2003. 272pp., 201 color plates of works in exhibition and 120 color and b/w figures throughout the text. Very Good. Paperback. contains numerous essays by various contributors. a major work of scholarship focused on the artworks created by the prisoners of the Auschwitz complex of camps during the period of the camp’s existence. many work  (281655)            $36.00

76.          Minc, P (Mintz). Anos de Exterminio Resistencia Judia en Francia אין די יארן פון יידישן אומקום און ווידערשטאנד אין פראנקרייך : פערזענךעכע זכרונות. Buenos AIres: IDBUJ Yidbukh, 1956. 266 pp. In Yiddish crown bruised. Good. Hardcover OCLC Number: 22463736  (281138)         $30.00

77.          Modan, Rutu. The Property. Drawn and Quarterly, 2013. 222 pp. superrb graphic novel by Israeli artist graduate of Bezalel, Set in modern-day Tel Aviv grandmother and grand daughter travel to Poland to claim property lost during the Shoah, and issues re the Shoah and lost relationships surface and reconciliations. Very Good. Hardcover OCLC Number:             1015604812  (279972) $25.00

78.          Mordecai Strigler. Tzu aich swesṭer un brider bafraite : nochmilhome-problemen fun jidisn folk. cyco, 1945. 31 pp. tears to covers slight library markings. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Mordechai Strigler was born to a Hassidic family in Zamosc, Poland on 18 September 1918. At the age of eleven he was a Talmud student at a Yeshiva, and from 1937 a rabbi and teacher in Warsaw.His attempt to escape after the Germans marched into Poland failed. After ghettoization, Strigler was deported to Majdanek Concentration Camp, and later transferred to the work camp Skarżysko-Kamienna (Factory C). At the beginning of August 1944 he arrived at Buchenwald Concentration Camp, where he worked as a teacher for Jewish children. He was liberated on 11 April 1945(from Buchenwald Memorial Foundation) . OCLC Number: 174998252  (272869)      $36.00

79.          Mosenson, Moshe. מכתבים מהדרכים Mikhtavim meha-derakhim. NY: Am Oved, 1984. 175 pp.In Hebrew ex library with plate and pocket Writes of his War experiences . Good. Paperback.
Jewish soldier in British Army and Jewish Brigade. In Letters from the Desert he wrote of Nazi concentration camps being liberated in Jiddo and the people he meets and his pride in his identity.
OCLC Number:         569957056  (272730)                $20.00

80.          NSDAP. Deutschland erwacht: Werden, Kampf und Sieg der NSDAP. Altona: Cigaretten Bilderdienst, 1933. 776-875 tausend. large 8vo 150 pp. Good. cloth.
Nazi propaganda album filled with photo cards and massive photo of Nazi rally. Text glorifying the Nazi movement.  (268823)$75.00

81.          Nshamit, Sarah. Hayeladim merehov Mapuh. WZO, 1973. 73 pp In Hebrew sfep. Good +. Paperback. Gesher Lanoar: Readings in easy Hebrew. Level 2 OCLC Number:                179177411  (281326)      $18.00

82.          Olitzki Leib . Durch toit tzum lebn : dertzeilungen A travers de la Muerte Hacia la Vida Novelas. Buenos Aires: ICUF, 1949. 102 pp tape on spine slight library mark on tp, In Yiddish. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Leib Olitzky (1897–1975) was poet, short-story writer, and translator. He taught in Yiddish schools in his native Trisk and in Warsaw until 1939. Fleeing eastward from the German invaders, he spent the war years in Soviet Russia, but returned to Poland in 1946. In 1959 he settled in Israel. ( OCLC Number:           165430025  (281459)                $48.00

83.          Opatoshu, Joseph. Hurban Polin חורבן פולין. NY: Ogen, 1947. 214 pp. needs tightening hinges started, In Hebrew. good. Hardcover .OCLC Number:   11487135  (252261)$15.00

84.          Plisetskii, M (editor). Naouka O Rassakh I Rassism (Science on Race and Racism); Nauka o rasakh i rasizm (Rassenkunde und Rassismus). Moscow Academy of Science : Izd-vo Akademii nauk SSSR, 1938. 192 pp.In Russian paper yellowing but not brittle slight library mark  A collection of essays by eight Soviet scientists completely rejecting the racial theories as propounded in fascist countries. Racism is condemned as a fraudulent attempt to justify fascist imperialism. and an attempt to confuse the minds of the workers. In the preface the editor attacks the pogroms taking place in Nazi Germany. Good-. Hardcover Scarce title  (268814)$125.00

85.          Pol, Heinz. Suicide of a Democracy. NY: Reynal and Hitchcock, 1940. 296 pp.covers worn number on spine and slight library mark on fep. good. Hardcover .
Concerns the fall of France. Chapters on Anti-Semitism and the concentration camps in France. Exile writer, Ullstein editor  Mr. Pol was born in Berlin, where he became assistant editor of The Vossiche Zeitung. Arrested by the Nazis in 1933 for political opposition, he escaped to Prague, where he worked for Die Weltbuhne and then went to Paris, where he was interned at the outbreak of World War II. He received a visa for America in 1940 and later became a United States citizen.(from NY Times obituary) .Sternfeld DEL p395 OCLC Number:             693114787  (281342)$48.00

86.          Quack, Sybille, (editor). Between Sorrow and Strength: Women Refugees in the Nazi Period. NY: Cambridge UP/ GHI, 1995. 375 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Collection of 27 important essays by historians discussing conditions/reactions and specific countries emigrated to.  (281198)               $35.00

87.          Ramon, Ephraim. Le Zecher Kehilat Tarnov. Tel Aviv: Moriah High School Yad Vashem. 46 pp In Hebrew. on the town, its people, destruction and survivors in Israel, student essay . Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (281220)            $25.00

88.          Raoul, Wallenberg. Report of the Swedish-Russian Working Group. Sweden: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2000. 361 pp. number attached to spine and slight library mark. Good +. Paperback.
In September 1991 a Swedish Russian working group was appointed in order to establish what actually happened after the disapperence of the Swedish diplomat in January 1945  (276466)$40.00

89.          Rapport du Conseil federal a l’Assemblee federale concernant l’activite antidemocratique exercee par des Suisses et des etrangers en relation avec la periode de guerre de 1939 a 1945 (motion Boerlin). deuxieme partie. Bern: Bericht des Bundesrates , 1946. 37 pp. have only the second part. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
No 4919 OCLC Number:                81131775  (272799)         $30.00

90.          Refugee Relief Act of 1953 Five Semi Annual Reports and the Final Report of the Administrator of the Refugee Relief Act of 1953 as amended. USGPO, 1954-1958. about 225 pages, six reports , enclosed in wrapper which has title and number on the spine. Good. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 503987290  (281212)             $65.00

91.          Ringelblum, Emanuel. Kapitlen Geshikhte fun Amolikn Yidishn Lebn in Polyn (Capitulos de Historia: De la Antingua Vida Judia en Polonia )קאפיטלען געשיכטע. Buenos Aires: Tsentral-farband fun Polyishe Yidn in Argentine, 1953. 590 pp.In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover .OCLC Number:             1227264593  (281671)    $27.00

92.          Robinson, Nehemiah. Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons Its History and Interpretation: A Commentary. Inst of Jewish Affairs, 1955. 161 pp. number and title on spine, lacks small part at base of spine slight library stamp on pastedown, mimeograph of typed manuscript. Good +. Wrapper.
Was Director of the Institute of Jewish Affairs of the World Jewish Congress, OCLC Number:           22557050. there were several different editions  (280531)          $65.00

93.          Robinson, Jacob (Yaʻaḳov). Nituk o retsifut be-Vaade ha-Kehilot ba-teḳufah ha-Natsit / ניתוק או רציפות בוועדי הקהילות בתקופה הנאצית. ha-Makhon le-Yahadut zemanenu, Medor Shprinṭsaḳ, ha-Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit, 1966. 39 pp. In Hebrew Ex-library with pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 19164972  (281210)         $18.00

94.          Rubinstein, Robert. An Italian Renaissance: Choosing Life in Canada. Urim, 2010. 176 pp. Survivors of the Shoah inHungary and their new life in Canada. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (281494)   $10.00

95.          Sarkisian, E. K & R. G.Sahakian. Vital Issues in Modern Armenian History: A Documented Expose of Misrepresentations in Turkish Historiography. Armenian Studies, 1965. 82 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (281430)                $36.00

96.          Schulz, Fritz; Otto Hermann Institut zum Studium der Judenfrage. Jude und Arbeiter Ein Abschnitt aus der Tragodie des deutschen Volkes. Munchen: Nibelungen-Ver, 1942. 2. Auflage. 191 pp. pages yellowing but not brittle. Good. cloth.
Nazi institute trying to put a ‘scholarly’ spin to Nazi doctrines . Claiming Jewish basis to Communism and includes photos of Jewish leaders. Abgabe nur zu Zwecken der wissenschaftlichen und kulturhistorischen Forschung  (255003)                $65.00

97.          Seger, Gerhart. Oranienburg: Erster authentischer Bericht eines aus dem Konzentrationslager Gefluchteten. Karlsbad: Graphia, 1934. 75 cover and end paper, cover now attached to back inner end paper and lacks small pieces of top corner, title page has new binding atttached. Good-. wrapper.
Mit einem Geleitwort von Heinrich Mann. Eyewitness report of the concentration camp. Seger escaped and found refuge in the USA where he was active in SPD politics.. Published in English under title A Nation Terrorized  (276539)                $40.00

98.          Shadur, Joseph. A Drive to Survival: Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal: 1940. South Deerfield: Schoen Books, 1999. 144 pp. Holocaust memoir by authority on Jewish papercuts. Fine/As new. cloth.Through the eyes of a twelve year old, fleeing the Nazis in the family’s Oldsmobile.
Published by Schoen Books.  (281502)   $18.00

99.          Sherwin, Byron et al. Pillars of Smoke Remember ..Do not forget  in conjunction with an exhibition on the Shoah. Spertus, 1971. 18 pp. images and text. Very Good. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 54229063  (280579)         $18.00

100.       Sieg, Ulrich. Germany’s prophet : Paul de Lagarde and the origins of modern antisemitism. Brandeis, 2013. 329 pp. very slight stain on fore edge.
OCLC Number: 879241175  (281638)      $30.00

101.       Steiner-Van Rooyen, Deborah (inscribed by). My grandfather’s brother’s son Yonah Al Hut Tyal יונה על חוט תיל : מסע במצוות סבא /. Yad Vashem, 2007. 163 pp. in Hebrew sligh tlibrary mark . New. Paperback.
Memoirs of Yonah Steiner, as told to his cousin Deborah Steiner van Rooyen in 1969 in Kibbutz Ginosar, Israel. Steiner was born in 1926 in Gromnik, Poland. Shortly after the German occupation he was sent to a labor camp; he managed to escape, but was caught. He was then sent to a number of labor and concentration camps, including Flossenbürg and Mauthausen, where he was liberated. All of his family but one brother perished; after the war he settled in Israel. OCLC Number: 181630955  (272796)      $32.00

102.       Streicher, Julius. Reichstagung in Nurnberg 1933. Berlin: Vaterlandischer Verlag, 1933. 263 pp.slight chips to crown of spine. Good +. cloth.Nazi Party Rally filled with text and photos.  (268824)           $75.00

103.       Trepman, Paul (inscribed by). Among Men and Beasts. NY: Yoseloff, 1978. 230 pp., small tears on dj  inscribed to Norbert Wollheim fellow prisoner at Bergen Belsen. Good +. Hardback & DJ. Describes the start of the War, life in Warsaw, the Warsaw Ghetto and survival through internment in six camps.OCLC Number:             16561880  (280620)                $36.00

104.       Turkow, Jonas (inscribed by). Dispues de la Liberacion ך דער באפרייאונג : זכרונות / Nokh der bafrayung : zikhroynes̀. Buenos Aires: Tsentral Farband , 1959. 327 pp. In Yiddish, rebound. Good-. Paperback.During the war, worked in the resistance movement in the Warsaw ghetto . He was an actor, organizing many cultural events in the ghetto.. He worked together with Emanuel Ringelblum chronicles events in the Warsaw ghetto.. After escaping from the ghetto, fought in the underground since 1943 to end the war in the ranks of the Army. (Wikipedia) Poylishe Yidnṭum, bd. 145.  (281678)         $55.00

105.       United Nations. Report of the Special Committee on Refugees and Displaced Persons = Rapport du Comite special des refugiés et personnes deplacees. Special Supplement Number 1 and 2. Lake Success: United Nations. Special Committee on Refugees and Displaced Persons.; United Nations. Economic and Social Council., 1946. 176 pp. + 64 pp.   In English and French in parallel columns. slight library marks, Important discussions by Committe Members of the meaning of refugees, who were the Displaced? what status would the Jewish survivors receive as compared to non Jews, special attention to the Jewish surviviors? et. al. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.OCLC Number:                228969513  (281211)               $136.00

106.       Widmann, Katja. Arthur Szyk: Bilder Gegen Nationalsozialismus Und Terror/Drawing Against National Socialism and Terror. Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2008. 341pp., illustrated throughout in color, many full-page, In German And Egnlish. Very Good. Paperback.Comprehensive retrospective of Szyk’s anti-fascist illustration Magnificent homage to committed to justice and fighting persecution.  (280735)                $35.00

107.       Wieder, Ludvik. I Promised My Mother. Shengold, 1984. 206 pp. dj tears Memoir of the Shoah, Budapest young Jewish man and his saving his family,through cunning and skill, surviving labor camp and almost execution by the Soviets. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.OCLC Number:       38249847  (280436)         $35.00

108.       Wise, Jacob (foreword). The Rescue of Stricken Jews in a World at War; a report on the work and plans of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, as contained in addresses delivered at its twenty-ninth annual meeting, December 4th and 5th, 1943. American Jewish Joint, 1944. 34 pp. filled with reports, new covers, hinges repaired, some slight tearing to pages. Good +. Wrapper.
Today’s tasks and tomorrow’s plans / Paul Baerwald — Summary of 1943 / James H. Becker — J. D. C. Aid in the Soviet Union / Joseph C. Hyman — Report from the battlefront / Joseph J. Schwartz — Refugees in the Far East / Laura L. Margolis — The J. D. C. And the UNRRA / Harry Greenstein — J. D. C. Represents all Jewish groups / Alexander Kahn — J. D. C. : at home, too, a solace / Herman Hoffman, Max Ogust, Herbert B. Sussman, Samuel Wohl — Appendix A : treasurer’s report / I. Edwin Goldwasser, Alexander A. Landesco — Appendix B : the need in 1944 : 17 millions / Irving H. Sherman  OCLC Number:         610222022  (278770)      $75.00

109.       Zerubavel, Fryda. Na venad — fartzeykhnungen fun a plite. Buenos Aries: Tsentr. farlag poylishe yidn, 1947. 175 pp.In Yiddish slight staining along edges of cover, slight tape number on spine, number on tp ,tears along spine,Ph. Friedman’s small library stamp on title page. Good. stiff wrapper.OCLC Number: 225219268 Survivor memoir in Yiddish  (280572)         $36.00

110.       ל משואות פוליןʻAl mashuʼot Polin. : ha-Ḳibuts ha-artsi ha-Shomer ha-tsaʻir,, 1940. 181 pp. ex library with marking and book plate tape on spine. Good. Boards.Sifriyat poʻalim, kerekh 8;OCLC Number:      32308531  (280540)                $40.00

Yizkor – Memorial Books – February 2021

1.            Abramski, Bligh Irit (editor). Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities from their Foundations till after the Holocaust Libya Tunisia. Yad Vashem, 1997. 534 p. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276687)               $65.00

2.            Alperin, A (editor). Brzezin Memorial Book (Brzeziny). 1961. 290 pp. In Yiddish. Good +. Hardcover .  (276694)                $50.00

3.            Alter, Jacob. Mlavah ha-Yehudit : koroteha, hitpathutah, kilayonah = Di Yidishe Mlave : geshikhte, oyfshtayg, umkum = Jewish Mlawa : its history, development, destruction (volume 1 only). Yots’e Mlavah be-Yis´ra’el uvi-tefutsot, 1984. Memorial book, in Hebrew Yiddish and English 421+ 117 pp. Good +. Hardcover .  (276683)                $45.00

4.            Bar-Shaked, Gavriel (editor). Nevek Names of Jewish Victims of Hungarian Labour Battalions; Volume II A-J. Klarsfeld Fdn, 1993?. large 8vo 625 pages includes also lists of names of the mothers. Very good. Cloth.  (276704)                $65.00

5.            Bauminger, Arie. Sefer Kra’ko ir va-em be Yisrael (Krakow Cracaw Cracow Krakau Kroke). Mosad Ha Rav Kook, 1959. 429 pp. In Hebrew Memorial book. Good. Hardcover .  (276664)     $38.00

6.            Bickel, Shlomo (editor). Pinkas Kolomey פנקס קאלאמיי : געשיכטע, זכרונות, געשטאלטן, חורבן Pinkes Kolomey : geshikhte, zikhroynes, geshtaltn, ḥurbn. Kolomeyer Memorial Book, 1957. 442 pp. Memorial Book In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .  (276708)  $65.00

7.            Blumental, Nachman (editor). Miechov Memorial Book: Charshnitza and Kshoynge. Tel Aviv: Irgun Yotzey Miechov, 1971. 8vo 314 pp.In Yiddish. good. Cloth.
In Hebrew and Yiddish and a few pages of English. Memorial Book of residents who died in the Shoah.  (276672)                $50.00

8.            Blumenthal, N. Aleksandrow, Lodzki Aleksander. Tel Aviv: Association of Former Residents of Aleksandrow in Israel, 1968. 396 pp. Memorial Book In Hebrew and Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .  (276706)      $68.00

9.            Dabrowska, Danuta & Wein, Abraham (eds.). Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities – Poland Vol.1 The Communities of Lodz and its Region. Yad Vashem, 1976. 284 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (281092)     $36.00

10.          Davidzon, M M. ישינוב היהודית, עיר ואם בשבשתא : עובדות ותאריכים לדברי ימיה של העיר קישינוב בביסרביה : אגב בקורת על הספר ״יהודי קישינוב״ ליצחק קורן / Ḳishinov ha-Yehudit, ʻir ṿe-em be-Shabeshta : ʻuvdot ve-taʼarikhim li-divre yemeha shel ha-ʻir Ḳishinov bi-Besarabyah : agav bikoret ʻal ha-sefer “Yehude Ḳishinov” le-Yitshak Ḳorn. Hotsaʼat “Dapim-le-zikaron, 1951. 131 pp.In Hebrew. Good. Hardcover .  (276738)     $45.00

11.          Einhorn, Moses, editor. Wolkovisker Yizkor Book: Volume 1 and Volume 2  Volkovisker yizker-bukh. NY: Self, 1949. In Yiddish 990 pp. in two volumes. good. Hardcover .
Memorial book for the Jewish community in Wołkowysk, Białystok, Poland; previously Volkovysk, Grodno, Russia; now Volkovysk, Belarus. Text in Yiddish with an English summary.  (276701)    $68.00

12.          Eliach, Yaffa. There Was Once a World: A 900 Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok. Boston: Little Brown, 1999. 832 pp. Large 8vo.  Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
A beautifully printed Memorial Book of a Jewish community from the Middle Ages to its destruction during WW2 with ample documents, stories and photographs.  (276736)    $30.00

13.          Eliav Binyamin. יהדות לטביה : ספרזכרון / Yahadut Latviyah : sefer-zikaron. Tel Aviv: Igad Yotzei Latvia We’Estonia, 1962. 457 pp.foxing to top fore edge, hinges started, slight library mark. Good +. Hardcover .  (276699)                $58.00

14.          Fishman, Rav Y L HaCohen. Arim Veimahot beYisrael Part One and  Part Twoand Part Three; Mazavit Kodesh LeHehillot Yisrael SheNerharbu BeYedei Arezim VeTamaim BeMilhamot HaOlam HaAhraront. Mossad HaRav Kook, 1952. In Hebrew Covers and spines worn;372 + 354 pp.Part One Austria Eisenstadt Berlin Vilna Vienna Lvov Monkatsch Part Two Altona, Odessa. Budapest, Homel, Nemerov, Cracow by various authors Part  Three -David Flinker Warsaw 303 pp . Good-. Hardcover .
Histories of towns and their destruction during the Second World War Was published in five parts  (276709)                $65.00

15.          Former Residents of Mlawa. Pinkes Mlave (Memorial Book of Mlava). NY: Former Residents, 1950. In Yiddish. 8vo 483+63 pp. back hinge starting small puncture mark to cover and a few pages. Good. Hardcover .  (276662)                $50.00

16.          Gedenkbuch. Opfer der Verfolgung der Juden unter der nationalsozialistischen Gewaltherrschaft in Deutschland 1933-1945 zwei bande. Arolsen Koblenz: Bundesarchiv, Koblenz, und dem Internationalen Suchdienst,, 1986. Folios, blue cloth with gold lettering, xvi, 950 + viii, 951-1823 pp., names of relatives of former owner written in pen on end papers and noted with pen mark on the page. Very Good. Hardcover .
Memorial book listing the names of  German Jews who died in the Holocaust listing the place that they were deported from and the place where they died if known. Band 1: Geleitwort. Vorwort. Opfer der Verfolgung (A-L). Band 2: Opfer der Verfolgung (M-Z). Verschollene, deren Todesart und Todesdatum unbekannt sind. Nachwort. 1. Anhang: Orte mit judischen Einwohneren im Gebiet der heutigen Bundesrepublik Deutschland, gegliedert nach den Landern und preußischen Provinzen in den Grenzen von 1939. 2. Anhang: Ubersicht über die Deportationsziele. 3. Anhang: Verzeichnis veroffentlichen Listen judischer Burger einzelner Gemeinden und Gebiete und anderer Publikationen ber Verfolgungsmaßnahmen in einzelnen Orten. Erlauterungen. Abkuzungen bei Ortsnamen.  (276726)           $126.00

17.          Gelber, N M. Entsiklopedyah shel galuyot Kerakh Revi’i Lvov (Helek A)/ Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: A Memorial Library of Countries and Communities Poland Series Lwow Volume, Part I. Hotsaat Hevrat Entsiklopedyah shel galuyot, 1956. 772 columns two to the page, b/w photos In Hebrew (Lemberg) Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276720)               $62.00

18.          Gruenbaum Itzhak. Entsiklopediah shel Galuyot (Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora. A Memorial Library of Countries and Communities.) Poland series. Vol. 1  Warsaw. Jerusalem: Encyclopeida, 1951. 814 pp.half pages In Hebrew volume one only. Good. Hardcover .  (276669)    $35.00

19.          Grussgott, Abraham (compiler). Be-ovdan moladeti : yad va-shem li-kehilah kedoshah Bardeyov, Tsekhoslovakyah : mi-yom hivasdah ve-ad hurbanah; Bardejov remembered : a memorial to the Jewish community of Bardejov, Czechoslovakia, 1734-1945. Brooklyn: 1099. 189 pp. English Hebrew and Yiddish with images and lists of names Memorial Book. Very Good. Hardcover .  (276851)               $75.00

20.          Gshuri, Bruckner or Gashbury, Bruckner. Sefer Sosnowiec v’hasviva b’Zaglembie  Book of Sosnowiec and the surrounding region in Zaglembie [volume 1 and 2). Sosnowiec Societies in Israel, 1973. 743 + 436 pp.small book plate on title page In Hebrew and Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .  (276696)     $85.00

21.          Gshuri, Bruckner or Gashbury, Bruckner. Sefer Sosnowiec v’hasviva b’Zaglembie  Book of Sosnowiec and the surrounding region in Zaglembie volume 1. Sosnowiec Societies in Israel, 1973. 743 +pp.small book plate on title page, In Hebrew, memorial book volume one only. Very Good. Hardcover .  (276697)    $25.00

22.          Heller, B (editor). Sefer Lukow Sefer Lukov. Lukower societies in Israel And USA, 1968. 655 pp. Memorial Book to the Community,, hinge started covers and spine worn, fore edge foxed, In Yiddish and Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover .  (276710)               $68.00

23.          Hershberg, A S. Pinkes Byalistok: grunt-materyaln tsu der geshiktate fun di Yidn in Byalistok biz nakh der Ershter Velt-Milhome Band Pinkos Bialystok (The Chronicle of Bialystok) Basic Material for the History of the Jews in Bialystok till the Period after the First World War. Two Volumes. Bialystok Jewish Historical Association , 1949-1950. 480 +380 pp. Good. Hardcover .
History  (276682)              $120.00

24.          Kanc, Shimon (editor). Volomin A Memorial Book to the Jewish Community of Volomin (Poland). Tel Aviv: 1971. 600 pp, in Yiddish hinge started. Good. Hardcover .  (276673)       $65.00

25.          Kasdin, Chaim (editor). Lerer-Jiskor-Bukh; di umgekumene lerer fun Zisho shulin in Poylin – Teacher Memorial Book. Marstin Press, 1952-1954. 565 pp. In Yiddish, includes photos of the classes and groups of teachers. long inscription not by author, slight library stamp and tape removed from spine. Very Good. Cloth.
Teachers of the ZISHO, Central Yiddish Schools Organization in Poland. Biographies of Jewish teachers murdered in the Shoah.  (276659)               $30.00

26.          Khamet, Avraham (Chomet Abraham). Tarnov- Tarne Sefer Zikaron Zweiter Bukh. Tel Aviv: Association of Former Residents of Tarnow, 1968. 435 pp.In Yiddish and Hebrew Volume Two hinges repaired covers worn .Memorial Book. good. Hardcover .  (266324)       $45.00

27.          Kraus, Yosef (?) (editor). Katowice Kattowitz Sefer Zikaron. Hanasehat Yehudut Kattowitz, 1996. 404 pp. Memorial Book in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (276674)       $75.00

28.          Kreb, Yosef  (Kriev Yosef). Sefer Yizkhor Kehillat Sarny. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1961. 507 pp.In Hebrew . Very Good. cloth.
Memorial book to community destroyed in the Shoah  (276717)  $30.00

29.          Kremer Paul (editor) (Reprint). דער לאנדסמאן : ארויסגעגעבן צו דעם פערציג יאהריגען יובילעאום פון ווישקאווער אונטערשטיצונג פאראײן (געגרינדט 1896) / Der landsman : aroysgegebn tsu dem fertsig yohrigen yubileum fun Ṿishḳoṿer unṭershṭitsung fareyn (gegrindeṭ 1896). Wishkover Benevolent Society., originally 1936. 174 pp. xerox copy some slightly creased pages. Very Good-. Spiral Bound.
“This journal has been printed on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Wishkover Benevolent Association, to be presented gratis to each member for devoted efforts in securing and furnishing funds for the indigent of the town of their birth, Wishkove in Poland.”  (276860)            $45.00

30.          Levin, Judah. Sederet Kehillot Yisrael Ostrov Mazovitzk. Yad Yehudot Polin, 1966. 164 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .
From the series “Scrolls of Poland” Megillat Polin  (276703)           $55.00

31.          Levine, Yehudah Leb. Osterah Sidrot Kehillot Yisrael. Jerusalem: Yad Yehudot Polin , 1970s?. 112 pp.In Hebrew, memorial book to destroyed community. Good +. Hardcover .
Part of Megillat Polin series  (276707)      $45.00

32.          Memorial Library of Jewish Communities. Sokolka. Encyclopedia of the Diaspora, 1968. 765 pp. Memorial book in Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .
Small town not far from Bialystok and Grodno  (276728) $65.00

33.          Michman, Jozeph. Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities The Netherlands. Yad Vashem, 1985. 557 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276680)        $36.00

34.          Nehama, Jos. In Memoriam: Hommage aux Victimes Juives des Nazis en Grece. Communaute Israelite de Thessalonique: Communaute Israelite de Thessalonique, 1972. second edition. 468 pp. slight library mark on fep and number taped to spine, lacks map. Good +. Hardcover .  (264577)               $36.00

35.          Perlow, Itzjok. Seyfer Radom. Irgun yotsʼe Radom be-Yiśraʼel, 1961. 451 pp. In Hebrew and Yiddish, hinge started. slight library marks. Good-. Hardcover .
Radom (Województwo Mazowieckie)  (276722)  $65.00

36.          Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities  Hungary. Yad Vashem, 1976. 557 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Part of the series Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities from their Foundations till after the Holocaust  (276688)                $53.00

37.          Presser, Dr Jacques. Ondergang, de vervolging en verdeling van het Nederlandse Jodendom 1940-1945 (2 volumes). Nijhoff, 1965. fourth printing. 526+ 568 pp. number taped to dj and slight library mark on fep In Dutch. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276741)             $45.00

38.          Rabin, Dov (editor). Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: A Memorial Books of Countries and Communities Volume IX Grodno. Jerusalem: Encyclopedia of Diaspora, 1958. In Hebrew 743 pp. double column text, Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Vol 9 of the Encyclopedia  (276675)          $65.00

39.          Reisen, Abraham. Koydenov: zamlbukh tsum ondenk fun di Koydenover kdoyshim … ; Heymishe geshṭaltn : dertseylungen.(Koidanover); קוידענאוו : זאמלבוך צום אנדענק פון די קוידענאווער קדושים. United Koidanover Assn, 1955. 207 pp. In Yiddish . Memorial Book book plate library stamps paste down crown slight tear. Good +. Hardcover .  (276678)                $45.00

40.          Rivlin, Bracha. Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities from their Foundations till after the Holocaust Greece. Yad Vashem, 1998. 534 p. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276677)                $56.00

41.          Rosman Shelomo. Sefer Shefar Harei Kedem Golot Carpatrom Marmarosh Betiferet Uvehurbana (Carpathain Mountains- Marmarosh) Helek Rishon. Zichron Kedoshim, 1991. about 500 pp. In Yiddish with photos, Memorial Book. Very Good. Hardcover .  (276700)              $55.00

42.          Saloniki ir ve’em be Yisrael שלוניקי, עיר ואם בישראל Salonique Ville Mere en Israel. Makhon le-ḥeker Yahadut Saloniki Centre de recherches sur le judaisme de Salonique, 1967. 358, xviii pages : illustrations,In Hebrew with French introduction 1 folded map ;ex library with book plate and stamp on foreedge, tears lower back hinge. Good. Hardcover .
Important work concerning the Jewish community of Salonika destroyed by the Nazis. A memorial book  (276666)                $65.00

43.          Sefer Chishanuv Lezarkom shel Kedushei Ha Ir; Mordechai Buchner. Mordechai Buchner, 1989. 266 pp. In Hebrew last page creased. Very Good. Hardcover .  (276718)        $40.00

44.          Sefer yizkor le-kehilat Shedlets / Siedlce: Libro recordatorio. In memoriam de los judios massacrados en nuestra ciudad natal en su 14o aniversario. [Memorial book of the community of Siedlce]. Buenos Aires: Ha-Irgunim shel yotse Shedlits be-Yisrael uve-Argentinah, 1956. 813 pp. foxing to end papers, hinge starting, tear to crown of spine, stains to cover . Good. Hardcover .  (276725)           $45.00

45.          Seifer Stryj. Irgun Yotzej Stryj in Israel, 1962. 68 + 262 pp. In English and Hebrew  , new boards and endpapers, slight damp stains to beginning of Hebrew text not affecting text . Very Good. Boards.
Memorial book  (276727)              $56.00

46.          Shamri, Aryeh & First, Dov (editors). Pinkas Novy-Dvor. Tel Aviv: Organization of Former Novy-Dvor Jews in Israel The United States Canada Argentina Uruguay and France, 1965. 556 pp. In Yiddish, tear to base of spine, age stains to fore edges. Good. Hardcover .  (276665)               $75.00

47.          Shmulewitz, I (editor) Bialystok. The Bialystoker Memorial Book: Der Bialystoker Yizkor Bukh. Bialystoker Center, 1982. 205+396 pp. In English and Yiddish, tears to dj, taped dj at base of spine. Good +. Hardcover .  (270466)                $36.00

48.          Sielemann Jurgen Staatsarchiv Hamburg. Hamburger judische Opfer des Nationalsozialismus Gedenkbuch. Hamburg: Christians Druckerei, 1995. 450 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
List of the names of the Jews of Hamburg who were murdered by the Nazis, with date of birth.  (276681)                $18.00

49.          Slutzki, Yehudah. Bobruisk Memorial Book Volume One. Tarbut VeHinuch, 1967. 494 pp. In Yiddish . Good. Hardcover .  (276695)     $25.00

50.          Steinman, Elieser (editor). Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: A Memorial Library of Countries and Communities Poland Series Brest Lit Volume. Jerusalem: Encyclopedia of Diaspora, 1958. In Hebrew 710 pp. double column text, hinge starting. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Vol 2 of the Encyclopedia  (276719)          $36.00

51.          Sztokfisz, David (editor). Sefer Vishkov/ Wyshkow Book. Tel Aviv: : Irgune yotse Vishkov be-Yisra’el uve-huts-la-arets, 1964. 353 pp. In Yiddish large 8vo. Very Good. Hardcover .
Memorial Book .Located in central Poland about 70 miles from Warsaw, near the Bug River.  (276723)      $115.00

52.          Talmi, Ephraim (editor). Kehilat Sherpts Kehilat Sherptz sefer zikaron. Tel Aviv: Ha Irgumim sel Yotse Sherpts be Yisrael, 1959. 603 ppIn Yiddish and Hebrew . stains to end papers, slight wear to covers and spine. Good. Hardcover .
Yizkor Book  (276660)     $50.00

53.          Walk, Joseph . Pinkas HaKehillot – Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities from their foundation till after the Holocaust -Germany Wurttemberg Hohenzollern Baden. Yad Vashem, 1986. 548 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276676)          $36.00

54.          Weingarten, Samuel. History of the Jews of Bratislava (Pressburg)  (Arim Veimahot beYisrael ); (Volume 7 of the Series Arim Veimahot beYisrael). Mossad Harav Kook, 1960. 186 pp. In Hebrew, Good +. Hardcover .  (276735)                $46.00

55.          Yidn in Ukraine/ Jews in the Ukraine In Two Volumes. Gezelshaft tzu Fareibikn der Ondenk fun Ukrainer Yidn, 1961 and 1967. 342 pp.+ 145 pp.In Yiddish. Very Good. Hardcover .
Not strictly a memorial book  (276690)    $65.00

56.          Zaidman, Chaim. The Duty of Memory Di Hob fun Zikron My Moldavian Shtetl Harlav. Israel: Yiddish Kultur, 1982. 399 pp. In Yiddish Memories of his destroyed community. Good +. Hardcover .  (276663)    $25.00

57.          Zebedovitz, Yosef Hayim. Kehillat Horodlah Sefer zikaron. Tel Aviv: Vaad Yosei Horodola BeYisrael, 1950s. 260 pp. In Hebrew . Good. Hardcover .
Memorial book  (276705)              $65.00

58.          (Zolkiew) Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora. Zolkiew (Kiryia Nizgava). Jerusalem: Encyclop of Jewish Diaspora, 1969. Large 8vo 845 pp. double columns. foxing first few pages, tears to back pastedown. Good. Hardback & DJ.
Memorial book. In Hebrew A Memorial Library of Jewish Communities.  (276667)               $54.00

59.          ספר לוצק. Sefer Lutsḳ.̣.Sefer Lutzk. Irgun yotsʼe Lutsḳ be-Yiśraʼel, 1961. 608 pp, memorial Book In Yiddish, front cover bit shaken. back hinge needs tightening. Good. Hardcover .  (276713)           $68.00

Sharit Ha-Platah Survivor Book Reprint – February 2021

Published by the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in Bavaria. (edited by Abraham Klausner), Munich, June-August 1945.

This book presents lists of Jewish survivors of concentration camps in the American and English zones of Germany and Austria, as a necessary and valued resource.

Click here to view a PDF of the book, made possible by the Special Collections department of the University of Massachusetts’ W.E.B. Du Bois Library.
(On Windows, use CTRL + F to search the document. On Mac, use CMD + F).

In his book “Rekindling the Flame: American Jewish Chaplains and the Survivors of European Jewry 1944-1948” Alex Grobman writes the following:

Klausner realized how urgently survivors needed to be reunited with relatives and he conceived a plan to help facilitate such reunions. His idea was to compile and publish volumes containing systematic exhaustive lists of survivors  and distribute these volumes throughout the world.


The book contains five volumes with different forwards, bound as one.

Names of survivors are listed under the camp (with varying spellings) where they are housed; next by country or town, year of birth or age, as the information is available. Very approximately, there are 65-85 names per page. Each volume is paginated separately and all introductory pages use roman numerals.

Please note that the camp list on each ‘contents’ page is not all-inclusive, whereas our listing below is meticulously detailed. This makes cross-referencing with oral histories and other documentation possible.

Contents per volume follows.

Bavaria, Volume I. 1945:
  • Dedicated to Chaplain Michael Braude, Lt.Irving Smith, Miss Edel Otto “They toiled in the hope that the liberated will soon be free”
  • Forward by Chaplain Abraham Klausner, Dachau, June 26, 1945 and “Regarding Your Status” info page in English and German
  • Camps listed: Dachau, Munchen-Freiman (Flakkaserne), Landsberg, Shleisheim, Penzing, St.Ottilien (Lazareff), Neustift, Feldafing, Munchen-Pasing, Buchberg, Mittenwald, Garmish. 71 pp. Slight indentation and puncture to last 14 pages at top, but not affecting text.
Bavaria, Buchenwald and Others, Volume II. 1945:
  • Dedicated to Lieutenants Arthur Friedland and Grant Stuart. “They forge opportunities for life for those who only yesterday walked with death.”
  • Forward by A. Klausner, Dachau, July 1945 and “Regarding Your Status” information page in English and German
  • Camps: Turkheim, Muhldorf, Allendorf, Dilich, Harle, Sondheim, Mardoff, Frieiendorf, Verna, Homberg, Kamer, Hasag-Altenborg, Ecksberg, Feldafing, Ampfing,   Buchenwald, Weilheim, Lebenau, Hillersleben, Altotting, Benzheim, Garetsreide, Eggenfelden, Nordhausen; 53 pp. Unpaginated.
Volume III. 1945: 
  • Dedicated to the Palestinian Brigade “They sought their brethren and found them. They brought with them a promise for a new day. They set for themselves the task of bringing to pass the promise they had made.”
  • Forward by A. Klausner, Dachau, Aug.1, 1945 and a letter from Dr. SU.Nahon of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, dated June 28, 1945 in English and German
  • Camps: Bergen Belsen, Salzwedel, Lebenau bei Laufen (Oberbayern), Ebensee, Gardelegen, Rentzmuller, Oberfohring, Volary, Theresienstadt;  95 pp.
Volume IV. 1945: 
  • Dedicated to Dr. Zalman Grinberg “And the Lord chose him from among his sorrowing children and said unto him,’Forget thy sorrow and burden thyself with the afflictions of my children.  Wipe the tears from off their cheeks, heal their wounds and kindle their hearts with hope.’ And it was so.”
  • Note by A. Klausner and a 5-page “Address by Dr. Zalman Grinberg on the Occasion of a Liberation Celebration” only in English; no dates 
  • Camps: Linz, Buchenwald (kinder), Von verschiedenen Lagern auf dem Weg nach Italien uber Salzburg, Lager umbekennt, Braunschweig, Mannheim, Tschechoslowakische Juden die im Lager von Oswiecim gefunden wurden, Mauthausen, Innsbruck, Celle, Fohrenwald, Neunburg, Frauen aus Litauen welche sich in Stockholm befinden. Litauische Juden die sich auf dem Wege nach Palstina befinden, Fruaen aus Polen welche sich in Stockholm befinden, Zentrale fur Europaische Juden nunmehr in England, Inquirers in Australia, Regensburg;  57 pp. 
Camp Feldafing and Others, Volume V. 1945:
  • Dedicated to Col. Paul A.Roy “To the oppressed he personified a great American tradition.”
  • A report by A. Klausner, St.Ottilien, Aug. 4, 1945 “Bavaria—Three Months After the Liberation,”  in English and German
  • Camps: Feldafing, Neustadt, Kinder welche sich in Paris befinden, Allach, Dachau, Frankfurt a.Main., Frauen aus Stutthof, Friedrichsort bei Kiel, Auschwitz-Neustadt, Schwandorf,  Liste der Frauen die Anfang Juni nach der Befreiung in Lauenberg gewesen sind, Liste der Frauen welche auf dem Wege vom Arbeitslager Hecht nach dem Arbeitslager Pronst weggelaufen sind,  Liste der Frauen die auf dem Marschzwischen Hecht und Pronst in Stargard verblieben sind. Gesamtzahl c. 20 Frauen, Homberg, Kempfen, Bad Aibling und Umgebung, Munchen, Oberfohring, Landsberg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen; 68 pp. 

Prof. Avinoam Patt discusses the work of Rabbi Klausner in an interview with the Museum of Jewish Heritage

Click here to view a PDF of the book, made possible by the Special Collections department of the University of Massachusetts’ W.E.B. Du Bois Library.
(On Windows, use CTRL + F to search the document. On Mac, use CMD + F).

Copies can be purchased from Schoen Books, 7 Sugarloaf Street, South Deerfield, MA 01373, USA. Payment* should be made via PayPal or check. Please first contact: 

*$54 +$11 s/h = $65 total within the USA
$54 + $38 s/h = $92 total for Europe and Israel

Reprints – February 2021

1.            Kosowski, B. (Reprint). Bibliographie der judischen Ausgaben in der Britischen Zone Deutschlands 1945-1950 ביבליאגראפיע פון די יידישע אויסגאבעס אין דער בריטישער זאנע פון דייטשלאנד, 1945־1950 /. Bergen Belsen: : Kulturamt des Zentralkomitee der Befreiten Juden in der Britischen Zone,, 1950/2020. 46 pp facsimile of the publications  evidence of book plate removal, pen scribble to cover This is a reprint . Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Important scarce publication of publications in Yiddish in the Displaced Persons Camps  (281695))               $28.00

2. Abraham, Max. (Reprint). Juda verrecke Ein Rabbiner im Konzentrationslager. Druck und Verlagsanstalt/Schoen Reprint, 1934/ 2013. 38 pp.slight library marks, Schoen Reprint. Very Good. perfect bound.
Rabbi and fighter against anti-Semitism Max Abraham was attacked in June 1933 in the small town of Rathenow an SA man. Because he put up a fight, he was taken to the concentration camp at Oranienburg, Papenburg and Lichtenburg. In 1934, he managed to escape with his wife to Czechoslovakia. He published an account of his experiences in the concentration camp. In 1939, he fled again from the Nazis to England, where he lived until his death in 1977.(Oranienburg web site) (277729) $25.00

3. (Aden) Chajes, H.P. (Reprint). Judische und Judisch-Indische Grabinschriften aus Aden; mit einer Besprechung der indischen Texte von J. Kirste. Wien: Gerold’s Sohn?Schoen Books, 1903. Schoen Books Reprint (2006). Sitzungsberichte Kais. Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien. Philosophisch-historische Klasse. Band CXLVII. Mit 1 Tafel und 8 Abbildungen im Texte. New. Perfect-bound . (277732) $20.00

4. Amalgamated Relief Committee. (Reprint). Poland Fights On: The Polish and Jewish Underground Movement in Nazi Occupied Poland. NYC: Relief Comm for Labor/Schoen Books, 1942/2013. Reprint (Schoen Books). 12mo 58 pp.9 essay The People Resist Nazi Program of Oppression, The Underground Anti Nazi Movement in Poland, Unity of Struggle and Aim of Jews and Poles in Underground Movement by Samuel Zygielbojm , Henry Ehrlich and Victor Alter Their Freedom Wanted! (from Soviet Imprisonment) Perfect-bound. (277725) $18.00

5. American Joint Distribution Committee European Executive Offices. (Reprint). World Refugee Organizations A Guide to Relief and Reconstruction Activities for Refugees from Germany. Paris: American Joint Distribution /Schoen Reprint, July 1937/ 2013. 122 pp. Amazing document with offices throughout the world especially Europe to receive the refugees, with addresses and names of officials, activities, charts of the Emigration of German Jews . Very Good. Perfect-bound. (276957) $20.00

6. Bloom, Sol – Chairman: Committee on Foreign Affairs. (Reprint). Rescue of the Jewish and Other Peoples in Nazi-Occupied Territory [Confidential Print]; Extract from Hearings before the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives. Seventy-Eighth Congress: First Session on H. Res. 350 and H. Res. 352 Resolutions Providing for the Establishment by the Executive of a Commission to Effectuate the Rescue of the Jewish People of Europe. November 26, 1943. Washington DC: USGPO, November 26, 1943. Schoen Books Reprint. Important document establishing means to rescue Jews. 72 pp. reprint. New. Perfect-bound . (277742) $10.00

7. Katz, Albert. (Reprint). Die Juden in China. Berlin: Katz/Schoen Books, 1900/2005. Schoen Books Reprint (2005). 31pp. New. Perfect-bound . (277733) $17.00

8. Cohen, Boaz. (Reprint). Une legende juive de Mahomet. Elias/Schoen Books, 1929/2005. reprint. 18 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper. (277721) $15.00

9. Consistoire central des Israelites de France et d’Algerie (Schwartz I preface). (Reprint). Memorial…: en souvenir de nos rabbins et ministres officiants, victimes de la barbarie nazie Reprint). Paris: Jacobs/Schoen Books, 1947/2013. 52 pp. with pictures , short biographies and their deaths (this is a reprint of the original) Very Good. Wrapper.
Preface by Grand Rabbin Isaie Schwartz and Introduction by Leon Meiss, President of the Consistoire Central of the Jews of France. (277734) $18.00

10. Endewelt, H und Weissblatt, S. (Reprint). Das erste judische Schachlehrbuch. Warschau: Lewin Epstein, 1917. Schoen Books Reprint (2007). Seems to be the earliest (Mendele Vol. 3.200) Yiddish chess book. Includes instructions, various openings, sample games, and problems (with solutions). New. Perfect-bound .
In Yiddish (277727) $25.00

11.     Hartglas, A. (Intro). (Reprint). The Tragedy of Polish Jewry. Jerusalem: Joint Committee to Aid Jews of Poland/Schoen Reprint, 1940/2005. Details the murder of the Jewish population by the Nazis. 84 pp includes testimony. New. Perfect-bound .Reproduced with original library markings to title page.  (279637)     $18.00

12. Simon A I. (Reprint). The Songs of the Jews of Cochin and their Historical Signifigance (reprint); A standing monument to Indian Tolerance. Cochin: Pangal Press, 1947/2014. reprint. 48 pp. This is a reprint of the original. Very Good. Wrapper.
Paper read at the meeting of the members of the Cochin Branch of the Archaeological Society of South India (277731) $18.00

13. Jewish Frontier Association. (Reprint). The Massacre of a People; What the Democracies Can Do. NY: Jewish Frontier/Schoen Boos, 1943/2005. deals with the murder of Jews in Europe and what needs to be done to save them. Country by country report. 98 pp. covers worn small number on cover. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (277749) $23.00

14. Kohler, Max. (Reprint). The United States and German Jewish Persecutions; Precedents for Popular and Governmental Action. NY: Jewish Academy of Arts and Science, 1933. Schoen Books Reprint (2005). Reproduced with original library markings to title page. 77pp. New. Perfect-bound .
Table of contents : Precedents for Popular Protests; American Governmental Intercession on Behalf of the Jews; The Bernheim Upper Silesian Petition before the Council of the League of Nations (277747) $25.00

14. Ontario Refugee Shelter. (Reprint). Investigation of problems presented by refugees at Fort Ontario Refugee Shelter : hearings before Subcommittee VI of the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, House of Representatives, Seventy-ninth Congress, first session, pursuant to H. Res. 52, resolution authorizing study of immigration and naturalization laws, June 25 and 26, 1945. USGPO/Schoen Books, 1946/2013. Reprint. 183 pp. this is a reprint. Very Good. Perfect Bound.
Includes testimony by the refugees of what they experienced in Nazi Germany (277741) $18.00

15. Organization of Jewish Refugees. (Reprint). We Jewish Refugees in Italy…. The results of an inquiry February 1946. Organization of Jewish Refugees in Italy, 1946’2015. Reprint. 103 pp. Includes questionnaire in English and interviews with survivors and their past and plans, with three tables, the Yiddish pull out questionnaire was not able to be copied. Very Good. Perfect-bound. (277723) $20.00

16. Solowiejczyk, Josef; Soloveitchik, Joseph. (Reprint). Das reine Denken und die Seinskonstituierung bei Hermann Cohen; Inaugural Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwurde. Berlin: 1932/2006. Schoen Books Reprint. 107 pp.At the time an unknown young scholar from Pruzana, Poland. Rabbi Joseph Ber Soloveitchik settled in Boston in the 1930s and became Rosh haYeshiva at Yeshiva University. Prufung: 24 Juli 1930. Promotion: 10 Dezember 1932. Referat: Dr Heinrich Maier. Geheimrat: Dr Max Dessoir. Friderich Wilhelms Universitat. New. Perfect-bound .
This is a reprint and not the original. (277722) $25.00

17. World Alliance for Combating Anti-Semitism (Salomon S M ). (Reprint). J’Accuse! London: WACAS/Schoen Books, 1933/2012. reprint. 55 pp. filled with data of murders and concentration camps and pictures of Nazi brutality and camps This is a reprint. Very Good. Wrapper.
Sentence of death has been passed on the Jews of Germany-over half a million men,women and children-by Hitler and his henchmen. The entire Jewish population of Germany is face to face with starvation…and the world is yet fully awakened to the recognition of the tragedy….The Nazi policy of hypocrisy and bigotry must be exposed….It is a struggle from which no man with a heart to feel or a mind to think dare withdraw.” (277720) $17.00

Aharon Appelfeld – January 2021

1.            Appelfeld, Aharon. Unto the Soul. NY: Random House, 1994. 12mo 211 pp. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Novel about survival in a hostile world–turn of the century Eastern Europe–by an esteemed Israeli writer-survivor.  (276005)               $15.00

2.            Appelfeld, Aharon (inscribed by). Tzili; The Story of a Life. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1983. 185 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276001)          $45.00

3.            Appelfeld, Aharon (inscribed by). Adne han-nahar. Jerusalem: Hakibbutz Hameuchad , 1971. 186 pp. In Hebrew . Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276585) $85.00

4.            Appelfeld, Aharon. The Age of Wonders. Boston: Godine, 1981. Jewish family in Austria pre-Holocaust 12mo 270 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276002)   $18.00

5.            Appelfeld, Aharon. All Whom I Have Loved; A Novel. New York: Schocken Books, 2007. 246 pp. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276000)          $15.00

6.            Appelfeld, Aharon. Badenheim 1939. Godine, 1980. 150 pp. Name in pen on FEP, dj worn and creased, slight tears to crown and base of dj. Translated by Dalya Bilu. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276011)     $25.00

7.            Appelfeld, Aharon. Badenheim 1939. Syracuse University Press, 2001. The B.G. Rudolph Lectures in Judaic Studies. New Series, Lecture 3. Very Good. Pamphlet .  (276015) $20.00

8.            Appelfeld, Aharon. Beyond Despair; Three Lectures and a Conversation With Philip Roth. New York: Fromm, 1994. 80 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276007)         $15.00

9.            Appelfeld, Aharon. Blooms of Darkness; A Novel. New York: Schocken Books, 2010. Translated from Hebrew by Jeffrey M. Green. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276022)         $20.00

10.          Appelfeld, Aharon. The Conversion. New York: Schocken Books, 1998. 228 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276013)               $15.00

11.          Appelfeld, Aharon. The Conversion. New York: Schocken Books, 1998. 240 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (276024)               $15.00

12.          Appelfeld, Aharon. For Every Sin. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989. 12mo 168 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
The story of a young Holocaust survivor’s struggle to come to terms with his recent experience.  (276004)                $15.00

13.          Appelfeld, Aharon. The Healer; A Novel. New York: Grove Weidenfeld, 1990. 220 pp. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276003)                $15.00

14.          Appelfeld, Aharon. The Healer; A Novel. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1990. 220 pp. Slight age discoloration to edges of pages. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276017)               $15.00

15.          Appelfeld, Aharon. The Immortal Bartfuss. New York: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1988. 137 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276012)          $15.00

16.          Appelfeld, Aharon. The Iron Tracks; A Novel. New York: Schocken Books, 1998. 195 pp. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276018)          $15.00

17.          Appelfeld, Aharon. The Iron Tracks; A Novel. New York: Schocken Books, 1998. 195 pp. Very Good +. Paperback.  (276025)      $10.00

18.          Appelfeld, Aharon. Katerina; A Novel. Random House, 1992. 212 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276010)               $15.00

19.          Appelfeld, Aharon. The Retreat: A Novel. NY: Dutton, 1984. 165 pp. Mountain retreat where Jews learn to assimilate and act like Gentiles, commentary on assimilation. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.  (276014)            $15.00

20.          Appelfeld, Aharon. The Story of a Life. New York: Schocken Books, 2004. 198 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276006)               $15.00

21.          Appelfeld, Aharon. To The Land of The Cattails; A Novel. New York: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1986. 149 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276019)             $17.00

22.          Appelfeld, Aharon. Until the Dawn’s Light; A Novel. New York: Schocken Books, 2011. 231 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276023)          $15.00

23.          Budick, Emily Miller. Aharon Appelfeld’s Fiction; Acknowledging the Holocaust. Indiana University Press, 2005. 190 pp. Very Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276009)               $18.00

24.          Cohen, Joseph. Voices of Israel: Essays on and Interviews with Amichai, Carmi, Appelfeld, Oz, Yehoshua. Albany: SUNY, 1995. 8vo 231 pp. Very Good +. Paperback.  (276021)         $20.00

25.          Schwartz, Yigal. Aharon Appelfeld: From individual lament to tribal eternity. Brandeis, 2001. 194 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (275999)      $10.00

26.          Schwartz, Yigal. Aharon Appelfeld: From individual lament to tribal eternity. Brandeis, 2001. 194 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (276008)        $15.00

27.          Shaked, Gershon (editor). Six Israeli Novellas: Almog, Appelfeld, Grossman, Hendel, Shabtai, and Tammuz. Boston: Godine, 1999. 338 pp. Collection of novellas. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (276016)         $15.00

“Ahavah Rabah” – Judaica – January 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Enclosed please find a Judaica list ushering in the New Year.

May it be a year of endings and beginnings; an ending to the plague. May this year see the restoration of health and well-being to our planet and may it bring reconciliations, so that we may have much to celebrate together.

Am reading Sasha Abramsky’s homage to his grandfather, The House of Twenty Thousand Books, and wish to share a few passages that ring very true to these times.

Over the decades Chimen had become so addicted to the printed page, to the texture of his books, to the feel of the old manuscripts, and to the material contained within his written correspondences, that he ended up surrounding himself with walls of words. They provided protection from the madness of the world outside-or, at the very least a road map for navigating the chaos.

And Abramsky further writes:

From my early childhood days, Chimen taught me how to interpret the world around me, how to use ideas carefully, to create patterns out of chaos He made me realize that we are in a large part  defined by our pasts-both our individual pasts and our collective histories. We are the aggregate of generations of experiences lived by our ancestors but we are inevitably also the products of our times, influenced by wars and revolutions, by social upheavals, by economic turmoil, by scientific advances, and so on and o forth.

And a lovely image from Aryeh Wineman’s book Beyond Appearances: Stories from Kabbalistic Ethical Writings.

Once there was a Hassid  living in a small village. He had no books whatsoever except one tractate of the Talmud, Hagigah and all his days he studied that tractate with devotion. He lived a very long life, and at the end, prior to his death, that tractate assumed the form of a woman. Then, following his death, she walked before him, showing him the way to Paradise.

May our studies give us comfort…

Shalom uvbrachah

1.            Aaron, Moses. Eye of Paradise. Rose Bay NSW: Brandl & Schlesinger, 1998. Stories from Jewish perspective born in Calcutta emigrated to Australia, became a storyteller as a profession. Heavy influence of his observant grandmother. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number:  39074268  (280376)         $28.00

2.            Aber, Ita (guest curator). Tradition and Fantasy in Jewish Needlework. Yeshiva University Museum, 1981. 83 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 263741605  (279184)               $10.00

3.            Alexander Dov Seran. Toldot HaRovah. Sava Haganah, 1950. 147 pp. in Hebrew cove boards worn military work various guns shotguns . Good. Boards.  (279246)      $35.00

4.            Allweil, Arie. Amos; 34 HaTziurim. Tel Aviv: Gutenberg, 1940. Each graphic drawing signed by the artist in pencil. Includes Amos in Hebrew, bookplate removed. Good. Hardback & DJ.
Stark images in the style of Masereel and Herman Struck by important Israeli artist born in Galicia. Images of destruction. Very scarce do not see in worldcat  (279133)               $450.00

5.            Avida, Uri. חיות מן העולם העתיק/ Animals in Ancient Art. Israel Museum, 1986. 28 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 185061696 (279195)               $16.00

6.            Avos, d’Rebbi Nosson = אבות דרבי נתן / volumr II. Yeshivath Beth Moshe, , 2007. 102 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 237338846  (279243)      $18.00

7.            Baqir, Taha. Baghdad. Baghdad: Directorate General of Antiquities, 1959. 15 pages + 28 plates in black and white of sites. Good condition. Wrapper.
On the occasion of th 1st anniversary of the Revolution OCLC Number: 1170495839  (279212)    $28.00

8.            Baron Dvora ….Hanoch, I editor. The Thorny Path and other stories. Israel Universities Press, 1969. 273 worn and chipped, Baron came to Israel from Russia in 1911 and stories evoke small Jwish community life in Europe. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 664737564  (279881)      $36.00

9.            Ben Ur, Aviva. A Ladino legacy: the Judeo-Spanish collection of Louis N. Levy. Alexandr Books, 2001. 351 pp. inscribed by Ben Ur large pb. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 49234242  (279958)         $125.00

10.          Brauer Erich. Brauer Retrospective: Paintings Drawings Graphics. Goldregen Jewish Museum, 1979. 128 pp. color illustartions German Jewish ethnologist and graphic artist wh made aliyah in the 1930s,did work on Temenite Jews. Very Good.
Exhibit July 24 – August 27, 1979. OCLC Number: 77621456  (278809)         $25.00

11.          Bulkin, Elly. Yours In Struggle; Three Feminist Perspectives On Anti-Semitism and Racism. Long Haul, 1984. 233 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (279037)       $17.00

12.          The Bulletin of the Joint Distribution Committee of the American Funds for Jewish War Sufferers Vol II September 1917-August 1918. Joint Distribution, 1917-1918. 164 pp. Vol 2 No. 1-No. 10. In English and Yiddish, tears to crown and base of spine, number on spine, new hinge first few pages creased. Good. Hardcover .
Filled with articles and reports from the field, fund raising and activities in the States also, extensively in Yiddish ,some fascinating articles. OCLC Number: 236018858  (279287)      $76.00

13.          Carpenter, Niles. Immigrants and Their Children, 1920: A Study Based on Census Statistics Relative to the Foreign Born and the Native White of Foreign or Mixed Parentage. USGPO, 1927. 431 pp. title on cover faded Hebrews are listed in the study. Good +. Hardcover .
Census Monographs VII. OCLC Number: 708405500  (280342)      $45.00

14.          Chabon, Michael. Associacao Judaica de policia. Companhia das Letras, 2009. Yiddish policeman’s union.translated into Portuguese. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 613205008  (278810)      $20.00

15.          Cohen, Adam. Signs and Wonders: 100 Haggada Masterpieces. Toby, 2018. 380 pp. magnificent production exquisite. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (280204)               $23.00

16.          Cole, Peter . Hymns and Qualms Poems and Translations. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2017. 315 pp.Magnificent winged poems and classic translations by a master of words. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (280089)               $13.00

17.          Cuperstein, L. Min HaMoked Gorale Yehude Romania. Am Oved Dvir, 1950s. 108 pp.In Hebrew slight library stamp, on the Shoah, 12mo. Good. Paperback.  (278829)                $18.00

18.          Davidson, Charles. Yom Zeh M’Chubod” from Chassidic Sabbath: For Cantor (Tenor or Baritone), Mixed Voices (S.A.T.B.) and Organ. Mills/Ashbourne, 1961/1972. 1 score (7 pages) Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 2143789  (278924)           $20.00

19.          Davidson, Walter (inscribed by). Temple music for the holy days; a music supplement for the newly revised Union prayer book, volume II. Bloch, 1950s?. 32 pp. bottom corner furled, lyrics are transliterated. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Walter A. Davidson served as cantor of Temple Beth Emeth in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn for half a century.
Cantor Davidson was a founder of the Board of American Hazzan Ministers, the American Conference of Cantors and the School of Sacred Music at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.OCLC Number: 81987699  (278913)                $45.00

20.          Davidson, William; Cantor of Temple Beth Emeth Flatbush. Avodas Yisroel; musical service for the Sabbath evening, according to the Union prayer book, with selections for the newly revised edition. For cantor and mixed choir. Bloch, 1941. 2 preliminary leaves, 35 pages table of contents and text in romanized Hebrew. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 6079040  (278925)           $36.00

21.          Davis, Eli. Hats and Caps of the Jews. Massada, 1983. 60 pp. small library mark and pocket. Good +. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 612045679 (279185)               $18.00

22.          Dayan, Ruth (inscribed by). Crafts of Israel. Macmillan, 1974. 174 pp. 10 crafts people profiled inscribed to Jane Trigere by Ruth Dayan. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 802820  (279161)              $23.00

23.          Depositions de Temoins Oculaires; Klee, Hans (Ed.); Dr. Abraham Silberscheim (Introduction by). Theresienstadt Posen et Environs: L’Extermination des Juifs dans Les Camps Allemands. Geneve: na, 1945. 7 55 26 pp. tear to spine, some staining to pages typescript mimeograph . Good +. mimeograph.
In French . Published soon after the conclusion of WWII, this deposition is a gathering of some of the first testimonies of survivors of the extermination camps of Theresienstadt, Posen, and the nearby Radziwill Fortress and Antonienhof. Eyewitness accounts. OCLC Number: 1196890  (279221)           $136.00

24.          Dworkin, Andra (inscribed by). Our Blood Prophecies and Discourses on Sexual Politics. Harper and Row, 1976. 118 pp. dj torn. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 541652623  (279351)      $25.00

25.          Dworkin, Andrea. Right Wing Women. Perigee, 1983. 254 pp.Analysis of the impact on women of the Right’s position on abortion homosexuality anti Semitism female poverty…how the right attempts both to exploit and to quiet women’s deepest fears. Good +. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 682067405  (279360)      $48.00

26.          Edelman, Lily. The sukkah and the big wind. United Synagogue, 1956. illustrated by Leonard Kessler charming book representing the 1950s approach,about 25 pages. Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 609469883  (278874)      $20.00

27.          Egypt. Wizarat al-Harbīyah. Our faith, our way to victory. Israel Information Centre, 1973. 99 pp.In english and Arabic How Egypt explained the war to its soldiers. Very Good-. Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 10643592  (279368)         $36.00

28.          Engel, Joel. 50 Zemirot LeYeladim. Berlin: Juwal, 1923. 38 pp. 50 songs with music, music transliterated with Hebrew at bottom , rebound,lacks part of spine. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Music publisher founded, at least in part, by Joel Engel in Berlin in 1922. Based on the activities of the Jewish folk music society founded in Russia in 1908, the firm specialized in the publication of Jewish art music. Engel moved to Palestine in 1924 and founded the publishing firm Jibneh.Engel was instrumental in the development of Jewish folk music and appreciation. OCLC Number: 72475594  (279283)         $100.00

29.          The facts in the Rosenberg-Sobell case, 1950-1964. Sobell Committee, 1964?. 8 pp. + inserts . Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 41083175 The Atomic Spy case  (279232)               $20.00

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OCLC Number: 820532162  (279141)      $36.00

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OCLC Number: 44005731  (278941)         $45.00

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OCLC Number: 12794534  (279109)         $30.00

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Julius Mordecai Pincas (March 31, 1885 – June 5, 1930), known as Pascin, or the “Prince of Montparnasse”, was of Bulgarin Sephardic origin. Pascin was educated in Vienna and Munich. He traveled for a time in the United States, spending most of his time in the South. He is best known as a Parisian painter, who associated with the artistic circles of Montparnasse. He committed suicide at the height of his success in Paris. OCLC Number: 793114897  (279047)                $360.00

39.          Hille, Waldemar. The People’s Song Book. People’s Artists, 1956. Second Edition. 128 pp. in four parts Songs that Helped build America, World Freedom Songs Union Songs and Topical Political Songs covers creased and spine repaired,pieces of cover repaired,, many songs are familar from the civil rights era of the 1960s,contains Spanish Civil War songs, Pet Bog Soldiers, Hey! Zhankoye a Yiddish song from the Soviet Crimeamany songs arranged by Samuel Mallowsky . Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 1912625  (279761)           $36.00

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41.          Idel, Moshe. The Mystical Experience in Abraham Abulafia. Albany: SUNY, 1988. 246 pages. Very good. Hardcover .
Abulafia was the founder of ecstatic Kabbalah. Book includes description of techniques employed by the master. Based on manuscript materials  (278933)               $30.00

42.          Jaffe, Nine. The uninvited guest and other Jewish holiday tales. Scholastic, 2002. 70 pp. stories illustrated by Elivia dj slight tear and curled. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
A beautiful book for children and adults to share and savor, this collection of charming folk tales introduces readers to all the major Jewish holidays and to the customs surrounding each one. Full color (from worldcat) OCLC Number: 59422956  (279160)         $25.00

43.          (Jewish National Fund). Activities of the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (Jewish National Fund) in 5698. Jerusalem: Jewish National Fund, 1937. 18 pp specific .land purchases drainage settlements etc with funding ,Oct. 1935-Sept. 1936, covers curled and worn. Good. Wrapper.  (279787)               $48.00

44.          Jews in America. Fortune Corp/Random House, 1936?. 15 pp. condensed version. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
The book was written against the antisemitic claim that the Jews control the American economy. OCLC Number: 970900954  (279230)    $13.00

45.          Kinberg, Claire (editor). Bridges : a Jewish feminist journal. Volume 12, number 2, Special Edition Telling Stories Listening for a Change. Bridges, Autumn 2007. 128 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
This issue not in worldcat  (279364)          $36.00

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OCLC Number: 3857190  (279197)           $15.00

47.          League for Labor Palestine. Labor Palestine. NY: LLP, June 1933. Vol 1 No. 1, 24 pp covers worn, periodical includes article by David Ben Gurion on the Histadruth What can Palestine offer to the German Jews? by Chaim Arlosoroff ;Milestones 1. The First and Second Aliyahs B katznelson . Good. Stiff Wrapper.
do not see in worldcat  (279277)                $30.00

48.          Lewis, Joseph order against Francis Spaulding . Brief for the Greater New York Coordinating Committee on Released Time of Jews,Protestants and Roman Catholics. Supreme Court State of NY, 1948. 77 pp. slight library mark. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Directing them ro discontinue certain school practices OCLC Number:      646500276  (279028)      $25.00

49.          Linden, Sonja. Crocodile Seeking Refuge. London:             Aurora Metro Books , 2017. 99 pp. Good. Three-ring binder.
Playwright wrote I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady From Rwanda.and A Year in Ramallah Ths play tells the stories of five individuals seeking asylum in the UK: Zakariya from Darfur; Destin from the Republic of Congo; Jalal from Iraq; Parvaneh from Iran and Marie-Elena from Colombia. Each has been forced to flee their homeland in the face of death, each is haunted in a different way by the past. Finding themselves in situations that veer between the comic and the tragic, they try to make sense of the British way of life. OCLC Number:                 1151483885  (280281)    $32.00

50.          Livni, Zvi. Landscape and man in Israel : eight lithographs; Y. Orenstein : “Yavneh” Pub. House,. “Yavneh” Pub. House, , 1975. 1 portfolio ([5] pages,5 0f 8 unnumbered leaves of plates,lacks three plates. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 17062081  (278820)         $20.00

51.          Livni, Zvi. Landscapes. “Yavneh” Pub. House, , 1975. 1 portfolio,5 0f 8 unnumbered leaves of plates,lacks three plates introduction by Barbara Amiel. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 84568679  (278821)         $20.00

52.          Livni, Zvi. Landscapes in Israel : eight original lithographs. Y. Orenstein : “Yavneh” Pub. House, , 1963. 1 portfolio ([5] pages,6 0f 8 unnumbered leaves of plates,lacks two plates. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 27789472  (278819)         $20.00

53.          Madsen, Catherine. In Media Res Liturgy for the Estanged. Davies Group, 2008. 130 pp.introduction title is Prometheus Stealing Torah for the People. Madsen is a Chazzanit at Jewish Community of Amherst and also wrote The Bones Reassemble. Very Good. Paperback.
“Madsen’s rituals incorporate literary and religious texts in a tight dramatic structure, delineating a religion of nature in which nature is vulnerable to history “worldcat OCLC Number: 186346575  (280286)      $27.00

54.          Mendelson, Samuel (editor). Cantors Assembly 50 Years Jubilee Journal 1947-1997 Biographical and Historical Retrospective. Cantors Assembly, 1997. 467 pp. filled with articles, portraits of cantors, music, photographs remembrances etc Important scarce work,large heavy book. Very Good. Hardcover .
Dedicated to Hazzan Uri Frenkel.OCLC Number: 664735478  (279220)      $125.00

55.          Meron, Michal (artist). Passover Haggadah. Studio in Old Jaffa, 1998. 67 pp. beautifully illustrated In Hebrew and English. Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 215228546  (279414)      $36.00

56.          Micha el M. Netayel NeYisrael. Tel Aviv: M Biron/Friedman, 1953. 138 pp. In Hebrew, children’s book,. stories with beautiful color illustrations by Baruch Or, idyllic presentation of kibbutz and community life . Good +. Boards.
Otzar Kol  (280370)          $78.00

57.          Mifalot Elokim. Lvov: 1872. 128 pp ,hinges taped, title page slight tears and worn, name of owner in Hebrew on tp, pages slightly misnumbered, heart drawn on cover. some pages slight stains tears, Good. Boards.
advice on healing used by Baal Shem  (272322)   $65.00

58.          Miriam Manufacturing Corp. Synagogue Art of Today. New York: Miriam Manufacturing Corp., 1960 5721. 27 pp. Filled with images of embroidery for art curtains, canopies, eternal lights, crowns, talis and tephilin bags. Slight library mark, fascinating time capsule of synagogue ritual objects etc. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (279154)                $32.00

59.          Nahshon Edna. Jews and Shoes. Berg, 2008. 226 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Shoes are an integral part of Jewish material culture. Although they appear in some of the most foundational biblical stories, they are generally regarded as no more than lowly, albeit essential, accessories. Jews and Shoes takes a fresh look at the makings and meanings of shoes, cobblers, and barefootedness in Jewish experience. OCLC Number: 488447584 (279186)               $12.00

60.          Natelson, Nina (editor). Proceedings of the first international medical conference “Future Medical Research without the Use of Animals: Facing the Challenge” May 1990 Tel Aviv. Concern for Helping Animals in Israel, (CHAI), 1991. 185 pp.collection of essays. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 1021096992  (279350)    $45.00

61.          Neuhausen, Simon. Synonyms of the Zohar : a compendium of synonyms occuring in the Zohar and Tikune Zohar with delimitations drawn compared to those in Hebrew literature of different periods; נרדפי זוהר, קבוצה של הגדרות לשמות ופעלים נרדפים שבספר הזוהר... Dat ve Dat, 1920s?. 56 pp. .In Hebrew book plate and slight library marks cover boards worn. Good. Boards.  (278825)         $45.00

62.          Nordau, Max and Gustav, Gottheil. Zionism and Anti-Semitism. New York: Scott Thaw, 1904. 70-71 tausend. 76 pp. scarce book in the original edition, not on worldcat. good. Hardcover .  (280723)          $45.00

63.          Oberrat der Israeliten Badens. Judisches Leben in Baden 1809 bis 2009 (200 Jahre Oberrat der Israeliten Badens ; Festschrift). Thorbecke, 2009. 291 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (279067)     $25.00

64.          Palms and Pomegranates: Traditional Dress of Saudi Arabia. Published by U.S. Committee for Saudi Arabian Cultural Heritage, 1987. 33 pp. some creased pages similaritied to traditional Jewish dress. Very Good-. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 17450363  (279189)  $15.00

65.          Patterson, Charles (signed by). Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust. Lantern, 2002. 296 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 232686004  (279390)      $15.00

66.          Patterson, Charles. Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust/כל יום הוא טרבלינקה : יחסנו לבעלי חיים והשואה. Pardes. 288 pp. in Hebrew. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 232686004  (279381)      $15.00

67.          Petuchowski, Jakob (editor). Studies in Aggadah, Targum and Jewish Liturgy in Memory of Joseph Heinemann/מחקרים באגדה, תרגומים ותפילות ישראל : לזכר יוסף היינימן /. Magnes Press, 1981. About 300 pp. Collection of essays in English and Hebrew. Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 917416066  (279307)      $47.00

68.          Rapaport, Dr Ch P. Youth aliya (immigration) : evaluation of the educational process in the Mechinot : preparatory classes of disadvantaged children. Bressler Center, 1969. 171 pp. library marks and pocket. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Publication no. 136 The Henrietta Szold Institute. National Institute for research in the behavioral sciences.OCLC Number: 4512792  (278868)           $53.00

69.          Raphaeli, (Zenziper) Aryeh . Bam-ma’abaq lige’ulla Sefer HaTzeyunut HaRusete MeMahaphacat 1917 ad Yameinu. Dvir, 1956. 271 pp In Hebrew.. filled with amazing photos of Zionist organizations in Russia and Poland .Zionist publications. biographies and images of individual Zionists, large work. Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 164931213  (279217)      $165.00

70.          Rathjens, Carl. Jewish Domestic Architecture in San’a, Yemen. The Israel Oriental Society,, 1957. 80 pp. ex library with markings, 20 black and white photographs and drawings. Good-. library binding.
“Among the subjects which attracted his (Rathjens) inquisitive mind was the Jewish community of Yemen, groups of which then were found all over the Yemenite Highland. While in San’a, the capital of Yemen, he often visited the Jewish quarter, which originally had been a town by itself, lying about two kilometers west of the Old City. He soon discovered that, in ground plan and architecture, the houses in the Jewish quarter were essentially different from the Muslim houses and set out to study that interesting phenomenon in detail.” (S.D. Goitein in his preface). OCLC Number: 1735751  (279328)    $65.00

71.          Reisman, Arnold. Refugees and Reforms Turkeys’ Journey; Refugees from Nazism and Ataturk’s Vision. Booksurge , 2009. 420 pages Additional information to earlier work and details adjustments of refugees in Turkey and their conflicts with each other Important work. New. Paperback.
Exiles and refugees who went to Turkey in the 1930s and helped found Universities and institutes. OCLC Number: 767750388  (278818)    $18.00

72.          Rivkind, Isaac (inscribed by). אלהי ביאליק / Elohe Bialik. Berlin: Eyn HaKoreh, 1923. 59 pp. new covers . Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 427555393  (279014)        $45.00

73.          Rosenberg, Julius; Rosenberg, Ethel; Bloch, Emanuel H. United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, no.-October term, 1951 : United States of America, appellee, v. Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Rosenberg, defendants-appellants : on appeal from judgements [sic] of conviction of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York : brief for appellants. Bloch, 1951. 143 pp. signed on last page by Emanuel Bloch,mimeograph in binder with page taped to cover, file copy of American Jewish Committee Amazing document filled with documents. Good. Library Binding. Bloch defended the Rosenbergs. OCLC Number: 70710010 (279261)        $275.00

74.          Roth, Philip. Goodbye Columbus (in Hebrew). Schocken, 1970. 238 pp. dj torn In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278878)     $20.00

75.          Saypol, Judyth. My very own Haggadah. Kar Ben, 1983. 32 pp. Coloring book early simple edition. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 813444348  (279173)      $18.00

76.          Sefer refuot : …asher nimtsa bi-khetav yad… Lemberg: Ba-defus shel Yaakov Meshulam Nik, 1882. 12 pp, In Hebrew in Rashi script, end paper torn, book plate, lacks spine, boards worn. Good. Boards.
Cures and natural remedies. OCLC Number: 1049148446 (272321)             $65.00

77.          Sherman, Franklin. The promise of Heschel. Lippincott, 1970. 103 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (279140)                $15.00

78.          Stanton, Ronald. A Trader’s Life: A Memoir Recollections and Reflections. Privately Printed, 2010. 170 pp. Grew up in Mainz and fled Nazi Germany and fought in US Army served in Germany and went on to very successful business career with Transammonia in the USA Chairman of the Board of Yeshiva University, lot of material on his Jewish life and family history . Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 701493073 (280282)               $75.00

79.          Taub, Jonathan. The Malbim Haggadah. Targum, 1993. 320 pp. covers staine from a seder?            Commentary attributed to either Meir Loeb ben Jehiel Michael Malbim or Naftali ben Abraham Maśkil le-Etan. Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 27980813  (280394)         $22.00

80.          Tomaskin, Abraham. Pardes HaYeladim Helek Rishon. Vilna: 1905. 127 pp.In Hebrew slight library marks taped spine, Primer with alphabets and stories . Good. Hardcover .  (278826)     $30.00

81.          United Nations. Report to the General Assembly by the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine : Volume III Annex A: Oral Evidence Presented at Public Meetings. Lake Success: United Nations, 1947. 247 pp. meetings in Jerusalem and Beirut, testimony, slight creases to covers, large 8vo. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.
Offical Records Supplement no. 11  (278856)        $125.00

82.          United Palestine Appeal 1944; 1944 Yearbook Published on the Occasion of the “Night of Stars” NY: 1944. 123 pp periodical, new spine, and tear to back cover,,photos of refugees arriving from Europe including from the boat the Nyassa, Stephen Wise Their Voice Must be Heard on the destruction of Jewry in Europe, photos of the Jewish Brigade and development of Palestine, cover color photo of the Setlement of Mishmar Haemek, Good. Stiff Wrapper.
American Zionist fund-raising body, founded in 1927. In 1939 the United Jewish Appeal was founded to coordinate the fundraising efforts of the United Palestine Appeal and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.Stephen Wise was Chair, Abba Hillel Silver National Co Chair and Louis Lipsky Chair Adm. Committee (279762)            $148.00

83.          Urstein, Cantor Carl. Sefer Limmud Hachazzanut : a textbook for acquiring the skills of Cntorial art Vol. III. Los Angeles: self, 1978. 147 pp. leatherette type binding Filled with music and transliterated Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 429168240  (278927)      $43.00

84.          Verbin, Moshe. בתי כנסת מעץ בפולין במאות י״ז, י״ח /‏/Bate keneset me-ʻets be-Polin ba-meʼot 17, 18 Wooden Synagogues of Poland in the 17 and 18 Century. Herzliya, 1992. 26 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 43293165  (279203)         $25.00

85.          Wager, Moshe. P’tsu’yei P’turin: Perek b’Hitpatchut Dieni Avodah ba Yishuv Ha Ivri B’Yameinu (Compensation For Dismissal); A Chapter In The Development of Labour Law In The New Jewish Settlement of Palestine. Mass Jerusalem, 1940. 183 pp. In Hebrew Ex library with bookplate. Good. library binding.
OCLC Number: 603682134  (278112)      $36.00

86.          Weiss, Paul (Teacher in the Yeshiva of Flatbush). Ketevone Helek Alef Sefer Lilmode Haketev. Brooklyn: 1939. 37 pp. In Hebrew book plate and pocket with library markings. Good. Paperback.  (278827)            $25.00

87.          Wikler, Dr Meir. Selected Readings from Einei hashem Contemporary Stories of Divine Providence in Eretz Yisrael. Feldheim, 1997. 62 pp.collection of stories Wikler is a Professor of Social Work and psychotherapist. Very Good. Paperback.
not in worldcat  (280402)              $22.00

88.          Yaʻakov, Yehoshua Churgin; Harry Tchack. הגבורים הצעירים : ספור על מלחמת היהודים ברומאים / Volume 1. Jewish Education Committee, 1961. 48 pp. written for young adults. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
OCLC Number: 503638960  (279401)      $10.00

89.          Yaoz-Kest, Itamar (editor). Sefer Eked Mivhar Shirag 20 Shanah. Eked, 1978. 87 p. library markings book plate and pocket. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (279103)     $30.00

Tallis by Jane Trigère

“Steiner” – Judaica – October 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

For the previous Judaica catalog we quoted from Carlos Zafon’s Shadow of the Wind. To continue that tradition here is a quote from a mystery set in a Brooklyn bookshop.

That’s why I call this place the Haunted Bookshop. Haunted by the ghosts of the books I haven’t read. Poor uneasy spirits, they walk and walk around me.

The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley

Some years ago we described our bookshop in the firehouse as follows:

In the spirit of The Haunted Bookshop, perusing the stacks here you might bump into Franz Kafka reading an insurance text, Theodor Herzl reading a work on Palestine in the 19th century, Sigmund Freud pondering a piece by Stekel, Abraham Heschel reading a tome on mysticism and Bruno Schulz chatting under the sign of the crocodiles.

Wandering the aisles is an intellectual journey that stretches into 19th century Vienna and Berlin and ends up in the modern world. It is the kind of place to linger and delight in the journeys of others and commence your own pilgrimage. It is a respite from the maddening pace and pressures of modern life, a place of solace and also community.

May your journey in this new Judaica catalog offer you both solace and delight in a time of much upheaval and confusion. And perhaps a volume will appear that appeals to your curiosity  ….

It is now two years since Hanna Jane’s death and I want in her memory to share something she wrote:

When our daily life is touched by beauty, we are affected profoundly. Good design of ordinary tools and materials is a true blessing. When these items are also beautiful our spirit soars.

In Jewish custom, we perform a mitzvah when we raise the common to the level of princes. This act is called hiddur mitzvah. So we embroider challah covers, we sculpt menorahs we weave colorful prayer shawls, and we bind a siddur…our hands direct our hearts toward the Creator.

May her memory be for a blessing.

1.            Abeles, Siegfried. Tams Reise durch die judische Marchenwelt. Funfundzwanzig Kindermarchen nach judisch-volkstumlichen Motiven von Siegfried Abeles. Brandeis, 1922. 100 pp. pages very yellowed but not yet brittle reading copy. Fair. Boards.  (277835)       $45.00

2.            Ritta, Alima. Between Frame and Window Alimah : ben misgeret le-halon. Tel Aviv Museum, 2009. 230 pp. about 170 pp. in Hebrew with many many color illustrations of her work. Very Good. Paperback.
Alima Ritta an important Israeli artist, her work and essays about the work, exhibition catalog  (277943)   $65.00

3.            Amir, Eli and Lane, David. Training of Residential Child and Youth Care Staff. Neurim, 1991. 152 pp. Very Good. Paperback.
Youth Aliyah  (277905)   $6.00

4.            (Anti-Semitism) Cellier, Abbe J. Pour ou contre les Juifs, par l’abbe J. Cellier. Saint Amand: Catholique St Joseph, 1896. 350 p. spine and covers taped The relationship of Christianity towards the Chosen People, how to approach the Jewish people. Good. Paperback.  (277817)          $45.00

5.            (Anti-Semitism) Gold, Helmut (hrsg). Abgestempelt. Judenfeindliche Postkarten. Auf der Grundlage der Sammlung Wolfgang Haney; (Stamped Anti-Jewish Postcards). Umschau, 1999. 380 pp. Essays and many illustrations, includes Nazi propaganda also. Good. Hardcover .
Eine Publikation der Museumsstiftung Post und Telekommunikation und des Jüdischen Museums Frankfurt am Main  (277898)               $30.00

6.            (Anti-Semitism) Heekelingen, Herman de Vries de. L’Orgueil Juif. Paris: Revue internationale des societes secrètes,, 1938. 120 pp. Jewish conspiracy to conquer the world :Concludes with this passage: “Le danger vient donc de tous les cotes,les Juifs en faisant les moutons, ont su interesser a leur cause kes milieux le plus divers. Il est inutile de combattre leur orgueil cause de tout, Ce que vingt siecle n’ont pu obtenir,notre epoque ne l’obtiendra pas non plus.Devant cet orgueil invetere,il n.ya a qu’um moyen de defense: lui donner un derivatif. Permettre aux Juifs,et au besoin les forcer,de former un Etat pareil aux autres,c’est a dire liquider la diaspora..” Good. Paperback.
He was a regular contributor to Ernest Jouin’s anti-semitic and anti-masonic Revue internationale des societés seceètes [International Review of Secret Societies]. De Vries traveled in Switzerland, France, and Germany giving lectures on the “jüdischen Bedrohung” [Jewish threat] He was a Professor of Paleography (with specialization in archaeology, prehistory, and ancient history) ~Wikipedia  (277810)              $52.00

7.            (Anti-Semitism) Ketels, Robert H (inscribed by). Revision…des Idees et Souvenirs 1914-1951. Le Racisme Paneuropeen, 1953. 222 pp. Chapter on the European Race, the Jews, Socialism Marxism etc. Anti Semitic tract. Very Good. Paperback.
Ketels published Le Culte de la Race Blanche in 1935 and Revision…des Idees et Souvenirs 1914-1951 in 1953. An observer of colonial rule in the Congo,Ketels was a virulent critic of race mixing and his role as a fore-runner in the “social racist” movement is acknowledged in Amaudruz : Nos autres racisted (From Uwe Backes The Exteme Right in Europe page 244)  (277814)         $75.00

8.            (Anti-Semitism) Tharaud, Jerome. Quand Israel N’est Pas Roi. Paris: Plon, 1933. Subtle anti-semitic work 12mo 244 pp. paer yellowing but not brittle covers soiled and torn. Fair. wrapper.  (277815)       $15.00

9.            (Anti-Semitism). Lectures fancaises: La Republique des Rothschild; M. Pompidou, Petite histoire d’une dynaste, L’Empire Rothschild. Paris: Revue              , April/May 1962. 124 pp.Lectures francaises, v. 6, nos. 61-62, Good. Paperback.  (277808)      $32.00

10.          Aricha, Joseph. Day and Night: A Novel Yom VeLeilah. Alef, 1963. 86 pp. dj torn In Hebrew illustrated by Amos Aricha who wrote thrillers and science fiction. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
OCLC Number: 66909474  (278080)         $65.00

11.          Avrech, Mira. The Private World of Public People. Olamam ha-katan shel gedole olam. edanim, 1990. 293 pp. In Hebrew slight library stamp. Very Good. Hardcover
Israeli journalist  (277886)             $15.00

12.          Azmon, Yael (editor). אשנב לחייהן של נשים בחברות יהודיות : קובץ מחקרים ביןתחומי / A View into the Lives of Women in Jewish Societies: Collected Essays. Shazar Centre, 1995. twenty essays 394 pp. In Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .  (277885)     $25.00

13.          Backal de Gojman, Alicia. Camisas, escudos y desfiles militares : los Dorados y el antisemitismo en Mexico, 1934-1940. Escuela Nacional de Estudios Profesionales Acatlan, 2000. 566 pp. In Spanish. Very Good. Paperback.
OCLC Number: 47685856  (278834)         $32.00

14.          Bergman, H. Shahar Sefer Limud La Mathelim Helek Rishon. warsaw: Achiasaf, 1922. 100-144 pp. ex library with markings charming illustrations,paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Hardcover .  (278203)         $26.00

15.          Bernstein Ellen. The Promise of the Land. Behrman House , 2020. 86 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
“This haggadah explores themes of nature and the land within the Passover seder, to help participants develop an ecological understanding of and connection with Jewish tradition. It includes core Passover texts, with sidebars and additional features that uncover the connections between the seder and the land”
OCLC Number: 1096492365  (278404)    $16.00

16.          Brod, Max (essay by) Lask, I. (text by). Haggadah Shel Pesach Service for the First Nights of Passover; 17 illustrations in colour by A Allweil. Tel Aviv: Sinai, nd. 64 pp. writing on tp and free end papers, with a few owner stamps on pages also,.leatherette covers wih Bezalel copper image of Jerusalem on covers,crwon of spine torn and tears to leatherette spine, illustrations are tipped in. Good +. leatherette.
revised English translation by Joseph Loewy  (278083)     $100.00

17.          Dauber, Antonio. Antonio’s Devils: Writers of the Jewish Enlightenment and the Birth of Modern Hebrew and Yiddish Literature. Stanford, 2004. 354 pp. dj creased . Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277897)      $26.00

18.          Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas. (P). Informativo DAIA. Buenos Aires : Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas, Jan 1973- Dec 1974. about 18 issues ; each issue about 15-20 pp., slight library mark on cover . filled with articles about Jewish life in Argentina and Anti Semitism Issues are very scarce . Good +. Wrapper.
DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas) is the umbrella organization of Argentina’s Jewish community. As such, it represents the community in official events and conducts its contacts with authorities. DAIA is the Argentine affiliate of the Latin American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress (WJC), the world-wide umbrella organization of Jewish communities.DAIA has been strongly involved in fighting antisemitism in Argentina, and claiming for justice in the 1994 AMIA bombing  (278003)                $75.00

19.          Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas. Informativo DAIA. Buenos Aires : Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas, mar 1965-Dec 1972. about 35 issues ; each issue about 5-20 pp., slight library mark on cover . filled with articles Issues are very scarce . Good +. Wrapper.
DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas) is the umbrella organization of Argentina’s Jewish community. As such, it represents the community in official events and conducts its contacts with authorities. DAIA is the Argentine affiliate of the Latin American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress (WJC), the world-wide umbrella organization of Jewish communities.DAIA has been strongly involved in fighting antisemitism in Argentina, and claiming for justice in the 1994 AMIA bombing  (278004)                $85.00

20.          Fishman, Isidore. The History of Jewish Education in Central Europe; from the end of the sixteenth to the end of the eighteenth century. Goldston, 1944. 176 page inscribed by author. Good. Hardcover .  (277973)      $8.00

21.          Forest, Louis. La naturalisation des Juifs algeriens et l’insurrection de 1871 : étude historique. Soc. française d’impr. et de libraire,, 1897. 55 pp.covers slightly soiled , back cover lacks small piece. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277819)                $65.00

22.          France, Anatole. Thais. Warsaw: Stiebel, 1922. 172 of spine bumped tranlsted from French into Hebrew by David Frischmann. Good. Hardcover .
David ben Saul Frischmann was a Hebrew and Yiddish modernist writer, poet, and translator. He edited several important Hebrew periodicals, and wrote fiction, poetry, essays, feuilletons, literary criticisms, and translations.(Wikipedia)  (277872)             $36.00

23.          Freund, Jacob. Hanna: Gebet und Andachtsbuch fur isr Frauen und Madchen. Breslau: Jacobsohn, 1898. 12mo 283 pp.,new spine, decorated cover pen inscription on fep and names of two women who died on back end paper. Very good condition. Cloth.  (277833)      $36.00

24.          Ganzfried, Rabbiner Schelomo . Kizzur Schulchan Aruch. Frankfurt-am-Main: Hofmann, 1925-1936. volume 2 385-768, volume 3 769-1134 pp. lacks volume 1 paper yellowing, spine worn. Good. Hardcover .
In deutsch ubertragen fon Selig Bamberger in Hamburg  (277895)               $65.00

25.          Godfrey, Antony. Three Rabbis in a Vicarage: The Story of Belsize Square Synagogue. Larsen Grove, 2005. 360 pp. history of the shul;The Salzberger Years The Kokotek Years and the Mariner Years. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Belsize Square Synagogue is a synagogue and Jewish community in Belsize Park, Hampstead, in the London Borough of Camden. It is independen utilizing the tradition of German Liberal Judaism.  (277794)       $15.00

26.          Goldin, Hyman. First Hebrew Reader New and Improved Method. Bloch, 1912. 66 pp. library pocket. Good. Boards.  (278100)             $25.00

27.          Goldin, Hyman. Third Grade in Hebrew. Sinai, 1917. 95 pp.boards worn. Good. Boards.  (278099)  $24.00

28.          Gordon, Isaachar. Sefer MeHakrei Eretz Chomat VeDaAt HaGeografia Helek Rishon. Vilna: Shumuel Fun, 1865. 162 pp. library marked some staining pages in good shape,taped spine with title . Good. Hardcover .  (278199)                $30.00

29.          Hagani, Baruch. Le sionisme politique et son fondateur Théodore Herzl (1860-1904). Paris: Payot, 1917. 250 pp. tear at base of spine. Good. Paperback.  (277809)       $42.00

30.          Haggadah Shel Pesach. Givat Chayim, 1952. about 25 pp. charming illustrations typed mimeographed by kibbutz members, stapled tears along spine, paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Stiff Wrapper mimeo.
Like Ein Harod, the kibbutz split in 1952 in the wake of ideological differences between supporters of the two main socialist parties, Mapai and Mapam. This created two new and separate kibbutzim ~ (Wikipedia)  (277876)                $85.00

31.          Haggadah Shel Pesach. Kiryat Gat, 2000. 32 pp. glossy paper filled with color illustrations. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277877)               $32.00

32.          Halperin, Yeheal (songs by) Engel, Yoel (music by). Bekern Zavit Shir Meshahek LeGanei Yeladim Ule Batei Sefer Helek Shenei. Tel Aviv: Hagginnah, 1927. 40 pp. ex library and in library binder, filled with text and music. Good. Library Binding.  (278095)             $45.00

33.          Harris, Hyman (inscribed by). Toldot ha-neginah veha-hazanut be-Yisra’el :Hebrew Liturgical Music: A Survey of Traditional Hebrew Music: Biblical Cantillation and the Music of the Cantors. Hotsaat Bitsaron, 1950. 486 pp.In Hebrew hinge started. Good-. Hardcover .
kolel A. mekorot ha-neginah ha-Ivrit ha-mesoratit yesodotiyah shel neginah ha-tefilah ha-atikah veha-tiftehotah. B. mekorot ha-te’amim u-neginotehem mi-Roshitan ed ha-Shitah Le-Keriyat Ha-Toarah Al-pi Toi Ha-Zimrah. G. ma’amarim u-mehkarim D. te’ur ishiyutam ve-hesegehem shel ha-hazanim yotsre zimrat bet-ha-keneset/  (277874)                $30.00

34.          Hok le Yisrael Sefer BaMidbar Ḥoḳ le-Yiśraʼel : … Livorno: Eleizer Menachem Otolenagi, 1843. 174 double pages, spine taped and lacks piece at bottom  covers worn former owner stamp on back endpaper. Good. Boards.
OCLC number for v. 2. Shemot–v.3. Ṿa-yiḳra.  (278194)   $55.00

35.          Horowitz P. צחוק מהול בדמעות : חדודי יהודי רוסיה ופולין /Tsehok mahul bi-demaʿot : hidude Yehude Rusyah u-Polin. Jerusalem: 1931. 155 pp.wear slight stains to cover. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Jokes of the Jews of Russia and Poland.OCLC Number: 1085191851  (278282)       $75.00

36.          Jacob Ibn Habib . Eyn Yisrael Helech Shanee. Livorno: Tovianna Press, 1835. 244 double pages, new covers and title on cover hinges repaired. Fair. Boards.  (278283)       $50.00

37.          James-Chakraborty, Kathleen. In the Spirit of Our Age: Eric Mendelsohn’s B’nai Amoona Synagogue. Missouri Historical, 2000. 83 pp. filled with illustrations of this important work by refugee architect from BauHaus movement. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277845)   $15.00

38.          Jones Sian, Kushner Tony (editors). Cultures of Ambivalence and Contempt; Studies in Jewish and Non Jewish Relations. Vallentine Mitchell, 1998. 322 pages twelve essays . Very Good. Cloth.
Essays in Honour of the Centenary of the Birth of James Parkes  (277896)                $18.00

39.          The Kaufmann Haggadah Facsimile Edition MS 422 of the Kaufmann Collection in the Oriental Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Hungarian Academy, 1957. 90 pages lacks Scheiber’s descriptive brochure, corners bumped. Very Good. Boards.  (278476)   $65.00

40.          Lemann, Augustin. Le sceptre de la tribu de Juda entre les mains de Jésus-Christ ou Le messie venu. Vitte et Perrussel,, 1880. Second Edition. 185 pp.back cover creased slightly, The prophecy of Jacob as revealing the coming of Jesus as Messiah. Good. Paperback.  (277816)     $50.00

41.          Lestschinsky, Jacob. ha-Demut ha-leʼumit shel Yahadut ha-golah / הדמות הלאומית של יהודות הגולה /; National aspect of the Jews in Diaspora. Perets, 1959. 410 pp. In Hebrew. Good +. Hardcover .  (277869)    $25.00

42.          Letteris M. Chicre Lew, Betrachtungen; Ein Sendschreiben uber das hohere Studium der heiligen Schrift… Pressburg: Schmid, 1837. 21 pp. library marked, in Hebrew. Good. Cloth.  (278015)            $35.00

43.          Levin Shlomo. The Human Rights Haggadah. na, 2019. 95 pp. with contemporary references quite inspired work. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
illustration and design by Tiferet Sigala. OCLC Number:   1089562184  (278405)    $25.00

44.          Margalioth, Mordecai (inscribed by). ha-hilukim she-ben anshe Mizrah u-vene Erets Yisraʼel. Jerusalem: Mas, 1937. 183 pp. ex library with markings spine has title in white lettering OCLC Number:          427219828
Morgalioth was a scholar of Midrashic and Geonic literature. Margaliot was born in Warsaw and immigrated to Palestine as a child. He taught Rabbinical literature at the Hebrew University 1950–57, and from 1958 Midrashic and Geonic literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York.In 1938 he published a scholarly edition of Ha-Hillukim she-Bein Anshei Mizraḥ u-Venei Erez Yisrael (“Differences in Religious Customs Between Babylonian and Palestinian Jewries”), a small compilation, which in his view was written in Palestine about the year 700 c.e.(  (278288)              $100.00

45.          Morris, Nathan. הנער : a Hebrew textbook for the higher grades of the elementary school Part 1. Omanuth, 1939. 84 pp. ex library with markings. Good. Boards.  (278202)    $25.00

46.          (Music) Bugatch, Samuel. Songs of Our People A Collection of Hebrew and Yiddish Songs. Farband, 1950s?. 250 pp. tears to bottoms of song pages not affecting text, rebound title Metro Music stamped on fep and title page. Good. Hardcover .  (277868)     $26.00

47.          (Music) Coopersmith, Harry. Favorite Songs of the Jewish People, Selected and Arranged with Piano Accompaniment. New York: Transcontinental Music Corporation, 1939. 71 pp. lacks pages 66-70, hinge starting. Good-. Stiff Wrapper.  (277859)              $24.00

48.          (Music) Friedman, Samuel. Sheerai Mikdosh Music for the Sanctuary. melodic music to be rendered by the People, for the People using the First Revised edition of the Union Prayer Book or any other Ritual. Part One For Sabbath and Festivals Part Two For New Year and Day of Atonement. Bloch, 1945. 1-72 pp.+73-133 pp. two volumes. Good +. Hardcover .
Former Rabbi of North West London Synagogue Temple Israel Amsterdam NY And Temple Ohev Sholom Reform Harrisburg Pa.  (277851)                $40.00

49.          (Music) Glanz, Leib; Eliezer Steinman. זהרים : קובץ לזכר לייב גלאנץ /Zeharim : ḳovets le-zekher Leyb Glants; Zeharim in Memory of Leib Glantz. Mekhon Tel-Aviv le-musiḳah datit Yehudit, 1985. 320 pp dj very torn. in Hebrew, filled with memories , photos, some music. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277850)   $54.00

50.          (Music) Idelsohn, A.Z.; Cohon, Baruch Joseph (musical editor). Jewish Song Book for Synagogue, School and Home. Cincinnati: Publications for Judaism , 1951. third edition. 548 pp.In transliterated Hebrew . Good +. cloth.  (277873)               $10.00

51.          (Music) Wohlberg, Max. Shirei Zimroth. Bloch, 1947. 43 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277863) $28.00

52.          Olivenstein, M. (warsaw). Sepher Ov “Memory of Father”. London: Olivestone, 5676. 29 pp in Hebrew, title page torn. Good. Cloth.  (278014)              $25.00

53.          Patch, William. Christian Trade Unions in the Weimar Republic 1918-1933. New Haven: Yale, 1985. 8vo 259 pp. As new. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278629)  $5.00

54.          Raban, Zeev illustrator (signed by). The Song of Songs. Berlin: SD Saltzman/Hasefer, 1923. Brown boards with silver and gilt doves circling with Hebrew letters in the middle, blue and silver pictoral endpapers, 26 tipped in color plates with glassing protective sheets, cover boards evidence of past water staining and slight cracking, some repair to spine and repair of endpapers, slight piece of back endpaper lacking. Good +. Boards.
Signed by Z. Raban in English and Hebrew on half title, Jerusalem 30/X 1925  (278106)      $425.00

55.          Reiss, Lionel. My Models Were Jews –A Painter’s Pilgrimmage to Many Lands; A Selection Of One Hundred And Seventy-Eight Paintings, Water-Colors, Drawings And Etchings. NY: Gordon Press, 1938. quarto 147 pp. -Part One: Is There a Jewish Type? Introduction by Prof. Franz Boas. -Part Two: Life in the Ghettos. Introduction by Dr. Cecil Roth. -Part Three: A Voyage to Palestine. Introduction by Dr. John Haynes. Very Good. Hardcover .
1200 copies were printed  (278857)          $65.00

56.          Rohold, Rev. S. (Pastor, Christian Synagogue Toronto). The War and the Jew; A Bird’s Eye View of the World’s Situation and the Jew’s Place in it. MacMillan, 1915. 98 pp. Deplores treatment of the Jews country by country, discusses Zionism and Palestine., written by a former Jew who became missionary Christian. Good. Hardcover .
President Hebrew Christian Alliance of America  (278066)              $17.00

57.          Rosenwald, Lessing and Berger, Elmer. News from the American Council for Judaism Highlights of the Yiddish and Hebrew Press A weekly Digest. ACJ , January 5 1951-. Vol II no. 19-48 vol iii no 1-17 about 150 mimeographed pages of news, press releases poisiton papers and speeches bound together covering many areas especially opposition to the the state of Israel. Good. Library Binding.
Tenets of ACJ Nationality and relgion are distinct, reject concept that Jews outside of Israel are in exile,, nationalism of the state of Israel should reside within that state, no Jew or group of Jews can represent or speak for the Jews of America  (277913)            $50.00

58.          Rosenzweig, Franz Glatzer, Nahum ( intro) inscribed by Glatzer. On Jewish Learning. NY: Schocken, 1955. 128 torn inscribed in Hebrew by Glatzer. good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Appendices by Martin Buber and Rosenzweig  (277993)  $24.00

59.          Rubin, Israel. אור בקר. חלק ראשון : להוראת ראשית הקריאה והדבור./Or boker. Helek rishon : le-horaʼat reshit ha-keriʼah veha-dibur. New York: 1926. 47 pp. covers worn Hebrew primer with charming illustrations. Good. Hardcover .  (278097)               $45.00

60.          Schaechter, Mordkhe. Laytish mame-loshn/ Latish mame lushn (Authentic Yiddish); Authentic Yiddish Observations and Recommendations. League for Yiddish, 1986. 382 pp. inscribed by author. Very Good. Hardcover .  (277948)               $48.00

61.          Scharfstein, Zevi. ספר הקריאה :‏ ‏על פי השיטה הקולית, עם תרגילים מיוחדים להכרת האותיות, לתפישת המילים וללמוד הכתיבה//.Sefer ha-keriʼah : ʻal pi ha-shitah ha-ḳolit, ʻim targilim meyuhadim le-hakarat ha-otiyot, li-tefisat ha-milim veli-limud ha-ketivah. Shiloh, 1934. 96 pp. slight library marks. Exercises for young people. Good. Hardcover .  (278101)               $25.00

62.          Scheiber, Alexander (editor). Semitic Studies in Memory of Immanuel Low. Budapest: Kohut Foundation, 1947. 361 pages new covers and spine (in Hungarian and German) + 195 pages (in Hebrew), , bookplate of Abraham Joshua Heschel. Good +. Paperback.
Articles in English, Hungarian, French, German and Hebrew. Scheiber was Professor at the Jewish Theological Seminary of Hungary.  (277890)  $58.00

63.          Seltzer, David. Bilder Un Geshtaltn Fun Soroki/Scenes and Images of Soroki. Waldhaim, 1961. 284 pp. In Yiddish illustrated by William Gropper inscribed on fep by Seltzer and evidence of glue remnants on fep. Good. Hardcover .  (270680)     $36.00

64.          Shulman D. המקדש והמים : שירים /ha-Miḳdash ṿeha-mayim : shirim. M. Nyuman, 1974. 64 pp.In Hebrew. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277870)                $16.00

65.          Steinbaum Israel Y. Shṭaynboym. Leyenbikher far der Idisher shul dos tsṿeyṭe leyenbukh לייענביכער פאר דער אידישער שול /‏. NY: Ertsiung, , 1924. 78 pages In Yiddish. Good. Hardcover .  (278087)    $30.00

66.          Studies in Jewish Bibliography (Freidus). Studies in Jewish Bibliography and Related Subjects in Memory of Abraham Solomon Freidus. NY: Kohut Memorial Fdn, 1929. In English and Hebrew.  12mo 519+98 pp new covers and spine, Hebrew section has wate stains and there are damp stains to first 85 pages of Hebrew section not affecting text , reading copy. Good-. Hardcover .
Freidus had been chief of the Jewish Division at the NYPL.  (277836)          $32.00

67.          (Switzerland) Kommission zur Verbreitung Judischer Volksbildung in der Schweiz. Judisches Jahrbuch fur die Schweiz 5677 1916/1917. Luzern: Verlag des Judischen Jahrbuches, 1916. 220 pp. corner slight creases. Good. Wrapper.  (277964)         $22.00

68.          Tebeau, Charlton. Synagogue in the Central City: Temple Israel of Greater Miami, 1922-1972. University of Miami Press, 1972. 172 pp. dj very torn slight foxing to fore edge. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277842)                $16.00

69.          Tharaud, Jerome et Jean . L’An Prochain A Jerusalem. Plon, 1924. 303 pp.Jewish life in the Diaspora and in Palestine. Good. Paperback.  (277813)    $15.00

70.          Walicki, Jacek. (Lodz) Synagogues and Prayer Houses of Lodz. Lofz: Ibidem, 2000. 94 pp. + 94 pp. + XIV (In english and Polish) plus black and white photos and sketches. Very Good. Paperback.  (277941)   $36.00

71.          Weinreich, Uriel. העברית האשכנזית והעברית שבײדיש : בחינתן הגיאגרפית /ha-ʻIvrit ha-Ashkenazit veha-ʻIvrit shebe-Yidish : beḥinatan ha-geʼografit. Jerusalem: Lesonenu, 1965. 60 pp. In Hebrew slight stain on cover, offprint. Good +. Stiff Wrapper.  (277867)                $25.00

72.          Widrich, Shulamit. Byalik Street Spin Spirit and Shape. Porat, 2004. 114 pp in Hebrew. Very Good. Hardcover .
study of the street and its famous inhabitants.  (277908)                 $15.00

73.          Wise, Isaac M. Les Asmoneens Drame en Cinq Actes en Prose Tire du Roman The First of the Maccabees par M le docteur Bliden Traduction par I Epstein; החשמונאים‏ ‏דרמה בעלת חמש מערכות ; הוצאה מהרומן The first of the Maccabees / ha-Ḥashmonaʼim : dramah baʻalat ḥamesh maʻarakhot ; hotsaʼah meha-roman The first of the Maccabees. Jerusalem: Luncz, 1893. 109 pp. pen number written on fep, slight tears to both title pages, number on spine, simple green cloth, in Hebrew. A play in five acts. Good. Hardcover .
Publie pur L’Ecole de Filles de Saffed  (277920)    $950.00

74.          Wise, Isaac M. Les Asmoneens Drame en Cinq Actes en Prose Tire du Roman The First of the Maccabees par M le docteur Bliden Traduction par I Epstein; החשמונאים‏ ‏דרמה בעלת חמש מערכות ; הוצאה מהרומן The first of the Maccabees / ha-Ḥashmonaʼim : dramah baʻalat ḥamesh maʻarakhot ; hotsaʼah meha-roman The first of the Maccabees. Jerusalem: Luncz, 1893. 109 pp. pen number written on fep, slight tears to both title pages, number on spine, simple green cloth, in Hebrew. A play in five acts. Good. Hardcover .
Publie pur L’Ecole de Filles de Saffed  (277921)    $1,250.00

75.          Zack, Joel. The Historic Synagogues Of Turkey / Turkiye’nin Tarihi Sinagoglari. American Sephardi Federation / Gozlem Gazetecilik, 2008. 201 pp. Heartrending to see the shuls that are lingering but no longer used in what once was a thriving community. In English and Turkish, Images in color. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277843)                $36.00

“Vichy” – Books on the Shoah – October 2020

I hope and trust you are taking good care during this turbulent time and safely negotiating your paths in the midst of this pandemic, and that being surrounded by your library offers some solace and comfort that stretches through the centuries of challenging times.
I am very inspired by the introductory words of Carlos Ruiz Zafon in his work The Shadow of the Wind.

“This place is a mystery, a sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see here ,has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and those who read and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands ,every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens… In this place, books no longer remembered by anyone, books that are lost in time, live forever, waiting for the day when they will reach a new reader’s hands.”

I would like to imagine that this “genizah” is also a book sanctuary, awaiting the journeyer on their book pilgrimage.

1.            Fire Ant, 2007. Memoir of growing up in Lodz beautifully written by survivor of Auschwitz, 220 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (278840)      $4.00

2.            Allport, Prof Gordon. ABC’s of Scapegoating. Chicago, Illinois: Central YMCA, 1940?. 12mo 72 pp. Good. pamphlet.  (278126)        $8.00

3.            Amalgamated Relief Committee. Poland Fights On: The Polish and Jewish Underground Movement in Nazi Occupied Poland. NYC: Relief Comm for Labor/Schoen Books, 1942/2013. Reprint (Schoen Books). 12mo 58 pp.9 essaysThe People Resist Nazi Program of Oppression, The Underground Anti Nazi Movement in Poland, Unity of Struggle and Aim of Jews and Poles in Underground Movementa by Samuel Zygielbojm , Henry Ehrlich and Victor Alter Their Freedom Wanted! (from Soviet Imprisonment) Perfect-bound.  (279633)     $15.00

4.            American Jewish Committee. The Jews in Nazi Germany: A Handbook of Facts Regarding Their Present Situation. NY: American Jewish Committee, 1935. 177 pp. covers stained crown frayed hinges repaired. Good. Cloth.
Important early documentation  (279238)             $43.00

5.            American Jewish Committee. The Jews in Nazi Germany: A Handbook of Facts Regarding Their Present Situation. NY: American Jewish Committee, 1935. 177 pp. library number on spine library marks on free end paper. Good. Cloth.
Important early documentation  (279239)             $47.00

6.            Anonymous. Persecution of the Catholic Church in the Third Reich: Facts and Documents Translated From the German. Originally Published in 1941. McCaffrey, 2007?. reprint. 564 pp. filled with documents, reprint of original , first tow pages creased,crown bumped. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278764)              $15.00

7.            Baeck, Leo et al. Zur Eroffnung der Ludwig Tietz Lehrwerkstatte in Jagur. [Mit Beitrn von L. Beack, O. Hirsch, M. Kreutzberger u.a.]. Reichsvertretung der Juden in Deutschland, 1937. Tietz who died in November 1933 was active in training German Jewish youth in skills for aliyah to Palestine.(Youth Aliyah ) He was the leader of the Jewish Youth Association and noted physician. Articles include Berufausbilding in Palestine by Kreutzberger, Chanoch Reinhold on Drei Jahre Jugend Alija, Poldi Kuh, Frenzen und Moglichkeiten in Lehrwerkstatten, Evas Stern Geginnn der Jugend Alija, Rudi Baer Ludwig Tietz und die Werkleute, Georg Lubinski Ein Leben mit der Jugend and Friedrich Brodnitz Kampf um die Jewish Agency . Good +. Stiff Wrapper.  (278299)   $40.00

8.            Baerwald, Dr. H. (Direktor) Philanthropin. Geschichte der Realschule der israelitischen Gemeinde (Philanthropin) zu Frankfurt am Main 1804-1904. Frankfurt: Joseph Baer, 1904. 207+464 pp. covers worn, slight tears to crown and base of spine, sfep, slight library stamp Important institution that educated Jewish children, Closed by the Nazis in 1942 and reopened recently as a Jewish school again. Heavy tome. Good. Cloth.
Festschrift zur Jahrhundertfeier der Realschule, Teil 2 is Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen seven essays, including an essay on Die Geschichte der Judengasse in Frankfurt by Prof I. Kracauer  (278784)               $125.00

9.            Bahrawy, Lisa de Serbine. The Voice of History: An Exegesis of Selected Short Stories from Ingeborg Bachmann’s Das dreissigste Jahr and Simultan from the Perspective of Austrian History. Lang, 1989. 194 pp. Good. Hardcover .  (277937)               $10.00

10.          Bassani, Giorgio. L’Alba ai vetri. Poesie 1942-50. Einaudi, 1963. 95 pp. In Italiancovers worn, sfep, embossed stamp tp. Good +. Hardcover .
Jewish Italian novelist, had been arrested for anti fascist activity Wrote Garden of the Finzi Contini  (278866)                $19.00

11.          Beisbart, Ortwin. Einige werden bleiben. Und mit ihnen das Vermächtnis. Der Beitrag judischer Schriftsteller zur deutschsprachigen Literatur des 20. Jahrhunderts. BVB, 1992. 186 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278052)                $10.00

12.          Beling, Eva. Eine soziologische Untersuchung der Einwanderung aus Deutschland zwischen 1933 und 1945. Europaische Verlag, 1967. 282 pp. dj tears. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Sociological study of immigration from Germany between 1933 and 1945 – the integration problems of German Jews who fled Germany to Palestine  (268494)               $20.00

13.          Belth, Nathan (editor). Fighting for America: An account of Jewish Men in the Armed Forces from Pearl Harbor to the Italian campaign. NY: NJWB, 1944. Text and lists the Jewish soldiers. 12mo 168 pp.bookplate on free end paper Compliments of Jewish Welfare Board Army and Navy Committee. good. Paperback.  (278296)     $25.00

14.          Benz, Wolfgang. Enzyklopadie des Nationalsozialismus.Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen, Karten und Grafiken. Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1998. 900 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (278269)   $12.00

15.          Berg, Mary. גטו ורשה :‏ ‏יומנה של מרי ברג /‏ /Geto Ṿarshah : yomanah shel Meri Berg. Tverski, 1945. 229 pages in Hebrew,ex library with markings and bookplate,taped spine ,corners bumped, pages yellowing but not brittle. Good. Boards.
Classic work on the ghetto. Day to day record of her four years in the ghetto until her return to USA in 1944 in prisoner exchange.  (278204)      $75.00

16.          Berges, Max. Cold Pogrom. Phil: JPS, 1939. 280 pp. Good. Hardcover .
Novel of the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Berges fled Germany for Shanghai then Manila and came to the USA in Dec 1938 with the aid of Albert Einstein.  (278461)              $10.00

17.          Biege, Bernd. Helfer unter Hitler: Das Rote Kreus im Dritten Reich. Kindler, 2000. 287 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278260)     $15.00

18.          Bikont, Anna. And I Still See Their Faces: Images of Polish Jews. Shalom Foundation, 1996. 230 pp dj tears folio In English and Polish filled with photographs and memories, from an exhibition Extraordinary images, Reminds me of work of Vishniac. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Photographs were donated by non-Jews in Poland, and former Polish Jews from all over the world. Jewish life in Poland from the end of the last century to the Holocaust, and the destruction of Polish Jewish life.250550  (278947)                $58.00

19.          Blaukopf, Kurt. Unterwegs zur Musiksoziologie Auf der Suche nach Heimat und Standort. Wien: Nausner, 1998. 384 pp. new. Hardback & DJ.
Written in Exile in Paris and Jerusalem between 1938 and 1947  (278409)               $65.00

20.          Bloomberg, Marty. The Jewish Holocaust: An Annotated Guide to Jewish Books in English: Second Edition revised and Expanded. San Bernandino: Borgo Press, 1995. 2nd. 312 pp. new. PB.
Important bibliography and reference work. Excellent.  (278362)                $10.00

21.          Blumental, Nathan (editor). Sefer Borszczow (the book of Borstchoff) Bortchoff; Sefer Borszczow (the book of Borstchoff). Tel Aviv: Peretz, 1960. 341 pp.fore edge foxedIn Yiddish Memorial Book. Good. Hardcover .  (278469)                $30.00

22.          Borchardt, Hermann. Philosophische Grundbegriffe; Der Erkenntnisweg des Sokrates. Berlin: Ullstein, 1927. 139 pp. Good. Stiff Wrapper.
Borchardt subsequently survived concentration camps and became refugee in NY  (278033)   $25.00

23.          Bronner, Eric. Vienna: The World of Yesterday, 1889-1914. Humanities, 1997. 279 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .
The World of Yesterday, 1889-1914, Stephen Eric Bronner, F.Peter Wagner, Vienna, 1889-1914, the jewel in the crown of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a major cultural capital at the high period of European modernism. In this collection, the contradictions of Vienna are explored in sixteen especially written articles which strike a unique balance between popular and lesser-known topics reflecting the mix of Vienna itself. Its great figures like Sigmund Freud, Robert Musil, and Arnold Schoenberg emerge along with the context in which their innovations took shape. Its cabarets, feuilletons, philosophical trends, and political factions, pedagogic experiments and sexual mores, are all treated in the pages of this interdisciplinary work. (from the blurb)  (277927)      $30.00

24.          Bruckner, Ferdinand. Races: A Drama. Knopf, 1934. 139 pp. writing on fep, marked up as theater edition, play concerns plight of the German Jew , new spine. Fair. Hardcover .
Bruckner was Austrian playwright who fled the Nazis for the USA.  (279048)          $25.00

25.          Brudna, Denis (editor) inscribed . Clemens Kalischer. Germany: Hatje Cantz, 2002. 175 pp Refugee photographer survivor of German concentration camps in France. inscribed by Kalischer on title page. Very Good. Cloth.
Displaced Persons after the War, NYC street scenes, Bermont pastorals. Essay and interview in German and English. see interview on  (278251)         $150.00

26.          Burdekin, Katharine. Swastika Night. Feminist Press, 1985. 196 pp. intro by Daphne Patai. Very Good. Paperback.
Published in 1937, twelve years before Orwell’s 1984 , this novel projects a totally male-controlled fascist world that has eliminated women as we know them. They are breeders, kept as cattle, while men in this post-Hitlerian world are embittered automatons, fearful of all feelings, having abolished all history, education, creativity, books, and art. Not even the memory of culture remains. The plot centers on a “misfit” who asks, as readers must, “How could this have happened?” Ann J. Lane calls the novel a “brilliant, chilling dystopia.” “This is a powerful, haunting vision of the inner and outer worlds of male violence.”- Blanche Wiesen Cook (from the blurb)  (277987)       $8.00

27.          Buttner, Urs. Das Unrechtsregime: Internationale Forschung über den Nationalsozialismus. Band I. Ideologie – Herrschaftssystem – Wirkung in Europa. Festschrift für Werner Jochmann zum 65. Geburtstag. Hns Christian, 1986. 560 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278261)              $15.00

28.          Carlebach, Julius (hrsg). Zur Geschichte der judischen Frau in Deutschland. Metropol, 1993. 268 pp. twelve essays from a symposium, including some on the Shoah. Good. Paperback.
Hochschule fur Judische Studien Heidelberg  (278002)     $10.00

29.          Carmilly-Weinberger, Moshe (editor). The Rabbinical Seminary of Budapest:1877-1977: A Centennial Volume. NY: Sepher Hermon, 1986. 334 pp.+ 54 pp In English and Hebrew, includes the period of the Shoah. Good +. Hardcover .  (279055)     $25.00

30.          Close the Book on Hate: 101 Ways to Combat Prejudice. Barnes and Nobles/ADL. 32 pp. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.
This pamphlet, which is part of the Close the Book on Hate Campaign, provides definitions, resources, and suggested readings on combating prejudice. The premise of the campaign is the belief that through reading and discussion, children will be better able to counter prejudice and hate. (worldcat)  (278142)   $15.00

31.          Cohen, Bernard. le mystere Waldheim. Gallimard, 1986. 199 pp. Very Good. Paperback.  (278050)                $10.00

32.          Cohen, Israel. The Jews in Germany. London: John Murray, 1933. 20 pp. Reprinted vrom Quarterly Review July 1933 slight library mark and taped spine. Review of Mein Kampf and Nazi platforms. Good. Wrapper.
Prescient presentation of the situation of the Jews and appealing for the League to take action but fearing that it will remain passive and reveal the bankruptcy of modern civiliazation, powerful appeal.  (277935)       $25.00

33.          Cohn, Bernhard (editor) Hahn, Hugo . Living Legacy; Dedicated to Hugo Hahn: Rabbi, Teacher, Scholar. NY: Congregation Habonim, 1963. 121 pp. Filled with essays on German Jewish life in Germany and the USA. Hahn was an important refugee Rabbi from Essen , founded Congregation Habonim.  Good. Cloth.  (278298)    $25.00

34.          Comite International D’Histoire de la Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale. La Propagande pendant la Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale; Methodes, objet, resultats. Bucarest: Commission Roumaine, 1980. Twenty essays translated into five languages 479 pages tears to backstrip . Good. Paperback.  (278148)         $18.00

35.          Conference on Jewish Material Claims. Twenty Years Later 1952-1972 Activities of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany. CJMC, 1972. 152 pp. slight stains to covers. Good. Wrapper.  (277981) $15.00

36.          Coppi, Hans. Dieser Tod Passt zu Mir: Harro Schulze-Boysen – Grenzgänger im Widerstand. Briefe 1915 bis 1942. Aufbau, 1999. 447 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278257)     $10.00

37.          Coughlin, Rev Chas. Am I an anti-Semite?” : 9 addresses on various “ISMS”, answering the question; Nov. 6 1938-Jan 1 1939. Condon, 1939. about 200 pages top corners bumped and small holes on top of pages some pencil underlining. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278314)          $30.00

38.          Coughlin, Charles. Eight Lectures on Labor, Capital and Justice. Royal Oak: Radio League, April 1934. 239 pp. spine tears covers worn. Good +. Paperback.
As broadcast over a National Network  (278312)              $25.00

39.          Coughlin, Charles. Father Coughlin’s Radio Discourses: 1931-1932. Royal Oak: Radio League, 1932. 239 pp. Includes a appeal letter rom the Shrine of the Little Flower signed by Coughlin’s secretary. good. Paperback.  (274282)                $36.00

40.          Coughlin, Charles. The New Deal In Money; As Broadcast Over a National Network October November December 1933. Radio League, 1933. 128 pp. Covers worn, torn, taped spine, Good-. Paperback.  (278316)                $25.00

41.          Coughlin, Charles. A Series of Lectures on Social Justice. Royal Oak: Radio League, 1935.  224 pp. good. Paperback.  (278310)      $25.00

42.          Coughlin, Charles. A Series of Lectures on Social Justice April 1936. Royal Oak: Radio League, 1935. 178 pp. good. Paperback.  (278311)          $25.00

43.          Czarnecki, Joseph. Last Traces: The Lost Art of Auschwitz. NY: Atheneum, 1989. 8vo 175 pp. dj creased and chipped. Very Good-. Hardback & DJ.
Drawing, paintings and graffiti of the prisoners of Auschwitz.  (278329)    $5.00

44.          Daiber, Hans. Vor Deutschland wird gewarnt; 17 exemplarische Lebenslaufe. Gutersloh: Mohn, 1967. 222 pp dj torn. Good +. Hardback & DJ.
Study of writers before the Shoah. Becher Benn Blei Daubler Hasenclever Pulver Toller et al  (278048)       $15.00

45.          Dearborn Independent. Jewish Influences in American Life:Volume III of the International Jew. Dearborn: Dearborn Publishing, 1921. Anti-Semitica. 12mo 256 Henry Ford’s notoroius publication. good. Wrapper.  (278315)                $27.00

46.          Dobbs, Michael. The Unwanted: America, Auschwitz, And A Village Caught in Between. Knopf, 2019. 347 pp. With 14 photographs and 3 maps in text. Very Good +. Paperback.  (278805)         $4.00

47.          Doblin, Alfred. Judische Erneuerung. Querido, 1933. 98 pp. crown and base of spine slightly bumped, Jewish Renewal by author of Berlin Alexanderplatz who had fled

to France and in 1940 arrived in the USA. Good +. Hardcover .
sternfeld DEL page 63  (278357) $50.00

48.          Dobroszycki, Lucjan and Gimblett, Barbara Kirschenblatt. Image Before My Eyes: A Photographic History of Jewish Life in Poland 1864-1939. NY: Schocken, 1995. 269 pp. filled with photos, documentation, large book. Very Good. Paperback.  (278076)         $7.00

49.          Drew, Margaret, editor. Facing History and Ourselves; Holocaust and Human Behavior: Annotated Bibliography. NY: Walker/Facing History, 1988. 124 pp. Near Fine. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Excellent reference work on the Holocaust.  (278340)       $10.00

50.          Father Coughlin’s Friends. An Answer to Father Coughlin’s Critics. Royal Oak: Radio League, 1940. 164 pp. Good. wrapper.  (278317)             $25.00

51.          Feiler, Arthur. Das Experiment des Bolschewismus. Frankfurt: Societats Verlag, 1931. 277 pp. end papers slight foxing. Good. Boards.
Refugee teacher at New School for Social Research, was co author with Max Ascoli of Fascism for Whom?  (277944)                $20.00

52.          Feinstein, Margaret. Holocaust Survivors in Postwar Germany, 1945-1957. Cambridge, 2010. 329 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (264804)             $20.00

53.          Forsthoff, Ernst und Loewenstein, Karl . Die politischen Parteien im Verfassungsrecht Zwei Abhandlungen und ein bericht von Werner Matz. Mohr, 1950. 47 pp. inscribed on cover by Forsthoff with part of the inscription creased in half, and the inscription itself is blurred by water but readable, signature of name is clear, Loewenstein a refugee political scientist was teaching at Amherst College when he wrote his contribution.
In the 1930s, Forsthoff was among the jurists such as Carl Schmitt, Karl Larenz, Theodor Maunz and Herbert Krüger who endeavoured to legitimise the Nazi regime through their writings. Forsthoff’s 1933 paper Der totale Staat (The Total State) advocated a broad understanding of the Führerprinzip as an exclusive and unlimited power of command over all subjects of the state. He himself was unwilling to submit fully to the Nazi state, however, and fell in disfavour with the authorities during the war. In a seminal 1938 paper, he coined the term Daseinsvorsorge, introducing the concept of public services to German legal thinking.
After the war, although now supporting the democratic Rechtsstaat (which he understood as opposed to the Sozialstaat advocated by the Left), Forsthoff continued to support a powerful state subject to only limited judicial constraints and rejected the notion of constitutional rights as a normative framework of society.
Forsthoff was among the few postwar European scholars who maintained adherence to the philosophy of strict legal positivism. His influential textbook Lehrbuch des Verwaltungsrechts (1950) also emphasized the comprehensive responsibility of the state for society, preferring to focus on the functioning of government rather than on its possible failure.(wikipedia) OCLC Number: 264800743
(278938)        $75.00

54.          Frank, Anne. Diary of a Young Girl. Karni, 1977. 189 pp. in Hebrew. Very Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (277961)                $25.00

55.          Fred Morris (curator). A Tree Still Stands: The Last Jews of Eastern Europe – An Exhibition. Chicago: Spertus, 1986. 15 pp.i photos by Yale Strom and Brian Blue,rfeflections by Nathaniel Stampfer. Very Good. Paperback.
Haunting exhibit  (278220)            $15.00

56.          Freeden, Herbert. The Jewish Press in the Third Reich. NY: Berg, 1993. 208 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278246)               $9.00

57.          Frieze, Donna Lee editor. Totally Unofficial: The Autobiography of Raphael Lemkin. Yale, 2013. 293 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277979)             $10.00

58.          Fuchs, Esther . Women and the Holocaust: Narrative and Representation (Studies in the Shoah Series). UPA, 1999. 143 pp. ex library with pocket. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278135)         $10.00

59.          Gershon, Karen. Die Erben; Ein gemeinschaftlicher Bericht uber das Leben der Juden in Nachkriegsdeutschland. Somerset England: Typed manuscript, 1969. Typed manuscript version of the book (translated into English as Postscript: A Collective Account of the Lives of Jews in West Germany since the Second World War ) with Gershon’s corrections. Includes letter from the publisher Livia Gollancz. Bound in two parts. total of 271 pages.The German original edition of POSTSCRIPT: A Collective Account of the Lives of Jews in West Germany Since the Second World War Gollancz 1969 Good. stiff cardboard wrappers.
Important German Jewish writer who was sent to England on a Children’s Transport–lived also in Israel.. Wrote We Came as Children  (278301)          $200.00

60.          Goebbels, Joseph. My Part in Germany’s Fight. Fertig, 1979. Reprint of 1940 edition 252 pp. sfep new dj created. Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (277992)        $10.00

61.          Goldenberg, Myrna (introduction). Testimony, tensions, and tikkun : teaching the Holocaust in colleges and universities. Washington, 2007. 328 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278660)   $10.00

62.          Goldhagen, Daniel. Worse than War Genocide Elimationism and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity. Public Affairs, 2009. 658 pp. Very Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.  (278662)       $10.00

63.          Gollancz, Victor. Shall our Children Live or Die? a reply to Vansittart on the German Problem. London: Gollancz, 1942. 168 pages how to handle Germany after the War. Good. Hardback & DJ.  (278185) $7.00

64.          Gorlitz, Walter. Gustav Stresemann. Ahren, 1947. 287 pp. dj torn, writing blacked out on fep, Good +. Hardcover & Dust Jacket.
Important Chancellor and Foreign Minister during Weimar  (278147)        $15.00

65.          Greenfield, Murray. The Jews Secret Fleet (in Hebrew). Gefen, 1994. 155 pp. Hebrew. Slight library mark. Story of the ships that brought the refugees to Palestine. Very Good. Hardcover .  (274620)       $8.00

66.          Greif, Gideo. wir weinten tranenlos. Augenzeugenberichte der judischen ,,Sonderkommnados” in Auschwitz. Bohlau, 1995. 308 pp.cover creased. Very Good-. Paperback.  (278267)    $10.00

67.          Grubel, Fred. Schreib das auf eine Tafel die mit ihnen bleibt. Jüdisches Leben im 20. Jahrhundert. bohlau, 1998. 321 pp. top corner bumped. Very Good. Paperback.  (278879)     $10.00

68.          Gugenberger, Eduard. Boten der Apokalypse: Visionare und Vollstrecker des Dritten Reichs. Ueberreuter, 2002. 208 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278258)  $9.00

69.          Haake, Heinz. Das Ehrenbuch des Fuhrers. Der Weg zur Volksgemeinschaft. Dusseldorf: Floeder, 1933. 343 pp. some water stained pages not affecting text or images, tears to spine hinge starting. Good-. Hardcover .
Speeches and photos of Hitler, Nazi Propaganda  (278197)             $75.00

70.          Hacker, Walter. Neonazismus: Die Vergangenheit bedroht die Zukunft. Warnung an Osterreich. eurpa, 1966. 294 pp. number on spine and slight library mark. Good. Stiff Wrapper.  (278025) $10.00

71.          Hackett, David. Der Buchenwald-Report: Bericht über das Konzentrationslager Buchenwald bei Weimar. Beck, 1996. 456 pp. Very Good. Hardcover .  (278259)  $10.00

72.          Hafner, Katie. The House at the Bridge: A Story of Modern Germany. NY: Scribners, 1995.  8vo 225 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ.
Trying to retrieve the Wallich family home in Potsdam;the Jewish family had fled the Nazis. Memorable account.  (278417)               $15.00

73.          Handlin, Oscar. Danger in Discord: Origins of Anti-Semitism in America. NY: ADL, 1964. 3rd. 12mo 31 pp. good. pamphlet.  (278125)        $9.00

74.          Haug, Joachim (editor). Juden in Deutschland. Innenansichten vergangener Lebenswelten. Ergebnisse, 1988. 95 pp.Collection of essays with many dealing with the fate of Jews in Germany before and during the Shoah in small towns. Good +. Wrapper.  (278128)          $15.00

75.          Hauptmann, Gerhart; Marx, Wilhelm; Brecht, Arnold. Gedenken an Walther Rathenau. Dresden: Reissner, 1928. 12mo 24 pp. covers worn and creased. Good. Wrapper.  (278026)  $17.00

76.          Hegemann, Werner. Entlarvte Geschichte. Prag: Soziologische Verlagsanstalt, 1934. neuasugabe. Sternfeld: Exil Literatur:page 200; 200 pp. anti Hitler work. good. Wrapper.
He also wrote political articles and warned against the Nazis, culminating in the book Entlarvte Geschichte (History Unmasked – 1933). He left Germany in May 1933 shortly before his books were burned. Invited by Alvin Johnson, Hegemann taught urban planning at the New School for Social Research in New York beginning in November 1933.[  (278276)               $20.00

77.          Heine, Theodor Thomas. Ich warte auf Wunder. Neue Verlag, 1945. 573 pp. covers very stained, tears along spine, reading copy. Good-. Hardcover .
Sternfeld DEL pp. 204  (278053)  $15.00

78.          Huysmans, Camille (foreword). The Case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter. London: Liberty Publ, 1943. 31 pp. creased pages. good. Wrapper.
Polish Socialist labor leaders .Were actively calling for resistance and fighting the Nazis.Organized the International Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. Both murdered by order of Stalin some time between 1941 and 1943  (278153)                $10.00

79.          In memoria di Angelo Sacerdoti: La comunita israelitica di roma. Roma: Istituto romano di arti grafiche di tumminelli, 1936. 129 pp. number taped to spine and slight library mark, lower part of cover and fep lacking, paper yellowing but not brittle. Good. Wrapper.
Sacerdoti 1886–1935) was, chief rabbi of Rome and Zionist leader in Italy. After the first world war he began an active campaign to revitalize Italian Jewry, of which he was a leading guide and teacher. When Mussolini assumed power, Sacerdoti held a series of meetings with him in an attempt to protect Jewish interests and ensure that the Jews of Italy would not be harmed by the Fascist regime. He was instrumental in obtaining the passage of a law that required all Italian Jews to belong to one of the 26 united communities, unless they specifically renounced their Judaism.  (278235)                $30.00

80.          Jackson, Robert. Report of Robert H. Jackson, United States representative to the International Conference on Military Trials. US Dept. of State, 1945. 440 pp.   Robert H Jackson; International Military Tribunal. Good +. Hardcover .
OCLC Number: 25376546            Department of State publication, 3080.; Department of State publication., International organization and conference series ;, 2.; Department of State publication., European and British Commonwealth series (278617)        $27.00

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“Every incident in the book has been carefully investigated and established as fact. It is dedicated to those who are suffering for their ideals.” (from preface) … Kirkus Review 1936: They include the Communist and Socialist elements which Hitler is trying to stamp out. The narrator is a journalist representing an English paper, who gets his news through associating with the political underworld and the Nazi police of Hamburg (and who tells his story to Liepmann). He tells of the organizations, of the spying and counter-spying, of secret printing presses, of the dissemination of fly sheets against the Nazis, of the passwords and secret meetings, of the treatment of captured members. The period covered is very brief — from the burning of the Reichstag in Berlin on through the period following the election of Hitler. Remarkably objective approach to difficult subject. The characters are taken from real life. Well done and interesting reading.  (277696)               $36.00

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What were the effects of this massive assault on the human spirit, on man’s ability to assimilate such experiences, if he survived physically? While the terror of the Nazi concentration camps has been indelibly engraved in the history of Western civilization as its most shameful chapter, little systematic study has been addressed to the subsequent lives of that minority of inmates who were fortunate enough to escape physical annihilation and lived to tell about their nightmare. Paul Matussek, a respected German psychiatrist, aided by a small group of collaborators, performed the task of identifying a group of victims (mostly Jews but also political prisoners), who, following their liberation, had settled in Germany, Israel, and the United States. By careful interviews, questionnaires, and psychological tests he brought to bear the methods of sensitive clinical inquiry on the experiences of those who dared to reminisce and who were sufficiently trusting to share their feelings and memories with clinical investigators. (from the foreword)  (278483)               $18.00

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Tragically died early May 2003 in car accident while coveing the aftermath of the War in Iraq.  (278326)   $20.00

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