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In the decade of the 1930s German Jews persecuted by the Nazis began to arrive, in a wave that lasted until the beginning of World War II. After the war was over, several families of Dutch and German refugees arrived, most of them sent by the JCA. (266725) $30.00
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Exile writer (266706) $15.00
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Was published later as Never Look Back: The Jewish Refugee Children in Great Britain, 1938-1945 (266781) $36.00
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Adolf Berczeller, was a co-founder of the Hungarian Social Democratic Party, and the son participated in the Austrian workers’ movement even after it was declared illegal by the Fascist Government in Austria in 1934. Dr. Berczeller was repeatedly detained in the following years as a political prisoner. He was arrested by the Gestapo in 1938 after the German Nazi annexation of Austria but released on condition that he leave the German Reich. With the help of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, he made his way to New York by way of Paris, where he supported himself as a physician in a brothel, and the Ivory Coast, where he was a medical assistant in the French colonial service. Arriving in New York in 1941, he worked first in the Associated Austrian Relief Organization and the American Friends of Austrian Labor.(From the obituary) (266516) $19.00
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XII jahrgang nummer 12 (266763) $15.00
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XIII jahrgang nummer 2 (266761) $25.00
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XII jahrgang nummer 7/8 (266762) $18.00
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Defense of Jewish traditions against Anti-Semitic charges/falsehood .” Antisemitism was endemic in Austria during the late 19th century and was taking political center-stage from the 1870s on. Taking advantage of this, August Rohling, a Professor of Theology at one of the German universities, published a book, Der Talmudjude (1871), which became a bestseller and was read by hundreds of thousands (one Catholic organization distributed 38,000 copies free of charge).[1] It rehashed the worst medieval libels concerning alleged hateful and debased Talmudic teachings and Jewish religious practices. Rohling became famous, continued even more intensified attacks against the Jews, and was eventually rewarded with an appointment to the Catholic theological faculty of Prague University. During the Tisza-Eszlár trial in 1883, Rohling made a written offer to substantiate under oath the blood ritual of the Jews, namely that their religion obliged them to eat Christian flesh in their rituals. The leading rabbis of Austria issued only a brief denial of any truth to the claim and tried otherwise to ignore these outrageous falsehoods, hoping that the controversy would fade away. But Rabbi Dr. Bloch, until then an obscure rabbi of a small and poor suburban congregation believed that a thorough and effective rebuttal had to be made, no matter what the ugliness of the conflict. He took on the challenge with a series of articles in which he openly accused Rohling of committing wilful perjury.” (Wikipedia) (266844) $36.00
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Reflects on his life in Germany, advent of Nazis, destruction of his community and flight to America, Chronologically presented. (266583) $25.00
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From the Ukraine to England to Israel, Major Zionist leader…led work combatting anti-semitism, rescuing Jews and dealing with the murder of the Jews and British refusal to allow more Jews into Palestine. (266719) $18.00
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Buttinger was fervent anti fascist became refugee in USA was married to Muriel Gardiner psychoanalyst who wrote “Code Name Mary” of their experiences in Nazi occupied Austria (262850) $18.00
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Discusses work with refugees in Canada and aid to survivors and soldiers in Europe. (266740) $25.00
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Was murdered by the Nazis. (266743) $15.00
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Extraordinary bibliography containing nearly 7,000 publications of German-speaking emigrants whose books and brochures were published outside Nazi Europe from 1933 to 1950 (including first editions, reprints and translations, books published by emigrants, translated, illustrated or designed, publications by Jewish publishers In Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia after 193o. Concludes with a complete registry of the persons and organizations and the publishers included. Essential reference guide (266843) $175.00
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to France and in 1940 arrived in the USA. Good +. Hardcover . (266466) $75.00
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Important opposition party to NSDAP. (266734) $17.00
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First battle in outbreak of World War II where Polish defenders held off the German attack for weeks and inspired the Polish populace. (266779) $24.00
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On German Jewish material culture that has been lost. (262557) $24.00
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. Fischer, 1989. 370 pp. Good. Paperback.

Interviews with: Ernst Simon, Joseph Walk, Zvi Bacharach, Theodor Holdheim, Walter Grab, Saul Friedländer, Leo Löwenthal, Lewis A. Coser, Kurt H. Wolff, Henry and Yela Lowenfeld, Judith Kestenberg, Margrit Wreschner-Rustow, Erik Homburger Erikson, Eva Reichmann, Marie Jahoda, Hans Keilson, Brigitte Gollwitzer, Richard Löwenthal, Ossip K. Flechtheim, Simon Wiesenthal (266457) $23.00
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articles by Emanuel Lasker Joachim Priinz Robert Jackson etc the advertisements and classified ads are of interest buy 1 farm with 5 acres in Hammondton NJ in 1939 for $675 (266738) $85.00
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Eine Publikation der Museumsstiftung Post und Telekommunikation und des Jüdischen Museums Frankfurt am Main (266512) $42.00
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A history of the Judische Kulturbund set up under auspices of Goebbels. Also story of Goldsmith’s parents who escaped the Nazi (250278) $12.00
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Childhood and youth in Hamburg. Involved with socialist-Zionist youth movements. Aliyah 1935. (266684) $25.00
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Important pacifist anti war novel written at same time as All Quiet on Western Front.. Originally written anonymously by Grimm to avoid losing his job and authorship determined eighty years after the book burning . Banned by the Nazis.. (266737) $45.00
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Foreward by R. Michael Lerner. (245816) $15.00
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50. Handbook of international measures for protection of migrants and general conditions to be observed in their settlement. United Nations, 1953. 258 pp. mimeograph slight library mark, cover loose. Legal documents re migrants, refugees, displaced persons their status in host countries and protection, very thorough in detail. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (266780) $45.00
51. Harpprecht Klaus. Ernst Reuter; Ein Leben fur die Freiheit. Munchen: Kindler, 1957. 126 pages Eine Biographie in Bildern und Dokumentation. Very Good in Good DJ. Hardback & DJ.

From 1931 until 1933, Reuter was the mayor of Magdeburg where he fought lack of housing and jobs due to the economic crisis. He also was elected as a member of the Reichstag. In 1933, with the Nazis now in power, he was forced to abdicate his positions and was brought to the concentration camp (KZ) Lichtenburg near Torgau. After his release, he went into exile in Turkey in 1935 where he stayed until the end to the Nazi era. In Ankara he lectured at the University, introduced urban planning as a university discipline, and served as consultant to the Government. Was Mayor of West Berlin from 1948-1953. (266859) $15.00
52. Herald George. My Favorite Assassin. Vanguard , 1943. 15 pages dj torn , reads like a novel claims to be true story of Techow the assassin of Rathenau who later redeemed himself by fighting the Nazis and rescuing refugees in Marseilles. Good. Hardback & DJ. (266792) $10.00
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59. In Memoriam – Pictures of destroyed synagogues. Blue Card, 5721. 20 pp. and two pages of texts by organization that helped Jewish refugees. Good. Stiff Wrapper. (266531) $20.00
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Includes articles and reports, N Robinson How we negotiated with the Germans and what we achieved, Protocol 1 and 2 Conference on Jewish Material Claims (Compensation and Restituion), the German Army, Constituional COurt, Trials against the Right and the Left et. al. (253991) $65.00
61. Isr. Kultusgemeinde Furth. Nurnberg Further Isr. Gemeindeblatt. Furth: 1937. April 1937 Nr. 2 43 pp. paper yellowing but not brittle May 1937 Nr. 3, 45-60 pp. paper yellowing but not brittle, slight teat in middle of page Juni 1937 Nr. 4, 63-76 pp. paper yellowing but not brittle, slight tear in middle of page. Fair. Wrapper.

filled with articles, ads and announcements of deaths (266764) $45.00
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64. Kahn Frida. Generation in Turmoil. Channel, 1960. 222 pp. has only cover part of dj Refugee pianist, friend of Nahum Glatzer . Fled Nazi Germany for France and then found passage to USA, Wife f the composer erich Itor Kahn. Beautifully written, was a friend of my mother. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (266793) $15.00
65. Kahn Robert. Reflections by Jewish Survivors from Mannheim: A Collection of Memoirs by Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution from Mannheim, Germany. Mannheim Reunion Committee, 1990. 198 pp. Good. Hardcover .

Published by the Mannheim Reunion Committee which was established in 1988 for the purpose of arranging and sponsoring a Reunion from June 14-17, of Jews formerly living in Mannheim, Germany who survived the Holocaust. (266514) $85.00
66. Kapp Gottfried. Melkisedek Erzahlung. Reclam, 1928. 100 pp. Inscribed in 1928 by Kapp. Very Good. Boards.

Important German author murdered by the Nazis in 1938, was married to Louise Windmueller. She was able to flee to USA and wrote memoir In Your Name dedicated to her husband, (266768) $36.00
67. Kehr, Helen (compiler). The Nazi Era: 1919-1945: A Select Bibliography of Published Works from the Early Roots to 1980. London: Mansell, 1982. 8vo 621 pp. Very Good. Hardback & DJ. (266846) $18.00
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Ainsi, l’Alliance israélite universelle reunit, en septembre 1946, une « conference de reconstruction spirituelle et d’éducation juive », à l’issue de laquelle est fonde le Comite international pour l’éducation juive, qui donne naissance en octobre 1947 à l’Organisation internationale pour l’éducation et pour la culture juive en Europe (UJECO) (Wikipedia) (258975) $75.00
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70. Klein Fred. No name, no number : the story of a Holocaust survivor. Los Angeles: self, 2000. 212 pp.Memoir born in Pilsen Czechoslovakia and surivived Aushwitz, rebound in stiff wrrapper. Very Good. Wrapper. (250257) $35.00
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Memorial at the Neuer Borneplatz to the third Jewish community exterminated by the National Socialists. Impressive work. (266805) $30.00
72. Klineberg Otto Tentori Tullio et. al. Religion and Prejudice content and analysis of Catholic religious textbooks in Italy and Spain. Rome: Survey Group for Intergroup Cooperation, 1967. 276 pp. typed mimeograph format. Good. Wrapper. (266739) $40.00
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Reihe Dokumente, Texte, Materialien / Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung der Technischen Universität Berlin ; Bd. 18 (262104) $18.00
75. KZ-Gedenkstätte (Neuengamme). Uberlebende und ihre Kinder im Gesprach Survivors talk to their Children. KZ Gedenkstatte Neuengamme, 2010. DVD. Very Good.

Überlebende und ihre Kinder im Gesprach : Internationale Tagung, 5. – 7. Mai 2010, KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme, Studienzentrum ; eine Videodokumentation der KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme = Survivors talk to their children. (266758) $25.00
76. Ladwig Winters Simone. Anwalt ohne Recht – Das Schicksal judischer Rechtsanwalte in Berlin nach 1933
. Bra Bra, 2007. 309 pp.slight creases to dj heavy book filled with biographies also of the Lawyers. Very Good. Hardcover . (266506) $30.00
77. Ladwig Winters Simone. Wertheim. Geschichte eines Warenhauses. be bra, 1997. 160 pp.History of the store. Very Good. Hardcover .

The company was subjected to the Nazi Aryanization policies in the 1930s. Jewish employees were forced from their positions by government mandate. The Wertheim family attempted to avoid losing control of the company by making Georg’s wife, Ursula, the principal shareholder, since she was considered “Aryan” under Nazi law. In the end this was unsuccessful, even though they divorced to keep the shares in purely “Aryan” hands. The family was forced to sell all their shares at reduced prices to “Aryans” and in 1939 the store was renamed AWAG, an acronym for Allgemeine Warenhandelsgesellschaft A.G. (General Retailing Corporation).Wikipedia (266804) $30.00
78. Levine Yehudah Leb. Osterah Sidrot Kehillot Yisrael. Jerusalem: Yad Yehudot Polin , 1970s?. 112 pp.In Hebrew, memorial book to destroyed community. Very Good. Hardcover .

Part of Megillat Polin series (266812) $45.00
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80. Liek, Dr Walter. Der Anteil des Judentums am Zusammenbruche Deutschlands. Lehmann, 1919. 15pp numbers on tp tears to covers fragile . Good. Wrapper.

Anti semitic tract: Germany stabbed in the back by the internal enemy. Flugblatt aus “Deutschlands Erneurung”. (266714) $25.00
81. Limberg Mararete (editor). Germans No More Accounts of Jewish Everyday Life 1933-1938. Berghahn, 2006. 191 pp. Very Good. Hardcover . (266803) $12.00
82. Lustiger Arno. Rotbuch: Stalin und die Juden; Sralin and the Jews The Red Book The Tragedy of the Jewish Anti Fascist Committee and the Soviet Jews. Aufbau, 2000. 474 pages in German, embossed stamp fep. Very good. Paperback.

the complete history of the State sponsored terrorism of the Jews under Stalin (266659) $15.00
83. Manes Philip. Als ob’s ein Leben wär. Tatsachenbericht Theresienstadt 1942 – 1944. Ullstein, 2005. 542 pp. Good. Hardcover & Dust Jacket. (266753) $25.00
84. Masson Andre. Nocturnal Notebook. Kurt Valentin, 1944. Limited edition of only 665 copies of which this is one of the copies in wrappers. Includes 14 black and white illustrations, slight tear at base of spine, quirky Daliesque type drawings, surrealistic. Very Good. Wrapper.

Under the German occupation of France during World War II, his work was condemned by the Nazis as degenerate. With the assistance of Varian Fry in Marseille, Masson escaped the Nazi regime on a ship to the French island of Martinique from where he went on to the United States.(wikipdeia) (249959) $65.00
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Moskovitz worked with survivors as a therapist and poems concern the Shoah, wrote the book Love Despite Hate (266853) $17.00
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Political reporting with material on rearmement the extremist groups, trials of Nazis,etc for use by columnists and radio commentators (253990) $85.00
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Lists all the German Jewish soldiers who died, where they came from and their regiments. (266487) $50.00
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Sociological study of emigration and return to Germany by refugee historian (259043) $45.00
98. (Reprint) American Joint Distribution Committee. Prompt Aid Means Effective Aid; The American Joint Distribution Committee’s Aid to Victimized Jews in Poland. Paris: European Executive Offices, 1936?. Schoen Books Reprint (2007). Extraordinary genealogical document includes photos,of the people in villages being aided and a list of the villages and inhabitants (and their profession) assisted by the Joint. Included are Minsk (Mazowiecki), Przytyk, Zagorow, Truskolasy, Odrzywol, Klwow, Drzewica, Pyzdry, Przybyszew. 22pp. + xvi. New. Perfect-bound . (262451) $18.00
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From 1931 until 1933, Reuter was the mayor of Magdeburg where he fought lack of housing and jobs due to the economic crisis. He also was elected as a member of the Reichstag. In 1933, with the Nazis now in power, he was forced to abdicate his positions and was brought to the concentration camp (KZ) Lichtenburg near Torgau. After his release, he went into exile in Turkey in 1935 where he stayed until the end to the Nazi era. In Ankara he lectured at the University, introduced urban planning as a university discipline, and served as consultant to the Government. Was Mayor of West Berlin from 1948-1953. (266860) $45.00
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German jurist Carl Schmitt, a figure of controversy along Heidiggerian lines: more explicitly complicit than Heidegger, he has exerted a parallel influence on contemporary thinkers: among the first to engage with his work were Walter Benjamin and Leo Strauss. In 2003, Jürgen Habermas and Jacques Derrida invoked Schmitt in conversations collected as Philosophy in a time of terror. In fact, it seems everyone from Agamben to ∑i√ek has written on Schmitt. (266769) $30.00
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Portrayal of the Nazi Period, the Holocaust and the Eastern countries. (250021) $10.00
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extract from La Revu de Droit Internationale ,Exile writer see Sternfled DEL s 488 (266713) $25.00
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Holocaust survivor memoir. In Yiddish Dos Polishe Yidentum number 69 (266835) $45.00
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Important re the Nazi confiscation of Jewish libraries. (266838) $36.00
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Ernst Waldinger (1896-1970) was a German writer and essayist. In 1938 he escaped to New York from Nazi Germany. He became a Professor of Literature and German language and in 1944 was one of the founders of the Aurora Verlag. (266783) $36.00
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Die Niederlande sind als Exilland nicht sonderlich bekannt. Noch weniger bekannt ist, dass führende Persönlichkeiten aus der Berliner Kleinkunstszene in die Niederlande emigrierten und dort regelmäßig auftraten. Dieses Buch beschreibt chronologisch, wer in die Niederlande kam, welche Ensembles auftraten und welche Wirkung sie beim Publikum erzielten. Auch geht es um die politische Situation, mit der die Künstler konfrontiert wurden und die Haltung der Niederländer gegenüber den deutschen Emigranten. Der beschriebene Zeitraum erstreckt sich über die gesamte Periode 1933-1945, wobei das Jahr 1940 den Angelpunkt darstellt: Nach der deutschen Invasion sitzen die meist jüdischen Künstler in der Falle. So entsteht in Amsterdam eine jüdische Kulturorganisation ähnlich dem Jüdischen Kulturbund. Und schließlich gibt es das Lagerkabarett im Durchgangslager Westerbork – das «beste Kabarett Europas.” (from the blurb) (262101) $26.00
131. Zentrale fur private Fursorge. Frankfurter Ferienwanderungen. Frankfurt: Auffarth, 1911. 59 pages with photos Trips for young people with maps glorifying nature and youth with photos of the young travellers.Wandervogelm Later model used by Nazis with youth groups. Good. Wrapper. (266829) $20.00
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